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I listened to the black guy who tips cast because Robin care in our hot. What you want? You a house you a car, forty acres and a mule piano. Guitar anything. See my name is dark motherfucking. You can live at the mall. I know your kind. That's why I'm trying to have received. All man. That's fine. Pay me later where those Gators cliche essay. Fuck your haters, accede, a bottling, you can see the dollar and you little white lies. But it's no white collar, and you, but it's whatever though was still following you because you make me feel you make me live forever, baby. Counted aloud together baby they hit the register make me feel better baby. Your horoscope is Jim and now to size. So you better cop everything to times to coupes to change to see knows too much in enough, both we know Christmas, tell them what's on your wishlist, get it. All you deserve. It came Drake. And will you get the White House? Do you? Remember you pass it. And now it's in school everything you buy taxes would not our Wesley Snipes your ass before thirty five. Hey, welcome to the. Blackout test park Astros. Rod and we're live on a Monday Monday afternoon. We didn't do a show yesterday. They feel like it busy. We watched a game that game. Well, we do is. We watch a binges for the second time at like seven something in the morning. Seven thirty. Yeah. It was jumping. Yeah. So it was a good time. Just took a day off if anything hopefully took the time to listen to the interview that I did on Friday for medium talk with Corinne Talel. So hopefully is Gachot environmental Justice on job because I took a nap came in. I was gone. I was gone. Well, all right. Just wanted to announce that she took a nap. But yes, I wanted to announce that I did a very important interview that was about environmental Justice and helpfully I got educated and activated, and it was like, how do I contribute tomorrow, local environmental Justice movement. So. Hopefully, you are woke and not sleep. Okay. You did not net. Me Fisher weapon of the show is as the unofficial sport off boulevard, extreme you could find this podcast everywhere. You find podcast items stitch all that stuff? So make sure you lead us five star reviews, we like reading on show, and you guys are so nice. When you ride them, you know, if they're not nice order not five stars. We won't read them on the show. All right. Let's get into the news. A lot of stuff is happening today. I guess the big news for black people. Johnson died today. He was he had a stroke last week. He was taken off of life. Support is his family confirmed. As definite statement, according to the association Associated Press. So yeah, he had a stroke April seventeenth, and then they took him off of life support today. It was a lot of people report. And he was there early. Like, I don't know. How teams he gets their news and stuff. I'm not that. I doubt them really they they normally are pretty accurate, but sometimes they kill them off. Again. It's like they're not there yet they stood around. I already went into a coma. Yeah. He wanted to call my knee was responsive, and so they took him off life support. And. He's so he passed, of course, you know, for for us that are, you know, lovers of blackness. You know, he made some some some pretty big hits. You know? I can't ever forget boys. Hurt. Right. You know? That's like I think his also that timing thing too because there are certain people that become the building blocks for others a yes. And I think it's easy for us to like mock, the shortcomings or whatever of of the earlier stuff, right? It's like the kind of realization I had about respectability politics. And how at one point, you know, everything we call respectable was revolutionary. Yes. It was maybe it's not anymore. But that's the building blocks of life. Now, we look at that stuff when we go. Well, I'm not putting on this because I already know to get the gay. But that was the time where they didn't know the game. And and where we would be denied the right to put on a suit, right? And so we look back at some of the stuff on like, oh, this is a cliche now. This is odd tired. I'm over it. And I think movies are that way too. Right now, we look at the hood movie to come out movie to struggle movie by a block, and it's kind of like, this ain't shit. But at the time he did that that was kinda groundbreaking see was, you know, and that's probably the the one that. I remember the most is boys in the hood because it was so. Why it just rock there for black people? Anyway, I can't say for white people. I don't know if you've got nominated for anything, but definitely like rocked. Everybody's world at the time. Agreed. And it just became like the building block for so many other movies, you know, medicine society Audis other movies about like who tells and trying to get out. Poetic Justice, of course. Yes. On that to par Janet li-. Everybody remembers add joining if you're a certain age, you know. I still remember because. Q tip got killed in the movie in like the openness scene. I'm just like man the hood movie somebody die higher learning which is like ridiculously over the top. Like, it's a movie that highlighted racial tensions in college that it at same time as being relevant. It was also such hyperbole. I yes. But as you look at that movie in hindsight it predicted a lot of what we go through now. Yes, it does like it at the time. It felt almost like laughably over the top look go back. I I question are like go back and look at that think about what he was talking about. Then the radical radicalization of white man young white men on these in this campus, the ends with a mass shooting. Targeting black people killing a black woman. Like earth things she died. I can't remember Tara banks character dot she shot. She got shot. And like I like, you know, like the racial tensions like dense all back. You know at the time. It felt like maybe this is too too on the nose too much. They're no one's like this. And now you like don't know man, this shit is back, you know, and it's covering sexual assault on campus. You know, like this movie covered a lot of the darker size of higher learning. And it's kind of funny that to think about that movie today and be like that was a bit prophetic. But I feel like that's what is happening to racism now use that with the resurgence of racism. I'm not saying they ever went away. But like it is clearly Imboden under Trump yesterday. Things are really Mirroring mirror mirror. Ring the. Spike Lee's in Johnson Angleton to the world. Yeah. Because you have to think you come from a lot of people from Arjun racism was always there, but presume is in his blunt when I was growing up as it is now like now is lily you can't run. You can't hide we are here. We're not going to talk about you behind in our little closed groups. We're going to we're going to tell you and your face. We're going to tack you. It's a little different a lot of our our older people older than me have experienced things like that. So it was a period of time where a lot of our generation, and that's fun. He kinda frowned up allow stupid. We don't have to deal with that. No, mold like a lot of you does. We don't have to deal with that. No. We we've come a long way. While we go back. You know, I would never put up with that not at other dumb shit that you've says. Winning reality. Now, you going were. I thought it was too big. But it really wouldn't that stupid. You know, when you sit back, and you think about it now was also just profiting Tom fame around to make moot. Things that people ideas that people found to be over the top. And it'd be like not that's not what the top anymore. At the time. You know, the niggers and Jews Jews digging to get you like, oh, man. This is almost plenty. It's almost comical how ridiculous is going over to. And now it's like, oh, yeah. People shoot up campuses all the time that was done at a time when people weren't doing that like it was a shocking ending to the movie the fact that there is a shooting of a campus. Now, we're like there's a campus shooting every day. So. Some. Yeah. Rosewood another ratio movie that, you know, head of his time, you know, a lot. Yes. Shaft, which is underrated funny ass movie man, and they got a sequel to it just coming out this year, but we baby boy, which for me is a common bay air. The comedy interrupt was in that Terachi, and and Therese and snoop Dogg kicking over that boys. Court. Oh, like, you eve eighty two I hate to to learn niggle. That's how but. That was my g oh way. Yeah. Baby. Boy was a classic. You know, Jody. I mean, I guess in a way it's still once again relevant today because the infantilism section of the young black male who blames all the people around him from ours. Misfortune while at the same time expecting them to pick up the slack in his life and come on there. Come on their do. Well, it and the cycles that repeat themselves. I mean kinda it kinda commerce still going on. Two. After fucking foot signing claim. Thank you. You wait must. Debra admit that I do too little nickel. But then you ask them TV series day American crime story empire, rebel, billions snowfall, which is a classy. I yeah, you're lying. I've never seen it. But you say there's not enough. People are watching this me and just in talk about this shit. All the time on. On a pre-game. But this like most watched series for me, and once again taking shit that is quote, unquote, hood shit and put in the proper context and spin on it where you're not just romanticizing it, and you're not necessarily just lionising there. But you're also like making this socially, relevant and. You know, that was something he was really gifted at doing. So, you know, recipes may he put a lot of. He he made a lot of dope shit for a lot of people. So. Hey here he passed. Let's see what else is going on. Twitter's Jack Dorsey Jack is a guy who is the CEO Twitter. Okay. He called at the met with Trump. He called congresswoman Ilhan, Omar. To talk about a tweet where Trump mischaracterize her comments about nine eleven in a video, and and told her that it doesn't break Twitter's rules. Right. Nothing breaks there. Unissued black then you can break the rules nothing. Like people say can break the rules. He directly told Representative Ilhan Omar during a phone call Tuesday that he stands by the decision to allow Donald Trump's tweets to tar targeted the congresswoman and later resulted in a wave of death threats against her the car, I reporter Thursday by the Washington Post revolved around a video Trump tweeted on April twelve the video alternates between footage of nine eleven terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and out of context remarks by by Omar from a speech last month about the border issue of the broader issue of his Lama throw via the video wasn't attempt to mischaracterize her as being dismissive of the tragedy. Omar as Dorsey to explain his reasoning behind Twitter, not removing Trump's tweet, according to the post Dorsey, reportedly say tweet did not violate the company's roles in that incendiary video had already been viewed and shared beyond Twitter. Sweat form. So then that means you can contribute to it. Because I mean, a lot of stuff goes beyond your platform me. I will take it down because at the end of the day. They don't see nothing wrong with it. And also, it goes to show that a lot of white people that are white radicals and white nationalist sound like a lot of Republicans. And because they can't tell the difference daylight will we can't ban politicians. You can if you want to just opt not to. Yeah. This is the false middle that that that people keep romanticizing, right? This falsehood of there's a middle ground between bigotry, and and not bigotry, right? It's why. Well, we have to get rid of white supremacists. We have to get rid of Republicans. Yeah. Then they have to go because base over Republicans should not be a white supremacist. They should not be on your platform. Promoting. Supremacy. It doesn't matter that the elected official like you're working backwards there lot. And that's why that's why Trump is flourishing there. And that's why so many people are still on there that are hateful people because right? They work backwards. They go this person exist, and they have a position of thority. We want them on our platform. And so therefore wherever they do is not going to violate the rules because them being on the platform is more important than our rules, like the rules are really just arbitrary things. Right. And they implement them when they feel like it how they feel like it, and they have a tendency to implement them more towards Brown people. And. Yeah. And more towards know activists and things like if Trump was tweeting like kill all the niggers. They would let that stay because he's the president. And was the is more important than them to have the president on Twitter as his number one media platform than it is to say. This is wrong. And it doesn't matter who says it we would we should not allow this from anyone. Agreed. And also is one of those things to to where you know, one period of time it was trying to set a platform. Nobody's going to buy this platform in this shape because they would actually come through and like revamp all the rules and a lot of the freedoms that people have with lily be stripped away because it was like this is not profitable. Yeah. So. So why she got death threats over it. They still go, and it doesn't doesn't do it. Doesn't miss violate any rules, right? Because it's real easy for you to make a decision like that. When you've never been on the side being harassed a lot of people that make these decisions they've never fucking been harassed. So maybe like what's funny, though is care at this point. Jack Dorsey is definitely been harassed on his own platform. That's that's definitely happened. But he's why is the white man. Right. Like, it just ain't gonna hit the same. It ain't gonna be the same type of threats. It ain't gonna be he won't feel necessarily endangered from those tweets, and it'd be does. And if he does he will hire security, Mark, Mark Zuckerberg has amid security like people don't notice stuff. But these like CEO tech boroughs are so fucking Richard. This point they have like around the clock security, making sure they're okay. You know because people will do stuff like he'll you kidnapped your family. You never know what kind of deranged person is on your platform. So they're protected. Right. Right. You didn't go fuck about. Nobody else though. Yeah. They're protected so they know that the danger of the public figure, and they do the point. I want to make is that they take the harassment seriously because they're protected so they know what it means. They just don't care. You know? This. Yeah. So he said that they do need to do a better job of weeding out hate and harassment. The one ally. You don't care. Why you do what job what you don't pay your right? Like, what's that gonna do? So the president can say target this person, essentially loudest person. And then we're we just need to do. A better job of deleting the accounts that send you harassing things will know you have a place where you can send people after someone else. And of course, Trump is the best at it. You know, we're not talking about social media, man. I know people out hero day is will get a little tired or sit here or something shit. But I don't really give us frankly is our show. And what are you gonna do? Just don't listen it. But it's funny. How when I talk about it. I'm like Joe you have to be careful with it. Because it really does have the tools that were ward narcissism megalomania, you know, all these things and the people that are like have a natural knack for like dominating it. A lot of them are twelve. Yes. They are you your people with millions of followers, hundreds of thousands of followers and shit. Like, if you look at the patterns of their behavior a lot of their their stuff is like I'm going to like dominate this by being the most incendiary fucked up type of person, I have an idea. How do I express that idea in the most fucked up way like well, you know, what I mean like how can I make this idea? Be the thing that will make a million people upset because everybody has ideas all the time. But is a gift to be able to express it in a way they pick subtraction. Yes. People say the same shit all the time saying thoughts while oh, blah. But it's not until you say the shitting away that's gonna make everybody mad or whatever clap. And you think about someone like Trump man he had managed to really be a star on social media before he used even president. And he's still he doesn't have many followers like Obama because he's not a unifying figure, but he knows how to get. The right amount of people up and so Jack Dorsey meaning with him because it's important to him to address Trump's concerns and Pat away one is concerns was Obama got more followers than me, still, right? The fuck. He was upset that Twitter had even gotten rid of some of the spam. Russian out that type of stuff accounts because it cut down on his father's significant Lee. Because he keeps up with that. Right. Yeah. Like, this is the muffler we put the hands of the world in the world enhanced and yet to see them talk about we just need to worry about the hate and harassing that. People are getting dog you're talking to the harasser hatemonger in chief saying he is important, and you don't want to keep him off of your platform. You can't do both at the same time. You can't say old we need you here. But we don't need the people who support you here. We don't need the people who want to do your bidding here. It's an impossible thing to do. Because there's nothing you can allow him to do that you can turn around in there and be like, but other people if they do it it's wrong because then you're basically admitting that is wrong for him to do it. And you can't have both things existed at once. So that video they have to make an excuse for it. I just wanted to how far they would have let them go. 'cause I go way further than this. And it just hasn't gotten there yet. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So. Yeah. One of the things also I like to mention it's not in this article. But. There was a shooting of a synagogue on the six month anniversary of another student of another synagogue in. Pittsburgh, I believe. And. I saw people online that we're blaming Ilhan Omar Ford because I heard tweet from. Two months ago at this point that says something that people deemed to be anti semitic. Tracking in anti Jewish stereotypes. Like, I said, I don't know enough about anti semitism to say definitively know is not you know, I think a lot of people kind of interloper into that. I think we can't really speak to say what something isn't necessarily. But I know it was hotly debated. And I know she apologized. Okay. I remember Chelsea Clinton was upset. Not even up says she was asked about it. And she answered like, yo. Look because the person was like is not she's not American or whatever. This is unamerican. I feel this way about it. And she tells the Clinton answered as an American I support, but as she did apologize, so blocks and people went oh Chelsea Clinton's. That's anti Islamic Cova for you to say as an American what you trying to say it's like with what about context context? Don't Matt on Twitter never mattered, highlighting. This for reason, highlighting this for reason. I remember Chelsea Clinton gone to that memorial and having that woman getting her face and people like Cape for that woman defending that woman. All that stuff like making Chelsea Clinton out to be the bad guy. She shouldn't a win even though she was invited. She's a faith leader literally in that in that city. Like, she's the leader of organization, y'all. I don't team supposed to say. No, don't come. And then as if I wouldn't have spun her saying, I'm not coming into this is why this bitch is terrible. Yeah. It's a lose lose people. Go fuck out and just do whatever they won't do. Right. So she showed people like our about her being pregnant, y'all worry about this. And it's like we're just looking at it and can't we so I can't look at that. And be like, I actually don't agree with that woman. Yemen Clinton, and I think she's wrong for not even yelling for just coming in her like that. I just think it's wrong. And I think it's wrong for the person in the background shout. And I don't think any of y'all are at that point. Can argue the Jolla there for the memorial y'all still going to be there to get a viral video Hayden shitting on this one. Right, right and everybody cherry picked the optics of afterwards. Write the tweet she had about it. And go. For me leans, and all that people just ignore what they people are so fucking divided and crazy at this point. They just ignore all evidence to the contrary that point of view, and you just have to hope they come back around later and go, oh, I guess I I was a little that was intense day. I was kind of flipping and flopping allot. But no that didn't happen. No news anyway. So I bring out at in the context of motherfuckers was winding Ilhan for the synagogue shooting to me this bills as fucking ridiculous as tell C Clinton for the shooting of the New Zealand mosque. Yes. I don't know what is wrong with people on Twitter. I don't know what is wrong with social media. But there's something fucking wrong. When you see these tragedies that are done by people that are not subscribers to Ilhan, then that's the Chelsea Clinton after they hate their fucking goods. These are not people that agree with them on ideological spectrum expect him about anything. And yet we can't. We we can't fucking wait to like find a way to blame. Somebody. That's what it is. And I saw people doing that. Like, you're anti say. And I'm not talking Republicans and fucking maga- hat. I'm talking democrat liberal people on Twitter going, Omar your aunt this. You see the Cossio antisemitic tweets, and I'm like show what the fuck is wrong with everyone. That's why we have to make everything is messy and fucked up as possible some days. Yes. Because a lot of people it distracts them from their own real lives. Yeah. This is crazy, man. Like, I'll sleep. I don't even comment on these things when I see him on. I get it's just not worth talking to these type of motherfuckers. But it's not right. I really will see that shit and be like everybody on this vision. He likes some type of help you need to talk to like a professional you need to walk away. Some of these problems that people be having. It's like you shouldn't be having problems every single day about every single thing. Like, you can't leave your house without coming back to like, right or Twitter three hyperventilate about it. Like as some point. Is you you know? And that's kind of like the thing. I was noticing like I said it's not even about trying to come at these people because like part of the things that people are doing this for the attention. They don't care. Good or bad. Yes. So you coming at them and being like, well what you're saying? It's kind of fucked up they're just gonna keep going. Nobody backs down. Nobody goes I didn't think of it from spaniel apologizes. Yeah. It's why loves this space that we have created. With meaning you, I know it's an illusion of other people getting the chime in too. But it's really mean you right. And I liked that we talk to each other. Because the thing that nobody can really take away from what we do is. We operate in good faith with each other. You know? So you say something I don't assume will care saying that 'cause she's a terrible fucking person that she's cancer care. You know what? I mean. I'm like, oh, maybe she means it this way. Okay. Let me ask her a question yet. And I'm not offended or upset when you ask questions you said because of the relationship and everything is good in good faith. You question to me. I don't I don't take it as an attack. When a lot of people do and it calls more confrontation like this weekend. Everybody was complaining about angering spoilers and artist, and I said like Thursday or something I said, look, I'm gonna be real is not worth it. Just log the fuck off Twitter deleted off your phone, wait comeback. When you seen the movie it's not worth thinking that millions of people who can easily infiltrate your feed. Millions. I'm not even talking about. Adding you just onery tweeting someone's going to make an joke something to knock you. It's something they should be allowed to do if we're being honest 'cause you're dependent on the charity of humanity to organize around a circle around everyone. It'd be like no one's going to be addict this weekend. You know? It's not going to happen. It's like you want something bad to happen to you. You know and saw tweeted out like, yo doubt. If you can read this tweet this delete shit. Yeah. Just get off social media is not worth it. If you really look forward to this movie that much, and I know it was a big tobacco to get tickets. And I know people don't like when you say that shit. But I'm I'm telling you wasting your breath every time you tell somebody to hold off on spoilers. You are wasting your fucking breath. Just tell two other people. We'll get to maybe they'll listen to you allow ago. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, and nobody wants to admit it. But you don't have to be there. So people are going to be there. People are going to engage this associate part of social media and. And you know, regardless if you think is right wrong or injust at anytime. You could just stay off of social media man are just hop off. It's okay. And what I was saying you might have your life improved on. I know I have saying, you know, like those those breaks that I take now. It's like, oh, man. I'm glad I do these. You know, I don't even really announce a Michigan. Hey, I need some time. You know, because a lot of times is really helps you get that perspective imbalance yourself because we're taking in all this information. We really not meant to take in all this shit out. No, no. We're not like Saturday. This Saturday was the first Saturday, but we had been planned. So you able to go spend time with your friends. I was able to go spend time my family, and it was I didn't know how much it was needed. I mean, it was truly needed. Well, even with that that to me that's not really the same taken the social media bright. But right. Yeah. I do try to do stuff like that more often to be honest because that's kind of stuff that you know, people are supposed to I mean, it shouldn't be controversial to say. But it's something that you're supposed to do. Like, I was talking about boys at the basketball today. Why at another game winning walk off shot, you know, things happening guys. It's just not proper type of two weeks. I don't know what's going on. But yes, I did do the Daimler facing. Yes. I did do to goodbye and. Yes. The other team was salty there without issue way. Anyway, we was talking on the way out and someone had brought up like this video or something to somebody like this is like viral video thing, and I was like, yeah. It's crazy. How much like the barrier of having a foam between you and another person can really just turn that person's life into entertainment. I was like it's just say something about us that when something starts to happen. And I think I'm just aged out. This is not to say, I'm better than anybody. Literally. I just didn't have these tools in my hands long as low as as a higher percentage of my life yet as other people have right? So so I know there is some of this. I may never come around on. But the idea of icy something catastrophic happened and pull my phone out is not something that registers with me automatically like I would I would actually need to think about it. You know, like sometimes I worried at because I'm like if something racist happens to me, I actually hope I do have the wherewithal to put my second phone now me when I was. When I think about it. It's obviously sometimes the only thing saving people's lives darling thing the same people in court is oh, yeah. I have a record or this person this cop doing something races to me because other than that is your word against airs. And nobody's gonna believe a negative. So it was kind of interesting that we were talking. We were talking about that. And that's kind of how it feels like the humanity is just kinda stripped alpha people on this year. And then you end up with taking the full circle people blaming a tweet from Ilha Omar for a for some flicking net killing people blaming Chelsea Clinton for some fucking nut. You know, she didn't say that you know, she didn't agree with it. And what is even worse is there are people on that platform with John with Jack Dorsey approval, apparently come on spouting. The things that literally are being cited by these killers in their manifestos in their own words in videos. And somehow we've just given up that right? Like that is just they're going to be that way. And they're allow freedom of speech to be on these platforms. And instead you turning on tells Clinton Ilha, Omar, that's the kind of full circle duality shit that I'll be waiting on the happened because I'm like it's going to happen. So whenever you hear me talk about like, Chelsea Clinton and somebody get tightened. They with some you going to defend the white woman. No, I'm defending the goddamn principle of the shit because it's gonna flip the other way sooner or later 'cause everything in life does. And where you were staying in that time better be what a fuck you standing now because if not it's unreal hypocritical bullshit. It was fucked up when it was Chelsea is fucked up with his Ilhan period. Those women are not telling people to fucking kill people. Oh, no, no, just because it's going to get you some hot tweets and re shouldn't stupid like the impulse to even do that is just so dangerous and so slow misguided and fuck. Up and people just need to do those things. So they can get some attention. And it's scary to think that that is a common practice on the internet right now. Speaking somebody's taking someone out of context, it'd be like, and this is why the fuck I don't fuck with. You is crazy people just work backwards. All right. Let's see what else we got Bill. Cosby back in the news. This time he's upset by insurance. What does this sheri- company? He's a share by AIG. He said in a statement Saturday that the insurance company paid a defamation settlement without my knowledge. Without my permission and without my consent to about seven women who had accused him of sexual misconduct. Demings. No sense. I don't believe you. Why don't what what what don't you believe that they'd paid them? Why would they pay without your consent? Night. Like, can we just there's many questions I have not that's not one of them. The question. I have is why you got rape insurance out. Come on. You got rape insurance. Is this the thing? Apparently, it is you walk into office kind of have rape insurance. I'm expecting a bunch of women be accused of sexual assault. And I mean, what is. Yeah. I may have to pay some settlements. So I would like to set up a monthly payment arrangement. So that if if in case, and in fact, I do find myself to be liable for these damages. You would pay those. Is that what do you got rape insurance? Apparently. It's a thing. That's our car insurance works, right? Right. Just in case bitch by this dude is basically like I can't believe y'all paid out claims to seven people that I ran my aren't you? I did not consent to this. And ironically, they did not consent to the things I did. So you would think maybe we'll circle. In a statement. He said that the settlements show the insurance company pay. What? Come on get he also I'm reading the head like y'all can see it to my bad. Assurance company was part of the corruption against him. What a RG show that they're part of their corruption against me by paying out these distracting without my knowledge. I'm mission without my consent. AIG's agreed is behavior will be frowned upon by many customers, they are proven that they do not have the best interests of their clients in my which will cause them to lose overwhelming amount of business. Because if it having a hammock, I haven't any of them. So a claim was filed insurance company did whatever the policy was found out. You did a sheet in paid right like night. That's normally had insurance works, right? They take it go through their process and go, okay, you're eligible, and they pay, sir. We're we're complaining from where you writing these these statements from fucking jail. What are you in jail for jaywalking? Is that what happened? That part of conspiracy. Fuck outta here. Man. He maxed out his claim. You know, how sometimes they will look we only gonna pay but so much and do we got to drop from the policy? You said other customers like who else got rape insurance L the people who else is our AG insurance for rape insurance. I go ahead and again put put me on that dictators. Yeah. I got the rape insurance. It's not even dig insurance. It's literally fucking rape insurance. Who else is our Kelly on the plan? They're sharper on the plan who will thing. Yeah. Y'all gonna lose customers. Other people got car insurance. They not one they got health insurance home ownership insurance. They not worried about this yet. Then. Insurance. You know, they're not like, man. I'll rape insurance premiums going to go up the way, they pay out his mouth, look and Bill Cosby money out. They got their insurance to say if I die at my family covered insurance. Then you like I won't the raping if anything I'm leaving because I want fucking want to be on the same issues as the rapist niggers, like, no, I didn't know they were even plugging insurance people like you. I'm good only way. I mean is there levels you get the one hundred two hundred three hundred playing go, right LeBron's. What the fuck is. This just have collision insurance for collision. You got won't collision liability. Right. I was throwing people got liability depend on the state really AIG show to park rushing. He added I'll Bill Cosby will never settle any defamation claims. I will continue to pursue my claims, and I will not relinquish AIG from this possibility and defending my defamation claims. That's why I pay my premiums on time and eleven let my policy lab AIG settlement of these claims in Massachusetts. Them look corrupt exposes my innocence. Thank you very much. You don't know. Don't know how insurance works, probably sinus. She cliff huxtable, you know, he did. Oh, my God this crazy, man. They just they just really letting they just paying anybody now. Yeah. Let's say how how do they page that to you? Hey, you here raven we got an insurance policy fees up, and they page until you like the same way they pitch everything else when it was like, we already got your car insurance. You probably you could say the money you could save fifteen percent of you bundle up homeowner insurance. And looking at Joe track record, you might want those rape insurance on that to allow fluid. You definitely need this. They should fire whoever gave him this. Because there's like we're going to have to pay these. We know for fact, we pay in east going, and we posted denied denied that you know, this was a bad investment. Like, you need to find somebody with some false accusations, nonsmo- minded, what's on Bruggeman wins. The fuck oh man that premium must been so high. Redid game is what did you get a male? He got a feeling imprison. Oh, man. These deductibles are dig list. Get the fuck outta here. Man. Oh my God. Speaking of rapist are Kelly's lawyers say singers inability to read understand legal documents led to a default judgment where he didn't show up in court. Yeah. He had lost a sexual abuse lawsuit. Brought against him by one of his legs victims here, the Williams, and now's lawyers are claiming that is due to confusion of our legal cases. He's dealing with currently coordinate TMZ Kelly's legal team claims singer is overwhelmed and had no idea where he was reading when he was served with papers related to the case while he was in jail. So his lawyers intend to fight the judgment. Y'all job should have been read it to them this shot lets you off out in the lawsuit which comes after the ten count indictment of aggravated criminal sexual assault right against earlier this year. The victim had the Williams claim that she was sexually abused by Kelly. When she was sixteen years old Williams attorney initially made several attempts to serve the singer legal letter Kelly in an effort to settle case out of court, but says Kelly never bothered to responded lawyers for his hair with the lawsuit. Kelly civil attorney Brian Knicks to- TMZ that being overwhelmed coupled with Mr Kelly not being cognizant of what the motion fully man led him to missing the here. I had no idea what he had been served. So basically, he can't read and he just took the papers and didn't understand them. Down dare you. Dow you bad lawyer. All great lawyer because the bad a good lawyer will pretend to be a bad one. If it'll get his client off off. It's okay agreed agree. Yeah. He probably took them papers through to decide and he was like the focus this. Yeah. So so I was like he needed to get on the way. Be yukos's. But he. Yeah. You need to use a Audrey. Wow. Why would you want you want to be known as coming in? Does it empire? Casts pens a letter to executives for Justice Malysz returned to the show. Well, all right, right. I don't watch any more. So I'm good. Yeah. I. Yeah. I mean, why not why not? Terada UP Hanson tarantula, our Brashear why gray TRAI Byers cabaret sit. Obey nicole. Ari? Parker all signed a letter dated April nineteen to address the top dogs at the show, including FOX entertainment, CEO, Charlie colleague and Disney TV's studios and ABC entertainment share Donald Walden. Or Dana Walden, FOX entertainment president Michael Thorne as well. As impact craters Lee Daniels, and Danny strong. I hope he gets the job to be honest. Same. And that does not mean, I don't think he was in on the hoax. Right. I just don't care. Don't care be honest about it don't really give. I mean, it's like they both they frame guilty parties. He Frankish icago PD who did turn out to be racist. And they try to frame a man who clearly did it. So I don't I don't know. Like, no harm. No foul everybody. Go back today. Mutual size. Our take on each side and the stay in the game. Nobody's objected. Right. Good luck on the set, bro. What do that's crazy? And then I I can't blame his job for being like Disney did it. We don't want him working here. But they misread the room. Because if they would've known charges are gonna drop they would've been like. I mean, we. Yeah. Work like CO Monday. Like, I'm sure they would have done this shit, totally different. If they had known, you know, they had admired him charges. They was like, ooh. Yeah. Why don't charge us as bad? And then like the evidence, look, real bad and the way she it was leaking. And it wasn't like they left a lot up to you know, to the imagination like these big Knicks are buying mega hats, and they did go to despite the day before and do a practice run at the same exact place to beating hat like three in the morning. In in the fucking blizzard. Like when no one's outside. It was a lot of shit. It was a lot of shit. I see how they went. We need to just not they thought they were getting clean Clarita shit by letting him go. Yeah. But turned out jokes or you prosecutor dropped charges y'all actually made yourselves mortgage more of a problem because people like you side with the police and shit like that. And you know, you don't really want them problems. Not for this show. They're probably hippie back know they need to just let them come back. I hope this all too, by the way, I'm going to be honest. I actually hope that Roger fee here's all them like a evenly Daniels. I hope they all onboard. With like we want him back on the show. But the only way it's going to happen is we're going to have to make it seem like his co workers one them back on the show and higher ups. We were like, I guess if his co workers one on back, but hopefully everybody sitting around like, we don't really care Jesse. We're not giving your race. So that's what you did it for you getting the same pay. But yeah, you can come back and work. Oh, man. I mean, plus, I mean this point now, wait a minute. Now. I think about it. He might could get a raise. Because this. She going to be the most highly anticipated episode of empire, everyone you going back. So in a way, he kinda did for Nessie like, you know, I, and I get it is going to offend says the Bill because he was playing with lightning. And I know that some y'all still in Jesse high that's out there. Like, no advanced conspiracy from the top down to get just smollet. Hey, whatever y'all believe cool. I don't feel like argon about it either way. No. But I don't think anyone can argue that if he gets his job back. This episode will definitely be one of the highest rate is turn term. Oh, yeah. People come back just to see him. Come back. Yeah. So you almost do have to give them a raise. I mean. The number of numbers as a negro philosopher Maxwell once said check the numbers bitch, Jack. And I believe these numbers will be checked, and he will have created a market where he is more valuable than he was before. So Bravo, your babe. Could never by the way, the brothers the Nigerian brothers who. Be him up. Our sewing jussie smollet lawyers for defamation. Last month, Chicago, prosecutors dropped charges that much for against Justice Millette, although city officials were convinced to active stages on attack help, but befriend Alabel, honestly, the IRO and his brother Ola smollet the actor. Maintained its position as the victim as his lawyer place to blame on the Nigerian brothers. But now just weeks later the two brothers who've participated in the lead attack are suing small smallest lawyers for defamation court documents that tell you about a blast of able to Olah have a foul lawsuit against attorney. Mark Garrett goes his law firm and his associated the Tina gland. Ian who reportedly represented smaller in Chicago for making public defamatory statements against the plano's which were published Briley and Illinois by major news outlets. Moreover, these tortoise statements involve a hoax conducted Illinois orchestrated by Mr. smollet, finally and importantly, these statements also impacted the reputation of players who are employed and live in Illinois. The man addressed the fact that as well as the he's accused McCarron out the hateful actor highlighted another instance in which the guardians and Jesse. The client had engaged in homosexual sex acts with able which is a legal in his country. I don't even remember that part of this story. I I don't know where she comes from in this story the empire who knows what's happening to you. I don't even remember anything about them being lovers implied alleged sexual acts. I don't know where I was when they was writing the script as a result of MRs Blandings comments plano's have suffered significant emotional stret- distress and feel safe and alienated in their local Chicago community. This is because miss Glenn a very famous tiny Foshan publicly stated planets have committed a gruesome hate crime lider oath and intentionally misled the C P. You nigga the hat. I saw that. It was on camera. Is everyone's came in this bitch. Oh, you're like everyone can't be giving it to say everybody was saying the Scammell. It's like everyone got us. Get him a scam. But nobody talking to each other. Okay. My skin. I'm going to be that we are being framed by you to be the, hey Chromos. And why you are there in saying that you will begin frame by crammers with police to frame you for being a victim of crime. See what I'm saying? No, we don't this will make a horrible movie. 'cause this the plot don't make sense is doing the clients. It's. Good grief. Tampa writing analysis say the lawyer saying that they gay. Way that Olah is gay because for some reason. Okay. She didn't say the other brother was gay also one of his gang by saying that one of them was gay dangerous zone in Nigeria. Glen near statements indicating playing those actually criminally bad at Mr. smollet without his consent are patently frosted. You did it. Whereas. Oh, what does it matter? Cheers, cool, man. What does it matter? This plot is forever twist an attorney, you ain't no he can send it to us. No, listen, we're not the type of people that would do a hate crime. Unprovoked hate crime on a game black man in Chicago. That's not you have us Rome man, and you have impugned our credibility. Now, we are the type of not Jane brothers that you can hire to consensually beat you up and like make a hoax of a hate crime that we will cop too, but anything else, and you besmirched my honor Madam, and I will see you in court. What is happening? The fuck out here, man. Oh my God. I cannot believe that's excuse. Yeah. We didn't do it without his consent. I know that much. Oh god. Everybody gotta go away. Baltimore mayor flees, the stay at the feds, rain, her home. Oh, she won't soon. The mayo crime towns season three's will be lit. Oh. Ensure way me out on top of that. It is about Baltimore. They could really be good to be honest. I just stumbled onto that I did just now nothing is a great one. Sunday can't houses. She was like I'm out. Apparently, there's like a. The whole thing with this book. He's been investigate over to sales of children book on that. She authored. And she skipped town at her house got raided by the FBI and RS IRS. Also, she was like, I'm never coming home. Again. Even spokesman Jay Bentley say, he has no idea what she is. Kind of. She went underground. In that book. The cans book kinda buddy Sanski AMI A made it to kids how to make crack cocaine what the hell was in their book that caused all this controversy kinda Kwami Kilpatrick is going on in Baltimore, right, y'all let this woman beat out on people because I remembered about the mores I didn't follow it closely. But it was mad Nixon that vying for that mayo seat, you know, like, I g beat everybody. And in this is what brought down a kids book. Fucking games book. Skip a town of a kids book, right, man. Yeah. Pugh who is reportedly recovering from pneumonia was at her home with the Ray began it has since left the state. Yeah. Back does. So what happened? They got down. She left with pneumonia. You said did they come to the house was there? No. That was all right. She was there at the beginning of the right? And then somehow she ended up out of the state. Oh, also see was initially there. Yes. Okay. I thought you was my day busting go. She got pneumonia. She hit the back. They're like man and went to the bat cave and was like I'm out pitches thrown. I don't like her. She got gone. I know fucking visit African putting cheese out of now. Yeah. And it won't catch me. Come on. The looking at the lucrative sales abuse healthy highly series to the university of Maryland medical system, where she was on their unpaid board of directors. So she was on that border directors. But then she sold this book to them. And I'm assuming got money for it, which I'm sure, you know, there's frowned upon as as a as a person on the board of directors that is we pay. Okay. She's sixty nine she's been on indefinitely absences, April. I went calls for state probe to her began. She claims she was taking our time or cover from about of pneumonia. Don't wanna try that down here. Do that was involved in that voter fraud scale super super stake in all of a sudden, he had planned surgery, and all of a sudden, he you know, he could Iran again. But I was sitting you know, I can't run again. You know, I'm going to spend. To work today. Have y'all go. What my family y'all gonna be having law enforcement looking for me. I'm definitely to speak for that. Right. The democrat was at home at the time of the raid. But she has since left Maryland ages hauled boxes of Holly, healthy Holly books out of her how while she had the books in the house. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. What? So a book that she wasn't supposed to be selling. They found him in her house apparently have boxes in there. Mayor had a Manila she was selling mix. Tapes. Panelists may appeal has lost the public agencies clearly not fit to lead for the good of city. She must resign Republican governor. I mean who now somebody got the run to sit there beachgoing, maybe the may approach to. Okay, not I finally got to do them. Right. I didn't plan on working besides HOGAN the Baltimore City councils Baltimore lawmakers, the house of delegates in great Baltimore committee. A business group have all called for resignation the fares also executed search warrants at the home at the office of us lawyer, Steven Silverman city hall, the Maryland center for adult training, whose job program preview was ran and the home of aid the eight FBI confirm so say eighty served a subpoena to his office for financial records. We will continue to vigorously defend the mayor. He told the Washington Post. We'll of course. Wow. The healthcare provider pay five hundred thousand dollars to buy a hundred thousand copies of the book. But get this. He wasn't supposed to seal apparently not. That's half a million dollars. I mean, I can see how that looks not good. They was like can we see the numbers? Yeah. Why must varying freezing? I got dammit. I was trying to read the rest of the article, but. Firefighters doesn't want to cooperate. It's like the man is trying to stop me from investigating what's happening to these books. Achey is with with teaching them. How to make shanks? Shang? What why are you convinced that the book has some criminality in it? It didn't matter the book probably was just a regular book. It probably wouldn't even that good. Giving getting this money tour. Could have been one page. It's just his his his a five hundred million five hundred thousand dollars. You know, now do wonder what legislation or bills or like what kind of things, but she in charge. A that would make someone feel like five hundred thousand dollars for these books was a conflict of interest. Right, right. What decisions will crossing her desk. Where people are like hold up. Now. We know. Right. You know? But yeah, fleet involves fucking state seems like a pretty big leap, especially when you the mayor, right? So good luck to city of Baltimore. Oh, no. They're gonna find in a town. Knick's over over to the right. I don't know where they're gonna find what it says you left the state o. N will. Yes. Is she out of the state? So she's out of Maryland. So maybe she's in Virginia and shit Washington in Washington DC. Upper how a homecoming. I don't know. But yeah. So of course, this to say she was not lucid enough from her from her pneumonia to work or eighty day. But she could she had enough energy to move around. Right and leader state to lead the state. It looks real bad. I mean, this is why go into jail type sheets come on. And she would not she says she's not lucid enough to decide whether or not she should resign. But you kind of what they not being lucid enough is kind of like a sign. You just resign even even not under criminal investigation. Like, how can you be trusted with the city? Somebody's going to be like that between coming back. All right. Let's just how she ain't got no job. No mole. I know. It got to be expiration, David. I look shankleman back. We don't give a damn she cannot have this position. Oh, yeah. Job. Yeah. They bought those copies of the book in a no bid arrangement between twenty eleven twenty eighteen right? Kaiser was in a water a forty eight million dollar contract in twenty seventeen to provide health benefits and the city workers by spending border with Pugh sits pew did not comment. And her spokesper spokesman say, yeah, they talked door. So that was I guess that's what they can make the money and say, hey, forty eight million dollars of his contract. I mean half a million dollars is a small investment. If you think about it from the company's perspective. Well, good luck. This. Sound like the the phase is not playing. They don't find. Do you does that Kwame Kilpatrick? Okay. Wait to hit the white people. Explain initiate on crime town season three's going to be so detailed. I'm not going to have some good as beats and and. And and and. They added over the beat going to be good documentary. Luna's X response to Dave east. Dave east criticized 'ole country old town road and said that it was whack and and oddest shit. And look Naza says I honestly have gotten this question. So many times it's like I have the number one song in the country. I did not give a fuck about. What Dave Easter saying? And Davies was saying that fucking old town road shit is fucking way. I don't know what the fuck is going on. We have Papa with rat. But I know hate a man put that shit is wack with the Cape on it. It's super wack. So. But you'll pay you're not do. I'm kind of on a little is Exide. Yeah. You don't get out. I mean and wash the eight y'all don't care when these other wack next week making it know what I'm saying. Like when did they win y'all start caring about this year? It's like somebody get successful. And he must be mad like this. This is a one hit wonder. Well, they know hit wonder nobody. No, nothing sounds. I I don't know who he is. I'm not. I mean, he's no. Yeah. I don't know. We is. Yeah. My gives a fuck. Wow. No. I saw Bo didn't he was kind of laughing at people getting is getting they live to and shit. And the thing I will admit though, is that's it does sound like he making fun of country music. I don't even fuck with. Nobody say isn't actually why I like the shit. Now, he could say he not making fun of it. But they get us. What you gotta say at the ship to no way. Like the fuck you gonna do. I actually I actually I am joking about these white people know, you gotta be like, Nah, I really sincerely just low country music and. Put my shit back on the chart. I keep making these fucking this money dummies, you know, but yeah, I mean, I get that. Why why people wanted it off the chart? I mean, I'm not. So I understand there's a lot likely with that's like the history of racism, and this is racist to take it off to chart. I'm not gonna go that far just because I think most of us listening to laugh because we was like this is how white people be making them songs. And it's funny because it's kind kinda marketing. Right. And we should be able to benefit from it too. I care. I just don't think that white people. Have a standing that black. You're listening to mock shit about us. I hold is moan, and if his German, then this gentleman. Weird. I vs Binggen played on black stations whole line because it's like in the Germans Jimmy. Okay. He got he got eat it instead of beat it. Okay. Let's listen to that. You know, you ain't you ain't nothing. We all remember that video right? Right. We have we have a better sense of humor about shit. Y'all. Don't wanna make country music sacred thing, and they can't ever be joked about that's really what it was about. Y'all got up, and you you got up in your mother's talking pride over the shit. But yeah, I just thought it was funny, man. Like, I hate that it became so serious to be honest because this really was just a funny ass like this. Why people be doing joke, and then they got turned into some serious social racial commentary that I'm like, I really come through all this. Ee the. All right. This is the doorbell. We got a package. It's don't worry about it. Okay. Let's get into. Oh. And of course, I closed that. So actually, it's do one more story to modify opens up. Let's see what else we got here. Of social media Dixon should be seen as a disease. M P say. Isn't a guardian UK social media Dacian should be considered disease. MP's say in the signs of the pressure is facing technology companies and the growing concern over the impact social networks. I haven't on uses mental hell who's the MP? Probably, you know, I'm not even going to try to I'm assuming the doctor, but I might be wrong. But I was I was like who would the MP can you just Google UK MP's? And okay, you tell me the politician calling for further research on the effects social media, but say a report suggested as good reasonably sites such as Facebook Instagram Twitter, which are constantly competing for us to spend more time on their platforms could be having corrosive effect on children. Now, I always say children. But really it's all of us is paramount that we protect young people insure they kept safe and healthy when they are online say the MP's who refer who believe the government should urge only Klein longtime studies. To see whether a clinical definition for social media addiction could be introduced the report was compiled by all of the part by the all party parliamentary group. Okay. The parliament members of parliament. Okay. Thank you party, all parliament. I'm sorry all party parliamentary group on social media and young people's health and well being made up of MP's who have an interest in the topic. The report was written with us. This is are the Royal Society for public health charity, which endorse it endorsed his findings five on the series of evidence hearing, so yeah, the World Health Organization is already proposed including gaming disorder in the next revision of international classification of disease manual categorizing it as a mental illness in which increase in priority is given to gaming over other activities to the extent that game takes precedence over other interests and daily activities for an individual to be diagnosed having game and disordered the World Health Organization organization suggests at individuals. Should have no have shown significant impairment in personal family, social educational or work lives due to computer gaming for at least, twelve months. So I guess we missing work and all that shit for game. They like a disease. But yeah, this is interesting. I mean, they're probably ahead of us with it. I wonder if we would ever get there. Now, our president is on that shit at three in the morning. So and I mean, the companies have no incentive to make a healthier place essentially to get you. Stay there longer. Yes. That's the whole purpose. All right. Let's get to some guests to race. Now. Wait. What else I guess the race? How far we into the show? Let's get into some fucker with black people. Sorry about that all over the place day going on. That's what I get into them. Fucking with black people guys. Fuck with blacks. We're just talking fun with black people. That's why guys Tana play the game. We all hate the play walking with black people the game. Go out around the globe articles make us feel fuck with and we'll point scores zero two hundred twenty five days test is everybody. Let's see who's fucking with us today. Oh, this is a big win. People was mad at Jay z on Twitter this weekend. Well, stay people. But what I really mean is the walks tier? Okay. It wasn't everybody. It wasn't even necessarily a lot of people. But it was kinda like black a'democratic woke. Don't vote Twitter. Like, you know, what I'm saying? Like like hammer and sickle socialism is the only way even does never successfully been done Twitter was like on his ass. Okay. He reopened New York City's Webster hall on Friday night with the star-studded legendary besides to show that include a free style that everyone's talking about. And I actually went on title and looked at playlists that besides to actually pretty don't fuck with them. With themselves. And I've never heard a clip. I see going down a line. Like, he was he he was wrapping, right? Yeah. I'm gonna play it. Okay. I'm just waiting on the low not is. He was the opening act for the famous venue following a years long renovation. He did not disappoint. The set included rarely performed tracks from his expansive discography people always get how much music there's man made a lot of Jay Z's. I say I was surprised lot of is never been released. Yeah. As a Jay z like fan, you know, I'm always like taking for granted how much work he's done. I mean, just a time where it's like an album at least in our my year for like fucking like Tang years or some Chang, some crazy amount of no one produces music like that, you know. And it's kind of like people say they sick of them. But then he you go with the sales. He's still making money and still selling also a lot of acts as the guy that makes everybody sick of them. And you know, then they jumped on that streaming thing before everybody else. Really? So like it was ready for it like. You know, when he basically made it. So if you got a Samsung phone you bow his album what time I. Was crazy. I think we take it for granted. But you know, he's pretty. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm looking for the freestyle. So yeah. Oh, he also brought gnaws camera and Jim Jones out on the stage. Outfitted with a massive Rockefeller chain. Which is because. Like all those people people that have before him at one point. So let's go to see, you know. And I think Jay really does believe that shit and is developing as a partisan. And this is part of his journey. Why like even squash beef with these other black men prominent public following hours? And he's seen that I've done a lot to try to like make up for that shit in. And just be cool. Now is not his father society doesn't really allow or like to see that don't. But he seems genuine in his effort to be like, yeah, it's not about me versus is anymore. Even if other people can't let it go. So this is freestyle had about nipsy hustle at the and it was a verse about Judy. So right there said justify your own hood before these people, do it claim imminent domain have your people move in. So right there people was like mad just for the fact, they use the word. Defy. Even though to me is things very clearly be metaphor or allegory. He is not being like, literally go in and gentrify your neighborhood. But, you know, not he's not saying upper-class wealthy. Black people displace everybody out of these neighborhoods. Invest in the property, and then kick these people out, but I think people don't like him. So it doesn't really fucking matter. What he says when it comes to this kinda shit, unless he finds some type of way to make cooperative economic bars, which will probably not be as hot because it's hard rampant with cooperative economics. But. It was going to be a problem. But I saw what I saw online was people jumping off at that point and just threat after three at three hundred three that just ridiculous like diatribes on what's wrong with Jay z and what's wrong with. Black people that want to. You know, reinvest in the hood, and this is really just capitalism, which I'm always kind of weirded out by because it's like most of those people go up for beyond say that's his wife, and they do be on one of core about this kinda shit. And they they do it. They all about ownership investment. This is the same Jay Z bills out people on fathers and mothers day the same. Jay Z about prison informed. This is the same Jamesy from colle- router documentary and the Trayvon Martin documentary this Jay z. So it's kinda weird to see people. I dunno so flipflop so fast on his dude all the time. But anytime you start talking to bet, you know, hey, we had to take we we're we're stuck in America is a Cavalier's world, we need to do what we can't with money to try to like protect ourselves and communities because it's not it's not happening. Another. Way. And this shit is going to happen. Like people are coming to your neighborhoods to gentrify whether you want them to or not. So we black people who have capital who have the ability to to invest in our neighborhood, we need to be doing that. And they will get to the second point the second but two weeks ago everybody was praise for doing this for talking this. Every interview he ever talked about was was anytime he ever ownership reinvested in the community buying property and stuff even commercial property. It will. I saw videos shared is one of the reason. I was like, wow. I really see. He had a lot of love and respect. I didn't notice saying because that's all people were sharing. Okay. Back to the verse. Quite. He was doing anybody's. The property back. Stress. As long as they say. Everybody. I was doing. Schedule. The places that they. Chris. Two thousand that. That be. Chris. The money. Sleep hoping. Tools would be. We got. So that's the the freestyle that have people like say people up in arms about this year. I did not find it to be offensive. No, they may just be mad. You know? I did see people bringing up like he. He he had brought the Barclay center to New York, and that was a problem 'cause he's like this shit. He owned like half a percent of the nets, and he helped put the face on it to make that ginger vacation dot, and so I don't live in New York. So I can't speak to that situation. I was years ago. I mean, I throw out this theory that people seem to not really think about when they don't like somebody. Maybe he learned her name changes mind, come on. I mean it happens. You know, like everybody acts like is is the impossibility. But I mean, literally we've seen him change. We've seen him growing changes mind about bigger shit in his life in a much shorter period of fucking time. Everybody's feeling planet. You yourself. Don't believe everything you believed just a few years ago. And let's go back further. I mean feels like people like, and I think it's because he's acceptable has money and he's a rapper. But people kinda rob him of the same humanity that we have for lesser successful. People come on, you know, like shit that they will grant like somebody. They see as regular. They would not grant him. But he was born in the MARCY projects he made it out. And he's been a constant development of trying to elevate his mental status and emotional status. And. Like and learn I've watched that do go from repented womanizer who, you know, was the conflicted like I feel bad, but I'm selling these drugs dude to the guy who goes I kind of wish I could rap about politics and more important shift. But I understand that is money. I the Michael Jordan approach to like the LeBron James approach that he has now which is clearly one of lie. I'm pro black. I'm very openly about black empowerment, I'm very openly political anti-trump anti Republican. And I mean, it's so weird to see people applied this man for not performing at the Super Bowl. He was invited last year. He wasn't invited. He wasn't like a lot of these negatives. Where it was like Super Bowl was never on the menu for me. So neat. Mom, boycott. And how it's like saying I'm boycotting. Yeah. You would never gonna get invited. The blackout ain't gonna be Super Bowl, y'all. Like, I'll be like, of course, nigger. What they were looking for us. Right. But Jay z was the first nigga. That'd be like, I I'm I always know. And then when other rappers state will consider that he was calling people up like man on burn. It's funny. How nigga went from routing that. Two one burst about investment in the black neighborhood. And it's nigga you just as bad as he's white people. It's crazy to me. And it's like they are taking him at the worst interpretation of his verse possible. Oh, yeah. 'cause I don't find these ideas of so fucking light ridiculous ginger fi on hood before these people, do it claim imminent domain have your people moving that's small glimpse into what nifty was doing for. Anyone is still confused as to what he was doing. The neighborhood is designed to keep us trapped. That's why I call it the trap. We've heard that before they read lawa's so property the clients if you live by blacks like that's true. Coz wrote about that they depressed the asset it take the property back. It's a roofless, but a genius plan. In fact, that's literally what gentrifying means when white people do it to us. Right. And in a lot of that is why a lot of black communities. Don't. Have a space to where you got decades and decades and decades 'cause a of black people to actually stay in these areas where we have to rent so much, right? Because every time you turn around like you say they don't provide the services that supposed to be there. The police don't show up everything takes forever. The services on his good everything goes into a form of depression. And they call it a lot of prices Colin together. Whatever the ghetto in your city is and then you say because it's so cheap. They buy it when they buy a lot of times because it's not worth that much. They're paying these people fraction of what they should get to get to move out or even raising the property taxes so hot I can't afford it anymore and shit like that. So then they have to move and whether they go they go to another neighborhood, they build a community there. And then you turn around and you do the same thing. That's why a lot I know opposite shot, but I kind of hop around the cities the thing for me is. What do won't then? Right. Because if you do nothing the same shit is going to keep happening. Like, it's this idea. Like, well, if you will we don't want black people investing in the neighborhood either. Like, well, the black people in this scenario are investing with the neighborhood in mind without trying to kick motherfuckers out like let me raise the value of his neighborhood. So that your house is now so expensive you have to leave. Right. They're not that's not the goal of the black that like there's this shit is going to happen. Having what humanity or can not having all these white people come in. And just do what the fuck they wanna do. Nobody wanna like consider that. He's advocating for something other than that. Now, I get it. There may be some other magical scenario that people have in mind that could work, but don't exile. Wrapping it they like, then you gotta get better PR, you need better people you need to convince people like Jay z into Frederick message because this shit. Where is just I'm a flip on you for trying. Something is wet to me. Right. Right. And also the idea that. He can never fucking change his mind. You can never change his opinion is a fucking ridiculous thing to do man. This is not like he changed his opinion over a day. This is years of being like, okay? I'm thinking about this thing now. Okay. I'm talking about that. It's his music to MS wack is the people that are like we'll be fake pro black feminists because she wasn't always talking about pro black feminists. Well, guess what you weren't either. Nobody will born into this shit. Many of you if you're living life, right? Have had the luxury of being able to like beat informed by more shit than what you grew up with you. This is still do born in MARCY projects he was not supposed to make it out. You know, what I mean like the all this shit. Like, none of this shit is opposed to be possible is like when Oprah speaks of people had to shit on over is like you don't actually have to shit on his person. It's fine to be like, this is their opinion. Even if I disagree with it. This is the opinion in the art. They're presenting at the moment. Okay. That's not that doesn't make them a cone. This a valid point of view is not the one. I I wouldn't approach this way. Right. And that's fine. And I think the problem is it a lot of people have if you don't do it the way I would do it. Then it's pointless, and it's ridiculous. Well, to be told a lot of people with these bright ideas, we if there ever get to the place where they should start getting implemented going criticize your shit too. Right. This is crazy, man. Like, we're arguing about the fact that nine arguing because it's not really an argument's just complaint. Really, right. But we're talking about basically, we know these people in this area gonna get fucked and Jay is like maybe we can mitigate that by investing black dollars instead of white people's dollars. And then not fucking the people and people like I don't want to hear the rest of that sentence. What I'm gonna say is you won't black people to cry black neighborhoods. Kick blackout. That's not what he said what he said at all. So now we fighting over scraps crabs in a barrel but crabs don't belong in a barrel. And they ain't never tell us that so in the barrel. We're going to act like we act we can easily get out the barrel. We stand on each other's backs. Whoever gets on top as long as they stay attached. They gonna pull everybody out. I was just doing that. That's. It's almost like already rather have the self feel privacy of once you're black in your famous and rich, you are no longer black. Sometimes I think people are more comfortable with that. They are they because anything else, and I had to consider some nuance of somebody is can have a conscience and have money and be like, how do I invest in something that helps somebody else? Right. And I think for a lot of people they were in those shoes. That's what they would do is almost like you're black. But then how I'm black year. Blat you have to be rich black. But how dare you remind everybody that you're black in front of these white people. Right. And it's so wild to me because like I said, we're talking about do that has changed his life in the last like this is not just oh, well, you know, today he's on this ship. But tomorrow he's going to be like not them broken. Eggers, man. Hey, best thing to do for black people to be rich. You know, what I'm saying that not wrestling do for poor peoples. Not be one of them. I it's not that. You know what I mean? Like, so I think when people approach it with nuance context. People hate that kind of context like they hate when you're like, okay. But big picture. This could be valid thing that he is saying and that he has shifted his thinking on not then that would mean I had to let go of like disliking this negative, and I can't do that. So I rather just be like. Now, I'm holding him accountable to what he said before it. Well, he's clearly saying I was in now it's been it's been a long enough. Like it wasn't overnight. He earned the right to change his mind the same way. Oh, ask do. Now. Fuck that. Because honestly that is the addiction. I'll say something on Twitter day, while I was like nothing say here while I was like, I don't think we as human beings can ever get over the idea of being able to judge like being the perfect avatar goodness that rains down and descends are paying or other people. I don't think we can really get over. I we're all guilty of it mean included. Like, yes, saying, I don't think we're I don't think it's we're capable of saying this person may either a have made a mistake is making a mistake or just doing something. I disagree with and going that's their human journey, and they may or may not end there. And they might not need me. Like coming down like a ton of bricks on them. With this shit. You know, maybe they're just doing the best I can Cantu. And also in all of that. I'm not going to ignore. I've been there. You know, I think when I look at if you're if you're a suit of the history. In america. Anyway, you should have or have probably been hip to the myriad away that black people have tried to circumvent racism in America and white supremacy tried everything under the sun out. Right. And it's point black people star shitting on each other for trying to different way than the way to the person. Try and I'm not talking about shit. Whereas like, I'm a Republican fuck you niggers. I'm talking about stuff where it's just like, I think we can get it out by running for office, and you know, helping people out from political places, I think we can do it by being activists getting industries agitating. Well, now, I have to be your enemy 'cause you disagree on the way to do this. So fuck you European. That's crazy to me. But that's bills. Like, that's what a lot of this is. Yes, there is. And so him addressing it in the in the freestyle with the crabs in the bucket type crabs in a barrel type line to me that's kind of relevant because it is very much like as long as you're in this. No, it's just a very smart and relevant freaked out. That's all it's saying that this barrel America this place, where we're not supposed to be has as acting where we have to be enemies, h others. Like is we all the time? So we can't make it over this this bear we can't climb to the top and pull anybody else with you is that is the truth. It is that feeling of. Scarcity that leads us the bean like, no, no, no, you're going to get out. And you're not gonna help us or you're not. You're never gonna get out that way, you should only get out if you do it my way, you know, meanwhile, everyone's trying to get out of the fucking barrow, you know, everyone's trying to get out the barrel because they're not. So even be here. Anyway, I'll tell neighborhood nipsy stay close. There's one hundred million dollars on your schedule. Stay low tell you team to be on point in the places that they go I never dreamed that he get killed in the place that he out home. How you gonna get empower? If we are we going to get empowered. We kill the source y'all like to run out on the plug. So of course, that ain't let that's a means to an enemy and my team was playing the plug ahead. A plan says in had a plan, but it's wherever this head. Sometimes we was only making thousand joint that ain't no money. But that ain't the main point. So those ninety two bricks only ninety two thousand so y'all could close your mouth and ain't nothing for Yata wild. Nice still talking about that line where he said last night to six and had to fall back. But it is something to to study. He will we was chasing our goals. Not chasing money. Nigga chasing hose, we find that funny. I pull up in the rose that Hoge on want me. But I don't know. I don't know. I wanna why somebody to bounce these ideas off at night, I'll be going to sleep hoping nipsy. Visit me that young Cain had a lot of Joe's split with me. And we ain't got to leave the hood physically. But we gotta leadership, mentally, I don't know, man. Like, I said, I didn't find it to be so patently offensive. And I think that people who do is more about I don't fuck with Jay z and whatever's coming out of his mouth, I will find a way to be like fuck that shit. 'cause we see it all the time with with other celebrities and people I think, it's just human nature. I don't think people can help themselves. You know, it's Kim Kardashian getting someone out of prison that we all think is unjust. We put in prison. And then we gotta find a way to be like, but that ain't. Shit and right and negative created. Yeah. It's just like a human thing, human nature. But I honestly like seeing all that down the time line. And then seeing it for myself. I was like, yeah. I don't find the the insult to blackness in there. No. And I try my best to fight against like just that human nature the older. I get the less less the older. I get the more prioritize things. And it's things that happen. I go do I actually want to put energy and after into something that ain't going to motherfucking matter. No, okay. I'll move on. I have my thoughts and opinions, but it's not worth going back and forth with the woke woke people because what I've come to conclusion, you're gonna have a subsection of the internet. They're always going to be aroused. And and just just about something. And it's something to talk about it's happening. So then you wanna siphon off of the event that happened. And will you need to have a hottest Hake. And really the hottest take is to be like everything he said was wrong and trashing bad, and then people can go. Yeah. Well, I agree or what the fuck you mean, man. That's it. Because I also thought it was weird. And this is no shade J or anybody. But also think is we're when people elevate him to the status of like. The like. Opinion. You know what I mean? Like, I don't know how well research verse Jay is because he doesn't really talk about that shit that much. So I don't know like what he's reading the last reason all based on I just know through the music, but to me, it's like people are are reacting both ways, and they're fighting when each other where it's like, you can't say that this was like the greatest of all time because it doesn't really make sense. If you think about it, you can't use enterprise and now g and all this shit. And then you got other people being like, this is the worst first of all time and Jay Z's trash, and he's a horrible person. Emmy, why everybody's chain be is able it's just like you see these things, and it's kinda like, Dan this conflict is so real. But what he said in verse was also real. And I also find it a little bit misplaced to have big up nifty for saying the same rhetoric for years when he got killed people were like this is why he was. Important J ain't really say much different than that. So I don't know we got people in the. In attack going back and forth about all the. Digital cash schemes plans going on the city's and shit. Like like, I don't think. Well, I think people nurse do. But it's fucking. It is a coordinated system of a rising. Yes. Like there has to be some intervention in America, the only interventions don't come through money like rar all that talking is nice, but you ain't gonna be able to disrupt their systems without some level of financial input into the places that 'cause that's how they game they have rigged this shit. So that without that sort of working like intervention, you know, and I'm in verse I feel like he's more talking to black people with means career. He's not saying you broke niggers. This is why it's show fall. He's being like, yo if you're black and you have the means to invest something in your own community do that. You know, like do that. He's insane. Black people the blame this this. You know, you you you have a broken toddy. And that's why you're broke like say that he didn't even get out get out your hood. Like, he's like, no, we can leave it mentally lead that mentality behind 'cause they want us pushed in their thinking these fucking fucked up anti-black races of oppressed thoughts. They don't want us thinking outside of where we come from where we live. You know, they don't wanna see in a bigger picture. So I dunno manages feels trying to. The whole systems Ray. But it's still like everybody was on. Jay's ask for saying something. So, but I don't expect to change people's minds. They don't fuck with him. Because I I haven't seen anybody change a fucking mind anything period. Like, it's walked into this thing. Like, he the greatest or walk into this thing. He's the worst. And I'm never I've never seen exchange ideas lead to people being like I had not thought about that side of it. I have a friend that he was kind of on their like fuck, Jay z too. And I actually DM them because he's my friend, and I respect them. And I'll say so can you have any from New York? I say can you get me to like what it is actually about this this like so incendiary 'cause I I watched the verse I I know about the Barclay center thing. But like is it more to it where it's just so fucked up that he's the one saying that or something like what like gimme the game. You know, and we like a long conversation. You know what I'm saying? And it was crazy. Because at the end, I'm like cool. I had not really thought of it that way. Way. And maybe I'm not cynical enough. Jay Z. Maybe that's my thing. But he was also like now, you gave me a lot to think about too in that maybe I'm being I'm putting more pressure on him than I would anyone else out of those projects trying to just give their ideas on what can help the community. And that's like to meet us a beautiful thing only happen in the closed doors DM's, right where two people talking to each other because it's not going to happen online. In public is not going to happen with these folks that are doing tweet out the tweet defending him or tweet the tweet harassing going on about him. It's only gonna happen in the context of like a conversation and not a debate. And so many people feel like we this thing happened. Now. Let's now debate me. Yes. And a lot of times say the biggest reason why I don't engage because people will they people have drawn lines people's minds already made up, and we're not really coming to have it abate. We actually just to argue and I'm too old to be arguing with. Right. So. In way, zero to two hundred care. Book with. Yeah. Zero for me freeze out in for me, man. The reaction was kinda while Nick is going to argue about everything. So it is what it is Mellody Hobson and George Lucas. Milita met with the opposite, George Lucas is why okay, George Lucas is. Of course, the creator of Star Wars and arts and Lucas films, and Richard Richard. So they are seeking to control control of the historic ebony and jet archives. Wonderful Johnson publicist company. Recent chapter seven bankruptcy filing. Bankruptcy filing. The. Chapin think last year anyway, because of that there's thousands of original pictures records that are left threaten, but that could change the efforts powerhouse couple and financing film. Ariel investments? President Mellody Hobson and her husband Star Wars. Filmmaker George Lucas are seeking to control ebony archives. I know some y'all being like George Lucas the man may rantel's why the hell he want to get evident archives. I don't trust this colonizer coming in here. Trying to control black people's stuff. So racist. Well, I would assume that you'd think that don't know Mellody Hobson. His wife who is a black woman. So do you ever seen the interview George Lucas ta promote tells in all that stuff? Nagy? No. That's why he made that put out money in that harbor movie that any self respecting black person who say don't do this. But he was like I gotta do some cows. Man. I got all these billions he gave away like fucking bathroom his fortune after he sold. E so like this make a sold Star Wars to Disney and gave the money away. What I can't even imagine. I can't even I think isn't George. I wanna say George Lucas at like a home, and he realized that like the people. The people that like help assistant like do do groundwork. And all that stuff to his property what happened to travel back and forth. So he ended up buying the property around around him and having a family stuff stay there. So that he wouldn't they wouldn't have to go back and forth and people were mad. They were mad at his neighborhood. He did that. But he was like why have them go back and forth. We're not gonna have the right here with their families. Yep. I didn't. I didn't even hear about that story. I did not even know that. Yeah. He he he's so. So Star Wars to Disney, and then donate it the four point zero five billion dollars. Then he received from the sale to a foundation focused on education. And they probably do great work with their money to. I I don't even know what to tell you. These. He was like doc can't take women. I don't even know anyway. So yet they trying to get get get the original images. MLK, malcolm. X, Rosa Parks. My Angelo Angelou pricey and Muhammad Ali force, right priceless. Video somebody going by that. And it'd be up in somebody's home. We'll never see those photos. Again, also includes for those taking historic moments like immortals, nineteen fifty five Uniroyal and just taking the batter body, which is mother made me insisted on leading the world. See oppose the prize-winning image Kereta sky king and her daughter Bernice at her husband's funeral and nine hundred sixty eight and a host of images published in both magazines from the civil rights movement as it happened. Yeah. Think pretty smart. I forgot Jeb you'd weeks. Now, see that's the one. That's the part of. That's the most important point put that in the negro museum cry need his own wing put that in time and that section. Oh, long walks on the beach. Okay. Pledged delta goofy uses but yes, so shout out to them. Zero to Hydrocare zero I also would give this as the row and. As far as George Lucas. Love and happen. Dipoto albums do wrong come on now to the cookout baby. Okay. Bring autumn photo albums Wicha me. And my wife. Got the motto albums, bring your grandma forgive you for judge beaks. Okay. We all straightened out. I know you just trying to. Yes, come on. Okay. Made a force be with you. And also coming this banana pudding. Okay. We got you. All right. Your lovely wife disease in the mail. Our love make you a plate. All right. I know that evidently night the kids can't touch the photos. We don't want them. Bring him up. Right. Y'all y'all leave Mr. George alone stop asking him about what's going to happen. The next star. Was you know, he sold that. He's watching like us now. Lead at man the law making lightsaber sound. Let him enjoy his joy. His sweet potato pie and peace. I know you like them desires come home through now. But Nella king at the cookout. Yes, he's invited. The okay, another one cares to to to Leyla. I'll know picking. Out this kinda why people come Tarrant care. Baskin Robbins and. Bill. Got three. All right. Let's. I'm saying. Being jerry. I'm gary. Oh, yeah. That's forty being generous people. Oh, why people to cook out corden care, and I'm inviting thousands. So they will still be there. Only get my approval. Well, that's why we just know the last photo made it so we'll see how you feel just like, Jay z. You'll allowed to change over time. It's time for some guests though. Right. That's right is guest the time. Now that is for some guests. That's right is time. That's right. It's time for the race. The number one game show going around going across all the podcast, man. We read the plate news from all over the globe. Test today, caring and the chat room to guests. Raise said, of course, everyone plan is a stone code hurry. Cyst? All right. Our first contestant affidavit a woman seen on Snapchat. Video encouraging her team daughter to fight. Okay. Austin Texas, the home events young a woman is facing charges at the she was allegedly caught on in a Snapchat. Video courage, her daughter and another girl to fight. According to an affidavit the Travis county sheriff's office responded to men or high school on Friday. Whether your sister principal show, deputies video of two students fighting in the neighborhood in manner. So I didn't have a lot of manners. Assistant. Principal said the girls were both fourteen year old night graders and pointed out that the mother wanted to girls thirty one year old right Nesar Joseph was pacing around the girls and encouraging the violence court documents. I Joseph was telling her daughter to fucker up. And shouted. There. You go beat her as deputy say once the fight stopped. Joseph was seeing step in between the girl to tell the her daughters opponent bitch. I fight a child. I don't give up. So that woman back over that girl phone around. Uh-huh. Get up. ESOL says Joseph arrived on campus to pick her daughter up for for another fight around nine twenty. I'm mm. Deputy has seen the video I rate and screaming in front of school. She was scheduling FIS like the UFC come on. Now, you've got a nine twenty five days when she betting on them. Did you do your training today? It took me a long time to get this match. Right. When Debbie when the deputy attended to speak the Joseph about the video she allegedly turned around and put her hands behind our backs shot in take me to Travis county bitch. You think I'll give a fuck. The deputy says Joseph refused. The interview shouting just the rest me pitch right needs. The Joseph is charged with endangering h out care. Guess the rights of rain easer Joseph. Oh, blackbutt all the responses. Okay. Clara's going black. Wow. Kind of shock nor does one she's done with the teachers ads, and is the reason they're the bonnet and leggings band the school black Don Nisha king black violated the dress code at the drop off. Oh, we didn't cover that story. But that's how Larry Martin pains, mama. Black thirty one euro with time to promote her daughter's fight, Donna king black Cleo from set it off black, bonded and Budi. Black Coretta, Scott, Don, King, lady, more my adopted. Black, mama. Black black black. The correct answer is all he said black and all you guys are one hundred percent, right. Yeah. Nobody missed that. I don't know how you guys knew. Bookie it up. That's all right there. She did this year. Take me to jail face. I'm not even resisting arrest fucking them. It's foot kids. Yeah. She starred in. Mark costly. Let's see have out this one thieves distract. A clerk to steal thousands of dollars worth of county. Wow. Cognac is no extra points with speed care. I'll read it for the rest of you guys though. These two bottles of cognac for worth five hundred dollars from family owned store in a brazen robbery on camera. They have. A five hundred dollars a bottle of whatever. I wasn't both bottles on they stole five hundred dollars yet with still two fifty of bottles. Koniak is expensive. I know. I do that's what I still have to be goes woman. I guess the latest man was was working on some the themes made all by distracting the clerk on duty at liquor and wine, a family run business. They professional said McCain. Whose family owned the store? Surveillance video shows four people ended the store on Tuesday around seven pm, they appear to be a man and woman with a baby and a grandmother, oh, this families crime family your. It's a family affair family. Right, dan. We get lifted night. Stay was together. I wonder if the baby in the grand Mamma got, well, I know the grandma probably got. They appear the group looked around until customers left, then the woman handed the baby to the grandma. It's hard to know for sure, but the victims questions whether the baby was even real oh. Oh debate might have been approved by the way, the neck. It went back. They weren't supporting the neck while they also could be I mean that is also the patent way that cognac drinkers and the babies the woman who aren't clerk to the back of the store where he has a cautious about wine on a lower shelf out a mandate that so he's got some questions about this one as he distracted Clark. The woman goes behind the front counter grass bottles of Hennessy Exo that calls to fifty apiece. Who don't they know them ABC's that will nobody job, but ABC's got cameras all over the place. She puts them in her skirt. She opened oh did us. She opened up the side. And there was a little pocket and she quickly put it in there. And then just ruffled it back together. Video shows grandmother signals to the man the mission is complete the suspects eventually pretend to buy some wine. But when the clerk asked for Denver occasion, they claim is in their car and leave out there when they get caught that people are aware of who they are. And what they do came says Keiser. The group was quick all the stay in the store for about six minutes. Anyone with information college Vancouver police so cared guest? The race of the cognac thieves. Karen, saying black? Let me I can't find the picture in this article. I had earlier second come. Fees. Man, cooler gotta have image of this. Oh, I was in Canada Vancouver Washington. I believe a why America still? Yeah. American Vancouver Canada. All right. Let's check that would have been maple syrup is let's take chat room. They believe spent my tax return on the twenty eleven dodge charger. So I got a hot this. I got this lick black. The granny say past. Black needed hinders the X ODA impress George Lucas cookout black. PC armor, Washington. Twelve eleven I was to eleven black set it off black mix now black Hennessy black white cap. Caper cap Capers. White Capers on straight outta trailer park. Why Hennessy and it was ex-? That's a pack of niggers black just got paid Friday night. But I'm still in this shit black Joe the trailer to the store why? So the hot Wayne from the family grocery store next door black drank it with their big lips. Drag it with their big lips. Wow. Wow. Wow. Well, some say a non APPA drinkers black. Yeah. Well, I'm looking at the picture right now. Okay. And I have to inform you all that one hundred percent of the hour round. They were not black. They also were not white. I don't take me. We know what where these people is. But they were kind of Brown, and nobody said no kind of Brown's so and we don't know their names, we just know just had this this picture. I will put it on screen, of course, as everybody was Rome. Everybody was absolutely our racism lead jobs straight. Nigger adjacent drinks. I I don't know what race and I don't want to say nothing fencer. But they have a look about Brown. That is not that is distinctly not black in distinctly, not white not white. So they man they got in and out six minutes. That's a heist that was a high net was planned, Tom heist. All right. But I may as a good plan though. I'm not saying I can never come up with the first time they've done that either. Maybe not all knows now caring is one and one let's go to the Brown. Dumb. Phone lines. Double double raise in the bonus round against the race. So far caring is one in one. But can't she fix it? In the bonus round the track. Dovid points and double racism to you. If you can get right. Discounts. What a news article and see if I can. Of course doesn't wanna play right away. Okay. Trying to play see it that works. Never know this shit. Police say she used a special trap to still checks from an apartment complex for. He's Walker is charged with burglary. According to a police report officers were called to the green brook at Shelby farms apartment as acuity guard told officers Walker trying to insert a yellow cord with a sticky mouse glue trap on the end of it to pull out checks and money orders from deposit box only, she was not able to get any. Care guest, the rice Mercedes Walker the genius trap green apparently glue trap Queen Mercedes was lack cares going. With black Hutton Alexis was on the same time. Are you going with the ancient trope of black people naming their kids at the shit? They can't afford. I see what you're trying to do. Karen? Courageous gamble. You just took that. Let's see what the chat room believes, white black Mercedes beings black all black link on the those checks as ink on those checks. Negative reeks black engine nuit. Check for our equal method. White black black crack field. Macgyver black. Who I would call arose in the front sticky fingers black diamond in the back Sarajevo top black digging the same gasoline. I'll see miss Martin. The correct answer. Isn't you our very divided on this and care and say black? It was what? About seven the white woman out their name or Sadi's. And of course, the many of you black missed it. So that's it. Forget the racist. Get to the sword ratchet nece and no get out of here guys. Right. Let's see what we got here. Alaska, man, Rodney Longboard and willing a sword shout. The surf ninjas jumps in the back. The back of a truck to threaten the driver. Fairbanks Alaska driving in Fairbanks fear for his life Tuesday night after another man allegedly jumped into the back of a truck wilderness. Ord oh, Alaska the state that gave us the Palance their cares. Twenty six Fairbanks riding along ward on old fees highway in Fairbanks and brandished the weapon of land country old sees all right using the sword. New Steve's got by get a gun. Hairs was headed into the direction of farmers loop wing somehow got in the back of a truck headed there. That's when. Says he put the driver in fear of their life the truck stopped at the gas station at the intersection of farmers loop. And these highway and hairs allegedly threatening driver with the story later arrested. Chartered south alcohol was a factor. You don't second. Biggest factor at the sword. Police assistant in arrest. So assisted what does that mean? Other people had them then we just kinda helped a little bit. All right, guys. We tomorrow with a comedian Qassim Bentley. So they were listening that should be. I think at five so until then our Wednesday is our game of thrones recapped with jail co van. So I know you guys are looking forward to that. And that's happening. So until then I love you. I let me too.

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