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Hi Guys. Katie lowes actress, mom and host of the parenting podcast Katie's crib. A show that helps women navigate the colossal changes that come with motherhood. You'll hear from resilient Mama's knowledgeable experts and me asking a whole lot of questions, it's real talk that offers real perspective on what it's really like to be a parent. New episodes published every other Thursday listen to Katie's on iheartradio APP or on Apple podcasts wherever you get your podcasts. All right so beyond say has officially lockdown the trademark to her daughter's name, Blue Ivy Carter there was a dispute over the intellectual property rights tied to the eight year olds name when a Massachusetts wedding planner laid claim to the name, ultimately the trademark trial and appeal board sided with Queen Bee over the relatively unknown proprietor of Blue Ivy events, which was founded before blue. Ivy was even born. The owner's name is Veronica Morales. She was worried about a risk of. Confusion between the two. The board didn't think there was a big risk of folks confusing an event. Planning business with Blue Ivy Carter Fiancee's babies. There, you have it. No mess around. Get your ass out. No! Easy fix, yeah. Right. Gets okay. Yes. down. PISS OFF TO BE. Beaten to last damn? Rocket, upset, you got drama Pie. This is true. This is true. This is a beyond. J. J. C. J. and B.. You think they're gonNA vote for. Go vote phone anybody out of. Time. More of the Steve Harvey Morning Show and some trending news coming up at thirty three minutes after the hour right after this you're listening to. Morning Show.

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