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twenty third got a wreck in lincoln live dot com to check out our stuff now let's do a biscuit welcomed biscuits time regret in dime link this week at the roundtable adema lighting were asking the question do we consider loss angeles home what what what makes the house a home what makes a state or city or a new place you didn't always call home a home in do we do that the loss angeles at this point and i do wanna just go ahead and apologize this week i'm gonna be the guy who a apologizes were being sick i i don't even know if my voice sounds different i can't i to me i sound like i'm inside of like a barrel well first of all let me say that if this is just you seen it you're gonna be apologizing for all sorts of things over this this episode then i'm all for that i'm a i'm only allow judging for if the sound of being sick see now you're saying you're not gonna apologize for anything out if i should do something this apology worthy i will apologize good but secondly you sound like yeah you do sound like you're in a barrel i only in my own ears i feel like listen to myself now that i'm not completely out of the barrel because i'm not completely over the thing that apparently i transferred to you i don't believe that you gave it to me what what how did it start sore throat yeah but as we discussed on the previous airbus get all of my cold start with a sore throat what is it right now it's it's a it's moved to just stuffiness cns headache a would have a headache if we hadn't taken ibuprofen yeah okay all right but what i'm saying is that i it's not like i'm gonna take credit you haven't been contagious forever you had not been contagious for what i would consider they're like at least a week before i got before my symptoms showed up i mean again i don't know how colds work i've had this three weeks maybe what you had a residual sinus infection which i don't think i could catch a sinus infection catch the initial initial viral cold situation which maybe maybe it was on something maybe you put it on something in for some reason it lives and then i ended up licking something by accident well i had been randomly licking objects and you're in the office well i told christie they you are coming in this year just coming in for this this afternoon not this morning because i apparently gave you a coach he's like wait i'm not seeking give it to me and we sleep together and i didn't give it to my wife and we sleep together a my kids who are most likely especially my i mean if we're gonna if you're gonna get something you're probably gonna get it from me 'cause i mean this this stuff we end up will hurt each other were trapped yeah were yelling at each other right now i think were in there saying raja nichols yeah being fired at you're orifices right now out of mile races were trapped in the same room and mind more more on now because i obviously i share a bed in a in a bedroom with my wife but i have like a i got a special air purifier and they're like constantly catching things we've got a weird one that like we won like they are wives got from ellen remember that yeah we have a weird one from ellen in her office christie jesse went to a taping of allen in it was one of those days they she gave everyone in the audience some weird air purifier and we've got it and it's always on but i do not believe that it works out never been schnitt filters never been changed but jesse always faces away from you and sleeping because there's a distance between the two of you know actionable you know what this is interesting because you know there's 'cause you even crispy shared a very very small like single bit of double double bad but that to me a person of my side that's a single bed that's a twin bed if i get into a double bed with someone i am making full contact with them my leg it could also cause i sleep on my side so i take up a lot of lateral space 'em i do not like to be i'm such a light sleeper i do not like to be touched while sleeping 'cause i will wake up and so but jesse is a deep sleeper and she's also you know like a super cuddle monster into my so she is usually we wake up in i'm on the edge of my bed and she's in my spot like she is move me all the way to the side that's usually how we wake up but also she is she's like you know and i think you've done this you accidentally struck you're while you're at while sleeping by like mcginn moving around on a weekly basis i wake myself up realizing that in flailing my right arm i've either struck her or almost drucker in the thing is is that i am probably if there's a spectrum of light accident avoidance like how much accident avoidance do you have and i don't know if it's just something about being really big and feeling like i got i take up a lot of space i believe that i am on me complete upper end almost off the spectrum of accident avoidance like i hate the actively but my head in the things you sleep like you're mummified i don't step on people's feet like a lot of people just that will be my wife will step on your foot if you if you spend more than four hours worth her she will step on you this is what she i think she's just little in short and so she she feels like she can't do any harm transfers to the bedroom in she's never really clocked me in the face but i have this phobia of her elbowing me are punching me in the nose and so subconsciously i sleep on my side facing away from her you like flinching but now i've got this cold in i have a deviated septum i've given you all kinds of information taken do what you will with my left nostril is much more has a lot more airflow float in my right now when i get sick my right nostril is almost useless so but in order to lay on my if i when you when you lay on one side and then the drain his goes down in one of the nostrils opens up when you're sick yeah that's facing her 'cause i sleep on the right side of the bed so now i am completely in while i'm sick i'm sleeping on my right side completely exposed i've been thinking about wearing like a hockey mask but i think the hockey mask would work against like the the the airflow slow so i'm really i really don't know what to do basically maybe a catcher's mask catcher's mask let's a lot of air air yeah like a lacrosse helmet or that yeah something like that football helmet would allow but quite a bit of breezes well like kickers helmet the just has just had the old school tigres where it's just one they don't do that anymore if i was a kid and i got a full thing if i was a kicker i'd have the one thing but kickers tackle now kickers gotta tackle gotta do it all it's very competitive this the world's a competitive place now because i dunno because of the internet because of the internet well i it i mean i thought i had to resort to the netti pot i was like oh i'm going back to this day by hand laid on it before i many years ago and then there was the thing where it's like oh don't using netti pot because you get like a brain eating amoeba from the tap and now when you when you buy one got this big warning on the eu's distilled water i don't use distilled water used tap yeah because it's just a guy a hassle apprised of all people that you're using tap rolling it from one nostril boy that feels weird i did it right before i came oh so if i if i start go going cross eyed you know i gotta be amoeba just be ready for it i the reason i so i do have distilled water and i had a move that something come out when you did it you just the little not not not a lot of stuff i love it i mean i had the full blown sinus infection i had colors coming out of my nose the i dunno you could paint a mural with brown stuff coming up i mean they were bright red action oh well that's that's blood yeah was bleeding and then there was i don't wanna talk about this anymore like sometimes i put more spinach my breakfast smoothie and it goes a little greener in its you need his hip around i don't think i don't think spinach you know i think chloroform or whatever it is that makes a little green action makes its way into you're not but i i used the tap water because those instances of the people getting the brain eating amoeba is like it's so unlikely that's ot a jogger distilled water no you you know what you should use it is mine jug homey it also depends on your water supply we let the same water supply no no i but i don't think i i think the most of those instances have i don't think any of them have been in southern california also i have a filtration system built in my house in europe listen that him and i have a youth v light that would listen to other u v ball this this is the previous homeowner they installed all this and i just and i'm just making you got central backing a yes but we took that out don't need that it was very old and non functioning yeah the the guy who is the family who had this house before was all they're all about the central back the yeah well you know it gives dated but listen about that netti pot if you've never used one let me tell you you throw that thing on one nostril and then you start leaning to the side in first of all if you try to follow the instructions on the back the thing it's like this weird stuff like rotate you're shin but don't move you're chin out beyond the netti pot is doesn't make you know it's intuitive just do it until it feels right do until it feels right but if it feels wrong you could feel very wrong in even when it feels right it feels wrong because you're filling up that until you give you my recommendation is to watch a youtube video but but i mean what's the worst that can happen inside the brain eating amoeba the first time you're doing water going down your throat you feel you're you feel like you might be drowning yourself the first time you do yeah then after that it once you adjust and get the angles right 'cause i i made my 'em i made lock to shepherd wouldn't do it made him do it in grabbed him by head full here and just seven netti pot in his nostrils they just he just tell me this has like dude you gotta get where you gotta get where you could be in control of this and it's weird it's a weird feeling it's not the feeling goes away it's just the you learn to expect but i mean the first time you do it ended up in many years so it was very fresh to me it was like i felt like i was filling up my whole brain cavity with salt water because he makes sense that salt water solutions nothing's coming out the other side i'm like and it's just half the pots going up my nose those nothing coming out and i'm like where's this going to block my ear you're blocked in i started hearing a weird thing in my ear it sorted burn a little bit but it felt like it's all connected felt like my eyes will go like flowed out in it it's just yeah you feel like you're drowning yourself nostra's all that happened to me when i'm super stuff is it just i feel like trying to go into the other side and then just going down the back of my throat and become my mouth so it's like pushing up against all the stuff that's in there but it can't get through but if a glock comes out that is that that satisfied that's what you want i think i became dependent on it last time i got sick there there are people who are doing it morning middle middle of the day and night they got a new one this power have you seen the commercial for the one day you you don't even bender you don't bend sideways you just put you put it on your face in it powers the water in one side in this out the other side not necessary it literally takes it out and puts it into like a reservoir she just like it's like putting on a mass while you drink it later could save it and you could see the blood you can see all the nasty things and know exactly what happened instead of having a look in the sink oh gosh it's a weird feeling we're talking about getting your whole head filled up sailing solution anyway feel like i'm still gotta shake it out i hope i don't have hope what happened to you doesn't happen to me i am i don't think you could take it i'm doing the netti pot a head of time so that i don't wait until i get the sinus infections do the night by however some people say that the netti pot ashley contributes sinus infections because it gets rid of the mucus in the mucus is what's doing the job just don't mess with the lead at don't try to treat it just let it but it just makes me feel good okay in just a living on the edge living right on the edge of a brain eating amoeba makes me feel alive everytime i wake up the next day after doing doing the netti pot unlike another day and made it sound like an anti vaxxers and the other day i made it i know i'm not right about this i'm glad i made another day shutdown seem right about it shut up all the anti vaxxers listening i'm you're you're out there we know you're out there way out there just builds a big fan a okay so we're gonna answer were gonna answer some questions that you asked us but 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that 'em so will do the home question second yeah we're gonna start with a question comes from my wife a really yeah my wife has a a rather a vibrant twitter account really loss angeles a little slow down on you know speaking of seeing las angeles plus is home she decided to call her you get lost angeles link you get you get it yes ma'am 'em but she did she didn't respond to us by asking the question this is just something she tweeted you're common deering for our conversation which is fine but i don't want to insinuate the cheese shamelessly responding to our prop she did ask me this question is well though i mean so technically i feel i feel fine about common during it you may have seen a while back you is already a couple of weeks more recording this but barbra streisand she had a dog named samantha that was like a poodle kind of looks like barbara but harrier barber you're yeah not kind of looks like partly incidentally barbara is my dog is not named after barbra streisand she's named after barbara mandrell but 'em barbra streisand has cloned her dog at least three times because three of them are currently alive and she posted this picture you may have seen it where she took the three clone dogs to the grave site of the original dog and they were in the they don't family photo did a family photo she put the three dogs on top of the grave okay in as you might guess they all look the same and then there's a picture of the original dog the identical yet you original dog has a picture like a color picture of itself on the grave so you got basically for identical dogs in the picture which costs more a full color rendering gravestone of a dog or a clone dog i think a clone dog considering that she claims that paid fifty thousand dollars for it had been done orlando the news claims that's what it was in just a few years ago it was a hundred thousand dollars and get it done that's getting cheaper prices coming down get a in so by by by jesse now have seriously discuss the question before and i'm really surprised that as attached as you are jade and how 'perfect you think she is why you haven't talked about this now i'm not gonna put her question is happy sunday is cloning you're dog sweeter creepy she she made a poll she made a poll over eleven hundred people responded to my wife's poll the two the two options where the sweetest with some dog and harden when's the last time she responded to europe poll well now i'm sick at least 'em in any other option was that mess is creepy seventy six percent of people as you might guess at that messes creepy twenty four percent said the sweetest well i mean once she set up the whole barbra streisand does a photo shoot at the graveyard with three dogs dancing on their you know their forefather for mother that obviously seems creepy well yeah but so let's is a national detach from that let's forget that we know about that and let's try that analyzes question fresh now a the one hundred and ninety ninth episode so a couple of back i mean we did we had a truncated conversation about are dogs and what we would do if they died monday so thank you for for your feedback being part of that conversation hashtag you're biscuit but we didn't we didn't talk about at least in my recollection we didn't talk about cloning of dog says option not in that i think we may have thought about it at some point but not in that episode gives me pause i mean i think about it 'cause like jade i wonder if the personality would be exactly the same i mean it's genetics plus environment environment would be exactly the same so i guess so i mean i'm sure there's there's mutations it takes place anytime there's a clone i might do it just to find out that just to see if if it's it let's just assume that the prices reasonable i'm not gonna pay fifty thousand dollars have this done but by the time barbers in the market for cloning maybe it'll be twentyfive maybe it'll be ten in would you pay ten thousand dollars to save jade's life like if there is a lifestyle life altering lot equal pay thousands of dollars if their dog gets in trouble trouble now we adopted are dog so we don't pay anything for a while but likely they do still charge while they today charging adoption fee a donation fee stuff going a but i mean a couple of hundred bucks whatever but if you had like okay jade has this life threatening condition you have to get surgery i i assume that you pay thousands of dollars for that surgery be done i do that for barbara i mean i i'm in a position financially they were i can't afford it doing it's not irresponsible decision that helps me make the that makes a decision easier if you're all of a sudden gonna be choosing between feeding your children are saving your dog that point okay it's a different story i mean another factor is if i mean we were talking about the surgery like water the chances of success versus the quality of life afterward 'cause we talked about before an how old is jade at the time versus their life yeah of course although things 'em how man i i mean i would like in the overlap idea which i've i've since pulled back from but now i'm going back in with overlapping within identical but that's i would not be ten grand street was fifty fifty right now i wouldn't pay ten okay i mean all right let's take finance is off the table is it creepy or not it's free you could do it for free of course it's creepy because cloning is creepy and if we don't have a slightly creeped out response the coning they were probably not in touch with ourselves it's weird right it's weird to be able to clone something or someone 'em scott nitra but the process is not that unlike twins you know genetically which twins are creepy on their own i do admit that definitely but a i think i would do it the the main reason i wouldn't do it the main reason i would not clone barbara a is because of the judgment that i would receive and i just feel like i'd have to defend myself and i don't really have a defense of them i just really liked barbara yeah i don't think i don't know what i'm gonna get next time i get a dog i think it should be secret but if it got out it should be on judged but there is also the sort of the lottery a highest jade living so long well she's she's seventy five and he's amazing i've been telling you but i do like the idea first of all okay i see a puppy again maybe here's a reason not declaring the dog from from an ethical standpoint because dogs need to be adopted right so by climbing a dog you're bringing another dog into the world as opposed to adopting another dog so i could adopt another dog and he's a home next time just like we did with barbara yeah it is a i and i think so so there's a reason to not do something to pair with that which is it is a relationship i mean are dogs are family members their dog family members but they are family members in it's so it's a relationship the than with a new you just don't wanna have you don't wanna fabricate just for your convenience a relationship with with a clone it just seems like you're just trying to care perpetuate something that in deny something that is a part of life which is death an an opportunity to forge a new relationship with all of its challenges a enjoys i mean it's yeah boarded the new dog's bitch figuratively then yeah that yeah that's that's the risk you know like we we got somebody working on her house it's right now the contractor who of course bobber loves because he is a person in the way he described her the other day this this maybe we're just have a relationship with the contractor in this way but he was talking about barbecue is like she is pure love she's she's pure love like that's what barbara barbara is just like again you're not gonna get more pure love out of another dog so that is that that the the risk is i feel like a is a guarantee that was with your neck dog you're not gonna won't get that much love right and so i mean i'm just like okay well this is such a good thing we got such a good thing going and willing to take people's you know it feels weird ways glances at me but it's not like she's gonna wear a doggy shirt that says i'm a clone nazi original that would be funny though i mean what about what about corning people yeah let's let's corner wives if they if they pass untimely i mean i think that's why it's so weird it's like you'd never do that you never do that to a human unnatural there's other reasons why we wouldn't corner was because they would be a baby yes he's gotta what that's what i was trying to tell you about is gonna be awkward for quite some time that's why i was trying to tell you about twilight that i didn't get to what is it that wolf guy he he made a connection with the baby and then waiting for the grow old and then they became they hooked up that that's creepy with the the the vampires girl baby but okay don't think of it in the context of a relationship as much in twilight i go back to it that's creepy creepy but let's just say there's a okay there's a great mind like a person who does incredible things right i dunno name someone who we consider to be incredible that does incredible thing that ryan's toy review okay exactly somebody who has just impacted culture for the better were like well when ryan from ryan's toy review dies what do we do we need we need him and get an end when he's a baby it's like you don't have to wait long for him do his thing again that's right i like within three years basic instant gratification almost firm a clone there'll be the channel would be dark for just a couple of years right you for that time you could do videos that are just like retrospective like this is what you're gonna get don't forget toddler toys negative they start much earlier they may put him as a newborn newborn toys are there channels where parents just get their newborns the review products just throw a rattle in the cage and see what happens whether should be should be i mean i think you could exploit you're child throw a very early age if you want to did i answer you're cool i don't think you have to wait until they're five 'em without ryan's toy review thought experiment did we reach a conclusion i well first of all can human cloning be done i don't think human cloning can be done as effectively in reliably or is it just is it just unethical at this point but could they look they really do it in like they wouldn't be screwed up in some weird way like what where's the science of cloning these days a there was the there is experiment i think it wasn't china and a few months back where they were doing genetic mutations for medical purposes but it wasn't creating a clone using crisper on people were gene edited kid gene editing kids and there wasn't that happening there's genetic side effects you you know you you try to try to get rid of this one thing but then other things pop up well okay so what if they could create a clone for you that didn't have a head of a dog knows of yourself okay they're like okay were growing this clone of you that doesn't have a head in were gonna harvest the organs if as needed you need heart well we got you're hard over here ethical in this baby in this space he visited you're gonna get a baby heart yet the wave of the baby get old enough the headless babies gotta grow up reviews and i haven't really rattled i have a few spent a lotta time standing about the ethics the of this but it does sound like a can of worms that we probably don't want open we don't need more people we've got too many we don't need a clone all orange cones by the way it that is true isn't it are they sexual they all look the same worms sexually i'm sure some some worms are a i i would just messing with you let's ask the next question 'em jennifer horn asks how do you know when a new place you moved to finally get that feeling of home quote in quotes one of the types of things you experience that make it a home a you both had moved far from north carolina which you have many fond memories of but do you still consider you're one true home or do you get the same feelings about californian now as you did with north kevin line just as a side note i found myself watching our 'em mythical road trip videos i i can't remember exactly i think in preparation for vid con in a potential bit about being on you to for over a decade 'cause that's how long vic has been going on to ten years in the tenth year 'em i ended up going on a rabbit trail of her own videos after looking at other people's but i watched i if you don't know are mythical road trip when we moved out the lapd 'em we had fan meet ups at rest stops all across america america and we documented the whole thing and we made all types of videos some on the rent link channel some on what ultimately became the good mythical morning channel who's just are second block channel at the time but we captured conversations about are expect expectations of moving the lapd unlike are hopes and fears were kind of peppered in the story of like meeting mythical beast and seen parts of the country having never driven across the country mhm who's a sweet time in our friendship brett i'm glad we documented that end some people commented i'm glad i found this is edited really well we didn't edit chris mckay loaded shout out to him but anyway 'em brought back memories of that moment when we're yeah it was a big deal the finally approved both of are families throw all of our possessions actually we we through all the positions that we needed for moving to furnish department so we shared a u haul and then we told my mini van mhm and then you and i drove out in are families flew out once we got to las angeles but 'em i mean that was a huge milestone in yeah as we did discuss in a number of those videos just didn't know we you know we were coming out the make commercial kings four i fc not knowing if it would last more than a season and it didn't and anyway a if you wanna watch those you can still out there that's what i nitra but but i think that i know that i was probably more than they need all four of the four of us probably more than anyone i i was of a mind that were not going back like were going out there i don't care how this goes were staying you know what i'm saying like that my mentality was were gonna go out there and even a commercial kings doesn't work we're gonna we're gonna do something reduced we we need to make it happen out there i would just kind of committed to it i think jesse was in a different way committed to that happening a not hey this is where you're career is gonna take off but more i'm just ready for something new you ready for a change we living in the house that was across the street from the house that she came home from the hospital it really you know what i'm saying like it like her parents house was across the street from her house and she went from living with their parents to being in college for just a couple of years until we got married a and we were in chapel hill but then quickly got back down if you say so i think she would just ready for a change that's their personality so but now i think there's a bit more trepidation on the near side associated with unknowns of uprooting a are entire family moving i'm out there i mean land lando was in a crib you ever it was too i was talking him about this other day i was like you don't really like you're you're whole life has been in california lando doesn't even more so what lando is like a year he remember he remembers i maybe not i don't think lando remember anything because shepherd was to end he doesn't remember any no right very very sketchy stuff but there is good lower then they would go back we will go back like we were out every six months then we went back for a few weeks before we came back out again get the rest of our stuff but i you know i would say that where it stands now a we moved in twenty eleven it's twenty nineteen so we just passed or eighth year were in the so were inter ninth year being here interestingly were were were a when you listen to this will will will be i think will be about to go back we're gonna go back to to boost creek to create something that you'll find out about later but will smith now you will spend some time a it'll be it's gonna be related to the book a really great because you know bleak reeks based on where we treat loosely tight more tightly in some ways than others but we're gonna go back not just to where we we last lead but you are home where we grew up and whenever i get to north carolina especially when you go during the summer and you're immediately hit with this blanket of damp mcgee air i don't think i'll ever lose they sensation that i am home that i'm like really really like this is home this is where i grew up this is where i this is where it became a man and the roots man you tap into the roots it's like it's like getting back on a bicycle you just you just kinda it just feels right and i don't think they'll ever be a time where i'm driving around loss angeles or hiking in one of these you know very desert he landscapes around town when you go into nature where i don't feel a little bit like a visitor and i just don't think i'll ever get over that because if you if you moved around a bunch of different places drawing up which we didn't we basically invoice creek for are entire adolescence i don't think you can lose that so in my deepest core i definitely still considered north carolina home and i still feel like a visitor here and i don't think that i can overcome that but i have different feelings just on a in a general way i i get into that after we hear your perspective well i i agree one hundred percent relate to tapping back into the the to my roots when i go back home like like i said it is going back home this is this is where i'm from this is where my people still are you know family old friends land marks you know you you you you leave the airport and you drive back home when i got grandparents still living in the same place they've always been in i got mom you know in in the same county that we all we that when when we when i grew up with saint place you know so it's like you travel those seem roads and you access all of those memories and nothing's gonna ever take that away and nothing's gonna ever replace that but i do consider in a different upfront inflection of the word home maybe slightly different definition but i do have a feeling that a loss angeles is my home now it is legitimately home for for me and i think the question is what how long did it take to get to that point i think a lot of it has to do is you know my kids absolutely consider this place whole you know this is the place where they built all all of those memories in you know lincoln is hard pressed at you know at fourteen to have a ton of memories back in north carolina lando has none in so lily who had to make more of a transition but i mean it was she was still young enough that it wasn't that big of a deal i mean she had a she had a best friend she still in contact with she has like a bass north carolina friends and lizzy who is in the pit my stroller video yeah she probably had the funniest voice over whether it's you know who's the site you know suddenly for voiceovers but anyway i think are kids considering this home goes a long way towards me considering home 'cause we were making are lived here in everyday is more memories that you're you know you're putting your roots down but i also think it has to do with settling in physically to a house that you know when we first moved out that first six months we were living in los feeless which is super cool in my opinion neighborhood 'em got these hills where i think katy perry lives up there in those in the hills and then you go down to the to the shops and you got the super hey let's go let's go a little d'armes let's go little tom's and get some give us some a talion food in but we stayed in this furnished apartment we knew we knew nothing about where we should be had no it was no was not decorated in very cold the way it was decorated like super modern gray be under lit like it was a you know it just wasn't how i want things to be like a bright why would look i would go in the bathroom mirror antique per right environment i couldn't see myself and a free meter yeah i had the by a mirror with the with the ida by a vanity mirror like one of those makeup mirrors in order to be able to see my face in my own bathroom it just didn't you know me i really like thinks it'd be like i'm gonna be so that was really that wasn't home i mean it was the furnish department let me go back and get are stuff we come back out we moved into a house we had a yard but i didn't really know anybody in the neighborhood in a couple of neighbors that we met it was kinda like i feel like you don't like me where there the weird vibe in the place where we were gonna end we were it was from a financial standpoint things there's tenuous for on a number of years there as we're moving into like pain painful amount of rent at these place if you are in the greater los angeles area which is a family a you better you better get it together very quickly yeah because you will be run out of town down a just because it's so expensive relive here yeah so there is there is definitely a year or two there was like i don't know if this is sustainable the furnished apartment that we rented cost over three times my mortgage back in few a few it cost over because seven times my mortgage i think you're just bad at math dude no i i bought my house much later in my house is back homeless yeah i i i got i got a really good deal on my on my house but yeah the rent for an apartment that was smaller than the house that i own but it was furnished seven times my mortgage yeah that's painful it never rent i mean i think you know we're fortunate enough to purchase homes in i think psychologically yet you really put in you roots down when you're like saying i'm buying this place place and 'em yeah it's naturally rat now so i you know i think that you would with your personality like getting getting everything the way that you want it yeah is a big part of your personality malady less of mine so i don't like when i thought about this question i didn't think it all about physical home physical homes and where were at and being and where we were before and where we're at now it was much more just the the vibe that i get from the city in like hey you know what i'm saying like it and i do remember aj 'em a very specific point in actually was pretty early on it definitely wasn't while we were in los feeless after that end a where i'd flown back home and we still say flying home to north carolina that's what we say what we were probably always say that regardless of how long were here but remember arriving back at l e x which is not the most if not the most welcoming airport like when you get the rt you you're like do people actually fly out of here yeah is it shut down because there's not literally a crowd of people that you have to work your way through in a million people honking their horns is soon as you get to where you're gonna get picked up but anyway every time you get the l e x regardless of what time of day regardless of what day of the year circus circus it's absolutely bonkers how much traffic there is but i remember getting back to a l e x in walking out and waiting for a ride home in feeling like i wasn't i wasn't like trying the field as it just hit me i was like i'm home this feels like home because can you can use linked into something i feel like i am now returning to a basically they 'em the momentum has shifted there's a there there is say what do you call it when you get enough tipping point tipping point but you're like there's enough momentum what is that word i'm looking for a nurse show yeah i were not saying the word i dunno i can't remember this point but basically critical mass there's enough critical mass in los angeles and now i think it does have to do with like familiarity in like comfort in so that does have to do with the physical home or whatever but it just felt like the critical mass of where i kind of considered my home to be had moved had come with me on the plane back to a two loss angeles and now i was stepping into this environment that i felt like i knew new understood in could thrive in well i i know what i'm saying i know a couple of specific factors at least for me so try these on for size i mean in general sense of community like actually having friends people like if something goes wrong you're impulses the call somebody who also lives in los angeles to like get help or vice as opposed to calling someone where you use tillis you know i think that's a telltale sign king who do you call in need end and then do you have friends are you making connections are you are you're a kid in you know a partner doing the same thing i think also it's like at the moment you still hungry and you're sitting on your couch couch in places come to mind that you could just get in there are not ibo jingles yeah right you start thinking of plays you know what i'm gonna go and get so and so i'm gonna get a get a sub from this place i'm gonna get a i'm i'm gonna get mediterranean food from this place not the eight other places you know 'cause i've tried all i've got my favorites i know where i'm gonna get the cheeseburger in i'm a goto the pizza place in when i go in there they're the guy's gonna know me by name i mean that's really home right when the pizza guy knows you i think another point is we went to the pizza place they were closing any said oh and we're like i'm sorry you're closing and then he's like you know what place your order all delivered to your house and he knew he was he knows where houses yeah that's a good side yeah i i'm home baby when when i can almost telepathically order pizza i'm home in trust me i think that's probably christie's verse measure of home is do i know my pizza guy i think being that navigating years for her to being being able to navigate the landscape and not need gps gps i think is now if you're living any city you're probably always have you're gps on because you never know when you're gonna run into like variables traffic accidents in stuff like that but but you won't get lost if you're phone dies yet 'cause they're l a's huge an i i remember you know we used to come out here before we were doing commercial kings we would come out here of course we did that amazing hit show and the cw in two thousand seven call it online nation so good it got cancelled after four episodes 'em but we would come out to work on that and then they come out and pitch other things we were trying to make things happen here in we would stay at the beverly garland hotel on a vine what is that on a violent violent i just past it the other night where you're on ventura 'cause we went to eat with some people in studio city were on ventura took a left on vineland in you know you go past that little shopping center they had the city walk that we would walk to the city walk down from the beverly garland yeah are world was that block rock that block and then if we were to drive it was we take the one oh one through the mountains down to somewhere in hollywood to do something have a meeting maybe go all the way the beverly hills yeah so that was that was it in that's just just very small sliver of loss angeles and then once you kinda like oh i can draw the the for me i know this is like jesse couldn't do this because she doesn't she i in noy her to the point that i try to understand the geography fee in my mind yeah a but for me that was a big point like 'cause then north carolina like we were when we were in north carolina least up until the end like there was we were new gps like you didn't know you did new gps anywhere so you could get everywhere you need it go by just you just knew the environment and you kind of always knew where you were so when that happened to me in los angeles is starting to feel like home in that was a big moment you know in britain and been liberated us for half a year he's traveling a lot with e you opportunities that he has for making music but i mean our our home is this home base but a i don't think i'm going on a limb here and say like he doesn't consider loss angeles home after six months me also living with you living in my living a very small yeah area in a you know we ask him i'll ask him so what you know where'd you go today and he's like i got leonard jack in the box and then like the next day i'm like what would you would you go today's like i went back to jack in britain they there's other places besides jack in the box you should shoot you know you gotta branch out so he's starting to do that but he also pointed out a there's a lot of different menu items a jacket about it it's like seven restaurants in one they got eggrolls frigging jack and yet they got tacos it's it's crazy it's crazy he can't be boxed in by jack is out of the box man he is out of the box and blackout on about missed an opportunity there for the name but you know it's it takes time and you gotta meet people and you gotta you can't eat at the jack in the box if you're gonna make it if you're gonna if you're gonna make this house a home yeah eggrolls on bad there though i'm a fan but i might be only one in my family that's fan i don't need to be yeah i don't need i don't need any fast food on a regular basis so it's by all right a let's move on so so we both think we both feel like his home oh yeah a in a lot of people ask do you ever think you're gonna go back to north carolina in there is no like default okay when we've done are time here in los angeles yes the default is is that were gonna go back north carolina at this point there there is no there's nothing like that in play it's like this is where we're at this is where labs have been establishes where like links at a kid's life had been established so i don't see that happening but yeah who knows what will happen m i love north carolina i love living here in i don't i miss things about it but i don't miss living there given the the home that we made here very happy i agree russell alert avenue what's your favorite song to sing in the shower favorite song to sing in the shower i listen i don't sing in the shower because i got i got too much on my mind every single thing that i'm doing perfectly which i've spoken about at links and under are forming episode of good mythical morning i haven't thought about that you're routine is so detailed the you don't have time for singing listen if you watch that it's like britain except the part about pain on your feet it stopped snorting in the microphone teams on day you're knows away dude i did a second ago but then that one which is out of nowhere instead of doing right into the microphone so yeah don't have a filter that might sound like you gotta fill hakim deliver that right oh yeah hey sunday that thing okay turn away from the mike smith britain sautes on day in a jack in the box online he did seem somewhere he came home and he told me he's like chocolate rank as yet hey man he's still around still in there like coming home yeah well i say before you snorted all over myself oh except opinion on the feet part which i would suggest that you do in the shower pretty much everything else that i talked about in that episode i legitimately do in every time i take a shower there is a the majority of my brain power is directed towards a just what's the verb i'm looking for doing i'll just say doing my sister i understand why are just like here's the thing though leisure fleecing style fan that's the sad fact i think we have we have pinpointed the weakness in your system and i think this is a metaphor in or an allegory for many different areas of life i don't wanna i don't wanna have a deep introspection i don't wanna know if you're to committed to the cells in the movie if you're committed to the system you can't stop and enjoy other thing you might be right but i'm not gonna cause singing in the shower which i definitely do because as everyone knows who sticks it makes you sound a lot better than you actually sound 'em there's just some i i've done since i was a kid now i will say that i have a window and my shower and i look out at the beautiful i got a beautiful view while i'm negative washing i'm looking out the window and i'm i'm affirming myself and i'm doing healthy things thanks affirming yourself yeah remember we were there yeah i didn't listen to a lot of what you said about just kind of a prop up at a fair a that would leave me episode you'd glazed over here's the thing so so you sing in the shower now as well as throughout your entire life and i wouldn't say it say i would say it's like a thirty percent of the time that's that seems like a lot to me for a grown ass man what's the last thing you sing in the shower well the only thing i love about this question from russell is that i have a song that i only sing in the shower and i would not have been able to tell you that until somebody asked me i'm shocked i would have bet i would have bet v mt the clone of barbra stri saying dog that you would not sing in the shower why would i not sing in the shower it just seems so vulnerable like people can hear you man like i dunno i got miss lots of misconceptions about me man i think that you're perpetuating these misconceptions no i i'm a very vulnerable person i know i it's a it's a specific on average i'm not seeing that you're not vulnerable i'm saying it's a specific i don't know it's like we both have a level of self awareness that i think would prevent i'm put myself in this boat but i'm in a shower in my own home i'd it's not being broadcast but like if to the neighborhood if crazy walking in and out of the bathroom i dunno something on a psychological love i'd be like it's kind of ridiculous and i'm singing sometimes i will sing in the shower and jesse will join me from outside of the shower and we will sing songs to gather disney movie i'm just telling you that's the way it goes down in the michael often bathroom you know what that's beautiful just sing songs in the bathroom like try to harmonize with each other it's not an uncommon thing it's not like it's not like a half of the time but it's it's not unusual i'm urging all right let me i maybe this a turnover lee from me 'cause i'm 'cause you seem like they had a person who wouldn't want to sing in the shower but you've gotten in your own way that's probably true you need at least go song i don't even know if i'm gonna say the right a in the name of the song but it's by dopey gray what he's talking about is not give me the beach boys made the leap well no it's i think it's cold again not that you have some that song in the shower but that's not it is a loving arms song i don't see if you could see men now the one who say that he rather roam the one who say he'd rather be alone if you could only see men oh oh i've been too long in i in the win too long in the rain jacob in it come foods that are cam looking back at longing for the freedom mock change from matching funds in lyon in you'll love in a game i do not know you don't know how long know it you don't know that that'd be great song is one of the best man then it must have felt so good in the shower better in the shower well i've got a cold sound bad but i would hope it sounds better in the shower in your living on the guy now that's my shower song in in high school i would sing at the top of my lungs in the shower i've lost that part of myself and he'd get it back i would think clint black i think clint black in the shower 'cause we were both going through like a clint black fate yeah i'm seeing a lot of clint black lately i've been singing diamond rio in the shower because i started listening to diamond rio that's good i saw pick apart i start walking near when you start walking mine i would sing the sad clint black songs maybe it took for granny it you'd be around to pick me up on my way down here i can't sing the low in the shower i could yeah 'em you know just killing time in the shower just kidding ellen time and i would get out of the shower in my mom we are house was so small you be anywhere near you hear me in the shower and my mom would say you sound good you sound so good in the shower sounds so good i love it when you sing in the shower you've let go of that man's late going left that back in north carolina you gotta bring it a california is it makes it more home maybe i need to move back no i think he just starts singing in the shower shower bars and seeing so all i wanna do one more quick very quick one i know you gotta you gotta racking effect but 'em ten brand asks what is the correct answer to what's up this made me laugh what's up because i thought about are college roommate greg egg deliberately you would say nothing well i i think normal responses to this are nothing nothing much what i tell you you are you are you using what's up what's up you could say what's up back to somebody you could throw it right back adam although it would be but literally every time in greg wasn't being funny when he did it was funny but he wasn't trying to be funny like right when we first started we one of the first things we noticed about greg when we first met did you ask you say what's up greg greg says good good he would say it like that what's up greg good good good anywhere any had this like it's like it was like this carefree kinda bop to it like his head would buy in his bottom lip become a i mean he was good man deport the upper lip and is in kind of a smirk good yeah he he he was under the impression that he was under the influence that none of that type of joy man he was under the impression that this is lee correct response to what's up and i don't know if we ever talks about it i don't i don't know one hundred percent that he didn't do it for effect but he never we never discussed there were a lot of things about greg that we we didn't wanna pull back the curtain you know you just let it be great yeah it's like it's better to just take it at face value you just like whenever we talk about studying he'd say man you know what you know you don't learn anything yeah that sounds like a sound reasoning foundation to not do my homework i think i know for that i mean i've got many tweets from people who say they're employing greg's philosophy like they're like i know what you know i sat down this studying and then i just remember what greg said i don't think that's great advice if you're goal is to make good grades if you're going to enjoy yourself while you're in school and not really used the degree that you're getting a then that's good advice i'm not using my engineering degree so it worked for me we did a written linked cast and we had greg call in and we had a discussion with greg i don't know if that one's been posted to the mythical society i don't believe it has but i do remember remember that happening okay that's all the questions we we we greg with three geez man took some time on a all those questions will get some more questions next time we do an episode like this wreck wreck baby one two three four wreck wreck baby one two maybe maybe at one i forgot ahead give wrexham like traveling racking my brain 'em i was coming home i was gonna leave for work yesterday in chrissy sent me a text she was like we got this we've got a teenager party happening over here a little had a bunch of friends over and you were trying to be that house where the friends come over and hang out 'cause we think that we could we could be in the mix you you know we kind of know we have a pulse on what's happening in the fringe group but i like you could have your finger on the pulse i don't think you get the have the colts right right yeah yeah i were not christie tells me keep my distance not bop get get in there and be cool dad stay on the fringe right or be the guy who picks up stuff that they need and they want it to roast marshmallows on are are are firepit like you know what we need any get these he's an so i went to the ari i and i'm recommending that you go to the aria i ain't get they got these fancy a skewers i i love it when someone has thought about everything associated with something that you know you could just get a a dumb metal version the pokey rye out where it's like fully retractable it's like a pointer uber tracks in and out well how much is this a thirteen dollars piece you get to of how many do you buy for this group of twenty kids overture house well you know me well i got four of them i got two packs which is four total and i told literally hours to afford a time and you're sitting around watching each other ways the party man that's part of it you should have gotten enough scares people packed into you're firepit which i think twelve people could be fired but i totally should like i think you when i brought him home is i think you should i would like bragging about look when i got there retractable they got four coming in and look you can hold the handle and rotate you're thumb and it will twist the entire thing for 'perfect marshmallow roasting but windy for that i've got i would recommend that you choose you don't even get if your own family testing you don't even get enough of the neal's they're expensive man i love you twelve dollars this is what you gotta do and you're families roasting marshmallows hooghly one now i'm a everybody doesn't need a row someone's ones on like graham cracker duty somebody zone chocolate duty somebody then assembler in some in some people arrested make everybody do all there's more some people are better roasters and others and if you give everybody roasters eyes are gonna be poked out my my all marshmallows they're gonna be burnt one person going to the emergency room as part of you're first camping trip it just it's it's a right of passage i found an awesome thing and i i ain't by too many so you're you're recommended this but it has pretty pretty is except i just i'll add a wreck tiller wreck i think she'd get one per family member then i if i did there to impacts i would have won actress that's wasteful give it a j for ice backup perwin breaks they sound like they got a lot of moving parts on the designated roaster well they know you need one two hands to backups so there is this a an official ari i brand thing where you can get it at r e a m you just get it at all right yeah you can't get it at the grocery store which is where i was gonna go until jenna told me the good ralph's this is jen is wreck rats are area housing ralph's but you got you recommended did you get the marshmallow giraffes where did you get marshmallow

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