THE WRONG MISSY - Double Toasted Audio Review


I've only watched one of Adam. Sandler's productions happy Madison productions on Netflix. Which one this one fairly? There's some new gang out there and everybody blinds already looking for which way them there Ridiculous six road off fun now. Yeah I remember thinking it's Adam Sandler doodle western. It might be different. Why why would you think well? What exactly Marin. Because I'm stupid. That's why apparently I'm just gullible as fuck man. I don't know why I thought this thing would be. And I didn't to be honest with fact at the time there were a few people at Goodwin and girls trying to get me to watch. This and I was like doesn't tell you everything like I really don't WanNa do this. Please don't make me do. Don't they just beat it until me? I just find wash. It sounds like why the fuck did I think that this anything different? Why I I blame myself because I should have known an answer that I said I'm doing right now. It's like the mafia you ain't never done laws you talking about movies. You Ain't ever done with me. You Ain't GonNa always be there. His movies though to popular man this so popular on Netflix that they've been extended for four more movies for two hundred seventy five million dollars. Jesus Christ these things premier man ridiculous six and one of the most. Watch things on Netflix. At the time all these things premiere in I murder murder murder mystery man. Murder Mystery. That thing was the most watched movies on Netflix. Two weeks. Should we pull it up now? It's a foot long. He's a detective. Depends Adam Sandler. Detective Adam Sandler. Oh Yes Casey navigate. Some people I like I hate man. There's an audience for them. Apparently Netflix they pay a lot of money and apparently that money recouped well enough to where they can give him more money for more films. Alright even watch this man murder mystery to this day. I still some of it because I was like all right. I've watched about three or four days and people seem to be loving this one so let me give it a shot and it's like nope got tricked and the movie so lazy. They couldn't even they couldn't even think of a creative title murderers Genre Zara Category. If you go what am I in the mood for? And something's title murder mystery got deed. Murder Mystery Flew Adam. Sandlers in this uncut gyms gives awesome and and by the time number is already ranked Netflix's counter already gave us. You're ready gave it some Some attention and that's all the looking for because Netflix. Look they look if you just a just click on for like two seconds. Shit I I even think they count you. Look at the poster. Girl isn't a carousel. And it's on there and it starts playing just a little so you view. Just look at the carousel trailer. So I said man you know I. I can't deal with this I've been I've been fine so far. I only talk about this. I mean good of course took a woman bring my as back the wrong missy in this story of this is typical Adam Sandler shit man. In this story of the average guy that meets a model out of the blue at the airport breath average guy who wouldn't should he wouldn't even meet. Meet the chick that they got in the movie who is supposed to be like the crazy. But this is Adam Sandler world where you know average guys they just meet suit supermodels and then in beauty queen pageants and a winners out of the blue. He meets a girl at the airport. Melissa missy for short and they almost look up an agenda laws at the airport and it looks like he's found his dream girl man but causes Adam Sandler world there's a there's always a whack. A wacky mixup. Always something crazy to throw everything off and here that that that wacky mix up is due to a previous date that David spade. Who Plays Tim here? He had a craze as bitch that he dated just one night at a restaurant. But somehow and Adam Sandler world. There's this mix up with end up spending a vacation in Hawaii together. How well you just have to watch the movie like we did. And I'll tell you what it sounds like. It sounds like typical Adam Sandler hidings. It really does the funny thing here. Is that Adam? Sandler is nowhere to be found in this at all. Thankfully Adam Sandler. He's out there trying to be a serious actor at the trying to get awards. He ain't got top for this shit. Oh he'll be back. He didn't get to heat award. People said if I don't win that Oscar. I'M GONNA come back with a movie so bad that you will be sure to nominate me next time you I'll win. Best director aren't even direction. I'll take I'll sweep the Oscars for have for the categories. I wouldn't even in but for right. Now he's nowhere to be found in his movie and as Martin Said Thankfully. Hey that could be a good thing as you said you know. can actually make the movie better now maybe he moved on and left it to more qualified writers and to produce. Us get carried away. But let's take a look at the trailer for the wrong missy. Which came out with like this last Friday? Take a look at that. Let's see it does actually does make for a better movie without Adam Sandler right after this our guys this has turned out to be the best on the tied with a guy in a really long time. He to me too with a girl. You're Miss Right. Was Miss Maryland. You got to bring her to Hawaii. Did can't bring on a corporate. Retreat has no brainer texture. Now she starts. Yes aloha motherfucker. I got this girl meeting me here. And she's amazing. Think missy. What are you doing that texts from? You wonder so huge. You'll be like crazy blind date nothing you could ever do a disappointment. I love this throws texting my dream girl. Texting that crazy girl. The best we can was quoted me watching this movie. Jesus Christ man. He is funny. Because I'm making a joke but I had exact look watching. His film said exact same thing several times. God Damn got a lot of great things planned for this company retreat and I look forward to getting to know your better half may have gone a little overboard and Brag about you. You're obsessed with me. We'RE GONNA end up marrying or I'M GONNA end up dead intervene somewhere. Let down for either. Keep things calm very collected. Go out to an island and just chill like if there's one nearby or far short let's go. Yeah goes right in your mom go? He is not who I thought she was. She's free I'm crazy to really. I'm not letting these young. He's a lie jam back a listener when I when I said that Adam Sandler was nowhere to be found in this movie. I'm minute man the closest that you get to see Adam Sandler is a that. God Damn a happy Madison Logo. Well there's another part of Adam Sandler here. Was there the Hawaiian vacation? No I'll get into that. Yeah I knew that but yeah people closest that you get to Adam Sandler that Goddamn golf ball and had bugging old. That comes at the end of this data. Is it man but as far as this movie goes his name even credits anywhere like I? I waited too. Should I wait to see if he catered this something? Like he's nowhere this a movie so bad he even he don't want to have something to do with it even if it's under his production company so I'm looking at and I'm thinking you know. Wow he didn't have anything to do with this. He's doing his own thing but God dammit he left the groundwork for it was almost like he left a style guide. Our guidebook blueprint with the instruction the instructions on how to make this shitty. That's great yes style. Follow this. You must follow everything that's outlined in red like it's all line and I'm GonNa make good movies. Meanwhile I'm GonNa lead the Shitty booby style book. Great here follow this to a T. Follow a t and you will have the number one movie on Netflix. Yep and sure enough yeah you can't blame. There's formula he's like you looked on lawyer by role is right now. I know there's some dumb shit but y'all two hundred seventy five million dollars what they pay for and look you all get off and do these things. We have to make a real movie right what to do shit issue for five days three weeks. S going shoot this movie. Don't lines Improv? Half the shit. Just do dumps shit. They're about to be fine man drinking. Yeah you can drink with shooting show. I encourage it. Yeah oh act talking to crew actors. Yeah y'all can drink. Why not? Yeah man people. This is not enough to be bad. It's almost like while Adam Sandler was gone. The classroom lost fucking mind because this is this goes beyond some of these Adam Sandler movies that I've seen. It's not enough to be bad. This is this is one of those. I gotta put my nails on the chalkboard and just scratch real. Slow movies are so bad. They're just annoying like he's as the moves at a bank. It's kind of laugh at off. This bugs the fuck. Outta me man from the very beginning but these movies they split people man you know most people. Most people hate them. Most people love the man. You know the you know that. Nobody's really in the middle on these movies. Man Yeah these days but I'll tell you what you would know immediately who you are when this movie starts you will know what what category you fall in. Because they waste no time they waste no time telling you how bad this movie is. Man. They give you an out early with this. If you don't like this bitch right here the get the fuck out because you stuck with it for the next hour and a half they fool you though because they have our own maximum early on and then it seems like oh she's out of it. Let's get on with this. You don't notice he's coming back. Taken over the rest of the she came back with. Vengeance SURPRISES DAVID SPAIN. Ryland Tornado when she came back. Yeah if you don't like are you crazy bitch? Ready get the fuck out. Because they don't get any better. It only goes downhill from here. So don't say with Intel you and not talking about the first minute bit started going off talking me. I'm not I'm just talking about. Try to have romantic dinner date. You Aso's interrupted. Kick your fucking restroom real back right after back. Kicking your ass. She's she's dangerous she's a health it. She's crazy I say crazy bitches to be mean cut seriously literally a crazy bitch. She needs to be locked up. She needs help. She needs medication. She'll get people killed if she's not her meds and she's annoying s fun. She grades chief great at my nerves from the very beginning from the moment she could play she say a word she could open up a mother's when. Shit that's much as bothered me. Man on the bright side. Got The gun. You just enjoying your reaction and say try to keep it in. This is fun to watch. Don't make me look like an you're at reactive. How you you are. Which is the whole point of the character? Yeah Man but not point. Where needs to life like this? God Dan you gotTa Keep It in the movie somewhere. GotTa be a split between the between the fucking movie real life. I shouldn't have to have this ship over to my real goddamn blight like I shouldn't be laughing at how knowing she is i. Should you know what I should be like laughing at him? Because he's in there. I'm not supposed to be this motherfucker right here but that is the point of the movies to bring you in and make you got my ass. They suck me right in because I was set up here like this motherfucker the whole time. Just upset I was. I was just rolling my eyes just sitting up here. David David Spade the whole time. Just trying to get the fuck out. That's all you know I Was I felt like this motherfucker the whole time just trying to get the hell out this movie man on the braeside. At least he's calm because a lot of times he's the one that's kind of getting on your nerves. David Spade Tim the movie but you know like I say that's the point where I'm normally I'm out man. I'm like him. I'm going to the bathroom and I'm never coming back. Her and this guy got to find the right home. I'm done with you but I got to review the some ear stuff. I'm like you ain't going. Nowhere gets down. Come back to the fucking restaurant is sit down and hope that big Tito Ortiz mother fucker than when he can't hey man let me to the hospital. Just give me wiping his bits please. Hey burlap pay you ten dollars a hit me in the face right now. The okay. Here's a bottle damn it but as the movie went on I didn't okay. I gotTa admit I did get some laughs man as the movie went on but not from the fucking movie but from the all but Adam Sandler `ISMs that just kept popping. A boy he is Adam Sandler we even when he ain't around man. He is dependable. He may shit that April is when I said he had stalled book. A mini mini. At this point. People has to be there has to be Adam Stanley guidebook to shitty films. Dad Make money because it's way too much man. I'll tell you the man's consistent. Yes he is aiming Tyler Perry Tyler. Perry work at the man. The man is the man's consistent. Man I I give you that much. Even when ain't around his his spirit is still there as Martin said. Let me let me the Adam Sandler. `ISMs that is movie. Let me count the ways number one. And y'all saw this immediately ain't no surprise antibody number one. He took that Goddamn vacation man. Oh yeah look no matter. What they're doing. He will always find an excuse to go to that island resort find. His movies doesn't have bluewater can't do. I can't sand bluewater resort Adam Sandler. He scares people he does. I tell you that much. Yeah everybody's GonNa. He gets deal all his buddies or going to get some work vacation. They might even get to direct or produce spoil. How do I get a part of that? Rat Paki got stop talking shit about him. Sit so you need to have been on. Senate live back in the nineties. Oh Shit moment nineties Fox gotTa luck. My friend was like I'm paying for just paying when my soul got them movies here what they do as a corporate retreat and for the company that they're doing this for that company she'd be out of business man because it has nothing but dumb is working for him. Well that's a lot of company seat but not these. These people is almost bank. If you have your mind that bank that should have gone that this shit that they do here. This this is such a dumb ass. Companyman they take. Take the Again but does Adam Sandler will take their employees on a retreat in. Think about deers. Like hey you know what we're GONNA DO SHARK tank and everybody's like Oh Business Arteta fucking we'd actually don't go into the water swim with sharks this real short. Let's go. What the fuck. What really the date. And it's just an excuse to have them film scene with sharks because it looks cool. Isn't that Lind's anything to the store. You gotta you gotTa drop that. Would this story thank? You know you'll get it right. One day he'll get one day he asked too much of him. But I think this thing is not logical as opposed to what somebody to discuss business. No actually no that. The one time that they do they can even do that. They do discuss business. There's a catch. Everybody has to dress up like toddlers. The zoo animals are mermaids and discuss business underwater. That's the data's business in this world right here. Got The regular season here number. Two the got the usual people You're solid couple of nick. Schwartzman Schwarzen- Schwarzen- Rob Schneider usually wearing silly costumes. Screaming for easy laughs specially Rob Schneider. Oh and that brings me at number three with this. Dr Always have a character. And there were some weird physical abnormality going on the got. The Cross eyed is only joke. Is He's cross eyed right. That's it and every so often. Just cut to show cross eyed laughing. People would cross when we're looking at that's it. He's been doing that for so long. Makes me angry every time? Is That Guy? Really Cross eyed man at this point. I don't even know. I doubt it because he does that every time. It was the first time he did that. Water yes I'm wondering million. That's across frontiers. And he says let's make some money with them and you gotTa Handicap. My will use it to make some cash but the but but Rob Snyder. His physical abnormality is the worst this because he could get this bed because you to watch tonight at nine so jealous no. I'm good you guys plays A to a guy. Takes people see sharks in his his fingers got a bit off his middle the middle three digits. They got bit off but a yellow so his brother his supposedly missing his middle fingers. But you can still tell in the film that is just as fingers balled up wrapped by latex or rubber. What I'm talking about. Look at the traffic clearly baseball cook. It's like when the shark to the AD massive flesh onto a to try to look like you got a ball at all right here. You like either. You were deformed before you lost those things but we don't know that's shitty maker down just a close to try the justice justice he ain't got no poll. Look John is that they gave him a prosthetic hand but he stuck that in a fire. Just don't even the sun too long reporting in water. It's GONNA come right off like he did his fingers like this and they just fused with the rest of his hey. Is this supposed to look like this? Well this lazy okay. That's not what the movie's about Ana it's too much to ask to just either write something that makes sense or just not do not do it. I'm asking too much. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm asking too much for commonsense. Panel is where we live in. We got prosthetics for one joke but no follow through with the re- show Biz Dick Office. It would have been childish but it would've made more sense then you would have seen this ball at tick. That would have been amount of God. Klay down there and then this number four in these movies are the slutty guy as I said always gets the hot chick molly. Sims was the sports illustrated swimsuit. Model man you know. They don't they. Don't just get hot chicks. They get supermodels they get. You know beauty queens out of nowhere like they just met because they read the same book because they got the luggage mixed up the mixed up awesome. She wants to fuck this guy. So Bad Clo- bat in a closet right before flight takes off that's why average dudes love these movies man because they give them false hope and the rest of the film is just a parade of stupid shit. You know another thing. That's a lot of Adam Sandler movies You'll have some woman who's not down with them and they constantly just make fun of her. Yeah usually with a with a name. Yes is his wife yeah they call her the Barracuda. Yeah it's like isn't necessarily you guys. Yeah no are like when he's making fun of Leslie Man. Yeah but a hooters. Waitress routers at hooters. Jesus Man God damn charges. The scene like that thing with the sharks in rest of the movies just much other dump should read the sharks. How do they attract the sharks? Lauren locus the guy who plays missy she vomits. Apparently sharks love vomit. So they just attack. Yeah they she vomited Chum Chum. Got All her. She said vomited my lunch from early. Oh that's right goddamn actually paid attention to something actually corrected a plot point smarter than that You saw the scene where she all of a sudden turned into. Rubber cartoon just fell off. Because you know why just Spun See. Somebody hit things on the way to the ground. There's a again I tell you. What the corporate function whereas dressed like babies and toddlers and fish people mermaids although there's Fun Jokin near where Rob Schneider. That's got one one good laugh out moving. I don't know why but Rob Schneider. They play musical chairs and he pushed him check out the way. I just laughed this shit. I don't know why maybe it was like Adam. Sandler how they make you laugh when it when it gets pushed around. We'll get some matters. Moody Man Almost thought that there was a partner move and I said well you know what it went to a point where I thought it was very sweet and almost you know if y'all want to hear sport is about that. I've been working my way up to something I want to hear spoilers about. I'll tell you but I've been working my way up to something with this if you want to hear it. I'll tell you because really a review kind of hinges on the spoiler of this and I'll tell you if you wanna hear a little bit I'm GonNa let you come in talk about it bunker. The movie it I will say this and I don't want to spoil anything right now if you want it. I'll tell you but I thought you know what this is actually going to a a very sweet place man. They did something that was very unexpected. Played on while the time I got to the to the end of the film. They started to roll the credits. I was like. Oh Man Fuck that. This is disturbing this. Is this if you really look at how plays that? This is. It's like it's almost like a horror movie when it ends as a disturbing the point where this ends and even even when they tried to be sweet ends up being worse than probably any comedy in the movie? I'll tell you why in a little bit. I'm very curious about this. I looked at this way but is not this sweet. A nice about this at all. None this is very very messed up very fucked up in and on it but Martin go ahead so I came in this movie. I knew some things about it just because I heard off David Speed. How start going on about and to say what the movie's about so. I didn't come in cold. I matter of fact I didn't watch it because it was number one movie that I heard about it and I was flipping through Netflix's I was like Oh yes a movie was talking about. Let me go ahead and watch this. I'm not I haven't liked any of the happy Madison movies but I have not hated the ones with him And a man. You're so right about everything about this movie. Okay anticipation I still liked it better than all the other happy Madison movies. I've seen and what I've found I liked was lauren. Laptops she Her being so dangerously obnoxious. I mean it's it's cartoonish. It's over the top but I was like man this actress. She always used to play. Somebody's girlfriend or wife. She's funny but they never live to funny for some to just let her just take over and go with it and I was impressed by everything she was able to come up with. And how normally with with something like this? Where it's all Improv. What I'll hate is they'll go for like whatever's whatever's funny. Just go with it and with her. You know what it's it's it's too much is over the top of her characters consistent nothing. She's doing that. I go oh come on. She wouldn't do that. Everything fit within. This is par for the course. And it's a good balance with David Spade. Who's not trying to the obnoxious one? In fact that's why I was like. Oh thank God Adam Sandler not here. Because he's always trying to make sure he's a center of attention and David spades better about just sitting back also on a personal note. Corey I would tell you after this or you might guess it but early in the film even at that date. Seen Davis Bay remind me of somebody who we are friends with and I could not get that out of my head the entire time. Watch the movie now. Wow wonder yea I'll I'll tell you off the air but complement aren't insult it's neither observations. This an observation and I can imagine him reacting the same way. Marlins Mars say just way too Chris. Lisa versus who is talked to the mosque? I probably the only person planet who finds Knicks Watson Funny Ever since his days with Reno nine wanted to hate him man. Oh okay somebody else I mean. I don't like Bucky Larson movies. He maybe that's what it is but normally it stuff. He's not there lot and a little bit. He's there I I like him but yeah I just found myself watching it and letting it play along and going. Yeah we gotTa do the Rob Schneider. Dan's I thought we were GONNA get away from that time and everything else you brought up so right about. I kind of like this movie came in until you start talking low. Yeah and to But what I will say is what are you talking about like in the third act way starts to get sweet? That's are now slapping down the bullshit card. This this is a this is a fun crazy before but now you're trying to bring in this. Is that thing? Adam Sandler does where it's always like but the end of it all. I need you to look characters. No just because now they have a change of heart and it follows the most laziest of romantic comedy conventions to to ending. You know like I mean one character does come in with some sense but other than that. I was like it. It was it was fun for a while but I could never recommend it. What would you give it? You know? Because I didn't hate it. It would be a rental. Okay well I fucking hated I want to give us some bullshit not fuck you and I didn't. I didn't go that far but I I'm telling you my rating right now because I wanna tell you why exactly like it was some bullshit in the beginning but I want to tell you why this whole thing with them trying to be sweet enough you WanNa hear the spoiler for this going to ground if not then you know what cool. I'll see you later. See the Mars you next time. Cnn The show if you WanNa come back but let me. Let me explain to you with this Internet that they tried to do this so called romantically sweet ending that they did here so molly. Sims from earlier in the movie see about can find A. She's the one that plays the the model chick the beautiful girl that out of nowhere. Just one Davis Bay she. She couldn't resist his his charm so much yet to have sex with him and agendas closet but the thing is I clicked and she was recently divorced. Still Bullshit initiating follow for him but I mean that was a little mean maiden Davis yes but regular that some walk out of here no no. That's an Adam Sandler fantasy. No they always get these girls at a way out of the League man. Chicks like that all the time David Spade and it'd be hand money doing that. No not airport. I mean there's a fucking fantasy right here but okay with it but let me tell you something. So he sees her and they click man all read the same book the same songs with both divorce. Oh God let's like each other. Oh let's go on a romantic trip each other Let's reconnect but because this mix up he ends up with this version of this other. Mri right here now. Here's here's what the movie tell with. This goes so he thinks he's in love with the hot missy but this other missing. I'm just sees no. I'm not saying she's not beautiful either but he thinks that he's in love with hot normal MRI but he stuck with buck insane missy so they spend some time together and as they go along he starts to think like. Oh you know what pass and things and we spend some time together we I really do. I'm falling in love with her. A fucking nowhere. But I'm finding love with the course of the weekend over the course of the weekend on. I'm Oh my God. I had a wrong. She's smart when you really look past the craziness and she's not annoying. Everybody Oh shit. She really has sweet moments when she's not getting drunk and almost ruined my job killing herself. A here's the thing that happened with this. Tim is not in love. Tim Has Stockholm Syndrome. Yeah yeah at the beginning of the movie. Tim didn't drink. He had ambition. He was well mannered until he met her. And by the time. When when when the hot Melissa missy comes up model comes looking for him and at that point he's like oh I would with you but I'm in love with the other missy. I'm so sorry that you've got here and as this. Had you spend the time with the Hot Melissa? He's drinking one shot after another. Make a fool at himself in a restaurant. Climb around on the fucking walls walking on his hands. Follow all over the place pretty much being an annoying fucking person man. The thing is it's not that it's not that missy made him all fancy free rediscover life know missy broke. Him broke him and made him insane. She didn't make him loose and fun and Fancy Free Jamaica have a new outlook on life. She made him crazy broken back to his frat boy days he fell in love with his captor is what happened. He became an alcoholic. He's start doing stupid shit. He quit his job without. No prospects in ended up doing being crazy out in public. Doing insane should like she did just like Mandy and even a stephen the ending they tried that I can guarantee you. That's not the message. The movie the message is oh well you really get past all of bullshit. She's okay person. No she's still she's still insane right up to the last minute right to the last minute but moment they're supposed to be sweet. She's FUCKING INSANE. She still a bitch. She's a dangerous self and now she's a Goddamn dangerous. Tam Disturbing this issue pro made him crazy. But the movie didn't look I get to you the movies. Not that's not the point of the bill the film. They thought it was all right. Oh Tim found love and he found like it'd be if had to let go and everything's GonNa work out everything's GonNa work out no end up somewhere and what's going to happen is fucking. This chick is another crazy episode. And then she's GonNa she's GonNa Kill Tim and she's going to pull the gun on herself. A poison them both the something why they should move onto the next victim. Oh after she kills I love. She'll do something where he'll end up dying. She will take no responsibility for really notice it. It'll be a blip to her. You read about them. The News Tim finally one day wised up and said Oh my God. This is insane. He's GonNa tell her. I gotTa leave and you need help. And she's GonNa say nobody leaves missy she's GonNa kill him. Try TO HIDE THE BODY. Shit and you'll be read about this crazy motherfucking the newsletter about how she hit a body somewhere. Tim who used to work for crazy. Fucking corporation is now dead. Apparently he left the supermodel. Be With this chick right here. He was a mastermind. Some sort maybe can manipulate people in a loving her. What you have to appreciate when I say something smart with the supermodel he says I think I'm GonNa live with they crazy girl. She's like do we made out one time. I'm okay and she was like what the Fuck I was thinking. Now more that you Jesus this dodge bullets man but like I said that would have been great head the movie into that way and admitted like and happy Madison World. This is romantic and is a great ending. See that's par for happy. She's not so bad after all she is. But there you go people bullshit. Mind light room so I don't know it's a low rental. Yeah you Melissa. Y'All perfect for each other. You deserve I was always fascinated by trying to see. What is there some part of her? That's that's actually cut a good or work with and it was like. Oh No I'm sorry. I know you said that. That's the point of the film that yeah no reaction at is the point of the film but no man. I know you're supposed to be know about her. But not that God damn much. I mean it's supposed to have fun. Fought this bitch man. Fuck off no hated actresses. I'm glad that she has a moment to like cut loose because she has good. Yeah she's very good. Fuck that care to me. I would never watch this. I would never and I don't give a fuck about. They found that somebody's house. I could be somebody else's I can be guest. They cut this and I'll get right up and I'm cutting shoot off and I dated. Cut It back on a cut going again. I'm a fucking brick. That TV acting hurt. Yeah she drove. She drove me crazy. She's good TV president this movie man. Fuck you let me move on mean it would make me. I'd be furious an to me what she did him on that first day. I do not see. Fucking furious crisp. It's really should really even know each other and you go pull this shit already fucking me. I'm not I'm just talking to you. Have Romantic Dinner Date. You think you ASO's interrupted. Tell tell yes. He did before that she did. Let me tell you what she this. We spoiler this will says well spoiler ground right now is bitch came in before she even met him she She was fucking him. She texted him because he like. Where are you and she said? Oh I'm at the Bar. Blue DRESS LONG BLACK HAIR. This meet hit though. He won't leave me alone. He keeps hitting on becoming saved me. Tourist Davis Bay goes looking like well. Sorry man the ladies with me and he's like Oh fuck your of course it gets up about to beat his ass women's pregnant one and then I I was like well. That guy's an asshole but she's the biggest bitch for doing that but then she says dente pulls this and it's like okay not only messing with this man but you must have two people just trying to have a night did ask for this at all. Fuck you only hate these people man? All right fuck you let me get out of here bullshit. Miss Right was Miss Maryland. Hawaii did can't bring on a corporate retreat has no brainer texture. Now see yes. Aloha mother Fucker Janica.

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