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Podcast #577 - AMD Financial Analyst Day, InWin ALICE Case


Eric absolutely took everyone as you know. There's been a lot of cancellations due to the corona virus and a lot of shows are getting canceled. But we're not one of them because we don't fear the corona virus. We've got something much worse. Dangerous LEVELS OF SEX APPEAL THIS PC PERSPECTIVE. Podcast episode five hundred. Seventy seven being recorded Thursday march fifth. Twenty twenty I'm Jay. I'm Jeremy L. Trim I'm Josh Walrath Times peak and I'm guest hosting Brett Van Spoon Bird. Yes we've got Brett here if you're watching the last year or so you might remember Brad. He's originally introduced to us through our good friend and former colleague Alan novel Tano and Brad and his wife. Michelle were the ones who helped us get our website Revamped and brought into the twenty first century and Brad of course has been helping us behind the scenes with the web hosting web development All the technical stuff that we don't have the skill for but we're glad you could join us. We used to record these pretty much regularly on Wednesday night at ten PM Eastern. We've been we did last week. And then of course my fault again. This week we had to postpone again but we generally have show for you at some point most weeks. And if you want to join us live you WanNa Watch live because we restrain them as we record them live on. Youtube and twitchy can subscribe to our live notification newsletter. Pc DOT com slash subscribe. And we use that only to notify you an hour or two before we go live when the Stream is going to be or to let you off is going to be a delay and you can always follow those livestream that pc dot com slash live. We've got the embedded youtube video right there and chat and also join our discord community. We've got that going twenty four seven and it gets pretty active during the livestream as well. You can find a invite linked to the discord feed and all of the podcast show notes and those notes are all listed at pc dot com slash podcasts. Well let's let's jump in today we've got a bunch of stuff we've gotTa talk about and we don't want to stay away from from getting sick. I was at whenever Denver Airport. You know they have those those moving walkways. Why just stand at the end and I put my tongue on the rail thing and I just get like hundreds of people. I don't have to move. I don't have to do anything crazy. Just you know it's all delivered to me. And that is the same thing on public transit in Vancouver. And that's because they're saying this is so bad because we knew we don't have any immunities to it and just by probables statistical probability. Somebody's GONNA develop immunity after enough exposure. So put your tongue on that on that railing on rail. I get a few looks but you know every once in a while somebody like it. It's good idea and they go to the other one. Yep you're gonNA live forever or Elia you're going to be coming. A drug dog is most interested in by the way. Well let's let's let's jump into the news Big News today was that. Amd held its Financial analysts day. And they've got a website will have the link to this in our show notes. They they kind of put an in person. Event they live streamed Parts of it. They had a bunch of presentations from. Amd executives will ever linked to The presentations off your walls of showing some slides From those events but the the key here is that amd This was their first financial analysts day. Since was a twenty seventeen. They had one right Upon the launch before the launch of the first generation Risa and so they kind of used this event as an example of of showing the progress over these few years because that event was really the turnaround for amd they went from a Afar second-place competitor to Intel and Nvidia but looking at both their CPA and GP obviously the Bene- stronger play than the GPO but both have improved significantly in this time. And so they went through and and kind of looked at how they got to where they are now and gave us a roadmap of where they're planning to go some some of it we knew some of it was clarified for us but You know big big news in front if I can pull up some of the slides here. so these are so selection of some of the slides from the The event of the big news was was that financial either looking very good in stock amidst this huge sell off or volatility in the US markets. Over the the corona virus Amd Stock weathered pretty well. It was up a high of I. Think as much as twenty percent Yesterday amongst a thousand point loss on the Dow and It it did fall a little bit but what we'll see more activity. I'm sure in the markets Coming on Friday here real quick thing and this is the serious. This is the probably the most interesting thing that she talked about was. They asked her about How how supplies coming in and and you know. How's The channel looking? And she said that right around. Chinese New Year was the worst but otherwise they have really no problems. And if you look at like new egg in Amazon things that you thought were GONNA go. I mean we're starting to look like the prices were going up. Now they're hitting back to normal and so it seems like supply chain is not nearly as affected by corona viruses. We're expecting I know that that China has kinda lowered some of its emergency levels in a couple of areas so I mean maybe that's a positive thing but it was interesting to hear. Amd say that you know they`re. They're they're supply channels. Were doing perfectly fine. Even even with this rotavirus even though they are not talking about financials in view of any other potential issues that grown virus could do fit? The allied comes back with a passion or may self worse Mutates what? I was saying the same thing. Yeah that's interesting. They're not seeing any impact whatsoever on their supply channels while I was going to say who's their main customer but that would be like literally everyone in the world right now but Amdi is a good chunk of it and we do know that there have been some statements about Supply issues like Intel for example was talking about Tiger Lake via ability in in one of their executives said that their projections were made before the Krono virus was was fully account for so that could slip. But yeah as I. At least assume in in giving her speech has said that they're they're looking they're looking good in terms of At least the rest of this year again assuming no significant worsening or changes here. I wonder how this is affected their laptop rollout. And I'm sorry to get a lot of stuff to cover because like Globo. Del Others to try to buy a laptop from them. And it's like Yeah Point. We haven't heard anything specific about delays but with the last few platform launches for both AMD and Intel. It was it was a slow rollout. Intel in the case of having that difficult transition nanometer. I'm getting ice like availability and amd just not having enough launch partners in the in the market for rising three thousand Noble But yeah we'll we'll have to see so far we haven't heard anything good or bad On that front so we're expecting some point towards the end of this month to start getting some more details and then having those products at least get into our hands in April. We'll see though but looking at the Andes financial performance They kind of charted their average. Shaw was compounded annual growth rate. Hager I believe so okay. So they're looking from two thousand fifteen through twenty nine hundred average fourteen percent and looking ahead. They're increasing to twenty twenty percent a growth rate with gross margin in excess of fifty percent. So these are. These are real big Important number for MD and this is what that initial stock market response was based upon this very confident. A projections are looking at their. You know their revenue increasing steadily There's also a slide here. Notice the gross margins another big factor which is of course impacted by the chip lit approach which allows them to maximize production and in terms of getting products to market And of course here. The debt versus cash Seeing the the the debt that had that saddled the company not that long ago being very quickly paid off and seeing the company grow in and strengthen so very very good financially for for the company and Like we'll we'll see further response in terms of the company's stock price though with the markets being civill Bruno's but then looking at a product news. They broke it down between desktop. Gpo and enterprise with GEBU touching both enterprise and consumer desktop and they had some slides here Looking at how we knew Reisen I was a good product that was a real good value product and and as you took Zen Zen one into the ADT space that really opened up some new opportunities. There was a which is rising three thousand watched last July was very very popular and then they're projecting if you're watching the video version. A significant increase in performance resent as in threes approach will be rising four thousand on the desktop. And and so. They're they're very aggressive looking at Performance going Going further here. Sorry I'm trying to manage it. Slides here they also laid out the road map for GP CPU. You've got zen tunes and three One thing that they clarify was earlier. Slides had pointed out that. Zen Suzanne send to is Seven nanometers which is the big big process advantage randy earlier slides had said Zen three would be seven nanometers plus and they took that off of these slides. I don't know if you guys noticed that they mentioned that there was some clarification there because they were They were concerned that there be confusion that by labeling seven nanometer plus it would be TSMC's UV process. And it's not so they didn't want to mix that up so it's GonNa be all know that pluses our lives. Now we'll share more pluses that's going to be less. Google. It is to. It is not easy because you they they. There are a high volume kind of group and ud right now is still. I don't think it's high volume. I mean it's getting the they're doing better with wafers an hour but yeah I don't think that. Amd wants to hang their hat on a UV at this point But Yeah I think it is going to be an evolution and improvement on DMC seven nanometer but it still uses immersion What one hundred eighty nanometer Lavelle? Yeah Yeah so yes there is. It is a improvement But it's not I think I'm not sure what. They were hoping to signify but they they took the plus off. I guess is the point there but there is a there is an improvement there and then looking forward to send four which is projected to be five nanometers. So Zan three. They said we'll hit end of this year Were by the end of this year. I think we'll see it before epic Within Twenty twenty a plan and then five nanometers. It's not clear if it's end of twenty twenty one or early twenty twenty two if you're looking at these charts chart range goes to twenty twenty two but if they're launching three at the end of this year and if everything goes well we should expect it in that timeframe enter enter 2021 early twenty twenty two. I think we're GONNA see epic. I just the way. Well okay I think so. I don't think it's going to bill. You go high margin as possible with this new product until they can really get things rolling with it and yet it's probably gonNA. They aimed to kind of backwards was and how they usually did it. I mean they always did the server version. I as they're ramping up. Production get higher margins. get better money out of each chip made and they didn't do that with Zan But they sort of did it with send to but epic was kind of slow in rolling out as compared but I think that the probably going to go back and Yeah epochs going to get the send three before desktop and certainly before mobile well before mobile. I only did that. Because in their in their slides they said in certain areas they said Zen would be later. Twenty desktop would be later. Twenty twenty and server would be late so I assumed late met after later. But you could be right I don't know I don't have any inside information. That's just got what I was getting from the gist of their conversation. So looking at Gp US real quick here too. They they kind of talked about where they've gone on. Desktop Jeep Hughes they had a slide which was interesting Brett noticed it is that a blower. It's a it's a little bit more. Dream Team look to it. Yeah so For the audio listeners were talking about a slide. That had a very It was covered in shadows. But it's a peak of rendered. Gpa design that is Clearly new but potentially something that we could see next generation GPS really hundred abuse from md. And they they talked about the switch. And how offered a significant Performance gain there's a performance per per clock empower fish and sea and everything they highlighted how they're expanding their market there in desktop gaming. Pc's they're on MACs apple uses amd GP's exclusively. Where they all Jim? If I could just interject the fact that They actually bragged about the fact that they bring the fastest graphics. Ever to the apple Macintosh. Just want to say that. They did brag about that. So but don't forget that it is true that the you know when when apple artificially limits availability of driver's been yes. It is the fastest ever. Because that's what I can use unless you want to run a What what was the last Ten Mac Os. Sierra high. Sierra won't stick with High Sierra you can use your Maxwell and player's player Pascal. Gp Use but they they highlighted that and then they obviously Are excited about the the being being the the exclusive GP for next Gen Consoles The PS five xbox a series acts and they talked about. What's next are we have. We have already in a go to. Rda Too and like these three leap. It will stay on seven nanometers but with improvements. They're looking at performance per watt improvements and more more significantly in this kind of plays into what they had to do if they were going to be in these consoles is they're going to be introducing hardware accelerated ray tracing variable rate shading and other features that that's far are not part of their portfolio. Nvidia was out of the gate. I arguably too early even Because of the lack this far of of true ray tracing titles that can take advantage of rated retracing so We'll see if this is the move that finally brings all of that mainstream although we have no yet on term in terms of performance. We know that there's a big performance hit with Arctic Sun and beside so we'll see how it works On the AMD side although they did say that the Microsoft direct x Ray Tracing Demo is working internally and seems to be going well so we'll see what happens there and then of course looking ahead. They're looking at a three as we get near twenty twenty two which will then be the successor there. They didn't Clinton specify manufacturing node. There they call it in advance note. So we'll see where that goes. Remember their slides were ten eighty and fourteen. Forty P is if nobody owned a monitor larger than that but they did put a marker down on their next Gen our DNA to saying we're going to be solid for gaming so they did say that and they're looking here's a slide. They gave about Looking at how they give fifty percent performance per watt improvement over. Gcmd expecting an additional fifty percent improvement over ardy name for our DNA too. And here's a slide just highlighting the retracing features that'll becoming and then they did talk obviously about the data center and the big leap That they took from first to second gen epic and so right. Now we've epic Rome and it's it's everywhere they they just had a big Supercomputer win Announced earlier this week So they're they're in. I think two out of the three exit scale supercomputers now so intel in the other which surprising a and videos not in any excess scale system. Right now I believe so. It's a race between. Amd and Intel for those very high performance supercomputers and then they. They gave a look going forward for their epic. Roadmap you've got the Rome now at seven nanometers again like the desktop. They're going to go to seven. Nanometers improved seven nanometer process. But again for whatever reason they took the plus off the slide and so that will be sent three Milan. Josh was talking about. We'll hit the later this year potentially before desktop and then looking forward to Genoa Zand for at five nanometers. They specified then again at the twenty twenty twenty one or twenty twenty two timeframe last thought that the last thing about gp us is is. I believe they said that The era of repurpose Te Enterprise level graphics or compute graphics like the Radio on seven Coming to the desktop is over. They've had enough money to split the teams now and they've got the dedicated teams enterprise dedicated desktop for a GPO development. So the about. Yeah so you. You won't see you won't see a Radio. Seven type Style repurpose Sta Enterprise Graphics System Repurpose to the desktop again. On say right. And that's what we just about to put this under the enterprise category. Sorry yeah go ahead gone onto the GP Yukata Gilbert. I know I blew but right and so we have our DNA for the graphics on the desktop in as Brett was saying Amd announce that they're they're having the cdn a architecture which will be enterprised or data center. Focus cards so we we. Don't you know the things you don't need for gaming? They can focus on expanding and maximizing performance for enterprise datacenter workloads. Yeah so no. No more of those those Not compromise cards. What would you call seven Focus what am I gonNA put my high-performance Hacking Tosh. Oh well not a sixty gigabyte compute card but think about hp 'em so good at Davinci resolve and in video. Just call you naughty for trying to mix drivers cards. Yeah that's that's true Eleven gigabytes should be good enough for anybody. Okay Bill Gates. Yes exactly. Thank you And then they had another quick slide now that they've established the CNA architecture going forward. They've they've they're planning out for. Cbs A two which will extend to X. scale compatibility But there are they're going to get to ex- scale already but this will this will Enhanced that going forward and again they didn't specify the node there they just call it an advanced notes. So we'll see we'll see where they end up there but Any other go over and Kennedy federick three. Oh no I ain't way so yes. They're getting to the original promise of infinity. Fabric Right Josh guests and it's really exciting because it's all coherent so you've got coherent memory in between all the CPU's which there are hundreds of them seemingly and then all of the GP us so you have this. Massive Large Shared Memory Pool. That's addressable and this has been a promise sense the the Heterogeneous Computing type folks and they've finally implemented with version three of infinity fabric. And it's fantastic. I mean invidious. Kinda got their own little thing going What is that called again there? You're not helping me out the what something something something anyway. Anyway envy these got kind of it. Seems like this one's a little bit more You know the all in one wrapped and snow now. Now Stop It. You're bad bad person but anyway Yeah so They're they're going to be implementing this on this X. Gail thing El Capitan where each Socket will have like a jeep US attached pretty much directly to it through infinity fabric and Yeah I mean they just they they never talked about infinity fabric I mean the actual nuts and bolts working of it but they say well even proven we've added features. We've done this and then and we still know how movie we have some basics what it looks like but again this is this is a NBA acting like a much larger enterprise company than they have been a long time and of course infinity. Fabric initially came from C. Micro who had those ultra dense computer servers with. You know hundred Cebu and Yeah they've just continued to To work envy link you bastards. Oh okay thank you bye occas really. The same membrane is to filled with spite to think of it. Yeah Anyway I. It is We should probably pause here and let Jeremy hit the at the beer a little bit harder before continue fixture he can love rough week GotTa gotTa lubricate those Was brain cells the little malt product. But Anyway so. So that's That's a brief overview of the things that Amd announced here for a financial analyst. Like I said we'll have a link to their site. They've got a full copies of all the Slide presentations and links to the The webcast that you can listen to if you want to hop in their very interesting stuff in and a lot of positive reaction I know Pat Moorhead who's In analysts that really knows his stuff and has worked with Ryan in the past Back when he was still journalist He was very very high on. Amd so on their their reaction here so keep an eye on that. And if you're you know you're holding amd or if you're interested in in investing it seems like Amidst this turmoil They seem to be Doing pretty well. It was very nice of them to refrain from doing a Nelson Laugh. pointed at Intel when they started talking about security features of the new processors linked to. We don't need to go into but is definitely worth mentioning. Yes and just go ahead and go. Because that's what I WANNA do. Okay you do that you know. Amd pushed part to get Reisen Three thousand series out and the chipsets all the issues that they had because I think that they really thought that they only had a pretty limited window of opportunity against Intel Intel would come kinda raging back with an improved ten nanometer process and all of these products. And it's going to be two thousand six all over again and you know. They took their bruises and they eventually got things. So that you know Reisen. Three Thousand Series. I mean if they're consistently performing high levels The X five seventy motherboards seemingly have a lot of the issues iron out within my Brun one now for a month and I'm ecstatically happy about it and Now with all the bad news from Intel. It's like their window of opportunity has broaden dramatically. But they haven't slowed down and they're still look like they're executing a pretty high level and especially with you know a next generation episode coming out later this year another rise in three four thousand series a desktop and then Nahvi our DNA too. I mean it's just the company just keeps pushing and pushing and pushing and I think that there is a lot of excitement in the company that they're doing as well as they are. And I mean it really shows I think is very good. Ceo and and Kinda visionary of what they're trying to do so It's it's GonNa be fun to watch in the next couple of years to see how exactly Intel response and if Amdi is is still able to keep that that accelerator push the floor. And if they don't have any hiccups of their own. So Ma so far. Things are looking good and as you said you know. They're they're taking advantage not slowing down and then they really they have to. They really have to because until out of making the. Hey when the sunshine cue that image of the piles of cash I mean they were. They were so far ahead financially and they have so many other sources of revenue as we saw all this bad news and they still turned into find fantastic quarter financially so amd's gotTa really take every advantage. They CAN'T AFFORD TO SLOW DOWN. The can't afford to have a hiccup even if it or even if Intel takes you know as long as they have to get their act together but Speaking of Intel We've got on the mobile side. We've got the the the new laptops coming out. Tenth Gen Intel Forty five watt. Tcp processors based ADP Clarify because nobody runs them there. And then we've got a new zen to rising four thousand mobile parts coming out and those are the forty the top of the line. They're smart the forty eight hundred. H and we have some some leaks. That came out This week The first is the the Intel side their top in part will be the I nine ten nine eight H. K. And here's a Geek. Bench shot Not seavy Nazi them. Oh right sure. So they've they've is this your eight core sixteenth read parts. The same core. Thread counts as the the current ninth. Jen counterparts but the It's still the same basic still the same basic architecture but they've further refined because Intel continues to to really stuck on that the fourteen nanometers so they've they've really refined it and where is it here. They the big thing here. Is they peaked? According to this leak at five point nearly five point three Gigahertz micro-second turbo jump. But that's pretty much the highest we've ever seen in a mobile form factor like this with that that That power level. So so that's pretty impressive. And that that gives it a single core gig bench score of about sixty three hundred and a multi core score of about thirty two thousand but amd that forty eight hundred's come in and we've also got some leaks on that courtesy of prolific tweet user Happy sack he posted some Forty eight hundred scores compared to the the ten nine hundred k. As well as the the step down from that that'll be coming up. Seven tenths seven fifty eight and you can see here. It's it's holding. It's own now. Actually the scores here are a little lower than what we just saw in that previously. But on that Multi Square core in particular. Its its neck and neck. It's it's it's it's looking to be very Very competitive which is what we've seen as amd has slowly closed that. Ipc GAP They're they're they're getting getting very good at the at matching in town in the one place that they thus far still lead So what do you guys think about that? They need to see it and look at me. Shorten the names you can buy Dell with Ubuntu sure but you can order one while you I. Don't you get it but you can order one. It's true and so you know as we've seen with last as is always the case This all depends on thermal constraints. What the Chelsea's that? These manufacturers put these processors in the kind of cooling and heating noise tolerances that they choose to enforce. So we'll see you know how how these perform in the actual real world scenarios at the when they hit the market so we'll keep an eye on that We'll see but the the the the point. The overall point is Last year rising even though it made a very good value play in the lower and middle segments was not the best performer. And this year. That looks like it could change so we'll keep an either Looking at Not the corona virus but a different type of threat Jeremy Found Force Some interesting Security vulnerabilities that use ultrasonic sound waves. Yeah no it's not new. I linked to a few of the the classic ones that we've had over the past but this specific one was a recent one that they did a test on the grab seventeen different devices. Thirteen androids for apples in all but two When was away I think the ATC just by playing ultrasonic sounds that relatively mimic the voice of the person who trained Either the google listener. Serey they were able to end as long as you have the voice. Unlock on your phone. You just be walking by. You would never hear anything but all of a sudden your phone starts reading out your texts on speakers loud as possibly because because essentially what they've done is the phones got a much wider range new. It can hear lower than you can hear higher than you. It's especially hearing higher than you so yours are not picking anything up. It is and it's totally hearing your voice or at least a upscale approximation of it because you get to that point it frequencies become interesting and less difficult to fake. It's just trickling amusing because we have had A variety that I think through The might the one that most people have heard of is the whole thing. That went on with Cuban Embassy. And was that really infra sound and actually hurt. People in the problem is while you don't know because it's not gonNa really leave much evidence so maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't but the funny thing is that with the phone. We kind of know and it. It happens There's there's a variety of one's Rican monitor a sorry. He can modify a song and to your ears. You might hear at the slightest little verbal in pitcher something on a single instrument. Your Echo. You're Siri or Google. Assistant has totally just heard a full command to go out and buy one hundred thousand bottles appear at whatever cost on the Amazon. A it's kind of a little bit ridiculous. This is still going on that. They haven't been able to figure out how to limit The frequencies which they'll accept commands because it's not like most of us can suddenly start screaming ultrasound likely You know unless broke something really important for someone or you're under the age of two but yeah I it's just a new one they're working on patching it The meantime is really really a bright idea to have your own voice. Unlock your phone. That will mitigate it right there. Just turn turn the feature off. I feel I need to point out that hand. Sanitizer is unavailable Ramdan. Right now. I bet you that you can convince it to pay a lot of money for that. There's always delivery and twenty three three hundred dollars an ounce. Alright so Jeremy said Turn that crap off just to be on the safe side. All right next up we've got The the return of a product that was teased quite a while ago. As as you know there's a lot of concept products and things first unveiled at trade shows that take forever to hit the market if they ever do and this is one of them. It's these see. Sonic connect and this was I teased by see. Sonic I think it was copied. Texts twenty eighteen Let's see a jerk. Jeremy wrote that up for his way back. Then and what? This is pretty pretty interesting concept and pretty pretty useful off. It works as well as as they advertise. It's a power supply that it's a standard form factor power supplies. He put that into the part of your case where that goes normally and then it's got this this bundle of cables that wrap around to a like a hub that fits onto the back side where your cable management is and that's where all of your power supply cables to the various components will plug in and this allows you to not have to bring any power cables into the front visible if you have a case the window side of side of the case. It's really good for for cleaning up. cable mass. Also you know a lot of times especially if you're big case or if you're having to route things unusually for aesthetic purposes you might have to extensions or by longer cables well because this is all on the back because they don't have to go as far so you might. You can get away with shorter cables just in general you may not have to to buy those extensions so a very interesting piece of hardware again. It was teased a copy texts. And they've now it's not for sale as far as I can see just yet but they've launched the product page on the Sea Sonic website. And so you can head over there and check out the specs and the data sheet manual and get more pictures pictures on it so something to look into it. It's a seven hundred and fifty watt. Let's see it's an eighty plus gold. I forget the wattage. But it's not there. That's okay seven fifty. It's not it's not top of the line. Most efficient most higher stand based power supply but pretty sufficient for most builds even high end belts and look at seven fifty s. Overkill at this point almost. Yeah that's Well we haven't seen the power numbers on the Mitten next-gen until well unless you're under the chaos or an H. K. but Yeah let's see sonic connect so again no pricing just yet and I haven't seen it actually hit stores or retailer inventory but that page went live and see sonic sent out a note on it to us so So check it out. If you're interested in and keep an eye should hopefully be seeing the soon Again assuming that we continue to not have severe interruptions in the global supply chain. They actually had shown this. I was in a meeting prior to competence twenty eighteen. I think it was a CBS earlier that year about this. They're still developing it. Maybe it was the year before even working on this for a long time. And it's really the most significant innovation. So were they overused but in a longtime far as cable management goes. Because think about this. It's a single device almost like a a slim power strip that just fits in the back of a case and when they were first developing I think they were talking about having it as part of a custom enclosure line which is problematic anyway Enclosures is not sleekness. Jump into where's the tooling and development so forth. But it looks like they've made this streamlined. Enough that will fit into the back of a lot of enclosures as long as they have a minimum amount of cable clearance in the back. Just the idea of being able to feed very short cables from a stacked solution like this behind motherboard tray is great because especially for us. Cable extensions you're dealing with an ATS. Connector twenty four pins then plug into another one which takes up a lot of room but you have to hide behind the motherboard tray. And if you don't use extensions you generally have a lot more room. Wind the TRAE for cable management. But then it doesn't looks nice so you could use any manner of custom cables with this and would have zero additional bulk back there. Which would be really nice unsure. They'll have different Wattage is of this of this catches on. It'll just be something. They probably married to whatever their high end lineup. Spicy families variant of this either. Yeah that would make sense and especially because with families. It's all about airflow and if you don't have all the cables jammed into the front of this thing because they're all being routed back get the airflow through the through the window. Side of the case that will just flow through the power supply on instructed so very very cool very Very exciting in a speech. And said you know you think about innovations? What are the big changes that we see in in In industries and things like this and then this is the this is one of our supplies have remained. There's been new features better efficiency not a lot of huge changes. I think the only other big thing I've seen was Last contacts ACIS said that concept motherboard. Where everything's modular. Yeah there's no there's no cables like you just get you buy a GP thing into just clunk into the motherboard and everything's is is A plug in plug in modular. But that's a long way off. That was a very there was another one. Yeah it exists. You can buy one. I think he makes one lab to era. This is a PS two eighty x twelve. O of this is. I have a three eighty six computer on the other side of this room with this format of. Psu Is it running your BBS. It doesn't do anything useful. It takes up space but it was running a BBS. I've just never been online that I know of but it's hard Josh who could online. Yeah no but I'm done talking more about I take up space and I'm not very useful Just my wife. She loves you she to throwing you out. She didn't love You well. It's complicated kids. It's IT'S HARDER. It's harder to break up when you have kids stress me all right. Jeremy. Let's change the subject apple. Africa apple had a an issue. That was a bit of a controversy. A couple years ago were apparently new software updates would slowdown older phones and there was some back and forth on that and then there were some updates where people said what actually improved things where they really focused on improving other the phone Performance on other phones but A court there was a class action lawsuit. A court disagreed at least in a in a certain extent and will they weren't given a chance to the car was not given a chance to disagree with that because they settled the court usually that means guilty guilty guilty but you know we have to assume their innocence even the US so because they did interesting feature modifications to their batteries on older phones. If you're in the US and you picked up an iphone six or seven of any flavor at the point where it was running. I us ten point two point one or he picked up an iphone. Seven seven plus of loan point two or later time purchase. You can get twenty five dollars. Twenty five whole dollar from apple except they've capped their payout at five hundred million now. I didn't bother to do the math but I'm I'm betting they sold more iphones than that. So you're GONNA WANNA try and get on this early As normal apple style. They've already settled out of court and said this is what we're going. Do the lawyers need to figure out how much they're going to get paid I. It's looking somewhere between ninety to one hundred ninety million dollars because lawyers are cheap after that they're going to start providing a link where you can go and start putting in your request to get the money back as of this point and I checked earlier that there is still no way to try and get your money back at this point but you will get up to twenty five dollars per iphone. Bought as long as money lasts There's links described the exact models. I may have missed one or two their specific dates Essentially if you bought it after a at Christmas time two thousand seventeen years group you bought before Christmas. You get It's December twenty. First is the official date. But it's lovely to see that there there've actually gonNA pay some people on the other hand. It's it's seems very light for the sort of thing How much did apple make last year wasn't didn't involve millions involve billion so many long lines with? Yeah so it's along the facebook of yeah. We did some horrible things. Here's about five minutes of our profit for the year. We'll have linked to the coverage on this. If you have an iphone that qualifies and you want to pursue that That rebate again pending approval of this settlement by the District Court. Just CHECK IT OUT IN. And they'll hopefully. It will be relatively easy to submit your in and get that taken care of next. We've got a story of a distributed computing update on the study. Home Project tells. What's going on here Jeremy? Well if you've got a wonderful manager and they kind of figure that if you have two people and it's GonNa take him one hundred hours if you put twenty people at him it's GonNa take ten because that's obviously how mathworks well when you throw computers at it actually is so in more or less the last twenty years study at home has gone through four thousand one hundred ten years of CPU time which is just utterly brilliant. Because you don't get paid for it. You're just doing this out of the fact that you're rather interested in it and yeah that's my little Brag there at the top To do it a different way. they've gone through two point six times ten to the twenty third power of floating operation points or one and a half million days of processing. If you like it that way regardless it is an insane amount of computing power that has been tossed at South at home and they've hit a point where the like that's it we've got enough data from Reese Abo- and a couple of other radio telescopes We've run some sort of organized. The data a little bit and now we're into the analysis face so in a way it sorta sounds like it's the end of study at home isn't the. It's a scientific experiment. They're onto the final analysis. Were probably not gonNa Find Ichi if we did if we do find et. He's probably been dead for billions of years. Because that's takes a while to get around the galaxy speedily little on the radio or spread out But we've discovered pulsars along the way we've discovered very interesting naturally occurring radio signals. We've twigged other telescopes in the fact that there's probably a frigging black hole there because that's what the radio signals were seeing. Our is some rather interesting decaying particles which are broadcasting a general sphere radio waves of by the time it gets to us. It's amazing I if you look in one of more impressive things I've done in my life him ninety nine point sixty two nine seven th percentile I have done a huge amount of this chugging. I actually started before the main projects went moved over to the bank and the PC perspective killer frogs who are still sort of around ranked seven out of two hundred and twenty two teams around the world by the way So they're still other projects if you're interested in blink or folding at home it's a brilliant thing to do with your machine if you leave it on. You can mind if you want and try to echo those last couple of pennies. You Watch your electrical bill go. Hi or you could help map the Milky Way. You could track radio signals. Which again you know. I would love right off this planet. Because there's no intelligent life but at the same time you're mapping. University PULSARS ARE GALACTIC BOY OF A. If it's pulsing this exact thing I don't care who your are the galaxy or from. You actually know where the hell that is in reference to other things. It's just amazing that they've gone through this and just the sheer computing power of for people who are interested. You're not getting any money mere fact you're paying money for your machine and for your electricity but it's just pure insanity and it's brilliant and we're getting a whole bunch of new a if all linked through the register there's a whole bunch of new search our new investments going into a variety of very large arrays. And look just looking at a universe and seeing what in the hell is out there which is also absolutely brilliant. So we're gonNA see this mutate. It's going to change a little bit but for now it's GonNa be fun to see what said he is found or these last two decades and after God only knows how many work units have been. Chugged Areso probably pulls down about thirty five gigs. A day every day. And that's just one. Yeah incredible and it's Jeremy said you know by all means look into this if you want to contribute to various point projects but not if you have a knobby depew and. I don't think that's been fixed yet. We talked about this a few weeks ago. There's an issue and The verification of the work unit so I believe. They're proactively blocking them if they detect that as Reggie idea even if you've got your GPO enabled it will not do it if you go to navy but just can't keep that in mind if you're having trouble you've got navy and hopefully they'll fix that Except for Ya and if you've got some spare flops. The words heater on collider is always looking for some stupid amount of data. That thing to let's. Let's wrap up the the news this week with a couple of game related announcements so as I said at the end of the show a lot of events being canceled but one. That wasn't canceled is ironic that it's sounds like pox x to happen and well. They're auks okay. There is always a Pax Latin for peace. I think it is on the way they mean Pax Romana with its piece of cheese. Yes yes Baxter. Romana would be the odds here real quick. Jeremy what's going on with Baldur's gate came out of the show. Well Larry and is fondling Baldur's gate which I have mixed feelings about have yet to be one of their games However I do enjoy it because if you're bored nurse Zombie Stink cloud coming out. You can grab a candle out of your pocket late at throw it Zombie and have it explode. So in a way is very much having a enjoyable on Dungeon Master. Running your game because you can do silly shit like this. The interfaces immediately recognizable for anyone. Who's done a Celerion game before I had been an original sin or original sin to specifically although some of the others do Barra similar resemblance to it now on the other hand talking to my father who is looking at this Who was really excited? after we played Baldur's gate one two separately and together For the Multi Power. That was enabled. He's not going to touch each two different And you know while when you're born in forty four. It's certainly been along road I'm torn. I liked my old indy. Fifth Edition can go intercourse a penguin but first and second edition. Certainly I'm tempted. I am going to pick it up. I still need to play a little bit. More of the Divinity Sen I'm very upset by all the people. Were complaining. This looks like the weird looking elves from the elder scrolls. Because it's not. That is a Gif Yankee. And if you don't know that while then you're not going to have much fun trying to figure out. Why the elephants with Yankee and the zero don't get along together but that's the way it looks like it's going to go. We're probably looking at multi Planer Because that is what they do. There's a wee little bit of a shipped almost looks like spell jammer The aborted sort of outer space Ver- thing that A Detroit to do before the taken over by wizards the west coast the SR good old TSR. Good Ole Derek. And Gary. It's gorgeous I looking at the movies. The it is utterly gorgeous and you know. I Love Black Island Bethesda and what they did but it was never quite as pretty as that so I'm torn. I'm kind of excited. But at the same time it's like they said you know we're GONNA make we're GonNA follow the India Rules unless it's not fun for us in which case we're GONNA make up her own side I don't know if you guys grew up plan. Dnd or the Bulge Gates series or anything and have any strong feelings. One way or the other I never got into it Fortunately second third edition actually so. Okay you're bolt gay wasn't Baldur's gate based on either ruled originally. Yeah now I did the second edition Dnd in the early nineties in my early college years one. I experimented with things like the day. You don't have to talk about it anymore. Elders Gate one to yes. It was Kamaz early. Two thousands. She had to play Baldur's gate too. Well come on. They were really gained gorgeous. Yeah they were hand painted signals hidden. Apps one well. There's a reason for that. They're aren't well every single screen on it like the maps loaded separately at H. One was hand painted gorgeous. I just never it just never. They didn't like it. I just never took the time and I didn't as pretty much disintegrated but I've still got the first edition. De Indeed box sets out. Eighty the red box. The guest got the blue experts. Set Somewhere Nice. Yeah that'll little dating right there. Yeah Okay so you do. I do Gary. Somebody talk about this thing that I never actually put all gamma world. I go get the bodies gate. Look at how many CD's Yup and Emmanuel in a map wait that was dissuaded shitless. When I'm looking at the map is actually up on my wall. Here you can see the Compusa sticker for forty nine ninety nine on your still is two hundred dollars. Today's prices probably well. I've got nothing better days. Guys keep too many slots okay. Now you'd be able to game. I have never actually bothered to play and have no interest in because I tried to the second one and the third time across the exact same bridge just going a different way. I said screw this and stop playing all the original Brady Games along with God. The Guy bought this from included. Everything all right well as Sebastian Dragon Lance one to realize that my my game got into an unwinnable condition. But I didn't need it for Baldur's gay are real. Can't you can't win. Let's finish up here. Let's finish up all right. So our our second of three quick game announcements Is that Halo the as you've been following. Microsoft is bringing the Halo Master chief collection to PC. But they're doing it one game at a time so if you go out and buy the whole collection you're getting access to the Games. They become available. The I was reach and now Halo combat evolved the first the very first game which was available on PC and Mac for that matter at at its launch has been released the anniversary edition You can pick it up and on the windows game store or at steam and it's ten dollars for the individual game like I said if you're GonNa buy that collection massive collection you'll get access to this as well right now. from what we've seen just played yet But there were some issues with reach US particularly audio issues like there was the audio quality was just Like real poor on usually poor and apparently that's not the case from what I've read thus far with this one so it seems to be running well and it's a fun classic. Unlike Jeremy this this was this was the game we played when we when I got to college. And we all had our XBOXES. This was this was the game that brought us together. And I like the original Mac version. Jim I have that. Cd in the Mac version was great too. But none of my friends had Max back. They're fun trivia to the the halo before it was. Even this first person game was Bungee was MAC. Developer initially originally descent in their very first preview. The first time halo was publicly. He sent descent. To which one are you talking about? The marathon series is one. I most for the MAC but yet when they bungee showed up and descent to I I it was. It was running on a Mac and everybody was just like. Oh how is this only gonNa be offered on Mac then suddenly Microsoft bought them all up and put it on xbox and pc while xbox than direct x nine and then let's let's wrap up with our final game announcement which was an unusual teaser. Leak I guess. A data mining it wasn't they access an asset zone. This is the playstation network bought. Was THAT OKAY. Existence for a couple of months now. Sort of accidentally mentioned that There's a new star wars game coming out for playstation four. Unfortunately all we have is this screen. Shot that sitting right in front of you. There which shows you imperial star destroyer of Imperative Class A suspect. But it's hard to tell and a couple of ex wings flying out it. That's not a good idea if you wanna live through the gaming session but go for it because it could maybe mean that we're going to get a fire again. I another fighter Sim in the Star Wars Universe that we haven't had for so long. I don't even remember how to play flight Sims anymore. More or less. Like wouldn't that be a lovely thing? This is most likely vitamin E. EMOTIVE SAC fighter fighter. X. was good too. It was the best now type was yeah anyway. Type fighter is insane. Well Yeah So. It's project maverick. According to the screen shot a project maverick. And so we don't know if that's it's it's working title or if that's the eventual title we. We don't really motive. They've been working on a named game and they say it's going to be a little bit different Which is very helpful so this is most likely what it is Again we have enough no idea We still know there's going to be a sequel Jimmy Fallon Order Just come on and own. Do The star wars battlefields. Yeah you're kind of got. A Space Sim combat for a little bit and then you land on the station and it turns into a bag of garbage again. I really hope that this is GonNa be what I hope is space combat. Yes please but it's funny. Because they had A. I think it was shortly after you bought or got the license to the the Games that there was a was a disney. 'cause I know they split responsibility over the Jitney into and there was a fire a very simplistic looking. Space fighter game that got canned Now is probably five years ago now. But we'll see I I. I well star wars thirteen thirteen which look fucking gorgeous. That looks like it's going to be killed that I'll yeah. That was about the time that the most was when. Star Wars Project Maverick. Let's get all severence done and we'll start with Sebastian. Did both these reviews He's we'll start with the gas. I can't pronounce the company's safe skies so I just think of the icy side of Daf. Okay Jim I am. It's an Eugene five and in fact we looked at five last year. I looked at one last year. That was the tough gaming version. This is an update with air. Gp So there's multi zone lighting in the fans and the top led panel for audio listeners. This is a large single tower air. Cpu Cooler with dual fans. And it's kind of unusual. The top of it is a plastic lighted panel with addressable. Rgb lighting can sync with just your motherboard but with the two fans that comes with which also have energy and all of this linked together with some somewhat messy cables that you can either use a hand Air GB controller that it comes with or connected to available motherboard. Header can't actually. Did all of this for US took some beautiful photos to go along with this checking on site but Basically HE I don't I didn't have this enhance actually compare them directly but he said that it looks like they've refined a little bit from the previous version. The base plate is what he was the most impressed with because he said that the machine marks were very very faint could barely discerned but basically on par with the best of what we see from Mike Nock Toilet Cetera. And I I really think that size does as good a job as anybody with the mounting and the actual base plate the basics they get the basics right even though it's not the the flashiest they're somewhat more utilitarian as far as the actual mounting hardware compared to knock to a for example but the actual pressure you get against the CPU is probably higher than any other that I've used. It's one of those where you almost. WanNa back off when you're you're screwing it in because you can kind of warp your pc but the performance with these coolers and he can't tested these against the cluelessly had on hand a little group of five year with a rising seven thirty eight hundred x and it was second only to be quiet dark rock pro three that he has and they only trail by degrees under load. We're talking loads of fifty eight see with that rising processor in a room that was twenty four c ambient and the dark pro three fifty six not a lot separated the top three here in the review. The side Fula Be was sixty degrees under the same conditions and then the wraith prism the the stock cooler for that. Cpi was sixty four. So you're getting a a drop of six degrees at followed under the Stock Cooler and really this is the size of this cooler especially at how quiet it is. He's a very quiet. Lakeside makes very quiet stuff. It relies more on like I said the melting hardware and the connections of the CPU. This one kind of in the middle of the pack with his noise testing looks like the fans actually can spend quite high profile as you get up to forty seven DB where in comparison under the same conditions with his noise testing equipment. Fifty two point three DB for the wraith prism. So it's still a lot quieter than the stock lower. I don't find the wraith prison to be all that loud so I I kind of all out to talk to him and see what kind of waiting is possibly being used on the Seo Meters. These numbers look high but equipment varies. It's a test with one meter over another and there's all different ways of measuring noise but basically better in quieter than stock has a bunch of style with the air GB. I don't know I. I think some people are really into our GB thing. I think this looks a lot nicer personally than the previous version. The tough gaming version. You're you're stuck with a single color. Does this excite anybody. The fact that there's multi zone lighting on top panel of Cooler it's set twenty dollar premium over the previous version by the way so it should be the same cooling performance. Maybe slightly better mostly. You're paying for two addressable. Rgb Fans address large. Be Top plate so this is a retail of seventy nine dollars. The coal plant again. That was a sexy bit. Yeah that's a great photo to put a case. Screw it on the Cold Plate. You could see. Just nice as mirror finish and it looks great. Looks like a hint machine. Yes it reminds me of something. Josh and I want saw. Oh Lord is this. We share this involved a piano piano. Cbs Metal Piano. Those good Grand Piano. They were showing finish black. Oh Lord they'd left so I mean they're showing us wasn't even funny and it wasn't but there sure because Oh look at the reflection of the piano and the piano onto the thermal take cooler. D- See how there's noth- nothing Mari either of them. Conch SCRAPE SPA so much. Yeah that's bad. It really was. It was almost as bad as the sex slinging Letizia some serum okay. Dj in the brilliant transition for you Jim to our next well. If you want additional it'd be lights and your sex dungeon took region five all the way. I've I apologize I I started this. I said Sebastian this review as as he pointed out there. This was can't can purchase so apologize. Thank you for review. Let's say hello to rainy. Walworth air eighty. She's the one who's been bugging me Sills. Underneath my chair starts pawing at me. What does that set up their own? Just figure out what the latency problem is but all right. Let's let's wrap up the reviews here now. This Sebastian did do because he's got it behind him there and this is a laundry basket analysis. No no the N. Win Alice I am more. So what's going on with this thing? Well you know you have to think about your case a little bit differently with the Alice. it's fashion forward as we say in the BIZ. Think about if you're listening audio. Imagine either a small laundry hamper or perhaps something cobbled together out of a couple of plastic milk crates and you have the beginnings of what the Alice looks like. It's it's tall and it's very light mostly made out of plastic. It has metal on the inside that actually hold your motherboard and other components in place and actually ads of the rigidity of the overall construction. Quite a bit. This thing is way out there. It's so different. I called it in the Review. Startlingly different and RUGGEDLY UTILITARIAN. My own words It's pretty fantastic for an eight pound fifty five dollars case like that's really light. It's surprisingly strong and it basically is a super rugged like Cage for Your Open Testament side. I actually recently last week. I dropped an open test bench and if it had been inside of this thing I wouldn't have an unsightly Gash in the side of my motherboard. Pcb Right now so if you do nothing else with this if you're actually shopping an open test bench. I don't think you're GONNA do better than this. One hundred bucks. It's it's fantastic as a test match. What's interesting about it and what you'll see first and foremost because it's so when is marketing it all these different vibrant colors they offer of fabric covers the whole thing? There's a tube of stretchy fabric that comes with and by default it's gray polyester fabric in there showing anything. I every color of the rainbow patient can commute is a tube top if in summertime you can you absolutely can You'd have to modify it slightly. See The the base of it is a Mesh and the Mesh allows the perfect nipples. Really Nice little. Yeah Yeah I mean I tried wearing it earlier and the openings for each leg do actually fit over your arms. Yes but doesn't shave but surprisingly no is a softer material. It's all polyester but it does have a soft feel to it. I I haven't try recommending the delicate cycle. I put it in a delegates bag if you have a larger one just to be on the safe side. It's it's it's unfortunate that you did not have that installed on the case right now. Because I would ask you to start taking it down off while seeing Dan an-an-and Hannah de my only complaint. And actually I was sloppy. I was so excited to get to the components within that I ripped it when I was removing the cover last night. So that's a as long as you approach is to her but this I mean. This is your complete test bench inside of a plastic gauge. So it it all in there. The one thing I'll say is that graphics cards are limited to eleven point eight inches in length the longer. Gpa's like this X. fx card. I really this picture of in the review. This didn't actually fit. I was trying to demonstrate that because this is almost a thirteen inch long card. It was sitting on the storage Panel so unless you remove the storage panel you have to limit yourself to under twelve inch long cards which is most cards and reference cards Roy. Ten and a half inches long so it's not an issue. This is the next biggest I had. The DUT did fit. It's the X. Effects Thick to thick three cooler so it fit and you can see around back. There's a there's first of all there's a panel. Ups You actually screws into. It's GONNA be hard to seek his his black that the issue but then that sits behind the storage train. You have plenty of room back year for your cable mess or whatever else you want to fit back here but actually the bill processes painless. The design is good. It's got this plastic lid which has a recess top which ended up being kind of like a useful thing to roll like it is a laundry hamper it. Basically is and he works as a case just fine. If you have the fabric cover in place it does add to the temps I mean they look. They picture it all fans on the bottom and a single fan up top. That's the maximum configuration. You can do up to three hundred sixty on the bottom one hundred twenty on top. I didn't put any extra fans at wanted to see how it would do with just the components installed as it came and it added about eight degrees the GPO under load and fifteen degrees this ep to the CPU suffered a little bit more because it was further down on the case and it wasn't you know right up at the top of GP was six Bel Air so does even fully Clo- hymns even fully clothed that leaves nothing to imagination. You can see right through it depending on the lighting components inside. You're not hiding anything right now. But you're extolling the virtues of the CPU temps. I was just GONNA take the I. I really should have added a temps with fans so I can still do that. But you know it's this is a case where if you'RE GONNA use it. Twenty four seven with the fabric cover on it. You absolutely need to be using intake exhaust fans just like they do in all of their promo shots but is not going to make her look fat because Bulges. No comment the only thing. Actually that I. I was a little leery of with the covers. At the power supply will be behind a cover so intake will be through fabric. An exhaust will be through fabric for the power plant matter. What so if I were to change anything about the design to may be reoriented so it was maybe a little bit longer than tall and the top as well so all also pushing air out the top seems to make more sense but it did it this way it works. I personally think it's a better deal as bench anyway. But for fifty. Five dollars it's just it's frigging rugged and you can do along with it. I like the idea of my test system being a protective cage. So that that's one thing. I don't like about the open top test benches. It's the only thing that I've ever had. That came close to its usefulness. As a test bench was Mild Dimas Tech Easy Bench table. Two point five I think is the one that I have and it was a taller. Open Test Bench. That had space for ups. You all your storage everything underneath and then you could put the motherboard top. This basically does the same thing. Except the whole thing can be enclosed and those diamox actually shipped with a fabric covering to as an optional thing. You could add your order. So it's like the same concept. The cover is a little bit harder to get on and off unless you were either. You can custom make slightly bigger one. It's quite tight. Even though it's a stretchy fabric the band that holds it in place. The top of the case is very tight so getting it up because you have to start it from the bottom and stretch it all the way to the top of the case you would not want to do like. I did it once. I did a second time for thermal testing and I was done with it at that point so but I mean Fifty five dollars for just look on Amazon right now for cheap open test benches. And you're going to see that they get expensive or not fifty five bucks right. They get the hundred hundred sixty. The Democrat was like one sixty nine. They go to like to forty nine. These aluminum ones that I inherited from the old office. You can kind of see that I think these are like one hundred thirty to one hundred eighty each and they they basically just hold a motherboard and a PSU underneath. There's not a whole lot you can. You can add storage to the side of it if you want to run out of space fast because we're so small but it really depends on what you have space for. But it's unique. They did something different and it worked all right. So if you're if you're looking for a very unique case or just a good value on a very functional testbed as bench. I stay in Win Alice and you can taste the rainbow it anything. You want to chat with the Zipper would be the ultimate MoD for this need to get a hold of somebody who can use sewing machine and say I need you to make me tube top. It's not for me. It's for Alice in Alice's my by the way There are some hilarious low key. Puns peppered throughout the review so definitely read it and try to find them. If you can all right let me Queue up our picks of the week. Here make sure everything's in order like it is okay so we'll jump into pixel the weekend. Wrap up this train wreck For the Lakers. It seems like the delays getting worse. And I have no idea why but I apologize. It's because I'm here. No I mean. Fashions fine yeah. It's Josh and Jeremy I'm noticing at least but the Pixel Week mine is Something that was. I'd seen this guy's videos before just browsing around. But our old friend. Allan Melvin Tahoe. We maintain a like a friend chat. Basically it's an old slack channel that We used to use when we're all at pc for and then now they're not we we just use it for personal keep in touch stuff and posted the video It's linked to YouTube channel called Jim Browning and there's a lot of these Channels out there. That go after Scammers the people who call you and claim to be from Microsoft tech support or the ones who put up a compromise ads and caused the screen to go into a fake blue screen. And Tell You you must call Microsoft now and then they either straight up hack you or they sell you very expensive unnecessary software and I mean I I would assume hope nobody. That's probably listening to this. Show has been victim to it but we probably know people who if they haven't been victim they're susceptible to this kind of crap and so you got guys like this who make these people's lives hell and this guy is incredible And so he has a ton of videos in this particular one He worked with the BBC on a sort of a mini documentary. That actually resulted in the people running this particular operation out of India getting arrested. And it's because this was special because he was able to find access to their IP Security Camera System. So He's calling these people and he's watching them as they try to scam him because he runs virtual machines. And doesn't you know He. He's tricking them and either wasting their time. We're trying to get more information. And and what he does is technically illegal and he admits that because he's hacking them but at the same time I want I want to see how long a prosecutor lasts tries to go after him for what he's doing. He has found a customer logs on these computers and proactively reached out to the victims trying to get them restitution. And it's very hard because the Indian government in Indian law enforcement despite their best efforts. It's hard for them to find the victims in another country. And so it's it's really. It's interesting to watch out he works. There's a lot of channels that do this and some of them are Click baby and some of them. The other more personality driven where people are wearing crazy outfits and using sound effects and all that this guy is just straight professional very interesting. He puts so much time and effort into mapping out to try to identify all the people involved so check it out. It's the Youtube Channel. Jim Browning and in this particular video. There's also a link to the BBC video that he contributed to and he has Patriot on as well. So if you WanNa if you find this interesting you find the work that he's doing valuable. Please check check that out as well so pretty interest in pretty interesting stuff. Give giving justice to these Scumbags who pull this shit all right next up in years Jeremy What have you got for us? I had to change my pick because I totally forgot about this until now and we have to talk about this. Beautiful Gorgeous piece of clothing. There is no way you can possibly live without amount. You A hoodie. Yeah I I check change. I'm sorry hang on. It was a last minute thing. Jeremy would've been talking yes. I narrative as though this exists behold it in all of its gorgeous nece for those of you who are on the audio channel. It is a Hoodie in the perfect knock. Jewel Brown with a symbol and some very barge white pole tabs for the Hoodie. But it's it's just unbelievable and it will keep you nice and cool or warm as you prefer. It's available in a wide variety of color. While it's by that I mean you know the two colors knocked you offers at the Brown and the gray if you get great. You're wrong it just. I can't believe this came out Earlier this wheeling Wednesday that they decided someone decided that they would put this out there and I am so tempted to buy one hoodies. Save Longhair don't work but isn't this more than just the corner bumpers. It's not really the color of the fan with the fan blades. I guess right well. Yeah yeah the fan blades itself and the corner bumper ads the well. The embedded profile of these images on Amazon is not necessarily completely final product at. My Monitor may not be fully icy corrected. If you could just send me one of those pucks over I could probably fix that up. And then then we can ensure all right. Let's let's wrap this up Josh. Go near I didn't know these things existed. They're thick thick thick thick mats. Because I've got I've got carpet in my office. Don't why probably shouldn't but anyway I need to say you know. I usually go through one of these things a year because they start cracking They they just you know big holes develop in them and you're rolling around and your wheel get stock in in one of these holes that go down now. This is a massive and fourteen pounds fiqh piece of. I don't know what the heck kind of plastic it is it is crystal-clear it's having I'm sitting I'm two hundred and fifty pounds and the wheels don't really even dent this thing. It's it's it's lovely and fifty five bucks which is about the price of a usual you go to staples when you get one of their high quality ones. You know. It's this really is massive and I I got one in. I'd love it because it doesn't bend will pick something I was going to use on the podcast. The microphone Interfaced in one agree with me. It's this thing you can kind of see not the microphone. They are looking for a good quality boom arm attached to a desk and the reviews and reputation of the really cheap ones is very poor and I needed something. That would actually hold a heavy Mike. In place in the arm wouldn't sag overtime. This got the best reviews of all the cheaper ones is forty dollars for the smaller version. Fifty for the one that I got this a thirty eight inch each and it's great. It does exactly what they said it was going to do. It's quiet when you adjust your hear those loud spring sounds and it holds even heavy Mike without falling over the course of the day. So it's the Samson M. B. A. Thirty eight which you know if you're looking at Amazon. It's the amazons choice for a boom arm for Mike for about fifty bucks and it it compares very favorably to something like the road which is over a hundred and you get into some pretty pricey territory with the pro desk mounts for my ex but this is a very good job for fifty. Would you rather have a mounting arm or a thick mat mounting? Our wine are both true. I'm that person who puts the rollerblade wheels on my desk chair ago. So don't worry as much about the mat. Su Good upgrade. Very good upgrade doesn't surprise me very much okay Brett Your picks I'M GONNA WALK. Right up to that demonitization line in step right on it so. I think the very first thing we've got to do this. This is a Combo one here so the first thing you want to do. Is You want to check out to see. Hey what areas am. I GONNA need to go to soon. That may be cancelled. So there's this website Which is Is it cancelled yet dot com. And I think this is the Internet is now calling this. Well there's a couple of people calling this The Human malware a situation. So you're looking through all these things that you may be attending. A canceled is canceled. So something out in front of you that you think you're going to go to definitely check this site before you head to the The virus infested airport or train station Before you go there and then figure out that The large gathering that you're headed to is sadly canceled or maybe heavily cancelled. His Matthews is not sadly no right. So the site is shockingly. Up-to-date is in the last forty eight hours or so so. Yeah this guy is on point but in close conjunction with this is the reason why this exists. Is this very educational website. That I'd like to bring up next and please If you're in a participating country definitely down download this and you can kind of get a is on a over looking to What the heck is going on with your favorite virus And you can figure out how to urge it along for a higher score if you're so inclined at this is for educational purposes. Only so I don't know why people have you know. Banned it in certain countries definitely go. Try This I've got like a six thousand high score going and I did just download the Zombie pack. So I'm GonNa have some fun without later. Of course there's definitely go. Play tried to be a very popular game available on like pretty much every platform. Yeah I've been playing on IOS. Actually so there's always Madagascar the play is your phone a while. Actually the the tutorial has the plague. Starting mention that I don't know now. That's what a coincidence are well. That's the show for this week. I apologize with technical issues that it's been deteriorating before my eyes like Jeremy's audio think Josh happened in start getting worse than Sebastian's audio started popping. I Don I have no idea what's going on but I'm very sorry for that. I'll try to have it cleaned up as best I can and post But if not disclosures which you do anyway close your eyes and picture linus or something. I don't know. Close Your eyes on your view tomorrow. I'll kiss you word solidify. Thanks everyone joining us this week. And we'll be back Next week Wednesday Thursday who knows but will be there and We hope to see you then thanks.

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