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For NPR Student Podcast Challenge, Many Students Tackle Climate Change


Support for NPR and the following message come from Dulles International Airport with the highest on time takeoff percentage of any airport on the east coast. I a d means I'm already departing more at fly Dulles dot com slash fast from the sunrise movement in the US to the school strike for climate and one hundred countries teenagers have become the faces of climate activism. We definitely heard from teens when NPR held its first ever student podcast challenge this spring, hundreds of the nearly six thousand entries in the nationwide podcast contest dealt with climate change and related environmental issues, on your communists of the NPR education team has more. Maybe is climate crisis sleeping love today. If not the Glaspie a seventh grader at Irving Robbins, middle school in Farmington, Connecticut has a podcast for you. I'm Keisha pansy, Emily glossy and their teacher. Alison Olsen says the girls started their podcast journey by thinking of climate change as a debate, but as they got deeper into. Their research their focus shifted to the gaps in their own education, and they got upset climate change should be censored from the ears of children as they tell their classmates who were given edited piece of the truth. So she should pants key ended their podcast with a passionate plea for change. I mean, this is scary, and we understand that. But people have realized that climate change is real, and it may be scary. But we are the ones that need to fix it. The title of their entry a missed opportunity the inconvenient truth about climate change in public schools across the country at Highland high school in Burien, Washington junior cat, Kwach zoomed in on a different aspect of the climate change problem in this podcast, we're going to be targeting about being vegan kwacha chopped up the climate benefits of a vegan diet, which can be an uphill battle given American fast food, culture, Taco Bell even serves Hakko with fried chicken, as we wrap our meat and other meats, who decided that we ever needed that much meat lily Wong. It's another junior at Highline. Who's pod? Cast considered the relationship between food and the environment. She bought her microphone to her family's Vietnamese restaurant where she says, at the restaurant, we don't compost, and often many things we buy like rice noodles, come in plastic packaging whereas imported from other countries, she interviewed her mother in the restaurant's kitchen about the practical barriers to becoming more sustainable, and as we often do it NPR. She interpreted for her mother from Vietnamese. Why don't we switch to bow degradable to go containers smoke required by law? It's a little bit more expensive. Speaking of sustainability the seventh graders at Gauchan middle school in Gauchan Indiana, produced several entries exploring the green new deal. These boys, put the issue in terms of their dream cars, the tesla model s because it will help the environment and it looks pretty cool. Well, I want a tesla roadster because it isn't electric car. So that means it does not put out carbon emissions students around the country told us, they aren't just researching the topic of climate. Change. They're also taking action themselves. Hey, so, my name is Zoe, and this is David these fifth graders in Maryland. Elementary in Bexley, Ohio started a project called SOS for save. Our seas. It's aimed at cutting back on plastic and increasing recycling, and their lunchroom Sandra. What do you know about recycling? Well, recycling helps the community in the whole earth by reusing plastic that we don't need, and we can make into something helpful. They announced their plan at a school assembly. Great. Round of applause to everyone who entered our student podcast challenge on cabinets. NPR news.

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