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Spiderman Fired From MCU & Arby's Taste Test Nightmare - H3 Podcast #137


To welcome everybody to the scooter nation <hes>. I'm your host either inclined aka. The skew foolish scooters join with me is my lovely co host and wife. Ila klein poopie minimus scooters fish minutes. Today's episode is sponsored by privacy and ring and we come first of all with great news last week. We had our epic scooter <hes> extravaganza really we talked for close to an hour. We order scooter live. We did a poll everybody a vast majority of people they voted fifty percent voted for the gatsby and i thought at first <hes> is just such a stupid scooter but that's what makes it great. You know mike the guy we were talking to. Who wanted to take on a scooter ride with me reached out and he's like yo really funny show. Oh everybody's been blowing our website up but but seriously i work on commission so if you want to hook me up and i was like mike big mike i gotta get you that commissioner mesh yeah. The dance been chatting with big. Mike actually here have his email. I thought it was so funny which is apparently not that big right because what was his weight big big mike. Do we actually get his way well. What did he say that he weighed. He said enough already now he just said. I have a feeling he's pretty big okay. I have ceiling you on big big to me. How do you sound big york. Come on you know yeah. There's like there's something went down the lung so do i sound fat. You're big chunky but i'm not like. I'm not six hundred pounds but anyway well. We'll have to find out mike true. Wait a lot of funny idea. She's like actually maybe you can now. Take mike on a scooter ride. I think it's meant tim b. He's in florida though in florida good earn. That's a real while if we're gonna make a scooter nathan video we should go to florida to oh my god this coulda warehouse and try them all out. I'll end up like you know those viral videos where like all the scaffolding falls. That'll be me so a lot of people were impersonating. We have lots of impersonators but this was the one was like mike from at top mobility dot com and i was like oh. This is the real mike not talking about. Sorry sorry that's competitor. Which one is it <hes> progress yeah. I wish that top mobility 'cause i'm a true fan of dot website but appropriate what's cooler logo to progress mobility yes sir. What does that mean progress like. I'm fat and i'm in mobile and i can't move now. I can move. That's progress progress. They're like there's nothing actually wrong with you but you wanna move and we can make it happen. That's it. That's literally progress. He said hello there so you bet last night that featured our conversation about the double seated scooter. If i knew i was having such a big audience i would have been funnier mike you you were perfect act the life try to be says. I says the mike mike. You've lost all credibility after he said he doesn't use the scooter and he responded sounded. Okay that's it. That's why you're alive. <hes> thanks for making my normally routine mundane job pretty exciting for once and if you're really look indoors scooter we work on commission. Be happy to hook you up and help you out self mike. This one goes out to you. We ordered. We officially ordered with mike here today. We're proud to announce. We are the proud owners of a <hes> gatsby the great gatsby in red luxury mobility mobility scooter. We spent three thousand five hundred dollars on this. We're fucking around here. You'd think we're not sauce. Do this was a true democratic attic vote and you guys chose this one because we were actually leaning towards like the classic look and want yes boring but when i thought about it i goes ghost man. If i'm thinking like icon icon iconic said a word no no kind of when i'm thinking nick do do when i'm thinking of like no but not iconic but like iconography is a word that sounds weird. What i'm trying to say is like when you have the image of scooter nation in your mind typical scooter. That's fine but what i'm saying. The gatsby is so unique so luxurious so so outrageous that like imagines drying me. They are scooter nash and on the front. You have these big bold beautiful letters that gatsby. I'm on a i'm on a choo train a mobility scooter. I mean the powerful yeah. We have a lot of great ideas though you go. You're saying our fans knew what they're avoiding for it. They they got good. I think so yeah there ain't good choice wasn't ours now but also mike said that the gatsby is not good right. He said he says has it as a customer satisfaction rating of one point five so swayed us from getting it and our eyes did wonder for a moment but then i says this is democracy says look mike the one one metric you guys don't measure on on your website is medium <unk> mythology yeah like a meme rating and that would have a perfect ten if you did. What's that san bernard me and mcconnell me right so i don't think he's taking all considerations into play so i i respectfully disagree disagree with you. Mike on that one and frankly you have lost all credibility at this point so there you have it and it is going to live in five days. Apparently eh well five to ten. We'll we'll see clearly. Somebody's not driving it over being. How'd you deliver that. I have no idea i sedan who's bringing that to us. How are they are. They coming setting it up. I mean what's happening so we're just gonna show up. I think we're just gonna show up one day to the office and the gatsby is going to be waiting here. All some scooters are on amazon like you can buy a scooter on amazon yeah. That's just crazy <hes> amazon though so it'll probably like catch on fire immediately when you got it. I know it's like a fake chinese fate exactly <hes> so they have. I wonder if we need to like wax and china because it looked so polished in the picture the most for reference i mean you guys may not know what we're talking about. Yeah let's gatsby luxury scooter. I loved it. There have been a luxury scooter but here this is the gatsby. We're the proud owner of a gatsby. I have some really good ideas for its you guys. I think we're going to have a lot of this thing and so. If anyone says there were not enough yeah i mean you tell them. We spent thirty five hundred dollars on this fucking day one point five star satisfaction rating yep could be i. I think looks like donald trump saying you kinda. Gotta keep like polished up. You know that'll be ends job. Keep the we shine well. I'm looking forward to that until then. We have been talking a lot of shit about arby's. It's looks disgusting. It sounds disgusting. Stink everything about it is a horrid <hes>. We watch recently. They made a meat care. I guess to a taunt and humiliate to be little vegans and so we thought okay arby's. Let's take a shot at this so this is our new segment mint called advertised verse reality so we have got a select items here for display and we're gonna see well first of all that already looks inevitably discussing but let's see is it doesn't look like this or what we're gonna taste. It and we're going to tell you rb abi nation so even once you come in here in is going to present this to us because he went this morning about all this stuff and <hes> he is arby's expert of sorts. He even admitted to me that him and his family used to frequent frequently go to arby's outright in now. What was your go-to. When you went to arby's with your family the classic beef and cheddar this is cheddar. It looks like nachos like as a kid and adult as a kid. I haven't i've been there. It's what is this. This is not cheddar cheese. We can compare it. Should we bust that one open. We got it so <hes> <hes> yeah. Let's go classic. Let's just get right into it all right so this is the first one so i've got an art. We set up arby's cam so here. We go okay so do thank you. We were put that oh my god. This is so repulsive okay so that's what it's supposed to look like. Here's the rb cam. Can you see it roast beef sandwiches a nasty badge bro like here's here's the blips and then this is the zoom in because i mean that's a lot of meat man. They have the meats. Where's the cheese. Though oh my god they missed the center bro. That's not cheddar. That's like fucking nacho cheese. They did one dollop of nacho cheese on the left side of the of the sandwich. You see that so. Let me describe the steel. These are the lips this this is the inside and then this is the cream pie. Oh dan is like dying uh-huh cheese side even i'm gonna get i'm gonna have i already have diarrhea. The whole of brad brad golo stale flavor do you <hes> would you like when we've not really if you gotta try. It's sweet wasn't aware that i was gonna try and sweet. <hes> diarrhea still okay took one bite now my question am i gonna take another. Were you want me tasted without one show this. So what does this one. Let's just the non-chinese one. It's just very sad looking at this shit. I mean what is as look like naked do does it looks like a mega doodoo. Look at this arby's you call this a this ground. It looks like some some weird turkish like intestines. Look how it comes apart and this is a sad meal right here. Do what you've got to try is trying to charge the roast beef. Literally tastes like the inside of a cow's rectum. I'm telling you it's gonna weird flavor favor. I'm pretty sure the arby's it. We did go to when i was a kid. <hes> there one in town and i think it closed down because they found a rat in the kitchen. You got closed down for one wrap. It was like they got closed down. It was way worse than that it was they were cooking. The rap dogs prankster cardio. Take a big bite into what you think but the cheese. I'll tell you what i'll tell you why don't taste that one the cheese masks. I feel like this is the real experience near. It totally does taste like masterton yeah. I'm kidding. Get that out of your face or eat this so what you have is shaved vaginal. If they're so gross it tastes like as washing like a minute lexin stalag nightsidegear. Oh yeah is there was there. You can't make sure there's no tampon in that before you bite him. I feel like i'm on fear factor. <hes> um look at what's on the line for fifty thousand. <hes> let such a lame bite but it tastes like yeah. It's gamely right like you know how lamb has gaming. It's got a gamey flavour which you wouldn't expect you know of course one so. How would you rate it against the you know appearance first expectation god that roast beef actually looks like just i mean not to nitpick you hear arby's but the caller is completely different. Look at and look how thin this is <music>. It's like literally like it will. It's like lighter than air like. I think it will float mega do co. Thin that okay i have. I got the whole experience for you. I mean look at this seriously. You hunger komo good on that one. Thank you though okay next okay so this one is the one that you saw last time. Ella had a good laugh about this one and she'll try it. I know you're also this one. Sorry the buffalo slider. Here's the buffalo slide on the show gerald so here's the use tampons it. I thought it was in the on the sandwich but it's they put him bread right dan and show the picture one more time just to refresh. No we go. We go guys now. Let's see this is exciting. So why do they make it look so extended in that one like it. They make it pop out. The sides like it actually looks more reasonable here. The ad like others jisr sauce come down the side and so this one was the container to okay breath. Thank you so i mean. The saas game is just out of control here. I mean look at this. What a mess so we want looks better too. This was not a problem though the roast beef is absolutely no no doubt rose. The advertisement looks so foul it looks better in reality but look at just off the side of the sauce here you see that old nasty and i'll save that for you know <hes> you don't hate did it. I don't hate this one and it looks in reality. What kind of segment going on i didn't know that i was going to be trying all this arby's nonsense. I guess i wasn't thinking i got the membrane. I don't think any more such a small bite kind of what you expect. It's not for me. It's not bad but i did want to show you guys this because he had the pariah at comes in this and even had to pry out the bottom and i wanted to show you guys what was leftover. I mean frankly i had to like. I had to really tug the added out. It was disgusting. It's a pretty i wouldn't recommend anyone that you wouldn't know. I mean what can you do is not really food. Well don't jordan on that. When you're eating out buds what do we this is the one right below this chicken slider chicken slider loan. Why does everything look like jr. Is i feel like i'm at a lack of words. Describe this food but everything looks like jr is now easy and gonna try anything here. I think i'm good on this. Dude the cheese. Look at this wanna see some shit some magic's david blatant chet mega. Do do you see this this. Does it come up healthy mazing like i don't need this top bread. It's close to feel that yeah hawaii sauce. That's a horsey sauce. Oh here you hungry. This fell off. What is that look at that way. That's with you yeah the disaster. How is there a cube of cheese here. I don't know here's there's more oprea. What's the horsey sauce. This sounds like a thing called horsey sauce which i guess is horseradish sauce. What do you have to call horses again. I feel like it's a alluding to a horse load like if i was for breeding horses i'll be like give me the horsey sauce there louis. I agree with that. I mean yeah. It's <hes> on horsea sauce. It's i i mean i have no interest in drinking horse. Come but zac isn't zeca down one of these zach back. Is that going back. He was like <hes> zach loves in apparent that goes yelp of course he does note standards at all as a guy goes <hes> cam you one of those horsey packets. I wanna drink. It was like what so i asked him to to wait so that we can actually actually watched what that what that looks like <hes> but let me read the ingredients okay because apparently <unk> horseradish ingredients and order is soybean oil water high fructose corn syrup distilled vinegar corn syrup modified cornstarch egg yolk. I okay horseradish. Powder is like the one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven ingredient. That's horsey sauce. They probably couldn't legally call it horseradish sauce so they called it. Horsey ges sauce. Go ahead and doesn't mention any ingredients doesn't mention oh. There's no while they wouldn't. You don't have to label that actor. It's one of those greenhoff the label i mean. I don't know what calcium die sodium e._d._t._a. Actually go ahead for. I'll watch in your big moment. Open your mouth and show us before you swallow. They go up to the camera. Appreciate your that's my eh. It's another one what is wrong with you. Why why are you do all right slam. Another horse shows the aftermath you we'll use just squirted all over your face your number two but boy waterfall it because we can't. Let's see what's going on well. We can't see we have to at least see out. The real horses shot eh get close to the camera if you can yeah higher higher higher higher. I can't even see it. What what a waste of a horse he shot. Let's see it god bro so they can't imagine now e. n. Did you grow up. Doing that. Kind of stuff was we pass on you some jiggling going on yeah. You didn't take any horseshoe loads. No i did it. They shouldn't even show doesn't mature rating right there after we horse yeah yeah kind of burns burnt no way clem media. I dunno. I caught something burns. Well let me taste well. Let me put some horsey sauce on. It apparently horsey load. Let me you're gonna shotgun it. They wanna put a little horse here a waterfall. You guys can see what it looks like. They're it's like a bird shitting on your sandwich george or horse horse as a horsey. Load doesn't look like i mean yeah. Let's that's the law. That's a big load drinks. It looks just like the cheese here we go okay. I got a stick horse. It's a big shout on announce card. Just wherever that's actress drink to bro. It's it's not sitting right. This is gonna be what are you feeling. I got like some gurgles going on. Oh no keep us updated. I will take a horse biting some cheese so cheers everyone to your health and to might not health to my health sure nice shoe night doc. Oh don't so gross uh-huh oh really strong <hes> oh no bro. That's fucking foul. It's like a man as he discuss. Fucking horse ges the only way to describe that your turn yellow. Oh my god for love of the game. I didn't enjoy this looks so awful right on on the horse inside now. There's a lot here. I don't think such by yes completely okay what the focus i was going to try to you. I feel okay. That's so gross. Describe what your experience to horseradish wood plastic. Okay don't like horseradish. You know imagine chasing two-pack you give c._b._s. That's awful nothing good about that and after knowing you shotgun two of those differently but ultimately eight to go back to the sandwich i have to say they're definitely overselling the freshness of the but but <hes> they really didn't dress it up and the ad like look. It's a piece of fried chicken with a disgusting plastic cheese and two pieces of bread so i guess they're they're not far from reality early advertised <hes> we got two more. Oh my god what is that so. That's i think all the way to the top. I think this is the the bourbon brisket. Oh no. Oh god i got to look into that. It looks like roadkill trying that one either one hundred dollars a year or fifty two oh we we didn't show that for you. Oh do this smell this. This thing is such a monster cursive. All the bun is nice and soggy. You've got french. What is in here bacon. French fries mm-hmm roast beef cheese rb sauce. Oh no looks like a heart attack. It looks like it looks like somebody with the cowboy. Hat named rb found some roadkill on the side of the road and fried it up and this is what i'm eating how come other ships like the same color. Oh you notice that like the elder food is brown. Just brown like fuck okay. That's the worst beca. It literally turned the thought of my mouth. You need some horsey load on that uh-huh so dry empowering sandy powdery. I mean for telling you you. You have to try this to believe it and you see sandy. It's sandy broke all dehydrated so when your saliva hits it disintegrates turns to ash. Is there any goodness in it. Zach you love it no sweet as a game. It's dusty what needs to happen to this like ah like just that's just another day in your life she just ordering this this is this is a good old boy do they didn't like just imagine in this restaurant. They named an arby's and dan. Do we have a picture of the logo. May we got a lotta shit. I heard him comment on our shot. I don't see other can can you make bigger. I talk about this logo. <hes> let me see if i got an easy way to keep talking about horsey sauce. Why does their logo take a full screen. Oh well that makes a whole lot of fucking sense arby's logo. You tell me right now when you're saying i was saying that there's a lot of rb fans and <hes>. I just heard that we're upsetting a lot of people when i picked up all this food. There's like nine forty in the morning. It was poppin nine forty. An arby's open. Look at this that is a used that is literally a used condom. Where do you think all this horsey sauce comes from. This is their logo a dude name rb. This is what my by my house was lit up with. It looks like some like c._d. Vegas special purpose purpose from those guys spelled it out but i mean seriously that's a used condom but i <hes> i mean i can z. like to all arby's fans. Some of these weren't like far from as advertised so if you're into it. You're gonna like it go ahead. What were you saying what happened in your life. The family at nine forty a m okay go ahead. Take a big bite none none of this none of this little baby bites can in their take on rb by tell me about it she speech. She shaking her head. No what do they even like. There's a lot going on here what i experienced a whole marcia brown yeah. I'm not experiencing that. I don't know there's layers no very distinct layers in that picture but i'm not sure i'm all blended up and just like it's just one goo- the sandy did you get that kind of yeah. Go ahead in taking a bite just for the love of the game sure. I'll try this one too but you just took a hold on you. Say goodbye to that. I skip breakfast some kind of all right. I got a piece so bad. Well wait 'til after the the bed is over. I won't go back to that one. No second by hi to that. It's so dry dame gets new torchy's horsey load do we have we have more um. I think we have one more but <hes> we're at break time so you're saying is it right now. It's thirty right now so let's just finish up with these fries yeah. This is the last let's take a break. We'll be back with the fries. You guys aren't gonna want to miss this. I guarantee. I mean imagine how this is going to be all right. We'll be back. I'm gonna go puke. There's a lot of times on the internet and i want to buy something with a card ba. 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I'm just saying it's the best product back in the game. Actually i need to reference so. I need to read this as a listener. You have a special eh offer on ring starter kit available right now with the video doorbell motion activated floodlight cam. The starter kit has everything. You need to start building a ring of security around your home. Just go to ring dot com slash. H three that's ring dot com slash h three welcome back everybody. We have one final item the cheesy bacon curly fries now. It's looking pretty nice there. I like how the sauces this is. All the fluidity not the case not the case that is just so they free single mass. Yeah i mean frankly. I'm just honestly look. I'll fix nick sorry. I had to do it. <hes> it's like a lava cake. It's a horsey load lava cake in the the middle. There's just hor sieges. Do you got it so it's a lava cake with horsey load in the middle so let's see how's it looking in the middle. Actually i'm gonna show you the top because what they've done is they've looked preloaded it with horsey ges. The cheese is all plastic metallic. Look at test. Had oh my god here we go god. I don't feel right. My son is so bad for meeting the shuhei from the mic. Thank thank you them. Everyone thinks the ors logo in the top left. Oh my god come close up. You're so here. This is this is this is the three restart mitchell and meal right here. I got the horse sieges. You got the fake plastic cheese. Apparently it's cheddar. Even though i'm sure it came from a pump bacon that's been dehydrated shipped from china and then they add water disintegrates from your mouth fries is there were fried seven days ago. Oh came together for this perfect. Three-star meal cheers everybody. Oh i was pretty fun by the way i wanted to ask you within. Oh that's dropping like a like a brick. I wanted to ask you. How is your diet growing today not good but the good thing when i eat a meal like this. I'm almost certainly going to be having diarrhea or puking including out. I mean honestly right. You kind of go down the account. I'm basically just eating a laxative right now. You you take this medicine for you. Get a colonoscopy that cleans out your whole system <hes>. That's basically what arby's is. I feel like i'm gonna puke. No joke yeah well are you. Are you standing standing. Oh now is that all right so well. I've got a pilot dog should on my desk doc. Let's continue on. She get rid of that of clinton so thank you down. Dan is gonna come graciously. Now you okay. This is how you get rid of arby's nice very nice. Thank you then. I love it. This camera is pretty handy. Yeah so you think that being in your hands all right. Does everyone want to eat arby's. All these people actually gonna go arby's but my my goal is really not yeah. I think so much of our still gonna go eat it. I know i'm afraid that's true. Well you do with what you will. <hes> let me ask a us accurate. The arby's proponent are you gonna run need arby's right now. After this experience now because there we this crazy like <hes> the brisket one the supposed to have all these layers is exact go hit this up. I thought he would want it and he goes. Do i have to eat this of course not. I figured you'd want it. No i'm <hes>. I think i'm done ski here. You know ultimately arby's. I have to say this for it. You can put powdered sugar over a piece of shit but ultimately it's still a piece of shit what i would say like all their sandwiches. All this gamy disgusting drive out roast beef. You can put french fries on it. You could horseshoes on it. You can put any rings on it. You can change the bread but ultimately all you're doing is putting powdered sugar on a pile of shit right. It's beautiful man. I thought you don't like it. I can what i expect warriors. Honestly you can't stay saying that. It's not me i wouldn't i would never eat little baby by not a win over the audience that then then like well. What do you think about this see. I could see someone into you. Know what i mean is it funnier and image word says you can put chocolate chips obscenity shit but it's still shit. I've thought powdered sugar was a strong image because you cover it and you're like oh. What's this patrick sugar on it but but something about chocolate chips and duke is funny as well <hes> when i ordered it i remember for now that the woman was very forceful about the horsey sauce. I got the bag she went on economists. I'm like i think we're good and she was like i was like no. We're fine and she was like are you. Wait really come on. I'm going to give you some and i said and she ignored me and grabbed a big hampel well. I have to say get rid of it in and her defense. You should've got horsey. Saw kind of yeah. Yeah totally forgot they had the special kind. I thought was just like catch up so no or seesaw boy so she say she poison does this bit when not have been as good without the whole quebec. Save the show horsey load the horsey. Look zack's fucked awesome piece. I thought you were just making because it's called horsey sauce that it sounded like judges or whatever but when he opened his mouth and it was yeah i mean that blew my mind. I was actually called horsey size or the slang that people call it but well. I'm ready to go a home. We have got more show to do fucking on so i don't know i'm supposed to talk about the amazon fire now. She's load. All everyone in brazil's like our whole country's on fire. I'm like i just had foresee load so let's keep it in perspective brazil. I do talk about brazil fire because <hes> this is. This is important thing yeah. This is absolutely absolutely crucial that we understand what's going on there <hes> three weeks now. A huge section of the amazon force is on fire. The guardian reported that seven hundred thirty nine square kilometers during the thirty first of may was was lost. That's equivalent to two football fields every minute that's insane. Here's some pictures of what's going on over wither this has been going on since may <hes> over three weeks. It says yeah thirty last during during the thirty one days of may <hes> that's confusing wait. It's been going on for a while. I know that and people are like why. Why isn't we talk. I mean look get this the whole fucking. That's insane. Look at the size of this fire. Is that not like the whole amazon rainforest manno like all. This is rainforest but that is remarkable. This is a shot from space. You can see you. That ain't good there. It is the biggest force on the planet. Earth looks like the hollywood hills. Look at this the that's lush beautiful green forest yeah so sad the biggest biggest rainforest provides twenty percent of the auction and the entire world barracks like how are we going to cope with the loss of this rainforest rainforest two football fields our that's so crazy so this is <hes> close by cities or cities throughout brazil in the middle of the day or driving with their headlights on because it's so smoking the country this day more people talk about it because when you told me about it which was like maybe a few days ago oh i that was the first time i heard i didn't see it anywhere so i i heard about it and i think it was a movement within brazil to raise awareness. I saw like something something about save amazonia and it was like number one trending and it was about. I think it was a bunch of brazilian people being like hey. We need the world see this goes. Are the amazon forces on fire <hes>. I don't know why i mean. I don't know why more people are talking about this. It affects affects. All of us feel like in the last twenty four hours. It's a profile is raised pretty significantly. I'm seeing a lot of talk about it now that it's been going on for awhile and we're only now hearing about. It is pretty telling there's more. I've got obviously a lot more to say about what caused it. How the government's responding being here's a video at two pm on south in sao paulo. Two pm middle of the day is what it looks like it while it's pitch black. It's pitch black two pm. Imagine what it's like to be in the and that's the holy when i saw the rainforest was on fire. I'm like we are so oh fucked because not only is there more droughts there now while here. I've got a hold up here. According to your own news it's unclear whether the fires were caused by agricultural activity or deforest ization both have accelerated rapidly under the brazilian president <hes> hair bolsonaro both san antonio sorry for that pronunciation out who made opening the amazon amazon the corporate exploitation a key plank of his election campaign so this guy basically ran and this is a really tough philosophical question. Okay brazil is a they have a strong economy but they're like still developing and their biggest natural. Oh resource is the amazon rainforest. They're d- logging it. They're using the land for agriculture. Previously they had protected the lamb and this guy came in saying i am going to open it up and activate our economy so he deregulated and now all the farmers and agriculture is our bay. They basically light the fires on purpose to clear land but the fires have just gotten out of control. All and deforestation itself is making the the forest less moist. When you reduce the size it's it's got like a moisture profile and and it dries it up essentially and so it's more much more prone to being burned. I mean it shouldn't be happening that the rainforest rainforest is on fire at all but <hes> deforestation and agricultural activity ak people actually just lighting fires to clear land is is why this is going on due to the due to the changed by the president but it's a it's a interesting problem because like affects the whole globe. That's everybody so it's coming. It's the sovereignty of their country. I was thinking like we the u._n. Developed all countries should pay them. Whatever it is they make a year from harvesting land or whatever the fuck just we need to pay them to not touch that fucking forest because not only are you providing less oxygen but you're also the amount of c._o. Two that's coming off from burning orest is ridiculous. It's accelerating. It's accelerating global warming. <hes> i don't know i think that needs you and intervention. They cannot touch that fucking forest and obviously their sovereign countries. We have to make it worth it for them. We have to bribe type them in short because obviously the only thing that will talk is money yes because that's why they're doing so you have to remove their incentive for wanting to mccleary they don't i. I don't think people want to be living. I can only imagine when we had the fires here within leave the house and it was nothing like this. It was just kinda like dust and the air but you were saying. You didn't want to be outside of your left. Don't go outside. If you're you know sensitive asthma these mother fuckers kenge eh son so crazy. <hes> wildfires in the amazon are not natural events but instead caused by a combination nation of drought which is <hes> happening worse and worse from climate change and human activities. <hes> both climate change and regional deforestation are linked to increases in the intensity and frequency of droughts over the amazon. <hes> the amazon force has experienced three major droughts consider. They used to be considered once in a century events once every hundred years for some fluke of nature they will get a drought now at they had major droughts in two thousand five two thousand ten and both two thousand fifteen fifteen and sixteen so the forced is drying out is getting less rain. That's one hundred years happen. Fi four times in the past twenty year's brazilian president wanted to go ahead and say this <hes> so i don't get mega way to <hes>. I think it's the ear naral. I mean come on. That's probably terrible to ipod yeah. Yeah both scenario <hes> <hes> d._d. Mega doodoo so the brazilian president d._d. Mega doodoo blamed environmental groups. This guy is such adduced by the way he this guy's a fucking nightmare he goes. Maybe and i am not affirming it all these ngo people because i think there's a lot of <hes> of a nonprofit organizations out there trying to trying to you know take care of the lines of the earth as they call it. He accused them carrying out some criminal actions to draw attention against me against the government of brazil at the cost of ruining the rainforest. That's why they're dare do crazy. Brazil has had more than seventy two thousand fire outbreaks so far this year and eighty four percent increase on the same period did last year <hes> this is kind of heartbreaking but open it up just to give you guys indigenous woman. There's people that live in the forest facing these assholes came in and burned down our reservation on all the media here to see it not get him on me the big you know so sad. What a beautiful piece of nature. I don't know it's like dude. It's the long it's it's the lungs of the earth. I mean it's so important to the planet at so important to the planet. What about you know we say they have a sovereignty but what about the indigenous people i mean they were there in the forest before anyone came in so so habitat for like i don't know exactly the details by half half of your animal species the most diverse <hes> an abundant place of life on the planet <hes> the president on a facebook live broadcast and you know brazil's tits backwards when president is going facebook live on thursday. Can you imagine imagine facebook live the president he on low on thursday a president would be on periscope periscope man trump michael facebook live universal on thursday that countries they give money to preserve the amazon rainforest do not do it for charity but to interfere with our sovereignty. He said he does not want charity. Group helping to protect the rainforest but you know okay yes we genocide genocide of the native americans but at least now we give them the sovereignty over the land they have these indigenous tribes were there before the portuguese and spanish came and took over brazil like that four should have its own sovereignty while the woman at least in the translation. She did mention a reservation of some kind and so <hes> well. They're burning it down. Yeah i mean obviously i guess they weren't supposed to. We haven't been fantastic about respecting are natives reservations either to be honest so no that's true yeah one of my yeah. We killed him. We definitely killed them all so not great <hes> for the first time the brazilian president acknowledged that farmers might be involved in lighting fires in the region well. That's that's progress so on a on an extremely terrifying note. Oh scientists are warning that losing another fifth of brazil's amazon will trigger the feedback loop known as dieback which the force begins to dry i out and burn and a cascading system of collapse beyond the reach of any subsequent human intervention greg sir sir off that felt so bad reading scary man. It's not good. I feel like we're fuck. I feel like the plant like seeing this now that rainforest on fire. I feel like this is a critical moment for us as a species and on top of that. It seems like there's nothing you can do about it. I mean what can you do. I think the u._n. And governments need to make quick action to preserve that. I think none of anyone doing anything. I don't know people are not taking climate change seriously even our own government our own president says it's a chinese hoax and we were all just arguing about until the frog and the boiling water you know you don't realize it's boiling until you're already boiled. It's crazy. Why are people taking climate change seriously. It is out of control. The reinforce is on fire guys. The last half century about one fifth of the forest or three hundred thousand square miles has been cut cut or burned in brazil whose border contains almost two thirds of the entire amazon basin. This is an area larger than texas axes area. That's been burned is larger than texas. Yes <hes> the climate change would excel in the removal of the forest forest. The burning of the forest would accelerate climate change massively. What do you do about that you know. The rainforest has been in existence for at least fifty five million years so i'm not crazy makes sense yeah. It makes sense to me but like i don't know stefan what do you do. You know good question well. I mean what's the united states is usually the one that take the lead on these kinds of global initiatives but the trump doesn't believe in global climate change he that you know i mean. I don't think he's gonna say anything about it. He's all about sovereignty. He'll say brazil. Do your thing dude. It's so shortsighted. We are gonna fucking die. Everyone's gonna die dude. The planet is gonna you know the hottest day of summer. That just fucking sucks ass you not. This is the hottest year on record again. <hes> and it's not not just hot. It's gonna be hot here and l. A.'s gonna be uninhabitable. Europe might freeze over amazon rainforest will disappear global global. I mean the the the c line is going to raise twenty feet putting most coastal cities underwater but yet yeah. It seems like almost everybody doesn't fucking care. I mean at what point. I think that the amazon force being on fire could be a good catalyst. May people luke air nobody to begin with idea. I hear about it for a while. It seems like until the last day i'm starting to sit in the news but you need a concerted global effort right now the only thing i can affect it. It seems so funny that about iran's nukes you know what i'm saying the iran nuclear deal. We need a brazilian. Don't fucking cut down the rainforest deal <hes> our generation. Everyone loves making fun of our generation. The millennials and it's like liquid we were are born into we were left with this dying planet a unsustainable disparity of wealth in which nobody can afford to buy fucking house we are now. We're facing the earth fire automation as removing more and more judges at shake shack this weekend. There was all you just order on the tablet. There's nobody there. They don't even need to communicate with just people in the kitchen. It was great and i'll tell you what the customer that's. That's the truth that's right. It was great experiences better i don't. I don't want to talk to anyone who was nice. Andrew andrew yang is the only person who's actually addressing future issues. Nobody's even think like one of the main <hes> li <hes> people running are not even thinking about the big issues that we need to be thinking about well to be fair. I mean just yesterday. Bernie came out with breath. The giant climate change plan or whatever sounds good. Yeah thank god but i think automation i think is equally as important but well. I think the obviously global warming is number one because this we need to keep the planet habitable yeah right the point automate. Just just imagine listen. You know what theodore fucking how he's gonna both just problems already here. I think it's about what about our grandchildren. I'm not not sure that this earth is going to be habitable for our grandchildren. That's crazy to think about yeah. Let me read this again. Scientists warned warned that losing another fifth of the brazil amazon will trigger the feedback loop known as dieback which the force begins to try out and burns in skating system collapsed laps beyond the reach of any subsequent human intervention. It's a chinese oaks also it's. I mean who why are these people so shortsighted leaders are leaders are sociopaths. Ask they care about power glorifying themselves. They have no long-sightedness they don't give a fuck because when they die and they had their little power trip when they're alive and not to control the world. They don't care about what's left even for their own kids. Yeah it's awful. I'd rather eat fucking rather. Ito are an rb sandwich then then read this again deal with this. You know what i'm saying. I feel even worse now than when i ate some a horsey load. I guess what i'm trying to well. We got lots of horsey loads for you. What happens when the horses go extinct. He's gonna provide horsey loads then right exac yet. No man scary. <hes> we got. Spiderman is a good one spire man. This is an interesting story now onto something really important global warming ship. <hes> <music> spiderman was kicked out of the marvel cinematic universe no no spiderman now. This is interesting. I'm going to tell you why once iron iron man. You know what we've all seen the this spoil it. There's this is you've lost the right to avoiding spoilers. Am i right assuming that yeah so so when with iron man dead and captain america of retired spiderman was they built him up at this as the kind of the centerpiece of this new unfolding universe and so it's really interesting story <hes> tom holland spiderman is out after negoti between sony and disney broke down sony has owned the film rights to spider man since the late nineties which they originally bought from marvel for a mere seven million dollars at the time marvel was not doing well and was desperate for cash. They actually offered to sell the film rights to all of their characters for about fifty million but sony politely passed passed and just took spidey. Has this good investment. You're seven spiderman movies so far have grow six point. Five billion billion dollars is not return on what is that like a what kind of is that like a thousand percent. <hes> return some yeah almost right yeah seven billion sony's like <hes> <hes> so the deal disney made it was sony to get spiderman back with marvel was that sony would finance the films disney would produce them at disney. His knee would receive five percent of the gross so complicated sony was making the lion h-share of the yeah so sony was paying putting up the money to produce the movies and disney would actually do you know their their creative team. I'm would actually make it and then sony would get ninety. Five percent of the profits in disney would only get five percent that was the deal well that's pretty heavy duty and so what d- so what an exchange j._c. was able to borrow the character end cap so even captain america an event <hes> ventures inches infinity ward. They got ninety five percents. No no no no that was that's what disney got out of the deal is a their movies vendors movies and capital the movie. They got to us if sony was making ninety five percent of all those spidey movies. That's fucking crazy <hes> yet. I mean these these to most recent ones you know with the with the kid so five percent of the gross profits was still one hundred million dollars for disney so nothing to scoff at but obviously disney's looking for some juicier. They're looking at the bay leaves. They want the belly. Hundred million disney's like yeah whatever it's like a light don't tip. That's like a when you when you like are delivering pizzas gives you a buck and you're like knife. Worth my fucking time does one hundred hundred million to disney basically disney was willing to take a relatively small cut because they knew what a massive crowd pleaser would be to have spiderman integrated into the marvel movies. He's the time it was worth it to them to skew the money for the marketing hype fan satisfaction and provided by having arguably marvel's most popular character as part of of their film universe the deal they struck ended with the most recent live action spider man fell far from home that meant they went back to the bargaining table. I see so they're deal expired. This time disney was asking for a much bigger cut. Disney wanted to split the profits. It's fifty fifty 'cause they had built this huge franchise and make a ton of money. You know that i gotta say that doesn't sound unreasonable if if they were making ninety five percent before disney's making the films you know yeah that's ridiculous cut <hes> <hes> there are mixed reports from industry insiders on whether disney outright refuse this or if they offered a compromise sony refusing right bright a compromise like eighty twenty or seventy five twenty five but the specifics are unknown negotiations apparently stalled for now sony says they plan dan on moving forward with the spiderman franchise without marvel's involvement. That is so weird can they. You even used home holland and like continue. They knew they can yeah. I mean he's he's part of <hes>. You know the whole spiderman thing not necessarily part of disney's contract with disney. That's weird right like i mean it's gonna. They gonna be in a different universe. No that makes sense now. Since this story cory broke out there has been rumors that they have reached a deal because of an instagram post that tom hall and a hello. Is that what you're basing it on yeah. Let me see the articles that it's a rumor right this morning. There seems to be some bugs that maybe they'll posted a picture of him. Wade mr stark. We did it. Mr stark and you think that's alluding to the fascist. I mean not me people are thinking there are people are trying to read into it. Fucking eleven million likes jesus christ. Eleven million likes fuck. Fuck me <hes> interesting well. I had no doubt that they would make a deal. They're just disney. Just just wants a little taste. You wanna. They wanna what they're left. Celo bit here. They're like luck. They'd come on one hundred million. I want some that seven billion any failing google and around on the on the trade deadline and variety and none of them are reporting anything about them reaching a deal so it's just insistent rumor from those pictures that's all others more pictures yeah go more to the right and what sexual nature <hes> mart. That's a frankly i don't really i don't think i think that's a reach anybody that's being like oh. I think he's probably thinking like that's not what i meant at all. That's funny mount. We we hiked and so yeah disney has a big. They're big expo is happening right now. It just started <hes> so if they did reach a deal. They'd be announcing it. You know what i mean like they. They want to let people know. I think rest sure they'll reach a deal. You know they'll get there. They'll they'll figure it out this new cycle look. We just utter disney tickets to two hundred dollars for per for just a one day pass. We've we've or stretching everything. We're making it much. We we don't know where to get more revenue so we're gonna need more more than five percent. You believe how much it cost disneyland. No it's crazy. I can't believe it. It's packed every day. The fuckers are digging deep go to disney. The next spider. Film is already slated with tom holland. How will they handle handle this unknown as a current iteration of the characters deeply tied. His costume is an iron man made techno sue that's true. His mentor and father figure is john farrow's character happy. The latest movie hadn't becoming involved with shield. The plot is sort of dead in the water without any of these elements. Remaining people are largely mad at at sony well. I think disney makes enough money. Give them ten percent. Fuck disney disney's cruel evil and are they are exists solely to suck up your left out to actually when i wrote all this it's up <hes> i think i saw that in addition to the five percent disney also got to <hes> keep all the merchandising. Which is our money yeah so they'll oh come on sony i mean what incentive do they really have. I mean they own spiderman. Well yeah yeah. They made that great. Uh yeah yeah they. They also built up the franchise. I mean they invest in these early on spiderman movies and got people interested by the way end superhero movies at all more org marvel was even a twig on disney's. I am i right. That's true <hes>. Did you think that walt disney would think his company would become like the biggest bloodsucking money sucking corporate entity that the histories ever known he could only hope it. Wasn't that crazy like what disney's become yeah. That's the thing that there was just one person who started it yeah. He's i always think about every big company just started making cartoons and now they like own every media outlet in the world. That's like teddy. Oh my god yeah well. I wonder what eighty fresh will end up owning half of the whole population like a that's like teddy fresh fresh owning like every grocery store in the world must not like that fresh bread <hes> so there you have it <hes> it's crazy how actors like become so famous because i'm i'm quantum holland's instagram page and mike it's insane. He's a fresh face man. He's a new to the scene yet yeah no and now he's like the biggest muslim. Tom holland instagram. Tom holland on instagram. Excuse me i wonder how thirty million follow yeah yeah eight million homeowners car. How do you handle such a life change and like so quickly and he loves it. Look at him fucking. Oh wow this guy said. Go fuck yourself. Faggots misspelled with an eye in the middle finger emerging why why just when. You said that he loves you. See why does instagram shelf choose to show me of all comments yeah. Why did that like did. What are you doing yeah by the way this so funny when you spoke with the i that's like twelve year. Olds are under exclusively. Why is this guy so angry. Not sure off it. It's fine we think of the dangle tilted his head to reveal the dangle in the air well. He said back to work so i want to credit. I guess <hes> <hes> there you have it. The dude got fans while he's got like the best media every onset police famous actors and chet. You know what i mean. I would like. I would have more likes if i actually did anything interesting. You know what i mean well. This one got got four. Let's see what is acting. I mean come on. That's yeah that's way because i'm so tom <hes>. What's your favorite spiderman everybody. That's a question for everybody the one with the let me find what it's called 'cause i. I'm awful. I like names what it looks like that in that vein popping me go ahead in july spiderman two by far was that the one where he fights <hes> the octopus guy doctor octopus yeah that one was very good sound like your favorite movie every very enthused enthused about it. It's up there. I think it's so good. I love every moment that movie. Is that the one where he kisses her upside down now. That's the first one did. Did you fall into papa woody when that happened when did that. Movie kirstin read <hes> <music>. I did really like that one. The first two spiderman was like i was like to vote for the one would kirsten stand toby toby. Toby is a good spider man because he really is nerdy in. I think i personally think tom hall and is a little too like handsome handsome. Nerdy toby was like nerdy nerdy. Which is what spider-man's supposed to be. Tom holland's like i'm a nerdy guy but i'm also kind of a supermodel house with andrew garfield to was the same.

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