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Here's. Welcome to pod. Dirty to me. We give you more than just a tip. We go balls. I'm Jason I'm like, I'm Dan. Thanks for coming tropic today. What's your age range for dating hand or banging? And is there a difference between the two? Ooh. Excellent topping wanting. Yeah. Who? Yeah. Because then we have another listener question at the end. Oh, we have another listener that responded, this letters on listener years, letters. There's a pigeon. It by door with a letter. Yesterday. All right. So we're going to start with. The mailman ring twice at the mailman the postman the postman rang twice twice or rang twice. Yeah, he was looking for anal. House, mike. Your way. Well, I, I appreciate the thought you know. You know just the guy. All right. To let us start with what we call this show, the word of the day. This. What is called the slump BUSTER the wet slump BUSTER. Buster. Okay. When a professional athlete FIS the dirtiest. Nastiest fattest, most disease ridden. Skank. Puts the would tour with the intent that will break up a slump. What the? I feel like there's so many things like this has to be this might be a common thing with, with that leads. Or, or would I I don't know. I hope the jeeter did it. I mean the ones you heard about what jeeter certainly didn't fit that description. And what I know is that even put the wood to her, like come the fuck on. Come on. I feel. They're playing that it's mostly baseball players. Yes, I got my thought. Oh, sorry. Offend you. America's favorite pastime apparently isn't baseball. It's beating the slum. You gotta get back into the past. Needed this love open a can of worms this tear, the whole time, you're describing it I thought, major league so yeah. The guy that was president twenty four with his shit. On a related note. Did you hear the J rod proposed J, lo or a rod Iraq did not propose jails rod? Yeah. I don't know how feel about that. Oh. I mean she's a finance bitch like I was in. He is just I would lock that down to. He's at that shit on paper like like some. His damn, you know, she ain't had the best history. What, what does that mean? It just it just much. She ain't had the best history with marriages, man who she's been married to various people. Very one of her dancers. Very few people. I'm almost positive and it just didn't work, but that's celebrities in general. It seems like she's not married me. Well, that's that would break, you know, she would not be married, a non celebrity, which would probably work out. I'll be her slump BUSTER. Well, yeah, I was gonna say, she's yeah. He's if he's marrying her than she is definitely not a slump BUSTER because. No, she has finds out of the game. Aged at the cooler anyway. Pray needed us performance enhancing drugs, too. For me lo was was hotter, when she was younger I don't really feel her for a forty eight or forty. Yes. We obviously, and we'll get to this very soon the age thing, but yes for for her age. Absolutely. I just for me. I don't know. I found her more tractive, choose younger says. Sheet similar. And maybe it's just all the press and all the stuff you see are. And then in stuff now, maybe I've grown tired of her. Have, you know, one thing he doesn't grow tired of. Well known for something. Yeah, the anal your poor wife asks. We're only the case. Yeah. I hear you buddy. Okay. So. What's our topic? Let's bring out of this slump. Age range, what's your what's your age range for for dating verses banging? Yeah. And is even a difference. There is devastated in it. Yeah. Agree there difference, Jay, would you like to go? I know not really. Just kevin. No. But I will if you want me to well, you know, you know let's start with just banging. We're all sorts anyway, right? Yes. Yes. Yeah. I don't know if I have an age range for banging, I think we were taught we touched on it a little bit earlier. And like I know in the first episode of this podcast, I was like I have an eighteen year old now that I've actually thought about that. Admit I driving home from work the other day. And I felt like these, you know, high school kids, and I'm assuming somewhere like seventeen or eighteen and I was like that would be terrible like they're so young kids. So maybe. Pretend like professor. Let earned that a oh no. I don't know. I there's something I appreciate about appreciate about an older lady that, like, really takes care of herself. I remember when we were working together at a certain retailer Salish -ment. There's one day where this older lady came in. She must have been in her mid fifties. And she was like smoking cougar. Yeah. Like she's like her. She was beautiful or she. She clearly took care of herself. And I was like I hit that I don't like. Yeah, she was amazing. It's just beautiful. I don't know of Cougars is still thing. But back in our time now was hot Cougars was on fire. I still thing. I'm sure it is maybe vary. My alive and well in our society J, but it just seemed like it was a huge thing back in the day. Yes. Or maybe this was just kind of getting kind of becoming known cougar thing. But yeah, we'll give you there's some there's some sexy fifty plus year olds sitting here is not like fifty five is like a trip. Further away from me to bang twenty five or twenty eight year old well, yes, the Bank, fifty five year old is just keep twenty five year olds to take. It's a lot easier for them to take care of themselves. Can you did you ever have to show? We're talking about banging eighty. That's true. We're just going to banks want him to be attractive and hunting. So you've got yeah, you'd have a maybe a tighter age range, on the on the banging are more broad, which broad. I would say. Broad spectrum or who I would sleep with. Yes, a much, much broader spectrum for who I would bang versus who I would date. Yes. Yes. So with our say, probably mid twenties. Yeah. To fifty fifty four for dating if no banging for back. Dating. It okay. We're gonna do this in pairs. Mike. Oh boy, my range. Yeah. I agree with you. Let me just get yours. Right. She gives it up the as I'll do. Ainhoa you give up the ass beggar that certainly helps. If a head to give you a range, I would say, probably twenty four to fifty two that's very visit Bank for I would-i four to fifty to fifty two and a half. Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm you know able. It'll probably slide a little bit. Yeah. And I have a hard time thinking, I you know, someone that's in their early mid twenties would would have that opportunity. You know, but, you know, certainly, I would think thirties forties, would be more doable, but yeah there's very hot attractive females in their fifties. I didn't want to get too far into the fifties. So I was fifty two fifty three fifty four possibly. But yeah, it's, it's a pretty pretty broad range when you talk about banging, right? You know, in hate to say it but, you know, it all comes down to this. When it's banging. Are you attracted to them? Then that's, that's number one. That's pretty, you know, you're not really thinking about the aids thing for probably about number seven or eight on the list of things you're looking for even impr-. Don't even care to meet the other criteria. If I'm going to do that, you'd, they're probably be in that age range. Now Jin I'm gonna ask. You that question? And do you have a difference between female and male? Oh, yes, Tristan you heard that is ball. Yeah. Toes, keeping me on my toes. I can appreciate that. Okay. So I'm thinking that for just having sex with. Probably, I would say mid twenties to too early fifties. I mean plastic surgery. And like really taking care of yourself is is the thing. And so, I mean, maybe even like. Oh, I feel I feel kinda maybe not maybe not early sixties. I was gonna say possibly. But I. It is because it's hard to find people. You know that aren't frigging celebrities that make million dollars a fucking day. It's hard to find people that are able to keep up with themselves as, as readily, and well as celebrities are. But then again, you never know. So possibly, I would say, maybe you know, mid twenties too late. Fifties four four sleeping with. And I feel like that would apply to both males and females actually because I have seen some older men that I've found very attractive, there are there are those men that can continue to take care of themselves just as just as well as women do. So I'm open to to. To date. And maybe Mike, 'cause he takes care of himself. And I just do whatever. I'm working on you. It's not like you let yourself go or anything like, don't, don't talk about yourself, as if you're a lost cause or anything like you're still feel. It's weird. Not to get off. Get off topic. But like it's weird because like I'm doing this, this at right now. Like couch to ten K or whatever. And I looked at as like six miles six point something or whatever, but I'm already running six miles like three times a week now. And I can't lose shit. I have not left less lost, like ten pounds but like I've plateaued. Like, I know why I refuse to change my diet. Well, it definitely couldn't be the fly empty beer bottles. I see over there could this? This. It definitely has nothing to do with that drink, what we do this podcast, I ever, you know, to be honest. That's the only time I may have a few at home here and there but. Vice the quantity that I have on evenings like this is reserved disrepect casting. That's just I I don't drink as much as I used to at home. I I'll may have two three tops and that's every once in a while. And another side note, Mike had to go get a checkup for something when we were really twenties, or thirties this. Yeah. They were asking about his drinking habits. Well how much he drink. And he was like, well, how did you rake? And he was like, well, I don't I drink, maybe once or twice a month. But when I drink, I'll drink like nine or twelve beers, he's like nine or twenty four beers. Yeah. The person was trying to get him to go. Talk to a alcohol. Do you to talk about your drinking? What do you talk once or twice just going out bureau once or twice a month? Yeah. Raking every day. Yeah. Profession. Does that make you feel like a severe frigging alcohol and substance abuser? If you even admit to like, anything, they're like, making you feel you go out one night, one or two nights a month and just get hammered alcohol. It's not like a week of craving or so then I started thinking, I'm like alcohol. Yeah. No looking at Alex work. You work. You look into what that is in your life. I don't have any of these problems. Right. You're like if you only knew about the hookers and blow, I had the other night, then maybe really be questioning my, my curricular activities, but we need to get his trip. Brothers. Dream stripper. Yes, either do the show from a strip club or have a stripper on here that we can just ask some questions. It'd be easier to get the stripper on here because we'd had all hill, but other quipped. Yeah he might need your. I met a really nice stripper last night. She was she was we are we were, you know, talking hanging out and stuff? And I, I mean, we were I was there for a friend's birthday party. So I was not getting any lap dances, or anything for myself. No, I don't want, I don't care about any of that. I'm like I've been perfectly fine with going out and meeting people field fashioned way not in a strip club. So. Yeah. No. Not that either I do not do dating apps, but, but she actually was really sweet. And just seemed like a genuine person and didn't go completely dead in the eyes when I was having a conversation with her. Yeah, she's attractive, and I liked that. She was a little bit older. She wasn't you know, twenty years old trying to put herself through college with a sob story about her fucking cat with one testicle. Her cat with Justin killer cancer. And that's why she needs five hundred dollars and hang out with her. My cat lanes, right? Yeah. Lance has one testicle and he's just trying to just right. Is way through life without dying. What if it went over? But he's no, no. I got you. Laying down over here. I'm sorry. So she actually was a genuine human being that I connected with and seemed like a good person. So I mean, I feel like it's a real possibility to, to get strippers on this show. So we would love to have your input. If you're a stripper, you would love to talk with us on our show. We would love to have you any of the caller. Well digits now. We should work so, so. Yes. Yeah. If with a boombox. Peter gabriel. Oh because. Oh, no. I just want you to be my show. No, I'm not trying to up with you. That's I feel good Michael app. Dan's. Dads. Are you able Mike? Back door. You're about to find out. That your name might back overnight. Okay. Okay. All right. We'll, we'll boys. These boys can dream. Jen. Thanks. Love these guys getting back on, on our topic. Yes. Fungal, john. So I think we all agreed. You know, mid twenties. Yes. To early to mid fifties. Yes. We have a whole around on. Yes. And the on the, the banging now J what about dating dating more complicated? I year. Well in every way really for dating. I don't know. Man, I probably go like thirty seven thirty seven thirty eight to forty eight maybe very specific. I said, maybe. Yeah. I mean, like, well, obviously, I never understand the these guys that date, these super young chicks. You have nothing in common with him. What are you gonna fucking talk about like you're only with them for sex? There's nothing intellectually or like worldview wise unless you're dating an old soul. So I would say, like mid thirty five to forty like a ten year five years below, like ten years below five years above your age. Yeah. Yeah. That's maybe that's a pretty narrow. I would say that the much narrower gap. Just going to be most. Yeah. For me. It's probably, I would it's very similar to that. I say, probably early thirties to mid forties. If you had to, you know, say, yeah. I mean you want you definitely want someone if you're going to date them and possibly more down the road, you wanna be compatible and more areas than just a bedroom. You wanna have them to have similar interest in knowledge of, of things. You may have knowledge of, you know, it's hard to have a conversation about things when you're forty five, and you're talking to a twenty five year old, you're dropping all these references things and they're like. So you wanna have something in common with them. So, yeah, I'd say, probably early in really for for Jay. And I even early thirties is probably kind of pushing it, that's why I said it thirty five. Yeah. You were about that. Probably that early for me early thirties to like, you know, mid forties in really then probably closer to, to forty. That's interesting. So they really narrow down a lot for for you guys. I, I mean, I still kind of feel like I have a broad age range. I have met some, some younger people that have a good awareness that have a good intellect that have a good maturity level. I don't want to say the cliche, you know, age age is nothing but a number kind of saying, but I also don't necessarily want to restrict my thinking in that area and necessarily limit limited so much. So I still feel like my dating age range would be pretty broad. I still think that I would date I would move age range up for dating from, like low to mid twenties to. I do probably want to date someone. That's at least very late twenties, too. I mean, I'm gonna say all the way to too late forties. Because I have met, I mean, I've met people well into their forties, and fifties who are still so immature and lacking. True. And it yeah, it does it does happen. And it happens where I, meet younger people who I expect to be very immature who actually completely surprised me. Yeah, I really I don't want to limit it as much. And so, I feel like I'm still pretty open on that, that age range, just because everyone's different. Everyone has different life experiences, and those really can help shape you as a person, intellectually, emotionally, all of the things that are important. You know, when you're dating someone, so, yeah, I don't like to be as restrictive with that. Head is very open minded of you. Thank you. I feel shallow. Oh, no. We're just hey, that's just how it is. It's preference. It's personal preference. I trying to be a more open person in many aspects of my life. So I feel like I don't really like to necessarily put limits and boundaries and hard nose on things until I've kind of felt out the situation to anybody else. Dad, his funny, how you and I are spot on the famous bonds like that was kind of funny. Well. I think I think for us in our in our age age, is that we are. I think it's pretty accurate. Yeah. I think. Yeah. Well, should we go to our final segment? I'm Stewart another viewer letter. Like to call it letter. So listener Email. That's probably more accurate description of it. So this question comes from Sean in Texas, Texas, emails, so far, Texas, Sean. We'll call him that. Sean said us Email about our episode are infamous second part of our oral trilogy. We haven't been third part yet. We're still working out. Fill in the works. But it might get off anal. Oral after anal. Nope. Refer back to the dirty episode. Exactly. So Sean asks, I know that Orleans is considered not cheating by Mike and is considered cheating by Jen, and Jason, what about hand jobs? Oh, yep. Still cheating still cheating cheating, Mike. Mike, mike. I do not believe hinge of cheating oh. Shot here. If I if I'm gonna say a blow job is not cheating, then how would a hand job man. No. Absolutely not Sean, please. I don't know what you're thinking who got in mind or what you got planned. But just do it, man. Not good. Silent hand job through everyone you a hand job, you that's my opinion to other people here that think otherwise, but, you know, I can't I cannot sit here and say a blow job is not cheating say hand job is cheating. I can't do that. So no, it's not cheating. Go ahead to get it done. More intimate. Mike. What's more intimate than? Oil. Cable, then, yeah. That point the oral sex would be more intimate than a handful in job. A no. Yeah. A hand fucking job is when you have your hand that's true. Yeah. Again with the JJ. Really, we don't JJ. You want. What do you want me to call it? It's called a vagina, Jason of a Jain already. Oh, you're dirty your dirty tramp at war mouth. Nothing. That's, that's only question. So. No, I don't think it's cheating. So obviously, Mike doesn't think it's cheating. Doesn't think anything's cheating. Do just don't think Orel in hand jobs cheating. Well, they're cheating any kind of physical contact in a sexual manner. Another human being that is not your significant other is absolutely anyting in okay? You know, here's, here's a scenario so you go to get massages, right? Those are basically someone putting their hands on you and massaging, but not in a sexual manner day, medical, not necessarily a lot of people go to get massages just to get massages. It's not like they got conditions or anything they just get massages. So. What if someone is massaging? You know, you get a little extra. No, no. Now I have I have a patriots fan I'm going to with. With with anything. Get the hell out of here. Pages just got busted for us. Miss is ring. Oh, so I'm go to say, if your table, it's not g oh, wow, say this, Sean, I don't know what you're playing is or what you're what you're thinking. But please rightous back to le-. Let us know how that worked out. End up going going with what did you think? Did we sway your opinion? Anyway, mike. What you tell you why. If you got a job at the itchy parking lot, I would not openly tell her. I don't believe when I got home, she would ask that just because she didn't ask cystic. So if you came home, and she said, oh, how was HEB would you be like it was fucking off? I would say, I got the fine. I got milk. No. Don't listen to Mike or else you might find yourself in some precarious pretty fucking awful situation. Awesome situation, or that if you ain't only live on planet it with Mike, then. Well. I I meant it with love. With love. All right. Sean, thanks for your question. Jehan jab from handoffs for everyone. Mike is down with it down with everything, don't tell your way. Mike thinks that too. But if she asks that he feels like you can tell her, and it'd be never just going to bring it up. And I, I don't believe the, the wife or the spouse would say, hey, you're gonna hand job today. I don't think that's gonna come up either. So you're probably okay. Just get the hand show in your in your scenario. They have to ask specifically your if you did something for you to admit. Yes. Wow. Okay. Wow. Just just make sure I understand just so we know where you're coming from. Yes. Cool. I was just checking. All now. Yeah. Position is critically crystal, crystal fuckin- clear. All right. Do do. Do. Deal. If you do it for damn sure you don't. Tell your wife. Yeah. And hopefully she doesn't ask you got ahead. HEB people out at Texas. Like what the fuck is? HEB. Like your Kroger. Your piggly-wiggly. Spectacular finger. All right. Well that, that brings us to the end of this episode. Thanks for checking us out. Look, I on Instagram Facebook at me, if you have any questions or tails, you'd like to share for us with us, more more more more to shoot us, another one at Padre to be at G, Bill dot com and with that, Jason my. Oh my.

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