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Essence: My Soul Profile


Welcome back. Today. I'd like to answer the questions that goes yesterday and share with you my own profile. The happiest moments in my life. Anything to do with playfulness makes me happy. What does the with which I do what I do me? The puck my purposes to he'll he'll body mind, spirit and society. What is going to be my contribution at the end of the world. I hope people would be affected and a quality of life will have been improved as a result of some of the interactions. They've had with me directly or indirectly. Who my role models and mentors? My parents Mahatma Gandhi Mother Teresa. Allenstein Nelson Mandela I can go on and on great writers. Great philosophers great scientists. What do I do to contribute to my most important relationships? I give them attention, which means that listen appreciation. I noticed this ranks acceptance. I don't try to change them affection. I let them know that I care for them. What am I uniquely strengths and dozens and who benefits from them high think, my unique are healing and service. And I hope whoever is the beneficiary of my talents benefits. What's my story? My story is there is a departure. And there was deployed show pro that will be a departure up. But that's story will come to an end and with that story coming to an end that riches awareness that is my true self. Will start to write the next story. The next big adventure. What do I want my legacy to be healing? What is your soul profile? I encourage you to think on it until tomorrow when we meet again.

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