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Computer, Sohn is vice president of education at the Claremont Institute and editor of the American mind. He Directs Clermont's annual fellowships and heads an initiative for a new center to Support Graduate Level Scholarship. Imagine that taking back academia I love it. We're GONNA. Talk about an article he just wrote in the American mind but I I have noticed and I posted about this last week and I had a number of folks tell me. They wanted to know more about this in as a result I have noticed Claremont Institute coming up again, and again in the way I, remember first hearing about Hillsdale and not in a sponsored way people talking about they're working on this project for Clairmont or Clermont is doing this or doing that and it's good work. So can you talk a little bit about what the Claremont Institute is meant? Absolutely. So Clermont Institute is about forty years old. And it was founded by my graduate students believe it or not at a different time WHO we're studying political philosophy and American government they loved. America they saw there was a real problem in politics with a lot of people just. Speaking, about things they didn't know anything about when it came to the principles of the American founding and the Claremont Institute was really founded by graduate students argue in the Public Square and educate. Young people about the principles of the American founding and apply them to contemporary political life now, the Claremont Institute over time. Larry Arnn. In fact, from Hillsdale is Clare Monster as we call ourselves he got his degree from Claremont and he was president of the Claremont. Institute. For some time our our graduate studies program in Clermont has lots of. People out there doing great work but the Claremont Institute was really more educational focused throughout its life. And I think in the present moment what happened was because we stayed out of policy and we weren't sort of in bed with establishment republicanism when trump came along, we I'll I'll just say I think we understood what was happening we describe what was happening in a way that shocked a lot of a Republican friends, and throughout the last four years we've been very busy trying to explain analyze what's happening in. America because we think we're. In a very, very serious situation and so right now relitigate we we we send out MEKA speaks to the Supreme Court that have been very influential and we we right Claremont review of books as a fine publication and I think the finest in America. It comes out four times a year. The American mind at American Mind Dot Org has been very active and influential in the in the in the last eight years year or two. And we teach and we bring in people from across young leaders from across the country and we educate them on the principles. The American founding all expensive undertakings is donor driven where do you? How do you raise the money to to to do all of this? Is Donor driven and we are small in fact I have I have to say I have looked enviously at the large budgets the DC tanks and Kinda the legacy projects out there on the right and sometimes I wonder what exactly they're doing with their money we're five to six million dollars a year and that's our operation so we're very tiny compared to everyone else but we we depend in thrive on donor dollars and I have to say there have been some people Stepping up because they see the moment they see what we're doing. They see the energy that we have We're a little younger team here than a lot of other outfits and we're doing a lot with a little. That is. You know it's interesting with with organizations like this. You tend to spend what you have in where you don't you get clever but I would think there's some folks out there who would say you know industrialist we used to call him who would say you know I'd get to operate in a free market economy I. Love Capitalism it's worked for me you folks are promoting that. I would think there would be I would think that dollars would just flow in I know nobody likes to give easily, but it seems like such a great cause. Yeah I. think There's a there's some evidence that that is beginning to happen if people realize who we are and what kind of influence we're having we've certainly been growing and You know I mean I I I'm not focused on development or asking people for money. I'm focused on getting things done and there's a lot to do as you know right now in America and so I I I I do firmly believe though that if you focus. On accomplishing what needs to get done people do come out of the woodwork and they say I see what you're doing and they'll they'll support it and we appreciate that and I appreciate what I think is a new class of donors who are just sending money to the same old. Infrastructure that kind of got us into this predicament but they they're looking for signs of life and and I would say probably that I think Clermont, you'll see lots of signs of life because we're we're doing a lot these days Matt Peterson is our guest. He's written a piece entitled ending the. Revolution bringing peace back to our streets means getting serious about what's going on. I'M GONNA. Read one paragraph and ask you to take off from there. The black lives matter yellow movement has found a way to weaponize this visceral American version to racism. The fact that America is not racist and Americans therefore both resent and fear being called Racists Blm uses the charge of systemic racism as a way of blackmailing their opponents to get what they want, what do they want to change the system itself of course, speak to that if you would matt. Yeah well, there's there's two aspects to this and one is I think people get fearful as soon as you? We start talking about VM racism, etc. Why? Because everyone knows that it's the worst thing you can be called racist is the worst thing you can be called in contemporary discourse in public life you can lose your job. You can be persecuted in various ways ostracized from your community. No one wants to be called racist and Americans of all people they don't like racism. We despised that we find it repugnant and we don't want to be called racist and we know there's there's real punishment for that and of course, whatever racism means that's an interesting question that. The, right needs to get clear on everything's being called racist this point. So. So you know we were afraid of being called racist. So, what does the Olympic we'll blacklist matter comes in. And they of course, the name itself right is Genius I. Are you against Black Lives? Do you think black lives don't matter of course? Not We're Americans. We think we're all created equal all lives matter. So therefore, black lives would be part of that. But what they do with the name itself, and then with their tactics is say, well, here's the problem. It's not just one or two people being racist it's whole system that's racist and if that's true, then that system has to change and they do this with the language of the Civil Rights Movement. But of course, the problem is they do not believe in the. Principles that the civil rights movement as elucidated in Martin Luther King's famous speeches. For instance You know everyone's mind they don't believe in that at all they they have a a racial is view of justice. They want law take race into account. They don't want equality under the law Their policies are very much about re undermining the system as it exists and People. people roll their eyes. When you say it, I don't know why they're actual children of the of the Marxist of the sixties and Seventies. Airs the Black Power Movement and what they want is is really a kind of wild and Kooky racial version of of Marxism Communism. And they they don't make no bones about this and yet we're we're supposed to cower in fear because we don't want to be called racist by them and you see this especially, I have to say with politicians politicians who should know better on the right who are very quiet throughout the events of the summer because they were unwilling to come. Out and say, of course I believe that black lives matter because I believe that all lives matter because American but this organization black lives matter is a different thing and in fact, they believe in some evil ideas that the rest of us don't believe in the black community doesn't even believe in such as defunding the police and therefore I condemn and renounce them. Notice, of course, on the left no one's going to say that and they're tacitly just in support or or explicitly and support, and then the right you still have this. This fear to come out and make these distinctions and call out with this movement really about. Fear. It is fear and it is. No one wants to take a principled stand for fear that they be painted a racist. Just, go along and I think of Mitt Romney walking in a be limb parade and and the the the consequences of that the meaning of that we're going to continue our conversation with Peterson coming up in just a moment. Quick Reminder if you'll go to Michael Berry show dot com that's our official website, and while you're there by your official Michael Berry show gear and wear it proudly, we appreciate you. That's all it Michael Berry show dot, com. Matt Peterson is our guest. A He's written in the American mind entitled ending the. Revolution, bringing peace back to our streets means getting serious about what's going on. I want to pick up where we left off in the last segment with a sentence that is at the end of one of your progress under the cover of the old civil rights movement be in is smuggling into our political discourse, an agenda more akin to that of the fringe Marxist black power movements in the sixties and seventies then to the actual political positions of the vast majority of black people in America today do you think that this was? A militant blacks who became Marxist or do you think this is Marxists who saw a civil rights he sort of movement it's really more about anger and violence. Where do you think this started to end up where it is today? Well, it's a combination of things because I don't one hand you have. You know you're kind of young young kids if you take the founders of black lives, matter who go to. colleges and learning their you know black studies, programs, cultural studies, programs, these kind of watered down Marcy ideas from the seventies and they idolize You know radical leaders domestic terrorists really. and so you do have individuals who grew up actually listening to the propaganda there in school and taking it very seriously and becoming activists. And that's that's all true but they're not able. To do what black lives matter did unless you have a lot of really wealthy left-leaning. Foundations. Looking to support these kinds of movements to further a really radical leftist agenda and this is something. That the right just hasn't done a good enough job in fighting I. mean there's a whole network of foundations with a whole boatload of money that immediately saw the Hashtag black lives matter and they saw that it was it was run by especially, these three women who are extremely Activists. And don't really represent your average black American at all but they they leap onto that and then they flooded with money they support it. There's a network of support throughout the country and you have this whole infrastructure it really that's pushing this movement because the because why? Because they know that Americans aren't racist right? Most people the movement has purchasing power because people don't want cops out there shooting people on account of the color of their skin. And so they saw the opportunity to really it's what it's a few videos of summer. That they discover for the last seven or so years, and they try to find these examples where you get some video something happens it looks terrible looks racist and then they promote the hell out of it whether or not You know it's true or whatever the context is. And then whether they want out of it, well, defunding the police is a good example right over eighty percent of black Americans don't want to defend the police. In fact, in a lot of areas, they want more police they want just you know just police action, but they're not the this is this is crazy and it's not crazy to the activists. Mine law enforcement as it is and what do they WANNA put in its place they wanna put in a a racial is version of justice. In other words I woke tribunals as I call them they want people to be judged in an illegal setting based on their their their demographics. And I it's unbelievable that it's come so far. So I would say you have two things the educational system that would allow for these activists sort of A learn all this stuff, invite it over the years, and then you have this larger. Group of organizations that have a lot of money on the left that are looking for people like this to push movements like this to an actor agenda you quote Toe Fernandez in the ANTIFA lamb industrial complex and saying that the elite enablers must be called out and shamed. That's that's corporations. Isn't it? I? Mean they've how well-funded is this to the extent that is a single organization or a movement or a bank account? How well funded is this in WHO's funding? This is this is the question a question that really a lot of people in media investigative journalism should be asking and looking for the answer to what's astounding is. How many people out there and your audience know who the founders of black lives matter are I mean how many times have you seen them interviewed or pressed to denounce the violence in the streets were asked if they support violence you don't see them at all because they they really live in the shadows and they're protected. By this entire complex, the way in which they set up their organizations. Is Complicated and that allows them plausible deniability. They can say look if this is not one movement it's it's a lot of different movements. It's a lot of different organizations and it's not just one big bank account out there and there's not just one you know centralized structure. This is an organic movement of the people. Now, of course, it's not but they do they stay structure their organization. So it's very hard to see the flow of. Money and where the money's coming from and it's going to, and this is This is something that really only a few people have been working on the last few months and what you do see when you pay attention to it and do some research on it is that they have an enormous amount of money. Now, right hundreds of millions of dollars for sure has been has been raised at least pledged by especially large corporations if not billions. So you're not gonNA hear these. What we just did is fund this entire movement. That's what this summer the accomplish summer. And so then you have to ask yourself okay wh who's giving them the money outside of this kind of low liberal foundations. well, the answer is, as as you say, these corporations who are broadcasting virtue signal wing to the world that there woke and they support they support this movement, and so they're pledging however many millions of dollars. At sometimes they tell you exactly who they're going to give it to for instance, Jack confounded twitter gave ten million dollars to a man. Mr. Who is one of the worst thinkers I think on this issue racist I in my opinion Gay just gave him ten million dollars and said here you know here you go and I'm going to announce this to the world. And this guy is promoting all kinds of wacky doctrines you know in public and he has a lot to power now so. The truth is we don't know exactly. How much money and how a lot of these organizations even are structured we don't know how they're using their money, but the results of the riots this summer I think speak for themselves and we can expect a lot more of that because now they have hundreds of millions of dollars. If not billions we're talking to Matt Peterson and if you can hold I'd like to keep you one more segment and talk about this. Church. Matt Peterson is the vice president of education at Claremont, institute, and editor of the American mind, and we're talking to him about a PC's written in the American mind ending the BLM revolution bringing peace back to our streets means getting serious about what's going on. We're talking about the funding for Blm and and you use a frightening number of hundreds of millions of dollars. You know. It would scare me if obviously that that's an amount of money in the hands of some really bad people and that sort of scary you know you, you could you could equip an army with that. But where do you see them spending that money? It seems to me that the opportunity is rife for it to be squandered you know are are they are they leasing nice office space that doesn't scare me are they producing nice videos I, haven't seen that Are they giving it to politicians? I haven't seen that where would it scare you the most for them to spend the money and do you have any sense of where they are spending the money? Yeah that's a good question. I think I think there's probably to places that scare me the most one is they're going to set up and are they're slowly building a political project that's going to hide their radicalism. So I would predict that you know to the extent possible. They're going to try to hide how radical their agenda is they took down from their website, their their Marxist principles of. You know being against the traditional family and You know graphs about. Trans and queer stuff that you know. I guess interesting but it's not really a concern for a lot of their core audience supposedly they got rid of their radicalism wiped it from the website. Their political project is going to come out and it's going to be slick. They're going to have lobbyists they're going to have You know a kind of a front facing activism that it makes something like the fund the police probably use better words with better consultants next time and and they'll talk about social justice and they'll start pushing that woke agenda with money become slick more political. And they will have money to dangle in front of politicians and they'll different ways of putting that and they'll proposed kind of public private partnerships like I could see for instance, schools they could. Modify model education, curriculum activism programs that schools can across the country There's all kinds of shenanigans they can do on on the kind of the front facing political side. And then even worse I think that that worst fear is that we're not done with riots and violence in America, not by a long shot and I don't think it matters who wins the election because a lot of folks were talking about don't particularly appreciate Biden and they'll put pressure on the Democrats the establishment Democrats to do what they want. And if you know in the case of Biden wins, a lot of them will go into the administrative state of the bureaucracy and they'll. They'll start rearranging the deck chairs there. And in order to get what they want, they're always going to need the people in the streets and what we've done over the course of the last nine months is allow the threat of violence to rise in America politically, and I just don't see anyone letting go with that, and if you have money you can you can easily get a lot of folks who are unemployed during the virus or who are you know College kids who are interested in activism. You can start to deploy them in ways that become increasingly targeted, and we already see this right people are going to end up outside of politicians. Homes increasingly has already begun across. America. That's one of their tactics. They'll be these random you know terrorizing of diners and all that kind of stuff is going to increase because it hasn't been stopped and it's given them a lot of power. So. When you have an influx of cash like that, you're able to organize these kinds of these kinds of movements from the inside and you know so far they haven't got an eight trouble for really. So so expect that to increase large scale whenever they feel they need to to pressure people into bowing before them when you look at their power when you look at their ability to act change whatever that change may be. Do you think it is because they will do do you think it's the pure intimidation or do you think that Democrats are afraid that they have a sufficiently large audience of sympathizers that you don't want to cross them? I think it's a combination of the two. So for some Democrats, there's no doubt that this is useful, right? It's politically useful to have a force that will show up in the streets I. mean that is political power. And that will threaten people and make others uncomfortable. That does give political power directly to some democratic politicians but I think also you're you're correct that there are other Democrats out there who are more your establishment types, a lot of them are older. And I think more reasonable in some ways and they look at this and they say I cannot touch this at all because the last thing I want. Are these people showing up at my door and? People who in right should realize that they do show up at Democrats doors So in Los Angeles. Where Los Angeles County. which I hope to leave along with many other people soon, The Gay Jackie Lacey is a black woman black. Her husband is black as well. She's a she's too liberal but she she prosecutes people for crime and so black lives matter went after her. As if she was a Republican and camped out in front of her door for for so long on harassed that couple so badly that. Her husband got in trouble for brandishing a gun. As I think any American would do in the situation at them from door when they they started to get increasingly belligerent he got in trouble of course not the crowd and they are going to try to get her out of there. So that's a good example of a democratic politician who Simply wants to enforce the law. And they'll go after her as well. So so there's no doubt that Democrats are afraid well, well an and it seems to me they were playing footsie's at the beginning of this process, Kamala Harris making a plea for donations to get some of these folks out of jail. So they could get back out on the streets which we know they did because they got arrested again, but it's it's like the old Chinese. Proverb if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off the various versions. But at some point, they have to dismount from this tiger that I think Democrats thought they were gonNA benefit from, and now it's become dangerous Jenny Durkan in Seattle they came to her home Ted Wheeler in in Portland Larry lightfoot. Lori lightfoot. In in Chicago, you have these various politicians who played footsie's with this organization until it turned on them. Yeah I think that's an interesting dynamic, and if there's any hope here, you would. You would. You would hope that at some point they're able to stand up at least behind the scenes and say something but you know I have to say I I am doubtful that without the right becoming more vocal. In calling this out in front of the American people at the Democrats will or the left will change because so far you're right I mean you know Laurie lightweight and Chicago doesn't like it when people show up at her house and she's GonNa stop that but is she really going to condemn you know violence in the movement wholesale maybe you're right we've seen a turn where they sort of realized we do have this tiger by the tail and we can't let go but we don't like This. But at the same time I mean look Biden shed a few things about violence being wrong Harris I mean she is she has said even less and they do not want to call out this organization and and look frankly nor do Republicans. Right. So until we can actually call this out explicitly all the time in in public especially politicians on the right I just I just don't see how it's going to stop the other aspect to it is beside shining a light on it, which is a must. The other aspect is, of course. Law Enforcement is actually when when there are laws being violated, law enforcement is going to have to act and when you look at what we've seen you know what I like to say is especially with Antifa but also with black lives matter the both of them combined they also, they often worked together. At what I like to say, this is not gonNA stop until it stopped. And what I mean by that is these are the sorts of activists. These are sort the people who the minority of people out there in America, but they gotta sorts of people who are going to continue to do what they've done and break the law until someone actually physically stops. and. That has to be law enforcement in America and so. You know I think that there's been some some places some regions have have really. Done a good job in turning the tide and saying, no, we're not going to allow this year. but but you know the the jury's still out on what we're GONNA do so both two things need to happen. We need politicians who clearly distinguish between what's acceptable and what's not when it comes to protesting, and then when it comes to harassment and violence, and then we're gonNA eat law enforcement that's willing to take the slings and arrows up the other side, which is gonNA say they're being they're being terrible and unjust and enforce the law. I think you're right. Matt Peterson. Is Vice President of Education Claremont Institute and Editor of the American mind you're a great guest comeback and see us Matt. Thank you so much for having me. You got it.

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