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That's the question we're going to answer. Today's we step into the time machine for total recall M. I. Evil Plus. I got a little bit of mom guilt. Some great example. That's terrible uses a lot of these things you never should feel guilty about but we got some mom guilt coming up today but we start with. We've told you about about this so many times but this is a great way to give you an example of PJ's crazy memory total recall TJ's total recall. PODCAST has anybody. Anybody seen the video of Michel Barton without I've been to watch did I seems like it's bad. It's bad and you know. She's claiming she. He was under the influence not of her own choosing. Yeah apparently your birthday though. She's hanging over the backyard fence yelling about Z.. Stardust and her mom call her mom names she falls ill. Yeah Yeah. It was on the inside edition last night with dipper North Pole. You know it's not Norville is norval because she souther she will yeah. I think she may have gone to Davidson College which his in the Mothership Market of Charlotte our flagship market. Our home. Mark I think she's from either North Cadillac or South Cadillac. Which one is that says? She was born Georgia. I'll find out where she was raised as it might be. Okay well or Georgia. You didn't did. She say say say she went to David's university. I Graduated University of Georgia. Okay well maybe there was a thing. She did one time feature we. We didn't do a feature one time where she spent a couple of nights or a night in jail died. I don't know I think maybe that may have been in North Carolina Komo unreasonable. I bet he's writer. I bet he's right about that. I know he spent a weekend in North Carolina jail. They're covering tell anybody. Nobody knows caged heat story. TJ Heat Story. I knew I knew she was southern than there was something that I was thinking in my mind about North Carolina. So that's where I came up with all the other stuff but I do two different things Chevy League school jail time yet. Yeah but I mean it was a story yeah it was. It was an investigative report and she went to the Davidson County Jail Lexington. Okay okay there you go. Wow even scarier Davidson standing out to me for some reason see but in all actuality that is exactly what I try. Try to explain to people. That's the difference in the type of memory. I have an identity memory which is a photographic memory. I can't control you know look at a calculus formula and remember it for the rest of my life. It's those types of things that this this comes in here that comes in there and then sooner or later I can stack them on top of each of that and and sometimes it acts as a photographic memory because I can flash to a picture my mind and and see what somebody was wearing when I was a kid at this event or I I can even think of things I as a kid and what I see my my point of view getting into a car I can see for the rest in my life. The seat you know we always had Two doors and the seat raising up on my mom's Delta Eighty eight I. There's there could be one time I got into the car. And that's the one that sticks in my memory of what it looks like in the back seat of the car things that that are not important at all other into drive me crazy only upside. But he's towards your mom's car on the strange but true have good has regan's gotten at knowing which direction to go to find out whether right about what I'm just spitting out in into the Air Davidson. We know we know you're getting close so you know you're not to be doubted so we just gotTa figure where where all the pieces fall. Yeah and when you act impressed with my memory sometimes I am. I'm very impressed. Why should she not be? Everyone's got a memory. You're not the only one with a memory. My wife says it's too. You're not the only one with a memory thoroughly unimpressed. Impressive can't remember. Turn the lights off. Remember wait let me take the trash out. It's not how it work sunglasses. Are you at the time and can't remember to use that credit card to use when you buy those things a few things when you buy gas when you buy you he got us that credit card on your on your shopping spree the key what am I gonNa have to do to get you to remember that. Yeah well go back to one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and do something that sticks in my memory and then I can bring it back and bring it up or you forgot that ten percent off coupon that she had before before you went to the store that you didn't even bother asking about coupons. Oh Yeh and then I just wait so you know and I and what normal people do okay all right well the next time you do something like that. I'm going to show you how it feels. But she doesn't do stuff like so you never know by the time if it does happen but by the time it does happen and jump out and go in. It's already been forgotten the last time I didn't end it just makes it seem like I'm being a jerk off five years for you but you forgot your home and turn around. Come back and get it everything if it weren't for me is the TJ total recall podcast. If you don't know the history of grint win working with the show About ten years ago Gwen worked with us for four and a half years almost five years something like that and then she got married and just went crazy having babies three and a half two and a half one yep so three kids under the age of four joy is a clown car uterus chatting. How could be considered a relatively the new mom? Only you've only been a mom for three and a half years. Yeah still learning still navigating the waters but Gwynn introduced us there that they were she was telling us about her her mom guilt that she has from time to time. Oh Yeah it runs rampant all the time like yesterday for example. I pick up my son from school it and then I take him home and he the girls are asleep and he wants to talk to me and play. But that's when I go to. The Gym is at two o'clock Doc. Because everyone else is sleeping and it's a great time. I'm not really missing anything with them. But now he's home from school and he's up and he wants to talk to me and play but literally. This is the only time I can get that time in. And that's important to me and so I go to the gym to the gym and I feel awful about it. I feel guilty and I like even thinking thinking about Italian. This story almost makes me WANNA cry. Almost you could hear it in her Bush kitten choke because you feel bad like he wants to talk to me and spend time and hang out with me and I want that more than anything to but this. This is my only little window for this piece of time that I also feel like is important. It is because you you know what people people who believe the way you do. Use this phrase a lot. The greater good You know the communist term the greater good. Is that what you're doing purpose for the greater good because you want him as well as your other two kids to have a happy two parent home and if you don't open up and go through that window to get down there and work out. Daddy may not be around very point. I just feel like you're actually doing. It's just like going to work. And that's another one that I feel guilty about. I had the opportunity to stay home with my kids more and I chose to work in. Set my my husband would support me and we would have rearrange finances if I wanted to be home with our kids full-time and I feel guilty that that is not what I want. I like being home with them half today. Yes I like being home I like that. I don't work forty hours a week. Full you know eight to five thirty contractually. That's what we have But GWEN high wind made a list of her mom guilt. That I now are an okay. How about I just have a couple of questions how `bout putting kids in bed the early quote unquote to read? Because I need quiet one time. Yeah so I asked him. My mom friends who have children are slightly older than mine or have been at it longer than me or what they ended up feeling guilty about and that was a big one. Sometimes I just got done with my day to. I need to have a minute to myself whether it's to shut the door and go to the bathroom whether it's to have a sip of wine or drink my coffee hot for the love God you that's the common one and it's just I'll tell the kids go read a book and your room shut the door. It's time for bed even though it's twenty minutes than they should go to bed normally or you know it's here take the IPAD and just watch a show. I know we just walked in the door from school but I need a minute and it's either for the three things to drink. Your coffee ought to use the bathroom in peace or to have a glass of wine allison to take the edge off man. That is crazy so yeah that's a big one feel guilty about it because it's Gaza mine. Yes since you feel guilty. You're like I should be off playing with them and once again you know running leading the show by just want a minute right record. I have a friend WHO's a stay at home dad and he says absolutely absolutely none of those things. TJ's total recall podcast. The mom guilt is just getting started. Wait until you hear the conclusion Asian of MOM guilt bus. We enter the question and my evil. That's all next on told Rico. TJ's total recall podcast. This is the total recall. PODCAST podcast subscribe nowadays. TJ Dot com the TJ APP or through iheartradio radio. More of the total recall. podcast after this the new extra cheesy. Alfredo Pizza from Papa. John's has extra cheese on another three cheese. Blend on Alfredo Sauce on garlic Parmesan crust which is now on your mind and on its way to being your new favorite thing on account of all that Jesus and alfresco fetch. I bet you heard about on the radio. Get a new extra cheesy. Alfredo Pizza with garlic Parmesan crust for just ten bucks. Better ingredients better. Pizza said Papa. John's not valid fees and taxes. Are you entered to win on Radio Family Mondays each week. We'll pick a name random and read on the show sometime after seven forty five eastern call eight eight eight four one s t j within fifteen minutes and win with Radio Family Mondays Days on the ACC TJ show this is the ace and TJ total. Recall podcast. My mom guilt is from yesterday. Yesterday I went to build a bear alone to spend my daughter's gift card because I did not want to spend hours in there so I went and built or bear that she didn't have a good. I played with my son's trained. The locks I don't want him to Jack it up. I try to build the track well and I need him not to be there because he'll pull it all apart and then I'm annoyed that all my hard work so as a little things. Yeah Friday there's ladies at her mom guilt. I had completely forgotten to grab snacks and drinks for preschool. So I sent my a child to preschool with crackers and ice water in a protein shake bottle. The classrooms had something to say about that. Yep so did she just not allow herself meaning extra time. What accounts slipped her but she had in the car O uh peering petty for the love of God? That's all I ever want is to drink my coffee hot. What okay seriously? Does anybody believe that. That's all any woman ever wants. Is that ever applicable L.. Dollars for a woman to say all I ever want is I mean come on. Nothing's ever good enough. It's never enough. I I mean it's not enough that we could afford nice coffee but now you gotta figure you gotTA drink it hot. UH The lady the lady who forgot the snack her mom just kicked it. Does she says another message. Hey I'm only human plus. I made sure to make up for it yesterday. White Cheddar cheese it and one hundred percent organic caprice on the acid bounced back deathbed organic juice box. There you go. Do you take into account who the room mom is or whatever on a particular day or knowing so maybe maybe one day you go a little bit arrays at your level of skill. Watch or something I have carpooled with two other moms and there's one mom I'm friends with both of them close with them but one of them I just know. Is You know just like the rest of us not not perfect and so she's not going to be as cruel or judgmental is more. How does she have it altogether? She she did. Cut The the fruit with a melon ball Korir and make them into the shape of Mickey before she put them in the Dang lunchbox whereas and other mom or just doing like a roll up with some she. He does so on one mom. I know I'm safe with whatever I put in my kids launch the other day. I'm like I'll now. She's going to be in the car. I hope she doesn't look the lunchbox. That's crazy that'd be going the opposite way trying to get him talk. Yeah I'd put put some Oreos and Ding dongs in there with his own. That would actually put a spring in it like when you open up the Qena nuts and it turns out got to be the snakes to pop out of the box and just thing dongs and Ho Hos and all that is flying everywhere all. That's a trap for her. Why are you checking my kid's lunch? That's what you get. He's not just in there with lunch. Don't you worry about. Would I put my kids in line. A lady just go. Yeah the MOMS are there every day judging. I think they know because they're judging when they're they all judge each other it's fun fund that well. Here's One lady. My mom guilt. I lie I lie about the last popsicle being because I wanted my daughter. East the rest of them over the period of time. We had just won't one of their for myself see and that's why so many husbands feel like that. They've got an extra kit in the house. It seems like that you know they say you got two little ones who want a popsicle and then you've got the mom the wife who's supposed to be an adult and she's she's fighting over the popsicle too so it's just like the dad has three kids there and I hear so many all at the same time say that that's their third or fourth I. I think I'm probably the first one but I'm but I just had some head-scratching going on. Hey you know what that does make sense so now it's going to start to happen. It just won't be received as well and his jovial whenever the husband says it hit having having his wife is like another child that he has to govern got a couple more non stop. I'm going to say to the the men to night when he's talking about her having to go get this or that because their friends got it. And what non guys is like having having another kid another high schooler. Isn't it yes. It's going to be so much fun. I love that and that's why People WanNa be around me. Here's the latest her mom guilty. Still Take my daughter daycare on the day. I have off from work. Just so I can spend the day by myself and get the housework done or watching flicks without having to watch her to feel guilty over. Yeah I understand. Joy is in Georgia. Hi Joy what is your mind I send my kids to the babysitter as I get my oldest one to school. We'll send my kids my youngest one to the babysitter two hours earlier just so I can have some peace and quiet before I have to go to work mark. What's on the way right? It's makes more sense just to do carpool together. Actually kind of not no trying to help you out there in short car. Here's a great new and I just I lie about Walmart Walmart being closed. It's a nightmare going that place anyway but with a five year old. It's torture so I tell her. Walmart is close. The car wash is closed all the time. They always want to go by the car. Go in every time we pass them like closed there. But they're out there now closed my kids. Learn what the word riffraff draft means is the acing. TJ total recall podcast. You tell us your situation what you did what you're doing doing what you're planning to do in Tj will tell you whether or not it is it just it's okay ours it evil so hey TJ is this evil. My husband insists that that his t shirts get hung to dry instead of being put in the dryer because he thinks they shrink when I mad at him I purposely dry his stuff. It's not it's not evil but it's really mean and not something you would do to somebody. Love I wouldn't think it mean he wouldn't do that to you. I'm sure it's pretty particularly him. By the why ruin his stuff streak. Why ruin it do use shrink find some other way to to be upset with him? I mean thank hanging on t shirts and hang them well. Okay Eh make them. TJ Able separated and were house sharing sharing with X.. While getting the house ready for the market how sharing the kids stay full-time at the house we rotate in and out of the home. I know a couple that did did this. I don't know how they pulled that off. It's crazy one week. The wife lives there and the husband lived in an apartment. The next week Sunday swapped they swapped and he moved in for for a week and she didn't and the state of the whole time so anyway that's how sharing anyway and thing that can be easier than dragging the kids back. Yeah Anyway there's a Carrie underwood song dirty dirty laundry says all the Jackson the world could clean your dirty laundry so I replaced every type of soap in the House with Ajax. I couldn't help. It saw it at the store and it just made sense so instead of being a bar of soap on the soapdish in the shower. There's a thing of Ajax I would assume it's it's like In the shower it would be the bottom. What do you call it? The liquid liquid soap kind of shower Gel shower GEL. Thank you yeah and report a Jackson that replaced the river and she's really asking if this is evil. Well you know how I am revenge so I would have to wait and see what he what he has done to her. Now you know because I'm more of a WW J. D. thing when it comes to revenge but the Jays not for. Oh Jesus. I wondered who the J. was four. Have to come up with somebody else. Okay but if it's just a we don't get along anymore. Ajax isn't gonNA kill him if he puts it on his skin but he also doesn't know that you do anything probably so the pay off worth it and that's all right This guy this is a guy asking you. TJ If his girlfriend is evil my girlfriend two years says she is miserable in the small town. We've grown up in and she's wanting to move away knowing I have a three year old daughter order. I do not and will not leave behind without a father. So she's basically giving me an ultimatum. Leave with her or stay close to my daughter evil or not. It's not evil. It's her choice as to whether or not you know. She wants the daughters not her responsibility. Put it that way as far as cold as that may sound. It just means that you have to let go which you know happens all the time people give ultimatums and you make them or you don't. I don't think that's evil It could be insensitive but she has a teller. Okay within go I. I'm your your daughter is the most important thing no matter what I wouldn't even consider a what her opinion is on that. If that's what choices either leave you Or leave and you go with her and leave your daughter her saying that to me would let me know. That's not the person for me and here's Karachi also has the right to do it. I'm not come down her for that but I would just say oh well. We're not meant to be together. If that's the way you look and you gotta hear Gwen says she has house one for Emma Evil. Just a little question. My husband can't love Spaghetti. It's one of his favorite meals. He gets very excited if he knows it. Spaghetti eighty nine. I'm Dr up some sauce. Whip it up. He loves Angel Hair Within. Obviously that's the number one choice. I think Spaghetti nights not really really my favorite so to make it more enjoyable for me. I sub out the angel hair with and Spinach Fettucini and I think that is delicious. So now I'm fine having his beloved Spaghetti night more often. Because it's a pasta that I enjoy enjoy more. That's I don't think or I mean does he. Does he likes sometimes. I'll know angel hair. All right all right so I said all right well that we can trade off. No no no. That's fine you trade off. Not usually because he said it was fine. He's just happy to have a homemade meal of spaghetti that he loves odds with my sauce. I know he doesn't really like gathering. Just tell him that women love Angel Hair Pasta okay. You're not even it's supposed to like angel hair prostitutes were. It's for women. Okay now that could kind of be manipulative manipulative in on the on the bad side to tournaments on that he loves okay. But you're I just would rarely make spaghetti if I had to have angel hair. I don't like it And so I'm happy to make him MM spaghetti more often. If I can get a newer that I like or do two different things I offer that I said I had to pot sitting out getting getting ready to cook two kinds of policies that no. That's crazy we'll just have your so. Obviously he doesn't know how to cook passed right now. He doesn't know that it's these thing in the world right did you that. All latch here takes like four but what we now get him into thinking about what Al Dente means and then you forget all of it but what we we have learned that we have learned here that he cares more about her happiness than his own and he doesn't want her doing extra work because she said I'm not GonNa don't do that. I want to to do that. Just you're you're fine. And he's accepted the fact that she's going to be selfish when it comes to this spaghetti and make what she wants because that makes never give him what he would. He's accepting the fact that he's he's winning by getting Spaghetti ten times a year than I would ever make it what he thinks the way he wants it actually what he's doing is he's making sure that if he has to do without something to make you happy. That's what he'll nice. That's the way husbands should be. Yeah and you're fine with that that I don't even want Spaghetti. Hey TJ total recall. PODCAST is new at noon every day. Subscribe now on I tunes. Aw Always Tj show graphics and web designer done by Alpha lab designs looking for spectacular email design at Ace TJ Dot Com web design menus marketing materials brochures flyers social media ads and more design at TJ DOT com. So for a long time. Now we've been telling you about Calla. TRAINED CADRE HELPS YOU lose weight. 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