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Is there something that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling. Is there for you. Connect with your professional counselor. Slur in private online environment scheduled secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist listeners. Get ten percent off your first month by going to better her help. Dot com slash twenty twenty. That's two zero two zero. We've created a replica of the scene at the end of the day. What is it that you want to find out now. The new developments in the deadly mystery brand inside a sheriff's department or the bedroom door was locked and screamed her name again. I heard it all again. They just said that she committed suicide. Your daughter killed herself. This is there's no way that michelle would ever take her life. I mean the word suicide was thrown around right off the bat. Without any investigation. Shrink the guild taught my loans. We want and outside of education but if she didn't cause her own death who do thank did. I think jeremy killer intrude michelle fashion. I'm breaking up with him to start my life over breaking up with her boyfriend jeremy who just happens to be in the sheriff's department because i think they walked in the door. Jeremy armie told them fellow officers. This is a suicide everything. Stop no one's charged tonight. We're doing our own twenty twenty investigation. You better take the gun out in tustin and the families to even in your body. She's resting in peace but i just had this desire for the truth. Apparently pointing to autopsy is only i could just gosh just seem very obvious that there is the climb against my daughter in meeting for coffee and local gas station call came over the radio. Four shots fired immediately jumped up left. The gas station. Get in our cars was unsure what to expect when we get on c. Saint augustine florida in two thousand ten deborah maynard was a sheriff's deputy assigned to the southeastern r._a._m. She remembers numbers racing to the scene in response to this nine. One one call on seven seven on your call is placed by fellow deputy jeremy banks. Whatever when help arrives deputies find a seat every bit as grisly as the caller describes walked in around the bar in the kitchen and and i saw some feet of female prone on the floor they're the victim is jeremy begs girlfriend friend twenty-four-year-old michelle o'connell. She's got a gunshot wound to the head and dozens of prescription painkillers in her pocket and i looked across the room and <hes> the deputy in question dairy banks was crouched at the bathroom door just squatting. They're holding a phone in his hand. A deputies instructed snapped these photos to document the scene before e._m._t.'s begin life saving measures. The weapons sits left at the tack light on the gun is in the on position russian. The pictures also reveal a separate shot fired into the carpet. Despite the efforts of the first responders at the scene michelle o'connell donald is pronounced dead at eleven forty eight p._m. Outside the home some deputies detectives begin to reach a conclusion being it was a woman took her own life. Some of them were later interviewed as part of the investigation. I didn't have any suspicions that it was anything other than suicide it. I think that's what we were all kind of discussing how but just making sure that we covered our bases that appeared. She had committed suicide. You fellow deputies take time to console a coworker a friend in his time of need to jeremy's asked if he was okay and vise jerry that you know i'm i'm here for him. Anything he needs a squad cars used as a makeshift interview room to question the twenty-three-year-old banks. That interview is recorded by detective all right this detective how it is officially september third at one twenty three in the morning outside in the yard garage gosh of sitting on it down. I heard it pop exactly what it was and branded size search agreement or name. The door was locked in screener name again. I heard a golf again for the second time a sad story for sure but not a headline grabbing one in and around saint augustine. No i mean it wasn't really a story. It hadn't been reported anywhere ever so there was no actual news story about it before we did all that's left for sheriff's deputies to do now is informed the o'connell family a tragedy. They just said that she committed suicide. Your daughter killed herself. She committed suicide. I said this is. There's no way that michelle would ever take her life. Michelle o'connell on on a single mom was working two sometimes three jobs to support a four year old daughter alexis alexis and our whole life changed. She just lived for alexis. You know some people are just meant to be mothers and michelle was meant to be mother. She was devoted. There's there's no way who would take care of alexis. De shells life was looking up after she landed a dream job at a daycare center. Turn teresa woodward was director. Who gave her the job. They took her over to the vice president's office to get her key. It's a very prestigious thing to be <music> honored to be respected to be trusted to have k. two building michelle was so excited it was literally and figuratively the key to her future. She was so elated that she had a job. That was a career. She said i'm going to the doctor and not even sick but i have insurance sir once in my life but on the very day michelle was set to start her life changing position. I got a phone call. That said that michelle had died. I said no o'connell's brother and sisters say the family's grief turns to frustration once they realized realized sheriff's department spent just a few hours at the scene before calling michelle's death a suicide i mean the word suicide was thrown around right off forbath without any investigation and i screamed and yelled tom my lawns. We want an outside investigation but two days later the medical examiner examiner doctor frederick toben performs an autopsy and officially rules for deaf a suicide and the sheriff says no to an outside investigation david shores powerful political and protective of the men and women on his forces. This is just a sheriff that agricole and a situation that was mishandle and at the at the root of the family that suffers because of eagles and power sores career lawmen and an elected official official he is so well connected he often runs and wins on opposed but now he finds himself facing stiff opposition from the victim's family and friends. I think jeremy gilder even more stunning deborah maynard who's at the scene that night agrees and for you. That's eddie's murder. What does the family know about the relationship between show jeremy and you tracking michelle the last ninety minutes of her life what happened through various interviews the last hour michelle o'connell's life in florida can be put on a timeline. It begins with a concert here at the saint augustine amphitheatre. It's a hot sticky night and a packed house as the curtain is about to go up for the band paramore the curtain however is about to come down on ms showing jeremy's relationship as the band plays. They're hit misery businesses. Jeremy and michelle are caught up in their own misery fighting. Has it's become all too common. The couple had words before during and after the show found they never bad finding us always just are you but having purchased seats in advance michelle decided to see the show and then call it quits with jeremy intrude michelle fashion. I paid for the tickets. I'm going. I'm breaking up with him. I'm starting my life over and you know i'm more sensitive. It is and she said i'll be fine. Michelle's brothers sean was seated with the contentious couple and describes jeremy this way just kind of withdrawn and tonight went on you know i was like i'm here with my sister and this guy's being like debbie downer over here so i was like hey do you mind scooting over. If you're not not gonna have fun at the concert with my sister i'm definitely going to this photo was taken of a subdued banks at the show. Michelle is all smiles with her brother hours earlier she. She had lunch with her sister. I had met michelle for lunch at my place and we were talking about her looking for a new apartment fat. She was breaking up with jeremy. This was kind kind of a coalition. I was concerned with all the violence and how the relationship had turned your whispers of verbal and physical physical abuse from both sides. He said there's going to be a fight because he's gonna want me to go out after the concert and i don't even go to the concert because i knew jeremy was rachel. I knew i knew in my heart something was going to happen. Something is happening. Sister chrissy begins receiving curious text messages from michelle at the concert. Promise me one thing lexi will be happy and always have a good life. I promise you what that no matter. What lexi will always be safe and loved what's going on. I'm scared. It seems like a mixed message. Someone saying a final goodbye for someone who feels danger may be coming their way as the concerts led out michelle alerts chrissy who is watching michelle's four year old daughter. I'll be there soon. It is an appointment michelle will not keep after the show. The couple begins to drive home. That's when michelle informs jeremy. It's over para. She said ah stuff out by this weekend. Break up. She said yes and we were talking about it l. e. voice we are but we have the hausler fine. According to jeremy michelle is inside well. He remains outside with two friends who stopped over after the concert. Michelle comes outside to retrieve a makeup bag from the car and quickly returns after ten to twenty minutes the friends leave. Jeremy says he's alone in this garage. I heard a pop exactly what it was. Just instinct said what what happens in what does not happen in the hours that follow troubles former f._b._i. Agent brad garret you get to a small department. You're really talking about people you're friends with that. They're talking into and so you need a level of objectivity in those interviews objectivity that may have been lost says garrett shortly after help arrived. I think they walked in the door. Dr jeremy told them fellow officer. This is a suicide everything stopped. Do you just take a guys word of course not the only way you find that out is is to treat the scene like it's a homicide until you prove it otherwise that was not done in this case according to deborah maynard who was fired by the sheriff reportedly ridley for on truthfulness made claims it was because the sheriff asked her to lie in an unrelated case and she refused. We were told it was a suicide. They automatically adequately said it was a suicide though we are trained to say every scene is a homicide until proven otherwise twelve days later banks is in the sheriff's office for another interview when he first walks in. He's not treated like a possible suspect but firmly colleague harvey steady chernow jeremy blurts out in admission revealing gained access to a sheriff's report on this case partial but horn the other side a detail. The detective seems to gloss over the basics. I wish you where do you saw things. How in the hell does jeremy get to review the report before he's interviewed by his peers. This is crazy. Some in the department would later admit to having doubts that night when i walked into that room the first thought that went through my mind was this this is not good for jeremy former deputy. Deborah maynard is even more critical of the sheriff's department scale one to ten ten being a great job. I'm on an investigation. Malaysia ranks one the sheriff would later acknowledged missteps were made among the missteps deputies failed to canvas the neighborhood for witnesses deputies failed to interview the students family members deputies failed to isolate interview and photograph banks in a structured environment and what about jeremy could he have done more attorney mac macleod represents jeremy banks. He busts in the room. She shot herself. He's calling nine. One one get over here. Get over here right wouldn't occur to him as a deputy. Take her pulse perform life. Saving measures do everything everything he can to try to save her life. I don't think it's frame of mind was as deputy at the time as i was saying i think is frame of mind was just completely shocked in freaked out but the o'connell families says none of this makes any sense. She wasn't looking to take her life in fact she was looking to save a life. Her appointment book found in the car shows michelle had signed up for c._p._r. Training two days after her death remember those pills found in michelle's pocket they were from jeremy's prescription bottle. None were found in her system. All of the pills were accounted for and keep in mind. She was looking for her makeup bag minutes minutes before her death and had plans to meet up with her friend mindy fox his aac. You're not gonna flake on me. Are you still hanging out tonight and i was like yes. We're still hanging <hes>. She's a good while the sheriff's department and michelle's family are at odds over how she died. It is undeniable. Michelle was killed with banks service weapon. It took four months but sherve shore finally bows to family pressure knowing his investigation fell short. 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Thanks to spanish explorer pulse daily on the fountain of youth has been a must see attraction and saint augustine for years but upon closer inspection is actually akin to a minor water main break. Some things are simply not what they appear and saint augustine. That's the mindset of christy o'connor who has to fight every day to remind people. Her sister did not die by suicide by rally protests log dog everything we can think of to get f._d._l._e. To come in which should have been done day one. The family now has an outside investigator to look into their suspicions. Especially arrested roger to the florida bar rusty rogers find something the sheriff's office did not. Let's coming from over there that open patch to women with good hearing drink. Their account was featured in documentary produced by frontline and the new york times. We heard a woman yell for help. We heard a gun shot and then there was another yell for help and then another shot and then there was silence and then there were silence. There was no commotion no nothing it seemed like a long it. It was probably ten. Maybe fifteen minutes and the sirens came. The sheriff says it's not uncommon for some suicide victims to fire off a test shot before the fatal shot. The two girls heard her scream for help if she was suicidal if she was killing herself. She's not going to scream for help. Rogers takes his findings to the medical examiner's office dr frederick toben. I've been persuaded by the ear witnesses the medical examiner who did not want to go on camera when approached by jacksonville reporter and schindler did allow audio of their conversation recorded the f._d._a. Did a pretty thorough job. I thought and so at that point you became convinced that it was what would well. I became convinces probably homicide medical examiners don't make decisions solely based on the body in front of them much of what they learn about the case is through conversations with investigators after listening to rodgers presentation in june of two thousand eleven. Dr hogan fills out an emended death certificate and less homicide aside as the manner of death listen. Yes i had state attorney investigator here as a witness and i said that <hes> and based on this i would amend the autopsy and change the manner of death from suicide tom saw- <hes> well. I did that but just internally. I didn't send it out. It wasn't filed with anybody wasn't sent into the funeral. Director wasn't disclosed to anybody except the state attorney hogan says he was told to hold off filing the documents humint by the state attorney while the investigation continues almost almost close to do the right thing and then we have people above them. I said no. We're gonna do a little different. Hobart never officially files that amended certificate. He's later reprimanded by the state for keeping that document at his home. Eventually a new medical examiner is consulted. One who will turn this investigation upside down in the frontline documentary. Dr pedrick bulich believes the death was a suicide and presents. An alternative theory in the gun was used upside down at the time it was fire this he says would help explain a second wound this cut above michelle's eyelid once you show us how you believe. She held a gun when she shot herself. This is the way that i believe that. The suicide occurred as the agent rusty. Rogers continues his investigation for me. He goes face to face with jeremy to see who blinks first. Neither man does how does she gets. No question at you want yours. Orsay rogers then asks a child protection team interview michelle's then five year old daughter alexis. I appears to have witnessed. Some of the abuse alleged by michelle's family this journey. What does jeremy do that spanned. And what did you use to hit your mommy. Did you see that happen one time for for them. What time that jeremy hit your mom with adele and i heard you say the <hes> jeremy. What did you say when those things happen but in jeremy's interview with rogers he had said he put her hands on michelle only once to restrain her after she charged him rogers keeps keeps digging he calls in a crime scene reconstructionist with four decades of experience testing done to attempt to see if michelle shot herself or was was shot by someone else based on the shell casings landed on this field his conclusion. This was a homicide but special prosecutor brad king who is now go to the case reviews all the investigations and reaches a conclusion. He calls us in for a meeting and basically says there's not enough evidence so our family was just pushed aside side. My mom was devastated and i think i've said before it was like the second worst day of my life. You know the first losing michelle scherf shore pens of one hundred and fifty two page review of the case a mostly positive assessment of his department's work is on the case said. There's not going to be a happy ending but he also tears internet showcasing test ordered by rogers for being conducted an open field attest. He says did not take into account the variables at the scene such as the walls the ceiling furniture a church and michelle's extremities banks will also fight back in the form of a lawsuit against the f._d._l._e. Ann rogers for allegedly violating violating his civil rights the case will drag on for years investigated third themselves and then later on they finally bring in f._d._l._e. Who who paints this picture that that is not jiving doesn't look good and they don't like it so they attacked f._d._a. Jan go after him heartland to nail the search for clues from a gun range to a graveyard a thousand miles from the iconic saint augustine lighthouse pennsylvania forensic scientist is trying to shed some light on the curious death of michelle o'connell. Today we've come to roll call and indoor shooting range in scranton to examine two key points winston. This investigation using dr buicks theory. We wanna see where the shell casings may land when the gun is upside down and and see whether an upside down gun was fired could have caused the injury above michelle's. I shariff shore has been critical of the outdoor crime scene reconstruction -struction by the f._d._a. So today we're going inside. We've created a replica of the scene based on seeing photos. We use a mannequin for the purposes of this test and you can see this is the layout of the bedroom door right here. People came in and out of the room this way we asked professor peter your digestion a forensic scientist at penn state to conduct a firing test for us back in two thousand thirteen die check reviewed the case for frontline minute times investigation professor. How well do you know the gun that was used in this case. I am familiar with the with the firearm heavy any fire that gun before many many times in those initial set of photographs taken at the scene there is no visible sign of any shell casings around michelle's body <music> but two were later clearly photograph to her left in this back corner of the bedroom. This bag right here was where a shell casing was found. Another one founded about eighteen inches away. <hes> the location of the spent cases is going to be dependent upon several factors. One of the most profound is the position of the firearm wedding was was fired. We'll be using the same making model of the gun that fired the fatal shot. Plus live rounds to keep those rounds on the control. We're gonna referring into ballistic gelatin at the end of the day. What is it that you want to find out. We're going to see with our documentation where the cartridge cases will land depending on the position of a firearm. You're going to be holding that gun upside down and firing it. Why is though that's because we are going to be replicating the position of the fire as dictated by the reports sports and the interviews of the of the medical examiner all right be safe. We walk about fifteen yards to observe the firing test behind bulletproof glass. The mannequin is laying down. The most likely set of circumstances is that she was lying on the ground pulled the gun up probably to hand and and fired and then the blood does exactly what it seen in the pictures and goes this way see i was holding it upside down the way authorities say she held him <music> using high speed photography. You can actually see the shell-casing acing ejecting toward the right side of the mannequin that is the exact opposite of where the shell casings were found at the scene. See those cases coming this way each time this way again again what authorities found those casings on the other other side where the professors go talk to him okay professor. How many shots did you just fire. I fired ten cottages so we've nine over here one right here underneath. That's correct so if she's lying down holding the gun like that. There's no way that if she fired those shots that those cases woodland over here that's correct. It's just doesn't conform to the physics of the way. The firearm is designed. Sheriff's shore has an explanation those shell casings could have been inadvertently kicked by any one of nine first responders at the scene okay so let's take a look at this. We bring in roll-call joseph harris a retired corporal with the scranton police department who've who've worked hundreds of crime scenes over his career based on what you see here. How possible is it that a casing that ends up on this side of michelle ended up the all the way over there. It's for distance. How likely is it that casing would have been kicked from here. All the we over there. I would say not not not so likely ten bullets ready in the clip we reset we set now you see that the dummy is sitting up that the other way that authorities said their mind michelle might have killed herself casings come in this looks like almost every case in came to the right of michelle next we position the mannequin in a kneeling position kevin another possibility of how michelle might have shot herself ten more shots and this time we learned the sheriff's right about one thing objects in the room can play a role in where the casings land so you've now fire thirty shots re different positions based on the way shod god. What are the chances. They're showcasing end up over here incredibly unlikely this being right here. Perhaps it could have been kicked there but is there a contrary argument to that. The contrary argument would be if the direction of travel of the responders is to attend to the victim and the door is in that part of the building then it would be more likely that it will be kicked in the same direction that they're traveling alling which is to the right of the while our test raises questions about dr buicks upside down gun theory it does not prove or disprove that it was suicide or homicide. Michelle's family is convinced. Someone else was holding the gun so what would happen. The professor stood over michelle and shot down towards her. Not the gun turned upside down anymore but just straight away. The cartridge cases were ejected from the firearm and created a pattern on the victim's left. What's interesting is showcasing showcasing all the way over here. This is just a couple of meaning couple of inches away from where one of the cases was found. Is it more likely that she was impacted to buy this gun in the way that the police described it or in the way that the family believes which is jeremy shatter. Our experimentation clearly reveals that the achieved families scenario is the more likely scenario we showed michelle's mom patty the results of our firing test why win the sheriff take the time and to do a test. I say it and i go. She did not kill herself and that's what i feel but feelings are not facts. There's one more thing we wanted to examine. Remember michelle's eyelid injury. Dr bulich told frontline it was the attack like the cause that injury the only sound solid <hes> forensic explanation is that the gun was upside down and the tactical light cards talk to the experts out there that say that when you fire a gun like that that the gun would not go up but instead we go back it would recoil backwards not so says jeremy's attorney. What do i say to. Those experts unnamed her name. I'd say you'd better take the gun out again been tested for he say that but that's exactly what professor die check did and using high speed photography you can clearly see the gun going backwards and flying away from what would have been shelf space firearms do not go forward upon firing is against the laws of physics if you measure the ark of the tac light and you measure the ark of the wound. They're awfully consistent attack. Late may have done that in a in a ante mortem event but it did not happen at the moment that the firearm was fired in other words. Dodge says it could have happened before the fatal gunshot but special prosecutors embraced buicks theory and and determined there was not enough evidence to charge jeremy with a crime so if that gunshot didn't cause the eye injury what did besides her then boyfriend giddy sheriff jeremy banks. Only michelle o'connell knows what truly happened when those two gunshots were fired that september overnight wore they could learn from exhuming the shelves body. Paddy o'connell was waiting for the state agency to do it themselves. She gave them permission and then they never did. It's hard. She's resting in peace but i just had a desire for the truth. Why would they ask me to zoom and then nonex- so so. Obviously the family felt strongly enough about it that they decided to do it themselves. The o'connell's get in touch with dr william anderson a forensic pathologist and former deputy chief medical medical examiner for orange county florida. I was asked to examine the autopsy michelle and then upon that do a second hot topsy well examining the original autopsy. Something in an x ray gets dr anderson's attention. There was some indication that there was some other injury on the body did the exclamation with job into pieces so in the case there was a fracture a fracture the comes as a surprise to the family and most anyone anyone following the case the new developments a deadly mystery dr anderson's findings make national headlines family pointing to a new autopsy and as soon as saint johns county sheriff david shore learns about the exclamation he goes on the attack and issues a scathing statement about the family he has done on to say that our families families basically paying someone to author a report for us. It will feel better which isn't the case despite rumors statements to the contrary this totally problem in that statement the sheriff goes on to say molesting michelle from her place of rest using some freelance. Type approach is beyond unconventional. It was reprehensible to the sheriff. I say you because he has no right even if he doesn't agree with it or whatever he should in no way shape or form ever speak public release whatever to to a family using those words it really shows his character and news of the fracture brings into question the word of the original medical examiner dr hogan. There's a fracture right there now. This was never on the autopsy report the x rays and just jumps out at you and it's the only how you could miss that in the original autopsy report because that is a big deal so the fact that it's not on that report. What do you attribute that to. I think this is a sloppy i think did the police says a suicide. Well it could well be a suicide and just to sort of write it off and keep going but jeremy makes attorney. Mac macleod says dr hogan was was aware of michelle's jaw bone fracture. Even though it's not depicted in this autopsy sketch in his notes he has noted mandibular separation. It's not in the autopsy autopsy report notes well that yeah that's very disturbing actually too because if everything else very carefully described and you leave out the major find and it's not good practice. I'm not an expert on fractures. Even i could see oh my gosh her jaws broken when you're the family and you've got not as many questions as they do. Anything like that is going to seem incredibly suspect. Why didn't we know shaded broken jaw that does seem significant significant not only because it wasn't reported boarded the autopsy report here we had but more importantly for what dr anderson says it reveals about how michelle died so the only explanation that i can see the reasonable symbol is that <hes> there was another force a blow to the chin the broke the mandible prior to the time of gun shop with conflicted for my opinions was on the side. Jeremy banks has always denied hurting michelle the night of her death and he has never been charged with a crime what the family wants to believe or what the theory wanted being proposed was is that she must have been hit hard well. There's problem with that. There is no eve worth his salt that will tell you that an inter oral gunshot wounds such as this the high powered weapon that more often than not you. You expect to see mandibular separation. It is possible in some cases that has shut could split the jaw but dr anderson says that's not the case with michelle based on the evidence he reviewed there was a gunshot wound to the mouth that put a hole in the time time but didn't do any other damage to the teeth to the gums to the floor of the mouth with sperry soft tissue basically would have been destroyed if there had been enough up force from that blast to break the jaw. If she'd been hit you would see bruising. You would see abrasion u._t. Something there's nothing i probably eight or nine nine thousand odd thompsons. If you die quickly enough you will not have bruising having gotten the answers. The family was looking for michelle has returned to an open open grave but her death is still an open question to the family in two thousand seventeen. The florida medical examiners commission reprimanded dr. I hope and dr bulan a small indication for the o'connell family. They determined that they had mishandled. Some of the components of the investigation for hogan was he said he brought some material home and hadn't kept it in the medical examiner's office including michelle's amended death certificate and then we'll look i think in just showed autopsy autopsy photos and then he wasn't supposed to show to non family members dr hogan was also called out for his poor record-keeping failing to document the jawbone fracture in his autopsy ozzie report the medical examiners and the state attorney all declined to comment for the story in a statement. The sheriff's office told us this case has been extensively extensively reviewed by numerous investigators who have continually ruled the death. A suicide based on things stand right now. Do you think it's possible prosecute. Jeremy banks from doesn't sound like you're going to be able to do it in florida well. I mean how many states state's attorneys have looked at this case so you think this case is zim prosecutable at this point. It doesn't appear that it would be prosecutable in saint johns county florida next a development in the case gives new hope to michelle's family. I'm sure sure there's going to be somebody if they see this. They're going to say we need someone to help us just months before machel's death. There's her daughter alexis dancing happily in front of her proud. Mum michelle smile immortalized in this family home video nearly eight years ears. After michelle's laid to rest still one chapter remained open jeremy civil lawsuit against agent rusty rogers who reinvestigated the case with the florida the department of law enforcement jeremy alleged rogers had violated his civil rights and tried to advance the theory than shells death was a homicide about a hundred one hundred percent of what agent rogers and the f._d._a. Did on this case was essentially made up thing so as to fit a theory. There was no probable cause. There never has been but then a ruling. It's an item development connected to the controversial death of michelle o'connell. A judge found that rogers had probable cause to detain jeremy for homicide and dismissed the lawsuit in rogers favor. The dismissal of the civil lawsuit has reinvigorated raided the o'connell. Family's quest for justice family can't rest because it was so mishandled and i mean all the science all the evidence uh-huh is there. I'm sure there's gonna be somebody if they see this <hes> program. They're going to say yeah we. We need someone to help us. I have a message for jeremy banks. You get to live your life still a cop shell. She doesn't have a life anymore. If you think you're so innocent then let us have our day in court. The family is also crusading for a law that would prevent departments from investigating one of their own ever again. Jeremy's attorney attorney says the case has profoundly impacted his client's life as well. What kind of toll this is taking on his life. I mean is is. It's absolutely ruined. His life. Life has neighbors <hes> that walk up and down the street at two o'clock at night and we'll scream him murder but it is michelle's daughter alexis. I lost the most kids mommy's stone and she'd say no. She wants to go to heaven. He wants to be a good girl. Go to the heavens to see your mom. You can't grieve until you get justice. You have to have your justice. Interestingly interestingly all local researcher who was looking into michelle o'connell's case was found fatally shot earlier this year was their connection police simply don't know but they have ruled it a homicide aside and there is now an investigation underway so we'll stay on it. I'm david muir and made me robot for all of us here at twenty twenty and a._b._c. news good night. Is there something thing that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling. Is there for you. Connect with your professional counselor. In a private online mine environment scheduled secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist listeners. Get ten percent off your first month by going to better help. Dot com slash twenty twenty. That's two zero two zero.

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