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Lori Vallow Weekly Update: AG Takes Over, Coronavirus, and New Characters!


This podcast includes graphic depictions of true crime cases and may contain explicit language listener. Discretion is advised. Hey this is robin. This is Jackie and this is Amanda. And you're listening to Weei. Saw the double a podcast dedicated to Horn true crime? And all things macab if you want to follow US between shows. Don't forget to check US OUT ONLINE. You can go to our website at www dot we saw the double dot com. You can follow us on Instagram at. We saw the double podcast or on twitter at me. Solve the devil and if you want to specific co hosts social media you can find the links to those on our website as well. Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of we saw the double. And tonight we are going through the batch insane. Laurie avello updates. Because we can't get a week off. Luckily things are moving along at least right. Yeah actually much foster than I had previously anticipated. I have to say I knew that there would be kind of a moment where the floodgates would open but all of a sudden this week some really big developments have occurred and somewhere post and some were postponed. So how is everyone out there? Are you staying at home? I think everyone is getting a little stir crazy. The world is ending around us. How are you doing Amanda as predicted? We're not in July the portal. The poll is not just waiting for that part on so yeah we hope all of your safe washing your hands. Not Touching your face doing while in this time. I know it's been rough. Not you know completely joking. But it's it's been rough time for a lot of people and we hope you are doing well and and thanks for listening as always but Y'All let's just go ahead and get into it so Amanda you WanNa talk about our Patriae on I do so. I wanted to thank all of our patrons Amy Eric Ian Iris Nikki and Shawna and a special thank you to executive producers which are in Iris and Shawna so thank you to again to all our patrons and If you do want to support us on patron it's patriots dot com slash. We saw the devil. We have some goodies on their Some content just for our patrons and we will also occasionally little goodies. So check your mail. Soon in the before the end of the US and our executive producers will be getting an extra little goody this month so check your mailboxes. We'll put a little note when we when we get everything sent out and the male has been a little slower so we will at least give you next week. The male may not actually exist. Well we're hoping at least let's before we like return to Pony Express and pigeons. I hope you've been raining. Speaking of Nice segue. Yeah speaking of if any of you hear in the background this evening. I have parrots and the time of recording is. They are sundown in currently getting ready for bed and unfortunately I have cockatoos. That are very very very loud. So yeah if you hear them is sincerely apologize. I hope it does not detract from your listening experience and also they may start bringing the meal just you just well Avello updates. Everyone's favorite thing. I mean we talked about doing a couple of other things coming up and the question always. But will you stay up to date on fallow. Clearly were obsessed? Yes we are and to be honest with you. Now as I stated in last week's episode we have the East area rapist episodes coming later the sweet but as always when it comes down to recording day. It's like Lori valid. The Laurie Ballack as just a side. So take a big crap right in the middle of the news cycle so here we are but yeah a lot of lot of new stuff. This week it's really interesting and I have to say. I'm really super impressed. With all of these armchair web sleuths out there who have done background checks and gone down the rabbit hole of social media accounts. Like it's a really impressive. I have fallen into a couple of those rabbit holes where a new character has been disgusted. I'm like any device person. Oh my gosh. We have a mutual friend. Oh my gosh. So and so has like something. So every time there's someone from Arizona. I get super stoked which I mean you right in the middle of IT Amanda. I know soon I'll be. You're going to jump in that portal. Alright so updates. This week there was a conversation between Laurie. And her attorney mark means that was accidentally recorded by the jail. Indeed not this took place Will the news was reported from Salt Lake City? Thirteen originally and it took place basically in the midst of the new Cova Nineteen staf right so jails are having to change a lot of their policies as far as how inmates can communicate with their attorneys visitors so on and so forth deputy Isaac Payne a spokesperson for the jail did not provide an explanation into how the recording was made. Just said that it was under investigation. Apparently they accidentally recorded a conversation as Amanda said between Lori and Mark Means which violates her statutory right to privacy I wish I could listen to that recording though the me to we were talking before we started recording. Like what if I kill so sad though like can you imagine and how many people she's gone through like attorney wise to that. Just if it's it's crazy it is I expect right and we'll get to this here in a moment as far as a bond auction and whatnot but I fully expect them to try to take this and make a bigger deal out of it in some way. Oh I'm sure I'm sure that that that's going to be a big big play But I mean we still truly truly don't know what happened. I mean we. We've discussed in several episodes. Our thoughts on it but again we. We don't know another thing this week. Now I read this in the Christmas misery group too so shout out to the homie over there so the facebook group release Laurie value now. It is an absolute cesspool of Oth- Oh man. Yeah and it doesn't make a lot of logical sense But someone's been running it now if you've been listening to this show for a while you would know that. Everyone has previously speculated that it was Christopher Peretz of avow fame and so a couple sleuths from Christmas misery Did a little armchair digging and it would appear that jared angrily runs the page is actually Joseph Murray so they clicked on some pictures of that facebook. Page of jared's facebook. Page this magical. Jared and if you go back far enough it's actually Joseph Murray. Med bells husband. He changed the name on the photos. Wait what so did he. He changed name on the photos but still had pictures of. That's that's the level of intellect were dealing with with these people. Just because you change the name on your facebook Account Sweetie. It changes all the pictures that you've previously uploaded of yourself. Just what I what I don't comprehend is why would hit you know that's his son-in-law? Why would he be siding with him after that video from the Unit when you be like. Oh you disrespected the mother like I don't know that's just that's weird. Yeah it's it's really really weird. Which would make sense right so emma. Todd Day ball's daughter. Emma is the one that's constantly won't was constantly in the news a flipping off the camera making the weird faces. She's a local teacher there. So it's a it's pretty interesting but apparently her husband does not fall fall far from the tree. Well I'm really glad he changed his name. No one will know. Figure that one out and again. We didn't do that. That legwork I don't think I'm versed in figuring out matching Ip addresses nationally but that is very very interesting but they were able to put that together side note right so the release Laurie. Avello facebook page has been frequently discussed and a lot of the Laurie. Vullo forums on Reddit and facebook and I find it interesting right because they're constantly like I'm reading the most current post from them for hours ago here Tuesday evening. The fourteen and breaking ultra desperate fascist state of Idaho delays bond reduction hearing for no valid reason. Now their entire case right that they're trying to make is that Lori is not speaking in not divulging where her children are. Because she doesn't want the state of Idaho to take and sees her children. When I think of Idaho I think a fashion right. Well he's already called. I is it fascist or is it Mexican. Because he's already see this person. The ADLEMAN has already called Said that Lori staying in a Mexican jail and then like oh. I'm sorry it's the US so please get right sir. Their entire case is that because the state of Idaho has no evidence. Laurie has not been financially supporting her children. No they did show that they had. They had proof yet. They have shown through no transfer money than Mo- any sort. There has been no sorts of financial support going to you know where they recognize that tyler. Jj would be in. So I mean I guess it could be cash. Maybe a stretch unless she had like a a lump sum of money that she's been taking To give her. But I find it if the Laurie released. Laurie Avello page. That's the crux of their entire. Argument is that there's no way they have no evidence that she deserted her children but guess what all has to do is say where they are well and you know what they think about the people that say that they have monkey skulls. Gosh I don't get it. I mean not that she'd just be let out because there's a lot of other things happening scenes but I I don't understand what she's getting from that and yeah if CPS or whatever were to take our kids it's not like they just march in and take people's kits right and then they're constantly putting down K. WOODCOCK. I'm trying to say that's fake drama and that there was about blood before so I still maybe if someone else knows some details on that but as far as K. You know now that they are seeking to take. Jj If you know if everything works out. Before I don't see why should be worried about a custody battle. Maybe I've missed something huge but why would the adopted kids grandparents somehow get custody of a kid? If you were taking good care of it makes no sense. No and makes it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever now in lieu rate you're still the mother now. Let's not forget now. Also a question from our youtube channel on one of our previous episodes from j nine asked if we knew what medications. Jj was on The best that our research can produce spirit own should answer that question but yeah I mean the the medication being refilled all this other stuff so obviously that is not the actual crux of the issue. But yeah the so bottom. Line Armchair sleuths uncovered that. It's actually day. Ball's husband allegedly is. The one is the Admin for this group and since then both Emma and Joshua have gone offline. They went private. There they've been caught caught red-handed. So they are no longer on facebook. Okay well I have When you mentioned earlier that they were off I did check some of the other day bell kids and they are still on facebook so just them. The last week we talked about a police. Body Cam When Laurie was with tighly and with Melanie Gabe. And they were in The police station discussing this missing purse. Right that Charles had taken. Well there was more of this. Police Cam footage that. I was able to locate this week. I don't know if somehow I skipped over it last week or if Moore was just released but now you can find kind of the beginning. The Cam like when she actually arrives with tighly. And there's a part where the police actually step away for a second and they called Charles about bringing the purse and he seemed. You can't hear Charles the sight of it but he seems to be like really eat urging the police to to look into Laurie. A little bit more as far as The order that they talk about remember last week we talked about the possibility of her being checked in for like a mental. Check right but anyways Last week they talked about how they were trying to get approval for like a mental check. Right for Laurie and sounds like Charles is like at least my guess. Of course I can't hear aside as he's talking to the police trying to to figure it out in the police officers like tone changes a couple times throughout this conversation and then it sounds like Charles is just gonNa work with them and and do what was told so then they they go back in after after that conversation. And that's where it. Kinda leads off to where we had seen last right. So the part where he's talking to Laurie talking to Kylie a little bit. They're joking around slightly And of course Jason Mouth comes up in conversation as well. Melanie and Lori talk about him and and again we we saw last week now towards the end It's Kinda it cuts away promptly and I don't understand what happened between that or why it's cut because some information is just muted but this is completely cut and the now. The video is an officer talking to gave Bonilla Baena And I know you you're GONNA be talking about him in a few minutes But just to fill in everyone he is like a friend of Charles Valo and he's a bishop In one of the words craft. That's my understanding. The officer calls Gabe and says. Hey you're a witness in a petition for involuntary committal for Laurie. Valo and it sounds like Gabe kind of understood what was happening already. Like he wasn't shocked to get this call right and he just opened up to the police. The police are just asking for for his side in this right and he says well Lori was getting into some religious things that troubled Charles Gilbert PD. I guess had helped Charles get into the house so remember Lori I think last week. We said that she had left. Stayed at a hotel and Charleston get into house. I guess she locked him out so Gilbert. Pd helped him get into the house He also noticed. Some of his stuff was gone. I know she had mentioned. She was getting rid of some of the stuff and I think a couple episodes ago maybe towards the beginning we talked about how at one point she had camp right lights. And this is that time right. He says that he was brought into a conversation at one point select Charles. He thinks conference Tim into a conversation between him and Laurie. He didn't realize it was live like it was an actual conversation going at the time. But she says it. Her statements were a little irrational and accused him of something but wouldn't specify what the something was but like kept being really accusatory right and then she also indicated. That Charles was not who he was. What does that sound? Like zombies That's what I thought too in that. If you plan on watching that video on one skip ahead to some of the new stuff. It's at about thirty three minutes and twenty seconds. Charles at one point does mention that. He wanted to see the kids as well and her response. Was You want the kids? I'll give them to you and gave said that was just very strange for a mom to say and then it kind of ends with him just saying you know. I want everyone to be treated the best way. They can and flurries in a bad state that she gets kind of care that she needs. And everything's resolved in the best way possible for the poor kids kind of the way that he ends it. And then that's kind of the end of the video too so the officer. Thanks for first time. And that's it. We'll also melanie so you know. We're we've all been really kind of curious about Melanie right. Because it's very obvious that she. She has lied for Laurie and Chad Right. It's let's specify which Melanie there are two characters named Melanie. This is I e this get. Melanie claims she told the police. In at this point the purse debacle. Right so melanie says that. She went to Laurean Charles's home because she received a message from lorries phone. She got there and realize that it was actually Charles who had messaged her. She went on to say that she asked Charles Lorries person phone so if Melania actually believed that it was Laurie messaging her as she claimed she would have had no idea. That Charles Stole her purse and shoot up. Had No idea like no reason at all to ask for lorries. Purser phone so she caught her salt lake she got caught in a lie right there and then she and then the police apparently asked her you know something about it and then she just basically told them that she deleted the messages from. Warri interesting. Well also remember tighly says that she has one of the old phones and that they got a Sim card for it so it is possible that maybe they also texted her and she was like wait. What or called her. You know thumbs true to Ha- They have a secondary working phone. So okay I guess that's up to. It is a possibility for sure that is true. So again if you WANNA check out the body CAM footage that we're talking about it is from Gilbert PD and it is from January thirty first twenty nineteen. Yeah it's really it's super interesting. I highly recommend if you're interested in the case of sitting through it's like how long would you say it's about forty minutes? Yeah I think it's like thirty five minutes and it is like a remember high so that Kinda cuts strange The way that Justin limb talks about it. So he's for Fox ten Phoenix. He says. It's a compilation. So maybe that explains you know maybe stopped with Gloria was all done and then talk to other people and came back to calling Gabe who knows But the compilations from January thirty first. And if you just WANNA altogether where you don't have to search out all these videos read. It has a really good one on the Laurie Valo page. Yes does love Gabe. We'll start with Jason now because he's also mentioned in the first of all video true true. They nonchalantly dropped that they know a an ex police officer multiple times. Actually it's really odd. So let's start with Jason Mao so Jason Mouth has done podcast with Lori. Chad and Melanie Gibbs now. He has personally taken credit for introducing Laurean shod and apparently allegedly has said that. He told them that they should be married. And at that time their spouses were both previously alive He did a lot of podcasting with them. Now if you recall crackly he is a former Arizona. Police officer who resigns before he could be investigated. Apparently he had fallen asleep. Multiple Times while on the job Did some pretty shoddy work so he was being investigated and then just resigned interesting and that he was injured supposedly on the line of duty by his own account but it was actually pre existing condition according to the police department. Is that what they talk about? In that video to how we got injured. Yes okay. Now he resigned. He's no longer police officer right and if you watch his like FACEBOOK I. I've watched them before but he talks about how he loves to basically go the shooting range. He's a gun person right like he's not okay he apparently. I haven't verified this but he claims that he worked for the Rexburg Police Department for a short time. What would bring him from Rexburg to ski? Worked in that video they talk about like downtown Phoenix That's a very big. That's a big problem in places. Exactly now he claims that he has actually worked for the Rexburg Police Department. Which I mean if he's friends with Laurie Todd you know he he knows. Julia Ro All of those. I mean it wouldn't be terribly surprising. I guess but I have not personally verified that I would like to say he is known for over elaboration and stretching the truth he when Charles supposedly stole her person phone. Jason Mao was one of the people that Lori was concerned about being able to get in touch with him and she namedrop someone named four that I have been in. You know just crazily searching for and reading about lately. Thor is not a common. No so it's kind of easy to find. Jason Mao has done a little bit of work. He has written some bucks and things like that currently he teaches online high school L. Diaz for the LDS Church He does the high school seminary work. So that's what Jason Mao is up to these days now the reason. I'm bringing up Jason. How out of nowhere? So back to the person buckle in the video right so you mentioned. Gabe yes okay. So here is Gabe now. Gabe as Amanda said was the person that Charles Aloe had the police call for character right like like a witness now. His name is David Gabe Baena now. He was one of Charles follows friend and it's unknown an unverified but yet there have been many reports that he was he was the bishop of award right okay. It's possible that he was the bishop of Charles. And Laurie's ward there in Arizona. It has been. It has been verified though regardless that Charles got relationship advice from confiding in him about what Lori was messed up with Jason Mao in Chad's debacle so Charles. It has been confirmed. That Charles did in fact confide and Gabe Bona about his marriage You know issues and problems conflicts that he was having with Lori and supposedly again. Gabe was his bishop. Which would make sense right? Go into your bishop for for marital advice. But here's where it gets a little a little shoddy right. Gabe is an illustrator for some of Jason mouses books so again let that hit you for a second. Gabe is an illustrator and working and knowing most likely Chad. Day Bell Jason Jason. Now so he's already in that circle he's already in that circle of people so also. Gabe is currently the owner of Baena design and advertising. And he's married to Nicole Carson Baena but here this actually when I read this I got like you know not to make fun but full body chills because that means that Charles Valla was literally confiding in a man who is most likely helping Chad. Day Bell Charles. He just was super lucky here. It was really. I mean my God with friends like those like who needs enemies right. So that means most likely that Gabe knew about the call at least about the group and Chad Debacle and port. Charles you know went to him to talk about advice and be like. Yeah Laureus Talking to this Guy Named Day Ball in June podcasts Jason Mao and then gave us sitting there like Oh you know it's just so incredibly sad that this is sound picture coming from jets jets face us. It's just so sad like I feel I truly truly truly feel for Charles follows family because it just seems like this keeps getting worse and worse and worse. Yeah for sure like again. We don't know we don't. We don't know tightly seems to to side with a lorry at least in that video. Maybe they were bickering quite a bit and she was done with that. I don't know all around on paper. He didn't seem like a bad guy. Know exactly I mean. Even if he did you know no one deserves really get murdered. You know in the fashion that he was but I just find it just so incredibly odd and weird that all of this is just so far reaching right like Charles. Valla went to his frequent war. Talk to his His supposedly bishop who likewise is working with Jason Mouth. You know what I mean. And it's just so crazy like how small the Mormon community must be between Gilbert Arizona. Where they were and then Rexburg like seems like so many people go back and forth and knowing people right and also side note entirely completely off topic but Amanda and I went down the rabbit hole. I mean Look Zulema so Zulema Pass Stennis right married to Alex for a couple of weeks before he dropped out on the toilet to Lima. Pastas has a lot of connections with in Rexburg with a lot of people who ran in and Laurie Charles. Circle there too Yeah I still wish I could figure out how they got together. Her and Alex and just hurt direct. You no reason to be involved in any of this and remember. She is going There's photos videos of her at Melanie. Melanie with an eye Her Court appearances to in in Arizona. Yup that's true so it's weird. I hope we get resolution with all of this because I want to know like this is a massive massive massive cast of characters right so added this week. We got a new one and his name is Gabe. So it's Jesus like it will never end but it's it's really incredible to me. How small this community is you know it. Spans what threes. We Got Utah Idaho and Arizona. And somehow everyone knows everyone. Everyone's worked with everyone. It's it's crazy to me. It it truly is an even how Ian last week has said like what a small world how he's run into it anyone. I have discussed the case with that You know it was part of lts or anything. They're like Oh yeah I know so and so or you know I I used to live in Rexburg and I'm like oh my gosh. Everyone has been there. Everyone knows someone or has spoken to someone who knows someone. That's been part of this in some fashion. It's just crazy it's insane. So what's the next thing I mean? We kind of touched on it but the bond reduction hearing was moved so it is now set for April twenty fourth so instead of this week. It's going to be next Friday and then If she does post bail her address will be sealed which you know. It's so hot. Rexburg is so big. She's just going to disappear into the ether never to be heard from again into that trailer chat looking at building. Exactly whatever it is track. I don't I don't remember the name it was and then also don't forget to so the British tabloid the Sun Right. Yeah no every tabloid has an element of truth to it. Typically when you know in cases like this a nugget of truth so the Sun on Monday Yesterday claimed Lori was set to quote a walk free amid Cova nineteen concerns however Madison County. Sheriff's Office Sergeant. Isaac Pain told East Idaho News that Lori value would not be released because of Kobe. Nineteen right so a lot of jails and that was a big concern. A lot of people had as a lot of jails are putting people on house arrest or you know for nonviolent crimes. Just a lot of inmates are testing positive for Cova lorries. Just going to have to wait for that Portland July. Apparently well I mean if she doesn't need to eat and she she can't die. I think she'll be fine. Yes yes yes yes. She's translated okay. She's translated being so. I guess one last one last thing in terms of new players and whatnot. What trading cards can you own happen? Yes I will and I will license them. Thank you So Hector Sosa now. I joke frequently on this show. Because preparing a people right PAP which I find so fucking funny. So the PAT people. They're the ones that Chad used to do. Go to book Fairs Revival type things with their. We don't know him like pulling a Mariah Carey. We don't know her. So Hector Sosas part of that preparing people good good friends with Chad. So unread it Apparently Hector Sosas wife posted and posted about the children and well. It's a post from on. Read it yet from facebook group but I cannot find what group this is from so if you know please tattoos here. Let me know either. So many of these days I'm twelve and there are so many. Yeah and you know kind of going off of what? Christopher Peretti has said No. Christopher has stated multiple times now. The children are fine. I talked to Chad. They're just you know chillan. He's writing a book about the children are all good so apparently actress wife posted and like Amanda side as part of a facebook group. She saw all sorry. It says the release. Laurie Valo facebook group but it could have already been taken down in that might be. Why can't find it that is that is true? It says This screen shot from read. It says from the release. Laurie Velo facebook page today April. Thirteenth actress wife says the children are find her post said just because I believe in the rule of law does not mean. I don't care about the children. They are fine. Consider though that law enforcement the grandparents hadn't seen the children's in September it took law enforcement until the beginning of this year to come up with any charges against her. They say desertion because they have not seen money going for their care. How would they know that unless they thought the children were alive and they'd have to know where they were also to determine no money at least laconically was going to the children or caretaker of the children and then she basically goes on is whatever. Your belief Her rights are being violated and Blah Blah Blah. But she says explicitly states. The children are fine. And how would she have any? I mean unless they are being tucked away with like the preparing a people or of our or something like that. Maybe but I mean the chances of that are getting slimmer every day right. Yeah that's true. I mean it's we'll tell you that you know. Every day that someone is missing the likelihood of them being alive is waning. And I think I can speak for all of us here when I say that we really truly hope that the children are squirrelled away somewhere hidden. But statistically speaking that's becoming more likely by the day Yeah unfortunately I mean. I hope we're wrong still I. I have a little piece. That still goes you know. They're just being kept against their will or or something like that. But I mean not that. That's great obviously. But yeah hoping their life okay so another update that has been going around it. Looks like since around? The is the attorney general taking over the murderer conspiracy investigation in the day. Bell case. Yes this is I would say is probably the biggest piece of news this week so the the documents are on East Idaho News Dot Com. They have it's Under letter from Attorney General About Fremont County Day Belqis see. You can actually read the specifics. It it's not easy to understand. I will just say no. It is not had read it a couple of times But the Attorney General is taking over that investigation. There is a documents showing that Chad and Laurie. Both are being investigated for conspiracy and possibly murder. Yes murder attempted murder and conspiracy in regards to Tammy Dave Bells Duff. And how do they open that unless they maybe again maybe I it went over my head? I don't know but how did they open that without that autopsy or does that mean that they have the autopsy that means that likely the autopsy has been completed and they would like additional help from other additional prosecutors. Got It. They wouldn't open that for no reason. Obviously right right so basically the Fremont County. Prosecuting attorney asked to other county prosecutors. Take over the TAMMY table death investigation. They told her they could not talk. And they're like nope. So Marsha Murdoch went to the Idaho Attorney General and requested how And they agreed so. The agreement was signed by the Idaho. Attorney General Lawrence Wisden and Fremont County Prosecutor Marcia Murdoch. They signed an agreement yet. So the Attorney General. We'll provide investigative and prosecutorial assistance without the involvement of the local prosecutor. The the letter reads the AG will assume full responsibility and authority for the case all decisions regarding the case she'll be the responsible of the attorney general now as part of this agreement the Fremont Count Fremont County will agree to pay the costs associated with the investigation except for the salaries of those employees at the attorney. General's office so basically this is going to. This is a large scale investigation at this point Tammy BELLS AUTOPSY. Likely came back and it includes most likely shit ton of evidence so they are seeking further assistance right. They'll help them but they are not paying for it. But that was signed on the ninth. So I I think the news articles star floating around on the tenth from what I can see. So Bat is insane. I am every day. That's one of the first things I'm looking for is can I see that yet? Can I see the autopsy? I am still dying to know if it is Octopus batum if it's from a puffer fish or my gosh if it is What was your theory? My theory was vitamin drops eye drops. Yeah I think she just naturally died in her sleep for some reason so my guess my guess my money is on Vice. Yeah well I money is on eyedrops so it sounds like we are not terribly far off as far as least in. Tammy's case finding out what happened right and then what was shared with us to that Ian so our guest from our last episode shared that she did finally get a headstone. Yes I'm so happy and it has a little ducks on. I know she loved dogs. It's so sad all of this is so incredibly Assad. She deserved so much better. Oh my gosh yes. She seemed so sweet. I don't know if you've ever looked at her. Facebook and all the stories Or even like her Obituary but she just seemed like such a sweet person And then a lot of the facebook groups to a lot of people have shared to new. Tammy personally went on trips. Tammy or camp Outings and they said that she was absolutely the sweetest brightest light you know so. I hope that there can be some sort of resolution and justice for Tammy and thus nationally too and I did check to the medical examiner site for Maricopa County and still nothing for Alexey. There that was my next question for you. What's the status of that? Why did you poop on the floor? Hey well and again remember. He was in the bathroom and when Zulema son found him he was very hesitant to step in and help. Because there was feces on the floor I will never every time I hear some sort of emergency or something until the day I personally die. I will think of as Luma son being like. No that is the worst again. I think I've said I'm like every time we talk about it. But that is the worst nine one one call. I have ever listened to like. I've heard you know hardcore emergencies and terrible things on nine one one calls. But I've never heard someone so unwilling to help someone that is dying. I okay so when I was in my early. Twenty s right. I worked at night when one briefly as an operator like I took the phone calls. I didn't dispatch. I just took the phone calls and send them to handle that call. Okay so the most shocking thing. Everyone always asked me. What's the weirdest call that you got now? I've heard suicides. I've heard I've actually heard a murderer and I've heard a bunch of late traumatizing. However the craziest thing I ever heard was like she was in her nineties. I believe it was like a ninety something year old woman and she called and she said my call Ms Day. My husband just killed himself and I was like okay. Ma'am you know what's going on how you know what happened and do you need to attempt. Cpr and calm. She could she said. Ma'am he doesn't have a head and I was like excuse me and apparently her husband was chronically ill in a lot of pain and so forth and so they went onto their back. Duck and this is reported from a couple. Emt friends that. I had that responded to the call and apparently he planned to kill himself and they went onto the duck and they had a cup of coffee together and he took a double barrel shotgun and committed suicide right there on the back deck and she was calm as day was just a matter of fact mammy doesn't have head. I was like Oh in case. She was also expecting that like she knew what was going to come. Yeah well apparently she knew what was going to come however the Mt Frans. He went to the scene said that there were there was brain mater like fifty feet from the site of where he did it so it was apparently a very very very grotesque scene. But yet it's just you know if you knew that was coming. That's my point. I guess I'm telling you it was coming. That makes you be able to handle that type of call a lot more so feel like the sun didn't even know they were married. Let alone Oh. Hey I'M GONNA kill my new husband slash boyfriend thing that you've met I don't know oh no it's true. I have no idea but he was not about it every time. I hear that I'm one call. I think of that little old lady that I talked to select non good. He doesn't have the head and the the kids like. Nah I'm good he. He's covered in poop picture him in. I've never even seen a picture of him. But he's like late teens. Early Twenty s maybe. At least that's what I I feel like. I've read it somewhere. But he's just like walking. I feel he has like the phone on his shoulders. A cow like he's like dying like that. That's kind of the VIBE. I I know he didn't say it that way but yeah no feces on the floor. What who can wash off like save his life. You know in my opinion. I don't have strong feelings for Alex at all. I feel like He. He probably did some shady stuff but still save him. Yeah it was very nonchalant but I mean I guess that pretty much sums it up for the week right as far as current updates this week until I mean Friday will know of her bond is lowered. I what are you feeling on that? I mean the new judge supposedly is supposed to be like no nonsense so I doubt it you know honestly so I was originally of the camp. The believed that it was kind of all bullshit right a people being like. Oh my God the Mormon church is gonNA come soup and Save Laurie and now. I don't think it has necessarily anything to do with the Mormon Church. I feel like this particular core group right. Gabe Jason Melanie. All of these people right From the language and verbiage that they use and their documents allegedly the one that Ian Policy wrote like yeah. They're quite a few people. Possibly in this group there are yeah and it spans all over. It seems like at least here in Arizona and then Up in Idaho. Yeah Rigby all of that area. So what if her requests to get another judge was a ploy to try to get one? That's friendly to the group you know. I don't know I mean if they're opening more cases I just feel like isn't that another reason to keep per where they can keep a good eye on her. I would say so now I do not. I do not know right because it's under investigation. Currently that's a violent crime right like conspiracy murder and conspiracy and attempted murder or if those are all violent crimes so is that going to affect the likelihood of her obtaining bail. I don't know if it can legally I don't know but I feel like if it's all charges within the same state possibly maybe if someone with a law background knows that'd be cool if you could email us if you know. Are You ELEC? Spor- do you someone who can you please? Email us at. We saw that up at Djamil Dot Com. I don't know I feel like just looking at it from the outside like now more charges being investigated like no. You need to stay put till we know if you're innocent or not and don't forget that they're requesting bail be dropped to ten thousand dollars which I assume at this point is probably about all the all my gosh. So speaking of Chad Real quick someone on April tenth posted a picture on Justin. Lum's post Saint Chattan Rexburg yesterday. I again I can't verify that. That was truly taken on the ninth or not but he looks a bit different. What did you? What did you think about this photo of him walking he? Mr Potato Head has lost a considerable amount of weight. That is yes yeah he. He is no longer stress eating. No well he doesn't have to eat. He's translated Oh you're right. Oh my goodness thank you. He's gotta he's gotTa fit through. That Portal Somehow Amanda. Gosh it's like under lorries bed now. Like in her job also right so okay. Like silly piece too is that I know that because of quarantine in the shelter in places late in pretty much everyone in America has watched tiger king at this point. Unfortunately yeah I am not a fan to say however I think that the means are that are coming out of a for Laurie Valo because Carol Basket Ohio the same kind of wedding photos that Lori. Dead when yes and what the hell people. Those are not those wedding photos. What was that? How was the strangest? Shit I've ever seen like disturbing. Oh my gosh I mean at least Laurean. Chad had like a good photographer that gets mad and wants money if you use their photos right but yeah the Carol Baskin's one. It's it's for some reason. It's that that pose that Lori does as playing ukulele Carol Boston's of the same thing except heard her newlywed husband. Had Club so weird anyway. Everyone keeps going. Can you do that case? We've gotten a couple messages and comments. I don't know how I feel about it. I it took me a while because everyone kept going. Please watch this watch this. I want your take on what you're takes. I finally it was like okay and I watched it and I can't get over the animal abuse. I can't I can't either and you know it's it's terrible and then more information has come out after the fact that he murdered just cold blooded murdered and then did you hear about the woman's horse. Okay let me ruin your life right now. So I am also addressing people who've requested that we cover this case because there is no A woman who was familiar with Jo apparently contacted him and she had a horse and she said Hey. I have to go out of town. Do you mind boarding my horse on your property on your Tiger ranch on your Tiger Ranch. And he said yeah sure no problem. Apparently the same afternoon he talked to one of his employees there and said Hey. We'll say something happened. He then shoots the horse dead cuts it up with a chainsaw feeds it to his tigers and then the woman comes back from her trip. It's like okay. I'M READY TO PICK UP MY horse. And he was like. Oh I'm sorry something you know. It fell sick. Something happened to this man and I cannot handle people acting like he's this big funniest celebrity and he's so funny and Carol buskens like he is a monster. He is an absolute monster who deserves absolutely every ounce of prison. Time that he's getting so no I do not want to relive and like research and go into insane amounts of animal abuse. So the answer is no yeah. I can't do the animal abuse. I can look a lot of things and I can read a lot but I'm so sorry I know if you guys want it like there is a lot of people covering it right now and it really. It wasn't even him that they wanted us to cover. It was carol but yeah just cited. Who did not curl the Michael Her husband? He was a drug dealer in Costa Rica. And he probably got killed by drug dealer but yeah. Let's keep blaming the you know the eccentric woman. Well saying that. There's no proof that he arrived to Costa Rica from what I understand but I have not like I watched the series and I gave everyone that but it was very hard. It was hard for me to watch. And just understand that their breeding these animals and being terrible to them and the people that pay money for it. How dare you pay money for that? How dare you and then breeding hundreds of cubs and giving them to tiny little petting zoos and like little roadside attractions zoos? It's so terrible so no. The only time I've come across like physically have seen it happen was in a some trips that we've taken out of country and just the people that lineup for that and I'm just like you know what you're supporting right like just to take a picture with a tiger or some other exotic animal not don't give people money because they're going to continue to do it and I just feel like the amount of people that watched that and was like. Oh I WANNA hold tiger. You did not get the point anything you just wash. Please right exactly. I don't know how many posts I've seen people going. You can hold a tiger. You competitor places. Don't do it guys don't do it. That's what you're funding your FA- your funding literal animal farms right. So that's our side tangent. Yes we've seen your comments and we very much like I'm happy that you're reaching out to us wanting us to a certain topic and continue to do it. It's just anything involving animal. I'm so sorry that is just not our forte. Yes and I don't speaking solely for myself I really. It's an entertaining show. I didn't care for it much because the animal abuse. But I don't really care for it and it has come out sense right even with Daca antle and a bunch of other people by the way that net flicks presented the information. There are a lot of Inconsistencies and this little basic lies to so we like to try to be as factual possible. Go off of court documents. We use a joke. I give everyone that but Yeah a couple. People were very much misrepresented in that show was well but not cool right completely agree but if you do and this is into any and all of our listeners right so if you have a as I said in the beginning of this episode we will be releasing episode on the East Area Rapist later this week but if you have another case that you would like us adult into you know similar to Laurie value or just cover in a one episode feel free let us know we were always interested in taking user requests and hearing what you have to say feedback and you again can email us at. We saw the devil at Twitter and facebook are handle is. We saw the devil or on Instagram at. We saw the devil podcast. New Animal Abuse Lease researching the East area rapist. One almost made me cry. So I'm not good animal death guys so I guessed that pretty much sums it up for this week again from one. Amanda said earlier check out our patriots on become a patron support. The show we have some goodies. The we can send to you of all different kinds. An End shoutouts social media. If you have a business things like that so check that out. Check out our social media and the gun. Wash your hands. Don't touch your face stay safe until next crime.

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