MP001: Trailer - Mindful Performances with Theresa Rose


Hi and welcome to mindful performances with Theresa Rose Rose on C. Suite radio. I'm Teresa and I'm excited to bring you. This new podcast mindful performances are comprised of all of those little and big choices choices we make every single day to show up more powerfully professionally and persuasively in every moment at work at home and and all day long. I'm a mindfulness and business management consultant electrifying keynote speaker performance coach and stand up comedian who will hopefully fully inspire entertain and help you implement a more mindful approach in all areas of your life will be exploring the many ways you can intentionally transform for mediocre into magnificent so listen and receive a masterclass in mindfulness on how you can navigate change and rapid growth both professionally and personally because there's no better time than right now to not just talk about being more mindful but to actually become it. I look forward to sharing more information and insights and inspiration with you in the coming episodes. Thank you so much and like me. I hope that you make it an amazing using day. bye-bye you've been listening to seem sweet radio for more top business podcasts visit seen dash swinging radio DOT com.

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