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Kyle Busch know just keep winning and the stats will keep filing up water away from two hundred victories. I I mean, I don't know what else to say that that I've not already said he's driven by trying to do something. Great and Phoenix fisticuffs. I saw video the fight. Yeah. Yeah. Carol NPR ins garage pass. Hey travelers. Do you want to save money on your next flight sin, pick up the phone and call? That's right. Call because the best prices are not online. They're with smartfares. See smartfares has special deals with the airlines when they have unsold seats they use smartfares to fill them. So you get airline tickets at ridiculously low prices. Our prices are to low to publish online with the extra money, you'll save you can book another trip for treat yourself to dinner or shopping. So stop searching all of those travel sites to find the lowest price on your next flight. Let one of our smartfares expert travel agents, find ridiculously low prices for you. Call smartfares today and get the best price on your next flight guaranteed. Also, save up to fifty percents off business and first class tickets eight hundred nine eight nine oh, two three three eight hundred nine eight nine oh, two three three eight hundred nine eight nine two three. Three that's eight hundred nine eight nine zero to thirty three in sweeping the xfinity and monster energy Cup races. At phoenix. Kyle Busch has now collected one hundred ninety nine wins on nascar's top three series and his aspirations to get the two hundred could happen this coming weekend in Fontana, California. And we've been talking about it for a long long time. I mean, I don't know what else to say that I've not already said, you know, it's just a goal that I set out long long time ago. You know, just having the opportunities that I have we just go out there and try to win each and every time we're in a race car. That's what my job is. And you know, we just keep winning and the stats will keep piling up. You know, it's certainly be nice to to get it done on wall on the west coast swing, but it's not an assess ity at it'll happen when it happens and can't push too hard and do stupid things or make mistakes in order to think too much about that number his team owner, Joe Gibbs, I think he is driven by things like that by records. I think he's he's driven by now. Try. To do something. Great. And so I think it'll be a big deal for him. Some people are trying to compare Bush's victory. Total in three divisions to the two hundred Richard petty captured in Cup competition only in response after Sunday's race. The king said this we're going against different competition. You know, we had the woods boys. We had but more at junior Johnson, Holman and moody, I mean, they were that the teams that I had to be and now he's running against teams race avenue. So basically, they was probably more people that could win races back then minore today and in coming home eighth in Phoenix Jimmy Johnson recorded his best finish in the last ten races. Ready to set record time at the dealership accelerate car buying online with auto trader do your paperwork get financing options and a traded by you all online to get a monthly payment based on your information lit for you by safe time at the dealership when you start the deal online. Accelerate the ordeal with auto trade. When Daniel Suarez. And Michael McDowell got into a fight after qualifying. It was the talk of the garage and Phoenix that Suarez through McDowell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Didn't surprise Ryan Blaney. I saw video the fight. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what I guess look like an event of someone cut someone off I'm guessing no yet. He's a strong guy. Oh mcdonald's. Big Schwartz works out. Good. Mark Garo NPR ins garage pass. Brought to you by auto trader dot com.

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