What's Next for Bayern Munich?


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Thomas Craig Burley and Shaggy hislop a little later on this show be reactive sneeze Niko Kovac has left buying Munich but we saw in the Premier League Everton Everton taking on spurs unfortunately the big story from this game it was the injury to anger Gomez late in the match sewn with the challenge initially play the record sorry yellow you change it to read once we once he's still the extent of the injury replaced with suggests that maybe it was the cost of Orient Yeah that saw him take his ankle phrase it now here because it's very graphic the replay boys you knew didn't you straight from on our colleagues say that once that he yes tomorrow but when Aaron Ramsey broke his leg at stoke yeah he changed his show across the station Yeah Shawcross challenge which it was a terrible break for rams the borden was outside the leg it was compound and said he changed decision when he saw the injury came to get the feeling this happened opened again as a natural thing to do was any intent from Sunday it was a rash challenge for sure and then somewhere along Lehman Gomez losers Furton because of the challenge Oreos also there and somewhere in between all the way over on and look unfortunately is broken these dreamers there's any from from Sun to cause damage I don't think there's any question I do think though that Sean trying to leave a little bit as players on the field on on Gomez and as a as a result lead the consequence I think he has to be a responsibility for everyone just an innocent challenge and somehow you know L. boats in the early on in the game and then and then as a result I think someone is trying to leave a little bit on Gomez obviously not trying to to break his leg in that manner which is why I think on hostelry responsibility and you'd be red card for meteorite decision how did just been a normal challenge in the ordinary course of a game and somehow somehow that was the outcome broke his leg wouldn't have been a red card in it I have no problem with it being yellow yes for me the outcome mm can impact how the challenge is judged to agree what by the way you're listening to any of the Yes the father if he didn't break his leg it would have been a yellow yes hundred percent I say start the impact of the injury changes the the real the was the bishop steady yellow I thought I thought of a problem by the way I'm really not interested because I think the big issue here is I guys broken these leg volt played up Brima leg he said I'll be claiming guys have broken the legs exit way more important than what should have been given the fact that he made a rash challenge in somewhere along the line he might think Whoa I would say as he's probably unfortunately to get red card right but in the big story is nice I mean you can see how opposite it was as well yeah of course not just him the other players as well on the Patriot let's focus some what else happened in that Game Everton fans felt they should penalty here they have found themselves one nil down Deli with a handful they took three and a half minutes to the side that it wasn't a penalty first of all I'm not sure why this takes three minutes and I'm not sure how this is the judge not have to be a penalty the law is pretty clear on this if the army's is above the shoulder then strikes regardless of where it comes from whether you're amino whoever go to touch on it if your if your arms outside of the natural silhouette which I don't think there's any question it was it's a penalty why does that take three minutes I have absolutely no idea and once again there's a monitor on the side and we say we've we've talked about the fact that officials in England whatever reason refusing among coming off the buckwheat off the bye two thousand and a workup so the the biggest showcase in the blunt and VR handled particularly well and the ones that were saying the naysayers it just one that most actually quite enjoyed the competition session of excitement the came to the decisions quite quickly and the main and never got this right it's not just this whole season but this one today wake wake me up some say well it wasn't Blah shocks right the arms up the but the time it took yeah good grief first time it was just crazy for me this is coming off the back a week where I think we both Italy and France who saying well I wish we could be more like England in in English says wow you just wait and watch this and I it's it's it's absolutely ridiculous it was it was bad before oh I don't know how you explain or excuse what we saw in the gift of a good point how arrogant are you if the English referee in the English fa you watch the World Cup and they actually that went well but you know what we're going to put our own spin it because with the premier league and we have to do I blame improbably attributed to might really never remember the PGA Moyal wherever as much officials might rarely has decided to go against what everybody else is doing we're going to do differently on we're going to referee the game from Stockley Park which is the headquarters were primarily productions as an all thelma every film from the Premier League is coming in there Mark Martin not considered had done what everybody else is doing and what we've been talking about I had run over to the Monitor Monitor at Goodison showing three or four replays of the handball he would have came to this as you probably are actually but he would have came to that within four five it's three minutes three minutes for some clothes and rock and roll replays olly Jesus music thing for me is again I thought the English approach was cautious is just on sensible everybody has jumped into the deep end English while we wait to see how this goes credit rightly points out workup went swimmingly well there were eight nations were we're using it even before that stress test it so to speak in what was the FA Cup or the Carbo Coupla season and this is what you come up with after all that go back to the point you've got one of the most experienced referees Martin Atkinson stood at Goodison Park he has no clue what was going on well he has a clue the fines have no clue what's going on the players have no clue the only one that knows as a year Amina daily who was going well and and meanwhile he stood in one of the most experienced wear an someday oaks who has four hundred miles away to make a decision Anthony Taylor the thing is for me just just just finally what that does is it takes away the authority of the Raffray on the park because everybody's been Buick player or fun things rob you're there you've got the whistle decision isn't really yours you're not really lies thousands of miles away which is ridiculous position for any really has to Komo known put down the old stubborn this coming from es boys a he has to put down these old stubborn to say because he was old uh-huh he's asked to say as an Elysees and when they got some state we said what sex decisions who says is wrong you haven't yet double trouble you will just just been Cherry Picking Cherry picking them is going to come out now and say surely is listen the game is GonNa we'll be refereed from the game by the much official will have the final say it's not difficult right yeah as not a difficult decision to make and you're still one more call from this game boys what did you think was a penalty on son I'm right on the offensive this one and I'll tell you why from from one hundred it doesn't look like the contact is enough from another it does look pretty bad that one you you you see what he can you can argue that either way exactly I you depend on which will you pick you're not quite sick which is why I think this is one of those perfect situations where you see it's inconclusive we go with ruling what we seven minutes into the show we talk about about the actual results let's do that much of the game because that game was run so it Republican told the last twenty five minutes or so I got the equaliser Kalis ahead doing with McCall hopefully Williams if I'm Ravina side it was chosen with types of sorry wasn't an intensive you you want me not reaching out yeah I mean listen what's out now for we've talked about other people talked about it they haven't won a waste John I needed relegated continues it wasn't it was another not very convincing performance against another team who are just not very convincing it was an awful a four game for the most ever what they would probably think is the justice else at the end when they had the extra money for Tottenham that shadow I do of the side we saw for most of he's not a good season so off spurs or for their northern rival are so of course held to a draw home against wolves yesterday we'll have twenty five shots on target and I know sometimes you could slip at stop and say yeah but they didn't tell the whole story it was really interesting comments off of this game from you niamh Murray who sent it's a bad result but tactically it worked out how we we wanted the red bluff redland. Da Show your opponent and their way from one of these buckled they buckled on several things I mean is kept Chaka which arguably is the right thing to sendings buckled up but is left pappy out the beg the young youngsters twenty four think peppy as a million whatever it was is buckled on the also thing wasn't an MBA decision to leave for all these weeks and weeks home and away not in the squad sometimes most of the time well you tell me what seventy minutes and a Cardboard Cup games enough to all of a sudden change in mind a moment in time he has no idea absolutely eighteen months intelligible litterbox is absolutely no idea what his best team has ever him well he's not the only problem arsenal that's for sure Another club trying to restructure things off the back of Winger Lake Ferguson. The problem was that for so long we won pulling in most of the strings but affect the answer would probably be come the end of the season probably will the seasons a long time and then let's royal at least if you pull the trigger now they're gonNA get Allegra Allegra Allegra say right coming home project with you well going to go by on Munich I don't even things that by german-speaking managing anything legs very keen on the Premier League if you're also why not do it now because you're saying nothing I you know from the Niamey that was suggest he's going to get off no any further forward than where they and I think that's the only thing I can say about it I said this a couple of days ago when when I am Rosa known says he next Allen My I think me more than anybody else thought this was brilliant signing for Arsenal angry I couldn't be any more disappointed in holdings of to not get rid of now I get rid of him right now because a luxuries he's available and I think the longer you wait the Mall Mac big clubs looking to make changes and if you are for argument seek Real Madrid in the NFC decide they WANNA get rid of z Dan for whatever reason and all of a sudden has a choice to between arsenal and Real Madrid all all by your Munich or whoever else it may be I don't think is very high on top of that list you move no I think you have a realistic chance of well that's the difference between the same bore they're not quite in the Geno when when f an allegra or even a portrait teen or whoever ever is somebody system jobs available this all limited what else for nothing else right because I think for a couple reasons one that are that are bigger and better jobs in two as heck of a job to try and real walk in mindset in Liverpool England yeah so taking over power is so low really at the bar was aluminum Richard over because Van Gogh had taken it as far five is you could go stale doctor talk for there was nothing else other than the cop that the thing is though Craig's to that point you've got toward styling founding teams in English football other than that it's pretty out by less part who continue to be an incredible but outside of that it's it's as poor a league from from fourth let's see I I'm not being very kind of Chelsea here all the inconsistencies of everybody else who's normally okay we don't of the top four yet still struggling these calls of let's get it not for the lack of spending money particularly Monday nights richest league in the world isn't they you mentioned lifestyle could win for them today to win away against Crystal Palace they all points with Chelsea six pair ask in faith but they recognized what they wanted any made a decision by the way we're Brennan Rojas could do what he wanted and was whenever I'm Scotland because he's very good coach and you had the best team so when you put those together nearly one he also knew that they had a squad he can what with with some young youngsters unexperienced players in there and and contrast during I am talking about him here's a guy with a year of Rogers final I don't know I'm a fan of teams to know always but what he says at times whereas but at least he knows exactly what we want is crystal clear are and what he wanted to do a Swazi Celtic a no less deceptive no it's not always been successful for them in the long run but it's crystal is to clear to the players what he wants his team on this a good score place that's why we'll see in the will they are they finish until four do you still think and I still believe they will just come up short because of the size of the squad and I think ultimately probably awful and taught them who will not at the moment and I'll give you the make just enough to get them to get bucket but no distractions no Europe and these are the sort of games and they're going to get a win is easy I think they finished hopeful without question they won the top four footballing teams in the League and if you look at who challenge Chelsea slightly deeper squad guas but they have issues in terms of whether whether they could bring in reinforcements Januario or that being said I think are perfectly position to finish in the top four question in my mind a lot more talk about what happened in the Premier League of course tomorrow I believe Peter Walton movie joining us you can join us tomorrow away tomorrow we'll have two two and bigger stuff until you don't know where do I star found on the advocates Kirsten it is very lifelike then what does it said keep spinning in a scary really scary missing out on GEICO's easy to use mobile app you can manage your Vica policy whenever Iraq left we can just very deep in the ground happy gyco wean download the industry-leading geico APP today has left vying Munich I five one thrashing by Amtrak Frankfort yesterday seems to be the final Straw on those got coffee joins US Gab Nikko Choice to leave there's some strong reporting out of Germany suggesting that he went right and he he offered his resignation to the club too early hoeness and karl-heinz Roman and get and they accept that somewhere I think the reality allergies is somewhere in between I think it was very telling that after that horrendous defeat on Saturday neither home nor nor room and they spoke spoke out in public I think adopt point Kovacs really wondering okay do I actually have their support let me find out they spoke on on Sunday Sunday afternoon into the gate and I think it became very apparent that you know when when he said you guys want me to leave nobody said don't Nico you gotta stay and I think that reflects what was happening what what's been happening Byron for some time is it Haas Gab obviously one double last season Thrash Spurs Saying the champions Lake feel sorry for him I don't I mean I genuinely I very rarely do I feel sorry sorry when managers of top clubs get get fired in general I mean they're the privilege did they get a tremendous job of big budgets yes they won on the double last year but I think they never really they never really got clicking they never really I think played paid to the standard others one school of thought that'll it'll say well it's the ghost of Pep Guardiola they'll compare everything to the time that was there and then they come up short but but the reality is I think this was several several notches is below that and they had the opportunity he he had the players in he's been unlucky with injuries this season and it wasn't the greatest of transfer windows when does but I also think he didn't necessarily do much with with what he had thank you open cans of Worms vis-a-vis for example the Thomas Muller benching Ching that certainly hasn't helped him either and ultimately you know have really really high standards and and he came up short speculation about who is going to come in and replace him then your top well respected well connected journalists saying like the time candidates ten hug at ice well he's to experience Allegra his priority is England Environment Gem speaking coach lost but marina after winning in many countries Germany could be a challenge what do you think I'm rather there spectacle skeptical now look the reality is nobody you gotta take what clubs say with a pinch of salt but Biron have been very steadfast they wanna play a certain brand of attacking football something that's in line with what we see from a lot of other top clubs in the Bundesliga with the high pressing that the high tempo front foot football that's what their bill for and I think they would look at marina and probably a legacy as well L. and say well do they really offer this I suspect that they're gonna go with the number to flick for awhile and take their time looking thing at other at other candidates out there and and make a decision based on that I certainly don't expect them to one hundred eighty degree turn but you know what early Ernest has done one hundred and eighty degrees in the past so anybody's guess worrying here's a bond make any sense essentially by a big big clubs big personality wants to get back in would probably barring a disaster success there for all the points mentioned it could be a problem but you know I don't think he would play football as some of come to paint them with recently because players Yeah Ucla players and what he's been working with recently would it be a Clo- Guatemala style by half defined what they really want and try and find a balance marina mix Norio sense to me at all as got put if the ghost of what you're still hanging over by Munich I don't see marina as is being the answer for that at all they're just two different I don't see how it works stylistically final thoughts on this from you gap the guy they wanted wanted was Julia obviously he went in a different direction I there was a suggestion cove which might even go in the season others are going to put forward Ralph rang nick although although I think that's a love story that maybe maybe comes too late at their respective stages career I genuinely think they're going to look at this and look for somebody who is both German speaker and a safe pair of hands who's familiar with the Bundesliga and is in keeping with with what they've been trying to do really since pepe arrived when you say Ralph Hasenhuttl maybe a lot more on this subject of course on the latest addition of the garden tools podcast I believe it dropped Mara Serena take on on a breast your unfortunately for football we talking about here fifty four minutes in a Mario ballot tally of course join the club in the summer on and take the action to the second half he just has enough basically of the monkey chants coming from the home supporters kicks a ball and ends the crowd clearly saying he's frustrated by the abuse that he got throughout the game in the end it was teammates and indeed opposition plants clashes persuaded him to stay on the field game would continue after a slight delay and then in the eighty fifth minute Mario ballot tally would find the back of the net seeing would lose to one I suppose nicest sponsoring hand to those who jeering him Verna into one once again unfortunately we're talking about racism in Italy and once again extraordinary quotes this is what the hell to Rona coach to save of the match about the fans they provoked him with chance and sarcastic chance but they would not raise this anything else is a lie cap so what do you want me to say even your age is is an idiot who doesn't choose his words well now even your rich was sitting adding he was sitting by the bench the racist abuse that was directed at Lee was not audible to the majority of people in the stadium and the people on the bench just because Mr Uric doesn't hear it doesn't mean that it didn't happen he's right he was subjected to lerone insults and wind up S- they kept chanting his name and stuff like that that's what he heard that's what viewers on television hurt however however there was that moment in the fifty fourth mimic as as you pointed out that he goes over by the corner flag and he gets racially abused this was picked up immediately immediately by his teammates by opponents by by stewards by fishing TV you said it was a short delay Dan it wasn't just a short delay while they sort exactly it was the application of of the protocol the referee halting the game calling everybody to senator the page and saying the next time this happens we are we're going to stop this game this game will be abandoned and this is this is encouraging because we haven't seen this protocol applied anywhere near enough in these in these circumstances so that's the encouraging part the disappointing part is is obviously the reaction of your age of the of the Verona president isn't it once again made it all about the city and saying well what could I possibly do a couple of minutes well how about first of all you know you go and you show some solidarity already with somebody who was racially abused and you go out and you commit to saying we're gonNA find these individuals and we're going to deal with them once again it's a missed opportunity and it's frankly shameful I fully agree with God who hits all the points in dealing with this issue and white continues to be an issue in Italian in football how a referee stops a game and correct application of the protocols that guy brightly point showed stops game speaks everybody in the park walk and still push game has mounted Joe Jewish coming out and saying that is simply beyond me now it's on the Italian FM I'm the authorities to make an example here in because the way I do things that they failed to do in the past otherwise is we keep seeing we keep seeing these issues we keep having these very same discussions and it's it's damaging to football world over OBA in all honesty the even if it's solitary examples where these things continue on low to Festa uh I think it damages the degree of the give now I don't know maybe Gubkin answer I'm not sure I wonder if the officials could here because we talk over stopping the game but wonder if the officials could here before Mario Batali picked up all the ground or whether that was a reaction to him because if they're waiting for the player to take the fos- MERV to make that I move to then then chill that is wrong if the officials could the officials hailed the racist chanting before the ball was even when it got Mario Balata so you you see what I'm saying yeah seems to me that it was it was instigated by by over symbolic kicking the ball the grab my question was well they're going to do ah well they're going to do anything we well I mean I think this is a pretty critical point here it's I I spoke to people who were at the game and obviously anybody who watched it on television can concern can can confirm this what you heard was every time by the tally total touch the ball you heard a lot of booing and you sort of you heard a lot of sarcastic singing of his name not racist buoy that went on for the entire game not the first time I've been happens he's an opponent and there's a big rivalry between these two teams and he's from British says well what happened at that point in the corner by the corner flag is he was racially abused and we're never going to know whether other whether they would have done if they'd heard it if he hadn't acted up but this is what they wanna do is they want also encourage players to three two to report this there's no possible way the referee could have heard it based on where where he was standing the linesmen stewards other people nearby definitely hurt it because they came and told us and told US afterwards you would hope that the protocol work in such a way that whether it's an assistant referee or or an observer there could flag get up to the match official but this was a case of a player if you go back to the Bulgaria game timing's turning to the assistant say hey did you hear that I it's that kind of thing doesn't need to be somebody smashing it into the crowd it just needs to be a player not even necessarily the victim of the abuse saying hey I heard this and and hopefully that when action gets taken and like I said they written this protocol protocol in Italy it's actually a two step protocol there's no warning the match immediately get suspended when it happens but the problem is it hasn't been applied often often hopefully this represents change we want to check out album in the game and line and taking on twenty four minutes insane to this one Lattanzio as the take the lead here immobile day with a headache to make it one nil scoffing for me mobile she's a clever run one gets ahead of his mind very good header from plan very good form foam insights Guinea equalizer go yeah just deceives goalkeeping he's he's wrong they should finish issue one one however lots late winner threat to make it to one really rather finish again another fantastic constructed goodbye lots you I thought they were not you better to undeserving 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S. at this point same weekend for Selena Ramzan couldn't capitalize O.`Neil draw against real bad is three teams level on points at the top twenty two as well but God let's talk about Selena China three two defeat against the Levante how much trouble is that in well look I mean this this came after period were they had a lot of victories and you can point to the fact that they're still joint top of the table and what happened in this game I saw a lot of individual mistakes I'm not a big guy but equally I think his presence soups a lot of people a lot of flack so I I don't I don't I don't think he's he's under imminent danger right now because I think you think Barcelona so long to figure out what they want to do that and they have no idea the come into a situation a lot worse for it to go sweat though isn't it you think Bush because obviously you wanNA leaguer well after we have the other I think the one thing that might be in along the way as those in the league the tripping over themselves as well not just bustling again I think one of the things that would certainly I think would be the cowboys from the League stage which is unlikely but not impossible given the grip of the road I think that would be probably the final Straw but I think at the moment governess I think he's got a few more left than before thank pull the trigger that you think will happen last season Anfield I think many was surprised that he was still in the Joe come the end I am I'm totally amazed at various position I mean in all honesty as much as Boston under you understand this a head to head comparison almost to see whether it'd be successful or not you've nope through the best from three you've got and test taking my mind second best goalkeeper in the world you spend an awful lot of money in these young young midfield yet still you join on point to Real Madrid we've been very critical of June because of this season it seems to be one MM catastrophe the next from the ball yet the joint and points I'm not that for me for the they don't look the other way and say well we have say nucleus and so he's taking a little

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