Too much division


And so there you have it. The tone has been set. The revenge to. Go on from here. And unfortunately I'm back at the place where. Freedom of choice have been taken away in an up to a lawsuit to bring it back. I am talking about the city is failed. Now. I was trying to put videos of the flight. But having trouble. I guess the only because. I haven't been here for about a week. and. You know the WIFI situation is still terrible, just thought. and. Take, it has set the tone for this revenge tour. It did not disappoint. So. I gotTA do some. Work, finale for the blog and for. TRIPADVISOR THAN THE HOTEL DOT com. So that You know. I could get them the respect that is due because I had a really good time. Got A lot of rest got a lot of work done. and. The only that I had headache was at the airport, but The music. That they played. It helped complicates. It calmed the kids. Animals only on a flag. One of fewer like I know is baby there something like that but I forgot what? But I was like Oh. Thank God that they played music. Music sues the savage spy's how dare California. Ban were so music at Church at a church. California, you idiot. Not The people but the government. The government want that that ban singing because it's stupid covert. The government that does the banning your idiot. A complete idiot. Music actually help. I Still WanNa prohibit because he and then because the confusion. And in a small group because I heard Elvis. and. Oil Boy nearly went crazy at the airport, but Wow. I didn't have time I was like. Trying to get through our plan the next part of the. Plan, the next part of the the next leg of the prevents tour. I have a weird crazy film. That is going to be in California. San Diego. A, but that's where the that's for. WITTOL capital of that. Cat will vote whittle that. Excuse me. Yeah, you get the real me now. But. Anyway, Anyhow. So. Trying to get you know me going up in the air and then me going to. Land on Springfield. And So. Internet with causing problems uploading the video then and it's crazy. But it's there. It's there on Youtube. So. I'm back at the Second Palace. At base only. Any home. And it's definitely not home because not free. I even told Dave I told the day that I can't take this I mean it's like. I don't know I. Don't know what country am I am anymore. We're not even the United States of America anymore. We're all divided. I mean it's bad enough. We have a Democrats and Republicans. Liberals liberals than and Liberals and conservative, but now we got masking for mass freedom, and not for freedom. And then I just going us for told that life the golden us those them WanNa go out somewhere. I mean my cat. Not United. We might as well just call ourselves America. We are not. United I repeat. We are not united.

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