What Happens Now? (Ep 1153)


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino in June. Oh All right folks a pretty dramatic escalation last night by the terrorist Molin Iran. We've got a a lot of content on that. You're not gonna WanNa miss including something I said last night on Fox News I was a guest on Hannity with Pete Hegseth that I think we should all take to heart now before I get to open this question. I want you to ponder this for a second before we get to the content ladies and gentlemen. Is anyone really believe this ended last night. Welcome to the Dan. Bongino show producer. Joe How are you today on a rather solemn day after the Iranians thought bizarrely. It'd be a good idea to keep poking the bear. Yeah how are you sir doing well man. I'm doing well. I'm watching this thing. No I don't believe that this is the end of it. Sorry Dude now of course you believe leave it because you and I have to think like mind on these things. I'm going to get to that folks. I'm GonNa get to what I mean. I'm also going to get to a tremendous piece by Lee Smith and tablet meg. That really sums up where we are right. Now we're going about that. I've got the gist disastrous decision about Mike Flynn yesterday the sky. They just will not leave. General Flynn alone. It also Mitch. McConnell stomping on the Democrats impeachment dreams. Don't go anywhere today's show brought to you by buddies at Ali. Listen your dog. Health is as important as every other member of your family. We we all know it and it starts what you feed them. But do you really know what's in your dog's food. Ali Puts Dogs I with vet formulated recipes and fully transparent ingredients. Give your dog healthiest food. Possible this is human grade food. You could eat this stuff. I'm not kidding. Ali makes fresh meals for your dogs with real ingredients. 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They have anywhere go to my Ali dot com slash. Tri T. R. Y. Slash Bongino for sixty percent off plus a free bagger trees spelled M. Y. O. L. L. I. E. DOT COM slash. Tri T. R. Y. Slash Bongino B. O. N. G.. Yeah you know checking out today all right Joe. Let's go now as I said last night during an appearance on the Hannity show which in this attack by the Iranians happened just shortly before I went on. So we're supposed to debate Geraldo which I was looking forward to. That changed obviously probably wasn't the appropriate atmosphere for a debate last night. which I totally understand the producers definitely made the right call on that but I do want to debate Geraldo eventually on this because I as I said last week I think he has some ideas on this? That our just candidly bazaar and we debate each other a lot. But I'll ask you this question I asked before. Does anyone actually believe this ends tonight. The reason I bring this up as I'm hearing a lot of commentary terry that which is fine and it's not an accurate that this missile attack for those of you missed it last night. Maybe sleeping working. Whatever may have happened? Excuse me I mean. The Iranians decided bizarrely. It'd be a good idea to launch from Iranian territory. The first time we've seen this since the Gulf War from Iranian territory ballistic missiles into Iraq targeting US bases or basis where US personnel were stationed now to be clear. There were no reported casualties. As of this time thankfully president in trump is going to speak about it later. There are no casualties reported at this time. US casualties that is. That's the good news. The bad news is the Iranians thought. This was a good idea idea now. Some of the commentary her last night with well this was a face-saving measure. Basically the gist of it. Show being that the Iranian hardliners. The Muller's of the Mullah's the that they had to do something to save face with a radical it basically terrorists in Iran. That are pushing them all as to do something. I've heard they did this. And by face-saving. They mean this may have been intentional miss in other words the ballistic missiles may have targeted specific areas where they didn't think they would rack up any. US casualties knowing Joe if they happen to kill any. US servicemen. That president trump was not going to take that lying down and the response would be immediate and likely pretty deadly for the most everybody tracking. So we're cool face saving measure in that. They had to do something and what what they did they did. They intentionally targeted areas where they didn't think they would kill any. US soldiers because they knew if they did it would result in probably devastation. The station for them and their oil facilities elsewhere. I want to challenge that for a moment. Folks I don't think this was a face saving maneuver maneuver and I listened what I tell you this please. I am hoping and praying. I'm wrong on this but I don't believe it was face-saving job. I believe this was the head fake now. Now as the audience on Buds Mun always show follow me. And if it doesn't make sense please let me know but here's what I mean by. That had got it. Maybe it's meant to look like a face saving maneuver right. Look here's what we did. We launched the missiles. We didn't kill any your people. We'll it's all good now. You got our guy. We responded back. We satisfied are radicals over here. These extremists that wanted the death to to America crowd. It's all over guys. Waken an odd. But what if it's not. What do we have based on past history of Iranian extremists? Behavior extremists. Now run this country. Terrorists radicals savages people. Who Act like cavemen a running this country have you Iranian people? Everyday people tried tried to overthrow these people. Under the Obama administration the promptly abandoned them but the Iranians running this country now are savages. What evidence do we have that? They've d savage themselves de Caveman themselves. And now joe according to the tree by the Iranian Spokes Person Reeve. Don't worry it's all over. Yeah Right Joe you any of that. No I'm saying they're like roaches. They just keep coming back. You know no matter. Why every every single time they are not done folks? That's the problem I have with this talking point on. We'll call talking point because this line that it's face-saving implies Joe that it was done to save face as a measure to get out of this. I don't think not Iranians want to get out of this right. They have been engaged in a generational war with the United States. They have absolutely no intention of stopping. That's the issue I have right now. Folks listen you know there was a great article in in PJ media. I don't have it up today but I'll put up tomorrow where what are the headlines was about bef skinner the PF skinner what the heck. What does that have to do it? WHOSE BS psychology major talk about but the skinner box remember the skinner box? You know stimuli and Response Behavior Yeah yeah part of it is just show. Yeah I remember the basic psychology. One the point it was this the article. If you're going to act like a bully Anna Caveman then you need to be treated like one expecting the bully early in the Caveman to respond to reason is unreasonable in and of itself and what I mean by that with the article is getting at is folks listen. Nobody is against foreign excursions. That are unnecessary more than I am. But we need to live in the world we live in not live in the world. We Wanna live and this is not utopia via the Iranians are trying to create a dystopia. What I'm getting at here is the only language the mullah's again not the Iranian people? These terrorists mullah's is the only language they speak is death. That's the only currency of the realm. May Deal in and if death is what they want death is what will give them. It's not what we want. It's never what we wanted we. We don't want any of this. Let me be crystal clear. I think I speak for the overwhelming majority of people in the United States. I haven't told them all I don't need to. I've seen the polls nobody wants. It's very if you poll people. Do you want to war with Iran. The numbers are overwhelmingly. Of course not again. We want this to to stop now. But when you're only currency is death and that's the only language you understand speaking to you in a language outside site of death and destruction is a fruitless endeavor because it's a one way conversation they only understand death. There are no different than a caveman. Like school yard. Bully who's ten years old and bigger than the other kids. They only stop when the bully gets punched in the face face. That's my concern. I'm not suggesting a dramatic escalation and I'm simply suggesting the fact that this is not to suggest it's face saving by the Iranians and that they're now going to back away like like a reasonable person would do is crediting them with the intellectual capacity to reason that they don't have they are not not done. This is not the end. I cannot emphasize that enough. You know one of the great honors of my life having and been a secret service agent when you travel around the world is although we're not an intelligence operation it's protection law enforcement operation. You travel around the world. I was in thirty countries before my thirty fifth birthday. We each country and each protective. That comes into town. You get pretty detailed country briefs again. I'm not claiming where those this country briefs make you a you know the the the tip of the spear expert on every single country in the world but you get to read a lot of Intel on a lot of different places and you see common threads. Ed's often sure the common thread in this is when you deal with tyrannical regimes. And you get the country brief. They all only respond and with the currency the realm being death and that's their choice not ours. Nobody wants this. This is not some kind of a Rambo movie. This is real. It involves real soldiers gers and realize people close to the people on this station. Who understand exactly what this means but suggesting again? This is face saving and the Iranians are now going to back down because they just wanted to save face does not comport with reality. What do I mean by that? Got Some video. I've got some articles but one of the best pieces I've read all morning and all of last night and this is a piece by the terrifically Smith author of the book the plot against against the president. This'll be at the show notes. If you want my show notes again it's important go to Bongino DOT COM slash newsletter. I will email you these articles every morning. We don't spam your inbox. This is an important article. I can't recommend enough. If you're on my email. Please please read this. I'm humbly begging you. It's at good Lee Smith. January seventh two thousand twenty Iran in America are suddenly both naked interesting headline of course Horsey doesn't mean isn't referring to clothing here. He's he's referring to tactics strategic tactics. Thank you mean by this seriously. Who who've well? Let's go to take away number one. What he's suggesting the peace remember keep in mind? What we're we're we're addressing here we're addressing the talking points did this was a face-saving measure by the Iranians launch ballistic missiles against targets? Where they knew they weren't GonNa hit anything and 'cause? US casualties go back and celebrate. Look we got does Americans and it's all done it's not done. I'm telling you I think it was a head fake. Pretend it's a face saving measure to let the Americans guard go down and then continue. Can you step two. which is the Iranian decade long commitment to asymmetric warfare? Check out this buy lease. This is what we mean by this. Donald J quote Donald Trump. Put an end to that arrangement by CO mingling. The the the dust of Soleimani together with that of one of his chief Arab lieutenants Abu Madi. I'll Mohandas head of of one of Iran's Iraqi terror proxies. Okay stop that right there. We're GONNA come back to it a second. What is he talking about here? What lease say is forget this face saving thing? This may be a head fake because the Iranians real commitment JOE isn't to ballistic missile warfare. They can't win Joe. We could turn the Iranian mollahs palaces into parking lots tomorrow morning can't win a missile battle with the United States. I what are the lessons of the Iraq war which I bring up often as a matter of fact was never ever ever go to war with the United States and traditional ground war without what without nuclear weapons. Because you have no chance of winning we wipe the floor with the Iraqi army in a matter of days. He's one of the takeaways. These countries took away from it is. There's only two ways to fight the United States either with nuclear weapons where you can deter them. There's countries we can't thankful I mean we don't want to invade countries around the world but if we had a real problem with the Russians and the Chinese that sadly escalated we're limited interruptions because they have nuclear weapons doesn't mean we have no options it means we're limited. The world figured that out quickly after the Iraq war that going to ground war our traditional warfare with the United States without nukes is an absolute disaster but the second lesson they took away. That's been generational but Lee Smith is addressing addressing. Here is if you can't go to traditional war with the United States because you'll get annihilated. What you can do is you can go to war asymmetrically? And by asymmetric war we mean terror attacks terror proxies small-arms groups instigating proxies overseas ABC's takeout. US forces because as least Smith points out in his piece. What did the United States under multiple administrations do for decades with Iran? Joe What he's suggesting suggesting. And I need you to put that on Buds Manhattan. What he's suggesting here is that we turn a blind eye to the Iranians engaging in option too because they can't engage in a traditional war with the United States asymmetric war and we pretended it wasn't the Iranians doing it although everybody renew Khobar Towers Beirut that we pretended that it wasn't the official Iranian regime doing it and we kind hi and well not that we'd let any of it go? We didn't but in order to in order to prevent the United States from having to go full scale beast mode on the Iranians aliens. We kind of pretend to that. It wasn't an official thing that the attacks they were sponsoring. You get it now re. Let's go back to this opening line from the piece from Lee Smith and it'll make sense what happened in the embassy the tact era embassy just a week ago who was in charge of that. This Iraqi militia leader was in charges. The Sky Alma Honda's Lee addresses in a piece. MANDIS is now in a body bag somewhere to right alongside his Buddy Sulamani which says what you think this through. This was a genius point that trump who is is a lot smarter than these Liberal Democrat hacks media goons anti-trumpers ever give him. Credit for is now publicly suggesting by annihilating the Iraqi the Michigan militia leader Joe along with the Iranian head of the goods for Sulamani that the days of US pretending your proxy attacks are are not official Iranian government driven driven events or over. You set your proxy Iraqi Iraqi Guy. Who in the past we would have said see no evil hear no evil now? He's six feet deep in a pilot. Dust why he deepened a pilot dust because he was with the Iranian head of the coulds for Sulamani. And we're not going to pretend anymore. This wasn't officially sanctioned Iranian action that makes sense against the armacost trump is now. He's of course a few steps ahead which he is not always gonNA pretend anybody. It hasn't made mistakes but he has quietly scrapped in buried that policy that pretending. These proxy attacks like the one that happened on our embassy are official array Iranian sanctioned motions. It's over. He took out the Iraqi militia head to this was not an accident folks now. Now at screen shot one from peace. So you get what he's saying. Now your brother. That's what he's setting up. Donald Trump put an end to that arrangement by arrangement he means pretending pretending these proxy attacks or not Iranian by killing and turning into dust this Arab this one of his Arab lieutenants who was Iraqi and the Iranian himself it goes on now that trump is holding Iran accountable for the actions as proxies taken. Its name the leverage game. By helping in America play make believe in other words. The proxies aren't with Iran is gone high ran and its allies. This is genius. This is a great piece and its allies now feel deliberated to bathe publicly in the blood of Americans and warned that more violence is coming their way. What does he mean by that Folks in the past ask. The Iranians have always distanced themselves from proxy attacks and terror attacks. We knew wake in a nod. We knew but we didn't know if you get what I mean. We we knew they were involved in. Smith is suggesting now that we killed the Iraqi with the Iranian the Iraqi proxy militia leader here. And now we're acknowledging that we're not going to turn a blind eye anymore to these terror attacks now. The Iranians are quote bathing themselves in our blood saying you know what all those Khobar Towers and other stuff. Yep Yeah we're GONNA. We did that too now. In other words Joe going back to my initial point This was not face-saving folks. I believe this was a head. Fake on like a face-saving may look exactly like a face saving gesture. So that when they go back to their proxy terror attacks we let our guard down Gotcha Okeydokey. That's Great Yeah Partout by Lee Smith. He says quote a good measure of Iran's military weakness. Is that Qassam Sulejmani. The money was commander of its regular army. But rather the could force the expeditionary unit of Iran's parallel military structure the Revolutionary Guard Corps. The kids enforces relatively small with estimates ranging from three thousand to fifteen thousand fighters. I four the size of Hezbollah for protracted campaigns like the Syria. The award could sports relies on what Israeli analysts Shimon Shapira calls the Shiite international paid militias drawn from the Middle East and Central Asian countries with large Shiite populations like Ebanon Iraq Syria and Afghanistan. What is he saying here? He's given you my second takeaway takeaway number one from this segment. This was not face saving. It's a mental. Look like face saving gesture you can expect. More continued terror proxy attacks around the World Right now this second in part addresses the second takeaway of that and the reason they do that is because they've taken option to against the United States option. One you get your nuclear weapons and get them quick. Because there's no way you'll will defeat the United States in a land war option to if you don't have nuclear weapons or the capacity to deploy them you better be a terrorist group act like because that's the only way to frighten the United States suggesting any of that's going to work I'm just suggesting the attacks over and over and Lee Smith lays out perfectly there while the Iranian army against the United States relatively as measured against is a paper tiger. It can do nothing. Nothing against the United States to inflict significant military damage. We would destroy them but there could S- force of three to fifteen thousand soldiers however you however you can't whatever estimate commit you use can do significant damage around the world by continuing doing what it's done in Lebanon Iraq Bahrain Syria Yemen Afghanistan and elsewhere swear by engaging in these proxy terror attacks which now Donald Trump has pledged. I'm not turning a blind eye to anymore. That's great analysis by Lee with some add on's by me and I hope that shed some light on this. I would not fall in the face saving gesture gesture trap. I don't believe that for a moment. There is absolutely no way this ends tonight. We tried appeasement with them. It didn't in work. We exported money to them. Obama gave them their billions of dollars in cash and they exported death back to us only language they understand his death sad but true now showing you that trump is not playing games and the president's. It's not kidding around. Here's a quick brief segment of president trump in the White House who I'm glad by the way that he's been strategically pation nation. I believe he will continue to be. I believe that's the way to do take out the Iranian mollahs long-term and mitigate the threat but if you thought for a moment moment president trump after the killing of Sulamani was going to back down and try to play cutesy with people who chant death to America. You got that wrong. Here's as a brief clip of president in the White House yesterday. Just kind of dropping the hammer on anyone who believe that. Check this out. He killed an American now. Two people both are dead from the same attack and some people very badly wounded and that was one of his smaller endeavors. You look over his past his past. He's been called a monster and he was a monster and he's no longer a monster. He's dead K.. Nothing left add to that. Thank you Mr. President was a monster monster. No more here here is dreadfully disgustingly. MSNBC fulltime propaganda network for the enemies of America these days here is a clip of MSNBC. Last night airing hiring and I'm not kidding. This is supposed to be a journalism outfit. okeydoke airing last night direct Iranian propaganda and admitting it on the year without doing any fact checking on it all remember as far as we know based on battle damage assessments there are zero. US casualties thank the Lord so far not according to MSNBC which decided to air information and they admitted by the Iranian outlet trying to create propaganda had For their people they decided to put this disaster on the air. Check this out. We're just getting reports now. That a second wave of rocket loan rocket attacks have been launched launched from Iran. was saying that I totally common aid. Supreme Leader of this country was in the control center. Coordinating these as a tax This is this. I'm not sure about Iran. State media is claiming that thirty. US soldiers have been killed in this attack attack canal. This is not confirmed. This is just coming from Iranian media. But we have just stepped over the precipice Chris. We have entered a very unpredictable time. We have to see what the response is going to be from. The United States bets straight Iranian propaganda folks. Yes Sir Thirty. We use straight propaganda fed right ivy mainline into MSNBC pretending to be journalism outlet that aired that. That's it's real again edited in any way to sound over the top riper Bolic's that was real right. Let me give you one more here. One more piece of video before I move on here is Congressman Ro Khanna in one of the most bizarre statements convert. He's asked by Sandra Smith and Bill Hemmer of Fox News about what happened in the attack on the embassy and if this is an escalation and he says something at the he ended this. It's about a forty second. I want you to play Costa pay close attention to. He seems to suggest that under the Obama administration that the Benghazi gauzy attacks never happened now. He's either really dumb or he's lying. Listen to the end of this cut. This is his answer to Sandra Smith about escalation collation and where this is going to go check this out because this was not just Barack Obama but the reporting I've seen says that President George W Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney also passed on the chance to take the money and the reason they all passed they did not want to escalate a war with Iran and I believe that President Obama had a strategy of the JCP the only way that would prevent Iran from becoming nuclear and there weren't these incidents during the Obama Administration. We didn't have protests against our embassies. We didn't have the killing of American contractors. So Americans were safe at that time. Dude Dude member the Rob Snyder. He's he's very member. Rob Snyder at this comedy. Skit you know the fifteen different ways to say dude. There's a Jason Voorhees from Friday. The thirteenth is sitting around the corner. When you do your friend says something stupid dude right remember? This is one of those. You're perplexed by the man's stupidity so you say to where have you. You're a US congressman. Where the hell is this guy? Bid There were no embassy. The attacks under the Obama Administration that didn't kill. US contractors. Did this guy. Mr Benghazi thing I mean listen I get it that some people miss the new cycle because I mean some of us work for a living. You know you got a kid's soccer game you're laying bricks. You're flying planes. You're building a house. Whatever you're doing to make America great contributing to the value of the country? Sometimes we miss the new cycle. Benghazi was only in the news for about two years and this congressman amazingly missed this now the interest of course he did miss this. He's lying he's either lying or he's really really dumb. That's the kind of stuff we get from the Democrats there were no attacks on embassies. Didn't kill American contractors nightmarish. Jeez yeah all right. I got a a lot more to get to when it gets to the just dreadful treatment. Mike Flynn what's happening in Mike. Flynn is an international disgrace like a cosmic level disgrace right now all right before we get to that today. Show also brought you buddies at ALMAC. Ladies and gentlemen is one of my favorite products you know about the role of course crow freezes role on which I used to leave a AH tried to get rid of some of my horrible drivers plane pain but they have a great new product is wow. This is their recovery cream with absolutely love it. This stuff is Gray Paula. Paula had her neck was hurting her the other night. This stuff targeted pain relief gets rid of the pain. Almost instantly highly recommended wouldn't use them as a sponsor if I didn't have unfortunately take a lot of pain cry. Oh free CD. 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That Mike Flynn who hired a new lawyer is now looking ATP potentially six months in prison because the US government prosecutors the little mini tyrants. who were going after Mike? Flynn dated like that. Flynn decided to fight back when they found no information formation after he had exercised a plea he did plead guilty. Let's be clear on that he reaffirmed that play but new information to service is excellent lawyers Sydney. Any power had found some of this new information and the Justice Department. Got Upset that Lieutenant General. Flynn didn't roll over. So now they're reversing itself and asking for up to six months in prison article in The Washington Commissioner. Today's you could see the headline here by the excellent Jerry. Dunleavy does great. Were folks before i. I'm I'm really trying to stick to the facts and reason here because folks just going to be honest with you. This case really pisses me off off is decorated American patriot. Lieutenant General and our military a beloved soldier an intelligence official who was absolutely committed to reforming our intelligence infrastructure for a better more nimble. Tomorrow getting politics out of our intelligence community a guy who vocally in his against his own political interests interests. He didn't have any because Obama loved the Iran deal vocally fought against the Iran deal knowing it was a disastrous been proven. Right is now looking at six months in prison because he became a target of the US government. Barack Obama was running at the time. Ladies and Gentlemen Gentleman this is a stain and a disgrace to our country. That's GonNa be hard to match. Can you imagine walking walking out perp walking this guy would hang cups and putting them in a prison cell after everything he's been through. Now let me just be clear. You're on this. Just this is dead. We all know that justice is still blind to Democrats. It's not blind anybody was societas themselves for Republicans like Mike Flynn. Justice is just blind to Democrats Democrats. You get a pass if you're someone aligned with the Democrats like former deputy director of the FBI. Andy McCabe who. Now according to multiple reports has admitted to lying to the FBI you get a pass. You're good but if you're Lieutenant General Mike Flanders interviewed by by the FBI the FBI then goes back to the office after an ambush interview at the White House. That Jim calm your admitted to doing remember Jim Komi dopey Jim Spineless Jellyfish Jellyfish. Jim Remember that interview agents over the White House because I knew there was chaos in the White House early and I knew I could get away with it. Because he's a slimy sleazy piece of garbage coming so they ambush interview Flynn the FBI returns to the White House. And it says we don't think he was being deceptive in the interview about his conversations with Kislyak the Russian ambassador magically despite like the fact that they said he didn't think he was being deceptive I e for the Liberals listening to understand basic English. He wasn't lying. Flint magically gets prosecuted for lying Now Fair question because we reason on this show on like the dopey liberals who do emotion only all the time because they hate you when they can't stand you I say well why didn't Flynn General. Flynn plead guilty pleas. General if you follow the case. It's obvious they were threatening his family. They were threatened threatening to take away everything everything he had. He didn't believe he had an option. Right for. And by the Way Ladies and gentlemen if you have now you're free to your opinion man just suggest to the Liberals Liberals listening if you haven't worked in the law enforcement space in your grossly unfamiliar with how this works. You may want to take a hard pass on commenting. Believe me I worked. In the federal government people take plea deals for all kinds of reasons. Typically related to their guilt thankfully sometimes related to their guilt on the fact that they have information to provide sometimes because they think they can be nailed on a process crime even though they think they did anything wrong and they don't want their family going down to Mike Flynn was set up folks. Now I don't Redo segments but this one's import- because you may have missed it and if you missed it this is going to open your eyes as to what really happened to lieutenant. General Flynn who is now incredibly looking at prison time for a crime crime. He didn't commit. While the Liberals these I had a twitter back and forth with that Colossal Moron from the Clinton Administration Remember Joe Lockhart that Slob. Who worked for Clinton who defended his his perjury committing boss remember slob Lockhart back and forth? Yesterday he associates associates would felons trump. He said to me on twitter trail is like Mike. Flynn Listen Lockhart. You couldn't wash my Flynn's underwear you slob. Perjury gery defending boss defending loser. You don't have Mike Flynn's fingernails or braver than you are. You slob disgust me call and flint a felon for a crime. We know he didn't commit and he's proud of it. This slob gusting filth. You are what happened Flynn. Let's go back to the I G report. What is set up here is this is the inspector general report that looked into the operation to spy on the trump team and they found out something in this Piece I'M GONNA put up in a second. There's a very specific date that comes up. Multiple all times edgy report. That's fascinating had dipped to seven nine on this of August tenth. Something happened on August tenth and I believe what happened just like the fake head fake. I believe the Iranians are pulling on us. I believe was fake because what the. US government under Barack Obama really wanted to do to the spying operation was they wanted to spy on Flynn because Flynn was directly connected to trump and because flynn was an advocate of scrapping the dreadful Iran deal the Obama Administration. I hate him for it. Their goal was to always buy on flint so something happens on August ten. Look at the I G report here. I'm GonNa just read this. This is a quote from the Inspector General's report by the way I'm going to read. This is the second half of it of this quote here by August Ten Twenty Sixteen the FBI at assembled investigative team of agents and conducted initial analysis of the links between trump campaign members in Russia. Based on this analysis the FBI opened individual cases. Remember remember the date. August ten under the crossfire hurricane umbrella on three. US Persons Popadopoulos Carter Page and Paul Manafort for all were affiliated with the trump campaign at the time the cases were open but wait six days later on August Sixteenth Twenty sixteen the FBI opened the fourth individual case on. Mike Flynn who was serving at the time is that trump campaign's national security advisor. Follow me here covered this last week in some of you missed it because a lot of the spy gay people usually email me. We come across the gem some of you. I think we're confused by this. Why wait wait? Six days later to open a case on Mike Flynn on August sixteenth. If you already opened up cases on August tenth on Carter Page George Popadopoulos important metaphor. Maybe because your original intention was to open the case on Mike Mike Flynn the whole time I opened the case. On Papa D. Manafort and Carter Page was the head fake you needed to make everyone believe that your initial intention wasn't to open up your Akeso on Mike Flynn. That's a real head fake. Yes that's it you got it. Yeah now what makes you say that. How do you know that Dan that an Augustan? It's ten probably wanted to open up on Mike. Flynn and waited a little bit to pretend that Mike. Flynn wasn't the real target. How would you know that well? Let's check out the dossier a that. The FBI claims that didn't have September nineteenth which we know is colossal. And let's look at this little dossier memo from Christopher Steele which we know is making taking its way to the FBI. Look at this. Look at these highlights Luke Kuhn magically appears in the dossier this point. Oh Oh Mike Flynn let me read you. This little bullet point from the dossier Christopher Steele we know is feeding to the FBI Kremlin engaging aging with several high profile players including Stein Page and look what appears in there and former Dia a director. Michael Flynn and funding. Their recent visits to Moscow. Hold on hold on hold on one US ladies and gentlemen please again. I with the greatest of respect and humility ask that you subscribe to our Youtube Channel YouTube dot com slash Bongino. It's free for the video version of show because it may help. But it's not necessary here. Joe Can you see what's on the screen there. Yes I can Dan okay. I'm GonNa ask you a question. I'm not messing with you. There are thirty three names in that. Last Bullet Point Stein Stein Page and Flynn right looking at the format accepted. What's the difference with? Mike Flynn's name compared to Stein and page. Well it's it's after them for one thing yet. Paula gets it. What look at Flynn's name but look what are the took his case? Yeah yes thanks case. Why why is that? Why is that now? Aw granted and I always tell you what. I'm speculating and I am now. But does it appear that that was just thrown in there. Every in the dossier everywhere Putin Stein page is capitalized. Bless name yet as we say again in this dossier that we know made it to the FBI. It appears that Flynn was just thrown in there. At the end the Kremlin was engaging with these targets Tynan page and it looks like they just added this. Oh by the way and former CIA director. Mike Flynn like it was an add on. It's the only only four matic structure looks different than every other name. Ivanoff Clinton Pirot capitalized and they don't include a first name. What this seems to be thrown in at the last minute now? What date was this dossier supposedly written and delivered? What was the day? Let's check page to the dossier. What's the date at the bottom of this sucker? Oh August sixteen. She's how does that happen. How does that? That's just crazy here. We go again. Carter page page capitalized. Mike Flynn just thrown in and former. Dia Director Mike. Flynn not capitalized as if it was added at the last minute on August ten so the FBI opens up their case on July thirty first the spying operation against the trump team. Of course they want to target Flynn for a couple. A couple reasons why the Obama administration hates him because he didn't support the Iran deal. Brennan really hates them. Flint's target since two thousand fifteen. We already know that based on his interactions with Svetlana Cova. WHO's out at all this nonsense? They did they have been spying on flinch since two thousand fifteen. Everybody understands that right. The Obama Administration. That's a whole other show but the purposes of this segment. Let's just take that as fact because it's true it's not speculation we're cool they wanted Flynn the FBI wanted to Nail Flynn at this point at the highest levels. What's the problem Joe? They don't have anything on him. So who do they go to. They go to their quote machine. They're bowl fabricator. It rhymes with it. They're BS fabricator. Christopher Steele who when you don't have evidence on people go you worry Joe Hale just make it up. Yeah still probably delivers this dossier on August ten. Someone probably says hey we really need to open up a case on Mike Flynn. It's August tenth. Maybe you can throw a name. In their steel. Goes back to his typewriter as word processor above ever probably even have Microsoft word and he says and and former DA DA director Michael. Flynn forgets that. Flynn is the only one he typed in. It doesn't meet the name structure retype for every other name document. He goes back to the FBI. Okay I who said hey you got joe the FBI FBI guy in the meeting with with steel I counterpart. Hey Do you got something on Mike. Flynn steel. He'll he's got his August hold on up he right back turns around here you go. I got something Mike Flynn got it. Now yeah now this makes sense. This guy was the target the whole time. So what do they do to make. It look like steals information. All out. I'll be right back and Mike Flynn to here. You go didn't start this they say. Hey let's just open up on Popadopoulos manafort afford page and in six. We'll give it a few days and then we'll come back and open up on Flynn. Who was the August ten target the whole time a total head fake? You're telling me you open up on August Tenth Investigations Carter Page who knows working with the CIA. Nothing Wrong Papadopoulos. Who you don't even interview the Pietas even interview until next year? Two thousand seventeen. He was that important if they don't even interviewer review and in Manafort who already closed the FBI case on that's was important you. Of course that wasn't what was important. What was important was nailing? Mike Flynn to the wall so they go to steal and say just make up something on fled steel types in Flynn's name after the fact forgets he didn't capitalize it hands off the August tenth. Komo and here you go. Here's the made up information about Mike. Flynn let's wait a few days on this. Because it will match up with the dossier some open up on those guys head. Fake risky bruschi comeback. Six days later so stupid in so pathetic so obvious. If you're following this case did you follow you all you. I'm sorry go ahead. You felt you see. I don't see a lot of listeners. Don't see and then when you come back and look at it. You feel stupid because I should have seen that I should have noticed it and listen to be fair to everyone out there and I appreciate that thank you. That means a lot. But I've got a lot of great sources who do a Lotta great work and I always had two seven nine. But someone said wants his famous line. If you can't explain something to a sixth grader you don't understand you stand it yourself and I feel like that's why I'm trying to do this and sometimes once in a while we'll get a complete. Let's say sometimes you could be a little redundant folks. It's important that you get it if you get it and you over get great terrific because if you over get it you'll be able to explain needed to others but if I miss something and even one listener misses the point. I failed you tough. When was the target? It's just look at the dates August. Ten Dossier Arise Flynn's name is different. Looks like it was added later. They open up on these guys who they have nothing on for the guy they've been targeting getting since two thousand fifteen and then they wait six days later after they get the dossier because they probably didn't want the dossier August tenth date to marry up with the date. They opened the case. It's Cup as coach. Stan used to say come on guy. I was my baseball coach who I love to be a lot of lessons about life. Every time you screwed up Kobe Guy Yell at you from the Dugout. It was embarrassing at the time but I needed that though snowflakes on that baseball team I see I told them one time we play guy hit a foul ball and I caught it and I didn't someone tagged up and ran home and I asked them in the dugout. We were having a tough time getting out. If I should have let the ball drop and he looked at me like I was an idiot because more back that he's a In front of everybody I was like I took my hat off and sat in the dugout. Shut my mouth the rest of the game all right enough my story here. I got more to get through because this is a busy news day but I hope you understand that flint story. We covered that we covered Iran. I want to move on to the impeachment hoax. Fiasco total disaster blowing up and the Democrats Face Mitch. McConnell all strikes again so you know Nancy. Pelosi is trying to play games with this impeachment thing. We're going to hold the articles of impeachment for those view when the liberal end of the spectrum who've not read the the constitution which sadly many of you the Constitution is explicit that the House of Representatives has the power to impeach a president and the Senate has the the sole power to try that impeachment and remove a president from office. It's pretty clear again if you read the Constitution. Nancy Pelosi doesn't care about the constitution. She hasn't read it either so she thinks she's going to dictate the terms of the Senate trial to the Senate from the house although she does not have any power to do that at all so what she's doing is she is holding the articles of impeachment. The president has been impeached and not forwarding them to Mitch McConnell because he's trying to use it for leverage to get the Senate to call witnesses now as I said yesterday yesterday. Why is the house worried about the Senate calling witnesses if they already appears to president? Are you suggesting that you didn't have the witnesses. You need to make the decision to impeach the president but impeach him anyway. Because that's certainly seems like what you're saying. Call me crazy here using reason and stuff but that seems like what you're saying so Mitch. McConnell auto who promptly flipping the double barrel Middle Finger is saying. We're never going to play by your rules Nancy. Thanks for trying so tyler. O.`Neil PJ MEDIA PNB. If in the show notes today and McConnell quote we have the votes an ounce his impeachment trial rules without a deal with the Democrats. Could for you ladies and gentlemen new rules few older listeners. On my show. I don't mean older and chronological age. I mean you've been listening for a long time. We did the new rule show along time ago. You can google it us when our must listen to shows ever. We're I said to you in the era. Now we are in with the Democrats. Were they hate you and WanNa destroy you the Hill Democrats on all the devoting Democrats out there but them up on the hill and the radical left certainly hate chew. New Rules are in effect and the new rules as we are going to engage in political trench warfare. Meaning we're not so concerned about the character of the guy next to us anymore and the trench were worried about winning the fights. You can worry about as tweets when you get home. I'm not so much worried about that. Now I'm worried about politically the country surviving being the radical Democrats and the new roles. Her this you try to play ball with match. I was never a huge fan of Mitch. McConnell being straight and honest that but he's been doing a good job on judges and he promptly told Nancy Pelosi to go pound sand on this. What did he do? He basically bypass the Democrats in the Senate plus he was trying to force him to call more witnesses in the Senate trial and he now says he has the Republican votes. He only needs fifty one. Sixty seven only fifty one to change the rules. And he's going to change the rules on impeachment speech McConnell to say Joe we're going to announce that the Clinton rules are in effect. I and we do not need any specific requirement for witnesses in contrast to what the Democrats that's one of which is genius onto fold number one he saying remember. Now you guys in we impeach Clinton and you guys thought those rules were great. We're getting the same rules now. which delegates at how many talking points zero because the Democrats are not going to be? That was totally completely unfair. Really you voted for those rules under Clinton now you don't like the rules under trump. So he's he's basically saying Mitch. Mitch saying to Pelosi. You guys agreed to this before so we're just going to do it again now. Brilliant but secondly he's not saying we can't call this is he's just saying that we're not gonNA put any specific requirement that we have to call this. Is You know why Nance because your time's up you did your impeachment thing and now I'm in charge so go pound sand but thanks for playing nice. Try New rules folks we win. Can you lose. Those are the new rules and they are now in effect until we say otherwise all right run out of time here and it's had a few months so many great stories. Don't Miss Tomorrow's show. Okay 'cause I really WANNA get to. This people evacuating liberal states story because charges devastate. I'M NOT GONNA be able to coverage today. I just running out of time but I will get to it tomorrow so. Don't miss the show tomorrow please. Last today national review covered everybody covered. It was it was all over the place but remember the Covington kids. They COVINGTON school. They went to Washington. DC and the story was they approached this native American elder are harassed him and it turns out. This story was a complete opposite that the guy approach them well. CNN for some stupid reason pretending to be a media outlets it's still thought it would be a good idea to slam this Covington. Kid Nicholas Sandman slam him on the news. Paint amount to be some kind of racist bigot. When he did nothing wrong he was standing there while this older gentleman? I should've known better gotten his face. slamming a drum in his face so CNN jumped out ahead. Of course Impune in this kid's character so they decided to do the right thing is to do when you're characters impugned than your lied about which is a court liberals been doing it for years so they hey did well. CNN settled yesterday. The lawsuit brought by coming in Catholic sued Nikola seminars we see in this headline National Review. Now Ladies and gentlemen we don't have have the exact numerical figure. I've gotTA guess which I'M NOT GONNA put out on my show because unless I'm speculating based on some kind of statistics put together a decent hypothesis. I'm GONNA leave and heard from a few people but I'm not sure how red and they are others say. The number I heard is pretty devastating. Tom Fit in from judicial. Watch who we have confirmed for a future interview show by the way based on audience recommendations. You can send your recommendations for interviews on listen to we. We haven't confirmed well. I'll announce the dates. We have Mark Levin on our every. Show the great one this weekend WanNa miss that. Tom Fitness said off into me and others. It's a great line that what the left figure it out. A long time ago is that the process is the punishment they have abused the law system in the legal system to attack conservatives forever gentleman. This was an abusive off. Your lied about us. The legal system used the legal system. The right way and don't be shy about it. The the media gotten away with impugning the character of good people for too long good for Nicholas Sandman and good first family. Better cut that check. CNN next time you'll learn to lie about people gross he wasn't. I mean th this would happen. This kid is disgusting. CNN deserved everything. They got for this. All right folks Thanksgiving for tuning it again. Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel. It's free we're trying to get the four hundred thousand subscribers. We really appreciate your help. It's YouTube dot com slash Bongino Bongino. We really appreciate those subscriptions again audio podcasts also was available for free subscription. No money at all of course apple podcast. Google podcast IHEART soundcloud What about spotify? We're all over the place. Check us out you can always listen up. Bongino DOT COM. We really appreciate your time and attention. Thanks for all your support of the show. I will see you all tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcasts on itunes or soundcloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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