Savor Classics: Gingerbread


We celebrate we gift. We mask and we holiday and special holiday face masks for the family are now available at old navy. they're adjustable and made from breathable washable. Triple layer cotton according to cdc recommendations for non-medical masks plus they come in handy multi packs in sizes for kids and adults shop. New festive plaid's fair aisles. At amazing prince like santa's penguins bears and more they make fantastic stocking stuffers five packs. Twelve fifty and ten packs are just twenty five bucks at your local old navy or old navy dot com see old navy dot com for details. Your law even worse you twenty email address. Hello and welcome to save prediction of iheartradio. I'm an eerie. And i'm laurin vocal mom and today we've got a classic episode for you about gingerbread. Yes i in our recent episode own ginger indeed Yeah we we went ahead and listen to it and we're like oh yeah this doesn't suck can re run. There's a lot of talk about like gingerbread horror movies. It's a far flung episode for many reasons. Many episodes of ours are are like that too. Yeah yeah and this would actually came out in the summer when we originally right. Yeah august of twenty eight teen was the original air date for this one Because as we mentioned in the episode anti you just really had a bug about what gingerbread like buildings like what ginger architecture is all about. I still you know i understand my past self. I can see why she wanted to know. And it's one of my favorite things like after that listeners. Sentas all of these amazing yeah just feats of gingerbread architecture and it blows mine this it's mind-blowing In a okay. So so if anyone. Here's any kind of construction noise in the background. That's because construction is happening outside my window right now. I can't really. i can't really stop it. No i mean. I guess i could if i really tried to use my powers for good Yeah yeah so so apologies. If that is bothering anyone hopefully it doesn't come through that hard but Secondly and back on the topic gingerbread yes Right right now as this is about to air All of the recent news headlines about gingerbread are related to upcoming holiday season gingerbread construction contests. And i am so excited to regal in like a month and like seeing the results of all of this. Yes me too. I wanna go down like a nerdy of course do nerdy gingerbread on tried like the death star. I need to know. I need to know yeah right. Yeah because you were gifted a nerd themed gingerbread kit last year right us from super producer dylan fagin who knows me so well He gave me a marvel avengers new york city battle gingerbread kit and as i've mentioned previously a while back i was going to use it in our dungeons and dragons campaign that lauren and i have been in for many many years. It is many many years And i was going to build a dungeons and dragons diorama with this marvel of injures gingerbread kit which is exactly as it smells and listeners. Lauren was a witness is no she she did. Y'all it was the the. The cookies were decorated. It was it was medically appropriate. She involved Lighting the diorama. That was very fancy. Thank you and and the and these gingerbread pieces lasted through like a couple of years of this game so so happened was doing gave it to me. Then i don't think i got around to using it for a year along time time now but it was. It was decent amount of time. I think it was almost a year because it was a. He gave it to me in december of the previous year. And i don't think. I built it until maybe september adding here and then due to scheduling difficulties. I had it bill. And i was so proud of it and the party gets there and i'm like oh behold but then the power went l. on somebody's connection so we ended postponed and i didn't get to use it again for three months and i was opening. I'm like there's gonna be all these plugs rotten. Nope still smell good. Perfect perfect condition. I don't know how i feel about that. But that was the case. I did not eat it if anyone's like oh my god. Probably that's probably for the best. I mean if you don't see mold growing on it it's probably okay you know it's probably the The anti microbial properties of both sugar and maybe ginger and some of those other spices in there. That's just keeping it. Nice and preserved. Lauren always with the science. Various diorama gingerbread yeah. It smelt great So have you written in which we really appreciate about our rda and we finished the campaign we were at least. We finished my dmz. I of it. Yeah yeah that's gonna like year and a half it has yeah. We only managed to get together about once a month Because our other co workers who also have kids are co-players and so So scheduling everybody is difficult. But yeah yeah. We were victorious. We didn't we didn't term the entire party. It was so great. I felt so much i was for it. I was only worried for a few seconds. There is only a couple of times that i was worried. She tells us afterwards that like we were perilously close to a random role that would've just boned us forever. Phoned those characters into an usability forever. So i'm glad that that didn't happen. I'm real glad that did happen. I was you know. There's a a weird place because there's a part of you that's like really wants to win and wanted to lose but then also your friend and i don't want to ruin the game so i'm also don't want them to. It's an interesting intersection share share. There's a balance there's a balance there In you know you know if i've been i've been playing this This t- fling barbarian for what like three years now. If something had happened to her you know. I would be sad. I would be sad but But it would be okay. You know you're you're a bigger woman than i. I think i'd be interested. But maybe that's just the difference in personality as well But yeah. I'm sure we'll pick it back up soon and we actually have another campaign running at the same time but but we'd give you an update on the old bread diorama and campaign for anyone who curious there there. Oh also i took all these videos of of it. And i like after every session and in british string it together. It's going to be really funny. I think of always do what i think is gonna happen and then i do a post like well. Of course. that's great. Yeah you should that somewhere. That would be mortifying. I'm sure i mean it's usually pretty funny. It's usually like well. Mortifying for you mortifying for like us players. I don't think so. I think it was very funny. It was always like. Oh i thought they were gonna go do this really important thing but they wanted to go instead. They spent the entire session talking to an owl. Yes did happen. you know. that's the fun of it. You gotta roll with it. Got a little bit literally. Andy what you also got a rollout gingerbread. Oh there you go good tie back all right i guess without further ado we will Get into this classic episode mutt former indian lauren. Take it away. Hello and welcome to foodstuff on an eerie. And i'm laurin vogel bomb and today it's christmas in july apparently because we're talking about gingerbread. Yes we could not wait for the holidays. It was impossible to ask you. You could not wait for the holidays. And i was willing to come on this journey with you. Well you sold me out right at the beginning are i really wanted to get to the bottom of those. Dang houses i to know why people do that and we will talk about that. Oh yeah absolutely. I have right at the front. I feel like we can do this entire episode about just my gingerbread memories. Because i've got a lot of them. Yeah yeah and one one of my favorites is that every every christmas my family makes gingerbread. Okay we do make the pudding variety which i have learned is not technically ginger. It with some people like to fight with me over whether or not that's really what. What's the pudding variety. You like put butterscotch pudding in there. They're much softer and less like spicier. Okay i prefer them. Okay yeah you know. People like to fight about those things so we make them every christmas and one christmas. When i was fourteen i had my best friend over and we made the gingerbread and it's kind of a big ordeal like we rostom we sprinkle sharing thing. It takes eight minutes for them to cook. So i remember this because i came downstairs hoping to enjoy a wonderful warm plate of cookies and instead i find a note taped to the oven and says you can't catch me. I'm the gingerbread man and it was followed by a clue as to where his whereabouts. Oh my goodness this. Did he lead lead you on a scavenger hunt. He did there. Were fourteen clues. Fourteen clues my friend. And i fourteen years old had to go on the scavenger hunt. And my mom. It was my mom surprise surprise. I wasn't it wasn't actually the gingerbread man. But i love what she thought to do this for the first time like teenagers but we loved it so much that we kind of begrudgingly astor to do it again next year and it became a tradition And another thing. I love about art center. Bread tradition as my younger brother used to make what he would call a broken home. He would make like your traditional because we had a woman and a daughter and a son he would just make a bunch of them and then he'd like rip their arms off and stick them on their heads or whatever and then he'd put a heart in the middle and he'd break it in half. Oh my goodness. And when i asked him why he did this he said we're gonna bite their heads off anyway. Wow you revealed to me. That messed him up for a while as a kid 'cause he was younger when the the gingerbread may ran away at our house and when he thought well if it's an animate living being and we're just eating it it really wow really did a game number. Aww well i. I hope he's recovered. I think so. I do have some funny pictures. I should perhaps host of the broken home that does sound pretty. It's very creative. i've gotta say Yeah so i Have a lot of experience gingerbread in my lifetime. yeah i. I do not have such a strong gingerbread family. Tradition are are cookie. Decorating is usually with sugar. Cookies in my home Yeah that's my dad's preferred. He would very much prefer if we did that. As opposed to gingerbread outvoted. Yeah yeah i you know i. I like cookies. I can't really my gosh me too. Yeah cookie dessert chart. Well my desert chart cook is at the top cookies and pie and donuts are numbers. Those are the top three anyway This will probably be a future food. Fairy tale yeah totally we should. I would love to do a dramatic reading of a gingerbread man story. There are is it turns out a long history of those things that i'll get into that in a little while but in the meanwhile gingerbread what is it great question because originally like medieval europe originally gingerbread simply meant preserved ginger. It didn't shift to encompass the desserts we think of nowadays until the fifteenth century and that nowadays definition is pretty hilarious a combination of ginger and a sweetener like sugar trico molasses andrew hunting Yeah a variety of baked goods called gingerbread from cakes ranging from dense delicate and cookies ranging from soft to chewy to crunchy ginger and a non white form of sugar are the most important ingredients brown sugar molasses and etc helped gingerbread. Its its distinctive kinda roasti color but it's also frequently seasoned with warm wintry spices like cinnamon clove and nutmeg. And of course because it's a baked good butter and flour involved or some similac rim thereof in many traditions. The cookies are shaped and decorated with candies and white icing or glaze or maybe with chocolate or filled with speech stuff like marzipan that reminds me one of my first memories is making gingerbread house. Yeah yeah. I had a big party And we all made gingerbread houses. I think it's my third birth- only goodness Yeah that seems like a a tall order for three year. Olds was a lot of destroying the gingerbread houses. For sure. and just sticking gumdrops everywhere design. Oh yeah. I think we'd houses were made and we were decorating them anyway. Lots of memories this old brain and there's a lot of different types of gingerbread around the world is you could probably guess and building. Gingerbread houses is no joke in parts of germany. Russia poland and the czech republic and france. There are gingerbread regulation sanctioned by the government circa the middle ages. there's a museum of gingerbread turin poland. It's on the site of gingerbread factory. That opened back in eighteen. Eighty five and ran for a whole century In toren bakers still guard their recipes like very carefully but apparently they involve aging the dough for up to a year which means that my very favorite thing is probably involved bacteria soup. I wonder how many people said that with you. Oh i like to hope at least a solid to think if you're curious as to why gingerbread are such a fall winter treat it might be because Lot of those spices present engine bread cookies or gender bud were believed to have warming abilities. And it kinda makes you wonder about the warm feeling you get from food or it did for me. At least These spices also were reminiscent of the gifts of the magic to baby. Jesus and speaking of it's also possible at since the cookies are meant to look like men but they kind of really more looked like babies. They might have come to represent the jake. Yeah yeah and of course. Gingerbread is also a flavor now You can find recipes online fair gingerbread brownies and cookie bars trifles and cupcakes and cheesecakes and layer cakes popcorn and french toast. You name it. Gingerbread law to the gingerbread lotte yes i look gingerbread pancakes served. Lemon curd is one of the best things on the whole planet and diners that serve at year round. Are the very best diners. You can fight me. I'm on board. And i want to go now. I've never had that before. I lo- gingerbread here in atlanta Java jive does it. there's my my original gingerbread pancake. Experience was an austin. And i'm forgetting the name of the place off the top of my head but it was clearly like a transcendental experience for me. Wow all right well. Adding that to the to do list. Gingerbread has shown up a lot of cultural things as well a lot of media. Oh yeah yeah. yeah Gingerbread cookies were the couple in question in the cookie sutra. The gingerbread people are the main characters in the game candy. Land they also make up the nutcracker army and the nutcracker gingerbread men guest starred on the muppet show operated by frankas. Oh yeah um and agenda of course in the film series. Shrek and i seem to remember some violent gingerbread men and campus. It sounds right. I believe so. There's a whole where people are getting killed but hurt very very badly by cookies There's the robert altman film the gingerbread man. With kenneth branagh and robert downey junior thriller despite the name okay And i also saw a really bad horror. Movie called the ginger dead man where the ashes of a serial killer were added into a gingerbread mix and then baked into one murders cookie and the sequels are called passion of the crust and saturday. Night cleaver There's also that a stephen king novella The gingerbread girl true yeah. The brothers grimm never included a gingerbread man type story in their collections. But the two thousand. And five terry gilliam film. The brothers grimm did feature this like mud monster gingerbread man that sort of like possesses or rather like absorbs a little boy yeah And there is of course the fairy tale the gingerbread man right which we will discuss a bit more in depth later and also aside one of my personal greatest fears the runners runs or runner's diarrhea also goes by the gingerbread man. And going back to the novella by stephen king. Maybe it's about a woman runs too much and it's called Yeah the gingerbread girl so it could just be. Because ron can't catch me if you can. It's pretty good run. Yeah i see. Yeah well i. My mind was reuters runs. Goodness what a nightmare. It is even king. The nutritional qualities of gingerbread perhaps obviously vary vastly depending on the recipe. That you use but you know generally y'all it's a. It's a sweetened baked goods. So it's it's not a health food yeah. I only eat gingerbread the time we make it generally in a year. But i do eat the entire plate of cookies. Yeah i mean. It's like i don't need to justify you do not sell for up to you if we're talking about. Gingerbread numbers gingerbread is one of the most popular winter holiday cookies in the us and in much of europe in two thousand thirteen a new york chef by the name of john lovett created gingerbread village that covered three hundred square feet. That's about twenty eight square meters and consisted of one point. Five tons of gingerbread structures including one hundred thirty five residential buildings twenty two commercial buildings cable cars in underground subway. We don't even have cable car. That sounds like bigger than some small. Towns wasn't small so medium sized town. yeah traditions. Golf club in byron texas currently holds the record for largest gingerbread house. How big was the to ask. It was big enough to need a permit. What yeah forty thousand cubic feet like many houses. It used bricks. Only these four thousand bricks were made of ginger and that took one thousand eight hundred pounds of butter in over one thousand ounces of ground ginger. It was huge. There is also a guinness record for the largest gingerbread man. it was created by an kia in oslo norway. in two thousand nine. He weighed six hundred and fifty one kilos. That's about one thousand four hundred and thirty five pounds and was baked a single piece. And y'all look look this one up. The photo on the guinness website is something that producer dylan described as it's like a group of scientists have this gingerbread man cryogenically frozen and some of them are like. Don't wake it up. it's a bad idea and others like no. It's going to be totally fine. He said and i agree that he's never seen a group of people look so serious about gingerbread than he's never seen ginger dead either no i guess not i guess not well. It's a cautionary tale. I you know who are we to play. God's ginger but they are kind of apparently we're not the only ones who think they're a little frightening because they do show up in a lot of or yeah. I was retails. I i was. I was scared by the brothers. Grimm terry gilliam version. Oh yeah it's frightening. i one last gingerbread memory for me. I last i think last christmas Two christmases ago. I went on a very long cruise with my then boyfriend and it was the second largest cruise ship in lowell and it had a gingerbread display. That were so realistic looking. I didn't realize it was gingerbread. Until i walked past it like several days i thought it was like model. House is holy heck. It was gingerbread very impressive at his impressive Speaking of memories and history. We have some more gingerbread history for you. That isn't just anne's but i have a quick break for word for sponsor we celebrate. We gift we mask and we holiday and special holiday face masks for the family are now available at old navy. 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So you can spend less time worrying about what's on the table and more time celebrating the people around it. China products are available. Wherever you buy your groceries including delivery or pick up and we're back. Thank you sponsor. Yes thank you. Ginger root has roots all the way back to ancient china where it was used medicinally. Oh and also. The ancient egyptians might've used it in ceremonial practices. The ancient romans eight gingerbread. But what was more like honeycakes. Probably to rev up their libido and possibly these cakes worshiped like men with all the right anatomical. Bits ancient romans. oh ancient rome you yes. The ancient chinese weren't the only ones that thought ginger had beneficial health properties henry. The eighth snapped it up. And that's a ginger snaps pun for one more horror movie reference in there And he mix it up with a couple of other things in hopes of staving off the plague Ginger still used for things like upset stomach. Nausea i was given some on a cruise. Ship wants for seasickness. European sailors working during the whaling and globalization colonization. Kind of eras would buy hard gingerbread to take out with them on long. Voyages for the purpose of settling their stomachs hold up. Though the first recipe for gingerbread may have first appeared as early as two thousand four hundred bc e out of ancient greece this according to the book making gingerbread houses by rhonda matching of hearts ancient china follow suit with their own recipe in tenth century ce and then yes by the middle ages europe had their own take and yes at first. It was a rich person food. Oh yeah i mean you know. You needed the sugar to make sweet. You needed the spices which were expensive. So expensive And this european recipe is closing in on our modern version. It referred to a hard cookie that may or may not have been bedecked in gold gilding similar to the gilding on colonial houses and that's sometimes referred to as gingerbread work And these cookies. Were possibly shaped like kings queens and animals if you were to attend a fair in england france germany and holland during this time. You're pretty much guaranteed to run into one of these gender breads so much so that they became known as gingerbread fares and the cookies themselves were sometimes called ferrings by thirteen eighty. We have references to a polish version of gingerbread cookies. Called pernickety derived from the word pepper a lot of northern european countries where it's for gingerbread ten to drive from pepper including maybe my favorite the norwegian paper packer. Isn't it fun to say it is. That's fun In germany these cookies often had messages on them. Similar to the candy. slash sweetheart's You're super on his. You things like that. Nuremberg was known as the gingerbread capital of the world in the sixteen hundreds and that city's museum houses the oldest known recorded gingerbread recipe to this day. Nuremberg's gingerbread has quote protected geographical indication from the european union. Like champagne does in france They don't make men so much as horses and hearts these days. Though i read that the some other european countries kind of look as a skew for still making. Yeah yeah holy. Roman emperor frederick third handed out cookies. That looked like him when he was campaigning. And seasons informed the shapes. You'd find flowers to noted spring for instance or even armor ladies looking to grant their night of choice of luck during a tournament might present him with a cookie or would eat a gingerbread husband to put out five to the universe that you're looking to secure a real non cookie based man why though you could have a cookie right. I got a big. I got a big thing. Cookies fancy gingerbread cookies came to personify the english elite and they were all kinds of shape based superstitions docker fidelity. A pig for luck a baby for a child ally in man for really. There was even a swedish legend that it might grant wishes if you held gingerbread in the palm of your hand made a wish and then broke it with either your thumb or index finger and it broke into pieces. Your wish would come true clearly clearly to try that next time. The idea of decorating cookies and shaping them is largely due to elizabeth the first who elevated the gingerbread cookie game when she made cookies and the sheeps of dignitaries on her courts and these cookies were made by whipping up. a pace. And pressing that that paste into wouldn't molds and at first was a mixture of breadcrumbs almond meal. Sugar rosewater ginger. In the sixteenth century ex came into the equation along with other sweeteners. And you can find these molds museums today. And you'd find these cookies at weddings and wakes and it was possibly accepted as currency in some parts of europe for short amount of time and a fun story suggests that elizabeth i would only give a cookie modeled after your likeness to you if you were the oh she deemed worthy. If she found you coming up short she'd eat the cookie headfirst. Probably within your view. So you knew. I went to the trouble of having this cookie made. And i'm eating it right in front of you and i well. Yeah all right all right lizzie which just about brings us to the ultimate question i wanted answered was the deal with those gingerbread houses. The deal is sixteenth century. Germans and their love of the brothers grimm story of hans and gretel a. Lot of you probably like know de well. I wasn't it's sort of a chicken and egg type thing. Though did the fairy tale lead to the creation of gingerbread houses did gingerbread houses inspire the fairy tale which in turn popular gingerbread houses mysteries of history. No one knows any who these early. Gingerbread houses were way nicer than what i'm used to. Not only did they add that gold gilding but they also had gold foil wallpapering. Oh wow okay. fancy related. Gingerbread men were thought to be baked by which is of course and then used as sort of voodoo dolls to cause pain and perhaps death. Oh wow dutch. Authorities made the baking and eating of gingerbread men legal and sixteen o seven in an attempt to quell witchcraft business. You know you're you're doing what you can. And that's making other shapes that gingerbread men shakespeare mentioned gingerbread in a play in fifteen ninety eight quote. And i had but one pity in the world doubt should have it to buy gingerbread. Oh and john barrett claimed it had the power to soothe your stomach. Th century as ginger became more affordable gingerbread finally ventured out of the or critic bubble and sometime after this it even kind of came to mean the reverse gingerbread went from denoting fancy and elegant to poor and maybe even effeminate the harshest of insults Take this quote from sixteen. Thirty seven the elder brother. He has an ass a piece of gingerbread guilt over to please foods. Girls and puppets Yeah yeah kind of kind of an insult based on like oh look at how like overly fancy you are look at what a pretender. Yeah gingerbread cookies. To the new world with the colonist. In virginia candidates might offer a cookie in an attempt to win your vote. Our old pal author of american cookery. Amelia simmons Her that book came with three different recipes for gingerbread including this one for soft gingerbread so it was the second recipe ribs. Three pounds of sugar two pounds of butter into four pounds of flour. Add twenty eggs. Four ounces of gender. Four spoons rose water and then bake the previous recipe number one. And this all kind was america's perferred kinds. When marquis de la fayette visited the home of george washington's mother. Mary she made soft gingerbread for him. she made them in both. The shape of eagles and kinks. Americans took the idea of the gingerbread house and ran with it to it caught on widespread level in america than it did in britain and running with it. The gingerbread boy was first published in eighteen. Seventy five and does it turns out. There's a long tradition and folklore of stories about runaway baked goods. What okay there's an in-depth classification system for folklore and the gingerbread boy or gingerbread man as more moderately no it is part of the army thomson author type twenty twenty-five otherwise known as the runaway or fleeing pancake story. Pancakes gonna run away. There are all kinds of stories throughout europe about or cookies or pancakes running off and then mocking various animals and people about not being able to catch them. The gingerbread man is just the american version. Well it makes more sense because he has legs rolling away. You know if. I see a pancake rolling. I'm gonna know it's the apocalypse is baked. Goods are here. they're here and they're mocking us. Yes but But the first printing of the gingerbread boy which probably followed along oral. Tradition was in this children's literary journal called saint nicholas magazine and the unnamed author wrote about it the gingerbread boy is not strictly original a servant girl from maine told it to my children. It interested them so much that i thought it was worth preserving i asked where she found it and she said that an old lady told it to her in her childhood but this printing was more of a story than like the kind of sing song rhyme thing that we know today i think the first printed version that's close to our our modern gingerbread man rhyme was in eighteen ninety eight in the ladies home journal written by one. Ella m white you know the whole like like run. Run fast as you can. You can't catch me. Little gingerbread man sort of thing. Yeah yeah by the time. Pairing w cousins published a child's book of stories in nineteen eleven. The wording that we're more familiar with today. You can't catch me on. The gingerbread man was cemented. End that gingerbread recipe of mary ball washington's would wind up getting passed down to her daughter. Betty who served at her own home kenmore plantation in virginia and that recipe would eventually wind up saving that historical site though long forgotten it was found in the homes attic in nineteen twenty two by members of the association and the daughters of the american revolution who needed like thirty grand to fund necessary repairs to the estate so they typed up the recipe. They sold copies of it. Visitors ten cents apiece eventually sold the rights to it to a company that created a like gingerbread mix purchase supermarkets who also provided it at a discount back to chapter of the daughters of the american revolution who sold it to benefit the kenmore singer bread cookies saving historical saving history. Yeah and i wanted to like sort of wrap up. We've got a little bit of gingerbread science. But i wanted to sort of wrap up with There's a great interview that author and burn Author of the book. American cake did with the philly voice and she said this about gingerbread as years passed. The recipes like gingerbread that passed down through generations were always baked for holidays mostly christmas. There's a wonderful phrase. I found while researching american cake and it goes something like this. The holidays preserve what every day loses in short. If it weren't for holiday baking we be hanging onto old recipes like gingerbread. I like to think of gingerbread. Is the quintessential american cake. It's a revolutionary cake in that are early. American settlers adapted old european methods of baking gingerbread to new ingredients and it came to represent this new land where people of all backgrounds can find refuge every gingerbread recipe baked homes. Today can speak about the people who i made it and then there's the aroma in your kitchen gingerbread being baked. It just makes you smile one with and you know the holidays are here. Yeah that's lovely. I hadn't really thought about that about how there's so much tradition into the behind. The foods we her on the holidays. Yeah and really. If that tradition wasn't there how many of those foods would we still be eating. Yeah a lot of modern holiday. Foods can be traced directly to like victorian era which barred them from a lot of other other places. So yeah it's fascinating. it is. Meanwhile in the winter of two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen. The oregon museum of science and industry had an exhibit celebrating the engineering side of gingerbread construction and every year discovery cube. Which is a couple of science museums in california host signs of gingerbread competitions to create impressive gingerbread structures and they also have a gingerbread car derby a little gingerbread you build a little gingerbread cars and there's derby i am baking gingerbread car this year or within that gingerbread cookies gonna get away so fast getaway car o no all right well. I'm pretty good pretty confident. You're also pretty fast. Do a lot of running any. I think i've been training for this my whole life. I just didn't know yeah And i i do have a few A little bit of that like gingerbread construction science for you some helpful hints for you to remember the next time you're baking But first we've got one more quick break for word from our sponsor this episode is brought to you by ebay. So this is kind of a big deal. Ebay is rethinking what it means to shop. Refurbish rebooting remixing. It and remodeling it. Introducing certified refurbished from ebay. Get up to fifty percent off like new products direct from the manufacturer or approved partners. Everything has been thoroughly tested to look and work just like new. You even get the same accessories and manual you'd get with a new product. Ebay certified refurbished offers all the brands. You want at a price. You'll love and not just in one or two categories. You can choose from like new laptops. 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If you order online for delivery or pick up you can get yours without lifting a finger. Well okay you might have to lift one finger but that's it so don't delay get your bread pizzas from pinera today and we're back. Thank you sponsor this thank you so if you're looking to construct your own gingerbread house source state or palace or getaway car. The internet does have some helpful hints for you. I found an article in popular science called build. Structurally sound gingerbread house. That was particularly useful I you're going to need to pick gingerbread recipe. That does not use leavening agents no eggs or baking powder. Or what have you. And you're going to need a blueprint so that you'll know how much you need to bake once you've got your dough rolled out because it you don't wanna use leavening agents because that'll make puffy and therefore less sturdy rights mike cookie recipe would not work. No no you're you're gonna need to change it up. Okay okay can do that all right and then once you have your dough rolled out. You're gonna wanna use a sharp knife to cut the shapes of the individual pieces out of the doe prior to baking but don't remove the extra along the edges because that way you'll reduce spreading of the edges of your shapes. Yeah yeah yeah you don't you. Don't want him to thin out. no no bad times. You can cut away the excess after baking once everything's baked and cut out. You're going to need durable construction material and that means proteins. A royal icing made with egg whites powdered sugar and really minimal. Other liquids will hold up pretty well as we'll melted marshmallows. Caramels or gumy's milton. White chocolate can also work well. And has the advantage of firming up more quickly than some of those other things support structures inside the building. We'll help distribute the weight of the walls and the roof more evenly and finally popular science recommends destroying your structure. I mean you know when you're ready Purposefully to see where the weak points are and thus to build a better plan for next year. This is beautiful. This sounds like a great project to for children to undertake to learn from right And if you want even more specific advice and understand math a little bit better than i do. Ucla's science and food blog made a really thorough post about the physics involved called engineering the perfect gingerbread house. that's fantastic. Check it out. I wanna make one right now. Nothing's stopping you technically. I actually thought about making cookies for this But we kind of randomly. I didn't think i was ever going to get to do this in the middle of summer. I'm so excited. I would just want to build things gingerbread. Yeah and think about physics pictures and like draw arrows. Oh yeah this is where the structure at checkout discovery cubes Signs of gingerbread competition that some of the photos from twenty seventeen are really gorgeous and incredibly impressive like they have. They have a adult and child categories and like kids as young as like five making these structures that. I don't think i could have built. So i'm like well i'm okay. We should have competition in the office. Who be more really good. Oh man some people would be embarrassing like good. I'll hecker going to put me to shame any but we get to eat it after we do. That's true that's all that matters in the end it is okay and that brings us to the end of this classic episode on gingerbread. We hope that you enjoyed it and we hope that you were having a safe and happy holiday. Oh please if you're if you're making something or making your own traditions. Your new traditions A virtual recipes swap would be cool. Just yeah let us know sent. All of those things are way. We always love hearing from you. Our email is hello at save dot com. We are also on social media. You can find us on twitter. Facebook and instagram at saver pot. And we do hope to hear from you. Savor is a production of iheartradio for podcasts. My heart radio. You can go to the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Thanks as always tour super producers pigging injure howard. Thanks for listening and we hope that lots more good things are coming your way. Today's episode is brought to you by purina. Beyond what are you look for in pet food. Lauren you know. I just wanna make my cat friends. Happy and healthy and and that can mean different things for different pets right like our bodies are all different and that applies to our pets too. 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