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Dart Against Humanity Ep. 78: The Podcaster Ya Love To Hate


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Dr Absences episodes seventy two dirt against humanity. Today's episode against humanity is going to be about a classic rap album that was released thirty years ago today. That album is ice cubes. America's most wanted for those of you in who weren't around ice cube was the front man and the main writer of Nwea now. Ice Cubes role is the main writer. Nwea may the the spearheaded or he wrote a lot of the crucial verses or rhymes or came up with concepts for crucial songs and in W as development over their career. He was kind of the Linchpin. The guiding light. You had Dr Dre. Who IS THE SONIC GUY? He was the guy who really made everything work. Because you can only say and do so much but if you guidry's beats behind you people rock with it and we're Cuba's going sometimes with his lyrics it wouldn't have been as palatable if it wasn't for the fact that dray was so great so adept at producing reading these. Sonic sound beds. You know these sonic landscapes that really took people on a journey and then just the fierceness the aggressiveness derives even though a lot of them were really abrasive and sometimes jarring there was a creativity a cleverness and there was lyricism there underneath all the home the really abrupt just anger almost sounded like but it was channeled through something else. It was the perspective that had not been really heard as much in Rep and was coming from the perspective of south central Los Angeles Slash competent and at the forefront these guys Nwea now that being said at the time ice cube is between eighteen and nineteen when everything really jumps off. Which makes it even more insane when you think about it. In retrospect right so we have ice cube coming up and he's the guy behind Easy ease boys in the hood. Which is the one of the songs that put them on the map both in the West Coast California but nationally? So you got boys in the hood. He writes that eight bowl. He writes. That don't man. He leads off now between one thousand nine hundred nineteen eighty-eight. I remember hearing these songs everywhere everywhere. It was a while before I actually saw physical copy of an nwea cassette but they were on every mix tape imaginable was getting played on the radio and another thing was that cats would go away. And come back with it or you'd find somebody with a dub dub of it so it was a minute before actually saw the physical vinyl indoor cassette tape of NWEA NWEA into policy because again it was on for cordaid on their label. In the West Coast. California and distributed Makola Makola distributed mainly to like the West Coast to south. What have you? And then it had national distribution it to the East Coast. It wasn't like other distributors where. Bam It's everywhere immediately and it's a conversation. I had with several people especially cats on the west coast Hide compensate new mark. You could probably find it on Youtube. And he said that there's a myth of the Lisa's especially in the mid to late. Eighties happened simultaneously everywhere. No there was a stagger. There was a delay. It might be there and it's GonNa take a while to get to you or we have it. Our here is gonNA take a while to get to you. That's how I remember it. Being that being said You HAVE GANGSTA. Gangsta the cubes kind of behind. Fuck the police. Which Ice Cube leads off? You Know He. At one point he was easy. Easy like main writer but when we get into eazy E's debut. Lp Easy does it. He's not the main writer anymore. It's MC rain and DOT T. Who's now the deal? See Dr Phil Fresh. Who's now Dlc Okay but he does write boys in the hood which is on album now. He writes no more questions which is Really on influential joint. Let's put it this way. There was I'm sure you remember this and SNL. There was a sketch. Today did with Natalie Portman and Natalie Portman 's Natalie's rap was pretty much inspired by no more questions the easy song which was written by skew. Okay and then. The album closes with like a spoken word joint. Easy Chapter Eight verse ten which Kinda of Hearkens to ice t who used to close albums just do interludes where he would just do. Spoken word like on some pimp shit like they used to do on old seventy albums so that happens right but after they put straight Outta Compton. Gangsta Gangsta fuck the police. He writes express yourself which at the time you have to remember that. Nwea was not getting on the radio. They were not getting airplay. The radio treated them like they didn't exist while also because the clean versions but even when they did make a clean version the radio was not playing it. And also you have to remember. This is the late eighties. When radio was super resistant to wrap no matter. How much sold so what ends up happening is that they don't have videos playing on the video networks. It will have their records playing on the radio. So Ice Cube makes it a point to create express yourself and has dray Duda rhyming. This is this is a sticking point this is important drey the guy who makes all their music as I said before pilot born the first place given the the liberal content and the things that Iran about and to subject matter is the guy who makes it all work so having drey the guy who isn't on record saying any anything terrible like maybe easy or ice cube or ran has he's the perfect guy to deliver express yourself. This is ice cube. Ice Cube writes. This video gets played on MTV Europe. Tv wraps this video gets played on bt. This video makes it on the box. This song actually gets played on the radio. So I'm just giving you a background of all the things that ice cube contributed throughout the time of NWEA's Assent right now. We come up to straight OUTTA COMPTON. Straight OUT OF COMPTON blows up at this time. Nwea are have become the poster children for Gangsta rap. Even Gangsta rap existed or what? They say Gangsta rap as existed way. Before in W way Entered the fold in eighteen. Eighty seven you know Eighty four eighty five have elements of it. Eighty five is when really it jumps off with school. D You know there were elements of it which was spoon g back. Seventy nine eighty eighty one. You know a lot of people like to cite that are crucial turning point for Gangsta rap and the the static is actually Beastie boys licensed to ill which if you listen to Ice Cubes Early Group. Cia they have a song called. My posse is sounds like a A beastie boys song but also I could say that greatest show on Earth by Almighty oversold. Boston's number one gangsta rap. Group sounded like it was a Beastie Boys. Joint two highly influential. Nbc Boys would just were just like an evolution of what run DMC we're doing. There's more guys in group now You lookit cats like ice tea. Taty t look at what King Tee was doing just ICE KOOL G rap. Later from eighty six eighty seven on rikers island poison. You know he's super liberal but then he still has those those elements right and what. Ice Cube did was. He took that and flipped it on the next to a whole `nother new thing he he was he created a style evolution the innovators. And then there's a style level you know. There's a progression as a continual so coming out of that again. Ice Cube is really starting to wonder what's going on because I'm right he's joints. I'm involved in all of these albums. I'm crucial to the popularity and success. It is group so I feel I should be compensated for it and you have to remember during this time like eighteen. Nineteen twenty and he's this aware of what's going on and of course you know he becomes really concerned about you. Know his compensation level. You know his point two splits. His percentages his royalties but is now roofless. Gold Gold Platinum Platinum. He's like all right. So break me off and then it comes down to the point of gotTa sign new contracts. He's like a I ain't signing shit. I WANNA know. Where's this money whereas this being accounted from when not a shitload of money on promotions? We're not shopping stuff. The researching stuff the radio despot damn shore not spending an exorbitant amount of money on videos. So where's the money because we should be making money hand over fist like our audiences between sixty six and seventy five percent white buying the music? Where's my money? So what happens? Is he splits after they come back off tour and he's like Yo I want off but he has the honour Parviz contract but he's not going to let because roofless records is distributed by priority because they stopped working with Makola but cola early on Gave in problems because again in w way was really crest. Really Abrasive and they thought that fair songs we're going to prevent Makola from selling which wasn't the case so they remove certain songs from now albums they made a single put panic zone on side a because they thought that the electoral dance Vibe was going to be something that was going to sell people bought it for the B side took bitches of bitch off the posse project and people were like what the Fuck y'all doing people are buying it for that. That's one of the things I wanted. The selling points so ultimately Mccullough was out of the picture they got up with a priority records due to distribution priority. Put it back on and re released it in nineteen eighty eight. And then they started shooting up the charts something. That's a sticking point with me. If you go on a with the Pedia they will list three at a conference release date is August. Nine hundred eight not true. They released two singles okay between July and September one thousand nine hundred eighty two singles. Okay what got released was priority re released. Nwf policy in August nineteen eighty eight. It was not straight OUTTA Compton. Shredded Compton was still in the process of being recorded. It didn't get released until February. Nineteen eighty nine after eazy. E's album easy. Does it was out? There's no way stranded compton was released before Eric the same time as easy does it. I just need. I just need people to understand so please stop saying at a company was released in August nineteen eighty-eight disregard. You read online. Says that album was released in February. Nineteen eighty-nine okay. If you look again if you look at the If you look at the records if you look at the album's if you look at the catalog numbers on ruthless priority releases. It will be made abundantly clear. The straight OUTTA COMPTON was released after easy. Easy easy does it okay. Now that that's out the way. Ice Cube go solo ice cube pretty much leverages with priority just to retain him to a solo deal. Because look at all the money I brought all in wwl. And if y'all don't give me a solo deal I'M GONNA go to Def Jam at the same time. Ice Cube is going back and forth with Chuck D and bomb squad about producing his solo album because since he went solo. Jerry Heller and Eazy e blocked Dr Dre from doing any production on his solo record. So He's like cool. I'm going over to the bomb squad. It's been reported members of NWEA. Said if you go to bomb squad banding Gold Gold Word. I'm going to tell them that. So is cube. After weeks of correspondence leaves California in goes to New York in January nineteen ninety to search for producers and start working on his album as soon as possible because he wants to put it out before. Nwea puts out their next album. This is crucial. He wants to beat them market so he wants to put as soon as possible if you could get us album done in a month even better because he wants to rush it out. What happens is these New York tries to meet up with. Sam Sever who produced one of his favorite albums at a previous year. Who's wanted to produces a third bases to cactus album? He loves the CACTUS ALBUM. If you listen to give it up the nappy dugout on a later album. She got a lot of practice on black boys. Jimmy's and white boys cactus like he loved the cactus album anyways. Samsung doesn't show up so he's in a jam offices. Like Shit Sam. Several again was on a group called downtown science that was signed to def jam with Bosco money. Room to breathe is a classic slept on album radioactive just by chance he goes outside and he sees Chuck D now. There was a tour back in nineteen eighty eight called. Bring THE NOISE. The bring the noise tour. I believe is eight hundred. Eighty nine the Brandon. Noise tour had co headliners. It was public enemy. Nwea EAZY E and then everybody else because a hell of a tour but on that tour was win ice cube. I really gets to know. Chuck d the Elder Statesman. Iraq Chuck D is like a decade older or more than ice cube. He's just like land down the law. He's he's the state and facts and helping them to the game and it's like taking him under his wing so when he shows up he sees chuck he's like. Oh what up chuck did a going back and forth and trucks like a so Tonight we're going to go to Green Street studios and we're going to record disown with Big Daddy Kane called. Burn Hollywood burn. You won't come down like I word. His first day in New York gets in the studio does a full ball verse on. Bernoldi would burn. You hear you hear how he sounds on the bomb squad beat and the rest is history right now. I've written like a almost three thousand word piece about this on medium. I'm looking at it right now. It is cold ice cubes. America's most wanted a thirtieth anniversary retrospective is going to go up on medium at midnight so I'm not going to really get into it that much like that because you can read that night go into. I go in depth one of the source. Materials that are used of course was Check the technique volume to buy my boy. Brian Coleman because I like to be accurate and do research. I look through some other interviews and things of that nature. Ice Cube actually has a thing to. He's doing himself. You can go to his twitter account and he has audio and they're like old if you go on Youtube. There's actually Mini documentaries covering the album. So I want you to go and see as much as what he has to say about the album. That what I'm GONNA do right here is. I'm going to talk about how it affected me. And my experience with it being fourteen going on fifteen when the album came out and how it kind of changed. How a lot of people soul rap and how it influenced so many other future generations MC's and listeners. In general like the album comes out first of all you have to remember that ice cube is ice cube within w way right. That's the only frame of reference people have form. He kind of wants to break out of that. So when ice cube a leaves for New York is all these ideas that he was going to do for. Wma His all. These rhymes that he was going to try to give to easy. E You know his all these concepts he wanted to do and try to sell on Dre and of course the thing about with draze the you can have an idea and present it to dre but dre feeling idea there's no colaboration there's no give take this no compromise if he doesn't like it. It's not happening. If you give something to drink or present something to dray Andrey thinks is dope. He's going to push for easy. Easy Easy Likes. It then is going to work but to try to sell dray on. Something wasn't really working. So ice cube had a whole bunch. Ideas whole bunch of concepts did probably wouldn't have worked in the NWEA setting so he was looking to branch out and do things you ain't done before an roms. He wrote he kinda in things. He intended for easy to do the now he could do. He could put a different spin on it because he's not writing for easy and his audience and when he started working with the bomb squad was a completely different situation because they believed in working with him it was an actual partnership there was compromised was given take. Everybody was involved. Everybody had a role you know. A lot of people say that the bomb squad is like a assembly an assembly line. You know that's kind of what it is. Everybody was involved. Everybody had a role. People added their things to stuff. People came in reduced Put in extra piece put in something that was missing changed the pitch on something distance crashing some guitar Put an extra piece. You know something. Every body touched touched it so it was a real collaboration which is something that you just wasn't used to. He learned about album sequencing the importance of that. You know he learned had a really make an album from start to finish from scratch from conception to completion. He learned all these valuable lessons from the bomb squad by leaving home and putting himself in a vulnerable position and putting himself in a place where he had to trust and believe in himself and do something he had never done before even though he had all the talent in the world. You can believe in yourself all you want to but sometimes you just unsure if you can actually execute those things in your head and it happened and happened before you turn twenty one. He released a classic debut album after years of being involved with classic albums but him not necessarily being the full driving force behind it. But what this album did was it. Set Him on a trajectory to create even more influential and better art. So here's the thing about on America's most wanted America's most wanted as easily one of the most influential and greatest rap debut albums of the past thirty years. However as great as this album is it's been overshadowed by his later work when you think about ice cube you don't think about America's most wanted what you think about might be Death Certificate. You know you might think about the Predator. But you don't necessarily think about America's most wanted I know just like when people think allred man the first thing they think of isn't what the album it just isn't that's his debut when he was starting out but he got better from there. You know it's not like with GNAWS when people think of gnaws the first thing they typically think about is L. Matic if they're younger the first thing they think about is it was written which I get it but I don't now. Ice Cube goes off and becomes an icon. I write that by the time he turned twenty five. He was already considered a legend which is true now being a young kid who? Who'd heard all the in? Wma off-shoot albums I'd heard Nwea Pasi. You know I'd heard straight OUTTA Compton. I'd heard easy easy does it? I remember hearing it Thanksgiving. I heard Diaz album. Somebody had JD. Records defies record was more produced by own Arabian prints and maybe Yellow Andrey in some places I wasn't Defied at all but jj went platinum and they were on ruthless. So you know. It's part despite of like their empire you know you got CPO. You had Above the law you know. You had the off-shoot groups from Nwea so like you hear all the see so you hear all that so you have an idea of what these cats could do. Wind-driven picture but you don't have any point of reference of White Cube with do without dray so ice cube to get with the bomb. Squad was like you're you're gonNA take a west coast dude. I do Super West Coast South Central Compton. And you'RE GONNA go to New York in particular Long Island hempstead Freeport Roosevelt Long Island. You know strong island. How would these things going to merge? How are they going to work can it? Work and Ice Cube came out the gate and said I'm going to make a perfect blend of west coast. Gangsta Shit that social political in nature towing the line between being conscious and Gangsta Revolutionary Book gangster before two Buck. That's one of the things I wrote and he executed and he created a lane for a lot of other people and the thing is crazy because when I think about it he kinda did it vite before like he made it so they win. Paris did it later in one thousand nine hundred ninety like September October December nineteen ninety going into nineteen ninety. One what Paris did was like. Oh I get it for those. You don't know powers powers was signed. Tommy boy he released his first album. The devil made me do it. You is called the the Black Panther of rap but ice cube releasing America's most wanted and then kill it. Willie P right afterwards as kind of what happened. The door for people to get what Paris was doing because you had exclaimed came out around the same time so right before America's most wanted comes out like two weeks before that we have x clan and poor righteous teachers so as clam releases to the East blackwoods and An alm you have a holy intellect by poor righteous teachers so x clan is Super Lake black nationalist on black empowerment but poor righteous teachers are more along. Like five percent nation wrapping chatting like Jamaican shedding. You know like that thing but like don't do from New Jersey you know x clan is based in New York but then you have ice cube. Who's doing this Gangsta Shit? Call them women bitches all over the place talking about his get and has produced by public enemy. Who Don't do any of that shit so it is crazy to hear like ice cube talking about doing this all cold. What they hit info talking about some West Coast Compton Shit over beat with supposed to go to true mathematics or like son of beserk or at the time while they're working on stuff at five ten and in going to Green Street you have. Busta RHYMES AND ONE S THERE. And then you also have like Cameron Ata. Dj Scribble Firstborn there watching from young black teenagers at the same time. The bomb squad is working on and has set his crazy. The same time to bomb squad is still trying to finish their album. Okay they're trying to finish Fear of a Black Planet There Blake fifty to seventy five percent done with fear of a black planet the same time. They're finishing with surging and ice cube of America's most wanted. They did America's most wanted and about a month's time so four weeks mixed mastered and turned in to a priority and about a month. That's insane and they're working on their album at the same time. They're working on finishing on belt beeped. Poison can you imagine how chaotic it had to be ice cube to be like you? I need to hurry up and put this album out. I find do this. Go here for these records. Do this do this. I this is what we're going to do. I want this. I want this. I want that is in the studio. Banish it out in a month mix mashed rate is out and then they go back to well by the time They had already finished poison. Poison was done day. Did three or four songs on there as a nine album. Soul did mixing mastering send it out. Dashes already out in March so that albums out when they Ternan America's most wanted as insane. Because you get to see the response and Ice Cube tells the story about how x clan came over to the studio in play their album before they released it. So you can imagine like all this energy happening at the same time. It's just insane when you think about it but ice cube releases the album that is like a benchmark into progression rap history for both an artist. This part of a successful group to carve his own niche and Rebrand himself in a sense because it's not like he did things that were really that much different than what he was doing but to come to the east coast. They took a lot of balls. When you're like is west coast get but still retain what makes him you know. That's one of the things that Sir Jinx was really instrumental in and he came with the Lynch mob. The I mentioned Lynch mob is on Express Yourself W. way is the Lynch mob written by Q. So Cuba had the idea for the Lynch mob and his head when ice cube takes jd. Jd's gasoline Takes J. D. T. Bone K. D. surge? Jank's has Yoyo comment and do a man's world on an issue gets signed to a deal. Before he even started street knowledge he already had the Lynch mob. He listed the name of the Lynch mob members on the back of the album so ice cube already had a gang when he left. Nwea so it's not like he left. He was just like. Oh Shit. I'm astle gotTA figure out something. No he had a plan he already knew and he he was probably he was orchestrating everything while he was on tour and he was waiting to hear back about his royalties his checks compensation for his contributions to Nwea and eazy e and other roofless records joints because he no he was a huge part in the growth the popularity and the surge of of interest and Nwea and then that role fell on Mc Ren and deal see who stepped up and who they stepped up at admirably and they you know did a excellent job if you listen to one hundred miles of run into EP and then you listen to on negative life album you know. They stepped up and that is an incredible album. But the fact that a matter is that Ice Cubes. America's most wanted to kill it will end to death certificate into the Predator completely overshadowed. Nwea and what further overshadows NWEA's win dre go solo and releases a chronic? All these things were put into motion by Ice Cube going Solo. Now being a kid listening to this album planes album death listening to shit like the bomb. Rewinding the bomb and just listening to all these different pieces and how old stuff works and it's like you listen to public enemy's Fear of a black planet. It's like to meet forever. Black plan is the last great public enemy album with a noise works. Then you listen to America's most wanted and it's another album with annoys works. Nineteen ninety like and the thing is that you listen to albums made by other artists after the bomb squad. Kinda you know. Kinda killed the bomb squads effectiveness and how they were actually able to a debt so listen to mugs. What did he amongst did on the first Cypress Hill album is directly a response to what the bomb squad did on several black planet and America's most wanted you know he managed. Dj mugs manage to make the noise noisier but west coast but still buying able to incorporate sampling and pastiches and things like that in a way. That couldn't be done anymore. With the Beastie boys on Paul's Boutique. He managed to figure that out sonically. That's why it's the what you want remix done by you know. Dj mugs and sold assassins. Worked so well but like if you look at the continuum a key point a key point part of that is listening to ice cubes. America's most wanted it. Kinda laid a blueprint for a lot of people that wanted to like create an album that defined them or created a jumping off point for them to grow and progress. And I feel like it's been forgotten about a lot because again ice cubes later material. Later output overshadows it and the thing is that with the passage of time a lot of things get obscured and I feel like yes. Ice Cubes later albums overshadowed. America's most wanted but also the chronic by ice cube. My by Dr. Dre overshadowed what on America's most wanted was the in a lot of ways it also on it was overshadowed by the breakout success of Cypress Hill because if you look hillside Cypress Hill's first album in Cypress hills self titled the Second Album even bigger third album even bigger so while some people latch onto that first album. Like this is where it all started. You look at that second album. You Light Dude Insane in membrane and when the ship goes down like do think about it and it's the thing what is q. Ice Cube drop dead album and there was one single wasn't played on radio. He didn't have a video into. Who's the mack well? Who's the mack came out? The album had already been gold for over a month. That's insane there was no video. No radio airplay. Ice Cube head the number one rap single and it had never been played on the God Damn Radio and it was the title track of his album. Do you understand how insane that is? I write about this and as I was writing it. I almost had to stop myself and fact check it as I even though I knew it was the case because I had already fact. Check this six months before. I wrote it and it was going to be a sticking point. Ice Cube had the number one single on the rap charts number two and three was the power snaps the power and the power version with Chill Rob g number four was you can't touch this by. Mc Hammer and the five was nine. One one is a joke. It was two behind nine. One one is a joke. You know insane. It is to do to make an album with public enemy and a bomb squad yet. Chaka deal on one Song Flava. Flav one another song. That album came out the month before yours. And your Song Hits Number One over vessel which has a video and gets radio airplay. Do you understand how insane that is? Ice Cube went number one on the rap charts and the Arrow of MC Hammer. He goes gold right before. Ams in Vanilla ICE ICE BABY. Start shooting up the charts. Do you understand how insane that is? Then he puts out an EP right afterwards. Killer will right after in W puts out on a hundred miles running and disassembled over it. Ice Cube doesn't it when you listen to it. It kind of sounds like he's referring to them on some songs but he actually wasn't he was just talking about like situations in general so I guess they heard it they were like always soften boss but of course you just have to delight how hard it is to try to divorce yourself or remove yourself from the situation and try to carve your own niche and create your own identity which your own crew and how hard it is. How scary it is to go to a three thousand miles away from home so you can come back home and I still think about that thirty years later. The feeling that I had playing that song playing that album and my walkman playing it in a stereo system in my house me and my younger brother. our friends friend group reacted to it. One of the most visceral and long lasting memories I have is hearing that tape playing out of cars hearing it blaring out of headphones on train whether it be the Green Line Orange Line and there was this moment back when I was in Boston. We were in the own the weight room because I used to hang out. My friends played basketball and football. I could never have the grades. I didn't WanNa play football because I didn't like the idea of getting hit and getting Concussion because I need my brain and I remember everything that ever happened in a I did. I was not up for a head injury or brain injury. I know anyways in the weight room now in the weight room. It's black dudes white Dude's Asian Kids Latinos all of us from different parts of the city different backgrounds as Boston. Latin school source in exam school. So it's the smartest of the smart. We have the most different possible backgrounds. You could imagine got a lot of white kids that there who would not be in a public school. If it weren't for the fact they were at Boston. Latin there were being a parochial school. There will be in a private school. They would not be in a public school Boston. Latin that was in walking distance from the South End. Though Roxbury you could walk to ruggles station from not. They would not go to school here to the point where they didn't call where Boston was Roxbury. They called it. The longwood medical area is Roxbury God. Damnit look at Zip Code. I can walk home. Visit Code Goyal Boys L. Side as Roxbury. Now that being said we win the weight room and they played music in the weight room and Ice Cubes Dead Homie supplying. Everybody knows the fucking words. Every body wraps along to dead homeys the entire sole everybody knew the words. This thirty kids in this mother fucking weight room. I will never forget that as long as I live. I had so little in common but a lot of the people at the Boston. Latin with there weren't Mommy's to work my crew. I didn't eat lunch with that. I didn't see on the trained. I didn't live live near to warrant related to me but all of these kids were all saying the words to dead homeys off of Ice Cubes. Kill it. Will EP. Like was motherfucking. Tiny dancer and this was almost famous. I will never forget that as long as I live and I think that's going to be the last thing that I am that I leave your with again. My piece on medium is cold ice cube. America's most wanted the thirtieth anniversary retrospective. It will go up at midnight. This podcast should be AB- right after midnight because I want to stagnate. I WANNA give you enough time to read before you listen to the broadcast anyways. Thank you for listening. I'm GONNA figure out something to talk about next week one.

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