Is What's Good for GM Good For Me?


Tree too I do too. I'd like to talk to you a little bit about Flint Michigan Today Flint. Michigan is now the poster child of the demise of America as we once knew the glory days looking at my home town from the lens of the facts and evidence. It's a place that legs larger Third World cities and quality of Life Indexes Flynn is suffered an unimaginable poisoning swatter. Supply along with other environmental maladies. It's legacy includes the largest. Fatal outbreak of Legionnaires Disease in the world was reported in the news media that eighty people contracted Legionnaire's disease in Flint Michigan due to the poison water. That's shocking occurrence has been ongoing for better than five years at this writing water in Flint. Still Sucks and people. Don't trust it and WHO CAN BLAME THEM. Da Understand Flint. You have to understand. It's relationships with the General Motors Corporation. For many years local people affectionately called it. Generous Motors was once said that what is good. For General Motors was good for the nation. That is the General Motors. Way Of Thinking Flint was and still is a company town for one of the largest most powerful corporations in the world when I was growing up in Flint people adopted General Motors way of thinking. Gm Way of short term thinking made my travels a lot more difficult on those bumpy roads of life. I'm not contending that my family was send the GM called but there are definitely rules of life where you learn from adults that comes straight off the assembly line in Flint Michigan. The number one rule is. Don't stop the assembly line. No matter what. During the aftermath of the nine eleven terrorist attacks group of Rather Stupid autoworkers decided they would create a fake anthrax attack on jeon struck in las operation in Flint missiles a massive truck plant employing thousands of workers the UPI reported in October. Two thousand one that My Office had filed charges for the unlawful release of imitation and harmful substance against three flint. Autoworkers off three were hourly workers of the Flint Plant. The charges carried a possible sentence of a two year in jail. According to Flint police one of the autoworkers. Sprott baby powder in an envelope to work and then took the envelope and wrote Arabic ladders onto it. The envelope was then placed at a co workers workstation and he in turn allegedly put the envelope on the windshield of a vehicle as it moved down the assembly line. The incident touched off a panic at the flint assembly plan. The idea was to scare people that Shirley was at the time Nor place to be scaring off people in the wake of such a national tragedy. General Motors wasn't happy. They were so unhappy about this sense that fearing national a publicity that would ensue. They knew and so did I. That there were bound to be copycats and the S. They were right. I didn't need the special visit. They paid to my office at the courthouse to know what happened. These three Amigos broke the number one rule of flint a relied learned since I was a little kid. Keep the assembly line rolling. Gm quickly fired the General Motors way of thinking which usually short term that culture permeated the thinking of the people of Flint. They just accepted it thinking that life should be lived with an attitude. What's not just unhealthy but leads to disaster. Nevertheless Inc eat drink and be married for tomorrow we all shall die tight thinking messed up the livelihoods of millions of people in Southeast Michigan General Motors way of thinking leads to excessive consumer them. Just just don't put anything off today because you can worry about tomorrow. Some other time that. That's it in a nutshell. It's hard to break that way of thinking. The biggest bunch of bullshit I ever heard is economic. Commentators trying to peddle the false premise that the U. A. W. Thinking mass not omit the American Midwest blaming the workers for web the leaders of a major major corporation plot as a market and research strategy is total nonsense not single U. A. W. leader ever signed paycheck of an autoworker nor did the union draft the market strategy for the automaker the UAW didn't hold hostages of GM executives in order to get a labor contract sign once a year General Motors and an open house for the public at the former Fisher. Body number one plan sometimes referred to sit down strike plant where the UAW essentially this born. It was a nice gesture to the neighbors and families of the workers. My neighborhood the boys in my neighborhood were always excited about getting treats. Gm had some trinkets and they gave a tour of our parents workplace. That event always attracted large crowds. I cannot see any purpose of that event except for trying to convince me that I should want to work there. Believe me a key chain and the Nice. Green call was not a high enough price. Been me I was GONNA go spend time much less thirty years in that joint. I've vowed at the age of thirteen that I would never step foot in general motors auto factory. My theory was that if I tasted that. Gm wine that. I would never escape the Rust Bucket Ghetto. And make something myself. It was a hard promise to keep to myself as I was the plant. Journal and Detroit Free Press Paper Boy for four years that factory. That was my paper route As I delivered the factory sat there and I dropped off the papers in the vending machine and laughed. I kept that promise to myself number step foot in the GM auto pay for twenty years but in one thousand nine hundred eighty. Three General Motors announced that it would shut down that famous sit down strike factory resulting in thousands of flintstones losing their jobs and a place in the middle class when GM was Was High. The neighborhood was flush flush man new. Gm's cars in the driveway. Kitchens remodeled and up north cottage at the lake. Lots of Christmas presents and always the best bluecross health insurance money could buy with the infamous thirty years in retirement program General Motors workers. Have the best pensions ever? My Mom went on the picket line. So that one thirty and out was a sacred sacred as the new testament to an auto worker. What growing up as northern hillbillies taught me then. America'S DIVIDE. Today is not just an obvious cultural one but at its heart is an economic. Divide the divided America. We experience debate today significantly about the kind of Economic System. We want for our nation historian sometime say. The civil war was fought as much about economics as it was about the morality of Slave Ownership University of Michigan asked me way back in nineteen eighty. Three if I was interested in helping those displaced workers start small businesses many. Gm workers received cash. Bios as a good buy gift from its benevolent corporate player. I was told the BIOS range between thirty thousand and one hundred thirty thousand. That was a lot of dough to people who had never had much cashing jingling pockets. Thus the University of Michigan Flint and GM thoughtfully organized training courses for prospective entrepreneurs soon to be former General Motors Employees. The entrepreneur course Was taught inside the very GM factory that. I said I wouldn't go to the same place. See from my front yard on pig alley rope that giant the one. I promised myself never dark in the front door. Flint is the birthplace of General Motors Corporation. Nineteen thirty six. Jato factory three blocks from where I was raised. General Motors Fisher body number. One was the site of an athlete. An historic sit down. Strike that led to the birth of one of history's greatest unions. The United Automobile Workers Union today. It's almost impossible to believe this version of flint with its hundreds of acres of polluted and abandoned industrial. Brownfield sites for many years was one of the wealthiest places in America as measured by per capita. And come this. Factory town heyday. I'd some of the best schools and after school programs in America and community. School concept was born. My old communities across the nation sought to replicate are committed the school motto Flint was once Was was one of many rust belt cities to experience the amazing growth of America's middle class. It was you will buy amazing growth. A vehicle manufacturer. Flynn is homes. The largest truck manufacturing plant in the United States. I walked past the Bisher Body number one plant every day of the week. Either walking McKinley junior high school or delivering my pay gruesome strip. We used to call it that because it was lying bars and all kinds of joints number places so forth. Numbers joins gambling houses. And now it wasn't close to glittery. Is the Las Vegas Strip? Although it had all the elements of a strip of some sort with the shadowy gambling houses illegal number joins prostitution drugs and of course crying which flint had become nationally recognized the strip attracted hustlers pimps numbers runners armed robbers car thieves. You name. They came. That was where the money was. Where nearly three thousand autoworkers get off work. They're looking for fun. It was the kind of place could really hope. Your teenage boy doesn't find attractive Fisher body number. One was sprawling complex that dominated life in the south end of Flint. It is a historic place. Where the REUTHER brothers Roy? Walter and Victor Organiz the most consequential straits and acts of civil disobedience in American history. The year was nineteen thirty. Two and as a result of the strike the UAW was born recognition collective bargaining for General Motors factory workers granted and Flint autoworkers. At the time were not united and were badly mistreated by GM factory. Working conditions and pay was poor at the closer their shift rather than pick up and leave the factories of the day. These brave flintstones organized sit down strike and remained inside the factory effectively. This collective action shut the critical factory down making it unable to assemble automobiles. Flint's a much different place today with large large a vast areas of Brownfield. It's a community now that faces not just one public health crisis with It's water system being poisoned but now a second one with the Kobe. Nineteen virus pandemic as we go forward in this series of discussions. We'll talk about flint and what its history is in its culture and I hope it brings a greater understanding to those from other places that you can work toward the lessons of this city and you can take them to your own and and avoid some of the tragedy and pain and suffering. That's ensue. Thank you for now. This is Radio Flint Radio Free Flint. And where over now goodbye Scotto started drive home of songs and smoke a long made me go down Louis. One St this this place where brave men stood to talk with you? This is the workers. Our man warn hands and lives not worth a damn wants to find his the roads through those who stay in nineteen thirty seven down strike would end their lives to face a certain what there when spirits burned was passed today to me. Damn Sydell the fakes. He tried make us go. We stand for ride and we'll win this fight and Madison Toe to toe. So we're waiting here to fight for talk YouTube. While we hold brother's hand the worker will never lose Biz Today DOORS IN UTAH. Ninety seven percent downside I flew spirit was passed today. Sweb to this discipline. Democratic rights recalled stories. All those deaths could have stood within Dec- This battle See them even voice. Still Echoes here to rally the crowd as long as we still hear the voice as thirty seven strong then. God says sad leaving was a. We need about our young people. What would light in the early days are? We weren't beaten up by the gangsters the other world goons on how we were and how we were intimidated. But we overcame all of that power. These corporations and we demonstrated that one free better than women are united in the solidarity of Human Brotherhood given by common commitment in Common Object. That there is no power in the world that can stop the forward march of Freeman much united more.

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