Jimmy G wins, Lebron's Qualified, Overlooking Justin Herbert and Howie Long talks Mike & Kyle Shanahan


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This is not her wherever you may be in however you may be listening we are on I heart radio. We are on Fox sports radio and we are on F s one we have a star studded show. Today we thank you so much for joining us is. There are a lot of choices out there. Joy Taylor is joining me. Her brother the hall of Famer. Jason Taylor will be joining us on the show today. I'm going to pepper him with questions. Talk about George Childhood. I'll get rowdy very excited for that is much brighter and warmer than it was. Yesterday was a little little overcast us. Oh we are in full Miami swing now here on South beach by the way. There are a lot of amazing cities. I do apologize for the rest of the American cities. Let's just hold all the Super Bowl's here. Yes last night went to an. Argentinian steakhouse in Miami. We're doing music. I not sure I slept. It was just I have left left my own persona in Los An- blazes paradise. Let's start with this. I'm reading a story. We have perhaps many believed the best football player in America in the Super Bowl Patrick mahomes. It's a remarkable story. Yesterday we talked about the similarities with Kobe. Bryant Bryant not drafted one two three four five six drafted and overlooked. Dad Played Pro. Sports Falls into really really good coaching as he enters the NBA or NFL and they were asked very early. Patrick mahomes now carry the face of the franchise and I think he can do it but I wanNA talk about. Oh Jimmy Garoppolo. One of my favorite things about sports is finding the gem before we all know. It's obvious couple days ago I saw the Internet. Derek jeter the scouting report in high school the Scout for the Yankees in highschool talked about Derek jeter. And he's like five tool star. Dr And I was like if this was up for auction I would buy it. It's fascinating I remember having a highschool conversation in a prelude of my best friend Jack Jones in high school in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and I told him about this ban from Ireland. They were called you to. He didn't like come and I told him in one thousand nine hundred three. They've got one album. There are going to be amazing. I love stuff like that. I think it's cool to find something becames great before. Everybody knows it's great. Isn't that what everybody's trying to do with the stock market find the stock before it becomes Amazon or Microsoft. Jimmy Jimmy Garoppolo one of the things I like about the. NFL It's about winning the NBA can be about style baseball's about stats other sports or about many things. Football is about winning. Jimmy went to New England and five no in San Francisco. Two thousand seventeen. He's now twenty. Three and five is a star. I do apologize apologize if he's not on the House of highlights on instagram or is not as productive for your fantasy team but this is the thing about the NFL and this is one of my favorite parts of sports my entire life and I think joy does this a lot too. I'm trying to give you insight that other shows don't don't give there's a million radio shows a million talented hosts men and women doing what I'm doing men and women but I'm always on the phone trying to get information trying going to find it just a second sooner so you feel like your kind of part of a club a club that has information and in the process of doing that. I've always had at a basic rule. Nine people who are smarter than me in some particular Phil Field listen to them and and if they work as hard as me and as diligent as I think I am than trust them. So for those of you doubting outing Jimmy Garoppolo ask yourself this. Do you think Bill Bella check knows more about football than you. Do you think Kyle Shanahan. A hand knows more about football than you. Bill ballot check was going to replace. Tom Brady eighty with Jimmy Garoppolo. Who was two and a starter and Kyle Shanahan paid him? Twenty seven million dollars a year a year actually the first year cap it was thirty five million and he had five starts so ask yourself. There's a reason a scout doubt could predict Derek jeter. There's a reason music. Critics talked about the Beatles before they were the Beatles. Do you think Bella Mela check and Kyle Shanahan no more football than you. They certainly know more than me. Think about how willing to commit to Jimmy Garoppolo before the rest of us and I just. That's when I went all in on Jimmy G.. I'm like Belgium. Village is going to replace. Righty Kyle's going to pay him. Twenty seven million a year. I'm all in on this guy by the way I'm not a big stat doc guy but there are stats. That matter in Jimmy. Garoppolo is never going to be a stat monster. The receiving core is young George. Kettles hitlist good but often heard there a run first offense that wants to eat the clock. We saw that against Green Bay. That didn't ask Jimmy G.. To Rola so with Garoppolo there will be numbers I will monitor. And they will not be touchdown passes they will not be yards they will be wins and they will be fourth quarter football this year in the NFL. Jimmy Garoppolo's passer rating when trailing one hundred seventeen. Aaron Rodgers was in the eighties. That matters. That's a stat trailing late time running down pressure on you can't rely on that big running game behind Ya ya you gotta make throws Jimmy G. trailing passer rating this year one seventeen. I'd I'd say it's pretty good. Aaron Rodgers First Ballot Hall of Famer Shy of ninety just shy but just shy and remember this. We have revisionist history on stuff in Tom. Brady's first six superbowls six. No his best super bowl was his sixth sixth. But if you look at Tom Brady and this is what football is about winning his best super bowl statistically Philadelphia. He lost his worse with the rams he one. Which one do you think he preferred? But if you go back to Brady's first six super bowls or I six playoff games. Brady's first six playoff games. Never forget this if you think Kyle Shanahan is the one winning for Jimmy or the running game I six playoff games names for Brady. got a passer rating over one hundred one time going back to my initial point the scout who saw jeeter and the a time. I tried to tell my friend Jack that you do is going to be great in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. You have to trust people you have to trust people who you think maybe know a little bit more and Shanahan paid him. twenty-seven large and bill is going to replace Brady with a kid from eastern Illinois drafted in the second around that is why like San Francisco Sunday. Ny Think Jimmy G. NOT MAHOMES could end up being the MVP let me shift to this. Two players have mostly dominated in the last twenty years have dominated this super bowl. Joe Montana with four. Our Tom Brady was six. Ten rings between the two of them in the last twenty twenty-five thirty years yesterday Montana came out and said Tom don't leave. I've done it. Don't leave stay in New England and I was thinking about you know how like when you're young. Your parents give you advice or you hear like cliches and sayings and truisms a lot of just like ridiculous cliche but there. There is one because I've moved a lot in my life and this is what I always think about. Grass is always greener. Right if you're GONNA personal relationship relationship or a professional relationship now I've moved a lot but I've moved generally for a series of events that I felt I either had to get out of or opportunities opportunities. I had to get into so just remember this Tom Brady. He has the best coach in the League. The best offensive line coach in the League and arguably the best offensive coordinator. They get pro bowl. Kicker back their defenses. Top Five if you're going to leave a company in my life. There's two the three things I've always asked do. I trust the management going forward. Can I get a significant financial opportunity. Unity can I live in a better place or is there currently chaos. Where I'm at New England needs needs a tight end and one more receiver that is not chaos? Bat is not mayhem. You look around this league. There's only five rosters definitively feel. That are better than Tom. Brady's current roster I think Baltimore's is better. San Francisco's is better I think Minnesota's better cheeses better New Orleans better. Bats it it and then. New England is swim in Dallas. Pittsburgh Rams packers be plus almost everywhere grass's greener if you really truly look at the needs of New England for Tom Brady. It is a tight end and one more receiver ver- who runs. Well that does not rise to organizational chaos coming up next. We'll get serious for a minute. Lebron James said yesterday it is now my responsibility going forward to carry this franchise and why he is so uniquely meekly qualified to do that. That's coming up live from beautiful Miami beach over fifty years ago. Two men who were obsessed obsessed with engineering and motor. Sports began building race. Engines in an old abandoned mill. Saw An opportunity on every wide. Open road an invitation in every curve. Chance to push the envelope break the rules. Chance to prove the two-time family sedan could have the performance to compete in twenty four hour track races shocking competition. Though and building a reputation was not enough. Their vision was to expand upon the excellence. 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How cool is that turbo tax gives you the confidence that you're doing your taxes right? You can be sure your filing your taxes correctly while at the same time time. You're getting your best possible refund turbo tax. All people are tax people as Michael Vick and the lows Rose Green Room joining us in ten minutes. Michael Vick lives just up the road in Beautiful Fort Lauderdale Joy Taylor course spent years here and I've spent several super bowls hair and some vacation time Love Miami beach absolutely love it. Great Great Place Local Ferris Wheel right here. We're right on the beach. Stop on by love to have you just absolutely beautiful turn on F s one today and look at the pictures are crew are providing for you. It is so beautiful isn't a great. I used to live right down the street seventh in Jefferson Ninety just rubbing it in I mean they place every time I get into an uber cab in this town I asked driver the cabdriver. We're about their life. History in Miami is so unique. It's a very cultural place. Yes there's people from all over the world that live here and we all get along because the one thing about Miami. That is for sure everyone. I'm just trying to have at the time. Yup they are usually do. Yeah let's I WanNa talk for a second about Lebron James. What happened the Lakers they cancelled an NBA? Va Game Tonight Lakers clippers the NBA rightly. Did so I think it was too much to ask many young players who idolize Kobe and however were connected connected to each other whether it's a physical emotional relationship idolizing through music and sports That's okay there's there's no reason as new apologize for it. So Lebron said yesterday it's now my responsibility to carry this franchise through these tough times. It is easy to say that he had a beautiful instagram post. Yesterday did Lebron. There is the pressure of being Lebron. There is the pressure of being Lebron. Iran is a Laker. And now there is the pressure of being Lebron is a Laker and carrying a franchise to a devastating loss folks in my life covering the NBA. I've I've seen really good teams unravel because of a rumor at the trade deadline. If this season for the Lakers was never the same it would be absolutely and completely understandable this is the thing about the NBA. That people may not know Chris Broussard touchdown touchdown yesterday the best player in the League or the second best becomes a huge brand. He makes more than any other athlete. Generally in the world outside uh of an occasional international soccer star. There's a certain territory to being Michael Jordan and Kobe and being Lebron and being Katie. End To be Steph and those players are protective with their territory as they should. Lebron James was very close to d'alene way but he left Miami and didn't give them a heads up and Dwayne Wade understood. K D. Did Not Call Steph Curry. Before he left Golden State both Katie and Steph understood Larry Bird and magic were rare. They were close as they aged even while competing against one another. But generally there's a territory that you have is the top player brand and kind of personal company in the League and I respect that Lebron Koby were not tight they had a growing relationship which was really cool to watch. But as I've said I've seen NBA teams unravel with significantly mificantly less than the death of a beloved star. But I think Lebron is uniquely built for this and let me speak as a apparent briefly. All parents want to provide a better life for their kids a better life than they have it just very parental. That's not a criticism. I do it every day. My mom did it to me. She grew up in England. Tough life I do it to my kids but the struggle struggle and the hardships or there's an advantage to them. Lebron James will be able to do this because Lebron James Life has not been easy. Oh the last fifteen years. Half Lebron at eight nine and ten years old was asked to carry his family at fourteen eighteen curious high school team at twenty to carry a historically irrelevant. NBA Franchise at twenty eight to carry teammates in Miami. I Anne and most of his young life to carry the NBA. He's a virtual walking logo. And in every instance every a single instance Lebron James has put his head down. Put the work in and burrowed through and one. I'm not sure any NBA player. You could do what Lebron is saying. He will carry a Lakers through this dongting emotional motionless experience. I think he can do it. And he may be the only one the only professional athlete with the strength to do it because he's had to do would since he was about seven and eight years old yours join with the news. No no this is the third line news so last night was kind of a unique opening night for Super Bowl. Opening Millwall circumstances there was a moment of silence for Kobe. Bryant Star John Before the festivities began than the forty niners and chiefs took the stage to kick off Super Bowl Week and during the interview. Sessions to me Garoppolo. Patrick Mahomes Andy. Reid said so. They were excited and they're having a good time heading into the game. Last time I was out there I was jungle yourself. Don't want more space this time. I'm living living good right now. We WanNa do you WANNA go out there. We want to play our best football player. Great opponent but we're GONNA try to win the game and get one for coach. We get one for Kansas City. Going for everybody off you. Fresco votes I like dress codes. Islamics part Tommy Bahama. I'm good. Yeah Yeah this game has so many interesting people the Richard Sherman. Andy Reed's Garoppolos. The Patrick Mahomes Kit Kit. It it really is there's a little. NBA feel to it. It's young with a bunch of big personalities and the NFL's was kind of for years and years in our life squash personality super bowl fascinating. People it does. And there's a lot of different storylines to it. But I think that the main ones obviously outside of the two quarterbacks which are which kind of very opposite styles and come from very replaces is really Andy Reid because like you said coming into the game. Last week you're conflicted because one loves andy. Reid is maybe the most like person in the League from a coaching perspective. What can you not like about the forty niner off totally get it I was in my heart is pulling for Andy Reid? My brain says San. Francisco's better yeah. I mean I skin city the beginning of the year just because I felt like the way that their season ended last year they were going to improve and you know. Obviously they didn't have to the Patriots. This year seemed to be their nemesis. But yeah this is this is going to be a great great game and now that we're getting into the thick of it and what's going on. It'll be interesting to see who stays out of all the super bowl craziness because it's it's Kinda starting to starting to bubble. Now the heat is picking up. You know we're going to start to get by the power to dinner with Bill Romanowski last night and he said listen. Man Super Bowls crazy enough at Miami. Miami Guy can get in trouble. Yes well mentioned Richard Sherman. He knows the forty niners defense is going to have a tough time slowing down Patrick Mahomes on Sunday and he spoke very a highly of his opponent. At opening night yesterday there are certain tendencies in certain tales that he has but he's an incredible talent. He's incredibly dynamic. There's a reason he's had so much success excess So young in his career is because he special and he does things that are unique. That aren't Coast anybody else in this league. He has qualities of Aaron Rodgers. He has qualities ladies of Russell is qualities of Tony. Romo His qualities of a lot of great quarterbacks in this league but he's still unique and his own. He really is hard to compare it to anyone else. This is Patrick Mahomes. Yeah I mean. We tend to compare quarterback and he's kind of his own guy. I don't think when I think of him. I just think of him as a unique individual vigil. I don't even come in came in the league. We were kind of trying to see Brett Farve as he mentions. You know what what what kind of gunslinger is going to be. But he's really just revolutionized the the the position really. Because now I kind of see us. similiarities between Lamar Jackson and him and then again they are so completely different I see Carson Wentz I see a Little Carson Web Patrick mahomes yeah I do I just I I think like I watch cuyler Murray and I'm like okay. That's a shorter Russell Wilson. That's what I always thought cam was a little less talented big Ben. There's a little there's a little whence let's go to the ball sometimes when I'm like. I'm not sure what's going to happen. You know. There's a little unpredictability weapons that Carson Wentz doesn't yes to me the key. Obviously as he mentioned containing Patrick Mahomes was going to be huge in this game for Kansas City is going to be a big slowdown. That unbelievable leave. -able run game that before the niners have so it's it's Kinda run game on both sides of the ball. Is it Patrick. Mahomes or the actual running back in the forty niners. Finally Jimmy. Garoppolo won two super bowls with Tom. Brady in New England's and Tom Brady did something nice you know. Tom Brady in latter years of his career very nice. Soften it up a little bit this a little bit. The wishes assist former teammate. Good luck in his first super bowl. Start showing me a text. I good luck and everything like that and you know it's SCO handle business you know. It wasn't the top speed or anything. Just go win I oh I love those questions because I always find it interesting I I. It's for us in the business like if you're friends with someone you kind of know what their schedule is and you know what they're texting habits. Are you know like something big is coming up. You might shoot some attacks tax like Oh like no have fun at Super Bowl or something but like I've never gotten A. I've never gotten a text from an icon. I've gotten a lot of texts from executives executives because that's kind of how what I gain information. Have you ever watched the most famous tax you ever got. Most famous gets extra from icons all the time. Well well you you just twitter. Dm Me. But I mean skip bayless happy birthday. I mean it's an icon. I love skipped. We're talking. We're talking like bigger than not to think about it. But Michael Vick is a good question. Actually I'd have to think about it. Let me think about the show. But that's a nice thing to do especially like you know all the conversations that we've had about Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo kind of forcing his way out now. You know Tom Brady softening up a little bit with news. Well that's the news and thanks for I thirteen years in the NFL. He is a resident. Just up the Road Fort Lauderdale. Michael Vick is now joining Sir in Miami Beach. One of our favorite places in the world to be Michael Vick. How're you going rushing yards any quarterback in history until? Oh I think Lamar this year by the way. Let me ask you this so we were just talking about famous famous text. Michael Vick if I go go to your phone. Who's the last famous person that texted you last? Famous Person The last text I got problems. Johnson all right. That's fairly two thousand dollars okay. C. J. Touquet. What's the most famous text you ever got? it's actually Michael Jordan. What when I'm like two thousand six? Two thousand seven texting plays golf off six. You're the golf oftack. By the way I was getting into the game though. Okay you invited me up. You played a college national championship. Yeah I watched in college but that was against Florida state. I believe Virginia Tech Florida State And you played in big high school games in big games. The Green Bay game sticks out to me. Yes so game like this. These are young guys. Jimmy young and advocate really. Yeah are they nervous are you. Were you nervous and those Fox of yeah. I was nervous river. Something I'm talking about. A film admits amount of nervousness I just had to tell them. Listen it's just another game just relaxing go out and play And you know nothing's GonNa Happen. You know the the world's not going and if you don't win the game Just go out to have fun. I had to come to that realization really quick and to happen by the end of the first quarter. But with the two young quarterbacks and Patrick and Jimmy G. I just hope they enjoy the moment I'll accepted accepted. Bring just take it all in but don't over thinking you know this is what they strive straddling for year. Enjoy the moment gotta gotTa have fun. Do you remember the night before your National Championship. You're in a hotel. You're not there. You were the star of Kinda boring offense except you. Yeah that was a defense special teams. Yes so the night before you get a good night's sleep felt great. I felt I felt great. Man You know what once I learned to play the game and understand it From a mental standpoint. I could relax not sleep at night. all those days when I was in camp and trying to figure out how to go out and run the offense the next day A and how to be efficient doing it. Those are the sleep in sleepless nights but a night before the national championship. Even though he was about to play against the war and Chris wink US having a great year the time yeah I just wanted to get out there and do it and get and get it get it done. And when you're in these games like a super bowl national championship people say it's just another game. But you sense because you sell the flashlights. Just not it's not just another game this is the big one that's one that determines your legacy and you know like you say you worked so hard for it for these moments but you don't WanNa let people now you look at all your teammates and you feel like you just plan for them so it's a different moment man but it's surreal unreal to those guys and I remember just you know in that short bit of time what it felt like. How special that moment was? I wish I can go back and relive Michael Vick joining US brought to you by Mercedes the best or nothing and yes. It is warm on the set. It's okay I'm sweating to A. You probably shouldn't wear that color and vice right here the beaming so when you look at San Francisco I feel like San Francisco's go got the better roster guys do you when I look at him as a whole You know you start with the rang. Game Starwood the backs three good running bag stats. That's very efficient. That knows how to play. The game knows how to remind that zone run John Rang game and understands stance. You got to be. You have to be an understand run that combined with the defense and then expose guys they have offense at receiver position to complement. Meant the running back position I think is going to be the determining factor for the San Francisco Forty niners and the real reason why they can win the football game but you look at the Kansas City chiefs. They almost look identical. They almost as if they can go out and do the same things. Run the football. Pass the football defensively. A stepped it up over the last couple of months and they got a chance. So we'll see how it all shapes out now. Patrick doesn't have the running game. That Jimmy Garoppolo Garoppolo does so. Let's go back to your career right when you have a great running game. There's a certain psychology that listen. I don't have to carry areas but I do feel like Patrick is going to have to play really well to win. Go back to your career. Were there games that you you knew this when we got we got guys behind me tonight. Less pressure Jimmy. Garoppolo to me is underdog house money better running game. Go back to your career. Were there times you felt more or less lot fresher times that I felt less pressure Because I knew I could handle ball off to a guy like these sons in college award done Uh Sean McCoy who was behind me. I didn't have to do all the work. And that takes. That takes precedent over you having a job back and impasse past football each and every down. And that's one thing Andy like the do he liked to throw the football and I enjoyed that part of it but it was times I started to feel like you know man I want. I need some help. You know I wanna I wanNA handed off a little bit. I WanNa let the young guys work around me and I think he says is that understood it and it helped football team tremendously but when you got guys you can just put the ball in hand and they can take yard down the field it definitely makes the gang anyway. More is so you played under Andy Reid. One of my favorite people in the National Football League and he has a unique ability to take every recorder back in his career. Every single one. Even backups. Even backups and they played their best football. So you'd had a bunch of coaches by the time you've had Andy Andy. Reid had six offensive coordinators four or five head coach at least four. And you get to Andy Reid. How long did it take you to notice? Why how he's different From the time I got down stepping into the enrolled Andy was he was just so detailed so technical in his approach so instantly. I knew that I had to change the way I approach the game. I I knew that I had to be different As far as my you know my philosophy and how I trained myself mentally to get ready for a game and I watch Donovan mcnabb. I watched what he did. Study was able to study on the Kevin. Kabul was a smart Mont football player. And I just took bits and pieces of their game. Listen to the terminology. The dialogue was always good and then by the time it was time for me to play. I was more than ready. So when you get into a game when Patrick Mahomes and Michael get into a game with Andy Reid does he communicate a lot during the game or is it more in preparation It's more preparation. you know Andy on Phil he doesn't talk a lot He might give you a couple of tips on what he thinks. You know you need to do in the next series or what's coming up what's important and gets you thinking ahead and in terms of the next couple of concepts that you might though in the defense what the defense is trying to throw at you and that that conference you it calms you down. So you know. The dialogue wasn't always the best on the field. It was it was the best it throughout the week. So by the time we got to the game I was always ready to play now. Andy seems really nice that he ever bark at you. Yeah a couple of times. It was a couple of times but I got first off because of other guys you know and what they wasn't doing so he held me accountable for the rest of the team and it was like and host Y Y. You know I'm trying to do the right things and take the necessary steps split. Andy was the guy who believed that. Let's bring everybody which you you know the things that you believe in the Moore's the values you instill letting everyone else and I learned that at the age of thirty when I should learn the way a way sonal. Solis told me there was always it was just a privileged being around the guy and Knowing that he had my back my best interest in life Maybe WANNA come to work every day and I was so thankful to get up early Thirty forty minutes early sitting office stocks on. Isn't that great mass grave. When you've got a guy who says about you more than the game and you excuse as a player as individual WanNa go out and give him more and got S? What worked so hard? And that's the reason why Patrick mahomes works extremely hard. That's why you guys feel that pressure because they wanna please the code so much and I understand and I get it man I I wish I was in that position man and so so I mean these guys for how far they've come. Isn't that amazing. The more coach gives to the player the more the player our fields. These disappointing the coast crazy culture to create a relationship rate relationship and that trust which teammates insted togetherness. It's nothing like it man. If it's one thing I missed about planning national. Football League is is being around the guys every day. Being around the coaches Ben Tired staff staff the organization in general just build that Camaraderie managing relationships and friendships. That lasts for a lifetime. And you can't get that everywhere. The one of the coolest things would be to win a big road game and then you're flying back to Kansas City. And you just beat the chargers you just beat the Broncos the happened to be great flights I mean say when you win I mean I it's sort of jubilation on planes like everybody's in such it's a good move filling good. I'm worried about tomorrow. How about that Green Bay? When you're flying from Lambeau to Atlanta after that one that was total disbelief disbelief in as the underdog and not having a shot knowing that Green Bay hasn't lost than in years? You remember the flight. Do you remember flying home. You know what Fleming fly home that day I was just thinking about Philadelphia. I knew if I was going to get to the super bowl to roll. Had to go through Philadelphian they determine it was freezing and they were already in your head. It was already in my head so I don't think I enjoyed it that much. I think Dan Reeves Tommy down and so when we listen you gotta take one day at a time. And just you know the protests. It'd be different At the same time I still remember my teammates. It was loud. Music was pumping we. We couldn't believe that we did it. Man It was a great accomplishment of my career. Great seeing you again buddy. Thank Michael Ovid coming up next. Speaking of great young quarterbacks are we all making a massive mistake. Because there's a team that just acknowledged acknowledge. We're done with our quarterback and they got their eye on a guy and they have a history of finding the right quarterback. That's coming up you know what. 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One eight hundred flowers dot COM Valentine's Day's coming up dozen multicolored roses one thousand nine hundred ninety nine upgrade twenty four multicolored roses only ten bucks. More one eight hundred flowers dot com and other code H. E. R. D.. I love. I love our studio this week. Joy Taylor is joining me. I absolutely love it. I love being in Miami treated the great hospitality here as we know five days away away from Kansas City. A slight favourite over San Francisco. I've said before I do like San Francisco in this game but have no great conviction on it. I'll we'll get into that over the course of a week and why I have my strong feelings about that but Yesterday Jay Glazer came on the show. It was a it was a tougher day for us in a somber tone tone. We'd segue about halfway through the show a little past halfway to football topic would Jay Glazer and here was Jay talking on our show tomorrow yesterday. Giants signs of moved on from Eli Charges Move. On from Philip Rivers Brady has a choice for. He's GonNa WanNa go breeze saints or nobody and Sean Payton's already said Jeff few wants back. He's back now. I'm going to slow it down. J talks really fast but there was some real news in in there that was broken by Jay. Glazer Charges Move Rivers. Yeah that's that's like something. Nobody knew the chargers have officially props. The Jay Glazer moved off. Philip rivers like the giants and ally manning like we suspect within a very short time. Perhaps a year to New England will do the same with Brady New Orleans. The same would drew brees so the current draft order is such where the number one pick we know who it it is is going to take quarterback in Cincinnati and then it goes Washington. And if you look at the mock drafts. Detroit doesn't need a quarterback either. The giants Miami Emme does and then the chargers now Carolina wants a quarterback and my gut feeling is. They're going to move ahead of the chargers they're gonNA roll the dice on this with a new owner a new coach and offensive minded coach. That puts the chargers in the crosshairs at number six Because they need a quarterback and a good one right now. We've talked about this joy and I have on the show. We never bought into two of falling in and the draft. You are going to see massive movement moving up to get a quarterback and that's where I want to Segue to this us over the last two years in college football two to three but mostly to it has been a very distracting in time with quarterbacks Baker Mayfield Polarizing National Story Cuyler Murray Baseball or football a sensational talent Trevor Lawrence the next John Elway in the ACC to save Dan's best quarterback. Oh my word he got hurt again. Joe Borough Zero Best Year ever for college quarterback as a lot of noise about college quarterbacks and much like a magician who is was trying to distract you with the left hand as these grabbing pigeon or a quarter with his right hand sometimes. This is just organic organic and that you have a situation where there's so much noise that we overlook something that's obvious the senior bowl. MVP is Justin herber the Rosebowl. MVP is just in. Herbert folks. Are we overlooking. Perhaps the best quarterback he is bigger than all of them six six. His arm is livelier than most of them. Or all of the prospects this year with Oregon Talent Not Alabama talent not Ohio state talent not clemson talent not LSU talent look at his his numbers sixty one fourteen picks in the last two years with Oregon tight end and Oregon receivers and Oregon backs the PAC twelve has had a rough three years the USC program sort of in disarray. So when it is nobody pays attention to that little school school twenty seven hundred miles away from the SEC. The senior bowl. Mvp You know who else was great in the senior Bowl Carson Wentz and Daniel Daniel Jones all. I'm saying here. Whoever the chargers get the chargers have great running backs tremendous receivers excellent tied in tremendous pass? rushers terrific defensive personnel. I think we're overlooking Justin. Herbert doesn't talk. He's very quiet. And we have to in the injuries and Baker Acre Mayfield polarization and cuyler Murray the baseball decision. And Joel Borough season and we got a rose bowl. MVP and a senior bowl MVP and he's bigger than all of them. He's got a better arm than all of them. And I gotta be honest one player. He looks like when I watched just in. Herbert play is Trevor Lawrence. Six five mobile smart big arm and he's putting up similar numbers without nearly the talent. I think you're GONNA have love. You are going to have major movement. Panthers chargers dolphins moving up going to be a crazy. NFL draft our to Howie. How long next one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP? Search her listen live or on demand. Whenever you'd I'd like live in beautiful Miami this is the heard wherever you may be in however you may be eliciting? We're on iheartradio Fox. Sports radio and F s one ocean drive behind that Collins Avenue. No not named after me at all is aren't you know why I love Miami. Joy Taylor live because when I make mistakes I've always enjoyed blaming others so Miami is one of those cities cities in America. And there's only a couple of yes we'll have high. Did something really inappropriate. I could just say well I mean I was in Miami. I mean there. It is the only city. It's a little bit of that. Also Vegas New Orleans and Miami App you make a really bad air in judgment. You can blame somebody else. I mean I was in Miami. They have Boa constrictors on the beach. There's nothing I can do here. It's fair it's one hundred percent. There is nothing I could say about that. It's true it is well. I mean you gotTA hydrate a lot. You know the somehow the the beach. It's a beautiful day today. Oh it is stunning today. If you're driving around listening to US turn into our show we're trying to give you these amazing picturesque view. It's not hard to make Miami. Look beautiful yes. They didn't incredible job with the set. I mean it's just gorgeous it is if I have to take a pay-cut it's going to be because we all know that the money Fox men's the money on these sets and we do appreciate you stopping by all week. The Super Bowl of course is on Fox walks so I might drive my staff so every day before the show I come in for about two and a half hours and we do what we call prep Blah Blah Blah boring and. I have a tendency to do something and and I can sense after doing it. For Five years my staff is rolling their eyes at me subconsciously. They used to do it. I could see it but I had to get rid of several people for doing it now. They just do it subconsciously. I asked them often. Hey can you guys get me. NFL Schedules or standings. And this is just a waste of everybody's time but I the way my brain works. I like to constantly throughout the course of NFL season. Look at the Games being played because you can forget about it you go at teams nine and seven great. Who did they beat? They beat them whenever they hot when they called. I did this with Green Bay. I kept saying I don't buy into Green Bay. Go give me their their schedule. Their best win was in week. Two they don't have an impressive. Within three months teams. Peak teams are hot early teams or hot late so I did not by Green Bay when they played San Francisco. I said I got to San Francisco not played a brutal schedule and has lost either. Great teams barely barely or beaten other teams badly. So this morning. I said. Just give you the schedules. Let's I want to hear about people's records. Let's get the schedules and I'll tell you this. Yes we got the right to teams in the Super Bowl. If you look at San Francisco schedule there are seven blowouts over the course of the season. There's one in September. There's three in October. There is one November. And there's a couple in Januar- now Kansas City schedule. Oh what are you know. There are are seven blowouts typical. Andy Reid there's two in September. There's one in October. There's one in December await there's two more in December and now there's one in January wary. Neither of these teams peaked early. Neither of these teams peaked in November. Fourteen blowout between these two teams jeans. But this is also what the schedule tells you. And this is an edge to San Francisco San Francisco since week twelve. Every team. They've played has had a winning record. It has been the toughest schedule in the league and they were able to maintain and and I believe the better conference the number one seed so these are the right teams the average score and the NFL's twenty four twenty. We have fourteen blowouts outs between the two of us and I think I counted seven close losses. We've got the right teams in here. Baltimore's the only other team that. If you look at their schedule you could have concluded they should be in but I do think San Francisco schedule has been more daunting late and they've been able to win close games and tougher spots all right. Let's bring on a dear friend. Eight time pro bowl or a hall of Famer and on the Fox football show on Sundays that has been number one since the day he arrived. How long thank you it is happy birthday today? guestbook during that one over there there's a little tell for you because it's Mike Vick said it's about a buck twenty and it was and Mike Twix Mike. Mix about one hundred and eighty pounds. I'm about one hundred board nets great by the lesson sweat. What little bit? Forget the Super Bowl's you've just been in you have been. I think one of the story lines here is I was talking to somebody. WHO's been in several super rubles last night at dinner? And they said Mike Shanahan wants to make sure that Kyle Shanahan gets the credit. But don't kid yourself Mike's influence he's watching practice. Every day is in this super bowl. You have been the dad and you have had the sun in the Super Bowl. Let's talk about Chris Influence Lords on that. I'd like to sink. Listen when when both we have two sons at play Kyle and Chris and each week got would is if I were playing in a game. Because when you're you're upcoming game you watch the three previous games of the opponent and this is probably more for for me. I don't know what they did with the notes but I would send them the longest texts with you ninety seven JAP steps inside. He's doing this because one of the points that I think Kyle Shanahan made you know in getting advice from his dad was no defense. Get to know defense. I think he spent all of his stops. He spent a lot of time in rooms with the defensive coaches wanting to know how they react to things and trying to manipulate that through through pre snap motion formation changes the run game at Cetera. But with Chris Chris was drafted by the rams. Yep played eight years in Saint Louis and he's an old you have forty plus sacks in Saint Louis and four years in if the tree falls in the woods and there's no one there to hear it does it make a sound and you know so now you have an opportunity after a couple of injury-plagued years where you're free and you have a choice to go wherever you want to go now. Oh He's obviously I ki-. He leaned on me a little bit Chris. Someone who makes his own decisions and very informed decisions and it was. Atlanta was new. Ringling was Detroit it was Dallas and I kept going back to. Who's been in the last x number of AFC championship games? Who's been in the last x number of Super Bowl Games all pointed back to New England subconsciously? I was pushing him towards New England and ironically enough off. We were doing that game that year and use and we did the first two hours I think at a park downtown and use and I was fine. It didn't hit me and then been with his game between playing and broadcasting almost forty years of before next year I walked into that stadium and it hit me like the humidity getting off the plane here in Miami the nerves by sons playing in the Super Bowl. Oh and it just got so big. I don't remember much of what I said once. We got inside the stadium but I had pushed in towards New England so the point where he liked Atlanta liked the head coach. I liked liked the head coach. He was on his way down to Dallas going to Richmond airport in Virginia and he gets a call from Bill Belichick. And you know when bill calls shirt. When you're done I want? He calls me every time just when he calls. You're done I mean he's making the decision for you. He ends up going to New England and I felt alike harshly because I pushed him there. And now we're in the third quarter boy. It's twenty eight to three and I'm the worst debt. The only thing I could possibly help him with is football and I've screwed it up and the historical comeback is on and you know Kyle Shanahan and was part of that. Yeah you've been in the NFL so long not only as a player but as a broadcaster and a trusted broadcaster the Mike and Kyle Shanahan relationships ships really cool. It is and I said this the other day. How long joining us for those on our radioside? All famer April bowls. I said DADS dads. Want their sons to get credit and it can be sometimes tougher sons. I think it's cool. That kyle uses a lot of his dad's methods and tools no question but I think Mike Wants Kyle to get the credit for it but I I watch. Kyle's offense and I see his dad. Look I played under Mike and you know listen. It wasn't that his tenure with the raiders was was not good and I think we probably both could've handled it better That being said speaking as a dad and that relationship he has where the sun is obviously special. And obviously Mike's Philosophy sophy of how to beat a football team and how to prepare. Football team has resonated with him because he's taken on a lot of that but with the priests that motions and the shifts and all that he's taken it to I think a different level and I can tell you I and I I haven't spoken spoken to Mike about this but Mike would be thrilled to death for Kyle to get all the credit. Because when Chris's on that set in in a post game down in Houston and they've just won the super bowl and eating those cheeseburgers at five thirty in the morning in the lobby. It's not someone who's genuinely optimum Irish so I mean we're a little bit of a hot mess. The next controversy VERSI. When's the next shoe to drop but sitting in that lobby at five thirty in the morning eating that cheeseburger with our three sons and nobody else around troy ignores hovering around and Was As close to Nirvana as you can get to to give you a northwest kind of Aberdeen in Washington for for Mike Shanahan to watch. Kyle not only have a success that he's had this year but in in previous reviews years because he's worked his way up he's earned it. Having a famous dad is a burden. And it's it's something that I hadn't really anticipated. Yeah so this super bowl now is glorious. I look at our set. I can remember when I came to my first super bowl. We were on something called radio row and it was just tables and headsets sets Gamarra's. This is a battle star GALACTICA A on. Hgh I'd rather fight five guys. Go to radio. Ah makes two of US. I'm taking my better than yours. But you have been in super bowls when it was not this Glam Glam fast. Let's go back to your first super bowl and the simplicity of the preparation the day in the game well it was super bowl eighteen. We played Washington earlier in the year up in Washington. Lost a close game backed up second long screen screen pass to Joe Washington right here. He breaks the play. This is Reagan's I believe that's on fourth down. I'm not sure if it was on fourth down. But Oh there's Howie yeah yeah here. Here's saying lyle and I had always taken a cab to the game lyles area and that was our way of doing things we wanted to get there early. Lao with get dressed he get on the floor would fall asleep. I go over every conceivable play sheet. That could go over and that that was Lila Mate. He tell me one. We're we're in dot formation. That's all he wanted to know And so why should this game be any different now today with the street's blocked and snipers security can you name it. The buses leave now and the streets are closed down while I got a cab and Tampa Florida and went to the game because we went to every other the game in a cab on game day we get stuck three quarters of a mile from the stadium in the port. Drivers speaks in broken English and he was a he was trying to get us through. Allow one to go up on the curb. We end up walking the last three quarters of a mile through the crowd to get the scooper bowl eighteen. The as you can imagine is angry which which probably was a good thing leading into the game. How long in Lyles L. Saito up the causeway Tampa? You're walking on Dale maeve straight eighty. You know what I wasn't looking at the streets I was. My head was on a swivel and the crowd. Because because you never know who you're going to run into how long the hall of Famer is joining us. We are in beautiful Miami. We were talking about mahomes earlier and you you said the dad can be a burden but I was talking yesterday in a very somber tone about Colby and Patrick Mahomes that they were asked very early Patrick now as sort of asked to be the the League as Kobe. Kobe made an all star team before he was a starter. Most of our icons we let them move into their icon stature. Kobe like listen. You're just like Michael. Be An all star. But I don't start it's a burden but I do think Kobe had a data. Patrick Mahomes your kids to see the life life before you'll live the live. It helps when I look at Patrick. MAHOMES THERE IS A. He's fun but serious a kit but a grown up and add liber complete within the sophisticated structure. He feels like Si- on me. I like the temperament does remind you of anybody though. Wow He reminds me physically of Elway Having spent most of my adult life at a ski resort chasing him around was not a great. You know a great deal of fun but the thing that makes this kid special. I think we're throwing the ball more now. At every level of football yes middle school. Pop Warner High School it's all spread. It's all a wristband et CETERA. People are specializing in one sport. These kids were playing quarterback. They're going to seven on seven camps. They're going to showcase camps. It's all year. They're lifting the rat academies this is a guy who got three scholarship offers offers. I believe coming out of high school one of these. What people thought he was a baseball Dilford told me yesterday that he was baseball guy but he played three sports? And I think the great part part of that is you see elements of all three sports in his gain. He's a point guard as a quarterback particularly when he extends plays going to his right right going to his left and redistributing kind of the offense and it's the re routing of their wide receivers and they know that they know the trick. They know the game. And you're you'RE GONNA have to hold coverage for six seven seconds which is any turn ity and the pass rush. Wears down as the game goes on his ability to act as a point guard and make the off. Platform platform throws like a Russell Wilson like the kid in Arizona Middle Infielders who are used to dropping down and making the throat right point and when everything breaks down the guys in that have been to those camps in the seven on seven it's all structured and structured. Sometimes it's chaos and that's when when this guy scares you. That's one of the smartest things anybody said on our show that the baseball guys. It's a different sensibility. Urban Meyer believe how quickly these guys get down. Look quickly down without quickly. Russell gets down. Aaron Rodgers is about the only guy that slides. That wasn't a baseball player. That I'm comfortable with DAX. Might Mike Vick Mike. Vick is one of the greatest athletes I've ever seen in my life and slide could slide. Lebron James Look wait a second. You can't sly of course but it's it's an interesting because what you're basically saying is when you go to these camps we were talking about this with Lebron James All parents want to make our kids kids lives smoother and better than ours but there is value in the struggle. Lebron had to take control of his family. Young ages and franchises sizes is really built. He is built to get through tough times. So if you go look at the history of the NFL quarterbacks it's remarkable. How many transfer Troy aikman transfer? Yeah and it's remarkable. Forget that people forget how many were overlook dropped Marino. Rogers and I think to your point a lot of these kids. Kids that are star. quarterbacks either Played Two sports maybe I've been better at the other one. They dropped in the draft. And how how does this guy drop on the draft with the combines lines in the senior bowl and east West shrine game and you know the forty to work out you do on campus. How does this guy dropping? The drought doc to Andy Reed's lap and if this guy wins the super bowl this guy wins the super bowl. He's taking the league over. You know we asked this question. Yesterday in basketball talent is obvious at fifteen but in football half. This league is undrafted. Well you know. I think that's the case with big Gus. I'll give you an example. Buckner and Armstead both played at Oregon with tile. Have you walked up on Buckner. And they are huge. I mean huge and it was all part of that John Lynch and Shanahan are sitting there after two years of subpar. Our football your quarterback that you paid all that money for has an acl it drops you down in the draft that allows you. The luxury of drafting boasts a one. Who is advertised? Don't like a midget wrestler. He's just when you walk on the field. Your eyes are drawn to turn people I. It was Samuel. I was I was amazing. How physical how thicky was as wide receivers essentially running back playing wide receiver and Bosa? who was he's built for impact he's built for leverage and Buckner and Armstead? Buckner was ahead of Armstead. I think you know particularly with big players. They Volvo later sometimes and Armstead it kind of clicked this year. It did he because I was never a fan of his and it clicked this. And here's is which you can do versus what bothers Patrick Mahomes. It's not pressure because when you bring pressure he's break versus the blitz. It's it's can you rush with for can you play coverage San Francisco can rush with four and covered. Yep Seven bad. And when they're when they had the injuries in the middle of the season tickets to the defensive front it screwed their rotation up and your defensive line whereas down get default back they get Bosa. They've got the the front four back and they just liked you up. Look at how. He's not even sweating. You are just you. Have you have a Mike prepared me really did. Hey Hey it's hot out. There lights are lights. have been bright your whole life Howie Long Hall of Famer Love Having you on love being here. Ma'am shit joy with news. NOPE nope that's next segment. Oh sorry get involved in these discussions and you lose your place in life okay. It's warm out here if you are preparing airing for a big. Valentine's present don't do the supermarket chocolates. Don't don't go there. That's not what you WANNA do. Rethink it with Tommy John. The most is comfortable. 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Talk about our personal private lives. Just two guys AM COMEDIAN P Corey Ellie and I met Pete six years ago on a bus in Toronto. Is it's terrible. iheartradio was number one for podcast. Is that on purpose. Man that you go like step by step by it doesn't say anywhere on doing the high pitched voice. You have as fast as you can. There's other podcasts. Out there that you probably listening to or watching. Listen people. I'm telling you right now now. This is comedy gold. All right we'll take show to another level. Listen to the Peed Sebastian. Show on the iheartradio. Oh APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast we are in Miami Beautiful Miami. I love when you give our television. The Vision audience sweeping views of Miami. We are a chamber of commerce arm for the next few days. It's a beautiful beautiful city. I love that and Fox has brought with them an arsenal of photographers and up producers. Give yourself around of applause for all your work here come on Alexandra. For our crew our amazing crew. They add them. Rate Joy Taylor with the news on the news. I heard my news so Joe Montana spent his last years the NFL with the chiefs after a legendary career in San Francisco. ISKOE and there's a lot of conversation right now but what Tom Brady is going to do. Many consider You and I think some of those people considered to be the new goats of quarterbacks quarterbacks and he says he doesn't think that Brady should follow his lead and leave New England. He said don't if you don't have to process to go through. It takes time to get used to the team and even if they let Brady his own offense with a new team. Yeah it makes it a little easier but still the transition of moving. I just can't see how they would let him leave their myself. We've talked a lot about you and I are routine. People like like being in Miami as a whole is you have to mentally prepare lease I do like I know I'm not gonNa you know gets it's a set the same time. There's some extra things if account for all creatures of habit. We are now because we want to spend all of our time focusing on the show focusing on work not on silly things and when you move ooh after being somewhere for twenty years and I have moved a lot. There's a lot of small things you don't pay attention to and I think that's what's what Joe's talking about like an in our minds and makes a lot of sense at least for me if he's going to go to San Diego. You'RE GONNA go to a team that has pieces but when you really think about it. As detailed is Tom Brady is and the issues that he he had with his receivers and all of that this year adjusting to new team a new system a new facility new city new players a lot when I moved to Los Angeles from Connecticut I started seeing a therapist because my kids were all moving and we were moving had a new job and I remember sitting thing in my car and saying feel overwhelmed. I literally buy New House here and my kids in different schools. It was a lot and by the way from six weeks. I wasn't even working. I have a transition period and I'm thinking man I've always defended just understand having the move your family as an athlete athlete. Anybody that's had to move cross country. It's daunting so for Brady. His greatness he is unless Josh mcdaniels goes. We're wanting a new office. Everything literally everything is going to be. No so Joe Montana advise against it. I still think it's GONNA happening now. So Cleveland has hired Andrew Berry to be either next general manager. He received a five year deal from the balance and we'll also have the title of executive. VP of football operations. He spent three seasons with the browns. As is there a personnel from two thousand sixteen thousand eighteen so he was recently there and at thirty two years old he is the youngest. GM in the League or Sean. Sean McVeigh was the youngest coach a few years ago. Yeah I don't I don't mind this higher for Berkeley winds. I mean if you're GonNa go a whole new direction you might as well start start start fresh. Yeah you know what I mean. So I'm good with it. Seven Kevin Stefanski. They're all they're all Ivy League guys Berry. Dustin substantial win the round higher John Dorsey drafted baker and hired Freddie Kitchens. Cleveland love it and I hated all of these moves. They're getting a a ton of horseback and I like all right. They're all Ivy Leaguers. They're not loud guys. I like every move. Cleveland's his main now it's still. Jimmy has loans it. But Cleveland loved the first moves. I couldn't stand any of them now. I worry about Baker's kind of verbose personality but Stefanski in this move gotTa get past the age folks. My son thirteen is so much smarter than I was in advance. Because of the ability do the Internet's change everything well. I think you should hire the same like likeminded people. Like if you're going to go in one direction go all the way with it so unless obviously don't have to go to to an Ivy League school to be successful in life but these these guys are all ivy league graduates like they're all the same way of thinking so go go with that and see if that works works like you went the other way. It certainly certainly didn't work. You went with the gut feeling guy and backfire and John. Dorsey was a former player. He's loud he's overbearing he's intimidating. They went young softspoken educated. And quiet. And I'm a I've always had this rule in life the loudest guy at the bar. You're the smartest guy at the bar. Buffalo went from REX. Ryan to a quieter. More disciplined. Sean McDermott. And that's how they dug themselves out of the abyss. They were allowed franchise. Buffalo got quiet and smart and look where they are today a real roster and a real time and that's the biggest thing that Cleveland needs disciplined. So finally Patrick Mahomes. EP season last year was legendary but obviously short of the Super Bowl and this year is. He's preparing to play in the big game for the first time reflected on how last year's loss in the AFC championship changed this mindset. He said I think the most humbling moment was that first half against the Patriots AFC championship. I just felt like we couldn't do anything I felt like. I was really letting the defense down. I knew a lot of that was me not making the decisions. That was kind of when I realized. Hey I gotta make sure serve for. I'm ready for everything every single game no matter where we play This is actually a a a big part of the reason. Why I like the chiefs in this game? Obviously we all felt felt like you know the chiefs were the more talented team last year and AFC championship game but like the Super Bowl. Last year the Patriots just had more experience like they've just been there before for they've been down before they come back before so I actually feel like the Super Bowl is very very even in a lot of ways so you know. Even though Patrick has never been to a Super Abo- you need experience. They've C. Championship game. Jimmy Garoppolo is a little bit older but has less starts. You know it's going to be very it's going to be to me. This is going to be a shootout. That comes down to the to the area. Has the ball at the very end of the game. Like Patrick said just be prepared for for everything. And that's kind of his style of play and never you never feel like you're out of it with Patrick homes because he's GonNa find a way way to make it happen so as long as they take care of it on the other end of the ball on the defensive side of the ball which I think the chiefs have been playing a lot better on the defensive side of the ball that I think they're all GonNa end up winning this game with the news. Well that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard lie news. I've said all week is you know I like the niners in this game in but I don't have great conviction I think there are about two plays from being sixteen in one Course Joe Buck and the lows room going to be joining us in a couple of minutes It's it's interesting. I I do this all the time I write down before I make my blazing five picks. If I'm stuck I write down the roster. Who are the ten to twelve twelve best players so I thought I would share that with you? I think the Super Bowl's very even I do like one defense and then I do offense but I wrote down who I think are the twelve best S. players in this game and I tried to go in order. You'll notice one person missing who I like a lot and you could certainly argue. He should be included but I felt at mahomes. Holmes was the best player in this game. I think George kittle. Is the most difficult player in this game to cover even more than Tyreek Hill so I had semi count one two three four five six seven. I have seven niners and I have five chiefs I go mahomes George Kettle Nick. Bosa Travis Kelsey Richard Sherman Chris Jones Mitchell Schwartz deforest buckner tyreek hill. Joe Staley Jimmy Garoppolo Jimmy Ward again. You would certainly make a case for honey badger who My staff tried to argue. I went to pf into Jimmy Ward food so it comes out to about six six or seven five. We have the right teams in this game now. Trent dilfer came on the show yesterday and he has great conviction Shen. He Likes San Francisco in this game. He likes the matchup. I will say. This San Francisco's play that much tougher schedule over the last part of the season dilfer really really is in on San Francisco here. He was yesterday on our show. Go back to in the forty niners. Great teams played the Miami Dolphins and the Denver broncos in those super bowls. They're talking about Marino just like we're talking about mahomes. Those were teams. Marino's dolphins elway's broncos at the forty niners smashed in those super bowls that were quarterback centric teams only. They didn't have the full depth of football team This could be like those forty matters. Wins in super bowls against the dolphins against the broncos where it gets out of hand early and it's really not even a game so we'll talk more about bad. As the week progresses. One of my favorite will be calling the super bowl. His father did his well. Joe Buck joining me. Next American financing is a mortgage company. 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Start your new life as an it pro little as four months classes on in campus or live online. Go to my computer career dot. Edu Take Free career evaluation today. Joy Taylor I'm Colin Coward. Bring on Joe Buck a friend. Seven seven time Emmy Award winner. This will be his six super bowl. He's done nineteen world series. I would I would guess because you don't have a game two or a game. Three there is a sense of urgency is is one more difficult than the other I think. Just the dead time right now and all the hype makes this Game a little bit more intense. You know at least at the START I think once kicks off and you settle in around the second quarter and get a feel for the rhythm of the game I think you you can. You can just take it as another week but you bring up a good point. I mean you do a world series game one leads to game two to three to four and then by the time you get to a game seven that game kind of does itself because you everybody's kind of followed along for the most part and you can kind of get out of the way and I feel like the good super super bowls are the ones where I've been at my best and troy and I've been at our best we haven't really forced stuff and You know this game is so big you almost. It's just stay big and you don't go down rabbit holes with stats and a lot of the other stuff. You might typically do in September by the way you had. I was there in Houston. The twenty twenty eight to three come from behind win for New England. So what were you in Troyes saying at half of that game because New England was totally totally inefficient. It lands speed was profound. There looked like a physical advantage. You go to commercial and you look at Troy and you say what here we go again because we had done super bowl forty eight. which was that blowout between Denver and Seattle and I was telling you during during the break at halftime of that game? Troy's like Peyton Manning broncos are gonNA come back. We're going to have a game before this things over. And then Percy Harvard starts the second half with a kickoff return for a touchdown. And it's like okay. We're not GONNA have a game and and so then you start watching the clock. I I watched that game back back and I have never said how much time was left more because the clock just wouldn't move and the game was a blowout and you feel like you've got one hundred million people watching and you have to come up with something interesting and it's just almost impossible to and then I think the good thing about that overtime game as we didn't give up on it when it was twenty twenty eight to three and it was brady. Everything had to break right. Everything did break right for New England and then they know how to close and they did you are and your father are two of an. I'm somebody who studied as a kid in rural Washington state. I studied you before you knew who I was was an I studied your father and I can remember where I was sitting when I heard Vin scully at seven years old and a transistor Radio Jalen Washington on the roof of my house when your father was a legend and I can remember hearing him and seeing him. I didn't grow up near Cammo ex. But I heard of it when I was like twelve and fifteen fifteen years old so you grow your father who was profoundly big locally then regionally the nationally he did a super bowl go back. What do you you remember of it? I mainly remember my dad in big Sur. Football Games doing radio. Yes he did the only one he did on national. TV was super bowl. Four which is ironically the last time the chiefs Rennet the time they've wanted and now here I am fifty years later. I'm fifty years old. So I'm in my fiftieth anniversary. The chiefs are at their fiftieth anniversary. The super bowl their only win their third overall and I went back and watched it. It's been totally restored. My Dad did the game with Pat. summerall it's on Youtube. It's brilliantly done and then just to see the differences between then and now all the differences are the the technical aspects. The the microphones are so much better now to camera angles. Obviously the high definition that we so you see everything at home and the similarities are. It's my dad and PAT summerall. Two guys watching a football game analyzing giving their opinions and going play by play and that that hasn't changed troy I will do on. Sunday is basically the same thing. My Dad and PAT summerall did did fifty years ago. Technology is changed to people watching a game that has not changed. And I don't think it ever will. I always thought and I I tend to categorize categorized and ranked stuff in my head. It's the way the brain works and I said I'm in my lifetime. No broadcaster has worked better with partners. You not all great announcers work great with partners you bring out the best in people you and troy and this is not easy to do. Seem like there's it reminds me of when I used to watch letterman when it first came out in college there was a joke that I didn't know and I watched the show to see if I I could get it. You and troy. It's like there's a little smirk and a nudge. You have a real relationship. Did that come easily. It did when we were paired together. We took over for PAT summerall and John. Matt everything just seems to come full circle in this business and I think it took it took three people. Foley was may as play by play Troy and Chris Collins Worth and we worked together for three years. We did a super bowl super bowl thirty nine together And I think it took took three humans to fill in for two and that was more Chris and troy very different. They're both tremendous it what they do. And they're both great players and Troy's always in the hall of fame and he's won three super bowls. I think I've always been the guy to try to make everybody get along whether I was on the playground in school. Or I'm in the booth on Sunday or in a world series with Tim. CARVER or Harold Reynolds and Tom Reduce your now. John smoltz I I think I've been blessed with good people that have worked with and I've never had an issue with any of them. I feel like I'm only as good as we are. Good and I feel you know. The other person thinks the same about me so I root for him he roots for me and if he has an awful game on Sunday then we have an awful game on Sunday and vice versa. If I sucked then we suck and I I think you have to go into it in this business and I try to pump him up. Try to make sure that he's teed up for stuff that he wants to talk about. And if there's something that I want him to hear me say because I know he wants to take it in a certain direction I literally just grabbed him by the arm and make sure he's listening to me and not talking to the producer and we have that kind of a relationship were the same age. We both have two daughters we. We've had a lot of similar life experiences so only difference is he was a tremendous athlete. And I I was doing games at at a very young age. Kyle Shanahan do you sit down you sit down with an interview with Kyle Shanahan. whose very intense like you? You had a profoundly successful well known father Did you did you share some similarities. When he was telling his story could you sense? I lived a little bit of that. Yeah I think that there's something there that that's in the back of all of our heads you know that that followed on a public stage in their fathers or their mother's footsteps whether you're an entertainer or your whatever. I talk with Oliver Hudson. Who is Kate's brother and Goldie Hawn's John's son and one of my best friends and he loves around? He's like what about me. You're you're just your dad son. My sister's brother and he's he's older than she is. And he's Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's son. That's always kind of sitting in the back of your head. So I feel like I almost got into this business apologetically like look. I know a lot of people are working their asses off trying to get to this level and and I just happened to be my dad son and I think to my credit read it. I paid attention when I was a little kid. He always wanted me with him. He took me to every National League city. By the time I was twelve. We were best friends instead of father son and so so I took all that in and when I got a chance to do the cardinals at the age of twenty one. I wasn't in all of the surroundings. I just that I'd grown up in that booth and then I just went and did my thing so I I was so lucky and if there are negatives because everybody for the rest of Your Life Things Oh well your your dad's kid we know how you got your job I I think. The positives far outweigh any of those negatives by the way when you when you were doing. Saint Louis Cardinal Games and I was doing triple A.. Baseball and I you were coming to glorious cities like this you have you done a lot of Miami in your life. Yeah well yeah sure when the Marlins this came into existence you come down here and that was a great way to see this country and you're here for three days doing games at night and then you're going out you know back then I was twenty twenty one twenty two twenty three. I was friends with a player so I just go out and hang out with them and you know going to Montreal. Oh Lord Montreal when that when the Expos left in her a lot of people west because that is just a hell of a city. I don't care if they showed up to watch the expos or not cares. I'm Miss Saint Catherine Street dammit. I WANNA go back Crescent Street. I WANNA I WANNA go back but I don't get to jobs pleasure having you all right guys. Thank you so much Joe. Buck calling the game for Fox with Great Troy bonaire anders the entire staff the pre game show for joy Taylor. I'm calling coward back our three neck. One more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like remember how the fourteen year old version of yourself felt if you could write to that kid? What would you say? I'm Chelsea arson join me on my podcast. Dear Young Rocker Walker for each week I write a letter to my younger self as she brings us back into the intensity of adolescence. Falling in love with your favorite song. The way only teenager can getting up the nerve to join a band. Struggling with anger and body issues crushing on someone's so hard can't breathe around them experiencing. How truly awful I kissed can be feeling like you could burst of flame ball of anger or sadness or both at any second making a decision that could cost you your friends your band and and your entire Social Life Gary? I'm Rockin. You're not alone. He lived through it. You're living through it now. Got This kid during rapper comes to you from double. Elvis productions is created and hosted by me Chelsea Ersan and executive produced by Jay. Brennan of disgraced land listened to dear young rocker on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. It's here we go live in Miami. This is the heard wherever you may be and however you may be listening iheartradio Radio Fox sports radio F s one by the way that is fake sand. It's carpet actually for television viewers. I know I was totally thrown for a loop. The first day I brought my sandals here wanted my feet in the sand and that's carpet that's brown carpet for those who are listening on radio. I apologize to F S One. It looks like sand. We're very cosmetically smart here at Fox. You're ruining the illusion. Well listen life's an illusion. Everybody wears makeup on TV. The whole world is an illusion is telling me I wake up looking okay like this common. It's actually great for me because I have high heels on and it would be impossible for me to get the sets and these shoes. There wasn't for that at that. Let's beautiful though it does. It's interesting about the Super Bowl. I had dinner last night with bill. Romanowski he's been for these things and we were just talking about the games and he's like listen man on this is he goes. I don't remember my first one. The first quarter I ran out of the tunnel there was a bunch of flashes. I don't remember much about it. He was an energy guy. He's like. There's nothing like it. There's a lot of distractions in Miami to begin with. There's a lot of distractions. Most both the forty niners in the chiefs have sort of installed their offenses in their schemes. And then over over the course of a week you try to avoid a nightmare scenario with one of your players you can tweak here and there I've said before I think San Francisco is a better team. I think Kansas City as an individual. Joel Patrick Mahomes the best football player in this game. And I can't wait for it when I was a kid growing up I can remember. I was the only one one in my family that loves sports. And my dad like the news and my mom was British and she was always trying to figure out stuff BBC Z.. And that sort of stuff. We had a lot of books and encyclopedias. National Geographic around the house and I was the kid that liked sports and I can remember the first sporting event I ever watched was a Laker game with will chamberlain against the Portland. Trailblazers in Brent Musburger on. CBS was doing the play. I play I remember this. It was a black and white. TV set and the first football game. I remember watching was nineteen. Seventy two. It was the undefeated. Miami Dolphins Against George Allen's Washington redskins. I can remember it vividly in my room. And the Redskins had players like Pat Pat Fischer Chris Hamburger Larry Brown. Billy kilmer George Allen Dyron Talbert they were a Old veteran team in Miami had czanka Bob Greasy Paul Warfield Miami dominated the game lead fourteen nothing until l. e. late until the kicker Garo your premium bad snap grab. That is a kicker tried to throw it Mike Bass number forty one picked it off ran into the end zone own. It was fourteen seven though the game was never that competitive a Washington even back then the Dallas cowboys were big deal back then. Washington was arguably one of the biggest brands in the NFL. Dallas and Washington. The Green Bay packers were very historic. But my first memory of the Super Bowl involved the Miami dolphins and they have been more chaotic through the years. They segue from those teams with Bob Greasy. The event getting Dan Marino than Jimmy Johnson Marino was older and since that time it's been a series of seven nine eight nine and seven and now they're in a total rebuild re-build with Brian Florez. But I like him in their three picks and it looks like they're going to get one of these talented young star wars quarterbacks out of college so I always love coming to Miami makes makes me think about the first super bowl ever watched and with that. Let's bring on a four two time former. NFL Coach who was in this game as coordinator. More than once. Eric man genie comes to our set. It also by Jason Taylor and Steve Smith. Both in super bowls will be joining us later. So here we go coach. He Super Bowls are unique. These playoff games sir. Different so Romanowski tells me last night he goes. After I was in one I settled down the first quarter of the first game. Lot of butterflies didn't WanNa make a big mistake was over thinking the game take media experiences being in these Super Games. Do Coaches have anxiety. Yeah without a doubt now remember our first super bowl was against the rams which was the greatest show on turf. I was a DB coach at the time so we had to deal with stopping stopping that passing game and nobody. Nobody really expected us to be in the game. We were fourteen point underdog so you go into this game understanding how big a challenge you have and trying to slowdown this offense. and We'd played during the year. We already played the rams once and they'd beaten us but we had a radically different plan and then it's how is this plan. Get a gun going to play out and played really well in the first quarter tyler had an interception for a touchdown Pretty early on and we started to settle in and then we took a very specific approach on how we're going to stop work at a finesse with them. We were going to beat him up out. That was our plan we were going to. We're going to beat them up and force them to play in a phone booth and and they accommodated us until about the fourth quarter and then things got a little bit out of hand. They scored fourteen points pretty quickly. But that being said Willie mcginest had a holding penalty on March faulk and otherwise Tamaki Jones would've returned it ninety yards touchdown we would have been up twenty one nothing but just things like that shifts like that you remember I can see it I can see it I can feel it. I remember when the when the kick went up. I remember that last. Drive the There's nothing like this experience. There is a danger of you. Set your packages you install them and then you get to the game and I I always feel like a player has to manage his emotions but similarity with a coach. If you fall behind I thought Baltimore and a playoff game this year. You're panicked a little when they trailed. Did you find yourself in your super bowl experience. Managing your emotions. Yeah I thought not. Just Baltimore but Tennessee. In the same way they both teams went away from what they do really well in in my opinion a little bit too soon and as you go into this game the pre game is much longer the halftime much longer. You've got to manage these guys emotions because they're used to peaking at a certain point but it's so much longer than normal. NFL game that you gotTa rain these guys in and even as you go in for halftime look fell relaxed. We've got a lot of time here gates okay and and it's settling down so that they come back out and peak right at the moment you need him to pee and the first time you're in it you don't you don't totally get it. It's like dealing with your kids. You know how you've told your kids don't stove it's hot. Don't Bel- attack at Bennett. He told us. But you know there's still a lot of touch stove at different points points and had to manage our way through it. How many were you inefficiently Why one three was in through your third? Now you're an experienced experienced super bowl coach. You've been in these before. Yeah that was the eagles. I believe. Okay so when you're in that super bowl did you reflect back on your first or was it a different experience entirely. I thought Robert. Kraus comments on super bowls. The best. He's there all children's special in their own way. Yeah and and that's how these were. The second was Carolina. My wife was pregnant with our son. Jake Jake Dome was quarterback of the Panthers. It was a Totally a radically different super bowl than the first one or no points or score and then a ton of points scored both safeties got injured late in the game. The third third one with the eagles were up and then they had a two minute drive and their mechanics were slow and we kept wondering nor are they going to transition. What's going to happen Yeah it's it's you learn a lot about how to deal with the process of being in the Super Bowl and there's family there's friends is people who WanNa meet up. There's there's all the distractions the players go through but when you have experienced you know that this is too important to let anything else. Get in the way of the opportunity to have this moment. That lasts a lifetime by the way. They're Tom Brady. And Jimmy Garoppolo you know people have made people forget. Sometimes Tom's I six playoff games. Only once was the over one hundred passer rating. He was led mostly by coaching and defense. Initially and then grew into leading the team. People are criticizing Garoppolo. They're saying well. It's a run game. It's a defensive front similar to New England he's not vast to carry it. Do you see any similarities in their styles as quarterbacks their personalities Garoppolo and Tom it would definitely that that first super bowl run. We had three offensive touchdowns in the playoffs total so and we won the Super Bowl so they we we want in different in different ways with Garoppolo Rappalo. There is a different so he he has experienced he as at super bowl experience. Even though it was it was as a backup. He's got one hundred and twenty million dollars. He's like supermodel looks and his. The expectations are sky high. Because he was traded there to to to save the franchise's second round draft pick. I think think they've they. They're starting points. Were radically different. And I think with Garoppolo. There's a make something happen component. To him he takes more risks yet. And those make something happen quarterbacks. They'll make some having view in the make. Something happen for the other team where. Tom's not liked that. Tom Is going to make something happen for you or nobody else. And I think that's where their styles for me to me are dramatically different wounded ballot. Check like him though in college when you talk to people what. What was it about that bill? All Song Garoppolo were there. Tom Traits. Or what did you see. What looked the quarterback? Evaluating quarterbacks is so hard and we see it every ear where high draft picks. Don't work out. They become bus guys later. You know in the draft become really good players. I wish there was a science dance that everybody could rely on to make sense of this so but I would imagine that with the help of of Josh mcdaniels and the offensive staff they looked at traits. And that's what made Tom so good. Does he have the physical traits to be better but more importantly does he have the the character to be better because Tom worked his way into who he was. So you want to make sure your quarterback has that same type of work ethic intelligence intangibles likability the the strength of character to lead men who are difficult oftentimes to lead and are inherently skeptical. So you're looking for those traits that hopefully can develop into something great. Are you worried that Kansas City eventually pays Patrick Mahomes. And you've had to worry about caps you had to worry about it. New York getaway about in Cleveland. Are you worried that this is the best team. Mahomes will play for an over time. He'll he'll have a radically less talented roster auster. No no I think this is one of those situations where you're so happy to pay that guy. Two hundred million dollars. There's so many guys in the NFL. You've got to pay a ton of money to. They're kind of sick about it because the market says you have to pay him. But you know that's not what they're worth you argue that he's worth every penny of that and he looks like a force multiplier so even though he may have lesser receivers or you may have to get later on draft picks. Because he's so good he should make all those guys that much better. And that's Tom's done for years so regardless of how much you pay him he's worth it. I'd be a lot sicker if I had to go pay guy that I wasn't sure sure could win. Who just happens to be a free agent somewhere in that neighborhood hoping that he becomes what Patrick mahomes already demonstrated? He could be a super bowls. Yes I feel like And it's just my opinion. That San Francisco's got a better deeper roster but there's some individual stars for Kansas City. Super Bowls are interesting. How did you feel that every super bowl euro part of the better team won the better roster one yes you did know the better team will not the better roster and this is something when we say we weren't in the business of collecting talent? We were in the business of building a team. And when I look at San Francisco it feels. It feels more like a team. There's a lot of guys who are having moments and you look for that. It's not always the star that's GonNa have the moment that changes the game. San Francisco has a lot of guys who who make really really good solid. Tackle Light fullback guys. Yeah the Yay whether it's lead blocking or something thing on the on the punt return team. It's those moments collectively that. Make the better team. They don't have the same star power that Kansas City dozen and look Kansas City. He's got to get out of their own way. They can't spot San Francisco Twenty four point do they can't have these self inflicted wounds and think Mahomes is GonNa dig out of this whole again. Can't do it you can't do it. Not With San Francisco. Eric Mangini Multiple Super Bowl. Appearance is good seeing you coach. Steve Smith Jason Taylor joys brother. I'm prodding for childhood information that will be happening soon in Miami. Say hello to Casper. This is the sleep leap company that not only wanted to provide the most comfortable mattresses but be the most trusted outrageously comfortable products to make you sleep and live the better. The world is better when it's well slept four layers premium femme trademark zone support for back alignment. They have betting bed frames pillows sheets furniture now. Need time to decide. Sleep on Casper. Mattress comes with a one hundred risk free trial plus free shipping and free returns if you weren't happy but you will get the mattress of your dreams. Today go to Casper Dot com code. Heard one one hundred dollars towards the purchase of select mattresses but only if you use the code terms and conditions apply customer experience and product product reviews or based on Casper Dot com authorized. Retailer sites and Google Casper be sure to catch live editions of the heard Weekdays at noon eastern nine nine. Am Pacific on Fox sports radio F S One and the iheartradio APP got plans this weekend be prepared windshield wipers can handle anything at least at Michelin Endurance. Xt Silicone wiper blades. Real world proven last two times longer available at Walmart. Look at that shot by beach. If you have not been to Miami it. It is startling. How blue and beautiful? The water is absolutely stunning in my partner. Who worked here for a long time joy Taylor now with the news ono heard on the news? This is the third line news. Well to the stars of this game are Jimmy Garoppolo George Kitto and they have a great relationship on the football field as we know but kindle thinks. There's something about as quarterback that needs to improve off the field. He is the worst texture of all time. I'm telling you he leaves me WanNa read all the time of the. Hey Jamie I got a question maybe on this play Shiramaya out like this. No response response. Jimmy want to go to a movie response. Basically I got your tax responded. I have no response to. I'm a bad text driving horrible texture. I I do turn the read receipts off on my phone though. Don't do that. What's that like he's Garoppolo come on like you know when you send the tax you open it says read or not like turn that off then you can say like Oh. I'm sorry I I didn't see it which we all also alive but at least you have possible deniability. So you don't return I I I responded in my minds But like I read it and then I'm like okay. I need to respond to this but then something happens and I forget intentionally ignoring the but sounds kind of Jimmy off. It was the most intentional unintentional. I've still trying to think of the most famous person who's ever tax me. Ask Jason Though about the first. The first time he played he played voicemail for for me. That Michael Jordan left like two minutes long. Yes it was insane. That's a good question for Jason. When he comes on so Sammy? Watkins signed a three year deal with the chiefs before eight two thousand eighteen eighteen season and he talked about his decision to go to Kansas City and he said it was the best decision of his life. So much like Michael Vick was telling US earlier. He said that having Andy Reid as his coach coach was the main reason that he felt that way again. I think Andy Reid. Winning a super bowl is is one of the biggest storylines of this week because even a lot of people love the forty niners myself included. There's such a fun team to watch. I feel like if you're not a chief's fan or niners. Fan exclusively kind of torn Horn a little torn about which way to go. Because you've got to want this for Andy Reid so there this game does not have a villain. It does not know and I mean listen I lived. I didn't didn't grow up a patriot. Fan I then moved to Connecticut so for ten years I was surrounded by Patriot. Fans and everywhere. I've lived as a sports caster. You meet players or you meet people and you know you go to parties at People's houses and there's patriots stuff so over time I used to work in Tampa and I was covering Trent Dilfer and Warren Sapp and the guys I work work with were bucket near fans so you try never to be a fan but you become a dolphin fan of you lived through hurricane fan. I got people who were turned off by the Patriots creates I totally got that was kind of efficient and businesslike no personality. I would be deliriously happy. I pictured in my head several times how I I would feel either team won. I would feel sadder if Andy Reid lost happy if the niners won and that's not against the niners. I do feel a little sympathy for the criticism. Andy Reid guests which I think is unjust. I can remarkable career. Yeah that's exactly how I feel like the highs and lows of this game there's no villain it's just gonNa be a great football game with a bunch of star and a big personality Super Bowl. Yes absolutely so nick Bosa also star in this game is playing in his first. I super bowl as a rookie. This year and opening nights he was asked to his idols in the league. Were growing up and I I think he gave a really great answer. I really looked exception. Jason Taylor he was I was pretty big Dolphin Fan. My Dad played for the dolphins so I grew grew up down here so I went to a lot of games and I watched him and he was as good as they get back then. So just the way conducted himself on and off. The field. Jason so old rookie. That's playing the game right now. Like I ll is him got look at that. Isn't that crazy. I thought that was really nice. You know what's funny. I always tell my brother brother. My favorite player. My favorite football players Dan Marino growing up was junior CEO. Oh Yeah I love junior posters junior sale. I would I would like defense. Obviously because my brother but I don't know I just like junior sale. Just always play was like this flare all unique and tough dynamic. I magnus this. Look in this edge sham. I just left him. I never get star struck but when he was playing for the dolphins for those two years I got chance to meet him and I literally cried. I was like read out. It was crazy. Get Star struck. You know. I was very star struck when I met Michael Michael Jordan but like certain people are going to put you in that space but yeah junior CEO. You've never met Michael Jordan. That's an that's a great story. I'll tell you that story to story joy. The news dropping news stories. That's the news and thanks for stopping by. So you got a minute. You got a minute. Tell uh-huh Michael Jordan's trump as well so ironically. My brothers on here in a few minutes really quickly. I went with Jason Too. Michael Jordan's golf tournament in the Bahamas not far from here for my twenty first birthday so I told Jason Listen you know your friends with Michael. I must meet Michael Jordan. He is my idol. I thought in my mind I was going to be Michael Jordan. One day I love Michael Jordan and must meet him know him. I will not top. Do you ever get if you don't introduce me to him. So he walks in the restaurant him and his wife and I say Michael Show. Let's go do your job. I need to meet Michael so I can't say anything I'm just like hello. And he says Jason says the Michael This is my sister is her twenty first birthday today. So Michael Says Hello. Oh my God happy birthday. Let's go do a shot of Tequila. Yes yes I want to do with Michael Jordan. That's an amazing story to have right now with my brother. We're going to go do a shopkeeper. Let's go and Jason was I was like no. You can't go. Hey did. Let me do shops kilos Michael Jordan. Why because he's excuse my brother's knowing he wouldn't let you were legal? Of course you are twenty one therefore therefore twenty first birthday yes would not let me go. Wow that's a true story. I'll never ever forgive him for that and the behind them a better story that he didn't let me go but right. Yeah that happened while Steve Smith right around the corner sixteen years in the NFL. Steve You can do a curl route right right right behind. Our Stage Steve Smith played in Super Bowl. Thirty eight against New England. How are you my friend? Excellent running late you know. What are the people? We'll talk. Let one of the last time I saw you had retired and I went to dinner and you popped into the restaurant and just gotten off a flight from if I recall Taiwan or Singapore poor. You'd been South Korea South Korea. I'm sorry you've been Sabato. Hero World Traveler. You love the travel you love to get out there so St St. When I look at each other I know we just saw each other cohort and Salt Lake City? Yeah you're skier. Yes and a great former Great Utah utes mute by the way. Yes so I WANNA ask you about Patrick. Mahomes can play with an assist but he ad libs go back to a your career so when I watch mahomes I think oh. This'll be just great to be a wide receiver but you also ran good routes so is there a the disadvantage ever playing with a guy who had lives no. It's not because what we see is the fans you see as a live is always what we call all scheduled plays. You know a guy who's going to do something you you practice with with guys every single day so you start to know guys habits. That's why I've been in a former teammate. Is always been beneficial for the opposing team on the other side. Because there's little things that you know about your family members that's right you know about guys that you around each other so many hours and days of the week and traveling you understand that. This guy doesn't like Brussels sprouts. This guy crazy. He loves Broccoli. Like all these variations. Because you're around each other like you to know things about each other that I know you guys have body language that you can read off. She didn't like that one based off like me and my wife should say something. She'll say my my wife's signature. I don't like something is a gentle not my fav- auction say that's not my favorite best coal for nope right so so just little things like that. So what I really love about the Kansas City chiefs are what we see is operatives are really on schedule they know exactly what's going on. They may call a playlist. Say IRA one thirty six Max Curl ex choice. So you got the Max Curl on one side. One thirty six six Max Protection Curl Ex Choice X.. Choice of a slot that means he has a little a little option route right so he get to choose is based off the defense now. This quarterback will know that this guy who's running laissez tyreek hill is running at choice route while he knows that tar heel doesn't like to get hit on so he will throw the ball between this area and because of that he won't throw the ball outside of that area because he knows that his the receiver prefers his sandwich without crust on it and so he knows that so when you really look at it. I'm a food guy. So we look at it. He knows Patrick. Mahomes is a stay at home dad. WHO's making the sound for all of his receivers his kids to say in? He knows tar heel doesn't like on his Hammock Tamagotchis. He doesn't like a crust. He knows travelers Kelsey really is not a Baloney Guy. He likes grilled cheese but with Mozzarella cheese not with cheddar cheese. I saw all of that variation he knows that Mikhail harmony. He he likes. He's not really a salad guy. He really likes chicken salad with a little bit of mustard and salt and pepper right more of a pepper guide less salt. And then this guy the other guy doesn't like anything. He just likes breakfast so all of that stuff happens a you know that by building up. That's why training camp is so important buildup trying to count. So what did you like and tell. Tell me a relationship. You had with a quarterback that you felt it was a body language relationship. You knew exactly what you could. Look at the line of scrimmage in a Red Zone and you knew he knew what you like or there will be times where if there was a certain play something lined up or like when I was in Carolina. Let's say Steven Jack Steven Davis and Jake Delong is Steven was tired. See Say I'm tired so I would know but then there's times where he smoker Steven wanted to look on a run play so that's the smoker. You just take it a line and turnaround so do it all varies it. It all varies when you look San Francisco yes. A collection of young kiddle a depot murdered and they have Emmanuel Sanders. You got a little bit of a track team mm-hmm over in Kansas City. That a Lotta guys. I WANNA go down. The seem to run up the sideline. There's so many variations too wide receivers randy. Moss doesn't remind me of you when you go back to your game. What did you take pride in? I really enjoy running routes. It's not even when I do. TV I talk about running routes You know do you have a PhD around runner. And what I mean by that is do you understand why you're running up and and understand why you're running it because sometimes it coaches say run this route but you don't know why you're running it. What is on the backside? What does the defense have to do and show you you to make you not a viable choice on their route? So you have to be able to know that. And so that's where the all encompassing mastercraft mastercraft know. Exactly why you're running that route and what the other guy next two years running. And why is he running. What that and also to what I used to do is achieve cheated a little bit if I was in a slot and I had a scene or corner and the guy outside of me had a low hit trout? I would make the corner commit immediately by maybe jogging off the ball or maybe a little bit of the line so that corner so if I was outside I would hesitate tate and I cornered like Kinda. He gives impatient. He would drop off to the corner so that told me the ball near now is in a corner our kind of go and go this way so he would automatically think. Oh He's gone to the middle of the field. So he would clamp down in zone onto the. You're helping your Tony Hitch. No I was getting the ball. I wasn't helping my team. I was given the ball for myself. And so then I'll go this way. Straighten backup take the high angle in cover too. He should have been covered area era but also know we had a flat. So if I commit this way and I got this hitch and afl the corner must pass me off to the safety and he must attack that corner talk to the flat cheated. Got The ball. I learned that because I learned a system and defenses. You played in one super bowl and you played in several games. Were they ever different or they just super bowl Sunday. At some point it will feel like Sunday. And the faster you get around around and away from the importance of the better you commun- earth's and once you can do that you know he'll sell me at some point during a game. Amiable relies is still a football game. Yes it's a super bowl but to get to the fourth quarter we gotta we gotTa make sure we tighten up in the first quarter order's headquarters so you start to process it the same way you process anything else is you go. Hey I gotta do this first before I can do that half times longer. A lot of more breaks commercial breaks. Longer I don't think so I didn't bother you doing Thursday night. I've seen a lot of commercial breaks planet Thursday night plant in big games. You'll get up there and it was like. TV There's TV breaks now everywhere. And so I don't think is going to change when you look at Jimmy Garoppolo as a great receiver however you like them or not. Why either way I love him? I love both of these. quarterbacks are because what I really love about Jimmy Garoppolo and just some of these players. I used to as a player. I didn't like the stigma of gay manager. But here's what I love about a game manager and also being a businessman who wants a manager energy that is not embracing the role of manager. Who wants a manager who wants to receive manager benefits and payment? But yet don't doesn't the water responsibility so I love a game manager. I love that because that means a coach and a franchise says our guys system guy. He understands our system he can adjust if he sees some differently and he also knows takes pride in a system which we have implemented who was the guy says man buck the system. I want to be part of the system. I'm assisted. I'm a system bender. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa be that guy I want a guy who's embracing assistant because that when Helen. Hey basket goes when adversity comes. You want a guy. That's a convoy success guys. We're GONNA run the ball versus you. Don't want a guy sitting there going. You don't want to wide receiver sitting there going. We need to throw the ball. WanNa buy a billion us. Run the ball right. You need to have guys who understand the system because if you don't have a guy understand understand the system you got the blind leading the blind finally. Do you have one lasting memory of your super bowl. I mean I do who I think wanted the memories that I I I have playing which I love being analysts and people sometimes it throws them off the airplane. They go somewhere to go. Who who do you have an honest response on filter responses? I can care less you know why because when I I see some of the guys that Lawson with the titans they were crying the impact when they lose whoever wins or loses Sunday Sunday. My flight is still booked and I still go to sleep because I remember being player now. I hate losing and and I hate to see guys lose. Because here's a part that you guys don't see the trash bags. They hand out to the Tennessee. Titans knows guys have to clean out their locker and some of those guys looking at which other going. I don't know if I'll be back in his locker room again. I don't know if I'll be back with these guys. I got to pack up my kids. I don't know if my kids will go to school here. I just saw all these things that life gets in a way. And so that's why I love being Alan because either way no sweat off my back. I still still talk about game. And then we move onto the Kamba great senior bud. He's GonNa go. You look good. You're out of those bright lights. You're not even sweating. Yeah and that's how we do. Jason Taylor covered up after Steve Smith love him on and I keep bumping into him last time at the Salt Lake City Airport. Airport hiring is challenging. Here's one place you can go. Where hiring a simple fast and smart and growing businesses connect to qualified candidates ZIP? Recruiter Cafe Tours C. O. Dylan Moskowitz experience. How changing hiring challenging hiring can be? He was searching for a director coffee for his organic coffee. Company couldn't find it. Time was running out had to start the business so we called ZIPRECRUITER DOT com. He was amazed how quickly the candidates who were qualified port in four out of five employers. Who Post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day Ziprecruiter Ziprecruiter check out the web address? ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash ziprecruiter dot com slash H. E. R. D. Within a day. 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This time tomorrow presented by team about the business is now available on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen. Listen to podcasts. Alright speak for yourself as coming up next Jason. Whitlock what you guys have on the show today Baltimore. Ravens and ball state. Great willies is is going to be on the show. And I'll tell you cholewa little afraid about all the height might seem certain fifteen years in the NFL. Six time. Pro Bowler and a hall of Famer. Jason Taylor is joining us. Brother of joy Taylor is joining us. She tells me all these great stories all the time you did not have or maybe you did have the typical goal route to the NFL. You had a lot of doubters a lot of questions people said no when you look back at your. NFL experienced feel common or uncommon affiliate uncommon doubted undersized back when I came out ninety seven. I'M GONNA date myself a little bit here. You know I was six five six six two hundred and forty forty pounds and in the NFL between it was kind of a bad word. I try is a derogatory term and people didn't know where you fit or whatnot. Nowadays they call them hybrids they pay him twenty million bucks a year. Everybody what he wants them. You can't find them but I was a little bit too so all my mother's birthday today. She had me a little bit too early. But it worked out so absolutely through your what everybody nobody is looking for now. And if you can't play defense they make tight you're right twenty twenty million more. Either you just split out run the same it's easy let's talk about Jimmy. Johnson's influence fluence on your life. He was just inducted into the hall of fame. Jimmy Jimmy means everything to me. I mean he was. He's a guy that took a chance on a two hundred forty pounder. Playing defensive in he was was very confident. Put me in this situation said listen. Don't worry about learning football right now. Just go find the football and go do it so I think the belief that he put me in the confidence he instilled still to me gave me an opportunity to run around and I learned a game as I went but you know. He's the way he thinks. He's a philosophy major and the way he thinks. Oh Wow side of the box so different than what other people in the league. At that particular time I think even nowadays so differently than we think and it just it instills confidence and it's still bravado. When you you can do it because he if he believe me I know I can do it? Did you feel a responsibility to be good for Jimmy. Because he took a chance on you you feel responsibility but you also feel that that pressure and heat on the back of your neck much much like this Miami Heat right now when you know Jimmy was demanding and he worked the heck out of you. He pushed you he. He wanted to make practice so difficult. That two games failed easy and I never understood that when I was saying that and then after going through training with them I realized he's exactly right. We're we're gonNA work so hard that we can't wait to get to Sunday and that's what I need this. If I was a first round pick ninety seven in Miami I might have been a mess up. You know down here on the beach getting in trouble. Who knows what but coming into the third round? Pick having a huge tip of my shoulder. Having a coach there believed in me and made me maybe push grind. I mean I think is really really what made me a pretty good player plan. Miami really good really good. I mean depending on time of year. It's really hot it's really good. I mean it's this is a great city I mean they. They love the dolphins down here as much as they are there behind the heat and obviously has some great years when abroad and be weighed knows guys and Chris Bosh here the heat you know. This is a football town. That's thirty four championship. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to win but the culture is amazing here. It's a melting pot. There's a lot of places like this around the country but I think Miami is so unique in that is such a vacation spot destination for people in the Hispanic culture black white in June. I mean they're all really small footprint. You know as far as square footage square miles I. It's I love it's an amazing city. It tasks you as a player though. It tested your discipline. It does the only good thing is that we used to practice in Davie Florida. So it's about thirty minutes away from here so I lived about ten minutes from the facility and the beach was about a half hour away. So it's closing up. You can get to it but far enough away that you still okay at four thirty in the morning. I gotTA leave that to be a practiced by still get you outta here. I know it sounds crazy leaving at four thirty but it's far enough away and I had great veterans around me guys like Trace Armstrong. Tim Bowens Zach Thomas. So many guys that did the right way. The kind of soldier the route to go that kept trouble a little bit. You played on very good defensive fronts which you are often the star or the star you've got to. AFC see championship with the jets. Not In the Super Bowl. San Francisco's got a very athletic defensive front. They've drafted they're all under twenty five and they've drafted it when you you feel like you went into games knowing. I'm better than the offensive. Tackle on-line up against San Francisco gets into several games like that. Did you know it going into the game on tape or did you send it after twelve fifteen snaps. Both really you. Can't you know going in we. I think we match up. Well if we can get certain things to happen throughout the course of the game and get a lead maybe a are to possession lead I know dominate is the guy across you can tell on film. Yeah I mean you know when you match it. Well what. You'd like to do what they like to do. You figure out snap. Counts you figure out. Tendencies some quarterbacks. I could take the play clock very very low so now I can get a jump off the ball. There's one or two seconds left in the play clock so you look at all those things now when you come out in the first quarter tell everybody that plays nowadays even the kids coach now. Everybody's fresh in the first quarter. I I mean they just had the national anthem. There's a fly over the cheerleaders. Do backflips everybody's happy. Everybody's fresh those guys want to do a little extra and play a little dirty pushing shoving the play and I use it. Just turn around and laugh your fresh now. But I'm going to see you in about an hour and a half when that sons your neck for two hours and then I know I'm GonNa get you by by the way I saw the steelers throwing up a couple years ago. Mike Tomlin brought a team down here. Could you see teams in Miami Wilt. You Som- wilt absolutely. We would sit in the sideline and laugh about it. And I remember my first eight years especially in their Jimmy Johnson and Dave Weinstein. We had no indoor facility so Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. All those practices that walk-throughs were outside outside so we were always in the elephants. We always we always had the deal with it so we were held on wheels in in September October now. November December came came around. I know smile. Add up a little bit and we sometimes rather gas but you could see those guys melting. We had guys off as alignment. Come back on the field for a new series series. Still have an ice towel around their neck trying to tucked in their in their in their shoulder pads interrupts. Were run over and make him pull it out in as soon as you see that. I mean it's like a single file line trying to lineup. Because you know I got one now. You're a coach. Now what have you taken from Jimmy Johnson to be a great high school coach. Is there a message or something you learned learn from Jimmy. Yeah I think the work ethic is a few coaches. I take things from. Probably you know Jimmy Johnson. Nick Sabin Guy Played for a couple of years and obviously his resume speaks for himself. A Guy I love dearly Kirby smart as a bunch of guys that I played for Rex Ryan but Jimmy was a stickler for details. We were always going to work. You're that you're gonNA outworked everybody when you're on the grass was have a great time. We're going to have fun out here. That's game about having fun. But when you're in a grass we need to be the hardest workers in the room and then I always tell l. by Delima now and it was always way player. I wanted to get kicked out of practice every day. I want to ruin every Israel to the point where Dan Marino's yelling at me Jimmy Johnson or nick excite whoever it is kicked us out of practice because they can't get anything done because being opinion too but when you do that enough then Sunday comes easy and you just go out and do your thing. We'll see a good brother joy. He's a great brother. He's very hard on me as he should have. You wouldn't let her loose shot with Michael Jordan. Why she was under age the twenty first birthday that I love it as a brother I love you know why because I wanted to shots? And if she took one uh-huh that's that's the truth behind Jason Rightfully so I went to school in Miami here was was trying to keep an eye on me at all times which I needed probably needed. A couple is on the but you know he's he's always hard on me but I need it. She's a really pro. She's very disciplined where you disciplined. WHO's disciplined? She's very disciplined a worker. No social work. Yeah she. She's a qualifier there. I just didn't I never you say joy Taylor. The first ten things that come to mind may not be disciplined. I work together. I see her in a different light. I've seen her in her worst of times and she's not working but now she's listen. She's worker but off the route she took to get get to where she is. You know from being inserted and assistant producer all the time you know all the title she had but she's getting up at four thirty five in the morning she she earned it and in fact we're finally at the point now that if we go to dinner she could pay for there we go. But yes Jason Taylor Joy. Tanner thank you. so much chase the hall of Famer Gracie and you happy birthday. He'll be on Joyce podcast later today. The heard you pay everyone. I'm Brooke Burke I'm making King admits and I'm sex and intimacy coach Leila Deville and we have a podcast called intimate knowledge. That's what this show is about sack sex but it's so so much more than that. It's about the ups and downs near relationship. Your sex life about overcoming heartbreak and infidelity. It's about understanding intimacy. And what makes you happy. And it's about everything he wanted to know. But you might be too embarrassed to ask. We're giving you intimate knowledge. Listen to intimate knowledge on iheartradio. You up on Apple podcasts. All wherever you get your podcasts find us.

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