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We're gonna be talking about a stars born that new movie that just came out with what's his name? Bradley Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga. I did not know that was lady Gaga really? I, I saw it was wearing a meat dress. I'm not really the biggest fan of lady Gaga and she wears just like a lot of crazy stuff. So when the trailers were up and they showed her, I'm like, who is that? 'cause you hardly wears any makeup in? Yeah, so I've been recognizer and then I was like, looking at him like, no, that's lady Gaga. I feel I never look at her face right until us moving. Wow, that is your face what you look like. Exactly. Because her outfits or her hair just speaks volumes. So. Yeah. Well, this movie just barely came out yesterday was was it was yesterday the fifth? No, no, the fourth doesn't go forth. It came out Tober fifth from what it says it released October focused. Not yesterday for whoever's listening. Yes, October, fifth, let's over twenty. Eighteen director was Bradley Cooper, he directed it, which was crazy to me. He did as such a good job. Yeah. He directed and he asked ARD starting one. Yeah. The list see cast lady Gaga played alley. Bradley Cooper played the late lead guy, Jackson main and Sam Elliott who has just a beautiful voice. I love his voice. Plays Jackson's brother, Bobby. He did a great job. Yeah, I could listen to them talk all day like seriously would would they were talking to each other. I just close my eyes and I'm like, yes, just keep talking. I don't know. I'm a fan of the deep voices and nights, slow raspy like they definitely sounded like country stars. Oh yeah. I was like, yes, talking. If you guys don't know this is a remake. And so I don't know how many of you know, but it's about in already famous. Singer, Jackson Maine, who's played by Bradley Cooper, and then this version he's a country star country star, which I don't know. It didn't really feel a little bit country to me. Yeah. Anyway, he stumbled upon lady Gaga who plays alley in just kind of this trends cheat bar. It was like transmit where they get to, you know, drag driving means and it was that I liked that, but she got to sing with all those. He ended up being there and kind of senior. And he kind of just brings her on the road with them a little bit. They kind of hang out, start to, you know, fill each other's vibe, get to like each other, and you know, came basically helps her career just start off young and kickoff. Which was awesome. Yeah. And this was the same story. There have been three previous versions born. It's the same kind of story like a big star. And then he finds like this younger musician and her career takes off exactly. Guy has issues yet is definitely battling inner struggles or teams or whatever like in and he, I thought he did such an amazing job at that role. You know, I heard a lot of people saying, I can't see Bradley Cooper playing like a drug addict or or anything like that. He does so good. Yeah, I was impressed by both him and lady Gaga and he, I feel like the. Kicked country correctly, because if I'm thinking of a Jonah of music where you can sing and be drunk, probably either like country. You're mumble wraps. So he played it so well, like his, I didn't even recognize his voice, not even just when he was singing right when he was talking, didn't even recognize his voice. I thought he did it so well sounded like a country star, but he also sounded like he definitely wasn't drunk tell and he played that so, well, it was so convincing. Oh yeah. And it was like so convincing. I, I don't know. Like Bradley Cooper wasn't there as much anymore disappears with. Yeah, exactly. He played that character, so amazing, Jackson maintenance, just all like hoop Bradley who? Right because he had like the long hair that's of scraggly beard. Yeah, he really with that. Yeah, he, he pulled it off. Oh, yeah. Disappeared into it for sure. Yeah. I think he did a great job. I watching the. The previews. I was like, oh, I don't want to watch this movie ages, look stupid. It's just not my kind of film that you know I would typically watch, but I really liked it a lot more than I expected. Yeah. I had a similar experience which makes me feel like I'm not a good drama movie. Voiding. The heartfelt right famous one, but I felt that too. And then when I went into the theater, I went to a matinee showing and it was like me this like other older couple like one like looks like an exchange student trying to escape the heat. And then like another old couple on then like these two older ladies like hanging out in the afternoon, like retired. So I'm like, this is not my crowd. I don't think I don't think I fit in here and then the lights dimmed, and then the movie started. And I was skeptical for like maybe ten minutes and then that all went away. Right. And it completely disappeared enough. I was so wrong. So that's how I felt. I went in the middle of the night when the middle of the night. It was like nine forty. I just feel like the movie was long though it was life. What was said through the movie, could've been shrunken down to an hour and a half. This move is like two hours and twenty two hours. It did minutes feel long, not because I think the story was bad, but if along and I know that like the earlier version like the nineteen seventy six version is also long. Yeah, that one is because I looked at that and it was hard for me to try and get into that one so long to those yet twenty two hours twenty minutes. Yeah. What I really liked was the chemistry between lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It looked like they've been known each other right years. They have been in love forever. I was like, I'm never seen lady Gaga played a movie before. Yeah, so I don't know if this was like her her day for Hugh, she has a, there's a documentary about her out, and I've seen little bits and pieces of that and something that I really like about lady Gaga is she can get completely like I'm pretty big lady Gaga fan and you can get very, like glam do and like heavily like crazy dresses and outfits yet. But then some of the other like clips of in her documentary or just like photos of her like she is not afraid to look like how she looks at times. Like in them like her natural, certain natural self, you know, like she does die her hair. But there were like times I'd see here. It's like, oh, you're makeup's not on point or like your hair looks messy or whatnot? Yeah, she kind of looks like that times in this movie and she look. So like authentically just a person like authentic a singer. I think like I think that is lady Gaga to, you know, has heard different sides. Oh, yeah, of course. And she, I feel like she tells people that too. She. Yes, she does. Yeah. She's trying to be a pop star, but she also knows that the the songwriter that's underneath that, you know, and I felt that was believable. My thing is I didn't know if the songs in that were original or. Or did they come from the older movies? No, I don't think so. Well, I know the older. I don't think all the songs in this where the songs from the old movie, their new song. And because in like the seventy six version, the main character, the guy, Jackson man who also goes by a different name normies something, John, John, John, John, Norman Howard. Yeah, yeah. So he, he's a rockstar, not necessarily. Exactly. So I think that it's just like defense music and the Judy, Garland one is definitely different. The music is very different. Yeah, very different. So I think they did write new music for this, but it's kind of similar. I think in some style to Barbara like there is some ballads and duets. Liked it though. I how my gosh, it just blew my mind how much I liked it from when I went in and I was like, there's gonna be a horrible as your two and a half hours and just waste my time on a movie. I'm not going to like I liked it. I liked it. I that too. Yeah. The story was great. I, I really liked the story line. The low, the romance? Oh, yeah. I liked how they more. So what what's the word showed the relationship as not the, you know. Music and up and coming. You know what? You've got to write all the music. Yeah, they showed a little bit because when like they show her in her dance class or something like she's becoming a pop xactly, but they don't really Tut day. I mean they don't dive into it, right? It's like mostly about how she feels how he fills their relationship that struggles the ups and downs, and there's a really cute moments to they did. Yeah. There are some moments that I would say there were times when I wasn't quite sure how much time had passed. Yeah, like other work. Some moments where I was like, how long have they been in a relationship? Like how long did it? Right? Her timely become a popular. Like how long were they untorn? I mean, that's a very, very minor thing. I wouldn't say that takes away much from the movie, but it was something that I notice. Yeah, especially because I think like in the older version, Barbra Streisand's character who is like Esther Hoffman, yes. She wants to marry John Howard and she like ask. Asks him to marry her. And if I like that happened very quickly right in that film and I didn't necessarily feel that way because I think like what you were saying is they focused on the relationship. So I felt like their relationship seemed established and like solid and probably because of the chemistry they had. Right. It didn't feel rushed or like weird that it was just like yeah happening. Although there was a scene when it felt rush. When you when you watch the film that I feel like fit the movie and fit the character with seen to you, feel like that would happen at that moment. It didn't feel that we're, but there are a few moments of a little bit of time in that. It wasn't quite sure on, right. But again, I don't think that's a big issue at all. And I also did appreciate. Yeah, how they didn't go too deep into her climb to start them. Exactly. They're just kind of letting bits and pieces of it. Right. Exactly. We're gonna take a quick break and we'll be back to talk about more. A star is born with Bradley Cooper lady Gaga. Did you hear the news metro PCS is now metro by t mobile. Now you get new plans with unlimited high-speed data all month, long on the t. mobile network, check out the new metro by t mobile today and discover the smarter way to get unlimited metro by t mobile. That's genius during congestion the fraction of customers using greater than thirty six per month may notice reduce speeds and metro customers may notice reduce speeds vs on t. mobile customers, video streams at forty p coverage, not available in some areas, see store for details and terms and conditions. To know the latest and hot has music hidden in the airwaves. Joe be left out, listened to the Golden State media concepts. Music podcast. Keep keeps you on with everything. You need to know. Rock hiphop top Florida, and we'll throw in news of your favorite artist concert and tour dates and so much more lucid, no further because this is the gold standard in using hot cats. Welcome back to the GMC movie podcast. We are still talking about the new Lee newly released. A star is born release this year. So I want to keep talking about Bradley Cooper because I thought he was amazing. He my gosh, the way he his voice was in it like totally didn't even sound like Bradley career was what you mentioned earlier. You couldn't even tell it was like, yeah, he played the role, so. Well, I agree. So, well, I heard that he went and followed a country band or something just to get the vibe of being like all onstage in, you know, the lead person for like a month. Wow. Was talking to like lead singer? Gosh, I wish I knew I was just talking with my sister about this this morning. Yeah, she was like a Tim McGraw. No, no. It was like a full band. Okay. And they had a lead singer and he wanted to kind of get in there and you know do that. And I also heard that him in lady Gaga spent a lot of time together before the show so they can build up their chemistry which barely it didn't take long. They were. I was, I actually. Watch this movie, and I'm like, is Bradley Cooper married? Like I almost was like their relationship is almost two believably is and I did see them like before a star is born was released. Like on the big screen, I saw them go to like some of the other festivals, like broad like in Europe and whatnot. Right? Maybe went to, I don't know, but I saw them with other releases in Europe and promote it to promote it. Yeah, and they were doing some red carpet stuff and like in all the, I mean, maybe this is just because this is like e. news trying to like get or whatever, but like they were always like holding hymns and like there was one part where they like arrived in car or like on a boat or something you like helped her off in like held her hand and they like walk the carpet together was such a gentleman. I'm like part of me like I would totally believe that they're just really close friends for sure, at least. But I'm like, I wonder if that's some. They don't feel like they just made the media made me think this. But yeah, their relationship was so believable, really? Was it really was I, I also watched a, what was it a interview that they had to where they said that to get into their characters, and I feel like it was. It was a lot of method because he was saying to her, I really need to look at you as an actor, not the pop singer. She had to flip it around him and be like, I need to really look at you as a country singer, not this great actor. So I was like, that's a good way to do it. You know what I mean is because they're in real, their roles are reversed. She's the pop singer and all this stuff. He he's just the actor, but to do it like that and really kind of get a feel for the characters. I thought they did a really, really good job, right. I would say I looked at Bradley Cooper's and Bradley Cooper and saw more of the character Lee. Lady Gaga is a little bit harder for me to not see lady Gaga. Because she's like icon and she's so bold with who she is, she exactly. Yeah, it's awesome. But yeah, so that was a little bit harder for me to see. But also what I noticed like when I was looking at her because again, this was definitely a movie where they had a lot of closer shots of her face yet really saw her face and one, I feel like she was very unafraid to just look over. She wanted and really look like the character play that, but her face to me almost did kind of look like Barbra Streisand's face, like Linda. Yes, shouldn't be younger version. Yeah. And I was like, wow, that is amazing that they. They one to look like and like, oh, Barbra Streisand was also a musician, and then also doing movies as a singer and then was doing movies. Yeah, I really did that. Well, I give her much props on being able to just not care and being on a big screen lying with not so much makeup on and just kind of the real her eye on aside, know what that is. I, I seen an interview with Jennifer Aniston where she played a role where she had very limited makeup on and she was. She said, she felt so scared and so insecure for people to just see the natural her. And so with lady Gaga just coming out and just being like, you know, this is this is who I am right? Are one song I was born is way or whatever, like, yeah, just born this way, go. Sure. Like not a lot of people will do that. Yeah, it almost felt like I know like it was an a movie and she's an actress, but it felt very authentic exact. Yeah, for sure. I think she did a. Good job. Also Bradley Cooper, he's saying his songs, right? Yeah. Yeah, he was amazing. I didn't even know that until after I was like this and I am really singing. No. Was it him playing guitar? I don't know. It looked like it. I don't. They really because he was really playing guitar movie. The character really was and he was doing it well. So yeah, I wouldn't be if that was an such a good. I think. Yeah, every day just. Little pockets slips me like, oh God, it was good to go see it right. But there was also like a lot of parts that were very touching and very believable, just the way their relationship went and also the relationship between Bradley, Cooper's character and semi Elliott's character. His brother. Yeah, brother and I, I, I just, I don't know. I believed it and like their relationship was so amazing. It really was. He would. I read on one of his was Bradley. Cooper would study like southern accents and then would listen to semolina it Bradley Cooper asked semolina if he would play the part. Yeah, he approached him when was like, well, him being the director. I want you to play this far. So he approached him in the most southern Sam, Elliot kind of way he could. Sempe accepted. I was just like, go ahead. There's a scene in there where I don't want to spoil anything anybody, but I mean it's a remake, so whatever. But Bradley Cooper says. Semi. They're, they're having a brotherly argument and semolina says to him, well, you just didn't. You're trying to figure out who you were and that's why you stole my voice. Yeah. And I was like, he really did. Yeah, they like you. Br actually still, and they played his so well. And that was one of the scenes where they were kind of arguing like not in such a overly dramatic Manley way. They were kind of just having words with each other. And I was like, yes, and still argue, you still sent amazing just talking. Yeah, yeah, that didn't really bother me. The length. Yeah, it was long, but I also feel like a star is born like the mother movies are longer, and it's. And it's kind of a long story. A lot happens. I did feel like some of the scenes were unnecessary though. So like with with lady Gaga. Friend who she worked with at the Russian language at a restaurant? Yeah, and him just traveling with her and kind of. You know, I was just like, you don't need that. I mean, I know that your friend did you want to have somebody there with you, but I was actually glad they did that because when they did that, I got the sense of what her relationship with Bradley Cooper's character was because of she was like, yeah, I'm totally going to go date him and go after him. She wouldn't take her friend. Yeah, so I would kind of make it look like glitter yours, right? Yeah, that'd be weird. But I did like they did that, but I agree there were some scenes when they're like travelling together that were a little long yet, but I liked the idea that she brought her friend rain. Yeah. Like the one of them was when he was writing along with her and she, he played like a video of the Trent. The trend drag of the, they're telling her all, we miss you all this. And I'm like, Kate. They did a different scene where she connects more with her friend feel like, yeah, but yeah, I don't know. Oh, I liked the. The part where his neighbor finds him outside, Dave, Chapelle Chapelle. Yeah, I was surprised actually see Dave Chapelle in the movie, and he didn't play a big part of kind of a small. Yeah, just a friend. Yeah. Yeah. And he. Yeah, that was good too. I liked Dave chappelle and everything after that was really good. Yeah. So also they have a dog in the movie. That is so cute. It is. They get the dog and then the dog like you see how they. The dog grow. That was cute and they didn't live like this super fancy lifestyle. Their little house was so cute and just like really home. Yeah. And you felt like a country star, tiny house that kind of tiny house, but a smaller house. I know that was kind of similar, like Barbra Streisand film. We're like they build a house together, kind of what they feel at home together and that was really durable. I liked it the relationship that they showed with lady Gaga and the guy who plays her dead too. So the father daughter relationship that was super q and all his friends, they, I'm sure you know they were there to help raise her because they were all there in the house. Yeah, it also win. I mean, this is not super important, but were they in New York in the beginning of the phone? Like where did she live? I thought it was New York because she the no lady Gaga also lived in New York, and she of has. -fornia. Lost. Not because she had like her dad was like a talion. There's like, and she like kind of speaking to him in that way that it was. It was very real. Like when she's with her, dad sounded more Italian because that was sort of like their family relationship, right. You know. And I really like bought that. And then it almost sounded like some of her like New York kind of game out in those moments when she's talking to her father, but it is very protective in two. I'm here I have to take care of you guys don't clean. We needed to get ahead. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah. Bradley Cooper was very likeable in this fell yet. Even though he was a character that you could hate as well, right? Because of some of the self destructive tendencies. But I didn't. It was like a sympathetic. Yeah, kind of thing. Right. Or the anyway. Yeah, never been there or see been that close to someone who has like an addiction of any sore or battle with mental because you totally tell that he was battling himself. Yes, mentally, I liked how they portrayed that as well. Yeah, and I again, yeah, I agree. Like if you don't know someone who's been to that there is like you can at least feel bad for him since if you're not like living it, you know, even if you're not like empathetic leg. Right? I've been there. I didn't quite understand is how his hearing, and if she knew about it. Oh, 'cause it's like they never talk about him telling her about his hearing, and it's just like gets worse. Yeah, and I feel like she had to know, but it was something that they focus. But it was definitely bothering him though. So I feel like they should have had a moment where they discussed it and you know, I mean, I would have just made the movie longer. It was so long he had. What was it like ten and nine. Tonight's tonight don't even the thing in his. Yeah. So it's like when you hear a tone? Yeah, near years. Yeah, right. We're gonna take another quick break and we'll come back in talk a little bit more about a star is born and other, and what will related to the older one. Hey, DC right now at vision works all prescription eyewear. Every frame. Every brand is fifty percent off. Yup. A nifty fifty percent. Thanks to our friends and family event. What's even better? It applies to both glasses and sunglasses. That's right. At the vision works friends and family event. You can save fifty percent on all prescription eyewear. Why? Because we like you DC a lot vision works. We're here to help you some restrictions apply see store for details. 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We're still talking about a star is born and we're gonna go into a little bit about comparing to a little bit of comparing into the older one is nineteen seventy six. Yeah. So just a recap, like I really liked the newer one. I liked rally Cooper, right? Like lady Gaga you know, semi. It was great in it. The the one inset nineteen, seventy six stars Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson Gary c is in there. I think as brothers is it his brother or his manager in that one? I remember. But I I watched bits and pieces of this because it was just so hard for me to get into because it was. So it is so old seventy six. I wasn't alive in seventy six and just watching the quality of the. I couldn't really get into it. I'm like this old. It was never happened, movies, I don't. Oh. That hard for me to get into them. And then I just I ruined movies for myself because I are picking them apart. I'm like, that wouldn't happen watch. Yeah, that would set be set there. You know what I mean? So it was really hard for me to get into it, but I really liked Barbra Streisand playing that part. So I mean, this movie stars born like the story is definitely a classic story. The story by yourself because there's, yeah, as we've said before, their three older versions before. He doesn't eighteen version and there's like one with Judy, Garland, and there's one old before that, I think like in the twenties or thirty, so I didn't know that. Yeah. So there's one. There's one of the original original one which is again, twenties thirties, and that's not a musical, and then I think the Judy, Garland one is a musical one. Yeah. And then the Barbra Streisand one, I wouldn't see it's a musical, but you know like how there are songs in it, right? You know. And yeah, that one is older. I think like when I talk to people about I go, I'm going to go see a star is born. People be like, oh, I love the Barbra Streisand one. I really enjoyed the older versions because definitely a classic last ory you know, I think it is very good story framework. Oh, yeah, it is. I agree. I never even heard of the story hadn't either. Yeah, when they were like, oh, a star is born is coming out. I'm like, Kate, first of all, what is that? And then they're like, it's a remake. I'm like a remake of what in there like a star is. What do you make of what? So I'm like, okay, I haven't heard of any of this at all. And I think also wrote in for myself because I watched the new one, I and then I try to go back and watch the old one. And I was like, yeah, I'm not really filling it. It's just feel the same. You know, because I feel like the characters in the new one did such a great show. Do you feel like Barbara dreicer Beiber, Barbra Streisand and Kris? Kristofferson had chemistry. I mean, somewhat, but not. Yeah, not as much as lady and that's why I say I ruined it for myself because lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did such a great job when you look back and you're just like believable, gonna hate us for not liking the sorry. I have seen some of the musical numbers from the Judy Garland one, and they're very cute. Judy, Garland, and I walk anyway. Musical numbers. But yeah, I know there were some parts about the Barbra Streisand version. I've also seen pieces of that that are similar to the twenty eighteen version. Yeah, like some of the story elements. But yeah, like as I've said, like, Chris Christoffersen plays John Howard who was like the sort of alcoholic star and he is a rock star out of country star and. They were just like some of him performing that. I personally didn't think he's saying as well as Bradley Cooper saying in this version, but obviously Barbara for a great voice. Oh, yeah. So you know, she shown for sure in the she had his on that she had him covered. Yeah, gives you what I really liked actually is how what I notice is they kind of took the story kind of framework from the nineteen seventy six one, but they kept the character names and stuff kind of similar to the nineteen fifties one. Oh, yeah, because I think the nineteen fifties one, the one with Judy, Garland, the dude's name was the two. The lead in that won. His last name was Maine. Just like how in this one, the guy's name is Jackson main. Okay. I kind of feel like they kept that just to keep it all in the same. You know, in combine all of them, but I really liked that part of it of it all. But if any of you want to go out and watch the new one, you won't be, you know, disappointed at all. No, you should definitely go see it. Right, right. And even if you don't know anything about it and you just feel like, oh, it's not your kind of movies like both me and Heidi said, is. It was not what we expected and we liked it more than what we thought it was going to be. Yeah. Also, I would say it's very touching and at the end of the movie, and when I went into the theater thinking that I wasn't going to like it. And then when I went to the restroom, afterwards, all the stalls filled with people who were in the theater and they were all like sniffling and blowing their noses, and I'm like, really got me right. They has a range too because there are moments where you saw like one a sit there and cry because you can relate. And that's what I like about it too is very relatable to a normal relation I want. I don't wanna say normal, but anybody else's relationship that you know they struggle with the back and forth. I wouldn't say now, relationship struggle with, you know, some form of addiction or anything like that, but definitely the, you know, the struggle of keeping your relationship together. Yeah, and some of the baggage that individual can bring into a relationship. Yeah. And yet also, the older star is born, which I believe from was like fifty, four. Okay. That means they like made away earlier version get. I'm brought it back to garland musical, which definitely fits really does it really does I understand why they keep bringing it back. That's very good. Yeah, don't bring it back for another like twenty. Yeah, led the lady Gaga Brad, the Cooper won a while, but yeah, exactly. It was. It was good. It was better than what I expected saying with Heidi. We liked it, check it out for yourself. If you're into that sort of thing Bradley, Cooper was amazingly amazing and the soundtrack will be great. Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You can play that all the way through all the way through it was so good for sure, but thank you for listening to the GMC movie podcast. Join us next time for more movie, talk. The Golden State media concepts movie, but cast hard of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. 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