TMHS 432: The Massive Impact Work Has On Your Health & Why NOW Is The Time To Change It


You are now listening to the model show with Shawn Stevenson. For more visit the model health show dot com. Welcome to the modern host show. This is fitness nutrition expert, John Stevenson, and I'm so grateful be Tuni today. This might be one of the most important episodes that we've ever done today wouldn't be discussing one of the most overlooked health issues that I think that we really have a great opportunity to change right now, and as you know, the world is very different, but with change comes opportunity and even. Still, like my son, his school is closed down still until they're doing remote learning and he's on zoom call right now for his class and just yesterday we got a memo that they would be having music for the first time this week and I'm just wondering how are they going to have music or the kids gonNA, individually sing with their headphones in the parents have to listen to their child randomly. A very different situation versus what I grew up with when I was his age we had musically at band. Awry. Band was very different for different terrain. You walk into the band room and you know you've got some kids had been playing instruments four while not me not me. The teacher was like Sean Hey, grab the trombone. What trombone. To talking about the one with the this thing. Yeah. I. Did so like Middle School, even I was playing trombone can you imagine I was in the the the long bus ride the desegregation bus riders our to get to school our back. Can you imagine walking down that bus? I'll with a huge trombone when you're probably. Eighty to one hundred pounds self. Home. My goodness it was just it was not the best vibe, but it was an experience in my son is not getting that experience i. think it really weather's you makes you tougher but you know we're all adapting. We're all doing what we have to do but there is something greater. It's not just doing what we do. It's also having the opportunity and the realization that we can take control of so many different dimensions of our lives right now and make a change for the better. We sit back on the sidelines and just wait for things to pass over or we can get in the game and helped to usher in a world that really works for everyone. Now before we get into this discussion today, and again, this is a massive health issue that so many people have no idea about and I promise you that some of these statistics are going to truly blow your mind and make you see life in an entirely different way. But. Another issue that a lot of folks are dealing with this finding creative ways to try to cut back cut back on expenses and especially when it comes to food, you know it's a big expense for many families and especially if you have higher standards, you know you're looking for organic and non GMO. Gluten free options Paleo options farm to table farm fresh. 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So appreciative of all the transforming information you share, you make me want to be the best me I can be don't stop sharing. Best is remarkable. Thank you so much for sharing their review. You Own Apple podcasts. Wow that really man that really does mean a lot and if you get to do so please pop over to apple podcasts and leave a review for the show in means so very much and on that note, let's get to our topic of the day. Today we'll be talking about one of the most overlooked health issues that has been affecting our entire world and it's been overlooked long enough and I truly believe that right now is giving us an opportunity to actually change this. So, we're going to start this with a Meta analysis of four, hundred, eighty, five studies, and this is published in occupational and Environmental Medicine. And found that job satisfaction is one of the strongest influences on mental health issues. In Our world, most notably for depression and anxiety. The study noted a relationship also between our job satisfaction and physical health issues like gastrointestinal issues and cardiovascular as well, and this is echoed in several other studies including study that was cited in the Journal of chronic diseases. Taking into consideration array of risk factors and of vocations and an array of income levels uncovered that the lack of satisfaction in the work that we do is a significant risk factor for coronary heart disease. Why don't we talk about this? Real health and wellness is dynamic. It comes from so many different things. It's not just about food you can eat the perfect. Personalized, unique blood type buddy type, every type diet. And go to work and spend half or more of your waking hours of your entire life hating what you do or being unhappy go into the place that you go every day or doing the work that you're doing instill still develop chronic health issues even if your diet is perfect, even if you're hitting the gym all the time, all of these things matter. Relationships matter our sleep matters. All of these things go into the overall code. The human that you are. and. This issue. More than any other time in our lifetime is something that we can change what's happening right now with the job market and all of the turmoil I believe is offering up an opportunity for us to change this because many people are working themselves in his sickness and don't even realize it. It's happening and they don't realize that it doesn't have to be this way now we're going. To discuss, there is a modicum of course of doing what you gotTa. Do you know getting the bills paid but we have to move beyond that and this is the opportunity to do. So we're GONNA talk about how we can actually do that today as well. But I want to dive a little bit deeper here because I scratched the surface in some of the issues that we see. The results of another peer reviewed study and this was published in two thousand fifteen finally direct link between job satisfaction and psychological distress as well as physical disorders. Now according to the researchers satisfaction with the nature of work that was doing was the strongest predictor for psychological distress for sleep disorders, headaches, and gastrointestinal problems what. You don't hear stuff like sleep problems caused by. Dissatisfaction with the work one is doing. The data exists, but this is something that we brush off really think about this. Again, we think somebody's illness quote comes out of nowhere where there are so many different factors like they eat. Perfectly they're exercising all the time. And we have to take a broader view of health now and take all of these things into consideration. And that's what I'm encouraging us to today. Another study. This was from researchers from the Ohio State University say that their work shows that happiness on the job or lack thereof appears to have the biggest impact on midlife mental health. One of study authors noted that and listen to this is really interesting. And having a scale very satisfied satisfied to completely dissatisfied. They discovered that quote seen with the majority of people are either very satisfied or satisfied with their job, but we find that even they subtle distinction between. Satisfied and simply being satisfied has significant effects on your health. I would say our studies, main findings are you're likely to have worse health if you don't love your job rather than if you hate your job So did you catch that distinction? People who are just kinda getting by tolerating what they do, and maybe they're okay with their job. But if they don't love their work, not loving your work, not loving the thing that you do every day is far more of a predictor of negative health outcomes than if somebody absolutely hated the job. So that little subtle distinction of actually enjoying what we do every day is the strongest predictor of our health when it comes to the work that we do. Now, the study authors also noted that job satisfaction levels in the United States have been consistently declining since the nineteen eighties. And they said quote the main reason is due to increased job insecurity. People are not sure if they will always have their job today compared to thirty years ago in quote. Obviously this is a big concern, the world is very different. Things are changing you know our parents or grandparents they might go and work for factory my grandmother. For example, she worked at a factory in a consistent job you're going clock in my grandfather worked as well, and you can expect to have that job for decades you know and the nature of that type of work you know where people we've really shifted from a Labor, based workforce more to a knowledge based workforce, and there's so much going on with technology is just changing the nature of how everything. Gets done and we have to adapt to it. We must adapt and there are so many incredible opportunities for us to take advantage of the technology. But if we don't get this message, if we don't see that our happiness is plummeting our satisfaction with workers plummeting as our health is plummeting, there are multiple reasons why this is all taking place it's not just about food obviously a big component, but it's also about the work that we're doing and how we're investing our life force. We are all limited editions here on this planet and how we invest our lives. That limited amount of time that you have the gift that you have here matters, and that's what I really want to get across today. There's another fascinating study. This was published in the Journal of International Medical. Research found a direct relationship between our work environment and rates up obesity. We can look at all the top health issues that we're concerned about today and see a correlation between the work that we're doing and the manifestation of these diseases, and we've already touched on cardiovascular diseases. You know so issues with our heart. We've talked about mental health issues issues with our minds. We've also toss up talked about gastrointestinal issues being tied to the work that we do our gut. Those are symbolic to me. Our heart, what is a heart telling us? We need to be doing, what is our mind telling us that we need to be doing? What is our gut say? The work that we're doing in how we invest our hours each and every day is precious time here matters and our entire being is trying to shift us to something else. Now in addition to that our current state of employment in the United States has just been an absolute chaos. since his pandemic began, but it's just exposing something that has already just kind of cooking below the surface but the United States Labor Department estimates that nearly fifty million Americans have had to file unemployment claims due to the social economic shutdown this along with hundreds of thousands of small businesses being forced to shut their doors and one hundred thousand small businesses here in the United. States have already been forced to shut their doors permanently. And if you could just take a moment I, know some people are listening that have had to endure this experienced this but if you can imagine. People sometimes work in their entire lives or their their family, passing down the family business and doing whatever it takes to keep the business open prior to this pandemic happening, and then this taking place just really not even having a chance to keep your business going to provide for your family. This is scary stuff. And we need to right now cultivate more of a sense of empathy and community and support because we all need each other small businesses employ about fifty percent of the entire US job market, which is crazy to even imagine that it really is the lifeblood of the American economy and without small businesses thriving. Our world just isn't the same and there's a massive breakdown and I'm GonNa talk a little bit more about that. Because According to another study in what we're looking at here is unemployment can create permanent decreases in our emotional wellness. And Right now we've seen that unemployment rates are correlated directly and this has been known for many years. When folks aren't able to work. Rates of depression skyrocket anxiety. Suicide. Homicide. All manner of mental health issues but things that are overlooked when folks are unemployed, there's upwards of fifty percent increase in the risk of having a heart attack or not able to work. Being able to give value. And to provide for our families is tied to our is tied to the beating of hearts literally. And this is why this is such A. Scary time. But also it's time. Again of great opportunity just depends on the lens that we're seeing it through but we do need knowledge the problem let's not act like it's not happening. Let's take a good look at US face to face with it so that we can actually come to some real world solutions for these things. Now. Researchers at Oxford University stated in recent report that quote. The striking fact is that overtime people simply do not adapt to being unemployed. If you're without a job, your life satisfaction is permanently lowered in quote. The research found that even those who re enter the workforce after a sustained period of unemployment. Never return to their previous levels of happiness and well-being. Quote. You don't adapt over time according to their data. Even when you regain employment, there's a permanent scar as far as our wellbeing in quote. Now. I don't like to hear anything about permanence, but this is what they're data shows. I believe that no matter what has happened. No matter what we've been through as long as our heart is beating, there's an opportunity for things to get better. But if we're operating in this conventional setting as many of these studies are looking at, we're going to be a victim of those settings. We're going to be a victim of the conditions of the environment in the world around us not understand how powerful we are to affect change to create the lives that we truly want. So. What really wanting to get across today is that doing work that we don't enjoy doing work that we're not passionate about Kellyanne in fact, kill us. This is what the data shows, but this is very counterculture. This is very outside of the paradigm of the things that are discussed in right now, our society, the workforce, our economy is flexed up, but that is such a great thing because when things are permanent when things have a level of of certainty in structure, they're very difficult to change, but once the foundation is shaken. It gives us the opportunity to build something better to build something new and that's opportunity I see right now but we have to be aware that it's happening. We have to be aware of the sickness that was taking place prior to this time in in life giving us this opportunity to remedy it because what if this experience that's taking place right now is happening four us. What if it's happening for us? What if this is giving us the opportunity to fix system or people spend half? Of their waking hours, investing their life force into things that make them unhappy. I. Think we're so much more than that. As human beings I think there were so much more than that. But. We have to be aware of it. We have to acknowledge it ourselves to be able to take control of our lives and write our own stories. And now. Yes, there is definitely a modicum of doing what we have to do. Right paying the bills I know that probably better than most and so what I wanted to do was to share some of my stories and things that I've never shared before. In hopefully, provide some light in the dark time some insights tools. And also some inspiration to know truly that we can go from just getting by. We can go from doing what we have to do. And create a life that we love create. A A situation where we're getting up every day and doing work fulfills us. Now we're passionate about an impact the world because I believe that we are all immensely gifted we have. An insane amount of talents, capacities, life experiences. Latent. Capabilities that we don't even realize that we have until challenges take place that forced us to develop these qualities. You know that's what in my perspective every single challenge I've been through every crazy looking fork in the road and there's like slender man at the fork in the road freaking me out. It was providing an opportunity to learn something and even if I went the wrong direction. I learned a lesson that got me back on track and got me to the place that I truly needed to be. And so. I've been in this field of health and wellness for nineteen years now coming up on nineteen years almost two decades. Is Crazy to say that absolutely nuts ten years as a clinician and working as a nutritionist consultant researcher working with patients work with thousands of people and really seeing a great level of success in work and it's parlayed into so many things in me being here with you today. But this started with coming out of high school in all of the struggles that I went through coming from the neighborhoods that I grew up in. We'll talk a little bit more about that but once I did I mean it was like super human level things to just graduate high school. I had the fortune of got accepted to college that I applied to and I went to a private university initially gave me a bunch of scholarship money and. I decided you know what I'm going to go med was this because I was passionate about science. This is because of the cosby. Show. That's how I chose my perspective career choice like you know Susan bless him was like watching. You know who shall remain nameless I guess but watching that is seeing okay. I should be a doctor that looks like something that is is good and successful. I'm going to be a doctor just based off of an image that I got of a situation that I can identify with. So that was what it was. And I remember my first electives. In my university just happened to have a nutrition class you know big auditorium style class. You know I signed up for that class at the first or second semester and it was again this was elected. This is not required on Pre Med track and I took the nutrition class under the assumption that nutrition mint fitness. That was a connection I had in. My mind is nutrition mint fitness, and the first day of class, the teacher walked in. And I was immediately identify like unfettered than this guy looking teach me. And then I proceeded to not show up for the class that that often literally outcome the class was like Tuesday Thursday once a week once every two weeks just how I rolled. A test taker he was one of those skill sets just give me the material. Oshawa I gotTA. Sancho. Do it. I wasn't really Abiding by the system in the structure of education like it's just like just give me what I need to know. Kind of thing I still I had that thread then. I'm not saying is good but that's what I was doing. All right. But what freaked me out was the upperclassmen and you know looking at a pathology and just once you start to research disease and sickness, it can really freak you out. He knows today like we got the Internet now. So you might have a symptom you go look it up like you know like throats a little itchy tonsil swollen may got red I. You know maybe you're you I don't know maybe you're you're back. To your symptoms like Oh my God like i. I think. Taint itis like some crazy like some kind of random thing and you fit the description and we self diagnose in a freak us out. But that was usually reserved back then for people who were medical students. And we start like. Kinda diagnosing each other you know whether it's like. Physical health issues, mental health issues as well. We can kinda wrapped up in system it was studying sickness that's what it was and even though that was my initial choice. I came to a realization. After the first year that I. Absolutely. Science. I hated. This reminds me of in living color Damon Wyans hated it. I hated it. And I had to come to terms with that and what's crazy is is deeply love it. I think about science all the time. It's my boo. But it was the way that I was being taught. It just didn't. It didn't feel good. It didn't inspire me. The way that it was taught didn't have any personal visceral connection to me in my life and that's part of the reason why do this show today to make it connect for people because there's so much beauty to biology so much beauty to kinesiology. There's so much beauty to signs that intersects with our lives every single moment that I later discovered, but initially initially. I switched my major from pre med over to marketing. Why did I do that because of a movie? Because of Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy that's pick my next major I saw Eddie Murphy Strong J. Like these looking good suits he had dropping gives Halle Berry I don't know who to choose. I was like I want to do what he does these these fly saw I do marketing it seems cool that making commercials whatever. So I shifted my major over but life had other plans for me. You know this is during college shortly thereafter, my first year is when my health just begin to erode, but it was already happening years in advance for the degree of damage that took place alternately when I was twenty years old getting diagnosed with the so called incurable spinal condition. Basically severe advanced arthritis of my spine in my disc with this degeneration disease, as well as Bona generation disease having broke my hip in my teens just from running because my body was breaking down from the inside out. But I grew up in such a sick environment in the things that I was making my body out of the way that I was abusing. My my own mind, my own brain, my own physical body. With the way that I was living just had no idea I had no idea. But because of that and we're not going to get too much story share many times. Going through that process of seeing how the healthcare system was. Completely backwards, and just looking at treatments of disease and not what actually creates health. I became obsessed with finding out everything that I could about health and human body. And these are the things that were not taught me and my university courses and I shifted back you know begins studying biology nutritional science and all that stuff again by. The education in the university setting was less than zero zero, zero, zero, zero point one percent of the knowledge base that I, have today. But I wanted to find a way how can I take this information and help people because eventually completely transformed my health became healthier Beyond I didn't even know the that level of health and joy and clarity was possible. I didn't even know it existed and so many of us are walking around in a fog we have no idea they were in. And when it's lifted, it is miraculous. You realize. that. Not only do you. You know you look feeling perform better but you realize how powerful you are to affect change. And I wanted to see replicated every person that I possibly could. And so for the beginning of my story. At that time when I had this revelation, take place in our transform my health I was living in a one room. Apartment in Ferguson Missouri trying to finish up my degree. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Situations not looking. That's sexy is now looking at sexy. And I'm going from that from not being also not being able to work because of the. Physical breakdown that is experiencing to now like when I got physically better. It wasn't just my body my mind. Changed or had to change in order for the physical change to take place. So I began to see my relationships differently I began to see myself differently. I began to see the work that I was doing in the world differently I start to have this feeling like My time is valuable and I can do something. You know Mike My Grandmother instilled in me that I was going to do something great with my life but I didn't know wet. But I knew that I wanted to help people because when I was down when I was broken. The really wasn't anybody there for me and I didn't want anybody else to feel like this and to into told that there's nothing you can do about it because I heard that from four physicians. And I know they meant well but they told me this was something. You're just going to have to deal with I'm sorry son but you're gonNA have to live with this and it wasn't true. It wasn't true. Now. Taking action to start to do something that I enjoyed it. I was just walking around campus and a friend of mine from high school is actually a friend of mine little sister but she also is cool with me. She came up to me she was like. Oh my God. What did you do you look so different you know because prior to that I was walking around campus Puffy I was Sean. P diddy combs. His earlier nickname was puff daddy. My name is Sean is, will I was on that path Daddy? I was puffy alright. So Packed on a lot of weight in those two years between diagnosis and decision to change. And a definitely I wasn't moving around very well I was I was to be real. I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed I was embarrassed to even go to school I went from a full credit low three one class barely stayed in school I almost dropped out. Now she saw me after this transformation took place in how quickly took place and she was just asking all these questions. and. Then her final question was, can you help me? And I was like, yeah absolutely and then she was like, how much pay you? In my brain shutdown. I could not believe that she offered to pay me for something that I would do anyways I would love to go and work with her in the gym. and. In my brain freeze. I. Just said. Seven dollars. Like, even had a question mark at the end, I didn't even make it a solid statement. I says seven dollars, seven dollars, seven dollars a session. And I thought that that was something that was comparable to a type of kind of student job. There might be able to get at a time you know but I was just like I definitely can't say more than that because I would I would do this. anyways. So that was my first. Paying quote client. was seven seven freaking dollars a session and we had an incredible time. She was able to get some incredible results. I was just there for her. And taking just the data I was studying a lot and learning about kinesiology fitness and getting certified as a personal trainer I've decided to do that. And went from there. He was like you know one client two, two, two, four to tend to to twenty two waiting list got nuts and there was these progressions that I had to go through mentally to check to offer my services and value that I was getting. Completely transformed people's lives but I just didn't value myself as much. So I go from seven dollars eventually like maybe ten like twelve originally visually, of course, it got up into the. Twenties you know and so on. But it took a lot of time in lot of inner work. But what I wanted to share with you guys was even though. I begin to make more income. I would always find creative ways to get rid of that money. So. Even after I went from the seven dollars a session in paying my written using the school refund check from like my grants and scholarship just to get by. Once I got to twenty dollars a session in having a pack calendar. I was still hovering around. MMA bank account I was a hundred air. Not. Even thousand heir millionaire Hundred Air. Just getting by how how's making so much money at that point compared to where I was at and it reminded me of the statement that a fool and his money are soon parted. In on the topic of finances and work, I was a fool I didn't know anything all I knew was that if I just keep working harder, then I'm going to be able to solve these financial problems. If I just keep working harder I'm going to be able to move past these financial pressures. But. was being full. Being a fool because it's not about that it's not about working harder. It. There is a level of hardwork. To, being great anything that we do. But that level of of thinking was not was going to get me. Out of the one bedroom apartment in Ferguson Missouri sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Having two kids by the way by the way that's where a lot of my money was going Jordan. He's downstairs right now on his zoom classes college university. you know. So my son and my daughter. That's where this this income especially as things start going up to be good dad, we take care of my kids but still just not being able to break through that self imposed limitation because that's really what the real issue was. It was my unhealthy relationship with money. That is a thing that you cannot out work that you have to change it. You have to change programming within your own mind because success is not about hard. Work Success begins with your mindset success begins with how you see reality. Success begins with your perception. Hard work again that there's a level of hard work to anything that we want to be great at, but you cannot outworked faulty programming with your thinking. So. The thing that I needed change that I didn't realize realize at the time was my money blueprint we all have money blueprint, and usually this blueprint is established during childhood and most of US number change it a we barely changed we might change the blueprint a little bit add on little single car garage to our blueprint. With money. But most of us, we get that blueprint and we continue to struggle especially if you grew up around struggle. So for me, we were poor poor growing up in all we consider poverty. And so me sleeping on the floor in my apartment, there's nothing new. But I never made that connection. Is What what I did. Getting a bed frame was that's an occasional thing. My Kids oversleeping on air mattress and air mattress had hole in it so. We wake up there on the floor. You know they go from you know a foot elevate off the ground to be on the ground. But. The things that I grew up around in the messages that I grew up around were you know my mom would say things like? I'm broke as a joke by I'll be like mom, can I have some money? You know go to you know what my friend? Buoyant broke as a joke. Or? Hey Mom can I? You know she like do I look like I'm made out of money. Programming programming. In also, you know we have food stamps his so that will come around is the first of the month you know you get those food stamps in spooked food stamp Christmas you know sometime, I'll give me a whole book of food stands is when I think there's car now but this is was actual leg paper you know. So you can be like kind of what is it when you had to strip club what he make an Iranian you make it rain with food stamps a right, and you know get their book maybe ten dollars food stamps go to the Corner Store Raca ball out a ratio. Wick as well. This is where is women infant and children's Program I. Believe is call and you get the government. Cheese and milk and bread in those kind of things. Also, we get food from food pantries. And we also grew up around this condition the psychological condition messaging of always waiting for something to come through right income tax check the income tax refund. That's when we get Christmas. Literally my mom told me so many times. I'm sorry baby when income tax you know it's Christmas. The NINTENDO's. At Oh. Baby I promise the income tax check calms will get the Nintendo. But that's the beautiful part. Two's like we still you know my parents found ways to make stuff happened wasn't always okay when we when we wanted it but finding those creative ways and that's what a lot of families do hardly find different ways to make stuff happen for the babies but income tax Christmas, as well as food stamp Christmas. Income? Tax Christmas. We'd always be you know waited for settlement to come in he no settlement get injured on the road or work or something that settlement check or An inheritance ABC you know somebody might. Kick the bucket. You know maybe the money come in you know like waiting for something to come in income tax check settlement lottery. Right playing lottery. Gambling. True story the first time. In my recollection I remember stuff from the WAG when I was three years old two, three years old and one of those weird people apparently, a lot of people don't remember those kind of things but you know every my earliest memories of quality time with my stepfather. He would take me to the racetrack he get lost. Bet On, horses off somewhere with a good couple of quarters. Arcade Games as our quality time and it was like far from our house too. So it was like probably seem like it was super far but probably wasn't that for you when you're a kid just like, are we there yet? So. That was a quality time. He blew man he blew our money so many times, but it's those one time when we get that money when you get that money, you eat good. Lift that? But the reality was I grew up around these conditions. So my relationship with money was money is scarce. Money is hard to come by. We moved ten times ten times. Not because we were trying to like I wanna live in the Beezer and live in New York City no because we couldn't pay the rent. So we had to move onto the next one onto the next word. So move ten times and you might here's like why didn't they just? Work Harder. Man Let me tell you let me tell you what my mother did. My Stepfather Man, I've never seen anybody where I've been around some of the most successful people never seen anybody work as hard as him. My mother she was still her blood. Every opportunity that they allow for you sell your blood. She saw her blood to feed her babies. She worked she got a job we're in not the best conditions. So she'd be the the night manager at magic market magic markers like A. Kind, of off brand seven eleven right magic market. She worked overnight shifts this when we I live on my grandma's still without coming live with my mom on new on the weekends. And my mom worked magic market. So I to bed and she leave and in the morning she will bring you back a pack of baseball cards. At the little gum in their loved it. I had some of those baseball cards up until we moved recently then my wife was like. She i. think she low key just kind of threw away. I don't know I. gotTa go look but who I might add fortunate I don't know but it was like one of those special things but working in a situation overnight. In A. Poor conditions. Somebody attempted to rob my mother. Knife she was stabbed. Eight Times. She almost lost her life, but she was able to subdue the attacker. Police. Got Him. In our members, she told me the physician was by your weight. Because she was overweight, saved your life if you weren't as heavy as you are. You. Probably win the lived. What does that tell my mother that fat is protecting you? Don't ever lose it. She worked hard. The conditions that we were in. Kept finding. Ways to keep us where we were at and we were doing that to ourselves as well. I picked programming. Money is scarce is dangerous. You gotTa Risk Your Life for it you gotta give everything that you have just for like moments. Tiny moments of happiness. Tiny, moments of happiness and peace. When reality must have father hit a drink himself into a moment of peace. And? I could either pick up all the behaviors I'm seeing or I could decide like I see that happening I choose other but I have to know that is possible. So. As Work. I've dedicated my life to serving other people iron on fire and just there's so much beauty happening. But I'm sacrificing my own wellbeing because I'm struggling to get by each month. And I'm taking care of everybody else. But the shift didn't happen for several years even after I met my wife and she started helping like managing some things. And they wasn't until my my youngest son Brayden just turned nine years old. This month when this episode is coming out. It wasn't until. Again I'd been in this field for over a decade at that point. Made. Huge impact on people's lives in so many different ways. But when my wife was pregnant with Brayden. And I've never shared before my wife was pregnant with brandon our gas got turned off. At our house in Ferguson floor sent. US trying to have the American, Dream. At the House, we've got our cars. Doing this work I see that there's something more gas got turned off. The thing was I had the money just got the money. But the something happened with the Senate. We shouldn't even got that close and to see my pregnant wife in the middle of winter and Missouri, and we're downstairs in the basement at this house where we had a wood burner stove we we use one time in probably I don't know six seven years we lived. I don't know how long we live there but. I found a way to like get their fire lit. We had to stay down there that night. Did. Something to me. I decided that no matter wet. This will never happen again. I. Was not going to have my. Children grow up with the same struggles that I grew up with. I had to change it. And I invested so much helping everyone else. But I needed to really focus on me and my blocks, my limiting beliefs that our carrying that. All in this was a statement that I was saying to myself I just want to help people. The money doesn't matter. It can be both. Because my family should not have to suffer. Because I'm so concerned about else that was backwards thinking I need to take care of myself my family make sure that our structures great. So it frees me up it frees up my mind to help even more. I was being selfish in a strange backwards way. I didn't know that I was doing it though. and. So once that switch happened in my mind and I decided I have to figure this thing out. No matter what? My health. When I made the decision took two years of the most intense. Miserable pain and suffering. For me to actually decide. That no matter what I'm changing this thing. Unfortunately usually takes that for us as humans to get to that place who are back has to be against the wall for us to change. It doesn't have to be that way because we could change through inspiration as well, but it's usually through suffering. In that moment right there and seeing. The look on her face. I, know she's with me. No matter wet. But I want a better for her. So. Part of that. That change was I had to change my money inputs. I had stacks and stacks is incredible library of health and nutrition books of kinesiology fitness books in. All this incredible information I was a sponge I as the French they actually facing shot everybody listening France but I was just absorbing all of that and I became it was me was built. It was in my my cells, but I didn't under stand. Thing about business and finances. These are things that are not taught to me. I took business classes. I took university level marketing classes. They don't teach you how to be successful in the real world. So I need to change my inputs in learn from people who actually have the thing or have achieved the success that I would like to see. It so I'll tell you what this shifted from you guys was. Somehow or another we saw a commercial online is watching probably some nutrition video or something but we watching you know some some program online as on Youtube and I saw. An advertisement for? A program called new money masters from Tony Robbins, I the new money masters. So this had to be you know brain just nine. I don't know probably about nine years ago. And Tony Robbins has been this icon in personal development but also. Ridiculously, successful in his life in the real world, you know having you know billion dollar companies, for example, and he was bringing forth this this interview series with these people who were creating incredible wealth online like doing stuff online now. For Myself I was offline brick and mortar working in a clinical practice and I was being invited to speak. It plays his I was teaching classes and I was making a huge impact through those mediums. But I became aware that there's this entire world online that I could be reaching in helping people and I really feel like I have something special that people need to know, and this gives a tool to do it. But watching the money masters presented this, you know listen to the different people. This concept of creating a niche site, for example, and we were straight up into it like, okay. We need to solve his money issues. So we're going to create one of the ideas was like a dog training niche site where you get like a e book or whatever, and we really start to invest our time in doing that and just like a couple of days into it, I just stopped and I had a nervous laden conversation wife because it just didn't feel right house I A. I know that it looks like we can make money doing this, but it doesn't feel right. I think that we can do this and create something online. That is aligned with my mission in who we are and how we serve people and to help people to really change the world in a positive way do health and wellness. And fortunately she agreed. Now this was going to tell a lot more work because we didn't have that exact blueprint for creating a quote niche website. We created my website. And you know it was incredible. All of the designs you know like I had friends who would see the website colleagues like Sean, who did you website who did your website, but it's this concept is his field of dreams concept that we have is well that if you build it, they will come. If you build it, they will come. The website has been released upon the world come everyone. You know we've got credible articles and you know you got. Different products and things that I love that you can get access to in his affiliates. Now we're GONNA have a little bit more income coming in didn't happen. That's not how it works at all. You know I'm not GonNa say it was crickets. But they were like grasshoppers. You feel me like they're saying you know like you wouldn't be able to tell them. The differs that. Well, you know it's Jiminy crickets. Cousin Grasshopper Lewis Ra so Now here's where changed. There's another major component to changing my inputs that I was fighting with that I did not WanNa let go and I'm talking about I was holding onto dear life to this idea this limiting belief that was lit it was literally. From achieving success as possible for me. and. This was this idea of it's not what you know. It's who you know. It's not what you know. It's who you know like I would hear this and it would disturb me. Because I'm like Nah it's not who you know. Absolutely not. I should be good enough that my results speak for himself. It's not who you know and with the WHO you know thing I would think in terms of like nepotism. Favoritism because of who you know. and. So I would fight against that and I decided what I'm going to know so much that is not going to matter who I know. But in reality, all I'M GONNA be is a guy who knows a lot by himself. It is our relationships that's reality. That's how the world works. We're here together, but I grew up with this kind of Lone Wolf you know via mentality because of my environment again, we really didn't mess with a lot of people you know like my stepfather he had maybe like one friend you know per per decade in now and they had their lane that they were in like we just didn't mess with a lot of people you know, of course, I have friends and things like that but. We can't depend on people in very much. So of Lake. Always keeping an eye out like a distrust. and. Also this idea that. I have to do this. No one else can do it. Is, it's Kryptonite for so many credible people. We just think that nobody else can can do the job that we can. So we try to do all these different jobs. Right instead of just working really in our gift. Is So. I had to open myself up to trust had opened myself up. To inviting people in having relationships and it was like scary. I didn't realize this until years later how quickly things changed now is already making. Big Inroads in making big waves with the content that I was creating, what else putting out into the world and actually helping all these different companies that I really didn't even wasn't that closely affiliated to to make income because people were buying all their these cool superfoods and things that I loved. In somehow. Something happened where there's like a training taking place for some of the you know the organization they're a some of the some of the people who are part of the company and there was a speaker for the company named Jim Quick. Jim Quick accelerated learning expert. Had on the show I think he has the record of most of my time being here on. This is my home here on the model show he's just been such A. Game. Changer in my life but. And they were telling him about this Guy Sean Stevenson that everybody kept talking about. And under normal circumstances. Disconnection would have happened because I just wouldn't have been listening to be honest. But He invited me on to help to train. The people who are in the company? And it was like. It was like breathing to me it just start tapped into something that I didn't even know I had the capacity. It was it was so such a harmony. And in that moment Jim quick he was already an icon doing incredible things. And now, I'm starting to connect with people who are who are doing incredible things that never. Had Access to before. and that exposure number one changing my inputs. Of, things that I was learning as far as income. Opening myself up and understanding that it's to the greatest asset that you have. I'm going to tell you the straight up I hope that you get this the greatest asset that you have. Is, something called our our Rights Not Roi. Are Our return or relationship. The relationships are the most valuable asset I promise you in the world today by far. Those who have healthy relationships in a diverse array of relationships are the ones who are thriving right now or at least not hitting the hitting the skids so. Incredibly important. And then coming out eventually to gyms place in California. and. I walk in he he's holding. I think it was a housewarming party. And I think maybe I've been to. Los Angeles before my eyes were like two big and just like. Not really able to get what was happening, but now I'm at his place I walk in the hills like your phone service goes out what is. Too high up ears popping. And we go in all these people who are these you know these stars right on the Internet gray or health and wellness and people kind of in my. My space and people knew me I was like, what is this is so weird this is so weird. but at the same time to see the conditions to know that like you know my man, he's same thing we had that common bond is another thing we connect on things that are related to each other, and he's a big fan of superheroes. So he had this big life size. Iron man like right there and his liver room is incredible. Just really creating a space that was from his imagination. I didn't know that was a thing I thought that was like on TV like. If a kid wins the lottery kind of thing like brewster's. Bruce's millions or richie rich is like Richie rich. That's just on TV but man like he had created this and so it literally when you around it, it changes your perception. It is like your thermometer starts to change of what is possible when you have that exposure, but I wanna be clear with you. Right now we have exposure opportunities we've never had before. Even ten years ago fifteen twenty years ago no way where you going to be having access to some of the most successful people in various fields unless you actually were able to physically get there somehow. Today we have Internet we could see anything. You can imagine be around anything. You can imagine virtually which part of your brains that don't know the difference but physical exposure obviously still trumps everything but. It's not just exposure. It's also IMBIBING. The belief that is possible for you. It's not just the exposure it's also believing. That it's possible for you as well. You have to believe it. It's not just like maybe could be there's a pitcher that my wife and I have from that trip. We went to the beach here in California rewrote some in the sand. and. We have planted the seeds of US having endless summers in living in Los Angeles, which was a pipe dream. Living in Ferguson floor at the time. You know. And, but it was those things. It was me taking action to get an environment to get uncomfortable it was super uncomfortable. Now I'm like. Honestly. Like even through those things I feel comfortable in pretty much any situation. But it was more. So those are the moments me to realize who I am. Even, within the midst of you know like people that they're trying to, who's who WanNa talk to WHO's who whatever the fakeness in other people really good people whatever. Me I'm about that life you know and I can repel any drama in in the fakeness in any of that stuff because these things will try to talk me out of you know making a move or getting in different environments right? But. We don't. We don't see the world as it is we see the world as we are. and. So I'm on the lookout for real people you know among the lookout for people who are really about that life and who about service and really care about people and that's predominantly what I see so. Those were huge things. And I hope that you're gaining some some big insights on helping to shift your money blueprint. And your understanding of the time that we're living in right now, you absolutely can do work. That is fulfilling to you that brings you joy that brings gifts to other people that also takes care of your life structures that also make sure that your bills are paid that also not just that if that's what you want, you can have that. But if you want more if you want some exceptional things, things that you dream of. That's possible too. And it comes from these small but mighty shifts in our thinking. And one of the thing that I wanna make sure there's this is incredibly valuable when I'm about to share with you. Another thing that was limiting me was a lack of diversity. In the work that was doing in the income that was coming in. I heard Bob proctor say this. and. He's one of the greatest all time legends in personal development and success. He said that. The key to wealth is having multiple streams of income. I didn't know what the heck that Mitt. The only streams that I knew were like. Cross, the streams in ghostbusters like merrily merrily down the stream like. You know plan swords whatever those streams that I knew about multiple streams of income I just didn't even get it. But his that lack of diversity. My thinking because I was just working in the gym or I was working in the gym and running my clinical practice. But. There was so many other ways because at in those points, I'm still exchanging my time for money. I was an entrepreneur and you're in the word entrepreneurs preneurs derived from the French entrepreneur. Hope that I'm saying that right entrepreneur. Which means to undertake? Is Undertaking. But you go beyond entrepreneur when you start to. You just basically when when you're that level entrepreneur, your own boss. But you're still doing the same trading your time for money thing. But when you can create things that start to do work are start to add value even when you're not. There or even when you're not proactively giving your time, that's when you go from entrepreneur to freedom. and. So. With. That in addition to opening my clinical practice and working nutritionist consultant working businesses, things like that. I was teaching nutrition classes, cooking classes. Now, you can start to scale it a little bit because not just one on one one on two or three. Sometimes, a class would have twenty people thirty people sold out classifies. A group coaching group. Fitness. Training. I wrote my first book which put that in quotations right I'm doing air quotes. If you're now watching Youtube, our first book was really a pamphlet. Little office depot cover on it. But I would actually forgot about this but a friend of mine recently WHO's a doctor he bought the book when he came to one of my class I was like I can't believe he bought this book it was I was great really. But that was you know I teach a class and then five people might buy this little pamphlet book because they're so inspired you know might be. Ten dollars, twenty dollars, whatever it was it was scaled. So it was that I begin speaking. More, Vince and eventually getting paid to do it. But of course I I I'll just like let me speak. I. Got You. but it was a speaking event. Funny enough in. Share, this story another time for something special that I wanna tell you about later but of how the model show came to be, but it started at a speaking of it is win the inception of the podcast happened while while I was speaking event. And if I didn't say, yes to that event, this wouldn't exist. And that podcast by the way has guys I'm from Missouri this is not the hub of entertainment and you know Glitz and Glamour of the United States Right. From being from Missouri and having a show coming from where I come from to have this show to be the number one health podcast in the entire country. Many many many times over is an absolute miracle if you're looking at this on paper. But there was very specific reasons behind it. Very specific things helped to make that possible. So. That happened the course becoming an umbrella. So many other incredible things but created an e book and went from the pamphlet book to any book to eventually self publishing a book to eventually book deals and everything just kind of evolved but had take each step and keep diversifying. The income right and that's the thing got Bob Proctor who's been on the show. Bob proctor has been on this show two times. Oh, so crazy. So many of these people that I learned from pretty much every person doesn't thinking about over the years whether it's in health or. Success and finance relationships. These are people who are friends today. Or colleagues of mine, and it's just. freaking me out a little bit right now actually. But this is what's possible guys. This was possible for all of us. On paper I have no right. I have no right to have overcome any of those things. But it's it's not because I'm special is because. I have said yes. To the capacities that are within me you have incredible gifts and talents and capacities so much within you. Dreams that need to be fulfilled that you have to say yes to. In order to say, yes, those things we have to let go of the things that we prop in hold onto as the reasons why we can't. We have to let those things go we have to you know cut the cord on that anchor. And just let it go. So we can actually take off. So, and I just shared a couple of the diversity things that we did. But all always adding value, how can we serve? How can we help with that premise and not coming from the hustle mentality that grew up around that prevented me from doing those things because it's just like I don't want to take advantage of a situation. I just want to help people I get it like somebody's like, I get it I. Get it. You know like that's who you are. That's your district core. We also have to make sure you're good so that you can be even greater at the thing that you were here for. So. Right now. I. Feel I. Really Want to share this because it's been on my heart. Some of the things that. I've been able to see inexperience and recently chat bozeman passed away. And he's done so many incredible things in his lifetime. I mean just remarkable things that are gonna live on for many years after. This moment. Planned economic figures in history plan, Jackie Robinson and James Brown Thurgood Marshall, bringing these characters to life in a way that only he could, and of course, being a psychotic black superhero in his universe getting created in giving the ability to have exposure to for people who. Just again, all I needed was to to see something I decided to do premed Econ of the cosby show marketing because the Borei that stuff matters it's powerful for many of us. It's the access that we get. It's the only story we get so to see people that look like you onscreen. The entire cast in the director is just really remarkable. You know what? Black? Panther meant, and because of these things in sharing with you today when that movie came out. I was able to rent out entire movie theater and bring in students from low income neighborhoods so that they can see the movie that they might not have gotten opportunities see in a movie theater man so powerful I still have. man. All these letters. And the person you know the teacher who helped me to put it together is Ronnie Lee who I mentioned before. On the show spent through a lot as well we met at school you, know? College. And You know similar stories you know with our. Our family members being on drugs in just coming up from very try situations. He's an incredible teacher. In life for these kids. So is just amazing to be able to do that. You have to become successful not just for you. But for your family for your community, you can help so many people if you stop playing small. The biggest reason that the American family has been pulled apart. Is because of work in money. This time has brought many families closer together. We have to take advantage of this opportunity. Don't go back to how it was. It was not working. We can change. This is giving us the opportunity to change. My SIP on glass courtesy France says, own. You're awesome. Thanks for the message. So let me give you some specific tips now. Number one, you must have more than one source of income. You must have more than one source of. If something ever happens again with the workforce. If something ever happens. Again with the economy, you will be able to ensure that you are not victim to having one source of income. You'll be able to pivot more easily I've seen it I've seen it. Let, this be a lesson to you. And you fully have capacity to make this happen I. Know You do. Number two. Community. People. Relationships are most important factor in success soon, not even close your relationships have the biggest. Impact it is the biggest determinate on. Your health. Your happiness and your success. We have to get ourselves proactively around. Good people who keep US lifted up and remind us of our greatness. It doesn't mean it's always easy. It doesn't mean it's going to say the things you want. But. They call out and require and demonstrate to you something greater. Is the most important thing. Number three, you have to let go of your limiting beliefs that are keeping you from what you want. Do you know how powerful you are. Do you really know how powerful you are? No one. No one can stop you. No, one can stop you. Nothing can stand in your way the only thing that can stop you. into. Truly, supersede and to move beyond. Read of these limiting beliefs that you're carrying car young said. Until you make the unconscious conscious. It will direct your life and you will call it fate. What are the things you're carrying around in your mind? What are these beliefs that you're caring about you and about what you're capable love that is keeping you in bondage. That is keeping you from the greatness that you're entitled to. By the very nature of you being here right now. We have to be able to look are limiting beliefs right in the eye dead in the eye. We have to be able to do that. Look right in the eyes of the week and destroy them. So what are some of these common? Again. Twenty. Years. Almost twenty years. Some of these common things. When you're wanting to. Do, the work that you love. We start coming up with these stories well. I'm. Not. Smart enough. I'm not smart enough for that. One of those limiting beliefs that so many people carry is that. I'm. Not Smart. Enough I'm. Not. Smart enough. To, be able to do what such doing I'm not smart enough to be able to do fill in the blank. Thing that I would love to be doing. And sometimes, it's like hiding not in the background because of course, I'M SMART INTELLIGENT But it can be floating around in there. All. Right. Doing a little bit of Dibble Dabble in your mind, you don't even really see it. You know it's kind of like a little bit of a tinkerbell effect bouncing around. In your mind so I, I heard the statement and I want to share this with you from my friend Jim Quick again accelerate learning expert memory expert. He's the one that all these incredible organizations turned to. Countless. Citizens across the World World Scott purpose world citizens. World citizens. Top, actor's name it. Go to Jim. Redes- grip faster speed read all that stuff. He was labeled as a boy with learning challenges. And now, he's considered to be one of the smartest people in the world. He said that it's not how smart you are. It's how you are smart. It's not how smart you are. It's how you are smart. In our system of education, you're supposed to learn these rote memorization. These different subjects we got science got history we social studies right. We got these subjects that we have to learn rote memorization, not necessarily any craig creativity or dynamic thinking. Even within the parameters of literature, there's so many different rules you have had a fit into for the professor for the teacher for what they were told. FIT, into those boxes if you aren't doing those things. If you're not good at the rote. Memorization. Then, you can be led to believe you are smart. You're definitely not. In the context of what society believes but somebody who is. Dreadful like when it comes to math like. Nightmare. But. Maybe they are absolutely brilliant artist. And create the most amazing pieces of artwork. Maybe, they you know struggle with science. This just like doesn't land for them. But they're an incredible writer. We start to label ourselves. We're not as smart as. Because you're supposed to have this broad range of. Cookie Cutter Things your quote good at are intelligent about to be labeled as Smart, and we allow this to happen to our children. It's not how smart you are. It's how you're smart. What are the things that you're neatly good at what are you? What are you not even good at but what are you interested in? Because that's where you might find your gift. I was not good at science, but I became interested in it. Things happened in my life to trigger interest and as I dove into that interest and I was able to explore that. Judgment, it unlocked a superpower. And that's superpower has literally changed the world. So. Please understand. It's not how smart you are. It's how you are smart. And things that you have A. A draw to or in neat ability within that's what you're genius lies or were. You have a great interest in allowing yourself to have the interest and not talking yourself out of it? That's where your greatness lies. A quote often attributed to Albert Einstein says that everyone is a genius. But if you judge fish by ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that his stupid. Things to be something that they're not our society is great debt. And just look at the results I don't have to make it up. We are right now six nation in the world. Every single health issue has continued to climb. Every mental health issue. We're trying to treat symptoms instead of the underlying issues. We have to get our citizens healthier. We have to allow ourselves to do things that we enjoy that help us to feel valued that help us to feel like we're able to contribute something meaningful, and that brings us her livelihood. We have the right to be happy. And that message needs to be instilled in our children. Also. Another big limiting belief is that I don't have enough education for some people that is their barrier to entry in the first place. I. Don't have an education I'm out just talk themselves right out of something that they would love to be doing. A life that they would love to be living I have the education. Other. People is not enough education ever I need another degree I got degrees degrees. My degree keeps me satisfied. So. It's never enough I. Don't have enough to be able to serve to be able to give my gift to be able to do something that I enjoy this a limiting belief that were carrying. We have to break out of that. We even have to change our definition of what at what education looks like. Again, look at the results in our society, the way that our education system is structured. I don't have enough fill in the blank I don't have enough money I don't have enough connections. The funny thing about money is that we always find a way to get the money when we have to if it's something that is a pressing absolute must we have to come up with the money? We always find a way we find a way. But when it comes to the things that we really WANNA do I don't have enough money I don't have enough money for that. Right now you know I'm going to save up I'll get to it whatever we come up stores if you had to. If you had to get the money, you will find a way. So the real question is, when are you going to change that? Now there's obviously many other limiting beliefs that come in the form of I am not enough or things that I don't have. But once those things are broken down there. Of course, there can be a level of truth. There's different levels things, but when you start to realize what you do have. What you do have access to your ability to think beyond your circumstances to be creative and to start to take steps in the direction because we stop ourselves before we even get started when we start to list all the reasons why not? While we can't another issue right now we need more people who are doing real world effective work in the health space is we're dealing with the crisis of health as being magnified right now more than ever, and a lot of people are holding back on taking action because they're like I'm not healthy. To. The degree that I WANNA be yet. I'm not that picture perfect place of health at that I need to get to and then I can start helping other people. And it is the craziest thing to me because it's this idea that we have to be perfect is this idea that everything has to be perfect in these perfect ideal conditions for me to be able to do this work and the reality is things will never be perfect. Goalposts keys moving every level you get to or you retract to there's always going to be another level to get to, and if you have this habit of talking yourself out of things if you have this habit of listening the reasons, you can't. You're going to continue to find more reasons that you can't again is this idea that you know once my health is good and where I wanted to be then I'll start helping other people but it really is a both and world you can continue to help your own health and well being while helping the health and wellbeing of so many other people and ask yourself the question. Are there people right now who are in a worse situation than you are? As yourself that question. Absolutely the answer is, yes. So why not put your excuses to the side in the beginning to help those people the world really really need you right now and in truth a big part of that is a shift in education. It is a part of it, but it's a seeing education differently because the education track that we have currently has led to creating a workforce of people who are dealing with chronic diseases because of them not being satisfied or happy with the jobs they're doing we have an education system that churns out millions of people like that every year. Have to change it. And the world is self is rapidly changing right now and where you're placing your attention. At. This time in human history is things are changing is going to tell the results that you will be seeing in the next year, two years, three years, and truly for your entire lifetime. It's that kind of script situation that's happening right now. And we do absolutely have the opportunity and the necessity to get educated but we need to be educated in things at work because I went to a traditional university. I was doing the cookie cutter thing that I thought would get me to what I saw on television. You know in these very small instances, but the truth is the way that things are structured. Our education system even higher learning. We're not teaching people how to be mentally and emotionally stable and happy and satisfied how to deal with issues in the real world. We're not teaching people in the conventional education system, how to actually be successful. This has to change. This is our opportunity to change it. So a lot of people reach out to me and they ask you passionate about health and wellness that passionate about fitness and they ask advice on what degrees they should get what track would certification, and if you look at traditional college right off the Bat. Where there's incredible health coaching programs and certifications that you can get. If you look at traditional universities, any often do you even think about the professors themselves? Are they successful in the real world in the subjects that they teach? A lot of my clients when I was still working at the. University. Professors. And most of them didn't achieve any success in the real world in the thing they were teaching. International Business. Is One of my clients he was teaching international business but the stuff that he showed me, he sucked International Biz, the little bits that he would do little little sprinkles, but it's more so he Went got his education and then was teaching the things he was taught but not actually seeing a real world. You need to learn from people who have done the thing that you want to do. It's very simple should be captain obvious, but it's not the way that things are structured. And so when people ask me about education right now I think that looking at the situation that we're in and what? COVID nineteen has taught us looking at the latest data here in the United States affirming that ninety four percent of the people who've died who found to have Kobe nineteen, ninety, four percent of them had an average of two point five chronic diseases. It is a major risk factor. In Susceptibility to infectious diseases in all manner of other things. But we're not addressing this core issue that makes US A. As human beings as a society. But I promise you that attention is going to shift. It has to a we're not GONNA make it has to shift and I'm standing up for that and I know that you are too. And the way to go about this right now, more than ever as if you look at what's happening conventional education versus this emerging. rapidly, growing one of the fastest growing fields in the entire United States Field of health coaching, the Field of health coaching has grown by thirty eight percent. In. The last few years along the field is expected to grow another twenty one percent by twenty, twenty two. An in that Timespan, the health coaching market is expected to grow by at least one point seven billion. Just in the, next couple of years but billion with A. B.. To do something to actually add value in change, the conditions that our society is seeing and that field is growing and I, am very much like practicality. Is this really what's needed? The most recent data shows that approximately sixty percent of Americans want to have a health coach. If those survey numbers are extended out and even remotely accurate. That's about one hundred, Ninety, seven, million people who loved coach. That's a lot of people. We need more people doing this work and being of service and helping the greatest issue facing our world today and it's tied in. It's not just helping this health crisis but the hidden health crisis of people getting up every day and spending half of their waking hours doing things that they do not enjoy doing doing things that suck the lifeforce out of them. What if you can do some that brings you joy that you're passionate about and help to solve this great health issue that we need to solve right now as a human family in over the years in having access to all these incredible people in in building these incredible relationships in seeing the different types of education, seeing the gaps in them and the different systems and certifications and degrees. It really became very clear that not only do we need exceptional training in nutrition that's captain obvious. So you should learn from the best people in that. But also? The tools in how do you actually translate that knowledge into helping another person. Because those are skill sets that can be taught. We need both of those, but here's the other ingredient. That is it's unbelievable how? It's overlooked and I would have. So many healthcare practitioners that have worked with over the years, physicians, nurses, and even health coaches who go through other programs, other certification programs who are coming in to my office and work with me for various reasons and sharing with me that they're struggling on the business side because even though they got this education, no-one taught them how to be successful. no-one taught them how to create sustainable business where their life structure taken care of so that they can give their gift and do the thing that they got into it for which was the help other people. We need all of those things and that's why I was again, this is like getting. Out of my comfort zone and doing different things it was actually when smarter I came out I was doing a book tour I was. In Arizona doing a television show, a book signing would drop by event and that's where I met the founder of in. Institute of Transformational Nutrition and I started to dig into their. coursework and also their students and looking at the students were coming out of there and level of success, and it was blowing my free mind and so I got involved. I start subdued the coursework is well because I want to go through and make sure that this resonates that it actually. These are valuable tools and insights when it comes to the education piece. But what knocked my socks off was the training and coaching and actually being able to communicate with other people and the business side and the access to people who are the best in the world in their respective things that you get to learn from. Because it's not just about the health coaching in a one on one context because I told you I want you to read multiple streams of income helping people in one on one context is incredibly important valuable. To be able to have something else from that so whether it is starting your own podcast and being able to monetize that whether it's writing a book, you know maybe you have a book in your, you've always wanted to write a book maybe it speaking on stages maybe it's having a social media platform that is just Incredibly. impactful and valuable in your monetize ing that there's so many different ways. So many different opportunities creating your own courses in programs. that. You can have multiple strings of income from an education like this and so number one. This is the time to do it. We have to put all the excuses to the side if you're passionate about health and wellness even if you are working in a different type of field in health and wellness getting this education could be game changing and offering another service to your client base. But just a couple of the reasons that it is so exceptional and I truly do see like Ivy League of Health Coaching schools but you get personal support you get a personal mentor, you get live coaching labs that ended up is worth like thousands of dollars that you get included in in your education. Business Building labs the student community is phenomenal. Never seen anything better than this. And also the support and the team faculty in Alumni support and you've got Dave aspreys like a household name, bulletproof coffee things these type of people who were on the faculty there that you get access to learn from like as far as like pro maybe WanNa, come up have your own product. When you like to get some insights from him, right. So the alumni support is exceptional. Again, this is one of the things that really sets it in a League of its own is that you get access to learn from the very best people in the world in their respective spaces of health and wellness or whether it's with being an author whether it's with speaking whether it's with product creation, you get to learn from the best people. And it's absolutely priceless and right now, and this is for four limited time when you enroll in it in and get your certification as a health coach, you also get access to a specialist certification as well. They have certified immune coach certified hormone coach, Certified Weight Loss Coach, certified mental wellness coach how valuable is that today these specialised courses and these are all in line with all this. This teaches you the regulations to operate within this space. In conjunction with. Conventional Medicine as well because we're not stepping on any toes, you have to learn how to do this stuff in the right way so that you are staying within the bounds of what we can do but the thing is what the work that you do is truly effective things that actually truly helping help to target the underlying causes of so many issues but to become a specialist to have that specialist certification, as well as a two thousand, five, hundred dollars value you get for free when you register to become a certified health coach through eighteen, you get a specialist course. For free. Incredibly valuable I really want you to take advantage of this Goto the model health show dot com for slash next level coach the model hell show dot com for slash next level coach together as one word in in addition to your incredible coursework you also get so many different bonuses step by step guide on how to set up your business quickly and easily literally walking you through step step on how to set these things up I didn't get that. Many Steps and missteps in you know failing forward to figure stuff out when we truly it's learning standing on the shoulders of giants learning from people who've done it before success leaves, clues, all these things that sound nice. But truly getting the step by step guide. Also, getting a template on exactly how to get your first at least ten plus clients step-by-step guys on how to do those things. If, you WanNa have things going through your website and create a website. I actually had these ideas of you know if you build it, they will come but that's not how stuff works. So especially, today learning how to get traffic to your website and to convert into getting clients and being able to provide your services whether or not you want to write a book or have courses available to teach classes whatever the case might be. So these are just some of the bonuses. It's all going to be there for you at the model show dot com for slash next level coach but I also WanNa share something else with you because again. I WanNa make sure this today is the day that everything changes for you. We need good people out here who are working to change the conditions of health and wellness in our country. It is a must you are needed and this is the time to actually take action to make it happen. So I WANNA do something very special and I. Probably, I don't know if I'll ever do this again but. For those students who sign up for their certification for there to become a certified health coach right now, I'm going to give you access I'm GonNa do a private group session a masterclass on Book Writing Publishing Marketing. That you can take part of an indoor. I'm going to do a masterclass on building a powerful podcasting platform. All right. So I'm GonNa do to masterclasses. You'RE GONNA be able to take one or both, and when you registered to get your certification. You're. GonNa have access to be able to choose one or both of these bonus sessions with me. So it's going to be a alive masterclass and Q., and A. Session that you're gonNA have access to and I'm going to be doing those within the upcoming weeks so when you're listening to this take action Go to the model health show dot com for slash next level coach. And I tand has made this so simple you can get access this education tens of thousands of dollars, but they've made it so affordable and even put it into monthly payments that you can actually make monthly payments to get your education and you could start making money. Now, you don't have to wait until your coursework is completed and they give you the templates and the support to help you to do that. To start making income and doing things to really enjoy doing. Right for just a couple of hundred dollars a month, you can get this education, get the certification. You can start to be around some of the most successful people in the health space and from them directly, and as I mentioned earlier in a big part of what makes us successful is our return relationships. So this is the time to take action, but again, this isn't just about exposure. This is about standing in. The belief that you can do this that you can have this letting go of our limiting beliefs, allowing yourself to say, yes, and to do something that you're passionate about if you're passionate about health and wellness, you need to be a part of this you need to be a part of this movement. So many incredible people you are needed. It's one of the fastest growing industries in the world and for good reason. There's a statement that stuck with me since the first time that I heard it that there's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. There's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come in right now there's a demand for shift in the way that we work. There's a demand for shift in the way that we take care of ourselves in the way that we take care of our families in our communities. And this is how to be a part of that change. So. I want you to see it. You have to envision it. What does your life look like a year from now? How do you feel? What kind of work are you doing a year from now? You have to see it. Because having a vision isn't like a map having a vision is more like a compass. It continues to direct your thoughts, your feelings, their decisions even when you get off back to the destination that you visualize, you have to see it what type of work are you doing? Are you writing are speaking are you doing television appearances radio appearances? Do you have your own popular podcast? Are you teaching amazing classes? Do you have a book on the Bookshelf? You have to see it You have to see. What is your income look like? What are you making? What is your bank account look like? What are you making each year? You have to determine what that is. You have to claim it. You have to see it get rid of the limiting beliefs. What does it look like? How do you feel physically mentally what emotions are you feeling? Are you happy excited. Feeling peaceful. Feeling empowered, you have to see it. Michael Beckwith shared that you don't describe what you see. You see what you describe. So now's the time to begin to describe the life that you choose to have moving forward whether your relationships look like we have to be clear on our intention and start to create that new? Vision for our live starting today. Another powerful quote that I love is from tariffs McCann. Says that nature loves courage you make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. The first step is having the courage to say, yes, to step up to create the life that you were here to live, and I'm so grateful you hanging out with me today and hope that Addison values some insight inspiration and also an action step. Because again, this is a limited time and I want to be able to provide these masterclasses. US, when we have to do this together, all of us who have to work together to change this. This is the time in human history. We arriving what the history books are going to say decades from now for our children grandchildren generations beyond we have to change the system. The system of education in the system of health. And it's up to us to do it. Appreciate you so much for tuning in today. Again, head over to the model show dot com for slash next level coach. And we got some epic powerhouse episodes coming to. Take care at Amazing Day. And for more after the show makes her head over to the model health show dot com. As we could find all of the show notes, you could find transcriptions videos for each episode, and if you've got a comment, you can leave me a comment there as well and please make sure to head over to items leave US rating to everybody know that the show is awesome and I appreciate that so much and take care I promise to key giving you more powerful, empowering great content, helping transform your life. Thanks for tuning in.

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