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We talk about the debut episode on fox in october tickets. Go on sale tomorrow at the staple center when you look at the lineup a lot of returning legends that we also saw on the roar reunion. Is it too many returning leads plus. There's a name that's gonna be a part of that smackdown. That's very interesting and could have implications for the future of smackdown. We break it down plus the few that everyone is talking about becky lynch and sasha banks in one night the hottest angle in the w._w._e. We break it all down with bully ray all that right now the podcast even on thursday two days after smackdown people are still talking about and that's buddy murphy and roman reigns. It's from smackdown live and if you head on over to the twitter machine like i was talking about here some tweets from last night and i think this one backs up what alex sad to say well. You know if if a good match happens in the woods and nobody sees it. Was it really that good guy joshua's buddy. He has had so many better matches onto. Oh five live thanking roman for his hard work is horsecrap. That would be like us us thanking spike for you indeed vons amazing tag team come on man. You're better than this. I mean what's your response to that to me. It's it's first of all why the dig on roman like roman. Would you say right now that romans either one a or one b biggest superstar in the w._w._e. I mean he has been for the longest time is he like i'm not putting them on the same plane as john on-scene but he's the w._w._e.'s answer to john seen now that johnson has kind of stepped away. Roman is kind of the face of the company company right now. Wouldn't you say that when it comes to perceived stardom being the face of the company being that megastore roman is as as close as it gets. He's not on sina level no not at all but he's he's the closest to it and i'm not saying listen. I don't want to get tweets. Some phone calls like how could you say becky's the biggest star what in the in the eyes of the w._w._e. Romans the biggest superstar my correct in saying that in the eyes of the w._w._e. Absolutely okay. You can't say it's becky just on sheer amount of time. Becky is at the top but she's only been at the top for for a short period of time romans at the top for about five years now all right so all right so put that perception and now think of this they had buddy are- murphy in a match with roman reigns for fifteen minutes on smackdown live so not only putting him in the ring with somebody. That's perceived to be their top star. They're doing it on live television. They're giving them fifty minutes and oh yeah by the way some of the some of the things that roman did put away. Most superstars and buddy murphy was kicking out aloud buddy murphy to kick out of the superman. I think about that for a second that is so giving of roman because roman nose in that time if that kid kicks out of this and i i sell it in a certain way hell when roman popped up and sold and you saw that look on his face it almost reminded me of the undertaker when when sean kicked out yes thank you i yes. That's a media louis what i thought of when i saw that expression on his face so i mean i in these are the entire match made buddy murphy but there were little moments in time that made buddy murphy even more and when you see buddy murphy hitting a big move on roman and getting a two and a half out and the people on their feet go and oh man and that makes wedding mafia and when buddy murphy kicks out of a superman punch because when you're watching you're like alright. Roman just hit one of his finishes on buddy murphy. It's all over and now how he kicks out. People can't believe it and roman can't believe it even more. You're making a guy. I don't give a rat's ass about cedric alexander alexander matches or ali matches or any other matches that buddy have had onto oh five because none of it is resignation like like the match with roman and listen you get you could tweet me you know well. He had a much better match. You know six months ago against gentlemen jack gallagher. I'm maybe maybe he did but again. You have to look at the whole thing that gentleman jack gallagher match that he had you know how many people actually saw ought to of five hundred four. We saw bully come on most people when it came to win two. Oh five live was on raw they either it was it was a p break or that's when they went to the snack bar. People are complaining that there was no field when those segments we come on and annexed is much bigger than two five five is on the w._w._e. Network it's a small portion of fans that are watching that show on the weekly basis now. He's in a match with the biggest superstar of the company on live live tv and is given fifteen minutes on smackdown. Come on now. You can't compare the two and this is what pisses me off more than anything think. Bullying is fans are taking something which is a super positive and you're giving a positive light to amazing segment on smackdown and people are are reacting in a negative way. Why why would anybody react in a negative way to something that happened on tuesday night for for that match i mean i it amazes me how anybody could send out a tweet. That's negative coming off of what we saw on tuesday night and we're definitely talking about the minority here when it comes to social media and the negative but they're negative kind of speaks volumes because i say to myself wow maybe these fans are younger and they just don't get it and they'll take the preferred the acrobatics over the storyline and the psychology buddy murphy did the most accomplished the most important thing you can accomplish in a wrestling match match the other night against roman reigns. You know what it is dave. What's that he got over. What would you know how i always talk about. One guy goes over. One guy gets over. Uh yeah. Roman reigns went over and buddy murphy got over and if i'm buddy murphy i would rather get get over because of buddy murphy would have beat roman reigns that would've been as much force feeding as roman reigns fans have been complaining about for years by murphy's not just coming out and beaten roman reigns. Could it happen sure if the stories done the right way and then people are social media saying oh oh he should have beat him. He should have beat him. He should have beat them. Why you think those what you think that would have mattered if he would have beat them. You think the w._w._e. Would be replaying buddy buddy murphy's victory over known rain for weeks to come no they wouldn't so they're not gonna replay it and if they don't want you to remember it. Why do you even need it so a bunch of fans on social media could say oh buddy beat roman. Sorry guys. It doesn't work like that. Does there is a handbook for creating creating a star and the first chapter in creating a star is having that star hang with a bigger scar. You don't have to beat them to get over and listen you know what in there's a couple things here. What you said is obviously one hundred percent right. I don't think anybody could died died in fact or argue and there's people that thought that that was the best match on t._v. All year and then you get a lot of people commenting well. I guess you don't watch new new japan. I go. I guess she didn't watch g one climax tournament. You know what i love. New japan and i've been trying to keep up with the tournament. I've watched. It's as many matches as i could. Were there better quality matches. Absolutely there's no doubt but that doesn't take anything away from what took place on tuesday tonight and if somebody thinks that that was the best match of the week well good for them. It's opinions. That's why you always say watch and you base your own opinion. I'm not gonna hate on on anyone that thought that was the best match that they saw all week. What's wrong with that because you have to put the perception in to your opinion to see see buddy. Murphy had that type of an outing against roman rates. That's something that's so special and some of those five star matches that we saw in the g one climax tournament and you know what are you really going to be thinking about that fifteen twenty years down the road. You may be looking back. I'm not saying that you're definitely are. I'm not saying that but you may be looking back at this match five ten years down the road if buddy murphy becomes a big major superstar in w._w._e. That match was the foundation foundation of what's going to happen for him. Later on just like we just we talk about china and kevin jones of the u._s. Championship okay and one more one more tweet right here taylor on the twitter machine. I think he puts it perfectly he goes. This is such an easy argument. No one cares cares if you hit three home runs in the minor leagues they wanna see you hit. Three home runs in the majors. Well you know what bully i'll take it a step further. Are you could hit. Three home runs in a game in the minor leagues but you know it's that base hit scores a run that people are going to be talking about not necessarily a home run like what you're hearing. God's busted open live weekdays from nine a._m. To twelve p._m. Eastern on sirius x._m. Fe niessen channel fifty six or on the theory of them app as we all know. Smackdown is moving october four to fox and tickets for that show at the staple center or going on sale tomorrow morning. He talked about a big show for the w._w._e. That's a big show bully for the w._w._e. And yesterday we talked a little bit about some of the confirmed stars that are going to be on it. A lot of former superstars lot of former superstars that we saw on the role reunion just a few weeks ago but now staple center in their promotional tweet included brock listener as the list of names a lot to digest when we talk about at that show on october fourth bully. Who are we talking about when we went off the air yesterday brock listener asked me. When should we see brock lesbian next. What did i essay. Smackdown fox ranked fourth yep. That's when their advertising now that's not to say we're not going to see him in between but they're already the advertising him for that day i said wait until about a week or two before the debut and then make it a surprise that excuse me that brock is going to be there. They're not waiting to telling you right now. Brock will be at the twentieth anniversary of smackdown and which happens to be the first night they go on fox. This is going to be interesting because basically telling you that something's going to go down i would i would think so because and i think him being off. A tv and listen is an. I've been somebody that complained about brock not being on t._v. Enough but that's when he was champion it's not a champion right now number one number two. I don't think you could put him on t._v. Right away after that loss to seth rollins you know this is just under two months when they make that premiere on fox bully so you probably want ought not to forget that he lost seth rounds but at least i don't think he can do it immediately after it would be disingenuous if he would just jump on the smackdown down immediately and go after kofi kingston's w._w._e. Championship so soon after losing the universal championship you gotta have some air in some space this between what happened at summer slam what could potentially happen on smackdown when i look at certain wrestlers or certain storylines or certain angles i look at them like a giant tidal wave and a giant tidal wave has to start somewhere it has to start as a swell and then it becomes a bigger wave a bigger wave and then a cresting wave and then it comes crashing down onto the beach and then how does the next big tidal wave eventually form you gotta wait for that first tidal wave to wash out an and that's what you do with a wrestler you let them wash out and you kind of let people forget about him if brock leser would have come on t._v. Next week you might get twenty people in the arena the channing you lost you lost you lost. That's not what you want with a guy like brock. Leser you wanna keep broccoli out of the people's eyes until the point where people have totally we've forgotten that he lost seth rollins and are just excited to see the beast back yeah and that's what they're going to do and it makes sense now. We talked yesterday about confirm names. The w._w._e.'s confirmed kurt angle leader mick foley booker t. hogan trish goldberg jerry lawler mark henry rick ric flair and sting. What devon unbelievable maybe they just you know you had rory and you don't want to have that repeat performance especially especially after the impact he made in the opening segment of that show. I don't want overexposed yeah unforgettable unforgettable segment with yvonne bully but i i will say this. You're getting a lot of returning superstars. Do you need to returning superstars or i'll even take it down another path. Do you think you need another returning superstar. Somebody like rock for that. First show on fox well we discussed this yesterday and i said if you're going to go on fox and you're going to be hitting a new set new sets of eyes across the united states with with this program you wanna go on with as much firepower as possible muscle. You want to be able to to come out next monday morning when the ratings come out and said fox. Did you know three four four five million viewers for the debut of smackdown. Live you want to catch lightning in a bottle. You want to be number one with a bullet. You wanna capture the attention. You wanna want to win the night which is very important pro wrestling these days winning the night and i actually i actually that's not something that i came up with billy corgan corgan thing he always talks about winning the night on social media well w._w._e. Wants to win the night on social media when they debut on fox and they want to win the night in the ratings and how do you do that. You load up like i said yesterday. Pick up your balls. Load up buchanan's for a twenty one gun salute. If you got firepower you use it and if they have the opportunity junaidi to have the rock there i'd use them also yeah and anything that's going to bring more is to your show and listen. We've talked about this. We talked about this when they first announced. They were going to be on fridays bully friday. Nights is the graveyard shift when it comes to tv. You usually don't want to put any of your new reprogramming on friday nights because that's probably the least watched day of any other day including saturday and sundays friday nights but when it comes to the w._w._e. And pro wrestling. I think that's different if you can have a consistent audience from week to week so i don't think it's so much about size. Though i do agree agree with you what that first episode you do want to have a big smash for that first episode but i think continuing after that you just want consistency so so i think fox may not want huge numbers every friday night but they're gonna want consistent numbers and i think that's something that w._w._e. Is going to be able to bring the fox. I'm i'm sure that fox has a number in mind that they're looking for every single week. I'm sure they have that bottom line number. I'm not sure what that number is but the w._w._e. Especially the way vince things they're not. Let's say fox says all right vince we're looking. We'd be happy with two million viewers vince is going to say okay. Hey no problem and vince is gonna try to deliver five million. He's gonna try to blow it out of the water that he's not just going to go for the bare minimum vince mcmahon. It's not a bare minimum mm type guy he's over the top and he has every right to be a because. He's debut in on fox and be because of the competition now with awa talking about eight w last night and this was all absolutely awesome dave. I am watching the force. I awakens on t._n._t. Now i'm one of those star wars geeks that will watch star wars even if it's being aired with commercials cels so watching force awakens and all of a sudden they go to commercial break and a sixty second ad for a._t. W's debut on t._n._t. Comes on and it was awesome. It was like a mini infomercial and the only reason i bring up infomercial is i've been pushing shing the infomercial idea for a while now. I've pushed it to impact wrestling. I've pushed it to ring of honor. I got a sixty second infomercial from awa last night and they had the hook in my mouth. If i didn't know what w was before last night i know i know what it was after that commercial and what they sold me on. They didn't sell me on chris jericho. They didn't sell me on moxley. They didn't sell me on tenny the bucks or cody they sold me on the excitement that they created in that sixty seconds great job by eighty w taking leaking their product to section of wrestling fans because star wars fans are most likely w. fan right yes me talk about star wars all the time yes so they're taking their product to a fan base who most likely would be interested in wrestling who maybe never watch watch wrestling before so the catering to with tad commercial dave they to fold their catering first of all they're catering to like you said the star wars fan that most likely would be wrestling fans but they're also catering to that mainstream fan that may have not watched wrestling before so what would those people be. He called ties. You'll pass. I guess it's amazing say they cater to the casual fan last last night and cody would probably argue that the star wars fan is the wrestling fan either way. It doesn't matter it's it's a brilliant move by w and any other thing to bully even back in the golden age you know the eighties wrestling the mid eighties when in the n._w._e._a. was king on t._b._s. T._b._s. never played commercials. Never for pro wrestling never ever you never i saw the braves game. You never saw a world championship wrestling commercial during a braves game they never had commercials for the wrestling programming programming. I have been preaching to ring of honor now. For at least six or seven months guys you need to advertise is your product during raw and smackdown and when and t. n. When w comes on you need to advertise your product on t._n._t. You you have to take the ring of honor is still a niche company. Yeah a lot of people know it and they did madison square garden yadda yadda but people still don't really really know the masses. Don't really know i said take your product. Put together a nice thirty second spot that airs on monday night raw that airs on smackdown live bring your product to the masses. This is exactly what e w is doing and it's it's genius by them. I texted cody after i saw it and i was like great move move. I loved it. I marked out for it and he texted back. Wow it's pretty crazy. Ha and i said no. It's not crazy. It's smart say that's that's great that texture. Did you back via text them. I probably would have get replied. Maybe sometime on sunday <hes> bully let me ask you this because you talk about now that commercial on t._n._t. The n. t. for a e w we're seeing a lot of product placement on fox for the w._w._e. A lot of guest stars on some of their comedy with their college football programming their n._f._l. Programming yada yada yada done a tremendous job and and i don't mean to put you in a tough position because obviously you work for the accompany wrinkle von or is a part of sinclair sinclair is huge huge is ring ovonic just happy being niche programming like he said because you're seeing a w and the w._w._e. Putting out their product for the masses you know is ring of honor kind of like that ban. That's like the hardcore band has their hardcore. Audience is happy with their heart gordon's. How we heard corey taylor yesterday saying he never expected did what happened to slip knot. He was happy and content with that hard core audience. It kind of happened on accident is ring of honor kinda like in that that same vein. Let me ask you a question. You're the die hard fan. How do you perceive it. Just i perceive it as a company eh just happy with their hard core audience and in two thousand nineteen with the w._w._e. And eighty w. m. l. w. an impact. What is being happy with your hardcore audience. Gonna get you anywhere. It's gonna it's gonna keep you in place made an keep you in a perpetual state of mediocrity eighty ougherty so my answer is many people have thought for years tarry silken to this day pitches moans and complaints and his heart is in the right spot when he says all these things that we need to bring bring well. They need to bring ring of honor to a dedicated station like a spike tv or any of those channels t._n._t. Because i truly believe if ring of honor was able to get weekly eh live television on a dedicated station that many people get they give themselves a chance to be your player in this game because when it comes to the injuring product once that bell rings we can definitely agree that ring of honor puts on some spectacular matches. Yes one hundred percent and i'll and i'll use the example from this past weekend. They were in toronto while the w._w._e. Was in toronto and they had a show friday night and from everything i've read in everything that i've seen great show but it goes back to the buddy murphy if nobody is there to see or if it's not at a place or getting the coverage that it deserves then are people really going to be talking about it because only that hardcore audience that was in attendance is going to be talking about their product is so good i want. The masses to know about how good ring of honor is bully slowly and when you see let's take the one standout match from that night. I thought the whole show is good. Only a few people have seen it the honor club the people the people that were live and attendance but the guerrillas of destiny god versus the briscoes in ladder wars dude. This thing thing was a it was a car crash. It was it was insanity. It was high spot heaven. It was crash and burn earn. It was physical. I mean just think about the briscoes and geo d just pummeling. The dog pissed at one another. You got chairs involved tables involved. You've got ladders involved got championships on the line imagine if the masses to have seen that match people people would in an instant be like oh my god. What is this ring of honor thing. I need to see it now. Ring of honor fans already know about on us but you're not catering to them. You wanna cater to everybody else. That's why w is putting a commercial for their product during star wars and you know what what was the big slap slap to the face to me not not in a way in a derogatory way but woke me up. Is this buddy murphy roman reigns. <hes> you know piece of audio audio that alex smith put out yesterday. We were getting all the comments and the reaction and people were talking about other things that happen this week. How could you say that was the best match of the week. Haven't you been watching the last week and i saw people talking about the g one. I saw people talking about an x t. I saw people talk talk about summer. Slam and i didn't see anybody talking about that ring of honor show and i was like well wait a second probably of all the matches that i saw this this last week it was the match you just talked about geo d and the briscoes. You're right bully. Everybody should be talking about that match what did ring ring of honor do via social media via their website via any means of advertising that they have to bring that match to the masses. This is what did ring of honor due to say that during summer slam weekend we had the best match of the whole weekend guy and he's often we outdid gargano and coal we out did seth and and brock. We outdid everybody with just just one match alone. Did you get that oh you got and this is what's so frustrating is pro wrestling's all about self off promotion. Pump your chest a little bit. I mean it doesn't come across in a negative way that if you have a product like ring of honor that you know what you can pump your chest for i mean the i mean and they should be pumping their chest for and now is the time to pump your chest otherwise you you get lost in the sauce absolutely absolutely so hopefully on the horizon ring of honor has bigger and better ways to present their product to the masses otherwise ring of honor will always be typical ring of honor and you know what it's a shame because their champion is great and everybody's giving him shit saying he's the reason why you know nobody's giving them attention and and the live event ticket ticket and all that stuff and that's just completely unfair. It's that since that show at the garden. They haven't done anything to promote their frequent product at. Here's another thing yes yes. They have not maximized their opportunities to promote their product but the e w phenomenon is affecting the wrestling business true from independence all the way up to the w._w._e. Madison square garden is not sold out yet for ruin smackdown true. Now my saying is that is that because lots of e w no but the w phenomenon has a lot to do with many companies but who does the w. phenomenon effect the most. What's the one company. It will affect more than anybody else. I think it's ring of honor why because you're talking to the same fan base and it's because the guys that were in ring of honor made their own opportunity and left everything that we are seeing and this is the gospel dave save everything that we are seeing with cody and the bucks an hangman page antennae in e w could very easily have happened in ring ivana because ring of honor had the money to do it and you know what i just just as a side note because i think he's fantastic tasks. He's a great interviews of friends show but i also think he's a tremendous wrestlers matt and he's getting a lot of heat from it and it's bullshit because i think he's doing one hell of a job if you you don't know sirius x._m. Than listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news they had it. All a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy sirius x._m. But you know you can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of sirius x._m. Outside the car for just one dollars just go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe you can listen on your phone phone at home and online that sirius x._m. Dot com slash busted offer available to new siriusxm streaming subscribers siriusxm. No car required to a quote. The great rene what l. sasha banks comes back some puts a beaten on the talia and becky ledge. We've talked about it on the show on wednesday no tuesday. My bed thought we got some great feedback from the nation. After the after monday night raw becky went on social media and i guess she took some fan van footage this fan must be sitting must have been sitting in the front row directly across from the cameraman and got got some excellent footage of sasha going to town on becky and i'm looking at it right now. Becky lynch's twitter thing. It's the last this thing she actually tweeted and the tweet says let the games begin. Hashtag receipts are coming among those who listening don't know what receipts are in the wrestling business receipts are payback so ah basically what becky is saying is payback is coming and normally when you receipt somebody in the wrestling business is if somebody gives you you a hard hard shot in what you may think perceive or take or was given in an unsafe way. You're going to give it right back to them and from the looks of these chair shots they a were they were there. They were stiff. I think both girls could have taken a little bit more mark precaution in doing it a little safer nonetheless becky incisa is probably the hottest thing going right now in the w._w._e. I agree there's no doubt about it and we talked about this on tuesday. It's something we wanna see and you know and pages is out of the hospital and and we wanna give her congratulations on a successful surgery. If you watch that movie on pages life and career <hes> they talk about that she talks about she actually explains it because while in you know i don't know if this actually did happen when she was at the performance foreman center but they showed it in the movie where she's at the performance center and one of the quote unquote models that were at the performance center that never wrestled before i kept screwing up in hidden page by page in the face so she finally just like slapstick right across the face and says that's your receipt going back to what you're saying. That's hey you hit me with that. Chair shot back and said becky lynn to saying that deserve zurve a receipt yeah because becky is giving sasha her body sasha could have been more square to becky lynch and hid hid her more flush across the back. Sasha was coming across the top of becky's head definitely a precarious position a dangerous i position if i was becky. I would not have been feeding my body to sasha the way she was. If i was sasha i would've repositioned positioned myself to hit becky a little bit more flush. I think both girls got very lucky that there is not a gaping hole in in the back of becky lynch's the size of randy orton like when brock deciding watched him open so is this another case of where you know both thoraya for in this situation. I would say that this is a very very lucky fifty fifty at fault situation because i'm watching it over and over again. Now you know becky's got her head down. She's selling the best that she can. Sasha probably take an step to her right to hit becky a little bit more flush because you never wanna come over the top of the back of the head the way it's happening happening 'cause the lip of the chair can catch you and bust you open. Unless of course that's what sasha meant to do which i hope is not the truth and i don't don't think is that you're in but there are a lot of people out there on social media who were actually hoping that that was the truth. People were actually actually saying. We hope that becky got busted open. We hope that sasha caves are heading and i hope that those people are art tweeting in the vernet in the vein of storyline and not reality yes because in reality you don't want anybody taking a steel chair to the back of your head. Now of course not i mean and i would hope that's based on character and not actual truth but knowing in social media bully. I think you might be given a little bit too much craze there because we've seen on social media a lot of hate especially now all of a sudden now that sauces back on a seen a lot of hate for becky lynch. I'll tell you a story one to i'll tell you a great receipt story tasr was working with bam bam bigelow and e c he w and tasr caught bigalow with a really stiff shot to the jaw really stiff enough for bam bam to sell it and bam bam came back and he popped has with one good shot and that's where it ended and i was. I was a witness to a conversation conversation that happened after that. Where you know where ties i believe said something to bigalow about that shot and bigalow said hey man you had it common was your receipt. We got it out of the way and we moved on basically saying you punch me in the face a little too hard. I'm going to punch you in the face a little too hard and that's where it's going to end now. We go back to being professionals me and rob van dam used to do it. All the time me and rob would t- often often each other never be never tried to do any real damage it just that that was the style that me and rob worked me and rob worked very snug style with one another another. My punches would catch him in the face and his kicks would kick my head off. But what do you think about receipts in the wrestling business like i mentioned that page movie and you know <hes>. The devan character was saying about how we don't do that in the w._w._e. That's old school wrestling. That's what you do on the indie scene. We're not part of that in the w._w._e. Do you think that's still lives in the w._w._e. Based on what we saw him becky lynch's tweet well. I believe leave that you can accidents can happen when accidents happen because of incompetence. That's horrible so i think if it happens the first time time you have to have a talk with that other person if it happens a second time yeah that's when you gotta drop one right on their jaw and let them i'm no don't screw around with me. Hey listen. I had one huge mistake in my in my career when it came to a chair shot now was it because of incompetence no it who is a genuine accident because i was running down the ramp with a steel chair. An undertaker was standing on the floor so the angle that i- swung at because i was on the ramp i was coming down at him so the lip cost the back of his head busted him open put eight staples in the back of his head. That's the only real mistake i ever made with undertaker. It was a huge mistake. He could have very easily receipted me for that. He could've took a chair and crack my skull open or you could've punched me in the mouth or get a kick in the balls walls could have done a million things. He chose not to do anything since that was my first mess up although it a big one he sat me down and said be careful. Don't ever do that again. You don't want to get a bad reputation of being reckless and why here. I mean jeeze. If i'm you got the of all people the undertaker racking oh i fully expected to get into a fight with him backstage and i was prepared for it because i knew i had it come to me. I screwed up. I busted open the undertaker. It was an accident. I apologize my balls off but he was the ultimate professional ultimate professional. It took me three months before we ever beat the crap at a lower resistance because they screwed up every single night but we gave them so much leeway because they were so green green and they were so new in our job was to help them and move them along and vince they had so much heat at the time because the the french didn't want to go to war with the united states it's against iraq or whatever this whole thing was larry's heat but sucked in the ring there like mega made they went from suck to blow. That's how back all right. Let's get back into sasha. I mean i think i think i think this is exactly what becky needs and quite honestly. I think this is exactly what the women's division needs right now kind of flat since wrestlemainia thirty five bully. I believe that right becky and sasha need each other because sasha is coming back to a great ovation but they wanna turn her. He'll what better a person to turn their he'll against then becky lynch and there was a great beatdown becky coming off an incredible summer. Slam victory gets into something with lacey so you see that went. I'll say it went from fair to good. I thought the extreme rules inter-gender match was entertaining but i think she could have stepped it up a bit in the ring. I think lacey needs more reps under her belt. More quality reps with quality wrestlers and she will be there. I'm not sure if becky took a step forward in her angle with lacey but i know for a fact that becky and sasha are going to bring the best asked out of each other and because i believe sasha is a better wrestler than becky it will force becky to work up to sasha's level thus making becky better when i say a better wrestler. I just mean that she she she's just a better tactician. She might have a little bit more command athletic athletic ability and if i'm becky i'm happy about that because if i'm in the ring with somebody that's better than me. It forces me to be better thus making me better forever trevor and i'm thinking this landscape is about the change now with sasha back into the fold and we hadn't seen sasha's since wrestlemainia thirty five and also i think very significant is the kabuki buki warriors losing to alexa bliss and nicky cross not a good week for them. They dropped the titles and the mets that we saw later on as well could could we see the end of the kabuki warriors is that maybe throw asca back into the fold a little bit i hope so because the kabuki warriors don't do anything for me. <hes> <hes> and i feel about oscar. She's probably the most wasted and underutilized talent in the w._w._e. Based on what the success she had had her body of work character who charisma everything about oscar screams superstar and incredible wrestler and i give a crap crap less that she does not have a great great command of the english language because i wouldn't have her talk at all. I would just have her talk and yell in japanese at everybody and then kicked kicked their heads off and spray mood mist in their eyes. I love it now. Throw us go out there whether she stays with curry sane or not think about what we're getting coming out of summer bummer slam summer saying was kind of it was kind of a weird summer same you take out the brock and seth mats with seth becoming universal champion. We talk about the lack of a lot of stars that were on that show. I don't know if that's going to be really remembered years and years later though i do think it was a good show from top to bottom but i will say hey this. We're now setup greatness because if you look at the landscape of both women's titles right now after like i said a lackluster performance the last few months after the wrestlemainia thirty five you are now set up with becky lynch and sasha banks and bailey and charlotte flair. That's two to really good programs moving forward for the women's division other than oscar. It's the top four women's wrestlers in the company all vying for the four horse women yeah and i'm all about that because to me. I'm not a big fan of we have to give everybody a little bit of a taste. You always wanna put your best out there at all times on and if you wanna take that that person spot well then you go out there and you'd be better than him you you out promo them you out wrestle them and hey in the back you out politics. You do whatever it needs to do and politics is is a part of the game and i'm not talking about backstabbing politics. I'm talking about good honest to goodness politics where you present your case to creative and the other person presents their case. Nobody's what he's gonna do it for you so you got yourself. I'm not talking about old school. Snake politics revised agreed or and gals agreed to your face ace and then go and stab you in the back. I'm talking about honest to goodness politics. Hey i had plenty of incidents where politics for something but i told the guy that i was working with that. I was going to politics. I told undertaker to his face. I don't agree with you and i'm gonna talk to the agent about it and he said okay dude you gotta do kid and when i went to the agent the agent told me whatever undertaker scrape but the lesson that i learned here was i- impolitic the right way and take told me afterwards i earned a lot of respect for you because you told me to my face that you were going to go talk to the agent and you just didn't go talk to the agent behind my back so that's what i need about good honest to goodness politics. Thanks for listening gadgets weekdays on busted open from nine a._m. To twelve p._m. Eastern on sirius x._m. By nation channel one fifty-six busted open podcast.

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