Pandemic Marketing - How to communicate your brands message to customers from a social distance


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Welcome back to the newsletter. Thanks joining today I. Thought I'd share with you some thoughts and strategies that you can use during the pandemic might call it pandemic marketing right and I feel like if you can make your business, your marketing, your brand have momentum. Now during this time period, then you will be able to also thrive even more. So as this thing passes by okay whenever things get back to some sort of normalcy you have. A Better hold on your marketing efforts. So here are some things you could be doing. Now, that will actually fall into later times where you can strengthen your business even more. So if you can endure these times that we're in now so let's talk about how you can market your business during this time period and we might call this. You know marketing from a social distance you know what I mean and how do you do that well. Here are some thoughts. So probably your businesses. Changed it has changed for everyone even for those of us who? Our business primarily online and not off line it's changed for us. We just have to learn how to adapt. So what do you WanNa do you WanNa be a leader? So, how do you establish yourself as a leader? Well, if you have staff, obviously you have to take lead of. Being. Positive and that's really the theme of this edition of the newsletter. You have to be positive with everything that you're doing in your marketing and in your business, not just for yourself. But for everyone, it is a responsibility that we all have to be positive in order to raise up everyone else and that will pay off dividends if you decide to just be positive and have that state of mind. Okay. So the point of all that is this people are not able to Rome as freely as they were to do the things they used to do. So the money that's being spent is no longer as much out and about, but it's now in the home on the Internet. And that medium is seeing exponential growth. So, as you well know the audience that was coming into perhaps the building. is now coming into the virtual building, right. So how do you catch those folks attention and actually make it to where they feel comfortable spending that money with you and your business and your brand? Okay. What are some strategies number one, the old strategy of blogging. And yes. This is something you should consider doing or having someone in your business do and. Using. This method allows you to educate and inform your target audience in the last audio newsletter that I did I, talked about finding your target audience and how do that. So give that a listen if you need to know how to do that. But blogging allows you to target that audience right because there are so many people looking for content, and here's a special point you need to keep in my the content that you put out needs to not involve. The pandemic, not involved covert nineteen not involve the negativity that surrounds all of this that we're dealing with now why? Because your audience needs a break? So when they're online and they're looking at this information, there's no need to remind him of the things that are going on. You want to bring them into a positive situation, a positive thought process, and that's your job in blogging will allow you to do that. So your overall marketing strategy. Accomplishes that Purvis and also it does a few other things for you. It attracts visitors to your website builds credibility with you. Okay. In your own industry, it provides relevant content that you can then turn around and post on social media. You can take a blog posts in breaking into a hundred pieces and post those things, social media and bring them back to bring back the visitors to your website that is appropriate by the way then you can inspire confidence loyalty. And just. Positive not to your customers and your prospects, and that is worth its weight in gold. Now, you might be already blogging. Right now. But. It's time to actually double down on that. So. If you post once a week double down less post twice if you post, you know three times a month. Let's double down and post six times a month take advantage of the time that you have. That's the point. So whatever you're doing double down on it if you are able to. The second strategy is the age old strategy of email marketing. Yes. Email marketing. Now I, know personally, there is a lot of brick and mortar businesses that did not utilize their customer database why not you should utilize the customer database that you have by using email marketing. Now, you might think to yourself. Well, I'm not emailed my customers before so I don't want to infringe upon them. Don't worry about that people want to hear that you're still. Afloat. Okay. So what you want to do in the beginning there is email everybody in your customer database and basically just let them know what you've gone through. Let them know that you're all right. Let them know you're enduring. Let them know that you're pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and that you appreciate the business they've given you over the years and that you're going to keep going and you're going to go ahead and continue to message them with positive messaging and try to help them in any way that you can't. That is the beginning of your email marketing journey with your customer database. and. Even if you have been email marketing your customer database, you need to do this what I just mentioned to you. And what that's going to do is that's going to help people to personalize your business right they're going to feel like, okay, this is an this is someone who's enduring like I am, and that's a common ground because listen everyone out there is in during the situations they're that they're in right so you want to customize the content that you put out in your emails to reflect the current event. Without being negative, right. So just because you send out messages and say, okay, this is what we've been through. You don't want it to be negative even if it is a negative situation, you do want to help people to appreciate hey, through all this, I am remaining positive and you should too right. So this is the key when it comes to your email marketing and as you develop that type of. Branding that type of personalization is going to be very, very easy for you to be able to ban turnaround later and recommend products, services and things like this. Okay. Third thing videoconferences as you know, this is the kind of the bread and butter of pandemic marketing right now video conferencing. Everyone knows about zone zooms. Brand and business has skyrocketed and everyone is using it because it's easy to use and it works. So you should get on board with that. If you have not, it's free easy to learn. You can jump on his own call whenever you went. In fact, yesterday I jumped on a Zoom Call From Louisville Kentucky with someone in Turkey about video editing services see it does not matter where in the world the person is you can jump on his own call and do business same thing with your clients. Right. You can let your clients know that you're available during this period of social distancing through video conference maybe your clients need help with a particular problem. Hey why not make yourself available to help them solve their problem. In fact, if you have not already done this, you don't know what problems your clients are dealing with, and that is important for you to know what is your clients dealing with right now, help them with those problems and what that is going to do is not only is that going to retain. The business that you have, but it's also going to make those people want to tell other people about you and your business. You see the point. So just by extending a helping hand to your existing clients with the problems that they are now having with, you know, of course, things that relate to your business. This is going to help your business. Trust me on that. And also not to mention that there are slim chances that competitors of yours offering that. Right think about it is any of the competitors that you have offering to do this. So stand out that's the point standout. You will also develop customer loyalty by doing this because you're different and you're innovative. Number four video marketing. Yes. Video Marketing is. Obviously a cornerstone in today's marketing environment before the pandemic. How much more so now? You have a smartphone, right? Well, that's great. So you need to consider recording short messages for your clients and getting them out there via the emails that you San or through social media or both so. Why not utilize that okay. So you no doubt have some very important clients that you've already established and the chances are that if you decide to do a brief video recording a message just to say Hello Okay and let them know that you're. That they are on your mind how far do you think that will go with him? No sales pitch nothing about the business nothing about any of this stuff. Just letting them know that there on your mind you just wanted to reach out say hello but you shoot a video. prerecorded. Just send it over to them via text message or whatever. How far do you think will go? It will go a long way toward client loyalty and retention. Try that out. Let me know how how that works for you. Okay. Number five as you well know, social media is the marketing vehicle of choice especially now and it was already established before this pandemic hit so. It's an easy way to utilize the situation that we're in. People get tired of hearing bad news though, right? And negative, which is all over social media. Can you be a positive voice? Can you capture attention by posting content that brings relief? From this corona virus talk versus. Talking about this type of situation that we're in, can you be the one who brings relief that should be the theme of every post that you out there relief right relief. Now, here's a few tips on how to do that number one focus on sharing relevant content and information, but don't be political avoid that doesn't matter what your. Thoughts are on politics whatever that's not your job in the business that you're doing your job is to be a beacon of. positivity remember that's the theme of Today's audio newsletter. So do that right? Be Relevant not political. Then you can avoid self promotion as well in your social media marketing. No one wants to read blatant advertising from you not right now now is the time that you. Talk about things that matter to your customers and your clients. Okay. So what does that mean? It means you gotta get creative. How do you do that? Well US funny. Educational or interesting photos. that. You can post. So remember funny educational interesting. If what you have or what you see or what you go through if any one of those three things then use it, post it, talk about it people like that. Keep it like okay no one wants. Anything heavy right right now. So keep heavy contact. Away from that Social Media Hemisphere. Now, another thing you can do read comments and reply. So people comment to your to your posts. Read those comments, reply to him but again, always be positive even if someone is being negative. Even if someone strikes a nerve don't. Acknowledge the negativity. Remain, positive. Always always always at all costs because. The reason you want to do that is not because of the person, right it's not because of the person, let's say who posting something negative or making a negative comment is for the hundreds or thousands of people that will read. What that post says. And you have to think about the bigger picture. So if someone posting negative comment when you reply insurer that you reply in such a way that it absolves you of all negative. Thoughts are negatively I should say right and then when some one comes through Saint Man. That lady that guy was very, very positive. That was a very good response sp response to that negative comment. That is what you want because that puts you in the light that you want to be in in the minds of those looking at your car tape. Keep it positive. Okay. That's the point. There's enough negativity going around. Number six, the next thing text messaging talked about that a few minutes ago. But how about using text messaging? This is a good reason why you want to start building up a phone customer database if you don't have one. Of Cell Phone, numbers. Now, if you already have that and you have those cell phone numbers, handy us now. Okay. This is very important to retain good clients for many years. A main focus of my business personally was test text message marketing. Okay. So I very much think that you should be using text message marketing, right but. Nowadays, you don't WanNa be blasting to a lot of people one message you want to take it one at a time. So to get your really good clients, get their numbers. If you have their cell phone number, shoot a brief textile say hi. Wish them well. I guarantee they'll be impressed and they appreciate the gesture and that in and of itself will put you in your business and your bran top of mind of all of your clients and isn't that where you want to be. Yes indeed now last but not least. webinars. Okay. We talked about video conferencing but how about webinars right have you used these now if you have something to sail, then you have a reason to do a Webinar. Now, whatever it is that you sale doesn't matter the price point doesn't matter what it is. How about? Recording a Webinar and talking about that thing right or recording a Webinar and just educating people helping people. which will in turn gives you the opportunity to give a call to action at the end, right. So if you've been building your business through the use of live cinema, Nour's as an example and that's your bread and butter. Well, now's the time to into the world of webinars. Now, you're probably already doing that if you are into seminars but if by some Chance you're. Not. Using webinars. We're already working with clients who have some really implemented this strategy. In their business, right is another marketing tool. It will continue to benefit you long after this pandemic is over. Okay. So That being the case. These are some ways that you can actually. Use The pandemic in a way that benefits your business. And market from a social distance. Now I know this audio newsletter was much longer than my previous ones but I think it's because of how relevant this information is that I need to get to you in. So I took a little extra time here. Hopefully, it helps you right in your business that's the goal. And I appreciate your time if you are listening now, appreciate your time. One thing I will mention though before I end this and I wanted to wait to the end to mention it because again, I'm not trying to promote but I think a perfect way now especially to put your brand and your business out there is through. The television getting into people's households and putting your messaging out that way to Roku in through other apps like that like how Masan and so forth. But ROKU was the king right now. So if that is something. That you think your business can't sustain. That is something I think you should explore. That's what we do. We develop TV channels for our. Partners in our brands. So anyway, just wanted to put that out there because. I know that that is effective right now so Thanks for listening. This is Damon with voice media. I'll see you out there. Thanks for listening the voice notes we appreciate you. And Hope you come back to listen to the next episode.

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