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Was Gayle King's question about Kobe fair?


It was everybody before we start the twenty minute morning show. Let me tell you about anchor. If you've never heard of anchor this is the easiest way to make a podcast so let me explain Blaine. It's free there's creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or your computer anchors going to distribute your podcast for so it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more you can make money from podcasting with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast and one place so listen. Download the free APP right now or go to anchor dot. FM to get started and now stand by for the twenty minute morning show from our studios in Charlotte North Carolina. It's been said that. His legacy is complicated because of sexual assault assault charge which was dismissed in two thousand three two thousand four is it complicated for you as a woman WNBA player it's not complicated. Katie for me at all. Even if there's a few times we've been at a club at the same time Kobe's not the Kinda guy never been like you know. Go get that girl or tower or senator for this I have other. NBA Friends. That are like that he. He was never liked that. I've just never see have ever seen him. Being the kind of person that would be you do something to violate a woman or be aggressive in that way I. This is not the person that I know that Lisa. You wouldn't see it though you're listening to the twenty minute morning show for Monday February way tips. You wouldn't see it and that's possible I just I just don't I just don't believe so I got here on the twenty minute morning show. We're talking about Gayle King and Gail King's comments to Lisa Leslie and a lot of people said that you know she's reverting back to two thousand and in three rape case that was he was never charged with anything and I just thought it was distasteful for her to bring it up but I know her. CBS Yes bosses made her question Them on that. What what do you think what I agree with you? I think that back in time of Grievance and death of such alleging it is almost like a stab wounds and bring up such a hurtful memory. It has I did. I'm very optimistic so I do. TRY TO LOOK EH perspectives of things and even in my research on the situation relation with Gail. What I learned was that it wasn't necessarily that she took to just questioning about Kobe's pass rape case? They have a wide range interview long of his life. In Lisa in Kobe's great friendship and as a France Colby one wh- gail was was asking Lee so was as as his friend. How did that case you know how? How did that case make him feel feel? What was life Kobe? Dr In that time span and what happened is CBS to the most controversial part of her interview. Aim without her knowing. Put that out on the media so that makes sense then so she wanted to ask her perspective. Because it's something we don't know how oh he be dealt with that because we never heard him really talk about it outside of him apologizing to his wife and Nissim Bonner that big diamond ring and so yeah. That's a great insight insight but my thing was well the manner in which she asked the question and then when Lisa didn't answer red according to her satisfaction she c- came back and then that was the ugly part of all you to he would have never told you that we're well Gill had did say on that on that part in what I saw was that she purposely acts Lisa the question in a game because she really wanted to highlight as Lisa responded. You know it's time to let that goal. It's time to put that to bed. I think but the media should be more respectful At this time it's like if you had questions about it you've had many years to ask what's that. I don't think it's something that we should keep hanging over his legacy. I mean he went to it. Went to trial. The case was dismissed because the victim the case refused to testify so it was dismissed. And I think that that's how we should leave. Gail was making her statement. Statement a powerful statement not just the first time. She said it but she really wanted to get that message across to those listeners that it's really time to let this case go in as Gill stated if she had been if if she was on the other side of the table not knowing any other part of the interview that had gone on prior to that that moment she would have been as we all were probably offended by the topic of conversation as such a such a time. Some type so did was she wrong even bringing it up I mean. Do you think was necessary. I'm going to say it because it is a part of his legacy however he's done so much good why can you just leave that alone and talk about the good things that we don't even. I don't even know what this study is because straighten on the rig correct and you know what I think that that is a great point me honestly you know why push out the negativity right. He was a legend in. So many other ways I also I think that in anything that we do whether it's through own whether it's through music there is some ugly darkness right and sometimes that meet people where it wasn't. I think with with to me with America being so sensitive I mean you have the metoo movement you have you know men and women that are coming forward with alleged inappropriate situations that have happened and not being insensitive to any of those those things but it sells you know it. It raises the rates. And I think today people are so more interested in in how many views they can get as opposed to you know be being very sensitive to the offenses that could come across so my feelings things on Gayle King is. He is a person that gap to wishy is because of her friend. An Oprah Winfrey. She was on the cover of Time magazine as the person of the year. And I said how did she do and she you you're just you're on. CBS Good Morning News. And you've only worked in Connecticut as a broadcaster and there are so many other people who come up the ranks. Thanks and how does she get the perch herself and she's a mediocre journalists to meet but I'm not trying to put her down because she did to Kobe. I'm just saying that we knew what she got that job. And then she got on the cover of Time magazine based off of her interview with R Kelly Right. So I'm like I think everybody's everybody's being exposed now even oprah and gayle because of Harvey Weinstein you know. I think it's a lot easier to attack are black men in today. I'm just GonNa say you know it doesn't mean that they don't sometimes put themselves in compromising situations but it's a lot easier in. It's a Lapham easier on the eyes of other people to accept the religious the the realization of those types of actions in black men as opposed to any other races. I'm not saying other racist. Don't do similar things but it comes across as a little the easier to accept right and you know I have you know. I've come up during years of overhead in her TV. Maybe show and things like that. But she did a lot of catering to other calls to you. Know Why folks Love Oprah and we love Oprah because he represented us in a manner but she's never really gone out for a way to show black people that I really really love. You really love you always generic always you know. I can't go crossed the line to show you how much I really care. Because there's a lot of people that she's never had on her show because of controversial nature and I'm like it can compromise her views right. What do you think about it? I mean I I think that when you are when your success is in the hands of people that don't look like you you have to play need their game their way. Otherwise is fat prime example. Bill you know to me in some regards R Kelly to you know I mean I'm not GonNa say that are. Kelly is in at fault for putting himself in certain situations. But I don't I personally don't think he did everything that they're saying he did. Neither neither I mean the woman. I think that there are a lot of times where women throw themselves at men because of who they are in the status did they have because they're looking for something in when they don't get what they're looking for Dennis. Oh I've been taking advantage of all afternoon and people may not agree there but you know what I'm a woman. I was young and at times. Hot Mattel because mom my imagination places where I couldn't go physically and so so some people do ride the wave of doing whatever they can't get themselves were they wanna be in in certain interviews that I've seen in her R. Kelly even said that certain parents of these young girls kind of pushed him in the front line. You know because they were expecting something from it is a dumb man really so I mean he's a dummy but I love him and he's a victim of a lot of other things but going back to gail. I just think that she got caught. She thought she was invincible. When you get to be a black person on the cover of Time magazine and white people have propped you up then they can always take you down in? The black community is very upset. Because we don't understand is very very hard for us to understand why you would have to do that. And the man did and is not a bad person and I'm saying so anyway uh-huh in on it saint topic. I forget the the young journalist named who actually started this colby but if you remember shortly after Koby have I died. There was a tweet that went out from a young occasion journalism in sheep. Put it back into rotation about the the rib cage and she was getting blasted heavily on on twitter for her in insensitivities of him just passing and I and I honestly you know this is just my thoughts and my my opinion about honestly think that that was almost a retaliation that you know. CBS Network wanted to put now black face in that same rotation. There was a white person I who came out. She suffered a lot of controversy. Diversey a Lotta kickback from her statements. About bringing it back up now. They had a way to put gail up there. You know whether it was you know about her just kind of sliding the conversation conversation in or whether it was there on setup say okay well we're going to get hurt and talked about this in an asphalt we're going to put. This is the deal. Tie that when you before this these pieces even air the lawyers have to go into tape room and look at it and say if I can't be cut that out that out and gail was right there. Uh of course watching the whole thing and say okay. I don't like that. Let's take this out so I know she tried to deflect on. CBS BUT CBS did did not make you ask that question to Lisa Leslie in the manner that you did a follow up with. We have a problem as if he was asked to. Let it go. It is you're talking about Will you mill yours free. And I don't think he would have done every day. You know. I don't think you would you you know every truly no you know the why the negativity Circulates is fast as it does You you know. Our thoughts and prayers are still in his family and the other families that suffered a tragic loss and I just hope going forward. We can't put that tip it. You know now good good how you on show today. This is Tai. y'All in this episode of the Twenty Minute Morning Show of courses sources twenty minute morning show is brought to you by inside urban media and urban internet news go to our website you I news dot net and our podcast website site is twenty minutes. Show DOT com. You're listening to urban Internet News National News and information for and about people of Color. Welcome to you. I N Uncut. I'm Alexander indicating. Here's some stuff that's happening. That's controversy with Snoop Dogg and Gayle King over gaels question to Lisa Leslie about Kobe. Bryant's case from back in in two thousand three snoop posted a video calling out king and kind of threatened. Her family did before we come ditch. GotTa say say this at that ain't a threat. I don't know what the hell it is now. He's saying he didn't threaten her. What looked like one some harm to come to a seventy year old one? I was raise way better than that. Damn Dale King Seventy. When I said what I said I spoke for? The people felt like gale was very disrespectful towards Kobe Bryant and his family now with that being said I won't harm to come to her and didn't threaten her idea was said. Check it out you out of pocket for what you're doing and we watch and you have a little bit more respect respect for the NASA her babies in Kobe. Bryant's legs hold off hole. Lot Hole up snoop yeah. Let's check out what you really shared. Falke Doll Oh hit bitch. Holiday try to toys my mother fucking homeboys reputation pumped fucker respect to family back off bitch before we come ditch damn come on snoop let it go Palmer United States national security adviser. Susan Rice had some strong words for snoop Dogg following his comments on generalist Gayle. King and Oprah Winfrey Rice told snoop if you company Gayle King you come again army. You'll lose and it won't won't be Pretty Erykah. Badu is planning to release own fragrances. That smells like her vagina. It's a product. She's releasing leasing on the world market. Sing as latest business venture. I'm not trying to smell. No Erica do but I might buy a bottle just S. to see what the Hell is shit. Smells like no no no no no no no no the Manhattan New York. DA's office will review the murder of civil rights leader Malcolm X. after a new netflix documentary claims. Two of the three men convicted. Were not at the Manhattan. Seen Three Nation of Islam members arrested and convicted of killing Malcolm X.. During an event in one thousand nine hundred sixty five. It's long been speculated that Malcolm's death south was a government cover up Fox. News station is facing major. Backlash for using a Mugshot in place. A black democratic Senate candidate Jamie Harrison. The incident occurred on Fox. Twenty Four News Charleston South Carolina with a news anchor announced that Harrison would be visiting the state. Then cut to a mugshot of someone who was not Harrison. Harrison Patterson is going up against Lindsey Graham is US Senate seat representing the State of South Carolina. A twenty five year old man was arrested outside the White House after he threatened to assassinate. It's an president. Donald Trump Roger head Speth told a secret service officer. He was to kill trump with the knife that police found on him head. Speth was taken into custody and brought to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. Damn I'm glad that wasn't a black person housing secretary. Ben Carson said because non white workers at President Trump's uh-huh mar-a-lago resort and love him that proves the president is not a racist. Caution made the remarks while introducing trump at the opportunity now summit summit in North Carolina. Nick Gordon former boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina. The Donna Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston died of a heroin. Overdose in autopsy has revealed he died died on New Year's Day at a hotel outside of Orlando after being found unresponsive in his hotel room. You've been listening to you. I end for more National News and information for and about people of Color. visit our website at you. I News Dot net.

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