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It's a discussion of the latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip that go beyond the headlines welcomed daily pop. The podcast edition Today on daily Kim Kardashian. West says her son is her dad reincarnated. We're GONNA get into all of that. But I was Jennifer innocent on a date with John. Mayer La's night. I'm Chris this is just an a morgan and welcome to daily. So here's the big guys. Jennifer Aniston is living your best life and she was spotted near another famous acts. People are freaking out again. Look not the best picture but here is JEN. Leaving Sunset Tower just moments before John. Mayer left okay We don't know if they were hanging out but the timing is quite suspicious okay. Do we think they were there together. So as a frequenter of sunset tower this is they were not together. I feel towers one of those places. You can vouch for me. It's like John Maher every Thursday. She's there every week. It's like it's a restaurant that everybody goes right. It's not they were. They probably said hello. They probably were nearby tables. But this is just sort of one of those restaurants that like it's just infiltrate celebrities in and out all day long and that that's probably it. They're friends with the owner. It's not one of those things. It's your favorite thing to order. There's such a celebrity hotspot I love the devil. Really good but the Tuna Tara Tara. I really liked when they make it spicy. I usually just do apps there. Then I got a chicken and it's this is in my head. I don't know I'm not gonna eat the whole thing yup not to bore you on this. It's it's it's a very good people watching spot okay but people are kind of excited because it's already thinking could they get back together. Do you see them ever getting back together when they broke up. John Mayer said some not so nice things about her in a playboy interview making reference Sir Age and how she didn't understand twitter and that you know her Bain came before teams in twitter and she probably hopes that nineteen ninety eight happens again like I didn't realize it was so now. John always does because whenever he worked. It was like you know. I wish it would have worked out but I need to be thirty. Two I just acknowledging the age difference but making her sound so dated and old. It was weird. That to America's sweetheart. I'm sorry imprint. And also you know that she was probably resistant to them going out at first but then she was like you know what he's hot. This is going to be a little bit of fun. He's putting in the moves like I'm going to do this for a little bit. But look when he says that it's probably like why did I not trust my first instinct? Don't go near the Hawkeye. Hardest fall. He was that was his best. Those glasses I can't with you guys. I don't think that they're going to get back together. I think this was just a coincidence. This is lane for Japan. Well Anyway. Moving on we've got a new dad. Jacob eller deciding the two walked the cover separately for Bogor Bulgaria's New York Fashion Week parties. Day has been named a new brand ambassador. She looked of course amazing last night. This is believable. This belted organza moment is every single thing. It really is you know. She's kind of like a mini baby. Riana in terms of the fashion. I am so it's it's not even healthy. She's like Bianca Jagger for me. She's like a Modern Day music every designer wants to dress and the thing is get. You'll get a look here and there. She's it has something on on you'll get two months of looks within diet. You get insisted look like but also I feel like consist. She's more on the red carpet then on it but I feel like we're GONNA in terms of fashion. They can go that like bold daring place. Not a lot of people can pull off. They wear the clothes. The clothes do not wear them excellent. All right well see era was also at Bhagat Bukhari. This woman is six months pregnant right now. Dan still looking bomb. I can't even tell she's pregnant and that I literally forgot that you forgot to. She looks amazing. This is powerful. It's strong it's so Sierra. It's so cool with the oversize leather. It's just her things with the everything. Lean on The sunglasses up. I love it. I love his pregnant person. I've ever seen the matrix moment. I loved one. Who looks like they took the blue the red and then grabbed the yellow while she was added? Yeah like she is in the Matrix. Hazy Okay Carrie Washington. She was at the essence black women in Hollywood awards luncheon. I like this look. I think it's not fully expected for her. It's interesting I like the muted tones. I think it's fresh with the white on the bottom. I like the ponytail. I think it's it's definitely a look and I I don't I don't dislike it. She's been using luxury Lawley. Things are starting to get a little bit more edgier having more of a moment and I think for her this was such a step out of what we normally for her. But for this I loved it. It was beautiful. It was gorgeous. She just looked philology. It's strong too. I love a woman that looks strong one hundred percent and you said in person which is the key element there because you were there so. I need all the scoop. Yeah it was at the red carpet. Unfortunately they invite me into the lunch and I'm still matic. I spent some time with real housewives Garcia Beauvais and find out if the kids were really in Billy puertas future and also talked to carry about her role in little fires everywhere. What's it like knowing that everyone in Hollywood knows that you're the first person that they want to work with when they have projects coming up? I don't know if that's true that you're the only person you saw role. I feel really blessed that I get to tell a story that you really are creating opportunities for other artists and artisans to do what they do. First African American woman on predominantly white dominated show. It's crazy but I also feel like it's about time I'll bet you fill in the season. Did you realize it was going to be this crazy? No not at all. I mean I've always been a fan of always watched the show but to be in it and see the crazy all around me so fun. Rule return for another season. I believe I would. I would ask if she hadn't gone to the reunion. Yeah Okay what have. What have the women told you about the reunion? Have they warned you? Lisa Reynoso Worn. Maybe talk about the fashion. We talk about the projects. But there's always a handsome man on your arm. My husband your husband. Who is this man husband? Adam Smith? We met about ten years ago when the kids come and Billy. I haven't okay. It's really not Cristie Kerr. I'm a good gunk. And then they go home Cressey kid I know crusty looked around for everybody with kids. He was like no crusty kids. Hearing Me Y'all London ends about what he's GonNa do at the Oscars reporter said the one thing you will never get out of. Him is hints about fashion. He will never tell you what he's about to do. I love that I like. I'd much rather when people ask me. I've gotten like what are you wearing? Sunday? I'm not telling you never told anybody any of that. So everybody no you. Can't you gotTa Save That for Yourself? I don't know what he was wearing on Sunday. I do show quite a few people. She ourselves by that thing like this. You show and I don't get a big reaction like do we need to rethink this draft. Yeah I know that's why I don't do it. I don't want People's opinion I just keep it. Keep it clean. You know we've been talking about the. Hbo Show Legendary loved the ballroom scene. Right yes so I ran into the whole cast oppose almost a whole cast oppose on the red carpet and I was just curious because you know people have been going back and forth with their opinions about. Should she shouldn she was an? Hbo Max's Fall So actually asked them how they felt about. Jamila being on drugs. Just take a look at this get all. Hbo Just Green Lit legendary a lot of mixed emotions about the show about the cast. How are you feeling about it? I think it's made that our stories are going to be on the scene. I think it's I'm glad that worker and mainstream now and there are people that are hosting in that are judging you know in their most of them are of color. So I'm listen. What I know is that a lot of people are passing the buck right now. Everyone was clear from the beginning that does Shawn was the host that lay Omi are content like they needed to push it forward so that it looks like a queer person is running the show in the same way that Rupaul runs drag race. She is the HP. I see and you got other people that come in as guests every week because they love and want to be a part of the culture. But you don't lead with that as you mentioned to me. Legit mill has been feeling the heat after being named part of that show. Many hater said her job should have gone to someone in the ballroom world and someone was strong roots and the lgbtq culture so after defending yourself on Social Jamila eventually came out and said she's Queer. She said that this is absolutely not how she wanted to come out and that she is jumping off social because she does not want to see all of the mean comments. Oh Yeah when you say saying you having it only now I will say this. I've always said this from the beginning. I think that if she got the job she did get the job. I am a job as a judge. I'm cool with that. I think as real Max again. Kinda SORTA flobbed a little bit by putting her at the Ham and saying that she was the emcee. It was the verbiage and I think all the girls on the carpet agreed. This is the part that I don't like SIS. Welcome to the club. We love you in Queer Life. Lgbtq come right on in it's cool. I just wish that people didn't use it as a lifeline like hey mino- I'm crew to Minot. Now it's fine. I'm going to you know about this about me so I deserve to be here instead of just do you think. Would you have preferred that? She corrected obviously HBO. Max Put out something that was inaccurate. There was inaccurate information that she was going to be the emcee of the show. Instead of just a judge you think you would have been happier with her. Just saying there's been a miscommunication. I'm actually not the house. I'm just left it there. I think she should have left it there. I think she should wait a few minutes and I do feel bad that this is her truth. I truly believe that she is a person I just never. I get weary about it when people use it as a joke maybe started with. I am a queer woman and I'm going to be part of a show that I'm going to bring relevancy to the MC. I'm just the judge but if there was any question I'm queer like she should have said that maybe in the very beginning with that have been less like when people are like. Hey I'm queer and I just WANNA emmy not. Hey I'm queer. I'm getting heat on instagram. Like you just need to come out. Whenever it's a joyous occasion you WANNA say. She added a rainbow to her twitter name years ago. And she brought that up in there but that's like so subtle and she is a friend of the community. She has always been an ally so I don't think anybody would read into that and thought. Oh that means that. She's saying she's Queer. I think I read it as she supports the community. Yeah I knew that she identified as clear like for a while now on the back end so I know she's telling the truth. Of course I know that's not no we're not just saying more than the timing around it. It's it's unfortunate because I think she felt she had to and this is like like she said is absolutely not how she wanted to do it because I think she probably understands that she probably thinks. I don't want people assuming like I'm doing this for a lifeline or that. I'm just throwing this out there so that people aren't mad at me anymore. I think she felt cornered. She felt like she had to come out. And let everybody know. This is what happens in media. You know this better than I do. Because you've been in this game for far more years than I have. Yeah yeah she's something comes out until something comes out on a Tuesday like this whole legendary thing and it's like Oh my God we can't believe and then I always tell people I always tell publicists. Just wait something else is going on right. And they're gonNA come out if she just would have waited and let the Nicki Minaj Song. Come out and also led the Gayle King thing come out the CBS situation. Nobody would even talking about this today. No but in reality it's her truth. I think it would have kept coming up because people were upset that she was a part of this show. That also isn't right because she obviously is somebody who has a she's relevant. She's going to bring light to something that a lot of people don't that's now that's why they are choosing these people right. They want to have these stories be made and they want to put people in place of or in charge of that so that there's light shed on it is also there's a madness method behind the madness. Listen Rise in twelve years of slave came out in twenty fourteen and they were like Brad Pitt to star in Twelve Years Asleep. And then you watched it. And you're like wait. Hold on there was only like you had two lines in twelve years a slave but it got people to watch that movie yes even but made Lupita the younger who she is. Today it puts Utah on the map. All these people knew. Okay we're just GONNA attach to this because Brad Pitt will bring to the audience. So it's that situation ultimately right you want these stories to be told it's just how it works. You know. Yeah all right up next Kim K. W. says her son Song is her dad reincarnated. Do you believe it we'll discuss. We were in Bali and a woman a blind medium came up to me and said that I was going to have another son and it was going to be my father reincarnated and she had no idea that my no one knew not not no one on my crew. No one knew that I had a surrogate that was pregnant with a boy so my whole family. All the time thinks it's my dad. Kim also mentioned that this also happened another time when her nanny took some to a baby shower on a woman who did not know who they were so that Saddam was a reincarnation of a family member on his mom's side so she's heard this now from a couple of different people. That's crazy. Do you believe it I do. I feel like when I read this yesterday. And I looked at SOM- I feel like I've obviously seen photos of some but not the I mean. Maybe I just didn't look at him with as much intensity as I did. He looks so much like her dad. Yeah don't you think so now? She's is or eyebrows like they really do. Look so similar so I do believe in that. I believe that that can happen. I believe coordination. I've had reincarnation with dogs. Yeah Yeah every time I've ever lost a dog. A new one has come in right away. It's true swear the same dog again. No I know you're talks. He sees the Milan to see. You can talk to your dog so you feel like they have exact same personality as the previous dog. That's and it always happens. It's always I always as one is passing away. One comes in. I got one. Yeah I I don't know that. I believe in reincarnation but I haven't really fully thought about it but if I if I had a bunch of people telling me that chase was my grandfather or something like that I would find peace. I would find that peaceful and cute and I wouldn't creeped me out at all. I would like that creepy of a grandfather. Just watching you the whole time. Ristic's down. It's that's really what it is. Yeah I mean wouldn't let me out of your baby you can't. You can't get grouped baby. I believe in reincarnation because I believe in past lives. There are times where I meet people and I know for a fact they we were. We have unfinished business from time before and I can feel that in my soul like Tom and I have so much unfinished business and I don't know why lovers in it last year when lovers definitely a time where things. We're not yeah. I think we're not working out in. That's why there's tensions here for sure. This is where I really do. Believe that Gary Gary Gary and they have a nice relationship yeah there. It's like an of present. This is your first life together. Yeah you definitely smothered me an eighteen sixty four something off a train to like you know like go with the Indians like lever about. Yeah Oh man it'll be with Marilyn. Yeah thank you okay. Okay we ask. You are you to pull. If you believe in reincarnation. Fifty eight percent of you said No. I don't I can't believe that's happening from our audience would believe aright well unless we bonded Nicki Menaj. Yikes is right. Because Nicki Menaj is catching some major heat for some of the lyrics and her new song that dropped just today but guess what she doesn't care to the line in question to cut cut click. Clack come to look up the FEC food okay. So a lot of people think that her. There's a Rosa parks line in there in case you missed it. A lot of people are saying. It's very disrespectful. Few others argue. It could be a call to action. Well Nicki posted a screen shot of the headline claiming that she said her was bad. Timing but he says No. I never said this. Don't care She had no clue. Anyone is even mad So what is she trying to say with this line? Which just wanted to read it? 'cause YOU'RE GONNA make fun of me when I read you should do. You should really nice actually honestly think you should do it. Honestly if they were going to get to the deep block by the time someone reads it all you bitches Rosa parks. Oh get your ass up. You didn't think I didn't try to try to pretend like Nikki. Okay so what do. Y'All think disrespectful. What do you think she was doing it? I think they make as an artist in Nikki. News in order to break the clutter of the music industry. You gotta come with something. That's GonNa meet people talk in tweet and re tweet and share and I think for Nikki. There is over one hundred and twenty million artists on on spotify. That's crazy. There are two hundred seventy five songs being put out. Today I get it you gotta you really want to break the clutter with Rosa Parks. Look February might have been a bad month to drop it but people do it all the time. Look at Dave Chapelle Day. Chapelle talks about the letter people. He talks about juice my leg. He does things so people can talk about it. He can he talks juicy juicy smolen. French guys users me about UCLA dates. Your PAL is an artist. I feel like as artists. You've got to be able to break the clutter and I think sometimes you gotta ruffling some feathers. Well two thousand eighteen. She declared herself the new. Harriet Tubman on twitter. And so now. She's gone a little bit after. Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. It's a little much. I think it's a little much but at the same time. I'm not even that annoyed about that. I'm annoyed that. She says she was retiring six months ago. This is his personality. She said she wasn't going to be making any more music. So why are we hearing from her like unbelievable but I get your point? But why did you go out and make this big deal by retiring? You're having kids. You're not going to put out any more music and then literally six months later. Drop a new song. So Nicky Moniz drops the song talking about one of the most influential people in the. It's okay but you're catching onto the greatest salt. I ain't kidney and she didn't say that. Do you understand why people are upset? I think people are upset. I understand it. I just think we're talking about the song dropped. Headlines are everywhere people are going to stream it to see what it's like. Nicki Minaj is going to get the streams. She is smart. You think that's what you can basically say whatever you want if you at least you get the streams. I will say this Rosa parks and Harriet. Tubman ARE GONNA be waiting at that gates. Run up on Nikki when she when she finally passes but that's that's when she gets a heaven. I'm just saying not me. Maybe she'll get reincarnated. Do you think he really doesn't care about the negative backlash I think. She's been through so much after giving me. Don't think she cares. My alien cares and then she keeps putting out music. That's why she does make big scenes in stores and doesn't care because she's just like I don't share farewell tour. I did a seven. Share our toes. Can you say goodbye? Share we're not gonNA believe her when she said it. I'm not saying that believed it. It's just like why did you say it though? Do you say that about people who have never having any more kids and then they pop out another kid like why'd you say you would never have that one all right coming up? You guys. Aren't Valentine's Day gift guide so no matter what state you're in your relationship we have the perfect gift idea for you? Better be nasty. Roll off that train to Valentine's Day is just the corner but there is still time to find that very perfect gift here to help us out as lifestyle expert didn't Lucia. Thank you Valentine's Day. Okay I want to start with the new relationships. You kinda just started dating ush there. Yeah you don't WanNa go to big but you're right something something appropriate. So I'm obsessed with this candle set from Linden and Co Candle. They actually turn into a lotion or massage. Does Not work when you burn them so you can burn it down a little bit and as it and then you blow it out as it warms up. Take it and it's a lotion. But not if it's true. You have to be careful. It's too don't burn. This hand is just colored. Because I did that. It hurt yeah. They're very good all natural ingredients and everything they're awesome one hundred nineteen dollars for the set and then for the guy something for the guys so my guy loves as right. I mean loves chocolate. So what's better than beer? Infused caravels and Brittle's killer chocolate under thirty dollars in this caramel so Yummy I. It was a little weird for me because I'm like okay dude beer but they are kind of delicious so one. I don't know if I can. I'd have to read the we can have a v day type thing. This is wait. So we're at this is if you are lovebirds for life and jewelry is like a vide staple right but you want. You don't WanNA break the bank. So this is a really great option. This is from Chico's and it's a heart strand necklace padre with little puppies and it just the right amount sparkle you can layer them which is super trendy right now. Yeah fifty five dollars. That's a great option for that and then this is a diy idea that I have loved one. You want to give the layering. Yep Yep comes in three different metals This is a DIY gallery wall. And I love this idea. So go to the drugstore and print out pictures and canvases of memories over the years and then you could pick up like a love canvas on Amazon and then you hang them with the command. The frames actually go get hung with the command picture hanging strips. I don't know if we're GONNA see him. Have him on my hand if we can get the shop? The command picture hanging strips. I like live for these. I've used these in every home because they're non damaging they will leave a residue They don't leave nail holes and there's no tools required so ladies like for me so the guy should get the girls. Girls should get the guy you can do it for either. Like this is actually me and my honey right here but then actually. I made one for you is to you love each other so I like prepregnancy photos. I'll take that you keep that. Thank you all right. This is the next one. This is like when your friends but you kinda wanted to give to the next level you kind of want to drop a little his dating for a little bit. Yeah so right so. This is a great way to kind of dig down deep and really get to know them. These are intimacy cards from luxury. Romeo loves into me. See Get into me. See in missing in to me see so like really dig down deep sex life. Love Questions Avalon. Yup and that's twenty five dollars. I'm breaking everything. Okay it says. Do you like to role play. If so what would be your ultimate fantasy role? Play with me all Mike. That's morning TV shows. You can play with your newly new really dig down deep and I'm yeah. Oh my what's the other one? What do you find sexy about me? Oh let's get one more at. Can you imagine? Can you be intimate without having well? That's a good one having sex. Think so that opens the conversation. It is here that one out the window so this is really great like if you what says. I want you to stay over more than offering a really cute breakfast. This isn't hurt shape waffle maker from coal adorable. I love that so much really affordable gift options so. I just love that idea. That's very cute. What way to your heart your stomach right so the last one of course? We don't want to forget about the single people out there. Let's see what's a good gift to give a friend or for yourself for yourself so these are medical grade silicone patches from co beauty and they tackle all those fine lines and wrinkles increases. They have them for all over under is to DEPA for the chest for date night. Get that Decca Taj. Ready with those sweetheart necklines right yet. and they even have a new tool which is really cool option for a gift and this is kkob beauty dot com. I love this. We're definitely seeing these from you. Absolutely love it is my way home right over my I. I love it and those slippers happening either heated slivers from Homo Urban. Tomo don't worry is the brand that makes them there from urban outfitters. And they make these cute corgi. And the dumpling ones. I think they have some different styles. And so Jason Up hampering their heated. Yeah the heat through a USB easy to do we did out there I Love I love her. You especially right now. You should be pampering all these livers. I love it so much. Good tips okay. You guys you can check out. Geneva's book it's called get it get it. Shed into the point. All right Next Oscar fashion. We're predicting what your favorite stars are going to be wearing this Sunday. These are very cute and they're soft pop. Award season is coming to a close this Sunday with the Academy Awards. A bunch of the nominees have hit the carpet many times before. So we're GONNA TAKE A walk down. Memory Lane presented by. At and T. So I if we have Shirley's there so this is her third time being nominated for best actress. Her fashion always keeps us on our toes. She's been very edgy. This year which which she has edgy looks in her past but this year she's really stepped it up. So what do you guys think she's going to wear this year I think she'll be more whimsical at this one. A lot more feminine than we've seen her and I think it's Charlie's is one of those women who likes to give you something give you something and then flip the switch on you at the last minute. Look at all of these dresses. They all kind of look like they're from the same family right. They're all very similar. They have similar silhouette legacy. It's not like they're not all day or I don't think so but maybe they are but I just feel like she kind of stays within this sort of world. I think it's going to be something like this but I do think it's going to be a color. Yeah I think no matter. What because like even with all of those two. There's still something edgy. She adds to every look even if. It's super glamorous and beautiful there's something about it gives her that. Charlene touch her. She's such a statuesque beautiful woman. Give me a break. So she can basically wear anything. But I think it's going to be wondering neckline color can scarlett. Johansson is up next She against her lease in the same Supporting actress category. So she's been showing some skin on the carpets lately. Do you think he's going to continue to do that? She has had her best year. This past I was just GonNa say the green is my favorite I This red carpet season for scarlet. She has really turned out. Every look has been so beautiful. She's looked so gorgeous but hot and young and vibrant. I think I I'm really excited to see what she's going to wear. I think she's GonNa blow us away. I think she might be best dressed. You know what not GonNa miss a beat there. What I think you might be right because the lead up has been so good and that's always but that's also sometimes that's when the disappointment happens because when there's not so much pressure you just have great options and then we really have to bring it. You're like wait. I don't know what dress to wear. I think she might do something a little bit different. Okay I wouldn't be mad about then Margot Robbie our fifth time at the Academy Awards. She's always seems to be on everyone's best dressed list. So what kind of thing do you think she's going to wear? I? It's GonNa add obviously be a moment. I think Margot Robbie has been throwing us off because she's been so cool and casual on the carpet this whole time that there must be something big that she is saving for us. And I know it's going to be really. I know it's going to be released. Go big big like big skirts or anything like that. You think she'll do something like that does not putting that out right now. Chanels more structured chanels more leg flower child to peace moments one of these days. I do WanNa see her like a big skirt. This sendo. All right we've got Hollywood's biggest night cover this weekend tomorrow. Watch ease to our live. Oscar special at eleven. Am then on Sunday catch the Oscars on ABC and we're going to have coverage all day on a starting at one pm eastern more daily after the break. Welcome back if you're trying to decide what to wear today. We encourage you to go with read. That's because it is national. Wear Red Day. And we're showing support for the American Heart Association's Go red for women movement all right. Let's talk more about the Oscars. We have Joaquin Brad Rene and Laura Dern. They've been basically winning an all. The major categories at every award. Show this season however. Which category do you think is most likely to defy expectations the big snub on Sunday? So want to say I don't want to say but it's going to be Brad Pitt. I don't like that but I also think the academy might think of the scope of work. How long he's been in this industry. How much good work? He's put out for us. I don't know they might give it to him. I really hope they do because the chances of him. Winning another Oscar is just you know I think when people are so super successful and so famous I feel like the academy doesn't want them as much because I feel like they think they don't deserve it because they become sort of tabloid fodder but he's talented. We have loved him for a million years. Give Him an. But we know it's not walkie. Oh my gosh joker was basically. He's GonNa get our monologue. So amazing Rene Rene Getting Rene as getting it I know or a dern I mean she might not yet know larger Laura dern kisses all the baby on fan six all the hands and she also out acted everybody in that movie. It's going to be Brad Pitt because unfortunately Brad Pitt didn't have the body of work that he'd Pacino Though Pacino. Eighty years old he listen. I think Brad is GonNa win. I'm going to hope that Brad Woods playing this game of a hypothetical situation out of those four. I don't like it. We're putting out that energy. Will you got to talk to some big movie fans in New York City? That's right in partnership with kinder- Bueno. I spent some time the kindle brain. Oh sweet easy. Talking to Vancouver is actually one of one of my favorite moments of the year. They told me what they like about meals in what they were looking forward to seeing. Check this out you guys. I am at the kindergarten sweet easy in New York City. I'M GONNA talk to fans about their love of chocolate and film. Come with me. Let's DEFY EXPECTATION BY WEDDING GUYS. You'll get a candidate you'll get kidder. You'll get a kinder- what's your favorite kind of movie comedy. Do you like laughing horror films. The Brits are always a little darker. I like comedy movies. I'm a big girl. You can make your life into comper one day. Tell me what it would be. That's all they wind. You don't care where you ever meet him on this the grocery store. I don't go to the grocery store but if I did which is choice because I haven't so bitty popcorn for sure. Kindred Winnow Actually all Kim nurse On Roy World. What's your favorite way to watch a movie my couch. We love to go to the theaters with those big comfortable seats. Comfort of my own home cocktail. What some chocolate and a blanket right. I said you guys didn't get experienced. This firsthand. Hope I did you justice if this thing comes back in a city near you you have got to bring all your friends. It is one of the things I've done. I was so bad when they kicked me out on. How many did you steal? They sent me a case I was. I like laughing. We all do. One of them was like yeah like to be home having drinks and stuff and Mike Jilin and Mike Okay. Ooh I like that. Guy Says thoughts on twitter. You guys were talking about the reincarnation conversation we had earlier. Marianne says she believes in it. She says energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred. Wow Deep tweet on a Friday Sean. Says maybe that's why babies cry at birth? They're aching from the pain caused by wiping away the memories from their previous light on something today. What does everyone so on? Masculine was never like actually. That's the way to sense okay. And Laurence says she was adopted in her. Dad Always told her you were mine and another life. This was just my way to find you in this lifetime. Everyone is really responsibility. Tak- do you believe in reincarnation. I don't reincarnation girl no no I think the baby was like he said the baby came out and like White Memories. I think he was just warm and then got really cold just me. I believe we're talking to her next. We're telling she's telling us why her new role on her show so close to home. We'll be right back to daly pop. Sonic the Hedgehog and mixed this star. Tika sumpter yeah right star Star. Tell me how was it bringing this video game to life surreal? I mean when I was a little girl. I tried to play with my brother. He wouldn't let me really use his controller. I would sit and watch and be like and I couldn't really control sonics but it's crazy to see it's surreal to be in a movie with him right now. I mean just watching him as a kid like a lot of us grew up with him on to and to be in a movie with Jim Carey like a hero. Yeah what was that like? It's such a hero. I look up to him. I mean most actors do and like the only thing they could dream of is like get meeting him being a movie with him as amazing. He's incredibly kind and he's everything here you your hero would wanna be like they say. Don't meet your heroes Bassett here. You WanNa meet at Sci. He's a he's a mad scientist but he's also super normal. That's crazy I wouldn't put Jim Carey for Norma Drew Carey's normal factors are all a little cook on said he like we collaborated. We like broke down on a scene together all of us and we were just talking and having a good time and he liked one of my jokes and I just said something that I've been living in La for eleven years. And I've been dying for someone to admit this. All actors are a little cuckoo. Yeah you know. It's so funny when people don't realize how well I talk about actors as if I'm not when I'm like. Yeah they're crazy me. I know when I go home. My fiancee's like you are a little crazy. I don't WanNa talk to anybody. I want to be a room by myself. Okay you were long you do Let's switch gears because we've got to talk about mixed ish Tracy Tracy Ellis's Ross's mom it's comedy Prequel to black ish mark. Pau Gasol plays your husband. Why was this role so important for you to take shows very important at the show's very important but also like for me as a black actress? I don't get to always play these different dynamic characters. So she's a lawyer but she's also a little quirky and she's like she's her sh- she doesn't she's not up on all the cultural things like she doesn't know how to dance to the snake like the opposite and like she just. She thinks she's cool. She's not and so what I wanted to do with show you. Why bowe became Bo? Because both a little quirky on this you know and so I love that can be all these different things on this show while sending an amazing message and teaching my child something like I don't always have my daughter's only three and I don't always I feel like have the words to explain things or at least in the future because she's mixed ish she's mixed ish and all she loved the giants so you yes so I feel like I have a script and I have words that I can use to help her in the future. I loved it sometimes on instagram twitter. You kinda clap back at people who try to conquer your life. Nicest way the nicest way ever toys she. She must have a glass of wine in her hand. Sit back like oh no honey. Love is love latest clapback but which one will Which one. I think you said worse like I would hope that you can find the love that I found or something. Yeah for me. I'm like for me when you come after my loved ones especially my fiance. It's like you don't need to sleep with him. You don't have to eat with him. I do so much business but not only that it's like love if we're GONNA say love is love for everybody and if you can actually find love hold onto it and who cares what they look like crazy though or twenty twenty and people are still hung up over. They show couples. It's the weirdest thing to me Yeah I mean I don't know what to say but I don't. I don't read all of the comments. I don't I just can't surround myself in negativity because I one love myself too much too. I love my daughter too much three. I love my life too much and it's a waste of time so I hope you're blessed now you've been engaged for a little bit We're GonNa have a twenty and twenty wedding. Okay rummy that weddings this honey. Romeo so for me. It was all about making sure I was ready. And that was about me going through therapy and not just getting married for the fun of it or the party because you have to live with the person afterward. I just needed to make sure it just took time to lake. I'm ready because growing up. I didn't see a relationship that really lasted that long so it was like it scared me and so now we have gone through so much together. We have a kid so he's not going anywhere and neither am I but I am ready. And he is my one and he. I love him so much but they're the mental. Health is very important mental health. Is Everything. Thank you so much? We really appreciate it. You gotTa Sonic. The hedgehog is in theaters this Valentine's Day and mixed ish is Tuesday's on ABC. We'll be right back now that you have a game plan this wedding okay. We're wrapping up with some final thoughts from you on social NASA says. She believes in reincarnation but she thinks reincarnation is only granted for special circumstances. Like for souls. That didn't get to live their full lives here on earth and make their way back into the family plus a lot just now. This is deep. That one is beautiful. That made me a little emotional there for a second. That's heavy. That's it for today. You guys back Monday for Everything Oscars. We'LL HAVE THE FASHION. The backstage moments all the drama. I didn't see on TV good weekend by Pratt. Thanks for listening to the podcast edition of daily pop remember. We've got a new episode every day. Make sure to subscribe and have a great rest of your day.

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