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LCB Ep. 101 - Fantastic Beasts 2 Disappoints, Scooby Doo and Shaggy Are Idiots, Ghostbusters 3 News and Who Would Win In A Fight: Jeff Bezos or Jon Cryer?


Infinity and beyond. You can get me out of this mess. But he's pretty sure you're. You can't handle the truth. Maybe not maybe fuck yourself. Jury out kid. What? One. Yes. Just. Road going. We don't need. He get art. Welcome to let's camera bar still episode one hundred and one so nowhere cool countdown for quite a while. I think we get to two hundred later next year. But it'll happen, obviously. It's episode one ATs. Yeah. Yeah. When xer one s max. Hey, guys. It's ballance. Yeah. True and Ken Jack, wearing a jacket. We'll stick with one zero one for now. But you're right. She'd probably get bit cooler names for it. What's up anything anything? Big anything. Good going on here. Are you? Okay. You sound down. Sounds satire. Browns didn't lose raise your spirits guy. Talk about oh, nice candle hours. Limon peel Karrar. I don't even know karate is just in this candle. It's very good because smells like a tailgate. Yeah. I'm not sure I like that one. I don't know if I'd like that. I don't know. It's not ready. But here, I am I still haven't I still haven't lit the Pope John Paul the second candle. Yeah. Right. It's here. It's here my room. I bought a what's the word for are. They like offering candles or divinity, candles, church wax. Yeah. About one of those just because I liked it. And it's just here. No disrespect. I just like the candle. The style of it pumpkin spice on mine. Big fan. We we we're really busy weaklings to episode one hundred you can catch big if true on siriusxm eleven AM to twelve pm eastern every day on barstool radio power eighty five. Siriusxm many people are saying this shows good. Yeah. It's fun. So far, it's. Off to an interesting start a little tinkering kind of change from questions around people. Ask for maybe less number questions. That's fine. We hear you on that. I've I wrote a lot of the ones not mine, but for like Tyler in PF, tea, and Kendrick, I know you're sticking with video games a tough owing three in video games this week. But the question types are going to change. So you're gonna stick it out. And you're gonna give it another go. I'm gonna beat that money line gonna beat the money. I'm gonna certain researching more sales numbers. So I'm not going to get beat on that should anymore. Well, it'd be a shame. If we're going away from that off the character base things I'll be fine there too. I know you would be the story line throughout trivia, so far is definitely Tyler though because Tyler three and three and he is catching flack like he's Owen. Twenty people were giving Tyler a lot of shit. He's Owen to in cereal. So that's been a bad look for them. But it's been fun. So make sure you check it out. We are still dominating the caller. So so, that's that's. Big big team effort. Let's see what else we are going to review BUSTER Scruggs episode. I actually think BUSTER Scruggs now holds the record for quickest movie suggested to be reviewed within our group chat and then removed so fast. Like it was about six hours. Maybe. I think we started at the same exact time, and he both realized that it was not a review -able type movie at the same point two. Yeah. I'm like I'm gonna say eighty percent of the way through. I finished it in. But I had a scrub parts of it because it just last so long. It seems like it's one of those movies where people are like not wanting to come out and say, they don't like it for sure it's Cohen brothers. People. Don't wanna sit in Coen brothers movie, which I mean, let's be real. They've made some bad that they've made movies. Aren't that? Good. We saw one tweet that said. It was like it's a tough law. But like, this isn't like years, a slave is tough watch at times stars born can be tough watch like things that are that are brutal in real. That's tough BUSTER Scruggs. I don't I don't know if I would call it a tough watch just is not great. Yeah. I would say like Pacific rim is a tough watch Evadne take a movie out of the last year or so Pacific rim operas. Now, the tough one I watched it, you know, you fight through some tears some adversity. It's it's a that was the one where I struggled very hard to get through it. That's how I felt. I feel pretty yeah. Pretty was real. I forgot about that one. That was a stinker. I mean, they're they've done movies that aren't that? Great hailed. You'll hate. It hail Caesar. You know, they wrote suburban con spurted bad. Yeah. I mean, they've I think a lot of people didn't like burn after reading. So I mean, it's not like Fillion. You're not an idiot. If you don't like it just to say, don't like it. You know, if the fake it. I don't know though, the internet woke. Definitely I'd say a little bit woke on this concept that. We're definitely woke on this concept that the people who are film, our viewers that are trying to say that it's actually good. Are just trying to save face with the film critic community because it's like suck your own dick Hollywood tight movie and not for the people right troll. Right. Smoke weed everyday. I just gotta say so I went in this weekend and created a separate like a digital soundboard to where I have I have my computer sound piping directly into my microphone for the recording. So that's why I'm going crazy with all these sounds. I'm just on like one of those two thousand down boards and just I'm just doing it. So all right. I'm a called down on that. I'm on my job spots. I'll get the I wanna create Nelson be soundboard. So of anybody anybody can do that like knows that technology. I'd love to have all our drops in there. Oh, that'd be so funny. Imagine if we had that just even for personal use hysterical me just saying restaurant. X-men? Let's get into serious talk here for second fantastic beasts made less money than fantastic beasts one got destroyed in the box office by venom in China. We saw we did not like it. I gave it a sixty two Jackie but fifty seven is that correct? Yep. Now, very good, Bob. We'll be reviewing it this week with Mr. Sunday movies, James. He fucking hated it. We'll get more much more into that. But. Wall. So rank the Harry Potter movies. What do we think you're does sound like I'm going to be eating the candy bar off the Elmo? Odds are in my favorite this point. I didn't have like it like almost broke some Chinese record this weekend for like the biggest international opening. Venom did we specify which currency? Ooh, no said worldwide, gross, right? Yeah. But like we say in dollars or could that again? Yeah. But then renminbi it's way past that. That's cheating not gonna eat that candy bar this movie isn't doing well. I don't I don't feel like people really care about Harry Potter unless Harry Potter and the gang is in it McKenna put that out there. I know you've got this magical wizard ING world, and I think the diehards really like it. But these movies have no draw because nobody really cares about the world as much as they care about something like the Star Wars world Brady, even like with the Star Wars role. There was a continuation of characters like the only thing they really have that carries over from that Dumbledore in this movie. And even that it's so weakened not a prevalent in the movie that no one cares. So they anything of your care for that character's. Isn't there you have these new characters that just aren't interesting enough free like grasp onto to latch onto and want to your emotion on mostly invested in them. That's a good point. I agree with that. That's I think you saw that with rogue one. Right. They had to put in that Darth Vader. Scene at the end. Just people are like in late or worse and Tarkhan and they're just like, yeah. Remember these characters they're back. Exactly this. This franchise starting to have super Star Wars prequel vibes to it again. We should save that for Thursday. I'm getting prequel vibes on this one. Well, I got pre one of the Saint heats got people vibe starting to fire. But that's a discussion will definitely have next week. Wait, what do you mean? Like like, the quality drop starting with. Oh, yeah. But I mean, more of like what JK Rollings doing compared to George Lucas did with the franchise direction changing things around characters. I think what that though is that like with imaging around. She's essentially ret conning so much of it like she's just like changing the history of the Laura I'm not sure how much of that Georgia just did as much gist introduced new things that sucked there didn't change too much of the history. Yeah. Added crimp onto it. Exactly. Yeah. Koreans were kind of there. But not really because it wasn't ret con. And you just was saying this exists because I. Yeah. Dna or whatever. But I agree. I I'm not I'm not I haven't seen it yet. I'm going to see it, obviously before we record. But I didn't look forward to the first one. I think I'm looking forward to this one a little more because it does seem a little more entertaining than the first one. But the responses I've seen online from you guys indicate not really it's just sounds like a fractured mess. And when you have that you can only go so far in the Harry Potter name before people start finding out. It's not that great of a movie, and then you even if you do like, Harry Potter, then then you're kinda like, I can wait. I can wait for the digital download point. Yeah. I was excited for two. I liked it more than the first one. But it still has some pretty glaring problems that will will really dive into one more thing. So venoms bit him slaughtering and China right now isn't her blow for the stars born fans like are they further eating? Hit from their pre trolling of of the venom crew. Then I'm gang. Star is born box office numbers. There's definitely off the deep end. Now, I'd say. Earth born box office. Mo it's at three forty million worldwide. Meanwhile, venom to triple m. Venom beat that the United States alone. No, it didn't seven hundred eighty million worldwide yet. It's it's time to cut the losses for stars born to admit that they got beat played it simple. I think their conversation over to Oscar nominations now. That's that's the next phase is like, well, even though are original intent was that that movie was going to beat them at the box office. It didn't. But your movies not gonna win or get nominated for a best actress award, so. Take that. Take that. Michelle williams. We also creed to Kendrick Thuc and loved cream. We'll give it a ninety one. And I will say the thing. But we're thinking about creed is the negative reviews on creed. Or like us. It's a lot like the other one. But like, that's the same reason. People love the force awakens, right? Yeah. It has a very force awakens feel to it. Like, there's a lot of the same beats as the one that's trying to emulate, but it's still looking fantastic. And I would say 'cause even farther than force awakens because it just uses those beats to dive deeper into what it's trying to explore what it's using for. It's like narrative in for. It's you know, the moral of the story. I I loved it. We we had a good time. So that's one. If you go see a movie on thanks giving creed is the one to go see greet to see. Immediately music is incredible shot. Amazingly. Awesome. Fucking movie deeply motion to really got to. Yeah. I mean, that's mostly movies. Like rocky movies are all derivative of each other. It's the formula in the fall. Formula works. Yeah. I mean. Yeah, it's a boxing either some cliches, but like, I don't know what do you what do you expect? So fantastic beasts again, fantastic beasts the crimes of Grendel walled. We were doing that. With James this week. I don't know what are to drop you talk about timing with thanksgiving. But we'll be reviewing that. And ranking the Harry Potter movies next up the Dumbo trailer trailer actually dropped while we recording last week. But the rule is you gotta get the movie or the movie news in before we start recording. Not just going to do it on the fly. Unless like the vendors trailer drops while recording Dumbo, what do we think about the Dumbo tro? This is like the forgotten live action movie next year, it's going to get buried by lion. King and Latin. I thought it looked good. We made fun of it because it's very ten burden. But it hit the right notes for me. It's whimsical and that shot of Dumbo wearing the clown makeup. Like, I don't get sad at stuff very often. But that that was very specifically designed to make me stat and a lot of people that. Yeah, I thought it was all right. It's just like nothing movie to me in that. I just never cared about them with cartoon at I don't know how making live action makes it more interesting to me like flying elephant Bambi. I guess I don't really know. What's interesting about that? For me now them adult not much Tim adding timber into it doesn't redo it. Maybe calling Farrell that kind of peaks Anthony has one arm in the movie, right? Conferral? Yeah. I think I noticed that in the trailer already. Sure. But I don't know. I'm just I don't really care too much. Like, you said Jeff like with the other live action movies that are coming out that year. It's just his not gonna get anything going to get anything. Where would you rank the three live action movies coming out next year landed line king and Dumbo lying Dumbo? I'm shocked. They're all coming out in the same year. I'm shocked Aladdin in Lion King or coming out in the same year. I seems like phase two two different years because those are two of the biggest Disney movies, Disney animated movies being turned into live action movies. Yeah. It's a bit of an odd move almost like they didn't know they were planning these like it just just very strange timing. We had the Dumbo trailer. Look motion looked interesting. Tim burton? You never know what you're gonna get at Tim Olle Tim first name basis with trailer. Be a podcast. Yes, we call TIMMY be a Travis. Knight director, I to direct guardians of the galaxy volume three you may not have heard of him. He does not done many movies. He has directed Kubo in the two strings in. Now, the Bumblebee movie that's a very small rap sheet of things to now. Get tab for guardians three. Yeah. I liked Kubo. I- guardians three is way different than that. It's so it's hard to say it's so tied to gun what he did with the movies and. Anything that isn't that is just seems like it's doesn't belong. I think part of the thing I'm thinking about with this is it's like you said he doesn't have a huge repertoire going into this. But did James Gunn really have something where you'd be like? Yes. He'd be perfect to see these two movies are already out right now James Gunn, hadn't directed them. If they had hired James Gunn onto this for the third one. Would you be like damn? That's awesome. He's gonna fit perfectly probably not something. I would. No. I know I agree with you there. I think my points more like it's his vibe in his creation than you gonna have another director come in in you're going to have to copy his vibe a little bit or else is just not gonna feel the same. So I don't know how that's going to translate necessarily. But he could have done worse. Right. I mean could have been someone you heard of and din. Like, yeah, that's true. Most camper from God. That example, right? There of director Tyco TD coming in and taking on something that was what Catherine I and forget who the second dark world was directed by in this going in absolutely different direction. Still. Well, it being much much better than both woman is think that still possible. This verse two were very good. Although the second was slightly worse than first one. It's just interesting because he's mostly done animated movies moon, girl Coralline line paranormal the box. Trolls Kubo the two strings the missing link is next movie, then Bumblebee, one of his only two directory. Oh credits. Bumblebee now more excited for Bumblebee, you know, to see what he did with that movie because if Bumblebee shot, well and looks good and has good direction, and it gets a little more excited for this appointment to guardians three them a little more excited for Bumblebee to begin because they have the old transformers like they looks like transformers, which is kinda cool credit to them John CENA. So we'll see on that news Lassie before we get into the next ad reader are our first and read Amazon prime members about this. You should ask actually someone asks Amazon echo. If this is true after I say, Amazon, prime members can see aqua man early somebody asked I don't have a don't have an Amazon device in my house. I have my little home. But I'm plugged right now. L Asman, Alexa. Can I see aqua man for free? It's not the right question. Dammit. Alexa. Stop. No, not c command for free. Alexa, can I see aquaman early with Amazon prime? I don't know that stupid. So I guess I guess we don't know now early. How early we talk and we talking weeks or we talk in two hours a week. Hell does that work? Do you just have theaters that are just going to be cordoned off to Amazon prime members? There. I think we're both on prime guys. Right. Yeah. I mean, I guess I'll do it. Yeah. Gotta do it. Get take advantage of those rich prime benefits. But I'm more thinking in terms of the logistics in working with the theaters to, you know, are they going to have like an Amazon security guard right there, just make your prime member negative sign you up for prime if not it's holographic Jeff basis. Jeff bazo skit last night was not very good. No, no show is very good son of the opening. The opening was pretty cool in your company's parody than the opening this pretty funny. Yeah. I don't know. I think it's just they're figuring out which theater chains are participating like Arclight AMC saw regal. I saw I don't know which other ones, and then you can get in and go see early. That's kind of cool though. I like that concept that'll get people going to movies spices. It up a little different. I don't have the worst idea of heard. Quits, the a guy, I guess it gets going to movies, but it just the incentive being able to see something really the exclusivity is the draw is is that it because stem cell like there's anything special than the fact that if you have a membership to the web store you get to see it early. The interesting thing is this is DC with another bizarre move because it's early in the US, but it's actually being released a couple of days ahead of the US internationally. So with Amazon prime you can see it the same time that people overseas conceal it before they spoil the movie for everyone over here, which a lot of studios lineup their releases. So that doesn't happen like vendors moved there. So they were able to line it up. I think four ragnarok, maybe even think four came out a little after but you think DC would line up with Oakland movie. That's getting hyper being potentially pretty good. So I found that a bit strange my book. I it's creative. I guess I just I don't understand. I don't know how this is supposed to generate extra business for DC. But maybe it's not maybe maybe they're taking the pay from Amazon and Amazon's the one trying to use this as a marketing expense. I don't know. It's confusing. This this whole sole world, we live in just so confusing. Just let me see by damn movie without having my my internet account present. Ken, jack. And I are actually seeing a movie over a month before it comes out on Monday. We can't say the name, but that's a crazy move. What a wild decision to let people see movie that far in advance very long time ahead of time. Yeah. It's it's a Christmas movie coming out. We're seeing tomorrow we could ruin it for so many people one of the risk our jobs, we could ruin it for so many people world not others anything that's going to be worthwhile. Spoiling? You can't even you can't even mention that. You're seeing the movie that's how tight this embargo or whatever is it may not be. But you're not gonna risk it before you go. See it. I guess it'll be bad. Yeah. I understand that we actually saw creed to with Ivan Drago son victor's Rago in the back of the theater the end. Fucking massive human being absolute unity took two seats who's wearing like full last tracks intimidating shit posted up. His name's flooring. I feel like you don't focus somebody and he's named Florian IRO now. Not at all. That's a very intimidating name. He's a very large human. Speaking of tracksuits, stitch fix. Sponsor this podcast episode stitch, fixes fixes an online personal styling service have find it into livers clothes shoes and excess rates to fit your body budget and lifestyle go to stitch fix dot com slash lights and tell them you're sizes. What styles you like? And how much you want to spend any John M it would paired with your very own personal stylist who will hand pick fights send them right to your door. Then you try them on pay only for what you love in return the rest shipping exchanges. Enter turns are always free. Get started now stitch fix dot com slash lights and you'll get an extra twenty five percent off on you. Keep all five items in your box at stitch fix dot com slash lights to get started today. Sticks dot com slash lights. All right moving on more news. Mark Hamill talked about stories something he suggested George Lucas back in the day. I love Mark Campbell. Not sure like this thought. He suggested that Boba, Luke Skywalker. Mom. Even George said, big time note of that one this this would have been a fucking awful idea. Right. Being serious though. I kinda feel like Mark Hamill patrol. He loves to you. He loves to push peoples buttons. So if like one of those news, but if it's a serious suggestion as pretty wild because that goes back to the whole thing is like everyone involved with that do they feel like everyone needs to be related to each other. Just this this unspoken plot like creation where everyone is just fucking has some connection. I don't know. Yeah. Feel like that's kind of the vibe, we got more going forward, more and more. And maybe that's something that Ryan shots and try to break with saying that Ray wasn't related to anybody just to nobody. But maybe that's meta been good. Who knows? I'm not going to be the one to say that baba that shouldn't have been Luke Skywalker is mum baba baba mareo. Say this a bottom area, but the either that works too. But yeah, he's a I'm not gonna be the one to say that that wasn't possible. Must have been cool. I kind of prefer him being a a shitty clone because it's kind of weird how like Django he was a clone of jangle fit. But somehow not like obedient or a good soldier or any of those things kind of shitty kit. Yeah. He just didn't have the discipline of the other. What's his name Tamura Morrison tomorrow Morris and baby? I go deeper than that. So how would you explain the relationship between Darth Vader, Boba fett Boba fett was Luke Skywalker. Mom, like with Boba fett just out like at a bar, something just fucked Daniken. Yeah. Just. You'd have to fucked her before the burning 'cause I'm only swimming his dick and balls got burnt off. Well, maybe maybe the burning is not canon. If you go probably. No. But I'm just saying the timeline would have to shift a little bit. The whole prequels will be invalidated by the by this. Well, what if he had sexual tyrant while in relationship with Pat me? Dude, cheating deemed cross my mind. Wait, actually, I guess the the revenge of the sift place when Bombeck had to be like a teenager that. But I guess in this case, that's what word con wouldn't matter. But still I think it's possible, you know, anikin Winifred offer a little stranger something, you think it's super awkward and clad city when Boba fett kinda shows up. So I got the bounty, and Dr psycho. Okay. You still hang out with Jeremy? And those those guys. Still checks her Instagram every now and then. Boyfriend. I saw so that is he he's good. Always a doctor. Oh, that's cool. I'm happy for you. I'm sieff. Lord. See that. I really universe. It's not a big deal though. I mean, I mean, technically, I have a boss like, but he's not on that much. I'm like my own boss. Baiters just one of those guys with like a Twitter profile, it's bourbon enthusiasts on Trump or dead father. You wanna buy these go knives? Bafokeng Ponzi scheme, Dora fater and his teenage. That'd be great bit Vader. Who's obsessed with startup incubators? That's great. But also like there's a smoke company on tattoo win that just entered series A. I gotta go check out one there might as well see if my sons kicking around. He just an space staffer space tesla. They're actually is a space. So he launched that car into space watch your mouth for you should only lawn. When people criticize Elon Musk is like being an example of wastefulness. Unlike. Shot a car to space. Like, that's the one thing. I can defend of. S? Maybe like one of the few things. I'm like, okay. That's actually pretty cool. It was a great marketing. Imagine how much money and exposure he probably made off that. And how much it costs total like definitely made a profit. I would say, oh, yeah. It was it wasn't was like when the I Jin tesla roadsters, I don't even think is one of the new ones are laying around with going to launch this into space ya. It will be very funny. Not sure men, but we just we cannot. We don't know. How to do is? Excellent. I can't fathom that I can't fathom him with his American accent? So I just I morph into being German. Yeah. You want to go to discotheque? I can't even I can't remember what he sounds like I've watched that Joe Rogan clip mill less than a dozen times. I just don't know what he sounds like a slightly accented American that entire interview that entire three hour interview. Rules. He can it is Joe Rogan peppering him with questions and him giving to ward responses. Joe Rogan's like, okay, motherfuckers. One. Do you think if in the future, do you think things will be better? Yeah. You mean by that, you know, interconnected mines? Anyway, I recommend it though. It's it's wild any spokes. We'd. Smokes. He smokes weed a fat. With one of the best means at twenty eight team for sure out of that. Maybe maybe of all time. No timer because that that's just the intersection of absurdity that makes that's what I miss about the internet because so much like happened stuff doesn't seem absurd anymore and that actually was like holy shit that that's absurd. That's wild. That's very true. It was one of the shocking things you're like what the thing that happens in politics or celebrity gossip is really surprising. That was just what the fuck that really happened. Just fucking smoke like that it made. Him and Harambee being crying Jordan on the mean whole fame forever. A lifeline that long for the respective time. Periods. Horizon. Like, I feel like the y'all must be still relevant to if you could use it. And I was still probably gonna like a genuine laugh out of it to the best one was when people did the face app thing to make him smile the pig. Oh, grimacing and has a smile on his face that that was great. That was real good. That was going. Trailer for a movie franchise that we've talked about a fair amount on here for being how shitty it is the leprechaun returns trailer this. It straight to DVD or streaming of the fuck you watch it. But man, we may have to watch this some point like a quick five minute review. This looks brutal. It they they got on this wave of bringing horror franchises and rebooting him in retooling or whatever. And they said what's one that hasn't been done like leprechaun lowly the worst one I would have taken puppet master over leprechaun. I would've taken over leprechaun and you'll what they messed up like most of all they'll say two things about the trailer. Get to what they messed up after this. The first thing is is they decided the trailer didn't feel very serious you guys it felt like a tongue in cheek horror movie, they'll give give them some points there. Because out could you go super serious with the leprechaun murders. People. The the thing that I think that messed up on is they made the leprechaun to messed up looking the made him too creepy looking I. I think he had to retain some semblance of looking like an actual leprechaun is overly gross. I think if they would have made a leprechaun just kind of gross rather than the super gross leprechaun would have been a creep creepy leprechaun. You're the lucky charms thing. Wouldn't that be creepy though, if he just had this baby face news, a leprechaun kill people like the south park Christmas critters type effect? Yeah. Yeah. I I remember that. But I I hated it. I hated it. I don't like this. This looks bad. I still want to review it because I think it'll be good to just smash this movie, but they're obviously this is the response they want from people. Let's let's not get confused. Nobody's making this to say, we're making a good movie. They're making this. So three dumb asses talk about an apo- on a podcast end up watching it and tell their audience to watch it too. And that's what's going to happen, especially if it's straight to DVD, and we're gonna watch the shit out of that no one hundred percent marching this regardless. And I think I've only seen the first leprechaun, and I just I don't not a fan of them in journal, as you know, the franchise or the John har- is just not my thing destroyed nothing for me, as you might guessed just not something at ever come interest level scary leprechaun's, they'd rather them reboot. Hell racer that was legitimately fucking horrifying or they might be making her fucking hell raisers. I would have no idea of just me out of hurt him. When is the last meeting it? Yeah. They are. They are Riboud. It. It is. Let's see hellraiser franchise. So it's look it up. I do rebooting though 'cause I chose not to read one of the stories. Hellraiser franchise injury. Boot play the leopard trailer real quick. Go ahead. Go go play go play Google calendar. PM you have that. We need a reservation note. Anything about. Off either. This is my killing the rebel full. It reminds it. Got a lot of killing for. A figment of imagination. The music is what makes it was real. Down the well, there is a deranged more money in the kitchen. It's a leprechaun. He would murder anyone for his old. All right. That's enough. He would murder anyone for his gold is that's my favorite. We gotta tell you what this guy's motivation is in the trailer. That's the hook. And like, oh, this is a leprechaun he murders people. But it's for as gold. So I guess like I kind of get it. Update by the way. There was a hell raiser that came out this year in February. How raise your judgment, and it had a three hundred fifty thousand dollar budget. So I will not be watching it. See here trying to who's playing the pinhead. I dunno know the Olympics. I the voice is fucking awful though. Hilariously awful like perfect though. I love it happened to Marin until you going now. A lot of killing to make up for which is what I think he says great line Warwick. Davis did the original. Yeah. He's a legend, by the way. Did you guys ever watch? Life's too short. No. But you've you've recommended it. It's it's on my list, right? After the wire, thanks for letting me know that I recommended to you before new ignored it pretty sheet support look at Warwick Davis's filmography first off he was in return to the e walk unreleased nine hundred eighty two muck memories short. But then he was even that before he's returned the Jetta. And then he in labyrinth in willow and leprechaun and Star Wars Episode one the Phantom Menace. He was one or no sorry solo rather in Harry Potter, professor principal. He's at all of them. I like him. I'm a fan Davis. Come the pod. Yes. That'd be a great enter he was the voice of grip book the who is the resolvable in ingrain green God's. He was the voice of him in the first movie, but it was actually played by Verne Troyer. And then he just straight up played him in the last one or one of the last two parts of deathly hallows. Yeah. The one extra travels with them Verne Troyer played them. Yeah. For interior played grip book, and then he wasn't actually in the movies again into deathly hallows part one end to. Good for Verne. That reston peace bigtime him and Bob Hoskins. Yeah. Definitely Bob Hoskins a lot. Can we still that same recipes? Bravo skins. Not sure many self I wear one every day. It's not funny. I'm not laughing. It's just like I would onto present. Where that can you imagine being called to like the office? And it's like, okay guys, you sold seventeen shirts last time. What the fuck are you doing to make Hoskins? Need to merge got Bob Hoskins on his shirt with rest in peace on it. Where this to Darty know, the best thing is it would be. The Obama hope one except it's just Hoskins. We. Go to stored up barstools sports dot com for your fifty five dollar champion crew neck that says rest in peace. Bob hoskins. Ugliest? Walked around for weeks and Ken, Jack. And I were just too busy to ever really think of good Christmas sweaters, the worry to get the jump on next year for the the rest in peace. Bob Hoskins ugly Christmas wetter. I wonder if we can get that unless seconds guys, please need a rest in peace. Bob, Hoskins Christmas begging here, we're going to have to let you guys go. We've been need by the estate about Hoskins. Guest. If we could get a guarantee, we get a guarantee, let's see how much criminal. Crimen say thirty five if we could get. We get a hundred people or more to guarantee that they would buy a rest in peace. Bob Hoskins crew neck. I would I would put it up for sale on Tuesday. If we get a guarantee that people would do that it's gonna patriot to commit money. I don't know what my what the punishment would be for if we made it and nobody bought it. There isn't much we can do. But. So the brings up think that things that my point here is is what picture above Hoskins. Would you use? What use Mario would you have to aurio? Would you do Roger rabbit or hook is sweet I think him as Nikita Khrushchev and we had the gates as a good Bob Hoskins? Gosh, dude. I didn't realize I didn't realize he just died like only like four years ago. Yeah. I thought it was I thought it was like way before that movie with jet Li right like the cage something or or another reas like jet Li as a caged fighter leave kinda think you have to use the Mario picture. But then I think that if this is state if they've existed actually get very pissed if we're using mariota's their picture, I had to stop and make sure I said Mario when he called. But I think we should use a one worshiped him. I like I do like that picture. But all right. Well, regardless if we can get a firm committal that we will see a hundred people buying it. I will make sure rest of beast. Bob Hoskins crew. That gets up on the site on Tuesday. Oh, man, you're worth a see me. Let's see me on one and on one hand. Like, I am sad that Bob Hoskins past and on the other hand like a kind of what this shirt. Yeah. We need to talk to PF t if you can help us get behind this might work. Right. Keep in mind. All right. Let's see what else Ghostbusters three according to Dan ackroyd apparently is being written. I don't know how to feel about this one. I don't know if this is them confirming that the last one was awful or they don't wanna continue it. But apparently, they wanna get going Ghostbusters three which just seems like you can't do this. I just don't read you can do this anymore. Right. Like like, the time has passed Herrell Ramos died like there's just there's nothing you can do right. Yeah. And you know, what like you gotta get Rick moranis onboard to right? Yeah. He's he I think he's kind of dipping his toe in the water coming out of retirement a little bit. But I don't know the whole Ghostbusters thing these are tough to wait in the conversation of ghost busters because you have to separate like the the quote unquote controversy from like this project in just put that to the side. And do you really you really want a non like jeopardy saying a nod herald Ramos directed Ghostbusters with these actors who are like past there. Oh, say past their primes. But look I mean, it's just a kind of feels like wild hogs, and that's comparison. Yeah. It's not necessary in any way, shape or form. And without the forecast. It's especially not necessary, which is kind of odd. And I get they're trying to give her that that stain of the blessed one. But still just I don't know. Thank you our best. I just don't know how you can do a reboot like this with the original cast and not have the entire movie just be overly fan service. He references to the whole history of the series. They Dan ackroyd actually blamed Paul Feek for why the first movie did work in a why there's not going to be a sequel. He said I was mad at him because he costs too much. He said that. Yet this. thE costume. Said did not listen to budget suggestions, which was also the movies undoing? I mean, I I mean, I know vows Lia doing I think what Paul fee put on the table and puffiness, very funny guy. He put it was not a good product. It was not a product up to the standards of the good stuff. Paul figues created it just wasn't. There's really no. I don't know. Maybe some people liked it. I thought it was a bad movie. I mean, plain and simple wasn't funny. Just as we have to shut Donnie one time. Don, wasn't that movie? In was through Dottie. Does wasn't the movie he was awesome and his part, which is great. Branding. They actually released a song from the soundtrack, right Thakur. Julia go Busta. Have you heard yet? Play. Imagined. This just opened up the movie. Cruise down the street in their personal mobile, and this is point. Anyway, why did you start? Listen part. How did you? If you're going to do this, you gotta you gotta get to the good part disco to Buston. All right. Good stuff. Excuse me. Excuse me. When you talk about busted plea as hall of fame and duct or hall of Famer Boston is that how you say it did I had they been inducted into the hall of fame yet or have they just been like pre inducted, you know, like when they and they pre induct football hall of fame before they enshrine them like pre come. Yeah. Exactly. The same thing. I think they're inducted this. I think it is just a hall of Famer Hama Boston say be busted, some gerbil preaches. I don't I don't want this ghost. Part of me wanted to happen. But the other part of me in my heart knows it will not be good. And it's just that drive to get the gang back together. From the movie you loved as a kid and the product is just not great in Ramos was a big part of that people realize that like how like these eighties directors like both him and. Who is the other one John junior like John Hughes? They'd just like they were there is in the actors were good in. But like their their movies this what I'll say to for me. Anyway, like, I don't have that childhood connection to it. Like, it would was in a movie that made much outed, and I don't look back fondly on like damn Ghostbusters. So good. I always just kinda thought it was an okay movie that my dad loved my mom thought was good. And I just never really connected with so many for like you, and Jeff might be totally different. So I think that experienced probably varies across people, although it is critically acclaimed as a good movie. I wasn't a big Ghostbusters guy. Saw it as a kid. I just don't have any special connections to movies. I don't know. Maybe it's a deficiency for me. Well, I probably have a few if I really think about it. But it's never. Yeah. I mean, Star Wars is one store is definitely want. So I take that back. But it's not like everything I saw as a kid. I feel like there's some people that like if it existed when it was a kid you have to say like, oh, I have. Special connection to this just so you have social capital bitch about how the remake is being handled. Or like what they've done to the franchise. I think the perfect example, this is actually Jeff because you've explained to us before like your connection stores, and I think that that's totally tangible thing. Yeah. I think it definitely exists. I just think that there's something like Star Wars. You can't compare to Ghostbusters in my mind. They're not on the same plane instill like there's just a small group of people that probably were as big into Jefferson roomful store were stuff. Like, I'm sure there's some people that exist. They have a room full of ghostbuster stuff. But it's not as not not not even close to the amount of people like stores huge. And even then like, I think like the way Jeff talks about it is like, you know, the pre even though the prequel sucked and solo wasn't great. Jeff's going to get on a message board be like they've ruined my childhood which people say that like in. I don't know ironic anymore. But. That was the big thing about the twenty sixteen Ghostbusters is like, oh, you know. Like, here's what you're doing the franchise. It's like relax do like you don't care about Ghostbusters that much. It's a bad movie won't give me wrong. But it's a bad movie for different reasons for what people were mad about for. Sure. Yeah. For sure I mean, maybe there is somebody who like Ghostbusters that much. I mean, I don't know. Maybe if somebody who's in comedy movies where that like dead inspire them. But I get your point there. I mean Star Wars against a tough compare it transcends a lot is it goes far beyond just the movies. And I know there was ghost busters toys and games. But Star Wars is just in its own league. There's just not much you can really compare to it. Two more pieces of news super this is a this is a piece of news. It sounds like we made it up supergirl cast, Jon Cryer as lex Luther that just sounds like a troll ball joke from the podcast like going through like who she lex Luther. And you're like, Jon Cryer. I got it. Hey, man. This is a this is a it's one of those things where it's such a weird casting choice that now I'm interested like if they would've just cast it Corey Stoll. We would have been like, okay. That makes sense. He's the perfect likes Luther Jon Cryer is like Sluiter gets people talking. I think it's. Yeah. Exactly. He looks like lex Luther. Now, remember, we're discussing in the office and like at first glance when you think about John Cryer, you think about him on a two and a half men, and you're like that's the most harmless looking fucking dead of all time that definitely only does missionary doesn't use music as the lights off, and you just very unintimidated human being. But Jon Cryer now, bald is a scary, dude. He's not so many wanna fuck with the bees affect exactly look at. He's a fucking unit. Now, I mean, his not very intimidating in the same way as crier, but it's still. Jeff Bezos, John Cryer who do you got just make it like a ball person death match celebrity death match whatever happened to that. I think it's also one of those things where Jesse Eisenberg was so poorly cast is likely through. And I hate what they did with it that anything sounds better in. So I'm on board with this Cryer thing. It's just ridiculous. Based off of like the joke around Jon Cryer in his association with his character on two and a half men and then him being cast as lex Luther. But he no he deserves it. He deserves to get work. I don't have anything against John Cryer. I don't know much about the guy, but Luther the hypothetical of Jon Cryer in Jeff bay basis in a fight. I were love I don't I don't know favorite. Really? What's the tail the tape when we look up junk height feel like there's a lot of as of Jeff Bezos like doing like M a training videotape of himself on Instagram with a train you Jon Cryer, height and weight. I'll look up Jeffey be the fight card. That'd be really funny graphic. So John criers five foot nine. I don't know what his weight is. But I can't imagine it being compassionate deviating too much from one hundred sixty like a five foot nine one hundred sixty is a is a. Pretty standard. Wait for somebody is age says one fifty four for John Cryer bays. Those hundred sixty five pounds five foot eight. Ooh, this is a battle. Battle. I got basis though, because he's he's got to be more yolk than Cryer. Like, he he went to he went into like hard on that workout plan. Was it picture of him wearing the vest region? He looks like he just got off of like some sort of like UFC training event with Rogan. Yeah. Ooh. Put him in that fight to make it like Dana White's, Joe Rogan, Jon Cryer and. Basis but in a four person death match. He's from the Princeton from Albuquerque New Mexico philanthropist investor technology, entrepreneurs let's let's do a little more killer tape for Jon Cryer here. Jon cryer. He went to. I don't see the school. He's from New York. He's got a little Manhattan street tough in them. Street smarts. Yeah. Exactly. He's an upper east side, baby. I'll see where he what's he did. He did act with Charlie Sheen for many years, though, he beats Charlie Sheen every day. That's the plan to a little bit. Yeah. My money's going to be on Jeff Basir. But Ken, Jack. I do think that you may be on the something. Maybe I could see John Harper. John Harper has they was Alan Harper into an F, man. I could see junk Cryer. Going. I could see John Cryer going toe to toe little bit with basis. I can he's got that. He's got that unassuming intimidation factor because ages. Ooh. That's a good one to aged definitely gonna matter. Here. I think Bay's us is a little bit older than him criers fifty three betas fifty four. This is very this is a great card. This is a great fucking card. Oh, man. I really wanna see this fight. Now. What would the what would the undercard be you'd have to take a lesser like business, magnet magnate, or whatever? Okay. So about Richard Branson versus. Ric flair. What about Jeff Daniels? So Richard Branson versus Jeff Daniels. Richard Branson is sixty eight years old richer. Princeton right is. I put eleven all right. So Jeff Daniels. Heels. Six three Jeff Daniels has got to be like six something. Japan was a big guy. Six foot three he'd beat the living shit on for granted. Yeah. Jeff cleanest fucking clock. China think an actor to put up against Richard Branson? Jeremy Irons Jimmy irons is in his late. Seventies has to be right. I this Richard Branson, sixty sixty four right? You said no he's like Richard Branson, sixty eight Jimmy IM's seventy. So that might work. But you're me irons is also six foot two. He's a he's a small looking six foot. Two are exurbs Jesse Eisenberg. Think I might get one here. Oh, you know what Richard Gere, Richard Gere, Richard Branson? I like that he's five eleven he's sixty nine years old. I like that's a good undercard. Do you like that? Branston for skier similar hairstyles. How gates? If you get gear in it. It's not the undercard anymore. Right. Like is Basil's that big of a draw? Is that is that Cryer? He's out of the world. Right. Yeah. I know I know I just I feel bad about putting gear on the undercard having Jon Cryer on the made event. Speaking of fighting last bit a newspaper for getting some audience questions fighting with family trailer, the rock this loss. True. He's out. He just heard the rocks naming had quit just quit yet trailer with the rock. I don't really totally understand this movie. You watch this trailer, Jack. Yeah, it's it's a real story actually talked to Robbie about this a little bit. Because I didn't wanna talk about it in the trailer round up. And I was like, hopefully, I can just hyper-link Bob Bob's blog about it. And then not have to say anything is acknowledged in talk about. I don't care about it at all. When I was like, well, this is this is this is a synopsis here. I'll give it quick read Ricky his wife. Julia daughter Raya and sons Zach scrape a living together wrestling in tiny venues, Ray, get the chance. Auditions the WWE they learned that becoming superstars demands more than they ever dreamed possible fighting with my family, I will I will read a gay quick comment on the movie and keep the person's name anonymous as to not put any damage on their career. I say what's the deal with that? Dwayne Johnson moving trailer that came out and the person said he made a movie about a WWE superstar page drastically embellish her life story to involve him of the movie could have a big star in it seems kinda gross at just seems like yeah, y'all could necessary. Yeah. I don't know. I'm not I like wrestling movies, though, all three of them that came out ready to. The wrestler with David Arquette and. Our boy David ship out of amateur wrestling fight this last weekend. They have awesome. It did look so cool. Like, I did not think he was capable of moving away. He did. And he did he did the damn thing. Did it man? Oh, the rock wasn't really in the trailer. He was there for like twenty seconds, just as I kinda cameo almost an I'm hoping that if if you're pumping this movie out like yes, starring the rock that that isn't the only seen you get. But I don't know. I thought he was cameo more than I thought he'd be it was like two lines. I did the whole doesn't matter. What your blah, blah, whatever. Yeah. That whole phone call. Oh, no. I'm intrigued by this just because it's a gigantic WWE studios puff piece on WWE. Just a big advertisement. Which is I think is cool like personally and von it. That's cool too. You're telling me a propaganda piece in stars. Vince vaughn? How how was how you making this movie? And you don't have anyone. Listen, the cast is blind. Vince McMahon is what I don't get who do you want to play Vince McMahon? Vince Vaughn, I think could do a good Vince McMahon. I think J K Simmons would make a great Vince McMahon, but he had to have to get jacked like this. See him. He was in his last role. He had to Jiechi Simmons was yoked dune. Remember that picture green room any? No. That was I'm sorry. That was Patrick Stewart. That's like what fuck I don't remember that at all. No, Patrick Stewart would yoked in that movie. Maybe I just I don't I don't see it. I associate J K Simmons with being more wiry, Vince McMahon's got those big beefy buff WB performance center muscles, could I just sent you a picture to send you Simmons as yoked. Yeah. No. That's fair. That's fair jacked up, and I think you give him the j Jonah Jameson haircut like that wig. And he looks a lot like van all of a sudden Stephen merchants in this movie too. I love Stephen merchant. Yeah. My talking his. History. We gotta get some audience questions. But first up this episode of brought to you in part by Robin Hood. No, not the movie, Jamie Foxx, tearing Edgerton Endo, Ben Mendelsohn rob investing app, then lets you buy and sell stocks options and cryptos all commission free. They strive to make financial services work for everyone. Not just a wealthy. Non intimidating way for stock market newcomers to invest the first time with confidence easy to use app. Very very well designed designed very well. Excuse me. You learn by doing learn not investi build your portfolio. Discover new stocks and track favorite companies with personalized new seeds cuff motivations ditch. Great very easy to use. If you're trying to trade you stuff like that. Make some old money's Robin Hood is going to give listeners free stock like apple Ford or sprint to help. Build their pro folio sign at lights camera dot robinhood dot com. That's lights camera dot robinhood dot com. All right. Audience question time. What are the top three movies or just name one or two that you have in a rational hate towards a movie that you don't just dislike movie that you just rationally hate? I think avatars definitely up there for all of us. I think we we all at least I rationally hate appetizer. What's one of the map that you have a rational hatred towards Donnie Darko? Really? My three or Donnie Darko nightmare before Christmas. And this might be the most surprising one the goonies Ogooh. I don't like the Guineas that much. Everyone loves goonies. Well, you don't like it. Or you hate it. I hate it. Because people like it so much the movie at self is fine. But the way people talk about the movie that that's what makes me hate the movie kind of same thing nightmare before Christmas. That's how I took. That question is. It's like a part of is built in these movies that you rationally hate you. Rationally hate them. Because you don't really see why other people love them that much makes you kinda hate them. More number one, John Carter for obvious reasons. Book. Making me lose a point in big if true airing eleven twelve home on your everyone. Would you have known this the question what we now, you know? What would you have known? The question was name the disc lame the movie, it's a Disney category. Starring Taylor kitsch. That was a major box office flop in two thousand twelve I I mean, I probably would've said lone ranger. I that's army hammer. I know that that's what I'm saying. Is that what? I don't I don't like a socio John Carter with Disney. I think that's the problem. Oh, I do. Because I remember that being the news was is that was such a gigantic flop that it negatively impacted their balance sheet in earnings release or negatively impacted their income statement. Yeah, it fucked me. I mean, it was my phone one hundred percent, but still hate it now because of that and other reasons being a bad movie apparently never saw it. Number two Selley again for obvious reasons to rational hatred, this guy who d- fucked up at his job and then corrected it and somehow got a movie out of it. That's that's a legitimate one right there. You shouldn't hit the birds. I mean, you don't at the birds no movie, it pilots do every single day. None of them have a single movie. So just number three the greatest showman. All three of these are part of L C B Lor all these ones that have a rational hatred for. But even then I don't think it's an irrational hatred. I think it's a rational it is a rational hatred that other people find irrational for some reason irrational hatred is tough. I've a rational hatred toward the Mighty Ducks. You hate the Mighty Ducks. No, I just I had the same reason as trilled I don't hate the movie. I just haven't irrational hate towards like it's the same thing trill side with like why people people fucking love that movie so much, and I just can't see I White's that amazing actually get Space Jam. I don't get Mighty Ducks. I agree there. I decided. Yeah. I just don't get the obsession with that franchise. It's a fun franchise when you're a kid, but I don't quite understand like, I don't know like the constant references just doesn't just doesn't do it for me. No, I agree with you completely. I didn't the my ducks is not a good movie. It's just get that out on the table. So if you liked the Mighty Ducks because you saw it when you you're dumb ass was five years old. You'd think the flying v is a permissible hockey formation. Spiderman twos another one I don't like Spiderman two I had her Ashley towards it because it's hyped up. Yeah. I am in the minority by I think it gets a lot of hype and praise for. Not aging. Well, I don't think it's that good. I really think dome fucking plotlines in there that that. I mean, again, I it's good. I'm sure it's up there. It's better than the bad MC movies that have come out. But it's I just don't think it's as amazing people wanted to be I think the original spider. It's better. That's just make just my two cents. All right next up. What's the best sporting event that hasn't been made into a movie at best boarding of it that has not been made into a movie yet? So I don't know if it's much which one do you want to get made? But what's sporting event? I guess more that you're surprise has been made into a movie yet surprised there's no like Michael Phelps movie yet. And that kind of surprise I figure, I know. I agree. I think Michael Phelps in the Beijing Olympics, and what he went through all that stuff would would be on the table. I my answer is a little bit different. This is something I've always wanted to see because if you go to the Wikipedia for the world record for fastest mile ever ran and the time for it. The people are going back and forth on this list. And you know, these people are just trying to beat each other in our szeswith each other like Arn Andersson of Sweden set the time in July nineteen forty two then Gunar hog Sweden set the time like a Cup. Months later in an aren't Anderson. Did it twice the goods are hog? Did it again and the same names appear on this list? So I always thought that'd be a fascinating like kind of a comedy movie where you just portray these guys who are obsessed with something like like one mile time like doing everything they can in nineteen forties to to beat it. It is pretty good. Actually, then insane. That running to me is one of those things like I can't get doing. But I do love watching other people do it in like Olympics and shit like that like that's pretty cool. If I had a pick a sporting event that I wish would be made into a movie, it would be one that would never be mean to movie, and it would be the chargers being the Broncos in Denver and twenty thirteen they had four all pros and Piedmont when MVP because that was set up Layton hotel, it was thrilling full ever watched my tire life in ever been happier than that day. Never be made new movie in a million years from a billion of reasons, but I wanted to be watch it. The death brings up like that reminds me my favorite genre. Tweet is whenever somebody asks like what what thirty for thirty. Like, would you like to see the most? And it's always somebody with like an Auburn avatar saying the two thousand thirteen iron bowl. It's very specific to their fan base something that wouldn't carry a one hour documentary or like somebody with like a university of Texas El Paso, like the the nineteen ninety nine women's basketball team win like fourteen in thirty two. But like just a real interesting story very specific to you. That's tough. I don't I I don't know. Sports can be so bad sometimes thing it's about finding the right balance. Like what works like miracle worked Friday night light worked. But so any don't and you pull on the cornea money bowl work because it was a different angle. You know, like it was a different angle taken. There's a different style on for the movie, you know, it can't be something that obvious. You know, maybe like the Michael Phelps thing would work could be dead wrong on that. I think you're example's probably the best one. It's something different soon that that could be interesting. You don't know the story as much. Yeah. It's definitely. They're stubborn thinking of trying to major sporting events like Mark McGwire. Sammy Sosa homerun chase. That was a huge sporting event happen higher summer. But that would not make a good movie just cause I don't think that was like all that interesting to make movie out of. But what there's another question like what current sports happenings like involving player? That's currently player playing. Can you ever see being made a movie 'cause I can see like a paid Manikam Brady moving being made like twenty forty eight the McGwire Sosa thing actually is pretty good. Because that was something that I feel like isn't as appropriate it now because the steroids I would love to see that. Yeah. I think personally just sell them on the record. I think steroids should be allowed in baseball around metal degree metal bats as well. Just get it. All. We so much more fun. Isn't that the point of sports to have fun? Fun to watch. They should be hitting with metal bats homerun derby. I don't know why their own targets in the outfield. I don't know why there's not different shit in the whole rigueur be. They should be hitting things in the stands. They should have mental bats. I don't understand what. Well, I do know why they'll be archaic. But should be doing that. The baseball players are so super stitches, though, they probably wouldn't even wanna handle like even touch metal bat for it mess up their swing. But also, could you imagine just like you have some seven year old like Pawtucket little league out there? Centerfield John Carlos Stanton's coming up in the home run derby with a fucking. De Marini metal bet. Terrifying. All right. What else do we got here? Would you rather force to heckle a comedian in a bar of drunk fans or before to heckle a preacher during Sunday church service, tough because the comedian can destroy you? It'll probably be on YouTube and the drunk people could hurt you where I feel like the church. What's the worst? It's going to happen at church. Will they got it? Forgive me. Right. Yeah. The comedian doesn't have to forgive me. But I think the church has forgive me. So I take the church. Yeah. I wouldn't do. I would do the comedian. I I'd have to pick the pick the preacher. Yeah. One hundred percent picking the preacher. I don't do that right now for free. I don't need to be incentive at all. Especially a street preacher. Let's be clear on that. It's a one sitting in New York City to screaming on a megaphone. I'll heckle the fuck out of that guy. Oh that lots different story. I mean that that's a whole different ball wax. I like this other question if you could drink with three characters from the same actor who would be, but I'm gonna save that one. That's for more entering discussion. On the road. Would you rather have detective Pika chew or shaggy and Scooby doo in charge of solving your case Pika chew hands down shag? They do shaggy and Scooby stink. Why why are they still part of that detective agency? What do they bring to the table than talking dog? Yeah. I take issue because I think PK choose competent, whereas shaggy and Scooby doo then tire group was incompetent. But out of that entire group of absolute dumb asses. They were far the worst. They did not carry their own weight erasure just been like Vilmos corporate preparation. That's it. None of the most deserve to be there sucked. Especially scrappy, do focus scrappy doo scrappy does suck. I also think that like they're needed to you gotta give Scooby snacks. I mean detected peachy you gotta feed Pika chew bedding tech Beka. Choose smart kid can think from self. Yeah. Shaggy Scooby stink. This questions fucking weird. But I wanna answer it anyway scariest movie to watch will eating rotisserie chicken. I don't know what the connotation in the writer is of the rotisserie chicken part. But. What what adds to it to make it scary? I I'm trying to get in the brain of the person who asked this question. There is my answer is alive. It was a movie in the early nineties about the I think there was like a Uruguayan football team or soccer team. Sorry that crash on the mountains, and they had to like eat some of them in order to stay alive watching that while eating rotisserie chicken. With would not be fun for me. That's a good point. Zombie movie. Then I'll go for my pick. Let's say day the dead the first one it's pretty good. It's a fucked up question. But I like it different different twist to it to more what's a series or maybe an individual movie that can use a store ragged Iraq-style reboot to put some energy into it. So i'm. Whacky indifferent. Fantastic beasts tessick four now. You say fantastic. Yeah. Do like that. That's tough though. It's not in space much like lost in space bid foot. They'd had a reboot. The Netflix series is pretty good. Yeah. But like, I'm thinking like more fun upbeat like ragnarok style, I Star Trek kind of got that right? Like plane beastie boys and shit. Like, it's I feel like into Dr with though ever laughs would was which really enjoyed that already. Got it. All right, one more than we have the hot corner gets ready with your hot corner. Takes the day. Do it got him. Here's the last question. This is this is the complaint. Do you guys feel hypocritical at all forgetting mad about your listeners getting up off topic? When you guys just just talk about random file shit for three hours a week random violence wolf. I mean, look look do we go off topic? Of course, we do. Do. We talk about vile, vile. Things is the right word. Do we talk about inappropriate things like toilet humor? Yes. Of course, we do. I don't think we've talked about poop yet this episode. To talk. We don't talk a full three hours a week about random, vile shit. We talk a lot we talked a lot of movies today. Now that one was I didn't like that comment. I wasn't a fan of that one. And I will say I will say this. Yes, I am probably the one that's most directed. I because I went I put the the hammer in the fist down on the read it because they were getting more off topic. They needed to be there making the red. It just not our read it was becoming ship post read it. Which I do get that. There are things are gonna go off the beaten trailer path now, then that's just how it works. I was more. So keeping the hammer down because it was getting ridiculous. The amount of insane cartoon x rated pornography. There was and it was more. We just wanted to keep in line because we don't want a big time movie boy or girl using our read it at work or in public, and they pull up pull it up on their phone their boss walks by their parents around you to see a picture of Garfield suck down his own hog. You know, you just don't need that. And that was happening way too often. So sure you can call Sipa critical. That's fine. But it's not it's not hypocritical because then analogy like, you just explained doesn't make any sense. Yeah. I I it was more to make sure that people weren't getting. I it was like we're not a fucking pornography. Read it like you can get off topic. You can be I think a lot. I think beating the same jokes in the ground aren't funny. But if that's the people wanna do they can do that. But the the porn was the big reason why so I had to come down on everything it's like art stop. But the cartoon pornography was getting ugly. Do you know how I feel about beating the same jokes under the ground? Let me say this. I'm a hypocrite all humans are hypocrites. Nothing wrong with being a hypocrite as long as you recognize it. Yeah, we do that all the time. Yeah. I'll call a hypocrite. I was just more fund of it. Somebody said we only talk about vile random shit for three hours a week. Sometimes we do we do. I just think the thing is like this on the full three hours. We always we always put in some at least some to maximum effort talking movies, especially on our Thursday episodes. Just I can't make everybody happy. Right. Like, very true. I mean, I told you I was going to get mad online about this. Well, it's just like just feel certain way doesn't mean you're validated. But also like, I don't you know, whatever like just. Life's too short, but Garrity for some some backbreaking Harry Potter. Now this week. It's going to be a fun episode. I'm very much looking forward to the fantastic beasts to episode and our Harry Potter rankings. I have a firm belief that Harry Potter fans or fans, very Potter. Get more offended, by the way, you critique those movies anything else. I I really think we're going to make some people mad a yeah. Because you can always fall back on the we'll just kids movies defense and to be a hypocrite. That's exactly what I said about Star Wars. So I do I do it too. It's a good. Clip it. It's a great defense because it implies that the other person gives a shit about a kids movie. And if the funny thing about fantastic beasts, I did see some people the fending it who are big fans. I think for how good the Harry Potter franchise is pound pound for pound for pound pound for pound Lord of the rings of the best out of these big temple franchises three dynamite movies pound for pound, Harry Potter probably better than Star Wars. I think the best stores are better than the best area Potter movies. But I didn't pound for pound, Harry, Potter's better. And that's why I also don't understand any defense of the fantastic beasts movies because they're so agreed sleep terrible and not fun compared to the good stuff in Potter. Even the first two would your easily the most kid movies in the mall. I love those two as my we'll get into that later. Now, I do. Yeah. Yeah. Those are great. That sense of wonderment is still I still remember that even I can't differentiate the first two I still have an idea what it's like, Ken, Jack, actually just sent his shirt design. So we have Bob Hoskins recipes Bob Hoskins, and then he has a heart. Newt Scamander shirt that in our AP, Richard Harris. Newt scamander. All right hot corner, then with wrap it up. I'll start off with my hot quarter. Let you guys ended. I this is one of the more underappreciated things is like a mainstay in your life that stays the same. And you get used to getting changed around and not just like an iphone operating system where you're like. Oh, I didn't know they change the apps color the Twitter, apple weird. But my local grocery store is renovating everything top to bottom, but they're staying open, and they rearranged overnight everything in the store everything everything in the store is in a different spot. And that is it does that just that's a luxury just like having something that will always be the same to have that changed around. You realize how much fucks with you until it happens in your? I mean, I spent time in the store where the fuck is everything crazy. You know, I've always said this in said this. I mean, this is the first time I'm saying it grocery or grocery store should have to adopt a universal standard like USB. Yeah. Yeah. That's a great idea to some extent, they have because you know, you have the you have the produce in the deli in the bread usually at one side. But I'm talking like it's law that it must be on the left side of the store and that the eggs must be on the back wall in a net. The the the cheeses in whatever else is on the right wall. Sometimes they flip them. Sometimes they're in the middle. Sometimes the meets in the middle. And then I also would like to know where I can get certain things by proximity to the produce. And maybe some do that some extent, but I'm talking to cross standardize it across all grocery stores. I'm on board with you Russell shop with Amazon, that's my threat to retail. You don't do it. My way going to Amazon and is on frustrate. Yeah. It's tough. I mean, they change everything produce fruit different side of the store. I mean, that's that's the while move with them all I mean, that's you never the Protestant fruit. Even when he redo a store always stays the same. So that that was different my local whole foods to just redid the inside of the store, different painting different lighting. I mean, that's not nearly as bad, but just it's those normal everyday things that when they change it just throws you for a loop. It it dub tales into my heartache hot corner. The week. Jeff go with yours next. Then it is. I have never experienced anything in retail experience that is as hidden hit or miss as the whole foods. Hot bar from store to store from day to day some days, it's great at some stores. Some stores is great all the time. Like, you guys are saying the store by you is great. But if you don't go to the same whole foods, and you walk into one it could have great stuff out or they could just have like one thing of rice with with the salad bar. It's infuriating I want. Some Staples whole foods like put some chicken breast out all the time. The tough thing about whole foods too. Is that a lot of them are different depending on location, for example, the California ones. California ones. Did I make that too? Okay. The California was like us. I e bars like really nice juice bars where New York we have like our pizza bar to a lot of them have. But there's some really have their own specific thing like ours here New York, it does have like a beef jerky thing, but one of the ones in Austin, the flagship store they have legitimate freshly made beef jerky right there like there's cool things at some having some don't. So I hear you on that one true. Yeah. I been to ones that have like a restaurant and or bar in them. And then I've been to brewery. The size of a trader Joe's, and that's fine. I get you can't have a brewery in the small ones, but you could at least standardize the hut bar to some extent. Ensure that I am after Kris, my workout. I'm getting a decent meal and like I'm not forced to just eat eggs. I didn't have a hot corner. Nothing pissed me off this week. So I'm deferring my hot cornerback to you got to have anything on your mind, red dead redemption to picked up for me. I love it. I've been been playing it when I can Greg game. Is that a hot corner complaint, though, or observation a corner doesn't always have to be a complaint? It'd be like a empirical observation or something like that. Or like, a something yours you. Hey, you could be right. I may be crazy and don't have a heart attack. The next layer. Anything else to know? I got nothing fantastic beasts to also I think we're doing this new thing where we dead air. Jeff just to make him feel bad. No. Personality. It's it's not that. I was I was more. So waiting day. Do a soundboard. I I'm not I'm not going to run it into the ground. What I'm going to do is before bring that concept back. I'm gonna create a custom tailored soundboard of very specific to the podcast things to drop that we may have to switch to Skype. If you do that, though, Google hangouts whenever you put audio over audio. It sounds really bad. So we might have to move the podcast Skype. If we want to do that. Probably not worth doing that. 'cause my boy sounds way better. Google hangouts. Does whatever reason I don't get that strange. You know to recording thing. It's it's weird though. Because when I ended this all have to fix a lot of stuff because when you do all you over audio it sucks. That's why we like recording our Jack, and I feel like recording from the office because we don't have to worry about that. But trill does sound worse on Skype, which just doesn't make any sense makes no sense. Not at all, sir. Hey, another great episode in the books. I feel like we learned a lot of feel like we grew together. Ken Jax just like give me off this podcast right now. Because he's he's gotta go go get some cows zones. Remember that Jimmy? Bag. That's run back. Howson's? Everyone loves. Kendrick rolled in from the your team just lost. Now, you have to podcast feeling which is always really fucking annoying a six game win streak to snapped. It's terrible. Yeah. You'd have been one game. I didn't realize that you'd be one game out of first in the west with them playing the Rams or I guess, I guess technically to because of the chiefs want still you guys are still gonna you're gonna find it. Anyway, I guess that's it go see fantastic beasts to if you haven't already see creed this weekend gotta see create it. We're gonna we're gonna review widows to in a few weeks can can I saw we're going to do a written reviews. We we have a bunch of interviews dropping that probably Boston Scruggs and the hate you give maybe Kim Jack. I think boy a race to maybe the squeezing can you ever forgive me? I'm not sure. But if we can get all those end, we're gonna could find somewhere fucking playing. They pulled it from one of the theaters now, it's playing at the AMC by Penn station, and then this other fucking more Cuban theater on the west side. Highway couches there's couches in the theater have you seen this theater? I'm sending into the group right now. There's these full-on fuck and couches at this. Mark Cuban theatre looks gross. It looks like shit. That's gross. Right. No. That's really make you do as a bad as making to go. Sit in one of those are the stranger. Do I don't know what I would do. Right. Cared in that thing. When they hot couch. All right, go, see fantastic beasts. I'll say it again Ken Jack in trill. We'll talk to you. On some points this week and have a good week at the box office. Dose lang. Undecover sweat, a boming Busey's come in and win a band. I. Visa he know Brian win. Ganked janna. Go ahead. Vaneau Vada baby Ainhoa baddest avenue.

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