10 Sins of Success with Frankie Lane


What's shaking fire nation jail de here with an audio masterclass that I truly believe will help you on your journey toward success in insects ass because this is the ten sins of success? And I have brought Frankie Laine to talk about this because Frankie went from sleeping in his car three years ago to owning a twenty million dollar business. And now he shares his story to inspire others to become entrepreneurs. And we're gonna dive into the ten sins of success with Frankie when we get back from thinking, our sponsor readies a higher team, but not sure where to start. Luckily, there's Zip Recruiter, the smartest way to hire. So what makes ZipRecruiter? So smart it learns what you like when you post job on recruiter start reviewing applications. Your feedback teaches ZipRecruiter's matching technology more about the precise. Goes and experiences. You're looking for. So it can invite more people who have them to apply. This helps you quickly get better. Better candidates in till you find the perfect one in right now you can try ZipRecruiter for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash fire. That's Zip Recruiter dot com slash fire. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. So Frankie say what's up to fire nation and Shearson something interesting about yourself that most people don't know while want to say, thank you. Appreciate John have me on and. Yeah, our nation. Amp Reshat, listen to a lot of you guys podcasts and always excited to be a part of something that is growing and people are always tuning into. So what's going on? And that's been great. So. Just want to give you guys a little bit back story a non even three years ago, I was sleeping in my car on the interstate bypass, and I I was in that situation for extended period of time almost seven months and had a had what I would call a transformation of mindset and started going to work, and and now I sit and then and I get to say I'm blessed with a multimillion dollar company in the solar industry. Just starting opened up my own restaurant and have a couple of different businesses that we've now launched and Subaru excited about the things that I've been blessed to be able to do in cheese with some great people along the way. So, you know, not not long ago. I was I was definitely and some of the darkest hardest times in my life in and just decided to make a change in. And some of the things that I learned along the way love to share with the us will we are going to dive into that because fire nation. As I shared in the intro. Today's audio masterclass is about the ten sins of success. And I'm gonna go ahead and just share with you. What those ten sins are fire nation, then will go through myself and Frankie in expound upon each one. So selfishness ingred is one of those tencent's laziness disrespecting time lack of vision. Devaluing people self doubt, lack of resourcefulness not being strategic unwillingness to adapt in not being coach -able polls in at number ten there. So Frankie I love these ten sins of success. Let's now go through each one and share a little more indepth of fire nation. Why each one of these is a sense? So selfishness ingred take it away. Yeah. I mean, I consider us an something that every person who's pursuing success. Commits makes but not means that it's the end. Of the world or that success is not in your future. Just means that you need a really correct it before festers and grow. So the first one out of the gate is selfishness ingred. I mean, I can tell you have had some success in my life in lot of people experienced some success because of their talent level their skill level. They're experienced some of the things that they are able to be blessed with but when you're selfish and greedy. And you look at yourself you really sent in internet going to be successful. Because at the end of the day. It takes a lot more than just your own talent. And self-serving -ment mindset to see success to the extent long-term and have it long have the long jetty that you really want when it comes to success. So if you don't correct that and you don't start looking for the bigger pitcher, which requires a lot more than just yourself in. What you can do when it comes to just being prideful. You gotta share the love. I say all the time. You gotta share the love show share the wealth. Everybody's gotta eat. And so if you only. Feed yourself. People are not gonna really wanna do business with you. They're not gonna wanna partner with you. And therefore, you're gonna find yourself really coming short of finding success fire nation share the love something that I love talking about quite often is the opportunity of two worlds feta live in you'll the opportunity to live in a world of scarcity where you think you need to hoard everything where if somebody gets bigger piece of the pie that means a smaller piece of the pie for you. That's a sad world to live in. But a lot of people live in that world alternatively, you can live in a mindset of abundance a world of abundance where you're sharing the love where you realize that. Hey, when somebody takes a bigger piece of the pie that means the pies going expanding can be bigger piece for every single person. So that is the mindset that we is entrepreneurs we small business owners large business owners just human beings need to Adat share that love is Frankie would say gopher abundance as I would say because. Why would you wanna choose the alternative now? Let's Frankie delve into. Laziness. What are your thoughts on leanness as being a sin of success? Yeah. I mean, I told all the time trying to work smarter and not harder. I kind of disagree with that. Because at the end of the day, you definitely want to work smarter. But you also want to work harder. And I think laziness really acquaints to the force of average, you know, subpar effort, you know, trying to find shortcuts and you haven't earned the shortcuts you thinking no enough not to to go at it. The the real successful way. And so then you end up being lazy? Some people have a lazy mindset some people, you know, might show up to work. But yet they give sub par effort in wonder why they're not getting the promotion or wonder why the businesses not taking off or even relationships. If you have a mentality of laziness people are going to, you know, find you out there is gonna. Come up to the surface. And really the laziness that I'm talking about is that quitter that everyone has inside of them that they have to really battle in overcome. So the quitter that people need to deal with is a part of that laziness in. So if you don't get a hold of that laziness, that's in you that you might actually, you know, tap into more than you like than success is going to be hard to find. And so you really definitely need to overcome in do away with delays part of who you are. And if you do you will find success fire nation, we always have this desire to go down the path of lease resistance because it's just the least resistance our brains. Our bodies we want to avoid pain. We wanna void stress fear anxiety. We want to avoid all these things. So a lot of times where pull towards that path of lease resistance. Just picture water water's always drawn towards the path Elise resistance. What's downhill? What is is there? Obstacle in the way. We'll water just gonna hit that. And try to go around it. That's the path Elise resistance. That's another form of laziness because the path leases for me would have been a wake up this morning. Not even roll out of bed just grab. My laptop Papa Netflix in just watch reality TV show after reality TV show and just waste my day away. That's the path Elise resistance, and guess what? In a way, my mind and my body, and I desire to do that. But I'm never going to accomplish things. I wanna call this world if I embrace that path. So look at that as a challenge to overcome leasing is the easy path. We choose to avoid that easy path. We're going to go down for what is for many people? The ruled less traveled in we're going to fight laziness in focus on doing the things every single day. That's going to take us one step closer to our goal, which by the way, fire nation, you should Pat yourself on the back because you're doing that right now because you press play on this podcast. Listen to this. Information by somebody who was struggling and his now, succeeding, Frankie Laine. A now you're listening to that. And you're studying that you're learning from that that is what you're doing as you're going towards your goals. Now, let's talk about disrespecting time. My brother law, Justin. He loves the say, which I completely agree with John all we have is time. And that is true. We have time and once gone, it's gone. So what do you have to say about disrespecting time as he sin of success Frankie for a long time? I was wasting a lot of time. You know, I spent a lot of my days in my weeks, not doing productive things. And like your brother says being it's you know, you have less less time. I mean, you know, you're going to go through live, and you're not gonna get more time you're going to have less time. And one of the things that was really a wakeup call. For me was at fifty five years old my dad passed away, suddenly. We had plans to you know, have a business together. We you know, we didn't spend a long time growing up. I waited in the windows on the weekends trying to achieve my dad was gonna show up give me, and so as I became an adult we try to build a relationship and part of the, you know, my plan and his plan was to have a better relationship as we grew older. Well, time didn't take a vote and didn't ask for permission to take my dad, and and that's what happened. So I learned a really hard hard lesson that you know, you don't know how much time you have. And so you need a really respect time. And I was for the most far up until that was disrespecting time. I wasn't utilizing it wasn't productive. I didn't care about a calendar. I didn't care about my days. And so I was really disrespecting time in it was a part of my sin of success because then I wondered why wasn't successful because I wasn't maximizing my days my weeks months. In really achieving some things in you. You know, you gotta look at other people that are successful. I mean, they're the ones who are getting up early in in staying late there in the office. I and they're putting in the work. I mean, they respect time and for those that are not really successful or finding themselves. Short of that. They're the ones that are really not respecting time for what it is time. Doesn't take vote time doesn't ask permission? It doesn't ask to see if it's okay to stop or start. It just does what it always does in just keeps on ticking. So, you know, respecting time is what you gotta do in. If you're disrespecting time. You're definitely sitting and success is going to be not not a part of what what's going on with you fire nation, if you disrespect time, you just might run out of it. I mean, that's just a sobering. Fact, we all need to wake up in smell now, Frankie, what are some strategies that you and ploy? So the you're making sure you're respecting time every single day. Well, every Sunday, I make it as tradition me. Me and my wife, go to a nice restaurant and spend a couple hours eating dinner. And we also take a lease a hour of that time in plan. Our whole week ahead. Okay. We have a list of things to do like anyone else when you're running businesses that have a couple hundred employees in you got a lot of tasks to do were adding onto our house where opening up a restaurant in people ask how do you get all that done? Well, you really have to be disciplined in your time. And so what I say is if you want your day to be great, you gotta plan it out, you know, if you want if you want your data count, you gotta plan it out. And so we take the time on Sundays in really look at our week implant out the whole week the best we can in every week. We've done that we have really achieved high success in. There's been some weeks we've missed and we found that we were were weren't as productive during those weeks. So we try to do that. And of course, we have our digital calendars. I have you know, staff that try to keep me. You know, really set to that time. But if you don't if you're not able to do that really just gotta look at your time and give, you know, set aside time to plan out your time. And if you do that, and you do it before your day starts before you week starts. I promise you, you'll build a chief lot more than you think in that window of time win tomorrow today fire nation, that's a phrase that I know and that I live by I don't wake up in the morning and trying to win today in that morning. It's too late. The days already going. It's already consumed me. I win tomorrow today. Fire nation, I win this week on Sunday where lake Frankie I'm planning out my week at the beginning of the week, not as the week unfold. Make that happen fire nation Frankie touch us about lack of vision in how that's a success. You know, there's a lot of people who are trying to cheap something. But they don't really they really haven't painted a picture for themselves or much less. Anyone else? It's a worthy. They wanna go. And how they wanna go is like having a GPS. But with no address, I mean, they GPS is not that that not that useful. If you don't have an address, and so I think visions about, you know, having something that is so clear that you can write it down and others can run with it. So there's some focus that you gotta have on that. I think visuals also is about focus, and then I always like to use this, quote, where where there's no clarity, you cannot dominate. So if you've got clarity, you can dominate when people know see in it's clear, and then you can run towards it, you can attack it. And so there's a lot of distractions in the world nowadays. I mean, you can't go on social media, you go on social media from one thing you end up doing eighty seven different things before you actually get to the one thing. You wanna do if you turn on the television? If you turn on the radio, if you go, you know, even even you talked about next flicks, use girls next lakes for movie, and it takes you two hours, even scroll text. Textbooks defined the one movie you my one in my watch. And so this distractions everywhere, and those that are focused are going to an I'm talking about mad focus are gonna win and in my life. I didn't have focus, and so I was sending and not being not being successful. Because I didn't have vision I had lack of vision. No vision for my my family live Navision from business live. No, visit vision for myself. And so therefore, I had no clarity. Therefore, I couldn't dominate and that's a set of success fire nation where there is no clarity. You cannot dominate. It's literally that simple. And as Ricky says distractions are everywhere and being a military guy. I love the phrase weapons of mass distraction. They are everywhere. Fire nation. Don't let them take you down and Frankie Euch mission. The word focus is literally my favorite word because it's an acronym. Focus follow one course until success fire nation if you've. Follow that focus you will succeed in that one area, you're focusing on make it happen. Now, Frankie devaluing people is a sin of success share with us. Why that's the case nowadays people, you know, they might work for you because you pay him, and you might even pay them. Well, but they they follow you to the end because they know and believe you care, and when you don't value people you can't care from. I mean, John Maxwell says you can love without leading. But you cannot lead without loving. And so when you when you talk about people, you know, I mean, it doesn't matter who you are you gotta have a good group of people around you, you know, and most people might have people in their life or in their business just because they have a need for them. But when you start realizing who they are what they're about beneath the surface of their position or title, but need the role that you might have the man in really care for them. That's when they dig deep. That's when they put in the extra effort. That's when they go to fight for you. You know? And so I like to say this, you know, when you have a group of people that are willing to bleed together, there's not a lot of things that can accomplish together. And you can't do that and fake it. You can't fake liking and loving and caring for people because people will find you out real quick as soon as they start acting up and doing something that you know, doesn't align with some things because people are messy. And so when when when you get in in in a group of people in your trying to help them in your union, you're not the real deal, you're gonna find out real quick. You know, like, I said people is is something you've gotta have no matter what you're doing. You know, businesses are built brick and mortar online great products services. But people is really what businesses made of. And I say, it's your greatest asset as organization, and so you gotta have relationships and those relationships can't just be based on what they do for you. They have to be a two race to a street where you're. Actually value in them. And then you can help them chip away at their dream to there to serve you. But you can help them in serving themselves as well. And so if you will lift up, your people, they will lift you up, and they'll help you go to places you couldn't go all by yourself. So you definitely have value people when you don't value people, then you are sending when it comes to success fire nation. We were put on this earth to coexist with others to coexist with others, and then to leave this planet a better place than we found. So are you for this challenge? One of the starting points valuing respecting in giving awesomeness to other people. Make that happen and those first five sins of success fire nation value bombs each and every one we have five were coming up, and we could bat fun thinking our sponsor as entrepreneurs we face a variety of challenges every single day. But one of the biggest challenges I hear about from other entrepreneurs on a daily basis in one that I face while. Growing. My own business is finding the right candidates to hire. Luckily, Zip Recruiter makes it easy. You'll see exactly what I mean. If you. Visit Zip Recruiter dot com slash fire to start ZipRecruiter send your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards, which saves you a ton of time. But they don't stop there next. Ziprecruiter's powerful technology scans thousands of resumes to identify people with the right skills and experience in actively in vice them to apply to your job. So you get qualified candidates fast. Ziprecruiter is so affected that eighty percent of employers who post on ZipRecruiter get quality candidate through the site within the first day and right now, you can try Zip Recruiter for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash fire. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash fire. Ziprecruiter dot com slash fire. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Frank. You're back and self doubt is a sin of success. Why is that the case a lot of people in life are? Fighters. I mean, if I got some friends that if I get physical fight, I know I'm gonna be alright because they know how to fight people go through battles all the time. But I always say the greatest battle you're ever gonna fight is in between your ears. And so my point is is that self doubt is what lives it's their time. I referenced earlier that that quitter that people deal with all the time that quitters always reminding you of self doubt. And so my point is is that you know, if you don't know number one, that's the greatest battle. You're going to be sending all the time because you're gonna let doubt win, and I like to say this if the quitters going to is going to be there, and by the way, even when I was in the wound when I'll sleep in my car, the, you know, the quitter in me was big loud. And and in both boastful all the time every morning I woke up it was there. And and it was some I had to fight everyday. Guess what even at the success level? Matt, you know. You know? My bills are paid peop-. I'm blessed. Right. I got things that people wish to have in a whole lifetime quitter still there self-doubt is still there. The bottom line is is how I find it. Now, I find it in in this. What I told my people I tell everybody if the quitters going to be there. No matter what lease made it make pay rent make eight right? If it's gonna be there, it ain't Livin rent free. And you know, how you make your the quarter inside of each each in everyone of yourselves pay rent, you, make it pay rent by doing the opposite in which is telling you to do when it tells you not to get out of the bed when it tells you to be lazy when it tells you not to care because people might hurt you when it tells you that you're not good enough. When it tells you reminds you other people have said about you and how they've dogged you and put you in a box when it tells you those things you do the opposite in when you do you're making it pay rent. I say this all the time me quitter, go up on amount all the time. And I remind. The quitter inside of me only one of us has come down in. This is not gonna be you and in and guess what it keeps showed up. And so self doubt is the greatest value of fight 'em. When you lose that battle. You're actually not succeeding, and therefore you're sitting, and you gotta get a hold of that, you know, first of all it's never gonna go away. Second of all you gotta learn how to approach it and fighting in a way in its daily fight. And that's why you gotta get a hold of that. And if you don't you're sending in you're not going to be successful fire nation, the greatest battle. You'll ever fight is the fight between your ears. Just remember that in my question to you is what are you doing daily to win that fight? I can tell you which you do today fire nation illicit arch news on fire. So you're winning that fight today because you're putting the right knowledge the right value the right content in your ears, but he needed to win this fight every single day. So let's talk about the lack of resourcefulness and how that's a sin of success. Well. A lot of people when I want to start a business or they wanna create an idea or they wanna do something. The first thing they check is normally their Bank account. They look and see what resources they have. And then what they do is. They realized they don't have a lot of resources and just like me when I was in my car, obviously, my life was speaking in yelling union may change. Well, unfortunately, I had depleted my resources. So I didn't have a lot of options. I didn't have a lot of resources, and so by default, I had to become resourceful. And that's what we gotta do. They, you know, instead of looking at what you don't have think about the things you do have, you know, look at the skills that you could tap into at Bill relationship talked to people be resourceful used to go to the Barnes and noble, you know, bookstore in although I didn't have money to spend on books. I would sit in the lobby and I would read a few books and try to learn what I could. And I'd had to put the books back on the shelf. I was being resources right Alice. Trying to levers situation that they allowed me to do. You know, I even asked for permission as okay, if I just read a book, and I don't buy. Yeah. Course. So guess what? I took full advantage of that opportunity in a used, you know, I used to WI WI fi hop in and use wifi just to be able to talk to people and set appointments and hustle. And so a find that most people they look at their resources in when they don't have the resources they need to to launch to start to get things going the end up quitting and the entity. You gotta be more resources instead of looking at what resources you you do have. And you don't have. And when you're doing that, then you'll be able to see that look, you can still create things you just might have to you know, work a little harder might be more creative. And when you you know, when you're when you're really focusing on the lack of resourceless, you're sending you're not successful. And you're not going to be successful. Because your checking things that may not, you know, be plentiful right now. But if you just dig D And be creative you'll. Find a way to be successful fire nation were to you doing to be resourceful. One of my buddies, Michael Neal he lives in San Diego. It's a great location, and guess what he could sit at home every single day and work from his laptop and duty needs to do. But every now, and then he knows he needs to get out in meat, cool people. So what does he do? He picks. One of the really cool. Upscale restaurants are hotels. He goes to that hotel bar, and then he sits down. He orders a glass of wine during happy hour was up his laptop and continues to work like you'd be working when he was at home. But now he surrounded by people who are traveling who are in town for events for conferences for whatever. It might be in conversations are starting. They're like, oh, what are you working on where you are going? Oh, he's meaning quo people he's being resourceful that five dollar glass of wine is opening his network up to potentially meeting some incredible people that are going to lead to who knows what you just never know. But at least you're being resourceful, and you're opening yourselves up to opportunities. Now one thing that I see a lot of people struggle with. Frankie is not being strategic. How is that a sentence? Excess. There's a lot of options in the world. I mean, there's a lot of things that come about, you know, opportunities out there and just because you can only show that's a rule I live by in. So don't just do things. Just because you can do them do them strategically make sure they align with your vision. Make sure they align with the mission if you're not going to be able to see that return on investment really help you down the line, make sure your future self can. Thank you and say, yeah, that was a good idea. Beasts teaching is is like chess versus checkers, you know. You know, it's easy to play checkers. Pretty much. Anybody can pick it up in chest. The game itself is not that hard either. But the strategic nece behind is the is the the part of mastery that you got gang in order to be successful with it. And that's the same thing with success. If you don't understand to be more. You're sinning. And therefore, you're not gonna find yourself successful at least long-term because you gotta do things for Tiki yet to think ahead. You gotta understand how it fits for the bigger picture. And when you do it'll help you put together the real vision the deeper longer vision that you want, and you know, so don't just because you have the money. Don't mean, you should buy it or go go there do those things. Sometimes you have to really figure out if that makes sense long-term in be searching with the right people ask meals on how you doing all these different business. And there's they say to me what you're aggressive, and I might well aggressive, but really I'm strategically aggressive. I'm not just saying, yes. To say, yes, there's businesses that have said no to there's things that don't work out for my vision in although I could probably still get involved because of my situation, I don't because it doesn't fit my Suci plan. And so if you're not being strategic, then you're sending and you're not going to be successful. Bottom line is you have to be more soup. TJ to be successful. Just because you can fire nation doesn't mean you should he need to ask yourself is this strategic to my vision to my plan to my goals on what I want to achieve because this is a really important phrase fire nation. Definitely listen in lean in here when you say yes to something you're saying no to everything else, you could otherwise be doing during that time, you're taking up why you said, yes. To that one thing. So think about that when you say on say yes to this going to help somebody are want to do this. Right. It's don't like disappointing people when you say yes to something fire nation. You're literally saying no to everything else. You could be doing with that time you're giving up unwillingness to adapt. Lot of people have a very hard time changing adapting, and this is very true for entrepreneurs as well, Frankie. Why is this a sin of success? The constant is change especi-. When you're in business marketing tactics needed change, our them Shane's people change buying patterns change, a lot of people get confused with not being true to yourself. Nana shrewd is known saying you shouldn't be true to yourself. What we are saying is you should be flexible. You should be able to doubt. If the approach is not working. That's a big sign that you need to change something. And it doesn't mean you need to be a different person or not, you know, authentic. But what it does mean? Is you need to be flexible and adapt, you know, when you're in an airplane. I'm sure John you've experienced this before and you hit some turbulence, right? The captain has two choices the choice of changing altitude or basically just getting through it either way. There's going to be some change. Right. You gotta do and there's gonna be turbulence in your life. There's gonna be things that pop up, and if you're not willing to change then you're sending in you're going to be. Successful. And I see so many people who try the things that always worked. And then when it stops working. They just start complaining instead of changing and start, you know, stopping their growth, and they don't want to adapt and go with the times, you know, technology has changes. I mean, you know, you're talking about social media has changes. There's a lot of things that were in use to work. But it doesn't mean always worse. And if you're willing to adapt an adjust and be flexible in it doesn't matter if you're in the stock market, or if you're at home things change constantly in you gotta change the way you go about it and be flexible to that noca- mind to that. And if you are you will be successful. But those who are not willing to adapt are going to be the ones who find themselves short of success financially to accept the reality that we live in a world is always changing the sun is rising. The sun is setting the seasons are changing fast the world that we live in adapt adapt to it. The people who adapt win now for. Let's finish this. Let's close down with not being coach -able. This is a sin of success. Why is that the case, you know, when you think, you know, it all and a lot of these sends go hand in hand. But, you know, some people think they've arrived, and yeah, maybe they're talented. Maybe they have some great skills. And one of the things that I struggled with, you know, God bless me. With a lot of talents gives a lot of Bility's. And you know, I I wasn't really you know, that open to learning new things especially of income for myself. And so when you start researching, you know success when you start looking at people that have Cheever high levels of success, whether it's a hall of fame athlete, you know, all star. Whether it say, you know, you know, awesome business owner entrepreneur all these people can can be connected back to a great coach and their coach -able. And they're open to new ideas fresh things, you know, you know, if you're not growing your diet, you know, and that's what I what I like to always say is you gotta be willing to can continue to learn also say big earners are big learners. And so they're always willing to add on to what they know. In one of the things is that, you know, a lot of these guys out there that are successful high levels assess including myself, have coaches have mentors have people that are pouring into them. You gotta have someone in your life that if not a group of people in your life that see the blind spots things. See the things you can't see tell you things that you need to actually here. Not just because, you know, not don't just tell you things that you wanna hear until you think you need here to tell you when you're wrong tell you when when you should be encouraged when things are tough, you gotta have coaches in your life. You got mentors. I've decided that the coaches that I have my life man, they've toke taking me to know level. So I decided to become a. Coach myself. And because I don't I want to do the same thing. I want to expand, you know, my Bility's to impact people. And so I wanna take some of the things that I've learned like ten cents of success help people and be an understand you gotta be coach -able. So when I when I talk to my coaching clients, the first things I do is. I give them a thirty day, you know, trial, you know, and they don't shave the very small things in those thirty days. The no telling me right away. They're not coach -able in. They're not going to be successful. And therefore, they're not a good fit. So if you're going to be truly successful, you gotta have a open mind to expanding your mind and accepting the things that you need to learn. So you can continue to grow and keep going. And so if you you know, is easy is easy to you know, think that you arrive when you made certain amounts of money, and you've been successful. But if you have a deeper dream, a bigger dream, if you want impact a lot of people there's going to be some people in your life that help you, you know, I always say that your. Going arrive at your destiny through the people you meet in the book to read. And so you gotta be coach little whether through a book or author or someone who's hands on more like a mentor or coach in if you are coach -able, you will be successful. But if you're not going to be coach -able, you're going to be sending and success is going to be far from you. Big earners are big learners fire nation, you want to become a big earner? Well, let's be come a big learner as well. And I think it's key to add to this as well. You to find the right mentor fire nation, not just any mentor, but the right mentor, in my opinion is somebody who is currently where you want to be. So where do you want to be in life? Go find people who are currently there. Those are your pool of possible mentors. Now, Frankie we just gone through ten sins of success. Give us a big take with you wanna make sure from everything we've chatted about today that fire nation definitely walks away with and share with us how we can find out more about you any call to action you wanna make. And then we'll say goodbye. Yeah. And again, John thank you for having me on thing for paternity share some of the things I learned some of these things I learned the hard way. But I'm just grateful that learn them, and I'm also grateful that I get a chance to share them with all fire nation in anyone who's listening? I mean at the end of the day all these sends like I said go hand in hand. It's about expanding. It's about growing in. If you have a real true desire to take your life your business to the next level. Then you're going to have to be open to these things in these ideas, you're going to have to have people in your life. You're gonna have to value people. You're going to have a good team. You're going to have to have like John says the right mentor. I tried to offer that and even when I'm not the right coach try to point people in the right direction to the right coach, right mentor. We've developed a business in many ways were even though we might be in a certain industry in a have a servant product. We always know it's about people and people can help you be better or they can help you be worse. And so detail. Always I would say is look, you know, this is a lot of there's a lot of great tools out there. A lot of great tips out there. But sometimes we don't really talk about the things to avoid is much as we should. And so I wanted to really approach this in a way where people can look at things from a different perspective try to avoid making these sense. And again, if you're going to commit these sense, don't on don't don't don't sit there and let it fester and grow because that's the problem is not that you commit these sense. Because we all do when we're attempting to be successful. We're gonna commit these sense. But it's about cutting them out getting rid of them as quickly as possible making the judgments so that you can be successful. If you wanna find more about me and what I do. And if I can help anyone out there. Go to my website, Frankie, Laine dot org. Frankie is spelled F R E laying LA E dot org. All my information, contact information's there an Email if there's something I can help you with a love to do that. I have a great team. Even if I'm not. Not quite available. They'll help you as well. They all have inherited our philosophy and that is to help people be more successful onto tap into their potential so fire nation, you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with and you've been hanging out with F L in J L D today. So keep up the heat and head over to eofirEcom. If you type Frankie in the search bar, the show page will pop up with everything that we've been talking about today, and of course, head directly over to Frankie Laine dot org. Frankie, thank you brother for sharing your truth with fire nation today for that we salute you, and we will catch you on the flip side banksia. Hey, fire nation. Today's value bombs were brought to you by Frankie. And if you're ready to master productivity discipline and focus all three of those things, which are amazing. Check out the mastery journal at the mastery journal dot com and just one hundred eight you'll mash all three. Of those incredibly valuable skills in us up promo code podcast as thank you. As you listening to my hot gas, see their fire nation, or I will catch you on the flip side. So what an exhibitor so smart ZipRecruiter doesn't overwhelm you. With unqualified candidates. It's powerful technology skins thousands of resumes to identify people with the right skills and experience in actively invite them to apply to your job. So you get qualified candidates fast in his application come in their technology analyzes each one spotlight the candidacy view time and make sure you never miss a great match. And right now, you can try Zip Recruiter for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash fire. 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