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Father Lawrence Martin Jenco Pt. 1


The episode features discussion of kidnapping and violence that some people may find offensive listener. Discretion is advised January eighth nineteen eighty five fifty year old father Lawrence Martin. Janko slid into the passenger seat of the car. His driver college greeted him as a Buna. The Arabic word for our father then they took off down. The streets of Beirut Collard was is Muslim while Father Janko was a Catholic priest despite their religious differences they had developed a fond appreciation for each other. Father Janko always look forward to his morning drive to the Catholic Relief Services Michigan where he worked the car rounded the corner near Beirut's American University. Ah College students flooded the sidewalks while parents held hands with small children on their way to school. Father Janko Smile to himself no matter where he he was in the world. Some things always looked at the same. His eyes focused on a peculiar scene on the street ahead. A grocer was standing in the road directing traffic while four policemen chatted nonchalantly on the sidewalk was a bizarre role-reversal father. Janko turn in detail. Call it no sooner. Had the words left his mouth than the sound of automatic weapons broke the morning calm. Three men leaped off the sidewalk in front of Father Jenkins car firing their guns wildly at the sky. They began to charge the vehicle. Father Janko turned to see. Two more gunmen rushing the car from behind. He held his breath. He knew what was coming. This is hostage apart cast original every week. We tell the stories behind the most captivating hostage situations and the people inside them. We'll also cover. The psychological tactics used used in kidnapping situations and what the human brain does when held captive. I'M BLANCO I'm Carter Roy. You can find episodes of hostage and all other parkas originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream hostage for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type hostage in the search BAR EH At podcast. We are grateful for you. Our listeners new. Allow us to do what we love. Let us know. How're doing reach out on facebook and instagram? I am at podcast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you are listening it really. He does help. This is our first episode on the kidnapping of Father Lawrence. Martin Janko a Roman Catholic priest East captured by the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah on January eighth nineteen eighty five fifty year. Old Father. Janko was on his way to work work at the Catholic relief services in Beirut when five gunmen hijacked his car they kidnap the priest transporting him through a series of makeshift prisons dozens in the eighteen months. That followed father. Jenkins abduction gained national attention as one of several. US kidnappings by the Lebanese terrorist group. In today's episode will learn the circumstances that brought Father Lawrence Martin Janko to Beirut and discussed the botched terrorist attack act led to his capture will also discover the origins of Lebanon's most elusive terrorist organization and meet the mastermind behind hind. They're infamous attacks next week. We'll follow the shifting landscape Father Jenkins captivity and learn how he survived foul living conditions additions and physical and emotional abuse will also find out how the US responded to the priests abduction and the role. His family played in the International for national hostage crisis in nineteen eighty two during the seventh year of civil war between Muslims and the Christians known as the PHILANTHROPIES. He's the conflict in Lebanon reached a fever pitch a series of transgressions from the Anti Israeli group known as the Palestinian Liberation Organization or PLO had led Israel to invade Lebanon. That June Israel quickly gained control of Beirut with the help of their philanthropies allies yes and in August eight hundred. US Marines arrived to help remove PLO from Lebanon. Israel's next move was to install a pro Israeli Falange president when the new leader was assassinated by a member of the Syrian social nationalist. Party an anti colonialist group oop angered by Israel's invasion the philanthropies immediately blamed the murder on the P. L. O.. Their revenge was as merciless as it was. Tragic on September sixteenth nineteen eighty two Israeli troops guarding to Palestinian refugee camps. Allowed one hundred and seventy Philan- soldiers inside. As many as thirty five hundred Palestinians were raped brutalized and murdered among them were children and the elderly. Take this bloody massacre sent shockwaves through Lebanon. Israel lost most of its minority supporters and its enemies were more furious than than ever one man in particular was determined to punish Israel and its Western allies. His name was Imad Mughniyah. Imad Mughniyah was born in nineteen sixty two in a small Shia village in south Lebanon on the eldest son of a poor fruit farmer. His family eventually relocated to a majority she neighborhood in south Beirut in Beirut route young Imad began attending Shia school where he thrived those who knew him at the time remembered him as an intelligence student from a peaceful Shia family however imad grew up surrounded by intolerant political and religious factions in Lebanon. who were increasingly resorting to violence? As time went on teenage Ahmad also began to develop an interest in Lebanese politics so when Lebanon civil war broke out out in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. The thirteen year old was quick to seek military training. He was granted his first weapons at a Palestinian military camp. According to Dr Mike Wessels a psychologist with Columbia University. Children who grow up surrounded by discrimination endanger danger are more likely to form a victim identity. Additionally exposure to violence during key developmental years effectively breeds desensitized adults who are more likely to perceive themselves as victims they also tend to believe violence is a normal part of life. Young Imad is likely an example of this surrounded by intolerance and danger from an early age. It's unsurprising that the politically interested Ahmad sought to align himself with a particular cause and protect himself with weapons as he got older Ahmad would regard himself fantas political cause as the real victim using violence to get what he wanted in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine seventeen year old Ahmad began attending engineering school at the American University in Beirut where he became increasingly interested in Lebanon's sectarian divides in the Islamic Revolution in Iran. which had taken place? In the previous year Ahmad sympathized sympathized with Iran's Shiite Muslim revolutionaries. He reveled in their victory which installed in Islamic government in Iran he belonged for a similar movement in Lebanon. Imad was not alone in his ambitions his best friend and cousin. A daredevil named Mustafa Autho Bhadra Dean shared his vision of Lebanon together. The young men volunteered under Yasser Arafat's branch of the PLO where they proved to be effective organizers one day in particular Ahmad Mustafa showed up to camp with one hundred teenage fighters in tow. They had recruited the boys entirely on their own. A MoD in particular showed leadership potential and in one thousand nine hundred eighty one at the age of nineteen. PLO officials Dell's introduced him to top officials from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard in Iran. The MoD learned that Iran was plotting to fund a resistance in Lebanon to aid their own interests and strike at Israel and this would have been a dream come true from odd who had been hoping to bring the Iranian Revolution to Lebanon Doc. It was during this time that Ahmad became acquainted with an Iranian cleric name Ali e Akbar Mohtashami poor and a Lebanese cleric named Abbass al-Mussawi. Together these three men began to grow their own extremists military in Lebanon following. Israel's invasion. They would eventually name it Hezbollah their first mission Shen was to expel Israel and its Western allies from Lebanon. They also wanted to punish the philanthropies for their crimes against humanity articulate the refugee massacre to them. Israel was equally accountable for enabling this heinous crime. They held Israel's allies responsible for not Adequately denouncing it especially America Anti Americanism was its own tenant in Hezbollah doctrine not only did America's his consumerism and licentious nece offend their religious beliefs. But it's capitalist system ran contrary to their concept of a fair society in their review the US alliance with Israel and its peacekeeping initiative in Lebanon. Were selfish facades. For gaining control in the Middle East they loathed both America dubbing it the Great Satan and the root of evil Hezbollah deployed guerrilla tactics snipers car bombs uh-huh and suicide missions to strike their enemies and their soldiers were zealots in both the political and religious sense the truly saw themselves as the the hope of Islam in Lebanon and believed in the righteousness of their cause no matter how violent the cost according to a study on psychological mechanisms involved in radicalization conducted by the University of Oradea. It is normal human reaction to draw definitive conclusions about perceived threats to our well-being. These conclusions can lead us to form a chain of absolute beliefs about how things should always be. The train of thought usually stops there however extremist leaders take it a step further conjuring up a fantasy world where their own absolute beliefs reigns supreme. They select followers who share these beliefs and convinced them that this fantasy is possible and must ostby achieved at any price. This was the case with Hezbollah's extremist. They identified outside threats and formed unbending beliefs about the the way things ought to be to these extremists. They're absolutist fantasy was more important than even their own lives a mods cousin send Moustapha perfectly exemplified this ruthless devotion regarded today as an architect of modern terrorism Mustafa Badr Baader Dean had extensive knowledge of bombs and terrorist tactics. He even developed a new technique for using casts in plastic bombs to make them even more explosive explosive. In short he was Hezbollah's most lethal asset. So it was no surprise that Mustafa masterminded their most most notorious which occurred barely a year after the Palestinian refugee massacre on October. Twenty third. Nineteen eighty-three a Hezbollah truck. Loaded with explosives ploughed through steel fences in sandbag walls into the US Marine in barracks near Beirut International Airport. It detonated killing two hundred forty one. US servicemembers it was the most Americans CNN's ever killed in a single terrorist attack before nine. Eleven Hezbollah proudly claimed responsibility for the bombing referring to themselves by their favorite nickname Islamic Jihad which translates to holy war in fact Hezbollah had a rotating list of monikers. They used prior to to announcing their official identity in Nineteen eighty-five they wielded this ambiguity as a tool to frustrate their foreign enemies nor appreciated the value of this obscurity quite like in Maud unlike other famous terrorists Imad Mughniyah repelled any temptation to grandstand throughout throughout his life. He never allowed pictures to be taken up his face. He was even rumored to have had plastic surgery in later years to alter his appearance in fact it it was not until after his death in two thousand eight that several of his own children would learn. Their father was anything more than a chauffeur Imad operated exclusively under fake names for his entire adult life his recurring favourite became Hajj Radwan. In fact it it was under this name. That father Lawrence Martin Janko would soon meet this infamous agent terror in a moment. Father Janko comes face to face with Hezbollah terrorists Carter here. PODCAST has a fascinating new show. I can't wait for you to check out. It's called dictators and it lets you delve into the minds of some of the world's most most feared leaders. You can hear new episodes every Tuesday here our hosts Kate and Richard to tell you more. Thank you so much. They are natural born leaders with a never ending thirst for power through force and deceit. They rise through the ranks towards radicalism. 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Now back to the story Father Lawrence Martin Janko was born November twenty seventh nineteen thirty four in the South Chicago suburb of Joliet Illinois one of seven children in a working class Czech Slovak doc family. His Act of imagination helped him turn everyday objects into unconventional toys. One of his favourite Games was to build a makeshift shift house from tables chairs and blankets. He would crawl inside pretending he was a miniature person in tiny house years later he would. I use this game to pass the grueling hours of confinement login co family was an affectionate close knit bunch. His parents were devout Catholics who live next door to their local parish where Lawrence who is known to most as Marty attended school and served as an altar boy on Sundays. It was there that he became fascinated with the Catholic saints admiring their selfless devotion. Mardi decided that he wanted to be a priest for his first. Two years of High School Mardi attended a Carmelite seminary in Niagara Falls New York. I think it was a difficult two years. He was homesick and envied the other boys in his program whose families lived close by so for his last two years of high school he relocated to Saint Joseph's seminary just thirty miles from home in Illinois after high school and in spite of his experience with homesickness Marty's priestley ambitions drew him from home. Once more this time he felt ready and excited for what lay ahead he made his way to California to study for the priesthood. Before attending the prestigious Pontifical University in Rome at Twenty four years old Marty was ordained a Roman Catholic priest wanting to live a life of service. Father Janko joined the servite order of priests eventually. He began his work for the Catholic quick relief services whose mission was to aid disaffected populations across the globe whenever the mission needed him somewhere new father Janko willingly uprooted his life. His work brought him to Australia. The Yemen Arab Republic and Thailand. It was while he was in Bangkok Thailand caring for Cambodian refugees that he received fateful call. That would bring him to Beirut Lebanon on July Fourth Nineteen eighty-four forty nine year. Old Father Jenkins supervisor informed him of a new position the Catholic Mission in in Beirut needed a new program director the current Director a priest named Father Joseph Curtain had been running the mission in Beirut since before the Israeli invasion the years of exceeding chaos had taken its toll on Father Curtains health. It was high time for him to retire. Father Janko Janko had been selected as the top candidate to take his place his previous experience as a hospital administrator in India and his time spent in the Yemen Arab Republic public made him a perfect fit when his supervisor asked if he was interested. Father Janko said yes. He would be given two months to visit his family before beginning his new position in October. His supervisor also informed him that he would be taking over Father Curtains old apartment in Beirut as well unbeknownst to Father Lawrence this small practicality would ultimately cost him his freedom meanwhile Imad Mughniyah Mughniyah a young leader of the Lebanese extremist group Hezbollah had recently married his cousin Suda. She was the sister to a mods other cousin and and best friend. Mustafa Bhadra Dean. The two young radicals were now best friend's cousin's and brother-in-law's but most importantly they were co conspirators following Hezbollah's nineteen eighty three bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut Ahmad worked once more Marwood Moustapha to pull off the organization's next terrorist attack it was going to be a massive undertaking. One that required Mustafa's expertise. He's their target was Kuwait at this time. Iran was engaged in war against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq Kuwait had been supporting warning Saddam giving Hezbollah reason to target the country on December twelfth. Nineteen eighty-three Iranian and Lebanese Shiite extremists including Mustafa Bhadra dam bomb six different targets in Kuwait City but events did not go as planned a suicide bomber are who is supposed to hit the. US embassy mistakenly rammed into the building next door setting off. Only a quarter of the bombs overall a plot plot that should have murdered hundreds of people only killed five to make matters worse for Hezbollah a total of seventeen suspects were arrested for the bombings. One of them was Mustafa. When Ahmad the news of Mustafa's capture he was beside himself with grief and rage rage his brother-in-law's freedom quickly became an important factor in has villas next actions? The months following following with staffers capture were harrowing Ahmad. He was in energetic young. Man and part of this energy manifested itself as rage not only only had lost his best friend and relative but has blow was short one of their best men around this time. Iran was sanctioning Western kidnappings napping hoping to use humans as effective bargaining chips for their various interests Hezbollah followed suit on the morning of March Seventh Nineteen eighty-four CNN's correspondent to Beirut Jerry. Levin was walking to work when he was kidnapped by Hezbollah the gunman then less than two weeks. Later on March sixteenth. CIA official William Buckley was abducted from his car on his way to work. Look at the. US Embassy when news of the kidnappings reached the White House US intelligence could only surmise. That it was part of the continued guerrilla retaliation against American aid to Lebanon but President. Ronald Reagan was not about to withdraw. US interest in the region. Much less give in to scare tactics. So on April Third Nineteen eighty-four Reagan issued a classified national security directive to the CIA in it he stated dated the increased terrorist threat to American civilians abroad and suggested that measures should be taken to preemptively. Discover these plots. In the meantime meantime Hezbollah had devised another type of target. In order to effectively intimidate dare American enemies they would not only focus on individuals individuals with so-called important positions now they would show the US just how ruthless how chaotic these kidnappings could be a little over a month later on May eighth sixty year old American Reverend Benjamin. We're was abducted while out walking. And Beirut route it was a seemingly senseless kidnapping for which Hezbollah was quick to take credit calling themselves Islamic Jihad Hezbollah Ella attributed the kidnappings to their vow to eradicate American presence on Lebanese soil. In the meantime they released videos over the next x several months each depicting their CIA. Captive William Buckley in various states of abuse the US remained firm in their position but tensions in Washington Washington ran high then on December third nineteen eighty-four sixty year old American librarian. Peter Kilburn disappeared in Beirut the American hostage that situation was growing dire for Hezbollah's next capture Imad settled on a sympathetic target. A Catholic priest east named father. Joseph curtain like the two men kidnapped before him father. Joseph Curtain was harmless. He belonged to the Catholic relief services in south Beirut which was a great asset to the community especially it's disaffected Shia population in choosing this very unlikely target Ahmad hope to make the US understand once and for all that Hezbollah would stop at nothing until their demands were met as with the kidnappings before him. Father Joseph would be intercepted on his way to work but as the date drew near Hezbollah was unaware that father other Joseph had left the country and Father Janko had taken his place when Father Janko landed rammed in Beirut on October First Nineteen eighty-four Lebanon's civil war was in one of its most heated episodes. His daily work was calm enough. But nightfall frequently brought chaos to the street on one of his first night. Father Janko was laying in bed recovering from a long day of work. Suddenly shots rang out beneath his bedroom window. Then a cascade of automatic weapon fire erupted causing the glass in his window to rattle paralyzed with fear. Father Janko started to recite familiar prayer. Allowed bomb interrupted his thoughts followed closely by a second explosion. The walls of his apartment quivered terrified. Father Father Janko flung himself onto the floor. He reached up and snatched the mattress off his bed frame using it to cover his body praying to make it till morning warning. These nighttime episodes became more and more frequent one night. He even found the courage to crawl out from under his his mattress. He wrote a prayer in large letters on his bedroom wall. It said Dear God I will to live during his first Christmas. In Beirut the fifty year old priest began experiencing strange chest pains he was just three years younger within his dad had been when he died of sudden heart attack. Father Janko was not about to take that risk on the morning of January seventh nineteen eighty five. He visited a physician for a series of tests. The results wouldn't be ready for several days so the doctor recommended that he spent the remainder of the day relaxing at home. Father Janko felt strange. Dot going to the mission when there was always so much work to do but he was legitimately worried about his health. They would have to get by without him. Father Janko returned home where he spent the afternoon resting. He had no idea it would be his last night in the apartment once owned by Father Joseph Curtain on the morning of January eighth nineteen eighty five fifty year old father other Lawrence Martin. Janko woke up feeling more rested than he had since before he arrived. In Beirut in October he cheerfully performed mass and cooked cooked breakfast before heading downstairs to wait for his driver his driver call it arrived promptly at seven thirty. A M in the pair took off through the bustling streets of Beirut eventually rounding a corner near the American University Father Janko took in the familiar sites. College students rushing to class Parents hurrying their small children down the sidewalks on their way to school father Jank goes is settled on a strange sight up ahead. A grocer wearing his dirty dirty apron stood in the middle of the road. Directing traffic. A small group of policemen were chatting on the sidewalk paying no attention. It was an odd role reversal reversal. or so he told collared. The words had barely left his mouth when a sharp cascade of gunfire pierced the morning. Calm home a group of men jumped into the road. Firing their automatic weapons wildly into the air. Then they began to run straight straight towards Father Jenkins car. They were all looking at him. Hearing more gunfire Father Janko turned to see. Two more men rushing a car from behind in a flash recalled the news of American kidnappings in Beirut with tear his voice he said call it on the about to be kidnapped. Suddenly the doors of the car flung open the men pulled Father Janko in college from their seats and shove love them into the back of the vehicle to of their captors piled in on either side while three more men wedged into the front outside. The four policemen had vanished. Father Janko watched as the man in front of him viciously ripped out the side compartment and began in rifling through the vehicle documents. He wondered what the man could possibly be looking for. They barrel down. The street greet inside the car. Everyone was silent. The captors nude colored would understand every word they said. Father Janko didn't dare to look at college beside him or the complete stranger on his other side a few minutes past and they turned onto a road facing the sea and park next next to a mosque. Father Janko watched they yanked call it out of the car and locked him in the trunk. Then they marched Father Janko over to a second car pushing him onto the floor in the back seat. The men piled in and off they sped as they drove. Father Janko noticed the growing sound of airplanes they were entering south. Beirut near the airport the car stopped on an empty suburban streets and Father Janko winco was transferred into the trunk as he crawled inside his beloved. Silver Cross necklace fell off his neck. He gasped and reached out for art but he wasn't quick enough. One of the men snatched away never to be seen again alone in the trunk without his cross. To cling to Father Author Janko grappled with the possibility that he might not survive this nightmare. The car stopped in a secluded suburb. urb-e of south Beirut as his captors jostled him out of the trunk Father Janko caught a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea Glistening in the bright January son and then his eyes rested on where they were taking him. An old beat up car father Janko new this type of car. It was the kind used for car bombs. They shoved him into the trump coming coming up. Father Janko encounters one of the most harrowing experiences of his captivity. Now back to the story on the morning of January eighth nineteen eighty five fifty year old father Lawrence Martin. Janko was curled up in the trunk of an old car. The kind used for car bombs he had been kidnapped by Hezbollah extremists on his way to work at the Catholic Relief Services Mission in Beirut now he was huddled in the dark wondering whether if he was about to die meanwhile his captors stood outside speaking feverishly in Arabic Father Janko wished he knew their language so he could understand. Stan what was happening. A small hole. Let light into the trunk. He tried to adjust himself to see through it but the men banged harshly on the trunk sled after what felt like ours. His captors piled into the car as they drove Father Janko was finally able to reposition himself and look look through the whole but all he could see was the paved road below when the car finally stopped they were outside of a partially constructed constructed one story building. His captors hustled him inside into an unfinished bathroom with dirt floor. An old bathtub sat in one corner. They made Father Janko sit on a cement block as they stripped him to his undershirt. If this was an intimidation tactic it worked it. Father Janko felt exposed and anxious at last one of the men spoke. He said are you. Joseph Curtain confused. Father Janko responded that he was not Joseph Curtin and told them his full name. But the men persisted asking the same question over and over. Father Jacko's heart left with a wonderful realization. They had kidnapped the wrong person. Perhaps this was just a big misunderstanding. That could be on done. He was new to their country. What's threat could he possibly be to them? He tried to explain that father. Joseph had left the country in October three months earlier. He wanted to assure them that their mistake was understandable. Double nothing to be upset about. As he explained the mix up to his captors. Father Janko tried to stay calm and pleasant hoping to increase. He says chances of being released. This was smart. Move on Father Jenkins part according to clinical psychologist. Denise he's bill how're many of US respond to stress according to the old adage hope for the best but plan for the worst however and attitude of planning for the best actually helps us take proactive steps in stressful circumstances. Great Way to begin is by simply asking ourselves if there is any action we we can take to improve the situation. This sets us on the path of planning for the best which increases our chances at having a better outcome when Father Janko recognized the possibility that he could be released. He asked himself if there was anything he could do to proactively help his situation and purposefully purpose fully spoke in a calm pleasant tone of voice. He knew that if his captors found him likable he would have a better chance at being. Let go oh father. Janko had calmly explain the misunderstanding. The men in the room seemed to believe in an dispersed. But they didn't let him go. Oh as the sun began to set the bathroom grew colder father. Janko mustered the courage to make eye contact with the man standing guard but a chill L. A. Ran through him as the guard. hissed your dead at about nine thirty PM. A weary Father Janko was brought into a finished Living Ping Room in the house. He could tell from the decorations that it belonged to a traditional Muslim family. His captors offered him a hamburger and soda for dinner but his stomach was turning with anxiety he couldn't imagine trying to eat a guard then placed headphones over his ears. Just in case as Father Django was able to understand them after all as they turn their backs and began to converse. Father Janko closed his eyes. He started to pray pray. He prayed and prayed until exhausted he finally fell asleep. Father Jacko's captors woke him up early the next morning to use the toilet when he steps outside of the bathroom. One of the men wrapped in old sweater around his head as a blindfold they then guided him outside and into get another car trunk as they drove. Father Janko tried to stay hopeful. There was still a chance he could be released without ever knowing who who had kidnapped him or where he had been the night before the car came to a stop and what sounded like an echo garage dreads sank in once more whereas you've heard the sound of boards being pounded together. Were they building him. A coffin after a while the pounding stopped and Father Jenkins his captors helped him out of the trunk. They adjusted his makeshift blindfold then stuffed a piece of cloth in his mouth. The dry texture of a cloth made him gag but the worst had not yet begun grabbing his arms and legs. The men instructed him to stand as straight eight is a pen brother Janko hurt the sound of taping unwound from its school then proceeded to wind it around every inch of his head except for his nostrils then they moved to his ankles slowly working their way up until his legs were bound together and his arms were taped. Down at his side's he'd been mummified alive they picked up his rigid body and slid him into what felt like a coffin. Later Father Father Janko would realize that he had been inserted underneath a truck bed into the shallow box where the tires were stored as they began to drive the middle box crew. Hot and exhaust fumes began to pour into the confined space other Janko felt like he was choking burning at the same time. He began to panic to sweat with anxiety. Then the truck hit a bump in the road. Father Jenkins body body slammed against the top of the box and slowly his nostrils began to fill with blood and with his hands taped at his sides. There was nothing thing he could do. He was sure he was going to suffocate. Father Janko fought to calm himself down. Quickly recalled called the meditation prayer of the Russian Orthodox mystics Lord. Jesus have mercy on me a sinner. He repeated the simple cadence. Addi- over and over. It helped to keep his breathing under control as the hours of driving crept by once in a while the truck idled old. He couldn't hear anything over the engine but he figured they were stopping at military checkpoints. He prayed that someone would find him. If only me he could scream for help. He tried to stay focused on his breathing. But with every minute he felt himself growing more delirious finally the truck Tuck came to a full stop as his captors dragged him from underneath the truck bed. Father Janko was barely conscious. He felt his body being in lifted off the ground and carried up what felt like several flights of stairs before stopping. Then you hit the ground with a thud. Gradually the commotion died down when he thought it might be safe. Father Janko tore off his sweater blindfold and gasped for air. They took off the tape. But put the blindfold back on voices began to speak in rapid Arabic. Gradually the Commotion Die Down when he thought it might be safe. Father Janko tore off his sweater blindfold and gasps for air. Two guards jumped one one of them shot further Janko a warning look and in broken English said when anyone comes into this building. You must have a blindfold on. They guided him into the guards sleeping quarters and sat him facing the wall. Father Jenks stomach began to grumble. He looked up at one of the guards and made an eating motion with his fingers. The man left and returned a few minutes later carrying a warm pan of canned green beans mixed six to with tomato sauce. It was hostage cuisine but it tasted wonderful later that afternoon. His guards moved him into a dingy kitchen in the apartment where they chained him to another radiator when they finally allowed him to use the bathroom Father Janko spied tiny window near the ceiling standing on the toilet seat he could look down over a beautiful valley below. He spied ride scattered Roman Ruins and immediately knew where he was. They were somewhere in the hills overlooking Lebanon's Bekka Valley after he the finished in the bathroom. The guards returned Father Janko to the kitchen where the handed him a mat to sleep on. Then they left the room alone in the silence. Island's a wave of relief washed over him tinged with misery. He looked across the kitchen and spied a window closely facing a cement wall between the cracks in the cement blocks. He could see snow beginning to fall. Father Janko could not hold his breaking heart together anymore for there on the dingy kitchen floor. He began to cry. Little did he know this would be the most humane in parts of his captivity next week. We'll follow Father Lawrence Martin Janko terrible living conditions and the abuse endured at the hands of Hezbollah. We'll also delve into his family's campaign for his release and the stirrings of covert plan by the US government to gain gene freedom for the hostages. Uh thanks again for tuning into hostage. We'll be back next Thursday with a new episode. You can find more episodes of hostage hostage and all other podcast originals. For Free on spotify not only does spotify already. 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