SpaceX Starship Facility Fire!


if you listen to this you obviously like podcast and you probably like music to on spotify you can listen to all of that in one place for free you don't need a premium account spotify has a huge catalog podcasts on every topic including the one you're listening to right now on spotify spotify you can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode download episodes to listen to off line wherever you are easily share what you're listening to what you're friends spotify is integrations with social media platforms like instagram so just search for space news pot spotify apper browse podcasts in your library tab and follow me so you never miss an episode of the space news pod spotify is the world's leading music streaming service in now it can be yours go to podcast to hello and welcome back to the space news pod a daily podcast about space science and tech i'm your host will well then ended up assode so spacex had a fire at one of its facilities no don't worry everyone is fine no one got hurt but there was substantial damages anywhere between fifty thousand two hundred thousand dollars worth of damages according to the fire department in before i get into that i wanna say thank you to everybody who's been supporting the podcast everyone who listens to the podcast thank you so much for all of your support throughout the life of this thing it's been amazing this is an amazing journey from me and i hope you enjoy future episodes as well and if you aren't currently subscribe to the podcast please do i do this every single day sometimes two or three times a day depending on what kind of news there is i also do a live version so those those were pretty cool those around you to dot com slash space news pod so according to spacex they said in a statement this afternoon a small fire occurred at a spacex facility in cocoa florida the fire was contained to see van on site in extinguished thanks to the cocoa fire department within a few minutes and there were no injuries is a result of the fire and the cause is under investigation so this is a bummer for this facility because because right now they're working in competition with the boca chica texas facility now both facilities they're working on a star ship and they're doing how protests at both facilities and they'll they'll be working hand in hand there'll be working together to make a better starship but they're working competitively to see who gets the best product and yet but they'll be sharing ideas so it's not a direct competition the competition with added benefits for everybody in the progress of this starship end because of this fire it might slow down production of these prototypes so boca chica maybe you're gonna get a leg up on florida facility now like i said before like spacex that nobody was hurt is just facility damage and 'em you know it's about fifty two hundred thousand dollars worth of damage so it's not a ton money but it is a bunch of money in insurance will take care of it everything's going to be fine now that being said starship is going to be taking people to the moon that's the plan for starship first the moon in then tomorrow they'll have to do tests in between now banned when they get to the moon first they have to do tests on the moon to make sure the land on mars properly but they have descend into orbit first and that should be coming in the next couple of years a spacex has said that they have three year for potential clients first starship and he's a big clients and they want a launch satellites on starship so in the next couple of years starship pass the do hopper tests it has to do altitude tests it has to do orbit tests it has to go the space in comeback kind of tests in the land starship is going to land vertically like the falcon nine rocket we all know in love and it's going to be amazing sight when this happens all the booster rockets as it's hovering it's way down to earth this big big ship it's going to be amazing sight in hopefully this doesn't push them back that far i don't think it's gonna do much damage as far as the timeline goes but they're gonna have the speed some stuff up in order to a to get to the next phase so we're gonna wait for a statement from spacex about what the timelines gonna be the starship and i'll get that news to you as soon as possible in you know i partnered with hi everyone i wanna let you know about anchor dot fm that's where i host my podcast in i find that it's easiest place to do that and it gives you everything you need in one place for free which you can start podcasting from your phone or from your computer you don't need special crazy see equipment to start doing it you can talk into your phone you don't need editing equipment the costs thousands of dollars to start a podcast you can do it from anywhere in when you're done recording episode anchor dot fm will distribute it so it could be heard everywhere on spotify apple podcasts google podcasts stitcher every place 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