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The Chad Benson show sponsored by express. Vpn You have a right to privacy protected at express VPN DOT com slash. Watch Chad off. It's the end of the world. Mom So let's throw a party here in studio twenty two. It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. That's right folks. Nineteen is here corona virus here to kill us. All you've survived. All the things jeeves arrived in your life. Don't worry a little disease. Fresh out of China. It's GonNa take you away. It's going to take you away as usual. Puppet Master Mark is at the House the Mothership which is studio twenty two flying deep into the Nether regions away from the covert virus. Thank you mark. Thank you for doing that. Thank you for outrunning the virus for us. You're welcome. I'm trying to keep pace in so far. We're good. Yeah absolutely. We don't know but that could be. What Killed Herbert the silent dear? I'll tell you why in a minute of course party. Foul Steve is ready for the Apocalypse Ltd. I came to work prepared today because we were all in CPAC. We'll never know someone tested positive. I'm either keeping it in or keeping it out. That's right that's right for those of you out. Buying twenty-seven jugs of soap. Remember that you have to stop other people from the corona virus too so. Why don't you leave some soap on the shelves? It's not enough just for you to wash your hands this just commonsense. We're GONNA do a little special tonight. We're going to talk about the corona virus. I know you're all pandemic experts. Everybody is a member of the World Health Organization just last week. You guys were geopolitical experts knowing everything about caucus and Super Tuesdays and a what did they call them brokered and contested conventions. You know what I think. We'll get into that tomorrow night because I don't think anybody knows what they're talking about. But tonight I wanNA talk about your death i WanNa talk about your demise. I'm GonNa talk about the pandemic from Wu hand. That's right where did it come from? What is it? What does it mean for you on a practical level? What does it mean folks? The Chinese I I knew people were going to try to kill us. I knew that your people were going to try to get us. What do you mean you people? I mean the Chinese. I mean the Chinese. Your people know now. Can I don't really know where you came from can't relate no no no no no but I'm glad you guys are here In this is going to be an exciting show we might infect Steve with something. No I might think as mask off. I can't breathe you leave the mask on and let me tell you. Something about the mass. We have our in ninety five masks made by three sponsor. These in ninety five fives. I don't think so there in ninety goes read right in the middle. During Ninety five's they are actually sold face masks for a living. When I left the large company does with I used to go around and sell earplugs and face masks for company that I will not name. Because they're assholes and They weren't three m three and was our main competitors so trust me. I can identify three amass from across the room anyway. Put Your Mask on Steve Dying. I know but these are not the same mask. Worn the operating trying to kill people. I don't know just trying to go to the airport candy. See everybody's wearing a mask and I'm like look now. The Mask might stop you from spreading your germs. But I promise you. Those masks are not stopping the germs from getting in there that things covered with with open holes. I mean that thing all around you haven't been fit tested for that. You can't fit test. These are not fit. Can't do that. It would take a full face or a half face masks. Which by the way do have at my house in my preparation supplies. I have all of that stuff. Hey talking about get your supplies. 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Hanan late two thousand nineteen a brand new fresh right off the animal new corona virus man. It has begun to spread. Worldwide is reached dozens of countries by early twenty twenty by late February just a few weeks ago it had infected tens of thousands of people and kill close to three thousand that we know of mostly within China. Now we're going to get into this. Should you be concerned? Should you be scared? Should you be rain life now? My thirteen year old son asked me yesterday. Said why is everybody buy so much toilet paper and I said we'll see that's the thing man you know it's the real virus is people. Yeah the real virus are human beings who go into panic mode and they are. I'm all for prepping. I'm all for being prepared awkward. But I'm not for panic right. The Navy seals have a saying. I've lived my entire life and that's saying is a slow is smooth and smooth is fast. If you get in a panic and you start moving fast. You're going to mess up your in a crisis situation. Slowest smoothing smooth is fast base. Move Chill all right now. I'm all I'm all make you aware I'm GonNa make you hip to my thread today on his corona virus. Okay now in honor that Steve. Here's one buddy. Thirty percent of people who have been polled will not drink corona beer because they're afraid of catching the corona virus their name. That's just here's what I got. I have some coronal lights. So it's not covered nineteen but cova. Let's say sixteen. Yeah this is for you want. Your hand flew less filling. You don't want the full virus you just want a little piece of the buyers we're going to enjoy a Arana here in studio twenty two and hopefully that's the closest we ever get to anything named Corona. I will say you go black rifle coffee down for a second. Yeah there you go well coffee and beer man. I don't know but I'm GONNA cheers to you Mr Quarantine over there as we know Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. He's self quarantined himself after having interaction with somebody tested self corn team. That's like I'll self-education Myself House. Teached N- none of us know nothing. We tout each other. Did you see where the guy quarantined his wife? Of course he did yeah. He'd locked her in the bathroom. Okay and that was his excuse. The doctor told him to quarantine her. Oh my God yeah what do you do slide the food under the I? I don't know she was in there for three days. So this is legit legit. Where was it? You'RE GONNA? I don't remember where it was probably Florida man quarantines wife so the World Health Organization declared a crisis a public health emergency. And so we're going to get into what that means now. I have noticed puppetmaster. That all these liberals who were talking about open borders open borders refugees and open borders and all these people that need to be brought into the country and amnesty and all humanitarian crisis. They were all down there at the borders. Not Down there crying right now. You don't see it. You'll see it not done crying at the chain link fence down there doing it hopes he's licking that chain link fence. Did you see her? She came out of the other day. She came that'll a press conference. Because you know bartender should be able to tell you everything about a rare virus from China and she like others. Who have given interviews kept saying? We've got to stop putting her hands on her face and asked was doing it. She was continually flipping her hair back and revenue. Face like this. And it's like you can't make this level of stupidity up that other lady. Lichter fingers to make given the speech and pick your house or your fingers or and people are so done now my face. I WANNA touch it. All over sensors talking about coming out right here we. We talked about that on the way in here today. We talked about when somebody tells you not to do something you WanNa do. I said Yeah like when somebody tells you something about lice in your head your head starts inching as he can't have to point out now some people have said that you can't say hand virus because MSNBC now says that's a racist term. Everything's racist. I I'll point out later in the program. What is racist about in Corona virus though and flew flew myself. I don't think I coined the term. At least I thought of it but I'm sure I was the first think of because now seeing it every day because I've had I went in the dry cleaners and the guy in there he says that's all a call. It now is conclude because watch your show. Yeah so I think you've kind of spread that out there and I wanNA tell you guys if you're worried about the dangers of being out in public chill. We gotTA show Friday night Elk City Oklahoma man. Not even the fhu wants to live in Elk City Oklahoma not even a Kung Fu. I'm kidding I can't wait to be. They're going to have a good time Friday night out of being a full house. We're going to be breathing each other's germs. Don't wear that wearing a mask. Don't worry about it and you know where we're going. Afterwards buddies are taking us to the elks club club. We bartered reserve table. We're going requires going to be with us. Get tickets and join us and then of course we're gonNA Colorado the week after that blow and Ole sue now two weeks after that. Yeah News Now. So what are grown viruses do you? Do you know why they call this corona you understand why the the label on a corona beer. It has a logo of a crown. I was GONNA say Coronas Crown Cra- like when a coronation is when you put a crown on King or queen's Ed coronated right so if you look through the microscope at these little micro biotic whatever you WanNa call it these little bacteria. They got little spikes on the surface kind of like a little Crown Crown Aroma. Yeah so their family of viruses common You can see Corona virus if you look at the back of your Lysol box or whatever. You're close clorox wipes it says kills corona virus. Well this is a different strain now. A lot of people have speculated that it was created in this lab in Wu. Han which is interesting Dean Koontz wrote about this like back in ninety one and he mentions a flu that was created in a biological lab in the city Chinese city of Wuhan singing. So so there's been questions was released. As biological warfare in a sense it definitely quelled the Hong Kong protests. Yeah that's no longer. Yeah people out in the street. No more mark pop mark Dayton. No more trees both yells nights mark and Powell. Yeah but you know there is a Mark Powell. That's our friend. Yeah so anyway. That's funny a but the family of viruses that they're talking about apparently in all corona viruses actually their common animals so bats camels. Cows sometimes be transmitted rats. I mean I'm sure they probably because I watched a video of a guy chewing the head off a live rat in China chewed up until it was gone. Listen here's the thing man. If the Chinese folks out there could just stop eating that would be just great puppet master. That's racist though. There's I don't care I've been accused of it already. You don't have a right to say anything about our dietary. Oh shut up. I WANNA say Coonass in Louisiana some stuff that we normally wouldn't eat so white folk down at all you get boat and you climb down in the ditch or you pull out of awesome. You'll get one of them one of them all noodle rats you would've notarized you put them on the grill into spit tournament around with. Rolston Vogel so cool. Yeah Little Red Beans and rice to go with that. Now she's a COONASS. Our Girl Carolina Picard jail. She is proud cutter percents. You don't know you know bordering adult man bitch pullout polar Muthu rats auto covert downed L. Eight hundred skin and one time boy modify. He'd go but at least they cook. It could the germs out right and that why we cook me Jaramillo Back Tyrian but just you know you look the biggest drug. You take your entire life. The biggest drug. You'll ever take the food so if you put nasty stuff in your mouth. You're GONNA get sick. You're going to get sick. So the caused outbreaks before. Yeah I mean you know you've heard of mayors the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. No I missed that one that you had the mayor's you had a member Sayers SARS a which again is another. Dale SARS killed a lot of people man so that was the most severe acute. Corona virus was SARS. Which of course was severe acute respiratory syndrome and so all of these Gerona viruses. What they do is they attack your lungs. Okay so if you if you get a sore throat you get a dry cough. There's a difference between a wet Fleming cough but you get a dry cough makes me have to do it right now. And then all of a sudden you start to develop fluids that drain into your lungs causing pneumonia and then you get feelings of like you're drowning. Okay so the folks who have died from this thing and it's no laughing matter. The folks have died from this tragic deal. It's basically like drowning. And it's you know it's it's a scary scary thing you know we had people have complained about trump calling it a hoax. He didn't call the CORONA VIRUS HOAX. He said that the politicization of the politics the politics there of the media trying to spin this in the left trying to spin this to put it on him. He saying that's a hoax. Just the politicization of it right not yet. If your immune system is weak you're more susceptible than someone with a stronger so are yeah. Get INTO THAT WAY TO JUMP. Way Ahead. Sorry the I'll have a piece of paper that tells me what to do. You just talk about what I'm talking about right now. He straight from what Donald Trump in the hoax to back the symptoms. Like what's GonNa Kill you? We're GONNA get to that people know if you're if you're feeling bad you probably don't have if you're young you probably can fight it. You've probably already had and I would wager to bet that everybody out there watching or listening you have had a corona virus at some point in time in your life I'm strain of is like a common cold. Maybe the flu but you have been a little ill. And it was a chronic virus. That's what it was so back. Back December thirtieth. This is how the Chinese welcome the New Year. They notified the World Health Organization. The WHO of an outbreak new corona virus disease known as Cova Nineteen and that was first detected in the city of Wuhan aright spread across China. Dozens of other countries including the United States. We've seen some interesting things happen. We've even had some deaths in the United States. Typically in with older folks They claim the death toll has reached three thousand far surpassing the number of people killing killed during the SARS epidemic And so for the first time Just recently more. New cases were reported outside of China because China thinks they've got it controlled. Yeah video doesn't weird stuff. There's worry in the streets. They were Weldon people inside their homes. That's what I'M GONNA do that. A real video or when I saw I saw the same thing. I'll say said that's where we're GONNA get into that a minute because that's where the claim for racism. A lot of times comes in and we're talking about that. But I know that if you get it Steve. I'm GonNa Weld you into Your House with your family and your dogs well. Last time I will bring some of the freeze dried food repair with Chad Dot Com. And I'll set the book out in the middle of the street and I don't know man. Maybe you have a rope out there. I can tie it on the end of the bucket and you just drag it in there. We'll we'll figure out a way. Promise Anyway I'm not GonNa let you start to see those videos and you don't know if they're real or not and I'm like what if that's just people in their homes but it's like a joke like you and I you know me wearing. The suit is kind of making a joke. Yeah I this would not stop krona virus. Well let me tell you if you get close in close contact with somebody got it. That's the easiest way to get it close contact with an infected person has to go in your respiratory or since gotta bring it in. We'll talk about that a minute. Listen losing your hair sucks right in. No that it sucks. But what doesn't is being able to keep your hair without leaving your couch or your home. If you're losing your hair you gotTa know keeps keeps offers a generic version of the only two FDA approved hair loss products. And that's the real deal and the generic versions save you a fortune. 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Yeah Oh boy howdy so we talked about has transmitted coughing. Sneezing Saliva Mucus fecal matter. Don't let anybody do in your mouth. Steve What do we do that and I say they believe? Contact within about six feet is typically required for transmission. But they don't know a lot of things back this when that's the scary thing they don't know the time it takes infected person to show symptoms. They don't know how contagious it is. They don't know what extent it can be spread by people showing no symptoms is there animal-to-human transition going. I mean if you're having sexual relations with a monkey I don't know man. What animal is the virus first transmitted from? We don't know how long it survives on surfaces we know that it. The speculation is twelve hours on a metal surface. That's the speculation. My Dog sneezed on me the other day and I was like twelve feet away and I felt it took twelve feet so if a dog sneeze big I do have a stop that has nothing to do with long capacity. You always talk about. I gotTa Big Metals. I mean you scare the crap out of me in a car and I'm like what was that. You know your brains out you Gotta. Let your sneeze out. You can't just hold. Dingo understand that you blow your wife. Does that late? What do is not even a sneeze. Oh let me to blow the stuff whatever's making you sneeze out well the viruses was likely I passed to humans from animals possibly live animal market. We know or maybe it was created in a biological warfare lab in China. We don't know pumps on the salad bar. But you know don't let people cough on you sneeze or I was watching a funny video that the girls put out a deportable choir girls Lindsay and CJ and they were going around and they were making fun of everybody. That had their masks on stuff. And there's one of Lindsay standing behind this woman at a shopping counter sheets needs around and sprays. Yeah leave it to the girls. It's out of control. All this is just. There's no vaccine. They're working on it but let me take something. This is why this is why this whole disease this virus thing this quote unquote pandemic which is not a pandemic and GonNa prove it to you in a minute. You GotTa Chill Okay folks. This is a media hype deal. It's a media hyped deal you talk about. Oh it's killed all these people to the death. Percentage is three point two or whatever we haven't tested everybody now there could be there could be thousands of people walking around showing no symptoms we area and it goes. We'll say well you know flu kills way more people. It is true. Fifteen butter people died from the flu. Okay that's true if people like that but the death percentage is higher with this corona virus. What we don't know because we haven't tested everybody. It's easier to invite has the flu but anyway we we've learned identify them but the Liberals and the mainstream media Oh politicians have spun this thing in an attempt to put it at their advantage right to sit there and say that that trump hasn't that he's like there's an accusation out there that trump has reduced the money to the CDC. That's simply not true. They've increased from day one. The money that goes to the CDC use chicken out folks stop believing the fake news but to say that again. Trump says it's a hoax. He didn't say that was a hoax. He's talking about how they politicize everything. That's what we're talking about right now but to come out there and continually put this stuff on the line. They want socialized healthcare. They want Medicare for all. Aren't you glad puppet master that you don't have Medicare for all right now that if you were to get the corona virus now you gotta go stand in line for hours? Yeah you'd be dead before he made it to the front you would before you can even get the appointment and not only that the bigger issue and I know you're all folks talking about look. I just got back from Canada. I was in Canada this past week and I talked to a lot of people about their healthcare system. I couldn't find a single person who was praising it and saying yeah it's a good thing and we'll get into that in another episode another time because they gave me some very significant reasons as to why it doesn't work and you look at this toilet paper issue. Go Go to the store. Can't find Tolbert can't find hand sanitizer. I saw an ad of something on. Somebody's trying to sell it on Ebay. Or whatever sixteen dollars seventeen dollars a little bottle just come on man. So what if that was in your healthcare you don't think people are going to abuse the healthcare system? Guess what is happening in Canada. There are groups of people up there who go they go to the doctor every time they stumped there though and so you know what does. It bogs down the system for folks who really need help. And also there's no incentive on behalf of researchers and doctors and scientists to go out and find a vaccine because they're not gonNA make any money off of it so there's no incentive to Russian. Hurry so if you've got socialized medicine sucks to be you. It sucks to be you because you're not gonNA have the incentive to go out there and do it so thank God we have privatize healthcare. Folks out there working on this thing so last the deal. I mean at the end of the day folks. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands wash your hands and I you know I love a drink. Some alcohol yeah. I think this kind of kills I actually weakest start a. We can start a rumor that grown ally kills corona virus bad for the corona too. That's stupid that's how ignorance hurt their business right. I was some of those Canadians. You may have a drinking problem problem at all. So He's right down smooth. Somebody's Canadian folks were like so. Is that helped? The Corona Beer Company and I was like no it's kind of been a boon for them and hasn't been good at all. Yeah I n t they should think of another name for their beer. Probably probably now so see. Here's the thing. Whenever this was first appeared in China back in December the Wuhan officials. They're in China. Silence the doctors who warned of the new virus. They didn't alert the public of a possible outbreak. Leaving China folks leave it to China by the time they authorities issued warnings on alerted the WHO on December thirty first already spread to an unmanageable level. See that's where the thing broke out and it got crazy so it's how you govern this thing and they did not govern this thing. Well thank God we live in America. Thank God we have access to good healthcare. We do have good healthcare here and 'cause they've shut down northern Italy at this point there's another strain of it that separate that's basically got Iran in its grips and didn't didn't the left criticize trump. Because he did shut down some stuff started shutting down and now they're saying he didn't do it soon enough soon enough. I mean you know you want to shut the borders down well racist to shut the borders down like Bagdhad. Why don't you shut the borders down? People Are Dumb Dumb Candy. The world was as smart as me and you and the puppet master brings me BURP. But it's all over the world. I WANNA get into another aspect of this thing because what happened was when Donald Trump you know. He launched the Corona Virus Task Force. He banned temporarily Ban Chinese travelers. When I was going into Canada last week they and back out in the customs form I was asked to have. I recently been in China or Iran. You know Because it's a real deal but Mike Pence's head this thing up and he's keeping the nation aware he's coming out every day with some stuff if you had been. What would they do? Do they stop you? Want in the country back on a plane. Send you back. You could lie though you could lie. I haven't been there well. You could. Yeah you could I mean again I? Don't you trust people to do the right thing but never do no? They don't think they quarantine is what would happen. Hey listen if you stuck at home I got something for you tack. Pack Tech Packs the premier monthly subscription box for military type of the Second Amendment. Does he just comes right to your house for just forty nine ninety five a month. They're gonNA ship you at least one hundred dollars worth of gear from companies like five eleven heck's MAG mission first tactical armor and saga name of You. They ship out. Ar fifteen parts ADC tooth knives cleaning kits and a mix of other tactical gear and apparel direct to you so sign up today to get the April tack pack which features some Big Damn USA brands like sons of Liberty. Gun works in black arriving attack. Pack Dot Com. And when you use Promo Code Chad at Checkout. You're going to get a free bag of extra gear shift at the same time as your first tactic. So if you're in tactical gear from the best companies for HALF THE PRICE TAG. Pack is for you. Don't forget to use the offer. Code Chad to get some freebies with your first order tack Pakbatt Contact Pack Dot Com. Tac PA CK DOT COM. Use Promo Code Chad. We're about to get racist up in your hangout. Now those of you listening to the podcast on audio over Youtube and watch this little girl. You need what you looking for. Okay but the down down down. You must good right again. Look how much how much you gotTa let me see. I look what I got a quote I got you want the whole thing. 'cause this I the whole thing you want the whole thing look I can give you a little bit but you look look how much you want. Now you get caught with all of that you're GonNa think on thank you dealing but looking to get it whole thing now. Look look I'm GONNA keep this. I'M GONNA keep that money because I got I got a bit. You do. Look you take dismal. Put this one on the house right. We'll put this one on a house. You take. You take 'em we got from it got you tell your friends any more. Oh yeah there you go. That's what happens right there. You you run on the toilet paper and the Germans and Lysol and all that good stuff because people are afraid of getting quarantined. I'm telling you well. We got the viruses. The people man the go out there and take all the stuff and by all the stuff you gotta leave enough for other people man. Chill out the biggest problem. And that's what we've gotten into Glenn Beck has done several episodes on this. It's the economic issue the economic. That's that's the consequences of that. We're already seeing it in the stock market this week last week. It's hurting. Chinese businesses is hurting the beer business. Fiona it's disrupting global supply. Where where do you think these iphones come from? Where do you think these come from? They come from China folks. They're made in China. Where do you think that Apple Watch? You're using it's going to hurt. Theaters is going to hurt. Factories is going to hurt other business going to hurt our shows. Steve Our live. Show not gonNA hurt. The sad wanted though they want it to but I was going to hurt our people. Our people aren't base scared scared again. Rednecks scare he's scared. He's never been made the Chinese buffet man sitting out there. They ain't never been scared. That no coronas they waller never mudhole Adam checks and a couple of weeks. You won't talk about corona proof percival Wuhan Yeah I think we're but back to that big giant bottle of hand sanitizer. You think I could feel my bottles up at the house. No no not without without paying a feat now without paying a fee to ounces. Now we're seeing you know if we won't be dealing now so I want to get into this You know the economic so a lot of people are calling this economic warfare against China right first of all before we do that. And that's what they're calling. Basically racism is is now. We're now we're are avoiding Asians. Were avoiding Chinese people. Chinese food things with Asian names and as an economic deal a you know so the covert nineteen they're trying to isolate. China is what the accusation is. Us economy is heavily dependent on Chinese imports by say. I've never been more inclined to eat Chinese food than the last month of all this going on. I've eaten three times in the last month but I hear it and Oh yeah. Let's go eat Chinese. So they're calling it a disinformation campaign and there is a lot of bad stuff but they WANNA freeze air. Travel to China Wall Street. We've seen the panic in the stock market. People sell them off and all of a sudden they have those stopgap measures were when the drop happened. So fast and quick like happened yesterday. They gotta they gotTa shut it down and again. It all comes down to people giving something where they can. They're given something where they can blame. Donald Trump this is an election year. They want to try to make trump look that they've used everything. Puppet master they can. Against trump everything Puerto Rico Russian collusion meddling Mahler Ukraine. The Biden. Deal all of it man. I mean he's off and now they're using this this thing sadly but let me explain something evokes. Let's just crunch some numbers real quick. I want to do this for you in case you're worried INC because there's some of you out there you're worried less crunch some numbers. I got my calculator out here. So the World Health Organization reported on February twenty eighth that eighty three thousand six hundred fifty to confirm cases of cove. Nineteen of which seventy eight thousand nine hundred sixty one or in mainland China. All right so all about five thousand outside. China there are four thousand. Six hundred ninety one confirmed cases. All right. That's as a February twenty eighth. The Health Organization or the organization also reported two thousand seven hundred ninety one deaths of which only sixty seven at that time were recorded occurred outside of mainland China. So now that means this quote unquote pandemic is limited to mainland China. All right let me break it down. Recent data suggests that epidemic and China is firmly under control. We'll see all right. They reported that Thirty six point one. Five seven patients were designated as cured and discharged from hospitals. Chinese reports confirmed that people have received treatment and a recovering from the virus infection. And the number of those infected is declining. Do we trust the Chinese. No doubt but that's what's coming out there using feather layer which is an antiviral drug as a treatment of corona virus with minimal side effects. We'll see how that comes out. So roughly. The population candidacy of the world is about seven point. Eight billion people population of China is roughly one point. Four billion people. The world population minus China's population is somewhere in the order. Six point four billion. All right math might be a little bit off. There is terms of what how many people are actually on the planet. But let's go with six point four billion now if you have four thousand six hundred ninety one confirmed cases and sixty seven reported deaths outside China out of a population of six point. Four billion that's not a pandemic. Let's do the math. Four thousand six hundred ninety one divided by six point. Four billion is point. Zero zero zero zero zero zero seven three. Just put a percentage point at the end of that you have four zero seven three percent now sixty four cases in the. Us You do the same math. You have point. Zero Zero Zero Zero One. Nine percent that is beyond miniscule in terms of how it is affecting things globally. Now that right. There is not a pandemic but people ask in the mainstream media a lot of times. What why the propaganda will again a lot of people climbing racism this directed against ethnic Chinese soup? They're saying it's a campaign against China says it's got a wave of racist sentiment against ethnic Chinese just like MSNBC coming out saying that using the Wu. Han Flu name is racist in there. Saying that it's being led by Western media. You know you've got the people getting glued into their house and we'll and hauled off in cages and put in freezers and all these kinds of things. Well what's true? What's true I tell you this? We are a global community and we are a global economy. We really are. It's it's it's sad. It's unfortunate that we are also dependent on each other but you saw what happened with Russia yesterday along with Saudi Arabia. They started dumping barrels of oil. And so they're just piling insult on top of injury and San okay. You guys are in an economic crisis because all these people are selling off selling up well blue must the all too and now that falls. They're taking advantage of which would probably do the same thing and he well. It's GONNA affect everybody at this stage in the game. It's the economical thing. I'm not worried about point. Zero zero zero zero one nine percent. That's not pandemic numbers. All right. That's not you don't want to get sick. Wash your hands. And all I'm saying is if you're going to run the antiseptic stuff on your anti-bacterial stuff and where in ninety five mask and put on a tie vic suit. Just don't step out in front of a bus while you're reading the statistics people dying. I mean you know I mean. Don't drink don't text and drive. There's there's far easier ways to kill yourself then touching your mouth. Don't we have good bacteria on our hands and stuff and if you want to get sick he's GonNa say kill all that often. It's going to cause you more problems then. I am not a Germaphobe. But I'm very germ conscious right. So so yeah I mean too much of that is not good for a little bit of soap and water and a couple of minutes a little dirt folks kiss a monkey man. Get right up against a horse's acid smooch. It hang tight. Those are good ideas. We'll be right back. Look at their folks. Would it died during the break? And neither did you. 'cause you're still here. You know what I need you to do. I need to go toward podcasts. Are offered Lee a five star rating. We deserve it. We deserve it in good review. I was GONNA say. Don't be a horse's ASS but we're too busy kissing those right. Speaking of horses ask Steve. How are you how are you doing? I don't stop to just ask how you're doing enough great stadium. Great you stay doing great you are. You are a bundle of positivity I am trying to be. I appreciate that all negativity out of my life. Yeah if you're negative. I don't WANNA be around. You can't deal. I hear you. I think negatively brings you down. I texted him last night. Kansas about midnight and I said you alive because I heard from a couple of days. I've been in the country and in a said you'll live and he said Yeah. I'm just laying here listening to Tony. Sleep I was. She say you should have recorded the yeah. She's not very loud at all. But that's the only sound I could hear. Was her breathing. Smooth and easy went ahead and had sex with her. Anyway that you know I tried but you got the she fights off. Humira strong woman. Yup I mean physically strong. She she can bench press more than I can. Yeah Buddy look. I'm excited man. I'm excited because we live in a crazy crazy world donald trump's GONNA win in a landslide. Only if you show up and vote I mean come on Joe Biden. I feel sorry for the guy. You gotTa pull that guy out. Let's talk about we're GonNa talk about some of those things tomorrow night's episode flames. It's sad to watch a said won't get too far into that elk city Oklahoma. Get your car drive over. We're going to be there. Deplorable choir are going to be there. We're GONNA have some fun. The cheerleaders are coming. Apparently they're going to do the routine. Do you know where he city. Oklahoma is okay. We gotta come back early on Saturday. 'cause I gotTa go Chris Stapleton Concert Nice. Yeah that's right that's right. Get any tickets for you for you. I'm going somewhere. I'm seeing somebody wife speaking of Billy. Bob's you're coming to billy Bob's we just announced yesterday. Tickets go on sale Friday into big room. That's fifty five hundred capacity. Slot folks the Big Room. I've I've sold out little room three times nine. William Lane Martin and I had a great run had fun there. Billy BOB GO TO WATCH CHAT DOT COM. That's where all the fun stuff is. Try Not Lick your lips too much or lick fingers and all that stuff but see you next time. Let me God bless bye.

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