Band-Aid On A Bulletwound


Wildfires raging out of control in California has California Burns again deal with the challenge that this century presents us from WNYC in New York this is on the activists wanted to stay at eight ten comes back it's only a matter of time coming in every month I'd get more of these requests from somebody saying your stories each listener supported Brooke Gladstone with this news alert California is on fire a dangerous house away in San Francisco. California's governor has declared a statewide Arkansas the utility Pacific Gas and electric fish morning Pacific gas and electric blacking the California Public Utilities Commission today they outline how those two fires than happened Blaine says writer Quinn Norton where we lose the forest for the burning a technical debt so technical debt is a term largely used is the Y2k bug The quick and dirty there was that they used to spots and computers need to know what time it is they need to know the date in order to function so this guy didn't fall but that doesn't mean there wasn't the possibility that it might there's millions of man hours and largely fixed it and argue that technical debt isn't just an apt metaphor for the wildfire crisis we do it fast and dirty when we do it in a way that works now without an eye old computer systems or your phone or anything like that that just doesn't work as well as it should Sion's Warren followed regulations didn't exist what about the wide ranging it's too I think the danger of putting everything on PG and E. isn't are not going to be able to fix it what are the moving pieces were missing one start changing but there was a lot of resilience in the ecosystem for that thin the forests in the proper way the way they were before humans got here said it's kind of a no win situation the forests aren't correct for California not prone to burn and then people move into what's called the wildland urban interface all over coastal America anyone building a small seawall is just we're still building on a coast that is threatened by sea level rise unless they're building so you've called California the perfect microcosm but part of a like a third of the state isn't there anymore because we haven't done anything to shore that would lock in the land aren't there anymore and the natural thing that happens we're just kind of letting it happen and keeping that big old booth that we're so familiar with on deferring spending on infrastructure suggests that we've chosen not to act itself a palpable action it's actually borrowing when we aren't just deferring something where buying our future we're deciding system they were in some cases didn't understand the system they were in I mean much of our technical debt around the there's Jakarta for instance you said it's easy to drill for slashing and burning of forests in Indonesia and Brazil we're world we're not thinking about what that's going to rain we're not thinking about what that's going to do to along the edge of the Sahara an area called the Suhel where they're trying to do replanting living services food and water and all that one of the reasons the Sahara is spreading area it's growing that desert spreading down into this region where long term we have levies and closer to my home subways technical debt short term thinking and compartmentalized thinking. Hey you're not really thinking about the whole system so we need to go from a short term I I was just thinking of the water in flint whereas the water in a different in narrow ways and that's why we decide these people aren't as important favoring the powerful and the wealthy you've actually get the benefit of realizing there's not too systems there there's one with the challenge that this century presents us we tend to say these are fires in the Amazon and the fires in California and all these different things they as one system if I go back to the software metaphor it's a guy fixing his a little bit of the iphone so in terms of technical bet we heading to and as we increasingly rely on them we'll have areas so when the planet says no you can't switch to you know but as powerful and amazing humanity is it's still writes for empty wheel dot net her piece is titled a World We built to stop it doesn't really matter this is on the media my son Greece the landrace pretty he was by Chris trying to figure out what happened to him in Cuba those are secrets that he kept with them until the end deal and I'm Brooke Gladstone Eight Chan has been off line since August Chan is one of the five thousand or so largest websites on the internet and I would describe eight Chen it was basically just a game where the winner is whoever post the most offensive hard numbers the notorious anonymous forum played host to the worst of the Gamer out of a pizza parlor but in two thousand nineteen eight Chen finally Texas Walmart shooting each used eight Shan to spread their manifestos longer provide support to the website eight Chan that's where the suspected gunman in Saturday's protected servers of eight Chan following the August El Paso shooting forcing name which raises crucial questions can eight Chen stay overheat the so-called National Conversation our producer Michael Jack it's only a matter of time before there is another H. and connected shooting and that's what he is attracted in onslaught of attacks from each devotees can that should have been slammed against a wall seconds after birth obviously goes on national abuse and you know a lot of them have been trolling me nonstop even drawing finalists conspiracy theorists all the people trolling him now all used to hang out I was a kind of person who didn't have anything going for them and live I was like on a mushroom trip and I was coming down and that's when I came up with the idea for and he used them a lot when he was living at his mom's house in Atlantic City after Ditching High School Precursor Fortune in twenty fourteen four Chan Band discussions of a group into the Albright and Fred Brennan gave them sanctuary on ancient he says that image for users make about free speech you know that it's all just about the marketplace rhetoric Brennan incubated a cesspool at stake in this free speech experiment because all the legal liability fell we're both still live but then their relationship soured but h right a monetize it so that came as a surprise I just felt like he was acting in happened three months later police are working to identify the bodies of the fifty people killed during take a chance but you know I figured all right let's see if they'll clean up their act and they hallway posted praise for a Chan- just before the shooting saying I've only aspect there posted

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