Menata Hati #2 - Mengenal Alloh (Ust. Dr. Fachri Fachrudin, S.H.I., M.E.I.)


And being over there is inhabited seattle then had entire spa. Kumar he over. Okay do villa. Dvd allama so the while. Mohammed minister skellig. We're spinning out of the wouldn't buy yes. That's off the that wouldn't getting them with with the hand. The allow us who our hundred million gruber gallini keep that the attack your into combat lever soi but jim bur- jaylen mobutu fierce. Three me yeti radio read you. Youtube idea finally jara manassa had the and when you get them the studio the yet but my dad started a harry s e. Were pulling gerber marissa. The smith i think the china hattie dc ahead at the november global ending and we will our resume. But that doesn't bob woodward jerry year shallow megan amount of money. And this going to be to jim depending up all. Did you know walk to indonesia against were they on the now. Allah delilah sarah. I'm not happy young. do bloom years. Who keep digging and then these auto and what they may munger now alah now beginning to go. Boondi somebody by gary millin. Burt squeezy by american critic. The love blessed blessed pools millions bless bless blues. Milan's again life and get nexium. Livestreaming depressed quite good medical man that the column coming in show jerry ni ceritificate the at though 'electronic certificate near equality. Yeah i charter. Initial wound took screen. Suit a charity me or the colome comment. Tara livestreaming without screen suit plus blue similan similan. Tika get that somebody with a lifetime. So i'm concerned about okay. Wait yeah. I hear the Yeah look they want an led. Listen guaranteed i japanese. That won't winning area demand that took a mongolia. Sent me to one. Now when chipped gun keypad. Somebody getting wounding area I tell you need these to the youtube radio yet by jewish channel be book. Yeah i've streaming access the facebook. Look gary smearing radio fire. Did he then began november tanya again the interactive screens with yeh plus looseness plenty. Gan up again. The i oppose alec donny. Now bermuda steady things securely by geeky wouldn't took at the happiest that the beginning to the ending and i'm feelin. yeah fishing. Yeah we could and lear spear on the mobile country mobile then then be gimmicky that had taken at the scene for dulken abdullah had they had to keep that keep us. You can get that ticket. That took manorama though. I've got to keep that. And you know what now is that special said it could way nikki ties among them. Manila who. What allison premieres at the william mexican. Diana gallini tennessee loss. What now daddy daddy under suits over the fence domino now who was being new accident. Bahasa colleen mula him. Allie kamara la. He will but okay two hundred who wanna stay year over now. Say at the molina de la. Hoya de la la woman you deal. Who for had a had ila wash them up. The who are also be a bad idea. If i d demand that hundred ella somebody can along the narrow streaming data in shallow dilemma anka. It'll break could let never happy that can Support the app. See the cameras scotty. It'll be paid the demand. But i'm going to lost who what Lukin and sympathy to dopamine sense but the among in here then about any indian up by banding number is on the initiative and from the end though the you sort of momentum kalac highness he had gone out that see me sonya step kelly zanu musty on diba has gotten me Tom get them out of when these adan debris chemical outbound on october can be beaten about who sat on what that i'd be young. You must've guys that. I've been to pull a nice but the at mullahs young. Who the hand. It can get stuck with them. Come with the harapan kita. Then we'll see fatty fat out character giveaway. Everyone dedicate as we saw With the who on gita then you get this idea and get them a loss of what the government can you keep that then that women but how disembodied than the columnist loss what the data booty gunda young number gives me less speaker. He do panic azadi. That'd be pretty cool because howdy on monica. Yeah hot dominica mukhin kosova dominik but what attended mass than studying markan plunger and then on. Yeah kamasiyah on what happened. Luckily lost hunter. Who lower then rallied any kind of loss. Hana khalyleh onion. You got admiral. Hannah huatala diabetes but cba after the team because some beaten to death netanyahu who attala come a were allowed back and then we'll get that done she at them into a loss now who what she neela keep out of. Muhammad combatti yet been that lost. La despite the lulu via yeah. He wouldn't america now a loss china. Whatever yeah then did not the mongolian america the top doug on our the your daddy to the moon on a loss hanover. Hockey ya banat. Madonna can get them. The man had to keep their opinion man and he. Then you about yankee bakley do neom open the acura. That on any given the banya has they macau evening. You there demand della me how to skip the now that lost now. Who are saying. God gun how to them back or see tip the kumar through demain. Get the that i'm panetta. And keep them. Yeah d'italia bundy leon. Panetta who what did keep samedan in the end. You sweaty sammy. Hulu medical loss. Hanahata family had been too little patterns. Gita kita kita from the n. And yet i patrie. I'm never had ticket. A young can About them back button. Cheap pizza las. What island come within was on the los hannah what the man said with their now up to sarah can keep up on a loss that minorities indeedy aloe hannah who at la when you got up and physical allowed two zero back candidate. I'm the add tanda thunder hannah. Lan had to yeah to keith. Ellison moment i g the up and down kind what the muscle but keita adept what ally in saudi arabia. Kit that Hush our number. Then roger catania misidentified lost hannah. who are talamo. Now can the reunion. I'm koran chatter. Yeah unless i know what. I koran koran chatter. Yeah but to demand when you can but what what and give you mentioned packer matica and do that. Dan manful lord. Somebody risky it more per that now allows for. Who did it up on then. Scotty gospel gay. Who by antonella couple now. But it didn't enter. Money perhaps can been tipped and had been and than bumi hallam semester. The pope and this is what you're hinna dad had again said the best money. That sort of young slow injected lubricant. Can you repeat the top can danya slightly madigan said yet. Could he do get to see. Catch kellyanne salaries. I look at that man fatkin cosmopolitan indian ending loss on. What allah then the yankees. And get your life got and young had mandy. They need could idea. If idea lost china. Who had allah the happy can me hat. September booty plan unless china. Whatever yeah hutton. Model mountain million all. He is the agenda side. I think at the fundamental law. Your come from veg out and get up nazi-occupied sukanya paquita yet. What i never knew. How does the canal nettie did. I don't then. But i will admit to But that's an in hassle of glossy the has been a hand up the had up nastiness seeing. I'm gonna coming in lanao. China connecting is still have modified But how at that point. Amanda mighty for toby. Would you de la cabrera. On what i see sensing not by name yet. Unveiling bending that i'm saying yet up and the other russia or but i see a precipitator then or unfair supper been. John had hand to hand it to me ed baton on the then you get some magilla peac. Jackie manion p v rodney anderson the particularly keen to go up important to hire an investment. And in it you can Keep that need then. How monica almost spanner. Who are allied to me scully. Then lost ala youtube. The booty thing unfit tra- being an akao vanja indra buchan ness alcoa annotation. Either on the lost a la millions la which abc on the side that egypt Up after the tournament rita atop wouldn't about the dancer now lease aniela slowly gun. Lapus monica metallica. Diana wounded w. c. Haven't on the end of the. Oh my god. I face it this week but a hannah. Monica elite not dora and throw up in the mattis yet. To fit are semi musudan. I'm gone some loss hooah heighten cheap. That he all he can. I told them we can have needed a local brand that the loss but again yen did. I'm so be demolished too. Many allow us to become bella hidden. Pokhara put to hand kellyanne socks. Didn't get them. Yes you can get down and get the lanka kalani a more honda in the meantime brunei's yet then in the then raza might not do identity trouble it wouldn't you can t boa loss plan what minerva me had back jeb akita upenn ammonia keith abilene. Kansas swath unwraps. A then wouldn't get them. We borsa sloppy on the mccain's idea. This is what the data in the at won't you. Quality data antetok at the moi. And i did the mistakes in muscle but identity theft and i see the pontiff ta and yell begin to be as crass las panel who are within letterman who a sly in fifth for our indra according find someone and scale gauge las. Get the us scan us but the only somebody the zoo either do For the at their lowest level. I keep into have impact than skyla rarely. Do whatever my safety that we thought the mean. Gary was not on any link. Editor loss is young. But i don less anahuac keep then commandment omaha man He do Komo de adan see copy can million muscle play hockey. And then they'll umbrella government and get on a lawsuit that millen hannah who out of that that i'm looking at 'em the come with the n. From west virginia. Then you run any. Only now. That i'm still i. I didn't see lower loss. Hannah who proud been cheap. The adnia didn't go got a low limit. He can move on fat young he do matica risky young mahan risky denman lateralism establish marine dan and laura lost with canada and has been will be a loss what allah get their highest now in by and through them illinois started will be that somebody can. I sat up a lot of the bullet. Yeah seeing a become to d the monica but at again but but now what by the monica tau him ski. Do matty can do that by any policy. See anti demands to keep that knows will be the that dictated young. Young spider handed cannot follow a cup. Adela nicotinamide c. bloomberg data or human. With all of those who am. I can put it top. Mika them but can panapa that columba muslim women come on us. You know what now. Let's shift in south human halacha whom layup wouldn't allow for and now you've got along with america. Monica monica steam. God finally who threw you didn't but within when our power low low single the all insult our home be. They sent me an insult. Our whom men holocaust samajwadi. What was her a. Sham will come a love and you'd anything by than mooney matto get their Buluan medic of the and then my body. Where a loss panel without. Okay what have you done canning line. Laghi meson inside munn necessarily mean imagine an are the multi have cooled kalmyk khan insult home mandela milliman. Color depending on. America's yep. I wouldn't can The who come within that he gentleman. What monica i echo luna yet. That'd be a lotta young but in our initial pelota that i'm to hang up on up once better then what would be a reality in the jetties. The amateur gotta it'll so how. Yeah but muhammed and the huanqi dong but what another spanner who are on onto a consequence see capacity. I thought when mamuka unpack one. Keep that deputy better at ten dollars. What china in this. I love it i will he in the the a loss behind the huatala. How net loss plan without him especially I now let's find out who. I can get sick a lot. La kind of what mccaw slater can say. Quincy debenture so. I don't mind local. The how does not alpha. Ud bed lama. Mattie canola uncle among he took away on american risky on monday fat. Eleanor my ideal putting up the by day. Yeah you ness woodward book will let the whole world as in in comedy comb if the one i love the allow meaning can when momentum get down lost loss who allah. Because i love you can save you money now. You claim the all that kind of like it soon. Yeah dan could around how may to at least he says. He's sits out once the hawaiian then onion the mom. And then you look at that space. Or somebody to that. I- lisa's when that. I'm sort of look scotty. Eac i not boo yet. Tennis time to do concentrating on humber pull up. The one one will be a loss. Anahuac donna mendota. Only then when fascinating. Yeah at the lewandowski until when at that company than mathematica less who what he goes on humble any bianco paulette. the who one. Yeah yucky nine. And we'll be all lost da then it can only a- onto nyc brick witness to murder aspect and yeah. I thought daniel pretty better planner. Who what if you let them. On the lower scale gaskin. Yeah degaulle oughta humber then kinney melanoma loss planner who what allah a la la young. Somebody will dot madan movie comedian. Manala day then you government your second komo d. n. a. lehem lincoln kogi. And then you kosova and mika someone it'll give you the keeping. I did it down on a lost planner. What china than the yellow him. More luck buddy can take it down. Then to keep up kimmy alabama. Lincoln keva against conduct neha to fill out manila. Had any kennedy can be sort of to the begun to by st john. Podesta a loss panel what yep anti the attack with casually hanging attack with laws then the eti dot com mentioned. Yeah get you. Ali cotin fox lower. The you lost hope. What the eti death on number up by the loop had up on. You're gonna punish ever but lost. Who what i've been got us through young Moon dominating past the blood scott got to you can but as you ever find what in danya are. Come to kenya to some more about the money. You can't dollars. Who in a young. But but lost anna. Whoever you end up at can see. Kiki coming up at can is uncommon. And then kenyon in hockey have gotten a cut the and tiny but fan hotter than would be more fun. But i know what i'll as. Well aminu while i'm you'll be sooner. Eamon is will the homeowner. I'm not doing the on. But eamon then teed edmund chiampou countryman and many cutting custodian of the monday cinemas that shaven mechanical or i suddenly how will be how the who allah then the up when we need them. Muhammad co edged him. And that you've been doing here. You can let him in the love poem to about an idea so affect the bill. I mean can one keita. Put genta almost an hour. He they're young yet. Him is only mahim. Get that monkey windows broken. could you do are. they need that. They come moved can give you the huangdi trad. That will be a lot thing. Unbooked be better. I knew who what other yet and we do. Tennis thing to the morgan One pm at the at the enough. But i don mullan under melander. Booby molin now. Anybody but can with the young combat. The antara here adela molyneaux densify a loss hina who what for formula a loss minor who are I colosseum had the it will be added to see what mundus i hit into. Some wonder could be smocking. That i'm the moon. I smell los spina. Who what are to human what he sees on. But it'll eagles well alibaba but then allama lanark can as my densify ninety days koran lally not in the number density fattening in last year can him in saudi or his shoddy cobb number nc fat loss. Final who what how. That tool can buggy much government to prohibit and make him up when young back in they need to knock on all that loss at nebi dina abedi unavailable food. But it's all coming by the hammock. Bomboko we need to. I'll go food. That wouldn't that game happening. You can with the the book and there'd be added then selena woman is up but he's gone did he behind along the momentum and Asked my densify loss spanner. Who are not me. But of what weapon younger i think he's got to get them out would be loss. But you got muna now. Modesi spina who with either effectively letterman. You'll lower your monkey in manila any number for a loss. Spina who what year. Nobody can up positive by the manhattan akita. Muggy miami's even though a menu with candy. see me. Kapika a loss panel. Who at the manila than miami by los allied Muhammed hat yai edina. Vm kinney military. Dad saito poon yang loop. Las man who at that by delaying had besides zero well. A principal thumb will look mccollum. Let the they're the emma aquinas. Didn't i'm going to we under some. We need then by can keep melissa who we might comedian. Melissa we cigars wrap this week and alumnae anthony. That i'm donna evening. Mahir can somebody can fight the media together. That got pretty lucky. I thought then west but definitely senate leader is young career happens. Did y'all number. I'm on my young had said yet to allow most financial. What about the the manila steady donaldson so the mohammedan muna small on the who on the jergen deepen those get that. The beginning month packwood The loss i know what i mean seeing. Yeah yoga lasagna. I the come in gadsden. Yeah superior to the dam thing to the emphasis on kabul my colleague from india hatton and add the bullpen picky. Picky landsberg begun yet. Thou- law allows china. Who are we then. that's to win. You put their balloon. Had done at the moment. The hawaiian almost who with anna on humber melissa who are sat on a loss what the island an akasa an mkx moon. And see. if i've new kind komo up massa run the again comedian adel cotin and died. The seaford qassam woman elbow william hang a young minicab and capacity to have a loss. What either mush. Let them when you'll love the way the Buena halcion By smack in guatemala. Now my densify lost who can cut up the dnc fatty and them them open for weapon. That i hear the end. Parakeet melinda weeden emmanuel to my alum happier than all due to my my one companion and karen muhammed. We'll end you got mad at him. As my opinion young. That's the with canales around hamburg. Get medicare be the way. India nettie commission and that ron some beaten custodian. We'll give you a little mini eliah. Mark ally on my yellow yellow mahendra. Mohan me and you can sneak. It wouldn't be damn near get the I pay To better than bay. Pretty sure damn the mapundum. Yeah now come with maha banya agenda condemned mommy s monday almost who what a sandal panama dynamics or tabby. Nfl so begun yet. How about you saw me too. So yeah the the. Al snuck into cut panacea. But i know what. The obama lamb veal inside that if human panel in the miami ed he will admit i am who i am with at the elementary denia. Sasol around hit the young The who wants around loss. Whoever allah young positive young but an hushieh the buckled vanilla spinal at the founding congress. An arm and then we see how they need to be letterman. You'll elway your permits by about the young. The union can get up at the. What that impact. When sorta daddy how would you will be an annual. Then you can asmat nancy. Well i hit can tho hasheem can But he locked young deep. Dnc forty-five young motor puji. And then young. I hitting a guitar than hatikva found than the now had up on those who what key. Yes kitgum gin and show. You gotta have anybody. Can you get said this. Go see i shall begin idea. Why did he went up down them. All those on. what me what. India and up can selena chattanooga this year and w salmond up at gun certificate and putting and sharon and this electron but commentator. The column palliative invaded audio poetry. Live streaming gallini. Dan formante kept the cardio. Modiin bend up our guard from would be and now and now marlon cup come with the end end up grad. What the and grant law police then got bud and otto porter tagnon and loose green suit. Come within kim conquer nonstop bless bless england and all the best spoiler millions get and the museum went up by why chadha needed sponsoring yes hundred jeremiah. Nia apoyo you. But god that s e l. He will go. Here's where we won't debunked kit adalah per a for harry within s e n now putting a one up when brad i can discuss seek so upper. No mind yeah. Mon pat do against the by can get among analysis contrast attack. Is that hope that and with some sorta. My hook wedding could guard at the boston's okay. This series should get whatever he perello young andy amongst those one get that from day. One our davos. Some bacon my chemo Without he could have gone a loss on the upper dependent. On my Up i see cup. Then the but weapon have been joe and without the positive super teams more today that what this lane lost run by the model to cancel mink wealthy at told me bella has attack would who what you mind. What attack with ellen. Number of the a loss plan. What allah young. Muhammed thought roussin. Yeah then biting but how did not biennium the up. I'm walking doc. Attack online at the online by model makino lucia to be identified the public among staff. It doesn't packwood there. How dare these now. It had that'd be a monarchy that you can you can Poonch nato the demand on the how. Close the door. was this one. It was jet on sunday at you. Westbound that up and keep them with the end. Swot too young By keeping it that that'd be that'd beyond that because at any the Pandemonium mon monetary throughout the humbly to daddy daddy conduct tanya who are not immediately. I'm not gonna happen but For the past. Three hundred hundred. Andy cherry pie and you buy your gone up by the nonsmoking them. Jerry mckenzie melissa how we can do with looking beside either. You need yellen. How long it only has palestine i lost. What can but when the whole with a gentleman keep that that put Misguided seeing cheery even say it at the end of the perot niamh behind. Guitar mohegan kentucky. A lost william was either the end toppled on top of the watergate. And that's mohammed he took will be the cut dot com. But how for those who. What got that around the up. Political it again. You need the orion young Up by the moon but in fact the demo had the shingle what. i need to back by the crab. Hit the kitchen around history to mohajerani again. It's in get that whatever i think. There's any money. East alastair pommie that he might get them in africa. Sandra andy salama highly adaptable of Pity don then with the what. The hell are expected them by nick. Young claim Jean becker asia is again etiquette that someone can go violence. Or what with the he you you that. This is the because all around moon sitting. Manila and mackay. Oh i lost. I know what mung at gun then Maleta but he says he will do teen day to separate the up. The what buying dollars on that you bending also lost lonnie. Seven out of the kylo mentioned loss are mccown. Commitment guitar magnon can argument then commitment keita. Sell the book teaching hours. When you're mandatory had in the daddy. Japan spun around lost. One lonnie them say the scene. That espana antipathy the dilemma. Be malas deal out on mccarthy. Any team johnson the muslim but the folks black and i told Somebody blew about potato. He no time. You can call in quantum to look at the the last mike with ya. it'd be that i didn't really take a quick look so the law the muscles. I'm putting it. Dan and and now engineer utah. Must've been the that monkey at the can can fundamental Everybody with their lead again. That i lost us together so carlo me. Monkey that that. I'm gonna see me say iki sit down and you guys or anything By a loss who at that. I can keep that could be depended on his harrisburg apache. Boogeyman associates salam john kansas. It's about bali young young. And you're gonna keep that there's an anthem. Papa lost annual and in the battle over a loss china. Who what the know monday. Come give hands on the wrong soup by this assault. And that's why am i not hannah who Eddie seeing amy contradictive. Give in this. I'm longer equality with the mugging manala. Generoso yeah tack and that carlo around how to smuggle him he's again. You might have to be says. I did that. Even more the audio on the end up on the minimum and got concrete union nonunion then slightly to be land. You can't halley to the sharia support to our of the monica than the people that it's not my team that i hit if the if the Melinda getting beat up on what are like what my indian too young yet only so that that akita myself I could get a good teased. Some of them wouldn't be booth and that's a deal be let it be assets i'm barrels and ecotank ammonium what it would ever been in the half an hour then. Benzinga lost my knee. Indiana's nathan peterman but kanye ocoee utah days while awhile borrow. It doesn't handy loyalty. Tests in lock down and twa elsewhere them online combat about canada. Some one must have say two point. Funding bison mackey daily bizarre but invest by. How did you get the mumbai. All benji at vincic kanawha. Kobe can get is our plan. sherry at belichick. Landscape amara was hip. Look at the kind of bikita edina. So i don't mean young. It'd up implying an opinion harris local sensitivity minute respond to the sensitivity. Money too soon be summarized it to the ma you get the young and yeah windchill laco particular. The asset spun dipoto body. And you can a How young senate. On mikey's yeah people young caricatures. I was just minutes by monroe carmen for you but how hansi for nicotine open hearts. Then they'll be decided he also led to be as scott menial slam. May you said the pool on someone would only be thing. I d thirty gera- another had these syria could wait and then beginning but then to macedo by panama maxima gone walk through young. Say the looseness blankita then magana in and up at can certificate chemistry with the chara gallini see like number coming the column commentary to the fan page radio radio. Facebook north congress. Meeting factory format could take Handier can we didn't end up by could pick no no mollenkopf and are fully squad that than the tango and that but at the out by a judge colleen getting tanya tonya the call Comment that newton's theory he can good good down get critical. I think thinking kitamura cry. Get back get the denial. You might get that down wooden donan put me and my knee is martin. Who what. Dan columbia man. How any other. How at those walking stay in tunisia will be reporter at the only in the coma coma to follow up Smarter animated mikey. The way of course is he thought way. And because we've been yeah. What on the miami monkey that. It took too young mice yet. Taloqan depended how young how young muga. Y- w beata anticipates west by that. But i m malaika keep him. But i guess at loss who hustler down and given then if we only have when it got how how ecolo edessa. So as to how the only got the young woman leading mak- masan. Yeah that's knee to. Us elliott america holly to Because he is john callahan callahan. Get him into the guy who can somebody. You cut the manila similar. But also how about you. But i at the cow. I sorta neva westbound nate. Anything yet never happened to our guard at the most. I'm jack movie that you saw last would have had up on monday. Because i think yep he. Dan download westbound marcon monkey. The monkey mind. If i don't keep bill that step when they see the becomes lampe. Monica young suicide. It must be seek up. These were more not a lawsuit to advance. You need to keep that. They'll be honest and the yankees candies art and yellen say that's what the answer then yet cigarette combined even Somebody can eating mp daquan. dc young bloom. Yeah komo seattle normal. Somebody get commodity but he by somebody you affect than positives up. When the amicus upper the poodle was unhappy holy days the atlanta market same with the ending and now at to smack in canal. Also want what. I'll mcginn than against the upkeep mentioned harrison kit with a few is that near get to mongo along with the end can get that we can dollar you got in the looney. I got i running. Need what it extreme howling graphic monari jin sold unprepared Dunia dominates middle than the harris Who what atlanta At the charter. That supermarket tab. A pair of becoming joe hit manila. Jim bat but added new. Nieto's that You know fighting young filing young volume brecon asari. What does not get that but to muhammad me dan mullen we hacky cut underneath us and then be kind of acura to who albacore. We're going to occupy to. There's one that i hear. That will be paid and cal jairo to be baked. And they'll be out of here about this auto medium brow than yamaha aniela ganja beaupre akron. Jerick is what we will be with that. I was trying to me that we can get them. But if you can hear that be would be for car lobby by the end. Up in the camden lens begin. Nike that big on anybody canal. Monday and how can keep it. That who do. I am not lost on the island the country would have yet that would then cananea tau hockey then could do near swing eddy map out like this then young jerry garcia onion when Pong also to come by being Getting enough scions you up. Mark on our company in china. Who what would the Our hiding and daniel day to i n had young dominica dimona lespinasse. Who at the and people in new needs linking. What oh god new neon yeah when my head above water land and then spent an nba chatty and it. Love them. make the steeler zoo. Who take had this team back. Chinbanchon our who. What are now martinez. Who young department can secure that by it. Because it's behind me at the zoo. Who get because ambulant. Yeah would but Keep them answer all around Monk canopic indians. Or i'm here can but yeah and given would be mullets american coupon demanding out of the yet the mumbo c-can many copy dunia do deebo depending on it needs to be up on the head depending under the saying Near the memorial. It say that the mommy with fool hockey do junius between yes but the app so you can call upon the eminent but candidates la lapan risky gonna be rec- yellow was it sensible gates are unknown to the and the thing that luna our going to seeing an idea that ito or hockey need to address. 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