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to the television streaming. Hey guys so. Ellison can't join us today unfortunately because she's got some construction happening in her building. That would drive me batty on a day when I wasn't stuck inside so strength. Positive thoughts to allison but we're GONNA divine dividend here with two of Lucifer season once this is Lucifer. Stay Good Devil Obviously yesterday I was way more on board with the pilot than you or Alison were but you guys were still like tentative like it's fine right. That's the gist. I was getting that accurate. Yeah that's accurate. Yeah okay so second episodes right tend to be the pilot again the pilot take to like yes once more for those who missed the first week and we hope they're gonNA hang out and come back so Did this fall into that pattern for you. And if so how did it like fit? Was it a good second pilot or was it? A you know those tend to be really irritating For me at least us. Where did you fall with this one? I think it is very much as second pilot. But it's a slightly better second pilot I think if only because it's hey we get Jeremy Davies look we got Jimmy Davies for a second pilot. Everyone and I think that's always going to be a good thing. Even though he's also like enfold Dewey Crowe hair as well. The Yeah The do the Dewey Crows. Strong there But it's it's good. I think for me one of things that kind of elevates this low past its pilot is that gives you gives maze a little bit more to do. There's a little more agency slightly in her whole. Why aren't you being more like the devil type of thing of? She gets to do something to prove that this is kind of why she left To Joe go in this really long vacation and so I really like that. That is sort of the thing that's happening in this episode and it kind of pushes it a little bit. Further than the pilot does while stole really reinforcing. The whole we need you to go back to hell because things are getting really bad in our theological celestial plains sort of deal and then everything else of trying to sort out what happened. I actually think this is a stronger. Sort of who done it. Sort of thing procedural type case than the first episode is so. I think it's a better first second pilot them. A Lotta shows him to do fair. Enough the The casting of Jimmy Davis like you said like when I was first watching those like okay. People at the show know what they're doing. Then that's a good sign and I appreciated that. It wasn't the twitchy performance. I have come to expect from him that he gets cast to do a lot of the Times. So it's like there's elements of a very you know Jeremy Davies Kinda thing going on but it's not as elevated as I feel like that has really Jeremy Davies Standard performance like saying that people cast him to do he's capable of much more but the thing that people cast into do his boil down over time increasingly concentrated so much that when I think back to his character on lost I'm like Oh that was a totally different performance. I Miss Getting to see him do different performances. It's been too long. But so so yeah. I enjoyed him here. I think he really works in this sad sack role but I think that the what this was a little confusing for me about. It was just watching this. If I didn't know everything that's going to come next. I feel like the amount of like how Lucifer's powers work are a little more confusing after this episode. Yeah I can see that Do you mean specifically like in his whole sightly intense. Stare thing that triggers the question that he does here or is there something else specifically that you feel is a little is a little squishy than it is on the pilot will. I don't think the Dung Beetle is one of the complicated ones. Talks about like complicated. People are harder to framed work as module on. I don't feel like he's a complicated one and yet he's able to resist and not follow through on Lucifer's questionings about what he desires. Basically as the plot warrants. And that's not a good thing to be doing your second episode. I do think that's fair. I do think that there is also degrees in which the fat man's mental staters are decidedly. Sort of uncultured off kilter. I should say in that. He's racked twice supreme amounts of guilt He has overwhelming senses responsibility for this other. Paparazzi paper also that I think influences how he behaves that being said the intensity of those emotions in the intensities of that Middle State. Don't come through enough even with Jeremy Davies performance. Which I think is like you said steps away from the very distilled sort of concentrated Jeremy Davies stuff that we get is a little more aken. I think comparing two loss is a good is a is a good comparison so I think that's where they have to rely on Davies performance to get them through to that to make that believable but the writing I agree. Just it's not there in terms of justifying that does not mean to do that. Well my time line is full on. Twitter is full of people lot full but there are several people in which you know for me means people that are watching justify for the first time during all of this while they shelter in place. And it's just been so delightful for me like this is what we were talking about. Wait till you get to decoy But the enemy so if I had a little happy happy thought heavy. Tv thought there So with Davies. Bit quite a bit and I mean I think he's funny is a good foil. It's a different very different energy from everything happening. In the first episode ride the the Baddies Interacting with. This is a very different kind of thing. And that's a good change of pace right away Let's talk about the other Russia though because I don't know the name of the actor I don't have enough in front of me. Unfortunately I should make sure I get To be up tomorrow but he's creepy. Good Job Dude. You're very creepy. Did that care to work for some. I've seen this now like this limited time watching it and I had not connected the first few times I watched that he was actively causing all of these things like murdering people and everything and so when I was watching the shows like Oh yeah that really does shift things quite a bit in that final showdown. Yeah so I for me. I really worked. Who's really super creepy? No he doesn't really work and what I actually really appreciate about. That is that partner had just watched night crawler the whole movie which is basically this episode stretched out for an hour and a half two hours in which Jillian Hall increasingly staging events to be the first on the scene as a stringer her local news thing and this is basically the same sort of plot line and while this actor doesn't have that same kind of weird Jill Hall Energy It's still very much in that vein of your unsettling and the fact that the whole like the bald faced. No it's just I there's nothing else. There's not even that like other poor Who just wants to win a Pulitzer for carvings? Also sweet baby. That's not going to happen but that that that this is it this is his baseline is really horrifying. In a way that some of the other sort of desire prods are so I think it's also like a much better sort of case of the week antagonised Though that does lead to like last week case the weekend tag and his two shows up at the tail end of this episode and I have questions about why he's in a super villain prison so by his wife he suddenly Hannibal Lecter Cell as opposed to literally any other type of cell. I'm I'm sheltering plays with my parents Which means several things first of all it means to be tech support. Which I I worked export in college so I have some background in that but still it's not fun so that that's one significant part of my day but also means that some of these days. I'M GONNA be watching these episodes with my parents and my I was watching this with my mom and she was like. I don't think cops talk. That way has like also they don't Walker wander around with the devil so that doesn't happen either and that sort of I feel about that ending where you know. Yeah you're totally right. It's a Hannibal Lecter style like. This is way too big of a room at weights. There's absolutely no need for this in the center of the room. This doesn't make any sense. Which is the room that this kind of show stinks? People are put in for observation at a psychiatric facility. Which or just like. It's what they had lying around from. Its says they could use or something which but it should. It is so ridiculous and funny to me as I'm watching. It completely separated from the context of what's happening in the episode. Yeah so I was. I was like why are over because we need to watch him. Hit his head against the wall so clear so again. It's one of those episodes you. I'm like okay. We're just going with it. We're just like yeah. We're we're cool with this is fine. That's GONNA be stupid. Don't pay attention to that part of it and for me. It's really fine but yeah it is. It is absolutely ridiculous that he's in that kind of a cell like it would be much less fun much less striking if he was in an actual leg room or cell he would be in for observation. So that's why we're doing it this way and I'm perfectly okay with that. I mean I understand that. He shot off a police officer in. Ostensibly shot civilian six times in his perfectly safe. But it it's just a little extreme in the whole he. I know he's a record producer a Hollywood. So there's already at like a couple of strikes against the guy but this just seemed it just seemed a little bit extreme What did you think about the subplot? Regarding our decker and her daughter and the the back and forth her reemergence into into the public sphere for one of a better word And her daughter's reaction to it's not even an hd mom it was so great well in your thought that they played it really. Well right right off the bat in the second episode. Already I can appreciate the performance from From the actress who plays Khloe And it's such a straightforward like it's really a thankless kind of role right now and it's going to grow and get get more to do but like at this point is she's just there to be no nonsense and pretty straight laced and and so. I think that she's actually a really good job with that kind of a role And we're starting to a little bit of personality in those scenes. I like I really by that. That like drama for her and personal like Oh. Don't tell my daughter that I was at least half naked in a stupid movie. But she's GonNa And the way that they just undercut that by the end I thought was just absolutely the right way to go. It was Super Fun again. Trixie can stay. She's so adorable and charming. She's got her her dot her doll. Who is was it a Ballerina by day and a Ninja chemists by night and yes. I mean like it's delightful All anything Khloe in her daughter. I'm on board with. Yeah no I think I think it also really works well in the kind of obviously she's already watched it type of Even though it's it's a little unclear to me how old she is old enough to have lost both front teeth. The actor just seems so Siemian. Time me that I'm under. I think I'm underestimating. How dot characters supposed to be which is fair but I think that the whole kind of you know. My favorite part was the one where you just kept barking all over the place. It's just this is very sweet and it's good it's a Like it's both a honest kid response but it's also one of those empathetic kid. Tv Kid responses of no. I'M GONNA like shift this a little bit for my parents that they feel better about celebrity. Seen this because I have entered the timing performance level. Her timing was very good. It was like you cute and then establish fine and you're like a very good little kid performance and beat. That mullet really worked well but I think also yes it is a TV kid thing where they like somehow understand deeper level what their mom needs right now because it's better for the plot but also like the things that kids latch onto in their media. Some kids will latch onto the things. You're worried about them. Watching onto one hundred percent and some kids will not even notice that because they're too busy thinking about all these other things that from your lenses an adulterer as a parent or something else. You're not focused on and there's like but did you see how cool those gumdrops were in the packer. And they're so pretty. I want gumdrops now or you know. Fill in the blank so for me that actually that actually really worked. Yeah Yeah Yeah No. I think it's completely really good and the other thing I appreciate about that is that it sets up. I guess deckers mom to reemerge at some point. Is She still alive? I it's unclear yet. They haven't said either. Will you know they she? He does say lose process. You'll have to introduce me Sometime Ryan. And she says no to gas so she's alive. It's for dad's dead though because they make that very clear in this up so yes Okay yes the dead. That's dead so I want to circle back around to me 'cause you mentioned her already and I do think we get a lot more time with your here but While she's fun she's definitely fun. I don't feel like I'm curious. What sense you get got of her in this. Like how would you describe? Maze at this point will and that sorta thing is like a lot of what she does in. This episode is feels really driven to get to that final scene with the with the guns and everything And then to have DB Woodside's character a man amenity. He'll he'll men Deal amenity okay. I can remember that up until tomorrow. that I think our actions are like rooted in a like an overwhelming kind of sense of loyalty or like curse loyalty to Lucifer but also just an overwhelming sense of frustration that he's becoming soft he's human and that sort of like the only sense that we can she's like a disgruntled employee. Yes yes I think that. I think that's super accurate But one that very much wants her manager sue succeed. I'm not mad. I'm disappointed right which is basically been here in Washington Jay. Inslee shut down the state Yesterday but I I. I think that's sort of where I fall is that she's frustrated. She's annoyed but she's also like clinging to any sort of indication that he's going to be Lucifer Morningstar that she remembers that she followed out of hell into Los Angeles Whole other kinds of hell to be to like live the rest of eternity Sorrento Lewis Either WAY SO. I think it's better defined a little bit like Burger whole vibe but it stole just that is her whole vibe at this point and that's really frustrating actually like turned to my partner and I was just like someone does may get really interesting because I feel like like that needs to happen and she just kinda kept scrolling through episodes and going. I'm not sure win. That happens and I just went. That's not a great sign. I'm guessing like next season. 'cause this is only thirteen and they're going to be really focused on certain things. I think but I'm ready for that too. I'm ready for me to kind of already. Take a leap. I feel like maize is a mood. More than anything and anybody. Who's here in the zoom right now to go over to the chat and give your thoughts if you've already seen Lucifer. If you're new to it what how you feel about as but for me because if I had to think of like what's amazed episode. There's one that's a standalone that we get eventually. That is very much just on her and she does get more plots and more like meaty more substantive things to do as the season already in season one. But it's like if I had to pinpoint. Oh this is a this is where the character I don't feel like does I feel like she just sort of develops and as you spend more time with her like they just like. Give the actor and the the writers give her a little more shading as it goes. It's mostly she's just like you know we're talking about yesterday like a tone like mood and and a like a that just kind of a vibe more than anything else. And she's definitely a character who gets one two scenes in episode for Awhile and they wisely do not over explain or overuse her right away but that you know if you want more definition if you want more from her. That can get frustrating. Yeah I mean I can see that being issue as but this season on but if you're pressing me that this takes a little while then I'm I'm better Albie just I'll be able to Compartmentalized that whole thing. What speaking of these characters at that were still struggling to get a sense of? How are YOU WITH AMENITIES? Will Dr Dr Linda. So far I mean built. Don't get like a lot to do here. Amena deal is still very stole. Basically singing the same song. He was singing in the pilot So it's just like okay like feel really repetitive. To me The Linda stuff at least still feels very much again like the pilot in terms of she suddenly has an insight that like Lucifer brushes often than goes. No you were right But I think the big thing about Dr Linda that I really appreciate. The subset is nothing about her specifically but everything about the fact that she has a foldout couch in her office Because I feel like there's a lot to deal with. Is She just like staying in her office so much that she just got a pull out? Sofa for her office Or did she did? She ordered a new one after her first session with Lucifer. Just to streamline. The process worked for ME YELLOW DISHES. The strike me as the kind she strikes me as someone despite. Lucifer like what we know. The little we know about her right now You know in episode two but despite all that she tricked me as someone who has very clear boundaries between her professional life and personal life usually and so like she has office hours and then she goes home right. She's not like working all night and sleeping in her office and that's why she has to pull up at that doesn't it doesn't feel right for productive. Linda so far right so yeah. It's very much just for convenience sake and I like this idea that you're pitching like no. She was like well clearly. He's GonNa have to change here and ordered a new couch match your old couch that her other patients wouldn't know exactly or just just it just it got ruined some spilled coffee. This is why I have during the office. Rule clearly Marcus mentioned in in the chat. I think may starts to really shy when she starts interacting with one particular character later in the show. And exactly you're talking about an I wholeheartedly agree And when those characters have a rift for a while I was I was very invested in that There are two people that listeners who the show might think I'm talking about but I think we all know guys you know who I'm talking about and it's not the season for thing. It's the season three thing. This is when trixie and maze like really. Start to bond over maze. Just repeatedly babysitting her. Spoilers is what happens to guess again. One yet mays does does hang out with trixie quite a bit and it's delightful So no telling guys nobody else because she doesn't know that she's not here yet. Did you actually get it or did you person tell you know? I actually just guessed that right now. Yeah so good as you would expect what about. We haven't big showdown at the end. I feel like we need to touch on that I really liked the The the way that Lucifer works his way out of it and the fact that he just like. Let's call up a deal just to with them and also because it will solve this problem The characterization of him is so on point like already in to the fact that you like calls managerial which freezes time so he can put the bullet that tells us that he's smart and he's creative and that also and then he flexible and goes over and kicks the guy nuts because he's also that kind of person he's GonNa take a shot when he can why not I think that whole scene builds really nicely does a good job of showing us who are protagonist is does and I think that the whole end but it also kind of tells us a little bit about mazes while in that she she didn't load the guns and just like let's find out what happens on this very sort of like chaotic neutral. Ish Sort of approach to things I think works in their saver but I do think that Lucifer's whole deal of getting out of that situation. Works really really well But you mentioned sort of like a little bit about it tells us a little bit about like how I wanted to purchase things and that was something. I actually wanted to bring up a little bit in disclosing minutes. Is They mentioned that far? Be It from him. He was her something along far from me to question. Someone's moral judgment but I think that it's a very weird statement. Because he has a very men gene sort of were the view of who he is a good evil black white sort of a deal. And I'm really curious how much that gets starts getting fuzzy going forward if it starts getting fuzzy Because be tested style. It's really clear Type of deal about this kind of stuff and I've just when they mentioned that when he says I'm just like no. You're actually a really kind of clean cut moralist in a lot of ways and you have a very clear sort of moral path. That's even exemplified very getting into this cold open. That does I think a better job than the police opened does to a certain degree of where his compasses. So I'm actually curious to see if that sorts getting fuzzy as he becomes more human since. This is a concern. May's book sort of are expressing about him. You can provide a little hint. It's fine I think the show knows. It's I think this show knows where it's morality lies and it knows its themes already and some of that might be because it's based on you know graphic novel and a pre existing character. I have not read any of them. I don't know how accurate it is to any of that and guess I've heard it's very different from He. The I think the extent of is that he does leave and goes on vacation but in the book Sandman basically has to start deciding who goes to hell which is not something that I think that character is necessarily to do. Yeah okay But the you know. There's there's things that they are touching on here that are just core to Lucifer is like his thing. I Hate Liars. I hate people because he doesn't generally doesn't pass judgment on people's choices A long as they're not hurt people so he's like you do that's fine. He's clearly very okay with drugs and any kind of consensual sex in any kind of just things that people people might WanNa make But he doesn't he can't stand can't tolerate people lying about it and that seems like it's also part of what's really connected to his power his his like his superpower if you will of pulling people's desires out of them because he wants he has this connection to what do you desire. Stop lying to yourself. We clear like understand yourself and make your decisions and go from there And like understand who you are so in a certain way he would appreciate the villain in this episode quite a bit. He's who's very clear about what he is He doesn't listen okay with him. Running around killing people but But that clarity of Of Self is something that is important. I think is important to Lucifer. Which makes his own journey toward for that towards that and working on that very interesting and yeah I will. I will leave it there. Because he's also for someone who doesn't like lying and doesn't he prides himself in never lying if you parse his words he doesn't technically Li- like ever. He's very very good at lying to himself and he does it all the time. But that's always really different. Yeah so that's really doesn't count different thing You enjoyed the preacher. Then that opening bit yeah I did I thought it was really solid. I liked him more than the police. The police the police went. Yeah and it's a good like like we were saying second pilot like Redo it but in a different way kind of right. Yeah Yeah do you. Are you worried that their overusing devil face right like his flashing of his actual? No No. I think it's I think that if you're gonNA spend that amount of money either on the prospects or on that affect you should use it our feel about that. Okay well does anybody. Who's in the chat room? Have any questions things he wants to touch on while you're typing Person who walked past announced the kids enjoy the arms. That was very wet. Yeah wanted corrected me via tax message. That Sandman doesn't decide who goes to help. He decided to help goes to sleep so he has decide which the deities takes over. Hell thank you very good well and showed US eventually get into is what is how it takes a while which. I think it's smart. Don't even get that right away but they do eventually get into. What is Helen? How does it feel and what is like? How does it work? And it's murky. There should like knocked when they will when they given the give answers and but then the answers that they give work in our satisfying and everything. But then don't necessarily align with some of the things they've said previously about certain characters so like it's it's interesting you know but they in we'll talk about when you get there but for now. I think we should wrap up our conversation here about episode two tomorrow. We're going back to talk about episode three. Which is this when I did pull up. Everybody would be. Prince of darkness is episode episode. Three here and yeah. It's IT'S A it's another from one. I think I mean I like all of these. I enjoy all of these. So we'll we'll see whatever they say so thank you to everybody who's dying. Marcus we've SP SP sports and then Tanya and woodrow so thank you all for coming good glad to see a friend of the show. Sp Sports. I should say. 'cause you've been on. We had a fun time talking. Okay we'RE GONNA call up for today and we'll be back tomorrow for more streaming and place by guys.

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