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You are listening to gangland wire hosted by former Kansas City police intelligence unit detective Gary. Welcome all you are to present their. I'm here in Gangland Wire Studio. We've got our good friend. And a researcher and go host camellias Robinson on this guideline and and we are going to talk about the Irishman. The Irishman is the biggest topic. Going right now cam. Am and it's got millions and millions on on Netflix. Salva good movie. I'll say that a little bit long but we're going to discuss before we start this now. Don't forget he hit me up for a buck or two to buy me a cup of coffee or a shot and a beer. I've I've gotten a few shots and the beer here. I've gotten a few shots and beers here lately so keep it going Ted Beckett. Thanks a lot I really appreciate it. I see that this guy is a real mob fan. He's from the Moines Iowa West des Moines Iowa. He once was in New York. When the last Gotti trial was in play going and he watched Samudra von testify for two days? Now that would be quite a field trip with damn. I'm not there if you're going to see something. So this dude is he even was in Kansas City wants and he just didn't like follow those around it was just a happenstance and one of our local mob under lades Willie Com Asano. Junior senior was here on trial. And I can't much what that trial was 'cause they said Benny Binion casino owner from Las Vegas Happen to testify while he was there so I think I think it was probably Willie junior used to go out and gamble in Las Vegas on golf. Games is a pretty good golfer and I'll bet it. It was something to do with that but I can't really remember what the deal was. So that he he is a real mob fan. Let's see who else we got here. We got we got John Disown. Oh He's from. Kansas City made a nice donation. I just put Put some Rewards in the mail for him today. John so you probably had those time I am. I got him Ellen Myers here. She just made a nice donation center. A movie got Ryan Stevens Again Ryan. Stevens is a is a repeat offender here lately. Think he's buying Christmas presents. What he's doing with his I had several those you know I did the film festival and and a lot of people were buying extra copies of brothers against brothers. Because it's a it's a nice time to have a sum up for sale for Christmas. Mussa answering it so and you're getting a lot of hits on lay on Amazon prime since up there on prime now folks. I'd rather rent it for nine ninety nine. I don't get much off that prime thing. They Kinda Kinda raked me over the coals on that but it goes just do whatever you can and and watch the movie. Because I think it's a good movie and I've had I'm getting a lot of time. I look at seven five star reviews. That was several days ago. You Know Cam here's I can't I have to stay away from that because all of a sudden I'll start looking for another review every five minutes trying to find out how many people are doing some every two or three minutes drivers crazy so I just I just intentionally don't even look at it and probably have a few more reviews by now. I hope because it is I just. I don't know that everybody's told me. They liked the movie as well. It's exciting it was exciting me in a room full of people watching your movie and it was it was. It was a hell of a good thing I enjoyed. I enjoyed getting to watch it. Come together the other was elvin effort. You know small part of that ever helped me with that script because it's a need those skills I'm not the greatest Roger in the world so Camp helped me a lot and he came up with a couple of Nice little tidbits like When you set out to kill one brother bear be ready to kill them? All and picks of Allah was more Machiavelli than Mussalini. That's gold saint great came. I really appreciate your your help with that. So we're we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk. We're kind of. We're probably a lot of speculation. You guys know me well enough my now you know Cam. We're not big on speculation. But you know. There's all movie movie the Irishman. You know it was. It was a whole lot of speculation that I read that and it was really well written. I will say that it was in Gary. Remember when it came out it was my wife was working at Barnes and noble and I would go see her at work and I would. I would sit there. Read it when it first came out. I didn't know what the hell that meant paint houses. This is apparently not too many other people did. I never heard that before either. I don't know maybe it's Detroit Day or teamsters thing I don't know the camps cracking himself up go to start laughing and take a break there. you know I guess he I was like you know what got me not really remember exactly from the book I should but he was kind of like the forrest. Gump of the Mafia and the nineteen sixties and Seventies. Anytime something big to be their way. I can put up with a lot of that but he did know Hoffa. There's no doubt about that. He was a teamster he did know. Russell Bufalino a low side story on Russell. Bufalino had a prison guard in here from Leavenworth the other day in in prison there for awhile and he when he'd come to the commissary this guy was working around there and he said one time Linda was with with some of his underlings in protectors. He said he's just like in in the movies. There needs older guys are in prison. They've got some younger guys around all the time to make sure nobody it messes with them and and he and his little entourage were down there and he said Mr Bufalino said what did you do with Hoffa's body and this was before or the several years ago. What did you do with the HOFFA's body because it was always suspected he had a piece of it and one of the other guys he just got ignored him and gave him one? Look and one of the other guys that you can't talk to Mr Bufalino like that. Britain guards go inside story on A Russell Move Lido and and Jimmy Hoffa and a and that kind of thing so I don't know what what jumped out at you. The one thing that Gaga Guy Really done a lot on Chicago a lot on Allen Dorfman because involved in the scam that would jump. Data may what what jumped out at you. You mean delivering in the book a delivered the rivals to Lee Harvey Oswald. which I think was kind of strange because we know where those rifles came from? Ah Track that through the mailman right. I think he delivered. He delivered weapons for the Bay of pigs which was kind of a stretch They in the movie he drives to Chicago on. HOFFA's orders to go help a character. Who is Joey? GLIMP- go push taxicabs into the river. Now Chicago in the would have been in the fifties and sixties add quite a few guys who are more than capable all of pushing taxicabs into the river and blowing them up. I don't know if they would need to bring in some random Irish guy from from pencil from from Philadelphia Elvia to help them as much as muscle in Chicago. I thought that was kind of I. Don't know why they need to import a guy. Just because Hoffa wanted him to Joey Glinka was was a hell of a powerful guy he was. We don't see him much but Joey Glencoe ran the Labor in Chicago he was. He spoke pretty much for the outfit if it and he was their Labor Capito it just kind of odd. They would just ship in a guy for muscle in Chicago at the time in Chicago. That again that Allen dormant the thing I mean I know they did. Somebody did send him a message. Back semi did send him a message but a main he was he. He was a teamster but he was like right. Next to join Lombardo and it would have been Chicago Chicago they would not have farmed that out to some random teamster sir dude like that they they would only ones. That would have done that. Somebody else that had done it for some other reason they would have wanted to know why and and had approve of it and they still wouldn't probably would not allow him. Even if Hoffa said you know you need to scared this guy or toni pro or somebody said you know you need to scare this guy. A little bit etan shaky up but they would have done it themselves. Yeah they they wouldn't have vast some some mob boss from northeastern Pennsylvania They can send a guy from Philadelphia to help them out. The the Joey Gallo hit kind of bothered me. There's enough details details known on Joey Gallo and a COP named Joe Coffey. WHO's on a lot of the mob shows? They were pretty sure who did the Joey Gallo hit when Joey Gallo and his wife and everybody went out they. They really had seen Don rickles that night. That was that was true in the movie as far as whether or not he ran into. Russell Bufalino and Frank Sheeran and that night. I can't say they did go out looking for Italian food. They did not go out looking for Umberto's that was the ended up at Umberto's around five. Am there was the third restaurant they had tried to go to. Every other place was closed and Umberto's was opened late it was also co owned by family members Of matty the Horse Nello. Who was Genovese Guy I think and when gala walked in at five? Am with his with his family and his girlfriend and his bodyguard. Pete the Greek they walked in and there was a guy outside Lucarelli. Who is a little hanger onto the Colombo's and he was trying to make his way in and Lucarelli saw him and he was standing outside? You know joking and smoking like you say with With matty the horse who was a cameo and they see they see Joey Gallo walk in. Joey Gallon and see them so they call up. Yucca Valley who is the was one of the the boss. He was a high up in the Colombo's asked for permission. And he sent a bunch of guys over there and per joy. Gallows wife a bunch of little Italian guys. When I'm Balding Shot Joe Joey Gallo? It wasn't a big six foot. Four three hundred pound Irishman woman. It was a bunch of little Italian guys but I've read other accounts. There was a there was a book I read recently about a guy who said Yeah I ran into Joey Gallo one night and he said Oh. It's my birthday. Come with me to go out to Umberto's we're going to go get some clams in a turn. It's a good thing I didn't go because that was an anti-god killed so this this this notion that if you were in the underworld there's a bunch of guys who are on the fringes of the underworld who claimed to have met with Joey. Gallo in the periphery of his death. Or I saw I am that day right before he died. And it's a good thing I didn't hang out with them. Whenever there's a big event like that you're GonNa have guys trying to make a name for themselves? WHO said I was was right there? I was right there man. It's I was man if I if I if I had my gun with me or if I had been a little closer so there's always guys who after the factoring during the come in and claim some kind of you know the whole. It's a pissing contest right gary. I mean we've been from lines you've been frontlines with these guys. They're going to claim every I mean I mean there's nineteen guys who claim the HOFFA hidden that. That's just how it is they. Everybody wants to be the man everybody wants to have get that reputation learn least half some even like policeman will do the same thing there some deal with down and and everybody that drove by you know a few years later it'd be like they were there but all all they did was drive by on duty that night. So it's it's gotta deal. Everybody wants a connection to it or even like and and I'm not being derogatory about mom fans is but I get so many people get hold of me and Gumy about all these connections they have the family and related to them or their this or that but but the facts are all wrong so people will want to grab some kind of connection to any kind of those events so Yeah so so. That's just how it is and a real guys. You know those that do don't top. Yeah yeah that's yeah everybody wants connected. Yeah except the guys who actually did get it. They don't they don't want to say Shit and Gallo had trouble. That had nothing to do with the teamsters are with you know Bufalino and and and you know I mean he had he had internal trouble there with the Colombo's in in you know they just don't you know it just doesn't make sense dance. David get a guy like that to do it. What's interesting is he was also starting his own as sort of a slap to Joe Colombo? WHO had problems with? He was starting earning his own Italian American movement. I can't remember the name that I could. I could find it but so as as kind of just stick ended in the ribs of Joe Colombo Joe Colombo had the Italian American Civil Rights League. Joey Gallo had his own Italian American rights. Italian Americans of America Eric or something like that in the movie you see that Bufalino was upset because what Joey Gallo did was disrespectful to somebody helping American Italian the Americans or something like that and really joy gala went after Colombo for a different reason but he had his own pro Italian American. Just as a little little you know. Just a little shot at Colombo. But he was doing his own for the benefit of Italian Americans. Besides you know being a mobster turned making Italian. Americans look like shit to begin with but they don't do this stuff unless it's about money. The whole Italian American civil in writing was a total scam. It was a total scam. They were just pocketing all the money things about money. Yeah that and it collapsed after Colombo because his guys didn't want to run the scam after that they were pocketing. All the money they were you had to put one of these stickers in your window and basically a protection racket Italian business. It didn't didn't have the sticker in your window. Your windows get broken slick with anything. Yeah exactly I like you said it was an interesting interesting book. It was a good movie it did get a little long in the two. Sometimes my wife and I liked it. I've seen it a couple times because obviously I didn't like that stuff I wouldn't wouldn't be the Helping you out. But I don't know how much credence we can put into Sheeran's claims like you said he was kind of kind of the poorest forrest Gump of the mob. He he he got got hoffa. You've got Let let's go in order you've got you've got the RB Oswald's rifle you got the Bay of Pigs you've got Joey Gallo and you've got Jimmy Hoffa loser and Allen Dorfman in there too so I mean these are these are five major major events that sheer and he just rocked the underworld all at the orders of Russell. Bufalino who wants an important guy from lacking I don't know that he had that kind of pull and I don't know why everybody would come to him with all that it's macy's they are entity unto themselves. I have never ever. You've studied Chicago as much or more than I have. Have you ever heard of any outside mobster outside crime family having much no with Chicago now they know they they they do their own around the teamsters everybody has their own little partnerships but even even in that. They're all kind of fighting when there was some debate Kansas. The city pulled for Roy Williams and there was some fight about that and then Cleveland was pulling for Jackie Presser and there was fight about that. Chicago had their own guy in Detroit had Hoffa for a while until there was fight about that and then they had so. It's not like the they were all getting along route. The teamsters even even the mobs fighting amongst themselves the idea that they were just is friendly group of guys who you send me your guys I mean even within internal mobs. They're all fighting with each other so they're not just farming coming out jobs to random guy because this when you know cooperates with this one. The Chicago had plenty of muscle. And if they didn't you've got plenty twenty of local guys who can who can do the job really and you know they all had a vested interest in getting rid of off at the end though if you think this was. This was during the height of the Casino skimming the Casino Investment Scam. And somebody will leave. I know teamsters swear that those are all good investments. They'll get their money back but you know it was Kansas City had Roy Williams Cleveland had Jackie Presser Chicago had Allen Dorfman and Milwaukee had a guy named frank raining and together they could control the the pension fund that rather international Brotherhood hood of teamsters pension fund which was a Billion Dollar Bank for these guys and they could get loans and I've been part of a pension fund On the board. The board remembers decide. They want to make a loan or make an investment. They can just do it. There's really no governmental oversight. It's a it's a private deal unless it was on the board and he was on the board so so but Hoffa went off and wanted to get back in to run the union. He was a wild wildcard and they didn't get control all other guys Frank Fitzsimmons he. He was a big on van due to want to go play golf. And that's all he wanted and Roy Williams you know they. They had him waiting in the wings because they could control Roy Williams easily he was easily easily controlled by next Avella and Jackie Presser. They thought they had him under control. Now he was a top echelon informant all along but but yeah but his dad was run by Cleveland and they had generations of of running the pressures so who had controlled often. Nobody had control the offer. No Detroit lost it and I think that was the ultimate mistake. Bobby Kennedy made is he thought you lock up Hoffa and clean up the teamsters and really. The opposite was true if Hoffa had been left to his own devices while he was crooked guy he was also the only thing in the the teamsters it was keeping the mob in check at all. You know once once you release Hoffa you've got guys like Dorfman and even even presser was signing the checks and Dorfman and Fitzgerald. It's Gerald. I mean that was just hundreds of millions of dollars Center Vegas for these loans you know and even out of Boston. You had a guy named McCarthy. I can't remember Billy McCarthy. Maybe and he was he was tight with with all the groups up there so like I mean you've got everybody toady pro on the board. I'm Hoffa was the only guy who is trained rain rain at all and I'm not singing. His praises we all know how corrupt he could be. But that was a real. The mob didn't kill him because he was on their side. You they were. They were also at that point. In time they had started in Atlantic City but unable to invest in casinos. They could only get into down the ancillary businesses. Because they really can't that board tight but you know it was just a matter of time before they got somebody in the casino when they Antoni Tony Pro and and Philly and They were in New York and New Jersey. They would've wanted that access to that teamsters. There's money to loan to their own casino Straw man and get a casino that they basically own it could get him started so it was. Just you know Hoffa was he was a flying the argument and you know they had that play at it and plus the other out west so everybody had a vested interest in keeping Hof out because he was so hard to control the. But it's Detroit's problem. I know how these guys work your point if it's up certain families problem if a certain person's his promise your problem like joins block throw. They told him out in Las Vegas after all the hole in the wall and Frank Glutton they got caught and there's things were kind of collapse in that in Las Vegas and they said you know Tony you got to you got to clean your laundry up out there. You got to watch your clothes out there. Some words of that effect and when Kuwata found doubt about that he knew it was Tony cleaned up some mess in Las Vegas. This like it would be. Kansas City's job to clean up some mess in Kansas City. And then Detroit Dob which makes sense that Was it Tony Jack. Jack Loney Jack was involved in this and and that's that's you know that's factual now I think this Frank Sheeran. He probably had an sources that he knows what happened. I think he just inserted himself in. Well I'm curious is what you think as as a layperson an historian and a guy. That's looked at them. All across the board about Heaven Jackie. O'Brien his adopted son. I've got A. I've got my own theory on that. But what what do you think you know. I I think Chucky O'Brien's stepson has been a guy named uh-huh Goldberg. He's A. He's a professor at Harvard. He's been writing a bunch of bunch of books and saying that he's not happy about this. Because it's retrying Huffy chucky. I'm Jackie O'Brien in the public. Mild Name Doc. They're trying they're retrying him in the public eye I it's hard to say always maintained his innocence and I think that it with as much as went into the investigation and the FBI. From everything. I've I've seen. They think that sell sell. Julio did it. And if chucky had any real part in I think the FBI would really come down on him instead of a few months for this that or the other and it ruin it definitely ruined junkies life and I don't know that I don't know that he was at the point where the mob would have involved in even even accidentally. I don't know that they would take that kind of a chance with a guy saying hey could you go pick up your your stepfather and bring him somewhere. I don't I don't know much about chucky except that I do. I do believe that the mob would not take that kind of a chance. Just like how BEF- Lino is driving to Detroit. We know that they were going to Detroit. But I don't think that the mob boss is high bufalino would allow himself to be an alibi in something like the Hoffa murder that close and I right and I just don't know that the mob would take such a risk because if chop chucky where to break and say well yeah I I talked to this guy who told me to go here and there and I mean it would just is be too easy to trace that back I think and they never did traces back through chucky. I think that the FBI had a little bit of a vague on their face about that whole thing thing and so they gave him a few months for for something. But you you'd probably know more about it than than an Ivan I don't I don't know chucky had much to do with it if anything I of course don't have any personal experience with With Jackie O'Brien it. Just there's no no history that I know of about like Jimmy Hoffa being an abusive father for example or Jackie. O'Brien being really jealous. And he feels like he's Getting what he should. I don't know of any history like that. He had to have you know. What kind of motive would he have? And I guess support you know and in in theory the market come to him and they could do came into doing that and saying. Hey you know we want you to pick up your dad you want you to drive this guy and pick up your pickup. Jimmy made this restaurant and take him over to for this meat and and then you need to go on then come back when we call you. Pick him up and then they never call him and he comes back but I no no it just a hell of a risk. Yeah that's a hell of a risk of they don't know whether Jacky Emmy Cheque's you know. Be huge emotional burden for him to bear. I mean it would just be unbearable. I would think that he would eventually crack or he'd he'd do self sabotaging behavior where he'd get himself in trouble and then talk. They're just a lot of different psychological reasons why that would be stupid to do that now. Now having said and all that they did need somebody he would put off with these. I would think often didn't turn up yesterday. That's that's true. I don't know whether that sow Bruno could put him at ease. Jackie O'Brien good. At putting my knees. He could have said they won't do anything to me because you know they got jockeys he's out. Here's a witness. He's not going in this house but he would. We don't want him. I don't want him going out there. And these companies now. I could see where that there's some some credence to that from that viewpoint. But it's a hell of a risk and it could be. I don't know that Hoffa would've trusted Tony. Johny Jack to that point I mean that would be awful awful foolish because you know in in in the movie we see. That doesn't really know Tony Jack. That well he just sort of and of course we know Tony. Jack was HOFFA's guy. He was the guy that sort of brought off into the mob tone. I mean Tony Jack was was was a really important guy in the movie. He sort of the proof character. who sort of hang hang onto Tony Zano? which was which is not true at all? They were related through marriage. But Tony. Only Jag maybe could get him to do that under the guys weren't GonNa make peace and we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have a sit down sit down. We're going to help you get back in now but we gotta talk talk about how this is GonNa Shake Tony. Jack was Tony. Jack was seen in the health the day of the murder. Tony Jack was at a health club. He was shaking hands with everybody. CEO usually he was kind of standoffish guy and he was shaking hands. And everybody. Hey how you doing. It's good to see us so everybody at this health club saw and shook hands with Tony Jack so again it goes so if Tony Jacklin there and Tony Pro was in was in New Jersey. Listen there's it's every there's every chance that that nobody knows about and it sure could be that the fracture did it but I mean they're they're guys is it Frank Sheeran was committing crimes back in the day. And these are recordings took place in the seventies where Frank Sheeran says on recording two guys that he was robbing with that he was committing crimes with he was like I wasn't even there until the thirty four. I wasn't even in Detroit for that wedding. Until the thirty first and these are guys that he was robbing with and likely wouldn't in and he was drunk when you're drunk and you're around you know your co criminals that's when guys start telling tales. He was if he was gonNA views going to say okay. Anything he he probably would have the F. B. I. Doesn't doesn't believe Sharon had anything to do with it now. Dan who was the big HOFFA researcher. He thinks Sheeran was involved solved. Somehow somebody got somebody got off into the car. If it was Chuckie O'Brien could have been really could have been the FBI around the nineteen ninety s started. Saying that. Chucky didn't have anything to do with it I do. I have read that and he would have trusted Sheeran Sheeran. That's true Sheeran until that book came out here. And always said he was not in Detroit at that time and then sharing said that Hoffa had written him a letter or something and thin and that turned out to be a fake. That Shirin had written himself. I know several publishers turned down because factually it just wasn't there. I know that he was supposed to go on dateline or sixty minutes and they they refuse to let him on because it just sounded like nonsense and I know that the FBI washed video-sharing confessing. They thought it was ridiculous. So I know that brand is was he was an interrogator and he said he interrogated Sheeran for months before shearing finally confessed to having done it now. Sharing is is in his eighties. He's got bad arthritis and a foot problem. You've got this writer sitting promising you a book deal and promising you that you can support your family that maybe you haven't done a good job for months and months and months telling you come on. Tell me come on. Tell me come on. Tell me maybe that would lead you to make a false confession. Maybe it wouldn't I don't know yeah or or laid yet to as you laid out the framework of how these book deals work and and how you know you mark that thing and and what would make it more marketable and make it really hit you know shared. He Bayer may not know this. But you and I know if you can have something like that on your cover you know. Kill Jimmy Hoffa gold man that that thing shoots and he ended up and then they end up with a movie deal so yeah Teheran and he would have seen that figured that out. And I'll say this there's been a bunch of evidence added in the denims that book. They've they've added twenty five thirty pages of evidence that proves these claims are true that the tobacco all the claims. The problem I have with that is when you set out to prove something is true and as law enforcement you can. You can probably speak to this when you get that kind of confirmation bias like you don't it's like with science scientists. Don't step out to prove theory. They try and test a theory. So if this if this Charles Brandt has publishers already believe something to be true. They're going to find every piece of evidence data or interview or anything that proves that it's true rather than trying to test to see if it's true in and you know I. I think you've probably seen a lot of guys who get caught up in that we. If you believe that somebody did something and you can go down there rabbit hole and you. Can you can overlook evidence to the contrary very because. You're you're focused on one guy that I've talked to other other guys who were law enforcement and they've seen guys go down that rabbit hole and I know that the FBI is done that kind of thing and and they've excluded other people. and Bobby Kennedy hated with Hoffa. He figured he went only for Hoffa and ignored the rest of the corruption and it turned out he was wrong long so I think that this Brandt has tried to focus on only sheeran and find evidence that only supports that Sharon did it in that confirmation on formation bias is probably gone into that book quite a bit. Oh yeah that's I used to notice that that when you had an idea on a case Who denic Kinda case and all of a sudden everything just seemed to be almost there but it led you on down on that path but it was almost there and it was almost there almost there? Then I'll send it in the end. It just fritters away but the ones that USOV and you're for sure you got the right person they like you know you don't have that little stream of things you all of a sudden. Have something something that you know you think. Yeah that's it. I know this is it. Then you may build around that but when it's just those little things that that come right after you think you know who did it That almo- almost but not quite they and their leader right down the path man. Dan that that's interesting. You'll never find the one that really locks it in now. That's interesting. What happens is sometimes somebody get a wrongful conviction because you you build up enough these little coincidences that you can get something going but You know when you got at the guy. There's no doubt about no doubt in your mind there is some smoking gun there that right that you know you just know you know. There's some kind of smoking okay gun and there is no smoking gun in. This was all supposition. That's a good phrase. Yeah you're that's a good. That's a good way to put it Gary. You're right so anyhow that's L it was. It was a good movie like you said I I to me. In my opinion I guess I told you guys. We're GONNA low speculation relationship. My opinion bit much better series Lack at four or five part series and and really go into Dorfman and and why what was was he doing the movie just glossed over him. We're not trying to do you know what was he doing. Why did they try to kill him? What's going on there the whole JFK thing Tang if they wanted to deal with that then they should have Yeah you know included Carlos Marcello in there and then Travel Kante and and some of the the other things hangs and getting guns for the Bay of Pigs for the Cubans. There's you know a whole bunch of different facts it can. You can have a whole hour our show just on that one right there in the mob involved in that and they weren't they did have some involvement. And and and you know that Jen Cana Johnny Rosell L. E. IN TRAFFIC. And there's a lot of information out there in those JFK files about all that stuff. Tell parole there's a lot of information evasive about that you could. You could easily build a whole episode just around that whole episode around Allen Dorfman. Is You know You know what. What's the deal here and old episode around Oh the Joy Gallo and had been a really interesting show more interesting if you develop each one of those incidents and of of course the problem with developing each one of those incidents it might have got you might really stretched. You're the believability to then put him in it when you really develop them out. George is It's to get but to get all those guys. Together you had Ari tells Angelo Bruno and you had you had D- Pacino Nicholson did Jack. Nicholson did hoffer ninety two. And he did a hell of a Hoffa Pacino. It was all right but I you know and they did that interesting with the with the computer technology making them look younger but still watching the seventy year old guy who might his face might look thirty five seventy five year old guy. I moves differently from the thirty five year. Old Guy. Notice that somebody else point that I noticed that Robert Deniro particularly I thought he moved kind of awkwardly. I don't know stiffly I don't know if he's seventy six years old. I think that that's probably the way he moves. I moved kind of stiffly myself But when he's playing Suren as a young man he's still moving the same. Yeah I think that that's just as body they corrected Pacino Chino on that. They said that you need to. He said you're getting you said you're supposed to be forty years old when you stand. You're getting you're supposed to stand up on your forty five and but Chino said. Oh what am I doing like. I'm forty six and that kind of laughed about it. They had. They said they had to work on that. Jumping up and take two steps at once and things that they would have done as young men N.. Especially HOFFA HOFFA was. He was a fireplug man he he ever seen any of those videos of him. I put I posted a couple recently. He was on the Dick Cabinet show. He was not you know he didn't creek and grow around. He was a real vital guy real energetic and and so many used I remember as a kid. Everybody when I was a kid. Everybody knew the name Hoffa. Now that's another thing anybody under fifty might not know that this might not know about this move but Hoffa was off offers like almost bigger than the president man he was he truly was the teamsters they could. They could pretty well elected president. I mean after all Richard Nixon pardoning thinking next time around for the Republican Party. Awful will be you know. He's back and he's GonNa get his votes to vote. Republican oppressor backed Reagan which they thought was they thought it was very strange. He definitely supported him. The other Republican and Pardon offer so say Republicans by that point in time. They've figured out how to divide the the union people had to pull him away from the Democrats by By doing that Wore an anti war thing in the seventies and so on fear in the hearts of all those working working guys is like what's going on today in a way and so getting a vote against their own interest for a union guy to vote for Ronald Reagan for president. I I mean what does that make. He busted the unions. I mean it was done. Reagan Reagan that unions lost so much power darnall with busting the the Aircraft Africa Controllers Union. He busted out union and they vote for Ronald Reagan. I made it a union. You know I've been in the Union you'll vote like your union elgible. They'll get the word around how they want you to vote. And if you're you're union guy that's vote. That was Chicago used to control the elections. You get out to the unions and you one of the wage Chicago a lot of ways to control. The the unions were one way to a huge legal power. Not only getting money. Out of the pit was yeah. Access tested the money. But that's a big source of power but but to control the vote and so that validations that's it's amazing. All right so I think we've done done this. I think we've ran the Irishman into the ground but it was a good movie. I definitely will much again. Especially since it's on Netflix up. I wouldn't go in the theatre again but I'll watch it again on Netflix. Three hours or so three and a half after you must have too much free time on vacation lowery. uh-huh occupied need to watch you fill out people killing each other all right folks. If you have a friend or relative as a problem with drugs or alcohol make your first call to I call. Call eight one six three six one fifty nine hundred or go to their website right. WWW DOT I go KC dot org. And don't forget I haven't movie out as you all know by now. Go to Amazon prime. You know you could buy it if if you want. DVD and I've got some raw interview interviews as my special features on that but And it helped me out a lot more. Help the podcast at a lot. More if you buy off my website website but I I appreciate all the support that all you guys give me out there and continue to give me we. Are we break even at least every year. which is you can't ask for for more than that and it gets all this fun to write GAM? That's right that's right man. Got My book leaving Vegas how. FBI wiretaps domination. Las Vegas Casinos. Get The kindle version because I attached a whole lot of the actual wiretaps to the kindle version and go go right online from your ipad while you're reading and listen to the actual wiretaps candy mob to wrap. That's just damned unique. I think it's just real unique to you So my job as you got digital. You've got against any BOB covered. That's right Breisach gone after we have had some tax on my website in the past but they seem to be over for now knock on wood. I had a guy get hold of me. And he said you guys don't know what you're talking about some anonymous party through email l. and he's talking about in the act like he's from Kansas City said. What about all these guys? It have these real nice houses and and don't have any means of income and I know they're doing some kind of an internet scams so I don't know I probably are just research and a guy in New York City. That was involved in what they call. All this was a few years ago was involved in a phone cramming scheme where they were Remembering used to have those numbers that you could call and can you Once you called that number then it would Throw big charge on your bill. Yeah it gets you to call that number or they had other scams through. There's there's one company That I think that's what they call cramming. They had other scams the company in in a porn site where they get your phone number and they they could start dart inserting just small amounts of money on a credit card or a phone bill and what he knows like four or five bucks. I have to go through mind. Find every once in a while my credit card bill and say what is that fifteen dollars for now for some other apnea make the CBS APP. Yeah CBS so it's five ninety nine a month. I forget that I've done it in these fees. Oh yeah they do. I imagine everybody out. There can relate to that you've got about four or five different little things on your credit card that come in every month and he can't really remember what therefore at an insurance policy that I got is an accidental accidental life and debt. That I got one hundred thousand dollars after. I left the police department because I go out. Ride that motorcycle and I do Risk and I thought well you know I'll just go ahead and get that make my wife a because it is very much. For accidental. Death and dismemberment. Yeah but I forget. That's what it's four and there's no that really say was force like thirty five dollars every three months or something like that. You know. It's like well. What is is is thirty five dollars for even called the police department pitching part of it and ask them? What the Hell is that for? Accidental death Insures Oh you got so many house so moving right along. I think that's all we got on this. Don't you cam you gotta think yeah. I think so now we we did did it and under three and a half hours to. Yeah all right Cam deny Gary using provided by our good friend and Superfan from Portland Oregon. Casey McBride Thanks Casey

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