The Career Musician Ep. 71: The Queen of Jazz Funk with Maysa Leak


You've heard the music now. Here's the story from director frank marshall. Hbo's new documentary the bg's how can you mend a broken heart. Chronicles the highs and lows of brothers berry maurice and robin gibb and the evolution of the prolific career as the bg's through interviews and never before seen footage discover how they navigated the ever changing music industry and complex dynamics of family and fame. Watch it now on hbo and hbo. Max you're listening to the career musician. Podcast with creator and host no mad with twenty plus years of experience in the music industry. Nomad has done just about everything to earn a living as a career musician from being music director celebrity artists playing iconic arenas and stadiums composing for film and tv and even playing your average local club. Gigs he's done at all. Nomads mission as do empower musicians across the globe with strategies for a sustainable career while blasting stereotypes and bring you tried and true wisdom from his colleagues in this crazy business. We call music on this episode of the career musician. Podcast i am pleased to bring you. The queen of jazz funk herself missed mesa leak. She is an amazing talented singer songwriter. Grammy nominated and soul train award winning artist starting off singing with stevie wonder then becoming the lead singer for incognito the british funk band and then becoming her own artist now mesa is also a record label owner. That's right she owns her own label and she has quite the entrepreneur artist musician singer and amazingly beautiful human being. Check out this episode right here with none other than mesa leak. I'm here with mesa. Leak aka mesa. Welcome to the career musician. Podcast thank you. Thank you so much. This is an honor. oh no no reverse. It's my honor. I have to tell you. I like and and you know this is no bs. This is legit. I have been a fan of yours for such a long time. So it's always cool when you're a fan of somebody and then you get to work with them so cool. Which is the case here. Yeah like i was saying to you a minute ago. Our audience knows we've worked together several times but have never physically met and now this is so crazy. But that's the way it's been that way for quite a while now You know the way things are done you know. Do all the kind of Technology that's been going on for such a long time right to record and right over the phone over the airways or whatever you know waving do it now. So it's it's pretty cool but it's always nice day like together in a room together you i mean trade spirits that way yes indeed indeed so true all right so you have such a wonderful musical history and diverse diversity to be honest with you. The first way i got turned onto. You was one of my favorite bands incognito tribes vibes and scribes way back. Man i mean you guys just killed that album. You're your voice to me now. This is not to be offensive. But just my opinion your voice is always has been the voice of incognito when i think of them you know what i mean i think of you. That's good that's good thing and now of course you've gone on to do your own solo career which is even more amazing because then it is just all you. And that's just a beautiful thing. I i was scrolling up twenty five years. This saturday is my twenty fifth anniversary of when first solo album came out title mason one thousand nine hundred twenty nine nineteen ninety five so it's really cool because the cold but i can't do a big celebration. Wanted to do a big concert with everybody coming in and all that stuff but it got cancelled match. Went twenty five years then. Yeah oh yeah. That is so awesome okay. So and then. I was scrolling through some of the archives online. And you and. I wrote the song grateful together. Oh yeah absolutely providence on to really oh yes probably requested on my kitchen karaoke sunday nights okay. This is perfect. 'cause i wanna talk about that too. So yeah in two thousand eight. We wrote that together. And that's something. Yeah isn't that crazy. How time flies and it was. You meet myself and rex and i gotta give a shout out to rex rideout. Oh yeah so. He'll be more some more nomadic any lab more songs. Well i was gonna say. Let's let's totally right. So because i just love your silky voice. It's amazing you know right all right. I'm so sorry of you know. Like i said i'm a big fan. So i fan boyd out okay. So yeah let's start there. That's a great place to start your karaoke kitchen sundays. Yeah yeah absolutely. on sunday. i started in march. Two thousand sixteen. I want to beasley actually told me about facebook. Live and he was telling me he's like my mental and his busy always telling me things different things to catch on to and any said mesa. This facebook thing is really catching on so you should do one. I was like. I don't know how to do this. The i cringe like camping. Highlights right itself. So i did it because i was at a new west side. Now introduce new website in I live the song. And i did a few solving everybody's going to do this again every week and i'm like every week and i was like okay so every sunday night. Seven thirty pm ice. In all of the time i started this whole thing. I decided to do it until it had been doing this for a long time. Four years four and a half years. It's been so beautiful because people are coming in so strongly this week. I think we're at a almost at seventy with seventy thousand us. I think for this last week mesa. That's incredible it's so cool and not by you know by internet those nothing something to me is like huge now you know that is something huge because of our demographic is is kind of a niche market right here so that's huge for a niche market. That's huge but like you said you have your twenty five year track record as a solo artist that he is what they talk. Neto thirty stevie singing background on the jungle fever album you just you hit everything. That's so fervent. 'cause i got all these notes down all right so finish karaoke sundays. Seven thirty eastern time right and you can catch on facebook. Do you populate that over to youtube as well or is it just facebook. I'm starting to upload something to youtube. I gotta do the youtube livestock to get more people to join my blue velvet. So records Page so that two thousand people. I can do stuff live from ten. So as soon as i get to a thousand subscribers one of Do a youtube live at the same time as a as facebook. Okay so your youtube pages. Blue velvet soul la la the so. Okay got it perfect. So that's noted All right so here's the cool thing about what you did and i love the fact that you mentioned walter veasley as your mentor. You were doing this in two thousand sixteen before way before the pandemic obviously now since march everybody's jumping on this bandwagon so to speak. But i want to point that out as a career musician. You took initiative. You did something that you weren't really maybe familiar with maybe a little uncomfortable at first right and you just owned it. So that's huge They yet abrasive because it was just about mc peers were saying. Oh you know this is. You're ruining your career by doing that. That's not that i did. And i'm like no actually. My shows are sold out now because the karaoke might you know. It's a big deal because people want say they really want to see you so they wanted a lot of people. Wanna come to my house. Be in the kitchen with me. And i can't do that but i cannot see the shows and stuff in Had plans for that have plans to like. Take this on the road. Kind of thing So that people can get a place where people can come to so they think it'd be my kitchen in the sense to so you know like i'm really working on all those ideas but the but it's so beautiful that people wanna come because they see my fam family and friends come over have yes artists. Sometimes the over. I cooked for them. And you know we have a lot big dinners and all that kind of stuff and then we sing. Have a good time. It's like the old school kind of party. You know man that is so cool. And it's i checked out a couple of them online. It's pretty long. How how long do you typically the first half an hour now. Two hours to happen at some point. When i'm on the east coast. I gotta come to one. Yes please because you know. I love cooking. I'm telling you. I love every time especially gets cooked like spinach or something so i want you to come like people i would love to have. Somebody really does cook to come in. i bummed. Job did not supposed to do i. I do a challenge online. Yeah yeah oh. Yeah so soon. I think i would love you. Come to cook. That would be fun on so can play out songs and all. Yeah my father's from cuba. So that's one of. My specialties. Is cuban food. I cook some nice cuban food for you. Yeah okay hot. Roughly returned television show. This people should keep praying that and trying to get the right connections to make this thing a little bit bigger than it is. You know there you go you go you speaking it. I'm agreeing with you. That's amazing okay. Wow that's such a cool such a cool Branding thing that you have going on all right. So yes all all the more power to that less zoom back real quick to a little bit about your history you can. You gave it away. You mentioned stevie wonder so you started as a background singer would stevie after college right. Yeah so they will not graduated. Well i had one year left at morgan state university. Okay came sing with the choir. For martin luther king celebration that we did every year every year he would come this. Martin luther king celebration birthday celebrations so when he was there my best friend already started working for him like a year or two before and he was looking for an alto voice so she asked him because he wanted me to move to california as of she accident. Could i audition in mile dishes. Which was audition with something else. I was like i'll never. I'm i'm graduate cows like i'm gary star low. Reagan made it was like. Oh my gosh. we're kind of a. Yeah he was playing. You know frigid scales miscellaneous like they going on and i had to counter. Counterpoint is like what in the world learning school but it was hard. It was hard it could you know it was just hard and i was nervous and the stevie wonder and like he like you don't know man's ears incredible like you know you don't want beginning mistakes account stuff so I asked him if i could finish this one last year this last year school and give my parents my degree so i can feel good about going to california and just my life and he thought he was a cool idea so a year later i literally called him like graduate and i was like steve kidnapped. Please i you have any work. We not some finish school. And i said yeah. I'm working on a sprightly jungle. Roger cancel that selected i. The first gig is absolutely amazing You know of course the music is always thomas fantastic and so it was an honest with Career like that. It was crazy. That's awesome now. Was that around the same time as things were brew brewing over with Incognito over in london or sell up to long story short When i was out there in california stevie had has prepared for brazilian tour and used the of course you know more older experienced People who have been with a full washer say right and not older but in the sense of age but older than they've been here for a minute and use them to go on to announce wasn't invited in also so hurt. But i i just i had to get some worse i worked. I worked at the warehouse. Music store in la. In north. hollywood. I worked at the may company i taught voice managed to grow group. I did everything. I could just to survive on him and that was not that long. I guess when. I stopped working with him moves prior to september. And then i worked. I was doing some bridge. Bryant a single bridge bryant. She called me one day and said i'm her friend. Steve harvey drama from scotland needed Adjusting put his tracks. That will fit believe Msce messy harvard. As worked with him for a while he called me one day said mesa. My best friend in london is looking for a new american. Singapore is band. Are you interested. And i was like yeah i mean i heard woodward so i went to a musoma day and i looked up Jocelyn brown saw. Always there. And i was like i like this. This is this is what they are. I didn't know who they were. But i just thought in a move in london. That's crazy. I would love to do that. You know so. Listen to the music and stuff in realizing the worst of i was really excited. One day boy called me on the phone. I was working to make company I came home sick early. Because i feel well so He called me and he said you know if you're trying to call you wanna know if you already to come to london audition muslim. Yeah he said we talk. Just talking have a conversation about music and i told my love funk and i didn't know they will jazz band so he was happy about that and we long discussion about music. He asked me to sing. Don't you worry about a thing. And he said can you say again and chase the kids singing again and i did. And he's a cool manageable. Call you next week was scheduled you but the next morning This was saturday on woke up the phone in the gut. Said stephen king's name was He said mesa. I don't know what you're saying the boy last night. He's losing you got gig. So we're going to bring you over in the next week or two and i was like what next week to like. I have a whole apartment in la clear out. But i went for it. I just got a round trip ticket and just went to london. Wow okay so tell us tell us about that so so you got rid of your apartment. Yeah i got rid of my problem within a week and a half a packed everything up and it's in a ups home to baltimore. Parents and I just left. But i still had Raising this is that. I got to lax. And i had like four suitcases stuff. Pack was on live. I know anything so the stuff like food. I didn't know what was going. Sounds like my first traffic. I get it. Yeah yeah so they will be hungry. I was like oh gosh. i didn't have any money. 'cause i spend money packing up and then i got to the airport. I had hundred and three dollars and they charged me two hundred dollars for the extra baggage. So when i got to london and it got to customs and they saw the estimated a million questions one of the questions was. Do you have any money. And i was like I don't have any money right now. No kid twenty. Four years old. And i said i don't have any money right now but the mandate blase gonna give me some. I get here and they were like. That's that sounds like a movie. It was it was insane. It without you know. I'm writing my little memoirs but and i very much like the soyuz because always such a you know just green didn't know i was like oh my life is by the chain like living the dream. So here's my dream come true. Some great moved to london and all that kind of stuff in the customs. People like on So doubted his room and they checked all of my luggage. And i guess they figured i was doing some drug thing. I don't know what they thought but they I mean i you know i saw office in baltimore. The wind was popular. I don't know what was going to say. It was weird so they wanted to a cavity search. And when when they were about to the late. I'm wait wait wait wait wait. Hold on. Hold on. Hold the phone. Did you say what i think you said. Yes they wanna do a cavity search. Yes that's how dramatic this whole thing on your person your physical body cavity so they had a female officer come in a big a big gigantic jeremy lady. She was used like a seventy tom and she came in and shoot. Okay i'm nervous. I'm nervous house now. i was crying. I was trying to talk to please come from like. I don't wanna do this and i. It was crazy. I knew his name's blue. I didn't know his name was john-paul money. I didn't know anything about him. So i just said blue. And there's like that's not a real name i need. We need his full name. I was like. I don't know who is so i was taking so long. It was hours. So i was thinking so long to come out of the airport that blew a came in and take a look because i knew i landed. They knew i was there so they called the The cause people automated and but she put a glove on right as you put a clever. Does she do like the little snap. Like she puts it on guys on. Come on come on. She did the snatch. Slow this thing on and i lost it. I was like no. I was crying like tune into somebody goes out. We've found louis. I felt to the floor. The slink down by the move. I was done. I was done like my whole body was just like done. I was so scared. Like i'm not taking my clothes off. Let him take me to jail there. Taking it back to america today like you know. You're not you're not coming into our country. You don't have any money you come to see. We don't know anything about you. That had nothing my luggage. Of course nothing but food is something close. What you're close. Yeah so. I think that's a great story. That's like you have to put that in your memoirs at some point. I mean. Come on all right. This is amazing. Okay this a perfect. Segue one of the questions that i like to ask. My guests is especially those of us who've had experienced touring. What are some of the tour. Essentials that you've come to you know like when i go on tour i need to do. Xyz packing techniques whether it's little pieces of gear or peripheral items that you need. How do you prepare for that. I enjoy packing. So i get more i over peg overpacked. Get everything. I need for an emergency. We can't get back home like that kind of tax that but The only thing that do that. Every my little richard shelby towns. I take a little bag of spiritual travel bag. It's like my guardian angel bag. So i literally have come back more of the flight to come back home and get the bag because it's really important on planes and all that kind of stuff can travel a lot that i have this bag with me. And it's a little angels in some cards with jesus loves me and and you're protected and all these things in it and all these little dolls that have know kind of meaning. I know that that's my that's been all over. The world is literally been all over the world with me and so that bags really employed side. Make sure i take with me And when i travel. I'm not really cool. I don't you know. I'm not a person i don't ask special things on stage and stuff like on the dressing room but none of that stuff. I'm not. I'm like the generals. Basic stuff is cool. I just wanted to get. I just want to sing the people. I want to go to work and in our enormous so badly it's like i just i'm gonna hug people. I wanna talk. People wanna you know. Interact on stage than what. I wanna hear the laughter. I want to hear the clapping. I wanna hear all these things. I wanna hear. I wanted to make people happy. Don't want those I mean maybe a little selfish too. I mean was. I know we can't right now. I note that the world is a little crazy place. But i'm just looking forward to that day. Yeah absolutely i agree. I couldn't agree more but again the cool thing is you do in this karaoke sunday. Which keeps you connected with your fans all. Yeah absolutely so that's so important so dope that you're doing very is it really is important right now. Non mazing and because everybody's locked up. We're all going stir crazy. So you're you're giving the listeners. A great outlet. You know yeah. It's interesting because i did a jazz festival. Cyber that's moving just did a jazz festival. Virtual justice will wear the us. We call them cops. Recreational at nbc. They usually have a festival every year. But what they did is they decided to have virtually so they came like we had a big states called the echo stage in dc innate to all offers come in bring ban everybody social distancing that they have a skeleton through lighting. So we have so much finally exited our show together again. After five months we did our show and it kind of we thought we were gonna miss the is. We'll be having so much fun. It's kind like is like audience. They didn't it didn't a weird. We didn't have a hard time with that part but we of course we want an audience but it was just so it was fun is low fun so awesome so we. Here's the crazy we've worked together in the studio a bunch not physically. What like you said via correspondence. I was working with rex in studios here in. La or you in. You're singing wherever you were. And then we've actually done gigs together. Boy been on the same bill in other words right. I was with baby face for twelve years really. Wow i remember seeing a couple times. Yeah i was his guitar player and then his md for like the past ten years. Oh crazy so. I remember seeing your name a couple of times and how how do i see mesa but it never worked out like you were always the day before us after us. You know what. I'm saying that we always literally would just cross in the night. You know like just miss each other but that big The big park the pavilion in dc. What's that called where everybody cries mary. Where the post pavilion. Yes oh yeah. you know how. Many times i've played there. And i always think of you because i know you've played their a of too young not too far from there. Yeah that's cool. that's so awesome. Okay so this jazz fest online. Was that the one that happens. Mary weather was a different one. Now that's it this is in. Dc at on the stage. Echostar is usually. I'm not sure where it is. I think it's dupont's probably do pont. Okay do parts jazz fest when things calm. Got an yes. I'm going to stop posted about this but it yes because it's coming out and everybody did their own show. There was only one band. I think everybody is quite to david. Quarter eubanks. In certain time than you leave certain times in the next band comes in it was really really strict about in the whole guideline so that nobody will get sick. That's good that's awesome. That's awesome so talk about your band. Who had who's been in your band over the past few years and started out with the guys from the group. Spur of the moment. I started with the group on grainger grainger brothers gary in grades and i know those cats son now and then with the Wayne bruce in spur of the moment. And then my old friends from philadelphia charles baldwin. Richard tucker in Tim hudson who i used to play with. When i sang with a saint aimless hogue back in the day she had a song called dream love out longtime ago like back in the late eighties. And so that's how we met back then so then fast. Forward ten years eleven years ago. Maybe more I was on a gig. And i needed them as emergent game philly and i had to get used them as emergency ban in the nation's band percent so my whole crew that basically affiliate commission affiliate a little bit of dc but mostly fairly nice. What's the instrumentation bass drums To keep some two keys percussion Utah is a richard tucker on guitar. Nice and of course to vocals two or three vocals. I'll say you do. Bg's right yeah. Okay so you're looking at like seven to eight to nine people including yourself. Ten of us on the role as manager tech manager is. Yeah so we've been like that for a long time. But sometimes i cut it down to. I can Nine at the most times. If i don't take my manager if they have available sometimes but i kind of like taking on the way but so i. I've been paying for ten people to build a road. It's too expensive us. Get expensive i know. Wow but that's awesome that you've been able to do it. Yeah yeah yes. I came from a cognitive. Like i don't have any choice. That sound is And everything lob is very important to me. I know a lot of my friends. Use the technology of using tracks in all that stuff. And i one of my friends. He was adamant better. You gotta do that. It's better for your sound is less people to pay and then to show and what the computer whatever using equivalent of the song skip to a whole new soccer man. I was like hey no not me baby. I can't handle that. No that's not a be totally live. Hi this is mason. And you're listening to the korean musician with my friends. Noman binge previous seasons of the career musician podcast and subscribe for all new episodes father the career musician at facebook instagram and sign up for the career musician newsletter at the career musician dot com the goal of the career musician. Podcast is to provide valuable insight aimed at supporting working musicians. Please show your support by listening downloading subscribing sharing liking and leaving a review. You're listening to the career musician podcast by nomad so. I'm so glad that you talked about that. Because first of all you're employing musicians and tech people and crew so that's like number one. Hello that's a great thing. You know but i do know. It's a sacrifice to like you said it can be costly but you keeping the real music alive right. I mean machines replaced you know if we if we get rid of the musicians. What that does that make sense right. Music music is souls interacting syria. Thank you don't have that you cannot create create. of course you can create with with the computer in august but it will never feel the same as when you have actual law musicians playing With people understand that there's a direct connection with god and universe with this with this thing with it with a lot of things. But i'm just talking about music with music is a connection to the universe. Is it makes you if i can Something stuck when you invoice straight like a line. You know san and so when you when you cut that part out of it. It's it's really hard from. I'm old school. that's what i need that. I need that interaction with other human beings and with spirituality to university in god's to continue to make music in. Oh that's right. I mean this why you can make you know. I don't know i'm old. Nah nah no no. No no no no hold on. Hold on don't even say that first of all you sound like me. Because i walk around saying oh i'm old. I'm an old head but look to some of the best music ever created was from the era that we grew up and errors before when we grew up less. I mean you know from the early nineteen hundreds all the way through all these decades musicians and bands that we had no culture would have seriously you know suffered you know and i talk about it all the time and the contribution that african american musicians and songwriters made to what the american musical scheme is if it you know what i mean like yes. It's one hundred percent grain. it's like it. has i mean black. American music started all this like. It's amazing how that's what i'm saying. I don't wanna hear that. No but it's the truth and if you go if you go through and really dig deep into the historical archives of the music. It's there yeah. Pardon the pun. But it's there in black and white. It's right there. It's it's like you can't tonight. Would you hear those delta blues players and you hear the singers back then. What's her name the famous blues one of the best blues singers back in the day. We'll be back at best but there was another one too. I can't think right now. Wow you just see i am. Old is no but seriously all that blue stuff and then the gospel and rb and how it all more together by even country. Exactly my point being yes. It's human beings. Interacting and the black culture was such a huge part of it without it. It wouldn't be the same or and i agree with you. You know you can make music with technology and it's cool but it's a different genre altogether right. It's just it really is it really is and and you know you know like i mean like you know i guess i mentioned being old because i think you know we will coming up this kind of stuff that we have like the the sexual nature of the means that we had. I mean some it. We got to princeton. start to make parliament's it started a little bit graphic but today's stuff is just off the charts. I know i love cardi b. Just going to say right. I mean i don't. I don't i liked her in so but piss out little disappointed in a sense. I mean. The beat is nice in august. I get it but it's just like i guess that's that's obvious for that. I guess as long as for that kind of respect that there's audience for that but it kinda hurts 'cause like these kids don't have the chance to to hear music. Let's parents have really specifically playing for them and they grow within. Its only chance they get but other than that. You know the night here on the radio not going here real music on the radio. Yeah now are they going to give them a chance to be kids because they hearing all this stuff in a put it up there on. Facebook updated lady said to me. She said oh no people you know you shouldn't worry about people should not let their kids here. This kind of like wapping all that kind of stuff but unlike do you know what world we live in right. Now the kids get the sub Grownups get it like little kids know how to work with the stuff like they know how to get the information allen. What would you think the says. But it's just crazy. But i just think that you know like i said that has its place. I guess but That nothing beats musician to musician. Interaction international me. Yeah and if you think about like you said. Some of our favorite bands think about earth wind and fire. Imagine being in the studio with earth wind and fire in the seventies. Imagine what that would have been like. You know what i mean like. I didn't even know. I just making music. They didn't even know how masterful. And how amazing. And how you know. I can think of the word. It's it's it's the it's the fine art of american music. It's the equivalent of the mona lisa at the liuw. It's the equivalent and not since that era has that been right so you know at such a high pinnacle elevated thank you. Oh yeah so and that's again that's why artists like yourself and everything that you're doing and all the bands that you've worked with. It's great that you're keeping that art form alive earlier china. They will so talking about musicians. You know oftentimes were creative beings and creative being. Sometimes we could live on a seesaw. Right we go up and down with our emotions. But i like to talk about v to talk about business accurate and that's the whole concept of the career musician teaching the young generation that this is a business and i don't care what genre you're operating. I don't care if you're doing trap music if you're doing dance. Edm type stuff or doing jazz funk so armee be co doesn't matter it's still a business and there's some things you have to learn and you said something earlier you were like i went to airport. I was twenty four. I didn't know you know i remember. I did the same thing my first trip to japan get this. I packed two trunks. Trunks not suitcases trunks. Full of stuff dumb ass. You don't go on airplane with trunks. And i was in my early twenties too so talk a little bit about that about learning. And getting business savvy over the years and you know yeah learning. I learned quick. Awesome things in the first time i left. I need to china. It can't attend the solo deal and leaving came at the same time. But the reason why i was leaving me those because I was having a beef. Kind of sore discussion disagreement with the management They wanted me to do something like stay on. Signed the contract and they didn't wanna pay me for the content because they weren't ready to do the next project or something like that now. We still have to pay me so so along the way from fernando young girls at the airport then a couple years later i learned a lot listening watching reading and an unknown xactly. You know what to do. When i wanted to be a salon since i had you know people would mentor me and tell me you know what the to make another kind of stuff and i think for the most part in this industry you know back in the day having the manager and a publicist and all these people on the payroll. That was the thing and you know. He didn't make any money because people pay out. You know i learned early. You know from a funny That you sign your own checks like you don't let anybody sign his faithfully and you don't let anybody 'cause i have people come to me and say i want to be a manager and when you get paid i'll get out. Let them pay me. And then i'll pay you. I was like man who you're talking to real world. I'm not. I'm not saying no more. I got all this. I'm like no you can't pay me. You know you don't get paid and they paid me enough it's never gonna happen so Adler business The tax thing. I'm still going to be honest with them to get on that. So you have to help me with that Why do i do that. I hire an accountant all the time. Yeah yeah yeah yes. He did have good accounts there. I will put forth any guide. Anybody trying right now. I mean you need. I mean the kids now. I mean what is it. We know don't need any more. That's you know have to have that having your own record on your master's almost same learn trans another musicians. Who put it out there. You know it's really important. And i'm glad that i took that leap even though it's difficult and i'm having a hard time finding capital sketch because a covert Stephen fun you know the new record knowledge of stuff. In every time. I get some money i put it on. Do the single kind of thing like that in school. But i think for the most part you know having a social media presence which is i think number one thing at this point in england but making the great music just trying to make great music and then try to get on social media Infinite out there behind somebody to help you still need radio people to help Get to stuff out there. So there's a lot is a lot. The learning curve is huge. This thing And i'm still learning like this. I have a friend of mine. Tom go fogel who We saw like a management thing kind of eased onto. He's like a mentor. Kind of like a consultant and so he's teaching me how to like. I said i brought these data wave. It wasn't nothing was like a dollar twenty five lived county no so it was like because they haven't made much money selling records yet but it was interesting. How you have to do this every quarter. Because i'm like i'm used to getting votes his mouth so now my back so it's a lot to learn and not i'm enjoying learning it I think the benefits of having future income For even when. I'm not here anymore for my son. In 'em baby children. That's the payoff of follow. This so okay. So so sorry. I'm gonna. I'm gonna investigate some of these things because this is all great information so you you your own record. Label yet is owned record label. And i'm sorry and you mentioned that earlier. What was the name of it again. Blue the soul records. Thank you okay. And that is such a learning curve. I know 'cause. I my wife and i have done the same thing. But not to the extent that you've done it Wow so and then you mentioned that you need radio and that's another huge thing like when you want to get that radio play you have to hire a radio campaign manager. Yeah you just kind of the way people that know how to get to you. Know a the right people to get your out there and also you know another thing. Branding is You know. I kind of learned that early just by. I think i learned that Because i didn't have management kinda start doing stuff that note so people recognize me. See me in understand this. Just me mesa. You see my name. Brittany wears all on the same font. Or if you see all these kind of things trying to catch on things. Kitchen kariuki was important. That when i turn sixty years old That was my twenty fifth year in the music industry. Had the whole as a whole. And so i did a twenty five fifty silver and gold celebration where i did. I did my able to talk with a white constantly. Did before i have i did i designed to lose and i and i had a big big cardi. Here in maryland produce the muscle of pay for the venue. Pay for the ban. Paid for the licensed sound for you. Know a a caterer feed people are paid for cupcakes. Be made i did. All the merchandise bought gifts and gift bags. Everybody came in so like you know so you all that stuff you know in here in my look okay. So let's no hold on this unpack this because people have to understand how important this is and what that's first of all that's amazing accomplishment. Okay number one number two. You're an entrepreneur. When you do that. And that's what i'm trying to teach the younger people especially especially if you're going to be an artist then you are an entrepreneur. Everything that you just said like all of this information this is over like you said years of experience learning and then you apply to yourself but you said the number. One word is branding and consistency. So when every time you see something it's the same right said the font of your name. That's so important. So i just want to listeners to understand all these items that you're talking about you know. Each one is an integral part. You made cupcakes. You made balloons. They were all branded. According to your you know what i'm saying. Wow now did you record that party. Did you according to audio. We didn't do anything. Did audio recording some of the. But i think the first thing i did like i live them another thing that we know and then i also did Also help society alba call back to love so at the same time. I was I wanted to. I've always wanted to design my own fragrances. So i called the company and research. The research call come next that i wanted to simone fragrance get started and they told me well i will know what judge you know what your budget is but with this company. The minimum bottle count is twenty five thousand. Bob's gloves like okay. I can't afford that saw name of a lady in florida. Who did maybe. I do a thousand bottles of cologne a no. It should take that one. So i sent me that all the notes and i all little sense and i'm mixed them together. Emma was sitting liberal. Like mixing alderson's together see like that and finally got the sense. That like together and i made a cologne called unforgettable man and a perfume called back to love's for women and so when we're making the record voter song called unforgettable and i have a song called back to love so those songs i would advertise. That will help me with the commercials. Commercials are made for the cologne. See also saying that is full on entrepreneurship. Like so that silt amazing all supports your music brand right absolutely so then what so then. What happened with that. Yeah yeah yes. I did that. So but before then I did want to encouragement with my first live album. I mean even my avocado. I love is a selfie. I just i just saw a picture of the magazine i liked and i just kind of the picture and then i made that for the love album and then i You know at last. I had in this one thing. I had people that i was working with to get investors. Jami pay for the album and they fell out a week before the live. Show so talk so that was. That was a hard Determined to a friend of mine gave me a loan. And i was able to pay back by working throughout the next year in panama Every every show did every month but yes. I've finished lot. I live Uploaded on my record label. So excited is one of the first thing is uploaded on my. My label is my love. My birch mayor with the debt. We've played that venue. A million thais all of that so awesome and by the way kudos to you on your website. It's super nice. Setup nicer that way just to the listeners know when you go to her website it's just emesa dot com m. a. y. s. dot com. And you scroll down and it has the music and it. Has this live album and some other stuff but it has all of the streaming platforms. You just click on it and it plays it right there immediately so see. That's that's business sense right there. Wow you're doing an amazing job. You did it as a huge successful job all of these projects. I can't wait to see what's so. You mentioned that you are working on an album currently or fourteenth solo album. Yeah it's called music for your soul and it's a mixture of spiritual of lifting Music some dance. Of course all the best team Love has a lot to play into this album. positive slam I've sung the song deep waters which was a song that for broken heart broken for many years. But i kinda wanna change this whole thing. I think is up. No spiritually would you speak about the most. Come see and so. I've been speaking a lot about all he did me wrong. They can't find the right man. I don't want to talk about that new here man. That's coming up. I think that might have something to do with. Why been single for a long time. So i'm gonna talk about you. Know the good parts of love again in how it feels to be in love and all that kind of stuff and it's something to do with the next out to that's beautiful all right well in this is great so this is a great segue. You're you've been sharing with us your principles and methods all all along. You just set it spiritually what you focus on and what you talk about that tends to come to you you know can you expound on that that sounds like that accident the core of your values. I've been a student of the law of attraction for a long time in creative visualization and those things teachings From most understanding when the bible says you know people say. I'm not a. I'm not a bobble i. I'm not a church girl but i note spiritually. I was raised. My parents raised me to love god into love people. And that's it. That's all you supposed to do and so when i you know my thoughts that jesus was guys are teachers that if god created the world by just talking about it and thinking about it said this is going to happen. That let there be light and all the net was like. I mean that. I think children of god we have the same powers we. I think we can do the same thing. So i that When i i got inside my dream and it was for my parents and having a came to the dream. They told me to stop worrying about stuff. They wanted me to focus on the things that i wanted in the things that i needed to happen. And push out of my mind negatively. Push out on my that doubt which reminded it's not gonna happen On any kind of things like that. And so. When i started that when i started doing that even more in my life Great things star had my first grammy nomination in always always wanted saw the half end Was here now the different things you know and not nothing without struggle. But but i got the soul train awards. I was just going to say you got that soul train award to. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah i Soul train the first What gave for This called gosh this out of my brain. Just had i just had. I'll find it. Surgical ward central war centric award. That's right that's right. I got the first one ever gave vows in two thousand nine. I was thinking that so things you know. Things are just not as real as what teacher my son teach our kids in our family to speak what you want in charge to the. Do your best to ignore and to keep your mind things that you don't want. That's i think it's a. It's an easier lights i've gotten from it you know when i turned fifty years old. I decided i was going to be happy for my life. And that's seems like every day did better better it's not without drama the some dramas or i don't have i don't i don't create drama. I don't bring drama and so That's that's why. I think it's the easiest way to have a life is not just drum. I i can't do it. I you know i just turned forty eight a couple of months ago or back in june and i say well i hit the same. I hit the same point. I'm like you know what the happiness is all. It's all here in siberia. It's inside me. I can decide. Yes and the thing is. We have to decide every day now because like i said especially as artists were susceptible to a. I feel kind of like what you're talking about and so cool law of attraction and everything speaking. I feel like we're so susceptible to a spiritual level of stuff. yes artists. We're right because we have to connect with the muse all the time if we don't connect with the muse. We can't be creative right. So that's that's our direct connect and and when your open like that i think will vulnerable. Perhaps more so a lot of people get in a lot of people and a lot of people you know who are not so good at heart. They know that's the way to get in. That's why they try to tell people. Tell me my whole life maho career off the all of you were skinny if all you this is all you ally volleyed. Had this. you know they've told me that my whole life so i think The way i survive so long in the music industry is because i was able to. I think is being stubborn as saying like. I don't care what size i am. I'm gonna sing. And people still understand me. And that was always in my mind other things that i never let the kids come to. They think they gotta do crazy. Stuff to be noticed in the industry. Gotta show their behinds gotta get big behind the guy to get all this kind of crazy so they gotta do. I suppose signed from like. that's not. You don't have to do that right right. You don't have to do that. I think you know if i teach that i will. I would love to talk to our to anybody to come up to tell them. Xactly is hard to get in this industry but it's also easier today with the technology and with the way things are to get in it. So charlie all your morals tag your heart and your body and everything use your body for anything to get in the music industry any any kind of industry so except for those that. Use your body. Unless you're an athlete that's different. We'll keep it nice and clean fiji. So so that's those are the best words of wisdom. Thank you so much is so cool. I love to wrap up each episode with just like a list of rapid fire questions. That are fun lighthearted. Okay all right so you ready. I want you to think about it. I just want you to blurt out the first thing. Okay oh gosh. Your favorite food italian favorite libation or drink sparkling sparkling water. Okay do you. Do you ever drink a alcoholic beverages on occasion. Times i if i do bailey's and cream like bailey's on ice with a lot of milk in it. I go take a nice sweet. It's like an ice hot chocolate. This favorite sport if you liked to watch her play anything but how do you spend your free time. Assuming you have any okay watching tv. I love the walking dead polls show nice locking down on. Hdtv goes wanted. Go and you prefer to be you. Perverted drive yourself or be driven drive. What activities do you enjoy on those long flights sleeping. Yeah see. I had a feeling. What's the last song band or artist that you listen to that. You had nothing to do with that. You weren't involved with. I'm gonna call l. e. It's eric seats era. Jumping eric seats. I love seats. Come on seats is awesome. Yeah i gotta get him on the show either. Fantastic that my new go-to love right now. Awesome and i ask favorite. Tv show but you just said that walking dead shopping. Do you prefer online or brick and mortar brick. More than all the time and you've collaborated with so many great artists such as yourself included but if you had a dream collaboration who would be drain collaboration. Well as an artist. I would love to I would love to sing a song with shock and awe shock. Yes they'll be great. I love that. Wow that's awesome and finally what would you do if you weren't a career musician. I'll be teaching elementary school or preschool. That's he yeah want. I love little kids. And so i would love to teach them with music. Maybe but if i had his abc one-two-three. I would love to see said. That's amazing wow mesa. I am so grateful so ecstatic that you are here with us. Thank you and so all of your socials will be here. The episode of everybody could find your mesa dot com and your instagram. Your facebook youtube all of our links on this website at the bottom beautiful. Thank you so much. thank you honey. And we'll see you soon. Okay they take the career musician. Podcast is a member of the pantheon. Podcast network the first all music based podcast collective for more info. Visit pantheon podcasts. Dot com in the music industry. There are so many avenues to travel join host nomad as he dies into the crazy world of entertainment going behind the scenes to gain insider knowledge of how to maintain a healthy career in the music business. Help us continue to provide you with new and engaging content by getting our ratings up. Please subscribe and leave a review on apple podcasts. If you've enjoyed today's interview be sure to leave a review and subscribe to the career musician. 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