Episode 41 Anarchy Ensues


uh-huh! Survival emotion podcast. Adapt. Prepared survive. There was that time when the COLGATE company decided to sell frozen foods. Yeah, colgate that company that sells toothpaste. They put their toothpaste logo. On a bunch of frozen food in your grocery store and in TV dinners. And like you could buy. colgate brand frozen LASAGNA. That was a pretty dumb idea. There was the Coca Cola company that throughout the eighties I think just had a couple of really bad ideas adopted on a grand scale. I didn't think new coke. was that bad, but new coke in retrospect is seen as a really bad boneheaded idea. I think this is the dumbest idea. I've obscene. Corporate American a long time, and that's saying a lot is when Coca Cola bought Columbia Pictures. You're a soft drink company. Why would you buy a movie studio? Well, the thinking was they want to diversify. No see diversify. That's like when a toothpaste company buys maybe a mouthwash company, and then they kind of work out some kind of symmetry like the mouthwash, flavored toothpaste or something that's kind of diversification that kind of makes sense, but not when a soft drink company buys a movie studio unless you're trying to say well, every movie produced by that movie studio is going to have a bottle. Bottle of coke there or something. I mean that didn't make sense anyway. These are examples, and there are many others. Really really bad idea has adopted on a grand scale I. think they even pale in comparison to this idea that's sweeping the country of abolishing the police departments or severely defunding the place departments in your local cities. It's the stupidest most boneheaded idea I've. I've heard adopted on a grand scale in I think my whole lifetime. It's really really dumb. One police officer kills a black guy and it was annoying to see that video I watched that video, and I thought what the hell the guy's in handcuffs. Just putting them in your back of your car and tell them to jail, but no, the guy had to kneel on. On his neck for eight minutes or something, it was a real outrage that happened at all. So the protests breakout the writing the looting, and now the movement comes to de-fund and abolish police departments, and it's actually gaining steam. If you can believe it, the polling I've seen is sixty five percent. Give or take against the idea. Fifteen percent is in favor of it. My question is what about the extra twenty percent? I think they're probably knows, too, but they're probably like. Oh, you're kidding right well. Apparently, not so on a grand scale, the movement to abolish police departments is actually catching on. It's one of these things that makes me think we're living in crazy times or Am I crazy. One Who thinks this is just flat out. Awful, the argument is oh well. There are some racist, incorrupt, corrupt and bad police officers out there really I mean dude. You're just now noticing this I. Mean you're just now realizing that there are some bad police officers out there I mean. Where have you been? I can say as a former prosecutor as a defense attorney now by and large the vast majority. Majority of police officers are good people. They're professional. They're not homicidal and they're not racist. Did I say all of them? No, because there are some bad place officers they're always have been, and always will be some bad place officers out there. That's just a fact of life, but I still stand by the statement that the vast majority of police officers are professional. They mean well. They're not racist and they're not homicidal, okay? So these people say? Oh, there's one or two bad ones, so let's completely abolish all of them. Man I mean that's like if you've ever been in a foreign country where you never really sure about the police department, this'll be even worse than that like Mogadishu or something or some parts of Mexico. It's a profoundly boneheaded idea, and it's a real travesty that so many people are falling for this idea. It's just crazy. I mean the rich parts of town will probably hire their own private security forces, so they'll probably do okay. The poor parts of town are going to be like war zones, and if you're thinking, is that well someplace? Officers are racist, so let's do away with all police officers, the bad parts of town that's mostly minority neighborhoods, and they're going to be in awful shape, and I can say that the city of Minneapolis. Is Pretty much on its way to join other cities like Baltimore Saint Louis Chicago Baltimore. You know that had a pretty consistent homicide rate of two hundred homicides a year until right around twenty fifteen and whenever that Freddie Gray I think it was the guy killed by the police officers or I should say died in their custody. A number of police officers were charged with having anything to do with. His killing and to his credit, there was a lot of these trials in fact I think all of them were held in front of an African American judge, just as a court trial meaning that jury was waived, and this is one example of a judge doing the right thing. He just said No. There's no evidence. The fact that this guy was being transported from point a to point B., and then he was found at point. B To be deceased does not mean that all these police officers killed him. Somehow, let's hear your case. You have no case so that was great. It's actually possible for A. A judge to do the right thing on occasion, but anyway I think that's the most boneheaded idea I've heard about adopted on a mass scale in my lifetime. Is this abolish the police? It's extremely stupid. I do have one proposal a nights ago. I was watching this documentary America. In color and it was the decade of the twentieth when everybody was buying Ford Model Ts and there were few newsreels that showed I think it was downtown New York, but whatever the downtown city somewhere where it was a complete mad house, who was driving? Where and I think they were all driving on the right anyway, but. Because, even horse and buggies were doing that in America, but there was no rhyme or reason about who would stop, and who would go at what intersection, so all of a sudden streetlights were invented, and then it showed the downtown city where there were street lights, the green for this way and read for that way, so you guys had to stop, and it kind of made sense in the documentary was treated as kind of a just a right of passage cars. Cars are becoming more prevalent, so we need to develop ways that cars will accommodate each other and do so safely. So that got me thinking. It seems like protests, nowadays more and more, they involve people streaming out into the street or a highway and stopping traffic, and apparently sidewalks are just not good enough. You can't protest enough. Just standing on a sidewalk with a sign, you have to go stop traffic so while there is already kind of a common law agreed. Principle that if you are endanger, you can. Protect yourself and get out of the danger whatever the situation is! That's called common law. I think it's time that we specify. Make specific laws on the books as to. What situation will allow a motorist to drive through and at what speed limit to dry through a crowd of protesters, because this is becoming more and more prevalent where protesters go out onto the street or on the highway and they blocked traffic. And occasionally they come across the car, and they decide to smash it, and if the person is really unlucky, then they pull that person out of the car and stomp on them, and that person is almost killed, and so forth I think it's become just a right of passage in our country now where we need to specify in what situation and under what circumstances a person can drive through protesters and I think it's going to be along the lines of. subjectively, the driver felt endanger for their life, and also that that. Feeling was objectively reasonable, which means that it's not just you the paranoid driver? It's anybody in that situation would have felt that their life was in danger. So assuming those two are in place then you can drive through the crowd in front of you, and under what circumstances the different states can specify you have to you know, honk a couple times you can drive no more than say ten or fifteen miles an hour that way people can safely get out of. Of the way or whatever but I think this idea of Oh. There's a protest forming in the street ahead. I have to come to a full stop and I can't drive through at all. I think that's just gotta go. A- protest is fine so long as it's on the sidewalk, there's something inherently dangerous nowadays about a protest, an angry protests streaming out into the highway or the St and angrily yelling at drivers, and if you don't take my word for. Any the truck driver who was in the wrong place the wrong time in Los Angeles nineteen ninety-one during those riots and he did just. What is the normal humane? Peace loving thing to do. He pulled his truck up and he came to a complete stop in the middle of the threat, and because he didn't want to kill about it, he didn't want to endanger anybody who was blocking his way in the roadway. Well, what happened to him with? He was yanked out of his cab and beaten up by a whole bunch people and left for dead I think! Think. It was a few minutes or maybe a couple of hours later. Somebody said Oh i. think that guy is still alive. And he was brought to the hospital by some good. Samaritan, and he now has brain damage and he's a mess, so let's just remember what happened to Him Reginald. Denny is his name and that's why I say it's inherently dangerous for protesters to go out into the street. Street or a highway even worse than that. There was a group of protesters in Lansing Michigan who blocked a certain intersection, and they said no drivers are allowed through here, and they actually had guns with them, and some motorcyclists came up and said Hey. I've got to go home. I've got to go through this intersection and go that way. And one of the protesters pointed a gun at him and. and Said No. You're not going through this intersection. We're protesting here. You have to go some other way and the motorcyclists that you know. The police know what you guys are doing. And the protesters said Yeah, the police are right over there. They're just watching all this now. I hope that what's going to happen is a week or two from now. The police are going to issue arrest warrants. Just sitting there watching all this instead of arresting people, but apparently that's the status of placing nowadays. There's no rule that a felony committed has to be arrested right then and there so it could be a week or two from now there's going to be an arrest warrant for assault with a deadly weapon felony against these protesters who were pointing guns at people who just wanted to get home anyway back to my proposal, it needs to be specified in the law books, not only that there's a general common law, right. Right of self-defense when you reasonably feel, you're in danger. There needs to be specific laws on the books saying when you are a driver and the road in front of you is clogged by a bunch of protesters, and you feel that your life is in danger, and this is reasonable Elif, then you can drive ten fifteen twenty. You know there might be some states that say you see you don't have to even. Tap on the brake pedal, he can just plow through. But it's up to the different states to do it. Different ways I think the days of just you have to come to a full stop. That's not right. That's not right. It's inherently dangerous for people. Storm out into the highway so I. had that specific proposal that I think are states should take up and specify when and how and what circumstances they can drive through a crowd. Another thing I wanted. Wanted to mention, and this is a criticism of our media or news reporting is ever since this happened this killing of the Black Guy in Minneapolis at the end of May it started off. Black lives matter mostly black people protesting. It's now gone way beyond that and I think the idea of George, Floyd. I think is his name. If you bring that up to the protestors, nowadays, they'd say who. Who you're talking about. They're not here to protest any kind of police brutality against African Americans. No, now it's just an anarchy thing and they're here to topple statues. Destroy whatever they can, because it's just an anarchist, anti-american thing and my criticism of the media is that when you watch all the news coverage of all this, and this is even Fox News is that it seems like there's no perspective you watch the news and all this covered, and you just think Oh, this is the end of the world when it's not because stuff like this has happened before, and I wish that our news media would cover this and say you know. This also happened a few years. Years ago or a few decades ago. Here's some film footage of that and just kind of put it in perspective so that the viewer doesn't leave thinking okay. This is the end of the world. You know because it's not these are dangerous times. We're living in, but we've been through this before and I'm almost tempted to just say. Watch the news maybe once a week, or maybe not at all. Here's my only reservation and let me back up for a second at our Bible study in our church. There's. A woman in. Her forties or fifties, single woman lives alone. Fair skinned I'd say maybe hundred and ten pounds blond hair one day recently at Bible study she showed up, and just said look I can't really read along you know. 'cause we read different passages and goes around the room. That kind of thing she said I'll just be here in. Listen I'm not really going to participate through some diplomatic. Questioning as to why not? It came out that a few weekends before she was in the proverbial wrong place at the wrong time. I think around nine PM went to a grocery store and she was coming out of the grocery store with her groceries, and there was one of these protests, and she was just doing her best to get to her car, and a big mob started beating on her and next thing she knew she woke up in the hospital with a collapsed lung. Sounds like she has a few broken ribs now she survived, but that's what's happening nowadays is. People have nothing to do with anything just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time are getting beat up and their lives are being endangered, and by the way. If you think well, I'm not a white person. Maybe I'm in the clear. No, no, this is happening to all people of all skin colors there that Guy David Dorn I think his name was just great, retired police officer. African American Philadelphia. I could be wrong, but he was a security guard for pawnshop. When one of these rights came through, and several people broke into the pawnshop shop and shot this Guy David, Dorn and I think he was like seventy five. Five years old or something and his photo when he retired from the police a few years ago, just showed a really nice guy. You see that photo and you just know what a great friend to other people. What a great police officer! What a great father and grandfather! He was well. This guy was shot in that pawn shop, and his final few moments were videotaped. Live on facebook live for everybody's entertainment I. Just think that was just awful. What happened to him? And what happened to a friend at Bible study, so it's not just a white people. It's everybody. Everybody is in danger around one of these mobs, so that's why I say. Your peace of mind will be a lot better off if you don't watch the news because nothing is kept in perspective, but it is good to know. If the news is reporting where the latest mob violence is happening, and you can avoid that area. Let me tell you I've got a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and I do carry a concealed weapon, but if I can avoid a life or death situation I will, and if I see that a mob is forming wherever I'll just turn around and leave a now, if the life or death situation keeps following me then. Then I can protect myself, but I would just rather not even be there and all of our family members I tell them the same thing. Just steer clear of it. Stay away from it if you're driving in highway and it's now blocked by a bunch of angry protesters, just back up to the latest exit and leave that area police are not gonNA. Pull you over for backing up on a highway or shoulder or whatever? police generally are not doing anything during these protests, so just get out, get out of the area and stay aware of where the mobs might be the other day I was driving by a protest. This is a strange one. It was like fifty and sixty something people, and they all looked pretty well educated, and fairly well off and I just thought. Before this year I would have thought that's the totally harmless protest, but nowadays you never know the twenty-something college students who are filled with anger trum. Having read that Howard, then book I can't remember the name. All it takes is a few of them to get things started and next thing you know. Peaceful protests turns into a riot so I saw that group of they looked like older parents or grandparents. Even I just saw that crowd and I thought no. No I'm staying away. Away from that crowd that could become dangerous another thing. I wanted to mention just as I close here is stay well armed and make sure you've got a lot of Ammo when you are in the process of possibly having to defend yourself with a firearm. Don't forget ear protection because guns of all kinds are extremely loud, and you've got to watch your ears. Cover them up. have those little orange things you can kind of roll up in between your fingers and putting your ears. Protect your ears. Here's another thing, not only guns, but it seems like nowadays. Molotov cocktails are the rage, so it might be the thing to start stocking up on fire extinguishers and beef up your water supply around the house. Maybe put up a water tank so that if your house gets lit on fire that you can put out the fire somehow I think that's kind of a new chapter in survival ism at least in the suburbs and inner city. City in America. Today is watch out for fires, and you cannot count on firemen to do their job, and this is really unfortunate. Firemen used to be held up as these are good people. Everybody likes the firemen well. No longer I mean the firetruck trying to get through a mob. It's not gonNA end well and I'll never forget hearing about I think it was orphanage being built during the first nights of these riots that was set on fire. And if it's the same situation, I'm thinking about. The mob actually stopped the fire truck from getting there. So that's where we're at right now. Anyway I hope. You have found today's episode of the Survival Emotion Motion Podcast, educational and informative. I hear the music, so that means our time is up. Thank you for joining me, God, bless.

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