Chosen to Create: How to Renew Your Passion and Grow in Grace w/ Parris Bowens, Musician


There's things that we want for ourselves. That god wants more for you. But the problem is we see persecutor God means going from everything i love to do. And we don't understand. This guy is like i as your father. Wanna give you these gifts that you want but i got way more for you so i felt a lot of creativity in my prayer time. We're gonna pray. I'll take something like this clipboard. And i got cancelled. I'm sitting here sketching out ideas and guys giving me stories and songs music. Wait a minute been doing this sooner. How much more would accomplished how much more wealth i miss. Not on all things. A lot of was missed. What god really has for us. Because we think he's was be religious. He's it'd be religious deepen some kind of monk and guys like you kidding me. I know the plans. I have for their goods. Like i'll give you these to enjoy. But i don't want you to get him from ideology. I wanted to get them from me. You've just heard the incredible testimony of paris. Bowen's a musician composer creative artists and one of the most influential people behind some of the most influential music that you've heard in gospel r&b and beyond and he shared his heart with us in this episode. He has a incredible member of the garden. Gigs community from the get. Go but what he shares today is going to help you to live your best life to embrace the spiritual journey that you might be on even if it has twist and turns and realize that there's more ahead of you than behind you as a god centered creative. I appreciate him so much for his heart. And i want you to make sure you plug in and listen to every word of this interview. It's a life changing kind of episodes. Let's get right into artists musicians and creatives of all kinds looking for help bouncing your passion to create with your everyday life not sure if your faith can coexist with your profession. Welcome to a place where real artists discuss real life. You're listening to the garden gig. Show visit garden. Gigs dot com for show notes links and more information. Hello and welcome back to our show. Thank you so much for making this podcast. A part of your creative day whether you've been listening to us for years or you're just starting out this your first episode. I appreciate you. I know there's a thousand podcast. A million podcast out there that you could be listening to and you chose this one. It makes my heart glad. I'm super grateful for you if you're new to the show. Let me tell you why you're in the right place. If you're a faith focus creative. Creating music. Art whatever discipline. You're in inside or outside of the church but you have a spiritual foundation that you'd like to connect with your creative journey in your creative life. You're in the right place. We connect the dots between the spiritual the practical creative and the ministerial needs. You have we are all about being integrated and creating a place where you can feel at home so if you just heard me say something that resonates in your heart and resonates with you. You're in the right place. Okay so make sure you subscribe. Don't miss an episode especially because of episodes like this. this is why i tell people all the time subscribe. Don't wait for facebook or twitter to send you a notice. Make sure your subscribe to the show so win episodes like this that are ground breaking up episodes and interviews. You won't miss one. Okay so let me tell you once again as i said in the open why does interview is a must and will be a cornerstone of both your creative life and your spiritual life. First of all paris bowen's is not just another musician. He's one of the most authentic musicians and creatives ever met. He was connected with us. And i'm going to tell that story But eventually became a core member of the garden. Gigs book and he is a influential person in one of the most influential spaces as a member back in the nineties and two thousands of the soundcheck band which was the backing band for gospel legend. Tie tribute so tightrope picked up perez. And he'll tell you the entire story in this interview and then paris went onto work with so many other artists. You have heard all over the landscape from justin timberlake to kierra sheard to music soul child. Timberland to brandy and worked with everybody on and on he is one of the most respected muses musicians. Excuse me musicians and composers in the industry but his heart is so authentic and so connected to god into his purpose. That i can't continue to just talk about him. You got to hear his words for himself. So here's what you're going to learn from this interview. You're going to learn about. The history of how paris came to know tightrope but how he made a promise to vinci play with them and how that became reality you're gonna learn how he became adjusted to the inner circle working with gospel legends. Like thai for at hammond israel learning how he was able to deal with insecurity intimidation trust issues. Fear how he was able to overcome those situations even as he was working at the top of the industry. He's gonna go share his heart about some of the struggles that he's gone through even in the last few months as i'm recording in the pandemic and how he's found his greatest blessing in unexpected places. How he's rededicated his life to following his purpose and connect staying connected to god staying connected to his christian heritage in christian foundation. I'm telling you there's not a stone that will be unturned in this interview. You have to listen to hear the quotable. Sure you have some twitter Quotes ready that you can post and share with some friends that need to hear this and then share this episode with them as well and make sure you're taking notes that you can go back to after you hear this episode. This is one. You can hat the rewind a couple of times and marks from spaces where paris droughts both either a creative a business or a spiritual nugget that you're going to want to hold onto for the long-term okay. I hope i've explained enough. Let's get on to this incredible interview. With my friend peres. Boeing ladies and gentlemen. You have no idea how excited i ask because this interview has been five years exactly in the maki and Peres i'm gonna drop some things on you right now out of nowhere just to tell people that are listening to this. Podcast can understand like how god orchestras things. We've just mentioned that my church mitchell church has a know a wonderful pastor pastor mario less who are artists and we also have a wonderful technical director who of john roman and you may not even notice story as i as i introduced you right. I'm going to do with this story to try to knock you off a little bit. Because i think you know this so john roman comes to me. And he says you know there's this keyboard. Is this incredible musical director in a paris. we're down. I think brazil or someplace and he said. I think you'll be a great connection for your book because at the time i was again as i just told you five years ago working on this idea forgotten gigs and i said oh man i would love to talk to him but i just don't know easier fran. He's probably busy. and everything. When i said this man sent me a email which was basically a chapter a chapter not an interview. A chapter and i said i had to put his entire chapter in my book. So ladies and gentlemen one of the writers gigs. that's how you doing. Amanda was that a good inroad. That's how i love. That's how it happened. That's how it happened. Boy dot be john. He rags on me so much. What we gotta israel man. I love that. He said the same thing he made. Echinacea light yo. Yo you guys together would be incredible And i mean that was blessed man of to be a part of what you're doing First time being a part of something published so. I thought that was that was amazing to even be a part of that in the in the honored that you even considered me man is i mean so many more Amazing guys out there April i'm great man was awesome. I appreciate and again. Like i think i need to make sure i put you on the code right more often. I don't think i haven't put your name prominently enough. Because no and and i'll and i'll say this i get i know. Every time i do's interviews. I feel like oh man people just listening to talk but i think they need to know That these connections again are kind of connections. Because i have so much respect for you. And i did not. I will be transparent. I have heard you. But i had not heard you. You follow me clearly. I heard you work. But i was not one of those guys that likes like you know. I was scared of the inner circle. I was scared of like following guy trying to really get to know their sound. And so i would just read the credits real fast and then just kind of keep it moving so i but i knew that the people behind the music behind you know these these great albums that we've grown to love gospel and then obviously rb with anthony and all these people you've worked with. There's a sound behind it and there's a spirit behind this out so as soon as you started writing and opening your mouth brother s bounded started. Follow you i said. Oh this is where it goes from. And you had so much that you've already shared in my book so i'm not going to bore anybody with trying to reach entire resume but just for the people who've never met you first time ever their meeting paris bones. Tell them who are you what you are about. Just what you know. What do you feel. You'd want them to know in the first time they meet you. man Child guide love. I love the lord. don't people say that but everything fam i'll give them everything for god my career everything as much as i enjoy love music. I always say that. I follow christ Father husband ministers will but my musical career started philadelphia. My mom and dad and we did a lot street ministry growing up. We started up. But dad decided he didn't want to be a part of the politics of that cow nomination industry where we literally if it was sunol side. We have speakers in eight in two amplifies keyboards and we ministered to community so that was my whole upbringing and then one fateful night I i saw taibbi twelve thirteen years time tribute playing with another artist before he was a artists. No mike he was on. Keyboards happened around. Just like he do and ham in my boy data. Ray that is tribute ryan frazier moore drums. They will plan for choir and they were killed. I never heard that lucky. And i made about myself. I want to play with him one day and then no was started group. You know five. Six years later started on. Meet him at a night all those years when i'm about eighteen years ago. And he sees me and then bite's gonna be a part of the group and then from there of course the time the phillies seen congress blowing of filial associ- Connected with james poyser. The people like that. I met roots. Jill scott floetry. Mush ambrose is like and i begin to kinda cool with both its high end with Working in both arenas like while we work or not album. I'll be out touring with vivian. Green someone who different artists stuff like that and then of course when ties for a song a single no way it just seemed like the doors is cracked open in the gospel arena. In from there we went on the record. A life album degree live. Stand out. And then i think before that we did something called concepts and ideas real underground record. It wasn't scientifically but that was something. We didn't a friend's studio album wilbur. Jersey in that kind of kind of build some traction underground people kind of stopgap knows that way but i was with talking about ten years In through my connection tie. I met everybody else. I mean. who's who and gospel music. I mean israel kirk franklin. Mary mary jumping key has a walker. I mean everybody in gospel that i watched as a kid. I'm used to seeing watch. Batman was vhs tapes. We watch those. Those live conscious afraid him in pages. That was that purpose by design. Watson john peaky strength watching a show all of that. I've begin to be around those people And it was weird. Because we're i'm from my family. We were kind of like the least. I had the same way but like we weren't popular per se. We knew a lot of people. We had a lot of Because my mom and dad served so many people were known for their service. But we weren't the hit in in crowd. I wasn't used to the injury. Was it used to the attention that we ask you about that. Because as soon as you said that i was gonna start because when you mentioned meeting tie and then saying you know i want to play within one day and you said about five. How many years later. How i started. I started playing with ninety eight. So how would you added in ninety two so like yours so you're still busy. Eighteen years old basically fresh out of high school. I mean i'm more one job before. I start images music after that. Wow so you just want to started talking about your parents in this world that you're in you're in the church world but like you say all the sudden you're surrounded by the people that you're legends that are legends. That you that you that you have followed all your life. What is that like in terms of like just the way you approach Your own self esteem. Because i've talked to some guys that said i didn't feel any different because it was just church and it was it was music and i loved it. There's other people that said. I was intimidated. I didn't know if i belonged in the room. So which was it for you like. How did you handle that going from like you said kinda outside the circle to being does circle like you are in the middle of culture shock for me. Extreme culture shock one natural I've grown to be able to speak more like all of this fairly the new phase of life. The speaking being confident the do that extreme introvert. A stream oldest five kids. But i was always alone stream introvert. Quiet kept to my self. I'm comfortable going to myself kinda. I'm re comic books. I'm the weirdo. When it came when i went to school. I wasn't in the in crowd. I was with the one asian kid in my school. I was hanging out with him to one of the white kid. I was hanging with those keys. I wasn't a part of the circles. So i wasn't a part of the musicians circle even though i will play my best church the weekend. I wasn't in that crowd. So when i got tied one to see somebody who was one of your heroes recognizing i didn't know who's gay. I'm playing with another artists. My friend john in tyco's comes walking up. And i'm like this is the guy i remember seeing when i was twelve years old. He's the ties with the most popular musician in philly back. Then tie was doing everybody's because he was the mvp everybody's records record. He was in philly jersey area have tie and his brother and they wanna record was like. You're so i'm the guy that will be at the conference like part of a group that was playing for those concerts. We're the first artist that nobody even cared about item with a close you you you guys like okay. That was good. That was good baby. Let's get onto the guinea pig. I was houston that and nobody ever paid attention. You knew your friends but it wasn't like for you when you plant. When i got with tie we went from being relatively nobody in the audience. When you're playing now you put tyrod. People are crowding around instruments. Like what in the world is this in for me. It was a major. It was a major shock to my system in really actually wants to couple years in bro. I don't know how to handle this is too much. I'm afraid i always singing. It will come running onto the keyboard. He would turn on my keyboard because i'll be so afraid to be heard by now you'll be like no way and he turned up and i'll be like trying to have my keyboard behind the curtains on stage. I mean they brought me. They broke out of my shell. And i think the majority of my time with i was under massive intimidation because he was also when he came out he was so different from the industry. So everybody it was like we got pushed to the forefront. We will do concerts with ours with closing accident was say we're not closing after them. Big lou may the headline. Like i'm not going after them. So we're gonna go into never so we will always the front and with that. The band. his his band was the highlight of everything. So we got a lot of tension. And i wasn't used to. I'm like he will looking at you to perform. That's how my dad mom training. They didn't train me to they me to serve as i wasn't used to all of that it was how did that. How did you start to navigate. Because you know i was gonna bring that up. I love the fact that you would straight to the fact that even when you wrote the book i remember that you put that in capital letters that you felt fear like you had to overcome. That appear in tie helped you to see that serving. I'm saying this myself. And hopefully i'm wearing it right for you. Serving at that point meant stepping forward like to serve him and to be the guy that needed you to be the serve those people and to serve in the present the gospel the way he needed you to step up and that was actually you casting off the spirit of fear and taking authority and all that kind of stuff all those words right but my account to get to always think of the musician as listening right. I'm sure there's a musician that's listening. I said oh well. I would love to have that problem. The problem of having to navigate fear and dealing with intimidation on that stage. What do you say to the guy that still dealing with intimidation. And they're not on the stays like they haven't made it yet. They haven't made the connection and they're thinking the reason why i can never make. It is because i don't belong there like their enemies. So what would you say to that person. Who's like probably listening to you right now. Saying you know. I i'll never be picked. I'll never be the guy. Even if i'm practicing even if i've got the skill like he's he's the one that's hanging in the back is not even going to touch the keyboard cause of that. What would you say to that person. That's big. I always tell people will for one. I had to deal with time. I went to the free. He told me he said okay. Quick i got a bunch of the people who wanna what opportunities so similar to what you just said. He basically said to me. It sounds cold but that wasn't his. That wasn't he knew he was doing here. If you quit. I got a couple of guys what this basically let me know that you're going to lose this opportunity over. Fear may be confronted and basically at that point. I had to make a decision and my fear. Take this opportunity from me. Somebody else or will i face it and then move forward. I ended up making. 'cause i know it's a forced me to face it. One of the main things that help with that was preparation I've practiced a lot In learned some things so so to the person who who doesn't feel like they along the first thing is yet to ask yourself. Are you annoying for it. Is that you supposed to do. And a lotta times. People want what they see. Other people have doesn't quite meet as what you supposed to do. I forget i heard. I think might the muslim rosset. A tree doesn't eat the fruit bennett. Bears basically apple trees. Don't eat apples. In order to produce apples they don't eat apples. Sometimes the thing that brings you inspiration is different from the thing that you create. Wow so sometimes yet identified. Do you even have takes watt for my favorite guitar players in the game. You basically told me he said you ask you questions. You have what it takes like and when you put you cast a fear aside in things like that okay. I can hear myself. Come yogi patrick please. But He won't he'll he'll slamming open anyway but sometimes you have learned when you catch the fear side ask yourself at the court the love what you do you have a passion for this thing and i had to get to a place where you gotta love. I'll do this. Might pays me or not and if you have that then you really do have what you suppose. You really do have takes in which you have to do at that. Point is Sometimes you can create an opportunity. Like what i would do is treat every opportunity as if i made it will be orteig. Came one of the reasons why i believe tyrod was even able to see that i was the person for the job. Was the gig. That i had before him. I treated as if i was on madison square garden. Ira's music as if i was going to be on a big tour. I the rick van in a certain way and i played. We was in a church in west philly west philadelphia Church west philadelphia on a friday. Night what. Many people there. And i played. We were playing as if it was madison square garden. We treated it that way. Yeah and ty came and saw me in that spirit like Faith is a major major component to this thing He will ask me how you guys like. Faith is the main thing yet practicing in practicing doing what i do. In that regard the work single faith but you have the belief that you can be be honesty when i saw ty at twelve pm. Play with him. I put that thing out in the atmosphere in turn around and my favorite but in that timeframe from twelve to eighteen offer. Perry south britain works. I mean if our plan somewhere. And i could see him. After that i will drive me. I want to see tot mom and dad's robbie. I'll go see the ended. I would take back. There was players tape recorders. I'll recruit what are hearing. Do home practice into our tour taper hands-on that he was a part of. I studied in practice tai so by the time you came down from the hear me out ready. Yeah i had already put the faith in. I had put the work in to go play in literally. Super naturally turnaround. I would've never had a ten year career with him. Some of his biggest and most important records that really not lost his career. No way i wrote that. It was something that. I sat down when they plan the idea out and he starts writing to in became when the first thing that catapulted his own career so vague as a major our tone have faith like you start declaring speaking certain things but did not just have the corresponding action to go with it. If you want to believe you're gonna to prepare for the way you believe you can't you can't have what you say do. That's the you just nailed it. I mean new yard again. That's why i love your spirit because there's nothing in when you share stuff like this even when the book and then whenever you're sharing with other musicians and i'm watching you. There is a often tissot to that only comes from the time you put in right and i think i'm not gonna you know shame younger musicians any of that because sometimes we get on that whole you know. We did it back and like you said we used to have the tape. You all even know what. It's like to rewind and plus it again to technology nowadays that we though guys right what is something to that. There's something to that mentality of. You know six years. Seven years. Ten years prepping for this moment and i was actually on a new app clubhouse you know they got the new audio app this now. The people are dropping in all these different apps. So i was listening. Some people talk about our and the the you know everybody complains. There's no real music on the radio. Now obviously go take up on gospel. They are bieber any music people. Keep saying oh well all. I have to do now is just give viral or get on a tiktok and become influence or and i'll become good overnight and what the guy the anr rep on. This thing was saying is that y- he made a bunch of money in nine months now he's panicking because it doesn't know what to do next because there's nothing behind it so i love the fact that we're probably speak to some artists that date nowadays that viral and getting good at getting a Let's let's take the musicians getting on youtube. Getting a million getting chops. You know what. I mean getting on gospel chops and everything desk going to be successful. What i hear you saying is that that's not gonna work even now. You still have to do the work. The principle remains the same like the methods. The technology changes. Would you still gotta maintain the same principles and you can get a nice surge of a million views here. I mean i've had videos that enemy in a plague your mind you fall into that cycle of the way the social media thing works. I had one video could do thirty thousand views near the next one. You can't get through and then employed motions to make you nervous about that and really what. I'm learning consistencies in key in everything. those who win is the ones who keep going no matter what surgeon. The cycles happened. You just say come you. You already ready ready. Ready on about my wife might be this But you have to stay consistent through it. All and i think a lot of automations those who came up like we did. They likes you. Don't even know how to navigate these waters and and you know. I think one one of the main things you have to remain student. Of course i think of all Everything Not just in terms of playing in everything. I think you'd be remain a student. We're going to be an industry. Does business climate. You need to learn enough to navigate core principles like he diligent be consistent. Still practice For me i'm going back for me. One of the things. I really learned. Now i'm going back to some studies like i'm going back to oscar. Peterson study going back to art tatum. I'm studying latin I love latin music. And it's something. I've never really been able to play will but i'm giving myself things to challenge being. Keep me and then. I'm still them study. Somebody's yogurt musicians. That's coming out killing like you can always learn from anybody on but those incorporates was like stay inspired you stay inspired Keep working towards something. And then i'm also in a place of giving back at that point right now. One of the things have really really. He's inspire is actually talking to the younger generation. I actually love love sharing my experiences. My stories and you watch their eyes light up because you can imagine the days that we were coming up if there was a camera following us for what we were we were experiencing see. They don't have any. They don't have any documentation that stuff like. They have everything that for now but they would have loved to our loved being roma fred hammond in his life when we were you know if i have been in a room for him at a seed that behind the scenes is a love watching. Dvd's in watching the behind the scenes of on this a little bit. What was the band doing. And now they have enough but what we wish we had. They have an abundance of it. And so one of the things that i get from a lot of people. I talk to them online. They all want to know about sound to error. Like that wasn't on social media. Didn't get to see me with tie and rehearsals on monday. Nights at l. buckling candidate. That was ami for me i cry. Sometimes i'm like man. Those are some ethic times did you is it though. That's a key. Did you know that. It was epic at the time. Or were you just in the moment because i i think that's why we don't appreciate it. Why now when you get back and you say that was literally the foundation of an era. You just you. Just in the moment i think. Sometimes that's a guy thing that he doesn't let if you'd known how incredible that was. Maybe you wouldn't have treated at the same. Maybe it would have been too overwhelmed. I agree okay. You one hundred percent on it well for us now. I can't speak for all the rest of the band is here so we can all cause you not as You like your mind. Changes like you process things differently like wait a minute. I always thought we all same about everything all together but as we get older. And when i hear there's to this side of the story i'm like may your view of this thing very differently than i was admitted. Appreciate it it was like. Oh that's what you took away from it. That's what i take away from it. But for me when i was chair about stage it didn't matter the moments that were may best season. My life precious. It had to do it. The gigs per se. I have you enjoy so much more. The rehearsals hotel rooms. I'm talking about when we were sharing motel rooms because they couldn't get us all roses too many of us. Yeah that's what like eleven twelve musicians and then twenty choir members. We never could get a tour bus coach the whole time so he's never really comfortable but we were so close in everything that we built in. That was genuine from guys. You patty patty. i'm gonna do. He was someone. take over. zoom of you We literally with family man. And when i talk to me. I've had a chance to talk to noel hall. I worked in the product and one of my heroes and me and worked together. And i sent hotel room him and eric reid in them jobs would tell stories about fr- and i'm like this is the stuff i wanted to know like. When you hear from those cats everybody had a camaraderie and it was relationship. So what we see today was social media. A lot of it is opportunistic. Hit from it. But they don't have that relationship factor that we had a so. You cut like for me right now. My band time spicy chicken. Everybody's from home but we're not quite together. You know like you cut from north euchre from you could from there. But we're not close. We don't get the hang out. When i was soundcheck we ate everywhere together. We slept together. We i mean if you had a girlfriend. We knew her very well. She'll be mad at me because her too much like it was so many dynamics in that came out in our music. Yeah it came up so there were times without get up like one of our favorite like track. Walkways quest like we could sit in. The car had a cutlass here. When was over the almost the oldsmobile cutlass. He had that thing for years is dad gave it to him and it was one of those cars that had the front the front seat you. It was a long front seat so three people. Because have i remember yep and we will crop soundcheck with pack in anthony. You will have like four or five members in the back three but sitting in the front and we just cranking out trout quest on a way to gauge rehearsals. And then we will get to a gig. We never rehearsed the practice. This will be like y'all. Let's start playing a track recitation. In the whole banja the it will be manny. I wanna zoom by the see. But i'm so that's the really lent to people who have And it wasn't so much that we've heard so much as much as we were together. Yeah and all of that fed are sound. And that's how we came with the name soundtrack to because we will come up with ideas and sound shit and then tie was signal say soundcheck essay play which i didn't soundcheck while at weight and it kept creating ideas in ever heard that we we didn't sound. It'll be what we would do it this concert night. Every one thousand some people out there. We're doing just jumping off bridges ideas and we just. We just had released. The relationship gave us a face like that. If we didn't have relationship i wouldn't trust spanky if i know it's wrong. Idea is fifteen thousand people a. Let's just do decided if you can't do that and that really listen to what that sound was so that was a basement full time in my life and it only happens Stuff like that happens more than what's like every opportunity to have a situation like that that moment in history where and we didn't know what the impact was going to be at all. It hasn't do people in audience having to do with our things with each other. Yeah i was gonna say. Yeah i want to tell you number one. Please say that idea about the documentary. Solid documentary my hair. When you say get the band together and talk about your experiences please steal that idea and just make it make it happen because that'd be incredible for all of us again because i think when we see you know you can look back at motown great degrade that. What was that outstanding shout motown and all these other great funk brothers and everybody when you see them get back together and you see the smiles and you feel you. I'm so glad you touched. On the relationship thing especially number one says we're recording during the pandemic. Maybe people are lessening. Hopefully when they're listening this is you know we got a vaccine. We finally get to sit in the same room together right. But i i think what i think. That's one of the things we could probably touch on is now number one social media. Has everything splintered. We all think in our own little bubbles and now we're literally in bubbles because of you know trying to stay safe and everything. So what do you do now to kinda keep yourself refreshed. You mentioned playing different music I know you're a incredible multi creative like you right you you draw you have so many things and then of course you've got your ministry. So how do you keep that fire burning now that you don't have those same relationships what's what's driving you. Now as far as creatively and keeping that thing bubbling up. I hope you're enjoying this incredible interview. But i wanted to make sure i took some time to tell you how you can make sure you also find success as a creative going into the new year as recording. We're right at the end of twenty twenty and many of us have seen the most difficult and most pressing circumstances we've ever seen but there are still new opportunities still new things that we can be doing in the coming year and twenty twenty one that will ensure our success that will make us stop hesitating and stop being frustrated in. Move into our calling with confidence. And i wanna help you to do that. 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But we're going to be sharing one of the most impactful lessons that we have learned and how you can make twenty twenty one your best year ever so register right away at got engaged dot com slash twenty twenty one training. Remember it's the numbers. Twenty twenty one training go right now and register so you could be a part of this special event where we're going to give you the answers and the solutions you need to make twenty twenty one your best creative year ever now. Let's get back to our conversation with paris. I know you're a incredible multi a creative like you right you you draw you have so many things and then of course you've got your ministry. So how do you keep that fire burning now that you don't have those same relationships. What's what's driving you. Now as far as creatively and keeping that thing bubbling up while i dodd with him Regular everyday life you so busy you can't. We all loved out. You know for most part. But we can't give him the time he was because he had work tour on it with everything slowing down and actually gave me like slid time with god. That might yo the hour. That i wanted to take what you before i couldn't do and when i do when i do spend that's how a guy he actually releases things to you that we would like. Why was i running from you. So long you'll give me liberty downloading wealth note download. There's things that we want for ourselves. That god wants more free. But the problem is we think God means going from everything i love to do. And we don't understand is guys like i as your father wanna give you gifts that you want but i got way more for you so i found a lot of creativity my prayer time. I will go to them. Time and i keep sketched. Hugo radio prayed. I'll take something like this. A clipboard. And i got pencils and i'm saying sketching out ideas and god's giving me stories and songs wait a minute doing his sooner. How much accomplished how. Much more wealth missing out on all things. A lot of was missed. What a god really has for us. Because we think he's religious religious is wants to be a deepen some kind of monk. And you kidding me. I know the plans. I have for you. They're good like i'll give you all to enjoy. But i don't want you to get him from ideology. I wanted to get them from me. And so the lord's like recenter. My focus and start of the season resurfaced vision. Let's sit dormant my cartoon. I've actually been able to do a lot more of it because i'm home now. And i'm in control of my schedule. My trish we record all of our virtual stuff adequate everything here for the most part. Okay do edits in track up to the band. Everybody because we're home. We put on a gun. I control my schedule my time much better and so now i'm like okay. This time to animation. I'll it's time to writing allocate it's on ultimately my family My wife and my children. I get so much inspiration. Just going to sit on the couch with just that alone that period of resting allowance rejuvenate allows you to refocus and then giving it's pure joy and so it literally allowed for the record. I don't watch a lot of new news and tv. Like i used to annoy. Fear comes from here. You'd like they don't know how to tell you. No good news. It can be something amazing happening in every until because you'll get a raise other. We had the shut that off. You know and spend more time on. Like i pick and choose what we watch and what we see and we get a lot from whites on my kids. And i'm i've literally been more productive in this season and i have been in my entire career and there's stuff that literally i'm the release Oh my god soon my my my me and my partner we're able to build a we have a tv network that we just launched is apple is on apple roku all. That's the fire. Stick to the deal. Where now. Because i've been trying to get my cartoon the other networks and i'm like yeah well let's do that and we did a two year deal with adult company caught three sixty wise tv and it's on every can get all over. The app is amazing. Is like so battler. Said is launching. But i also have show worship extinct live. Launching is kind of like a new bobby jones type experience in in so many things that other shows we launched is like. I could've have done this though. Pre pandemic time. So if you if you feed into the noise and the news it discourage you and make you think the world's going to end but if you if you're a person that serves guys. Can you know that these their seasons. It's it's going to pass question is what are you showing in the season. What are you sewing. And you think. Jacob jacobs he sold in time of famine and he had more crops in that time the most people ever had because he did it in fate and i think what you do in faith in this season. Will i promise you this thing. Open up you will see more millionaires. I believe there's a wealth transfer happening for the guy. That's gonna be incredible if you take. He the data saying in the season. You gonna win. I might. I can't tell you what i see for ten years. Glory give me a glimpse of it. And i'm like okay. Somebody elections under so scared me. None of the don't bother me it would. It would initially be if i had not really a sinner myself but now my god give me so much faith. Hope like stick with me. Houses built on a rock. You're good man. There's like you just said the the re-centering the ability for the church and for individuals and the churches kingdom people in the kingdom to step back and say you know there's so many versus where jesus says i wanna shake not not only will i shake earth. Shake heaven right. That won't be you house. On the rock thing house we've seen in scripture over and over and for speaking obviously the creatives alleluia just had a call today with one of my best friends who she's an amazing writer she's out in texas. Now we were just talking about. How so many. Even the multimillionaires are not sure what to do. The people that we always look up all the the tech giant's and everybody else all those things those you mentioned that like we make into idols who make success into idle and so all these people that we counted on. Oh i just need to follow this guru or this or this person even if some of these pastors people that we you know we consider to unfortunately we put them up on a pedestal. Right and then they don't have the answer and then we'll wait a minute. I had the answer. Although i mean we have a bible that basically told us that you know in this world have tribulation but don't be afraid of overcome the world like he already told us pitcher. I love future. Yes i love the path again. I'm speaking to creatives and the musicians people who again. I always try to go back to say okay. What does that person need to hear from you. And i think part of it which is step back us what god already put it in your head used that prayer time us every centering time to keep being created. Because you're doing more now than ever before with all your gifts and talents but I want to ask you also about this. Because i always like to think about okay. You got to this moment where you could say you got your family. You got your a beautiful a time where you've kind of seen we're got his moved. You always want to say okay. What was the low point Always like to ask you. Because i know some someone's listening and they're like okay. That's all good payers. I get it you you you're connected with god. You got awesome. Things happening by always want to say okay. There's a mountaintop there was also a valley. So there's someone listening right now is like okay. That's not my story man. Can you give them something where you had also overcome that valley moment so that they can see that they can reach a place where you like right now. Yes sir. Well reconnect that. I had to be disconnected so Really this year was really This was like this. Year was a catalyst to gear which so for me all the stories when my main issue was pornography another one was. This was a depression. Major anger bitterness. Either things that. I struggle with all throughout my entire journey tie. These are things i would deal with in in those seasons. Like part of the reason why. I was such a loner in. I've dealt with a lot every gardening and of course i got introduced point very a young you new back in the days when those magazines you find was magazines or something like that. You see some useful to see in you. Just can't unsee what you saw and therefore you wanna see more so that'd be. That was a struggle. That i've had for for about twenty almost thirty years. I'm for turn forty this year. So what happened was i'd. That's a very very very dark place last year. I mean everybody talking mental health. You know that's nothing new. I'll believe that there is a yeah. That's the thing But ultimately. Because i'm a believer in christ. I know that the these are spirits. That you don't with And so you don't wanna believe you deal with these things you don't wanna admit to it vacuuming Talking about these things. I believe there are some friends who have gone on i. I had a friend in the past week because of suicide Dealing with these things he was crying out for a long time but none of us listen by pay attention so i was kind of coming into that police. I got to a point where i got so frustrated with church. It was almost like and i always get the example. That crazy last year. As like thinking about if i visited popeye's remember when popeye's head that surge with them sandwiches that being it didn't make sense to me like why was i by about this chicken sandwich and i never cared about it and i'm never going after church. I try to go by wanted. The line was coming around the block. And you couldn't get one by the time you got to the window or we don't got no more and it was like you know sort of that you come back earlier you out at the same idea and you could get the sandwich you finally got. The sandwich is enjoy. It was not as good as i thought it was with. Everybody made it to be the point. Making his felt that way about church. Like i'm coming to church. But the thing and i'm coming to get is not here. I got diabetes. Since two thousand twelve op suffered for number one when i was diagnosed house wrongly diagnose is an outside to one so four years. I'm taking the wrong medicine going back and forth to the icu in their beat me up. Why don't you don't want to do. I'm like i changed my diet. This in the medicines wasn't working because my pancreas is completely dead. So i find it back to catch catches says your tight one. This genetic thing But you just had an occasion and that occasion for me was i went to a lot of bitterness was going to a lot of anger stressing bitterness at the time the industry let me down. I was frustrated. My son was born the youngest one that will try and come in premature magical to secure my son tim of life support. He's going to have a quality life so we've been all distressed In its first year of growth. And i felt my body change. And that's what kicking from them. My life is not going to say. The same ops suffered things is is very bad. I mean there's all kinds of stuff that came from it. So i got to a point where you going up you ask them for prayer and healing and nothing changes in my lord. Island causes soul. Why do i have it in. I'm going to you know is like constantly. Come into the house of god. Like where's this anointing. And so last year acuff ill. I felt death a lot last year. I like a spirit hanging off my back. I feel like i was like philadelphia and died. Live and i've got to a point. Where like top a year december january. I remember saying to myself. You know what man. I'm doing this whole thing. I'm doing this walk with christ. It doesn't work. There's no power no announcing it seems like everybody who is in any of the kind of way they have success. The they're living it up. I mean i'll turn their offers to do certain jobs because my integrity and i'm watching everybody who doesn't have any announcing integrity ages prospering. But i'm suffering so i. I made a decision in my heart. I'm walking away from this thing. I want from the i'm good and i felt the holy spirit in that moment like a hand my chest. Basically let me know you do this. You're not gonna make it back. And i'm standing also He said you don't you're not you. You never be afforded luxury of being prodigal son you you get the chance to go and live it out in comeback this this spiritual death and i felt like a man at the edge of a cliff right before the jump balls and i could feel. I felt the wind in my face from the world. It was it was crazy. It scared me to miami to code. I fell down and retentive before the lord cried out said no god i just needed your presents. You on the voice our missing you like everything was just coasting. Yep you know. I'm not. We're not going deep in you. There's not enough power. Nobody's being hill. My son is still walk. he's nine years old but he can't walk. He got several calls. Where is your power who walk. You don't need like at the moment. I repainting came back to myself. Lord lord begins. Who at that point speaking to me this right before everything happened with colby and it was like because i came to that moment and please had had. He not arrested my attention at their own. It had to kobe. I don't know that. I would have not been out on the streets writing and acting crazy but then at that point the lord started recent on my focus and i had a this about this learning this year. And i've been a follower of christ for about twenty years been church on my life. Will i remember going to answer. Do my heart to lourdes. Twenty years ago. When i was about eight but i learned that you can be a follow christ and not be converted possible to be a follower of christ and not be converted. And the reason why scripturally. I found out when peter Jesus said the peter he said when you converted strengthen your brothers to peter after me for three years you saw all these mayor of wonders a you mommy. That man was not converted. No he was a follower but he wasn't converted and peter after he denied christ then he encountered after he was converted. But i found out following all these years i had experienced a real conversion. I didn't become a new creature and what happened was palm sunday. Kobe cova down. We got shut down. I fell into almost dark depression. And i'm like god it just felt like the end of the world. Yep oh my god. What every sports they shut. Now music tours. I'm like i never ever thought. I would see it in my hope. Just completely just went dark and i remember on sunday. We knew we. We're not gonna do eastern like wait a minute. What is the biggest time for church. Never in my life thought. I would see that when palm sunday came. Everybody's we had the service virtual served in the press after the service. This is crap this is nuts went into a dark moment. In one of my best friends went on he went live on instagram. And said he was preaching. But i was listening to you because i'm like trust spirit. Okay but he was like yo after he finished preaching out really care about the preaching. I was over it. It was so much it was more of his spirit and it was like yo he features and he said any organic good shows to watch. Is sunday night aco at. You'll have it. Check out the chosen chosen. He was like yeah. It's it's it's a show a serialized show about jesus. What the documentary. He said no. It's like something that's on. Hbo the quality's there he said. Jesus is a real. It's like they made a real jewish Rela white guy who you know where so i was. I was grabbing for straws. Say the check it out. He sitting at at and i watched the first episode. And every time. I talk about this bro. I get emotional. I if you seen the show you understand what i'm talking about. But the whole show the whole episode. Jesus he wasn't known a whole he wasn't in the show and i didn't know that the show is about the people who were following. It was more about the people's perspective of jesus who were actually called by jesus. So you're watching you was't simon. You're watching mary. Watch it mac you and you watch the nicodemus. Why and where jesus so. It gets to a point at the end of the show. The woman who played mary she was going by a different name. She was mad demons and it was so well done music. Everything and i'm like. I'm waiting like when we will get to. The end of the show was good. Like where's jesus gets at the end of the show and she finally gets to point where she's done. She wanted drinks. You drink this demon out in. He's such as a hand and tells her that's not for you. So when jesus shows up her demons get rouda. She goes to run out of the bar and has she's running under the bar slow mo jesus followers are out of the bar and while she's running. He calls her name but the whole show. They've been calling her lilith he calls her. He says mary and when she hears her name she stops. She turns around. He says mary of magdala. He called her name. I called you by name. That went on my when. I heard him call her name. I didn't hear her name. I heard paris well and then she turned around. He came to her and grabbed her. He pulled her inserted hunter saw deliver. It's happened right there at that very moment. My deliverance happy. Depression fill the anger that i had been struggling with my entire life. I sat there and cry. In that moment. I became a new creature literally. Something different happened to me. I didn't know it was going to. The episode went off after he hugger and i was on the ground in tears as he had called. My name is something broken me bro. And when i say from that moment from palm sunday i was not under. I have not been depression. Something i struggle with my entire life almost and then shortly after that he deliberately from pornography and i have struggled for twenty eight years. And i'm telling you it just changed everything and my life has been completely i got lured is reintroducing to my purpose who i was and to begin instead of me. Run into porn payment. I begin to make him my secret. I will look where. I would spend time in those places. Our was with him in the lower start teaching me. I've been writing books out. He got me. I mean literally. He reported to me the things that he used to live. He's like now. Give back to church so when you hear me go online. You can be certain things after that shortly. Course george floyd you know the whole thing happened with him right. Just was a stern uproar. Allow he wanted to know how i felt about everything now. Like i said prior to that moment had you to call me up privately. Been out there crazy riding on crazy He will ask me how. I was mortified man to see that video just completely crush me to see another human being the human being. But i wasn't in anger like like our probably have been. I was more sad. And i saw from god's perspective one of his children killed on his shoulder and i was like the lewis. I change in my view. Why was looking at things from the ground up. But i'm looking at everything from from heaven. Now my compassion heart not just for black people for the white people for is like. He changed my whole capacity to love in a way that to forgive that i could not do among strength before and From that place the way you hear me speaking now. I mean i've always been a man of faith. Conversion is different. It's like one is some point. I was doing things among shift but now it's not in my own. Stripped is by his spirit. I'm living in. This is completely changed everything bro and so that was a very dark place for me like this depression pornography in anger business even my marriage. This is the best shape my wife. And i set celebrate sixteen years in september. And you know you've been married for a certain amount of time. Y'all know how to fight good man. You're preaching to the choir. I'm heading on a twenty four next month. May and yes we we. We know how to draw the battle lines and when it goes to our corners and when the bills go to radio is learning how to fight the right way. I guess because we don't fight but man you said so much. I wanna go back before you talk about. 'cause i mean i just heard your in that whole testimony to things it patterns on my head again. I just. I just go off the cuff here at a luggage brother. 'cause new you speaking to me and we gotta talk after this and just get get go before lord. Because because we're we're appeasing pod in this situation and what we deal with as men as christian men as fathers as as people and again. I'm so glad you started from very beginning. We start talking about it. That it's we look for this in the church and we're not bashing the church by the way anybody's listening. We have people listening from all walks of life and all kinds of face. We're not bashing christianity. I think one of the things that we get in trouble with as musicians and ask people in the church unquote right is that we become so dependent on the culture that we missed out on the christ we missed the culture of church is a different animal. Then then person that we are worshiping and so is culture. And so what. You're saying. I remember you talking about when the When the pandemic happened we couldn't go to church right. We couldn't go in so now the culture that we depend on for all of this self identity is gone. So who are you when you can't play the a man. Who are you know what i mean. I think a lot of us. Not just you me. A lot of us creatives musicians any any walk of life where people are used to that be found out who we really are. Because like okay the temple i mean oh i don't wanna go here i want wanna get. I don't get in trouble. I want to get all my three lessons. I leave it alone. But i'm just saying when the temple is gone when that when you can't get in. How can we sing in a strange land right. So that's what. I heard it my spirit when you're talking about that. And then the person the the ability for us to admit and go to that place where we have nothing god is broken down and i've been there bro. Trust me there are so many times. I've been crying and that car. I don't wanna i don't wanna go there because again. This is the podcast. I want people to see your heart. Hope to hear my heart and hope the here at the heart of men that are willing to face the darkest parts and in god still there with a light guy is still there with their light in the missed the darkness. And so if you're listening to this let's just say right now number one. We're praying for you perez. I mean i we. We had to close out with a prayer. I don't ever do this on the podcast. But i feel like already moving in that direction But we need to let these people know that are listening men and women that there's light at the end of that tunnel and only resumed that tunnels because you're walking in the right direction. You think you're lost. I but you are going to war the light and just an and the enemies only job is to try to keep you from walking forward. Like that's all he's trying to do and for you to see that movie again. A created as part of my head my. Add shooting off for you to have someone who created a movie same thing put together the actors and did all that and walked out and fate and created a movie. That was your pathway. Forgot to speak. I mean if any creative thinks that is not what you're doing is not important. Data to rewind that part because the movie was what god used. Y'all i was going away. Grow and i can't even i watch that show. Every week like is eight episodes. They were growing season too. I wanna go find it. Because i've had twenty now. I have to watch it. watch it. i'll say this. And i go back for the record. Even when i was going through my dr season. I had an amazed past. Mcmasters pastors incredible Pass through my church is incredible. There are some of the most sensitive people But they're still sometimes when you're going through some things even people who do mean well who are genuine who are really the real deal not my savior. Yep and sometimes we put more faith in the preacher in the past than we do. Jesus jesus wanted to do. Was i had always now big issues in my life is. I always made an idol out of by leaders out autumn. My dad tie israel all those while usa. What happens you make a these men and they disappoint you. Because they've been nipped happens is then you think it's all this whole thing working and god wanted me to get past that so my the past. The arctic is incredible one about such a good friend easily semi who sits and listens. When i go talk to and pray your date so they were praying for me. And i do believe that the craze that we're going up was part of what helped break me but even even though you can have people rain-free dark place you still a fine. Jesus it and it was the lord himself that was like you pass not gonna do it. Your wife ain't gonna do it. You ain't going to be mean deliver it. It was like during lockdown in my home. Yeah inhabit alter kotze happy. It didn't happen in front some possible. Some visit it didn't happen. It was directly from the lower end. It was crazy like you said from a movie. I'm like i the whole whereas and then he shows up at the end. I mean literally. The last three minutes of the show he shows up in. It was so powerful in potent and the funny thing. I'll go watch the episode. I'm like maybe it was just me efforts on board emotional. Maybe only happened. In every time. I watch i could maybe every time i watch it. It takes me back to the moment. I'm like. oh my god look. That was a real. Whoever had this whoever whoever did this show had those Though it an. I wanna watch the rest of the show experience more breakthroughs as i watched the show it will all eight episodes. I mean blew my mind. So it's so for the record my pastor. I have an amazing church where pastors amazing. I really believe because i was in the right environment. In terms of the church was still spare me occupy weight off left. He was someone in there. Yeah he was shooting all feel that it's like it's like it's like we're we're going through it but we don't know what's on the outside would have got to us. Have we not been in lease into shield of those prayers and things of that going on around you man. This has been so. I don't know how long we may go. But and to apart to a real quick. You'd missing it so you went. I love you so much man. Very few people have the courage to to be as vulnerable on public. Foam like this as you are. So thank you number. One number two I never liked to finish in the valley because obviously we go back to the mountaintop. So you gave me a valley. Now gimme one of those mountain tops. I couldn't believe i got here. It could be any tour. It could be any experience any musical thing that have to be musical but just tell me one of those moments. Where kinda puts you at the mountain at the top of your right like you know praised got. I had no idea this was possible. Like just give me a notice gabia dozens hundreds but just give me one so people can hear like again like how how how how things turn around so quickly and you can like to say one moment you saw how much could be blessed in just that time in that time. Well you know given again where come from kind of the least expect to be an industry like this. I was going to be doing disney and the animation. For in fact i'm doing music got interrupted that But the top of this year was a highlight. A major highlight About september this september. Last year i was makir. We're going to her. We were together. I worked at. I was in vitro working on her this album. That's out now. And i remember being in my hotel room and get a dm from lord. Emma s graham and notice is basically like hey man we love you videos without what you pose. We will play the twenty twenty nine. And i'm like excuse me now. I've been in this career for a long time. Twenty years with a lot of people have never done any endorsement. type thing. that nature I think i tried one time with roll into something. But i didn't even i don't i never cared much that time stuff. It wasn't a big thing for me. Like i like playing so i like get an endorsement. Means you're gonna be stuck at one instrument or like i like. I like playing everything i don't want to commit. I don't want to commit right. So i never really chased the thing. We've always wondered why they will see me overtime. Okay when it was their motifs triton season that was then when it came out with israel it became all roads. because that's what the band was using But what happened was when i got with anthony. Hamilton when i was predict predominant talks organi needed an organ we try. We had a rolling vk. Senate oregon favorite So nobody like sounds. I remember going to the story. And i found my nord electro for the had a nice oregon engine it just sounded like off so of course as got the when i bought it. I love posted with. It wasn't big enough in about it. You post them all the time so i had no idea it was. He didn't care sling. Inbox me and say complete. Twenty twenty nine you know. We went through the whole particular in my seat. And i'll never forget Hearing that when i was here i was like wow. And i'm like when i finally had a discussion with nor people you would think okay. They're endorsing because all of my credentials. And what i've done at that season. At that time. I wasn't auto tours. I wasn't no major gig. I was literally just at my church. I'm not in a tour wave season. i'm not in a visible. I'm not on the rue particular records. Anything of that nature. Best this question me out front. They simply wanted me for me For the on instagram. And they found out later on that. Oh my god you gotta crazy resume. You know so. That kind. Of when. I i'm never forget the name and you know if you've ever been a crazy that one year i went out is crazy. One hundred and fifty thousand people throughout the whole week. That whole situation in his huge every musician you can think of from around the world famous This there so. I never get get into nam first day. And you walk up to the booth and you see nor had a nice big booth and always have a really visiting boop but this time they had a nice sizeable huge banner and my to see my name up there on a banner what i'm used to. I'm used to working with artists. Walk of this their name on a banner. Yeah you walk up and you like. I never just had tears like lower this thing. That isn't that what people think it is for me. I'm a kid that come from a small neighborhood. I've been molested bullied rob. I've been through so many things that should have taken me out in effect that the lower would honor me and allow me to sit up there and play music that matter to me that was my that was nobody else's name behind someone else's name and not only that he gave me favor with the company. My other would have got mad. Nord's like he. There was no words. I got like three but it hasn't been. It's not about the endorsement to me. It was about god same paris. It's not about tie. israel and hamilton is. This is you this is for you and it was like for me. That says i can tell other people. If you're somebody who come from where i come from. I even told the people. I knew it when i got to do my show. I'd rather mike. I say those guys who don't think you could ever be up here. I'm a testimony for you that you can be as opposed to be here. I flunked theory. I can't read music. What am i doing here. I want to create jobs high school for visual arts. And i do. My career is more accessible than people who went to school for busy still. I'm like this is a guy thing and testified about that. I said if you have faith and you will leave with god all things of possible possible and so this is this has been the endorsement is it has nothing to do with what god has promised to me harris. I see you. I got you i can take you places you never that you never thought you can go in in that place. I met so many people may still be more relationships that we're not trying to get me to do another artist thing they like for you this past you you we want you we want you and i'm like wow god me now i'm gonna like the attention but god will still he will put you in places you don't think deserve to be in if you trust if you have faith and so that that is i've had other stories of highs been apart of grammy award winning records and things that they should but to me. This one was more valuable. Because this wasn't somebody else's name on the marquee. This is my name and the viruses. That will make your name great. And it's not that. I mean my name greet angry and i believe that he has that For you guys as well man so beautiful man in the verse again. I told you that you know. I feel the spirit all over this podcast and again i don't i i'm very i hate to say it. I'm very careful. Because i know how deep this can go. I don't have anybody to get like. Oh well i was attending church. But that's what it is right without without a saying it. That's what we're really doing. We're imparting deliverance and freedom just by share your story and the verse that popped into my head was initially was that he he bases the probably gives grace to the humble it. He exalts to humble and humility that you've shown again by being so transparent sharing story and then number two and the way you served and all those other capacities under tie with israel and everything. You've never made it about you and let's just be honest. This is four now for a second is always good to put the counterpoint. There are a lot of musicians. And maybe that's why they're struggling. Because why can i get onto ameinias because instead of you making it about you. You made it about about peo- serving and i'm just putting that kaplan. That's what i see. I see god exalting you because you are always about exalting him and serving others rather than exalting yourself like that in all the history i've read and now knowing you really feeling like you're my brother. Just get us talking without talking. I mean talking without talking through instagram. I- sensitive and more than ever so Like i said. I never before but i just feel move debt just just as as we close out. Can you just say a prayer for any of those musicians that are facing what you were facing What you were facing what you've overcome at says this is the first again. This is the first guys invite listeners. Podcast you know. We don eighty something episodes with with with with spirit led people. Okay none of them. Not saying those people didn't have spirit but this particular episode first time. If you don't mind you know let's just say something to those guys to to god for these people who are listening right now absolutely father. We call you because you are father. You didn't leave us. You're not impersonal. Got you you. You are big personal. You love us. you know each one of us individually. I don't know speaking to that. And you know what the need is you know where the heart song i honestly would have magnified because you are an amazing unit nathan king. You are good jesus unto you and so we lean on the good father and I asked the where you found me and my dark place the way you rescued me when i was walker for cliff announced by the nickel bad decision to walk away from you you put it. You put your hand on my chest and you stop me. And i asked that anybody's at the end of themselves. God you would rescue them that you would stop that you would speak to their hearts and they will continue to know how you feel about how much you loved him was sent fresh. You made for them and that they are more than what they think they are. They are greater than i think. They may be forgotten. they'd be left out. They may be the least in their circle but the battle. Ucla lord grison. The kingdom of god is the one who disturbing all if they will. Just go back to that place and it was served in remember you. Their services not undermanned. But you the guy that you would favor them. You will give them grace to prosper in that you would exalt them in due time you say that i not to be wearing well-doing for inducing we show if we faint not and you know the practice of the presence of things that we were going to wouldn't be compared to the glory that shall not be revealed around us with us lena truscott restore their favorite printed this interview help them to be more restored them gig encouragement from that. They're not the only ones that listen. There's somebody out there who bent through some stuff and made it through if you were in a dark tunnel right now. He walking do not stop. Do not give up. You gonna find like you're gonna find it as long as you do. Not quick and i thank you god that you heard our printers. You always hear my pre baking for doing this for me on behalf as as a friend for them using a great eamon. Wow brother this is why this is. Why i gotta. I don't wanna give john room anymore credit. Because he's listening right now he's going to be yeah was on me. No john all got eggs we give them both sets a man of faith himself. I forget but again. Just thank you brother. I cannot thank you enough. This cannot be the last time clearly. We have way too much to talk about. And so much more revelation things again both music and spiritual that you you you again. The reason why. I knew this was a god connects again. A beginning is because of what you just shared And just i prayed that god will continue to double the blessing on your life. Because of everything you're sharing and i hope you're gonna come back and do it again on this four-man because your your family that's all me. I think you man. I appreciate your art in what you're doing grow avi macrumors. Doing i was like thank god somebody is doing. The same thing is huge bro. Saying like you said. I didn't feel worthy didn't Did it did it. Did it scared still doing a scared. But but guys give me grace and people around me that are that are blessing me like you maso. Thanks again brother my friend. I cannot tell you how much this meant to me. I can tell you that. We've never as i said in the interview. We've never really created a space for a moment like that. You just heard but it was clearly god thing and i don't apologize for it at all a matter of fact. I believe that this was exactly what you needed to hear in faith no matter when you're listening to this that this reached you at the right time and you heard what you needed to hear. Paris shared so much about the history of what he went through and how he became the man and the musician he is today. More importantly i think this is all about moving forward what this is going to do for you forward and what you can do in your creative life and your life around people that are in your influence your spirit employs. Who can you impact with this kind of teaching. This kind of knowledge is kind of perspective if you do the inner work and work on yourself and make sure that your faith and your creativity and your life and your testimony are all linked together and really just dig deep and find that place where you know that you're doing what you're call to do. I believe you can be just as influential as peres has been both in my life in the life of so many other people around him and so with that. Make sure you follow everything paris. Doing his links are in the show notes for his website his music and all the things he'll be doing in the future and social media that you can follow make sure you connect with him stay connected with him. This is not the last time we'll have perez sharing in community. But you gotta stay connected with us to find out when that will be so also make sure that you follow along with us on all social as well. all those once again are in the show notes but there's nothing else i can add to this. We're recording at the end of twenty twenty so we may be not seeing your hearing from you for the next couple of weeks. Maybe you're going to be taking vacations spending time with family. So i wish you a merry christmas and a very happy new year in that case. But if you're going to be checking in we're going to do a couple of episodes short episodes just to close out the year and give you kind of a recap of all the amazing stuff that we have learned from our community of artists creators and faith focus freelancers but no matter what continued to become the creative you were created to be keep pushing keeps driving. We're praying for you. We love you. And i want you to be next on the list of the people who are going to be celebrating success in twenty twenty one okay so with that have a great day. Be blessed see next episode. Thanks for joining us here. At the garden gig show. Please leave a review on. I tunes like our facebook. Page or visit. Got and gigs dot com. And tell us what you thought of this show. We'll be back soon. In the meantime go create something amazing.

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