January 6 Hour 1 Nuggets Get A Win, Jokic Asserts Dominance | Is Joker Best in NBA?


minutes after the twelve o'clock or good afternoon northern colorado. This is the whole show powered by pvc energy. I'm alive from the auto collision specialist studios. Well we've had another day or so to kind of digest. The john elway situation the general manager hunt. And you're listening to joe ellis. Yesterday was interesting. Why would this be an appealing job for general manager and knowing that the ownership is up in the air so that that's going to be something we'll get to today because there's no there's no guarantee one way or the other that if a new owner when the new owner comes in that they keep or fire. The new general manager just like. We're talking about a general manager. Wanting to come in with their own vision of the team is the owner going to come in wanting their own vision. So we'll we'll get to that a little bit later on. How last night nuggets needed this one. It was against minnesota again. They have now beaten. The minnesota timberwolves ten times in a row. They beat them twice just in the last three days on sunday night. And of course tuesday night man. Our power to play sports. Poll question doesn't seem so ridiculous. I would've asked this question last year. Wouldn't you said come on really know is nicola yokich the best player in the right now. He's he the best now. You look at a lot now. No he's not leading the league in points. He's not leading the league rebounds. He is leading the league in assists but he has top five. What are the most important stats in basketball points. Rebounds assists percentages and and all that those are those are plus minus. When you're on the floor all that's important too but when you think of the most important stats when we talk about triple doubles most of the time right. You're not getting. you'll see a lot of ten steel games. You're talking about points. Rebounds and assists nicole. Yokich leads all areas. He's excuse me he's top five in all three of those categories top well. I shouldn't say he's top. Five point score right now. he's still averaging. What twenty five points per game. So he's still down in the top ten but in rebounds he's top five assists. He's number one. He's averaging twelve assists per game and again. this is as a centre. i find it offensive. Now when people say that he's the best center in the league. of course he is. He's he's the best player in the league. So if i'm voting. I'm going to the whole show dot com right now and i'm voting. Yes he absolutely is so you guys go vote. That is our power play. Sports poll question of the day. Is nicole a yokich. The best player. Now we're what seven games in. I get that it's very very early in the nuggets. Have to be better. They have to find a way to get better as a team. But right now if you're saying this early in the season is he the best. I have seventy five percent of the saying no twenty five percent of the saying yes so go vote on that. We'll see where we are at this point now. The question is if you don't say he isn't. The best than who is is james harden the best player in the nba because he's averaging thirty three thirty three points per game boy. He's not he's not top five and rebounds not top five in on the rebound side of it. he is top three and assists. So james harden is up there. I always up. There never really perform the playoffs. And that's always the knock. And i think that's why you look at his stats and you think they're amazing. You just you just know though that when it comes to crunch time. He's usually especially when it comes to the playoffs. Not great steph. Curry's averaging thirty two points per game but he's not in the top five and the other categories as far as rebounds and assists go bradley beal averaging thirty points per game. I mean you have to look at all of the stats though. You can't just look at you know rebounds assists offensive leaders. How does this person make the rest of the team. How does how does nicola yokich and again. This is tough right now because you've only won three games three and four but joker does make everybody on the floor better and again. It's not like anybody's running away. Just yet the lakers are six into the sons with chris. Paul now in booker on i. They're putting they're going to be a good team. They're five and two. But really if you're worried about the start. And i understand that but the clippers are five and three and their third in the west. Utah's four and three. The pelicans are for three so just trying to say. Don't freak out yet. We're only what two months three months away from. When they played last teams are just trying to get acclimated again. They're just trying to figure it out. So before you freak out about three and four and it's not ideal i will. I expected much better. It is a letdown. Not trying to sugarcoat it but the rest of the league is going through similar growing pains as well. I mean the sixers are the best team in the league. They are six and one in the like. I said if you wanna get if you wanna freak out about four losses. Well they only have two more losses than the lakers two more losses than the sons. One more loss than the clippers. So this is why. I always say you gotta evaluate every ten games every ten games you look at where you are and say all right or 'cause it by twenty that's when it's unacceptable to be under five hundred for denver. That's what i mean. By the time you get close fifteen twenty use start freaking out a little bit. Might malone's kind of happy with with the team. The way they're playing after beating the timberwolves one hundred and twenty three to one sixteen mike malone said. Hey i i like some of the quarters. Some of the other quarters were met that the word of the day. I thought the first quarter was also really good. I think if you combine the first quarter in the fourth quarter they shop. Thirty four percent from the field. They scored forty four combined points. The second quarter was a disaster and the third quarter. was matt. Whatever you wanna call it. It's just we saw some of this in the bubble welcoming swamy says yawn. This is the best player right now. Well okay look at his numbers right now though. Yes he's average. I think he's averaging about what twenty six twenty five points per game twenty twenty six points per game. He's only two more points Jokers averaging twenty four points game but again. How much do you wanna put on points for. The joker. he averaged twenty five points per game up fine with that. Because he's averaging twelve assists in twelve boards per game. So i'm good with that. I mean there's a lot of different stats. You can look at here. But he's number one in assists that to me is a huge number huge number averaging as a center averaging twelve assists per game. now when you look at jaanus. He's averaging eleven boards per game. Okay so you. Honest is averaging twenty six points per game. He's averaging about eleven boards per game but again the joker is averaging triple double. That's not a seven games seven games. It's hard to do that even in seven games man. That is a difficult task yet. Here you are seven games in it. Looks like it's kind of easy for him at this stage. And the fact is both the nuggets. And milwaukee are underachieving the bucks or foreign three so it is tough discussion when you're talking about who the best player is and what the joker has to do. But you gotta think he's making some there. Let's go to the text line first. advantage text. Line is if you wanna get out of you. Gotta text k of k try to. Why is this number hard for me to memorize faxes. just having a hard time with it tended ten digits. We lost the six digit thing. The company we work with. And i think a lot of companies nationwide are are going away from the six digits. Nine seven four seven eight thirteen o one east side chris. Joker is the jokers. The best rounded out my up lineup. Last night. I'm going to ride the wave. Well and here's the other thing too. Joker has to do all this stuff. Guess how many points jamal murray had last night. Can you take wild shot in the dark colfax knowing knowing that he had like what thirty six on sunday. Okay take a guess knowing jamal. Murray now jamal murray. I'm gonna go fourteen thirteen. Well he's either thirteen or he's thirty five. He's mr thirteen and thirty five. That's that's jamal. Murray and he doesn't like that he gets on twitter and says he gets in the post game and says well what's wrong with me today after he has the thirty six point game. No ask that question after you've had thirteen point game. Don't come at the media when you've had thirty six and go okay. What's the problem with me now. I can't shoot well yet. Thirteen points tonight. He started off hot. He is inconsistent in the games and every game at this stage. He was great in the first quarter. Then he fizzles. Lieutenant spangles says i think the thing that really shows joker is if he doesn't play amazing. It's very obvious the rest of the team really relies on him. So i could get behind the best player right now. Okay when you say. Mvp most valuable player that that carries different meaning to to everybody right most valuable player can sometimes be just the most valuable player to your team or it can be the big the best stats you know. Most of the time you see guys that are scoring thirty thirties win the mvp award so it is a tough. It's kind of like the heisman which get to that in a moment the heisman used to be about character and in. Yeah you gotta be good. But how do you represent your team. And how do you represent college football. Now it's pretty much just a stack game colfax before we break. Let me get to the big story of the day presented by f f banking made simple. Trevor lawrence didn't win the heisman but At the end of the day does he really care. Trevor lawrence is going to the nfl. He has decided to enter the nfl draft and we thought it was going to be with the jets. Well now the jags have that spot. They're so mad. We really were hoping gardner minshew would make it went right. That guy's just entertaining with the mustache and everything but no. I think it's time so. He tweeted out or instagram tweet. Whatever social media my time here has been amazing and albeit clemson tiger forever lawrence said in a video released of course. Trevor lawrence is one of the closest things to assure thing really. Since andrew andrew lock he led clemson to the national championship a freshman in two thousand eighteen. He won in his first. Twenty five starts for the tigers before falling dallas last year and then he lost state so i mean yeah kind of a weird ending for him but he's he's something else. I'm excited to see him in the league. So that's that's good for the nfl before we break. Do wanna thank auto taylor today. We know everything revolves around technology. So having skilled technicians paired up with cutting edge vehicle diagnostics is key. I take my vehicle there. My wife's vehicle their love. The folks at auto taylor seventeen minutes after the hour. Our power to play sports poll question of the day. Go to the whole show dot com and vote is nicole. Yokich the best player in the nba. If not then who is is it. Yawn us i mean. Are you still sticking with. Lebron even know whatever i mean the stats are not not screaming at us right now. Are you still sticking with that side of it. Is it james harden. Let's talk about that on the other side. Seventeen after the hour. It's the whole show powered by energy. We're live from the auto collision specialist studios this is northern colorado voice. Thirteen ten kfi when it starts moving ready high school basketball and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine in northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. This is edward or nfl reporter for espn and in one thousand. Nine hundred eighty two graduate of the university of northern colorado. Hope you'll continue to listen to the award winning hall. Show thirteen ten k. All right so joker joker have two technical fouls last night. Did they wave one of them or was it a different type of technical. 'cause i thought you got tossed with two technical fouls so you're right. I thought he was going to get tossed. I thought so too. Man i don't know am i. What are the rules. Am i missing. Something i mean. I'm glad he didn't. This is what i really liked about that game. Though joker kind of lost his composure then he hanging hangs on the rim liquidate whatever And he he somehow took that anger you know rather than just taking stupid fouls for the rest of the night and ultimately getting in foul trouble and just benching it up. He comes out and he puts the team on his shoulder. He had to do it now. I'm a little confused Mike singer got a lot of respect for you right in the denver post. But you know you're doing the right up on the story and you say that it was an uncharacteristically. Quiet night for jamal murray. Not if you watch the nuggets every night every other night is an uncharacteristically. Quiet knife for jamal murray. So no i totally expect it. I was talking to a guy today. That has a watched the nuggets game yet and he said let me guess jokers carrying the team. Jamal murray is inconsistent said. Well i mean. Yeah i hate to give it to you like that. But that's that's the truth. It's the joker right now. Averaging a triple double colfax my friend listen to these numbers and tell me. He's not the best player in the league. Twenty four points per game twelve assists per game twelve rebounds per game about a steel and a half per game his field. Goal percentage sixty one. This is not a shack field. Goal percentage folks. This is not just joker dunkin it this by the way. He's done a lot more this year. I love that. This is the joker shooting all over the place. Forty seven percent from the three point line and eighty two percent from the free throw line. Phenomenal i mean. It's just a lot of times. You see the big guys. They always have the better field. Goal percentage right because they're closer to the basket. All of their shots are closer to the basket. They're easier to make so. It's i get jaanus past that he passes that test. Maybe a little bit better than than the joker does. But you know he's got something got something over these guys that i just i. It's a rare talent. And he keeps he keeps climbing these charts he keeps climbing in these stats and who names. He keeps getting compared to you. Keep bringing up. Names like wilt chamber last night a big stat fires with oscar robertson one of the nba lejeune's through through the first six games in a season since nineteen sixty three and sixty four. And again we're just taking stats. I don't know who the guy is. Oscar robinson in the night in nineteen sixty. Three season had one hundred thirty one points. Seventy rebound sixty four assists joker six games so this was before last night. Hundred thirty. Four points sixty rebounds seventy seven assists. I mean when you start saying names and stats next to joker and it's not just like a coincidence. You know it's not just a random night. Oh joker went off and had sixty that compares to so and so no. It's like you're consistently saying well. No the players done this since will chamberlain. No the players done this since oscar robertson. That's when you know folks so nuggets fans. I've had this debate already. I said it last year and you damn well better believe. I believe it more so this year. The joker is the best player in nuggets history. Already there's no question about it. If he were to retire tomorrow. God help if he does that then he would still go down as the best player if carmelo would have won a title then then then maybe so if if english would have title than than maybe. We have an argument. But unlike dick's and i do believe that titles are the most important thing. They're not the end. All be all i get it with certain players and you still. It's still doesn't take away their greatness but they're they're pretty damn important. So if alex english and carmelo 'cause we talk about those three years right nuggets have now been to the western conference finals three times with three of their best players in history. Which is kinda cool. Alex english carmelo anthony nicola yokich and so that's where i go and there's a lot of the danis people out there. Those laws combos. Throw some chauncey. Billips out there. But i always say to me i feel like it's alex english carmelo. Anthony call yokich holyoke. He's better than those two seven games. The seven games. But he's averaging a triple double in those seven games folks okay. Thank you dixon. The hanging on the rim tech is different. I thought that was. That's kind of what. I was thinking that it's a different tack but leave it to professional sports rules to always confuse me. It was a learning moment for the joker. Another learning moment. you're never not learning. I suppose but he took that anger that he was having in that game and channel. And you know the the timber. Wolves went on a fifteen run in the third period and the nuggets. He he basically was him to stop the bleeding thirty five points last night. Fifteen rebounds six assists wilburton showed up which is great. But this is the problem right. Now if you're if you're waking up and you're a little worried about this team again i do stay strapped. I'm feeling strong about the fact that some other teams are going through their growing pains to but this is what's scary to me right now when you have i i like the mentality of oh any given night it could be. We'll barton you know. It could be paul millsap on this night. Or maybe it's mammary that is great and i like that to get to the playoffs but to win the playoffs. It's gotta be both guys. So this is why i like the fact that partner at twenty points. But you're not gonna rely on that michael green starting to play. So that's that's take it a little pressure off. Maybe not miss. Jeremy grant as much. It's seventeen points. But i wanna see more from jamal murray. He's got to be better thirteen points. One for four from three point land from the three point. Line three for seven. Got to be better than that. I i mean. I don't know what else to say. That's a superstar. The nba treats him like a superstar. Was it all just the bubble magic and handled the press really well and he did the shoes stuff and you know he cried. After one of the games was so exhausted and mentally exhausted about the state of things in the country Okay okay but we're not in the bubble anymore. It's not it's not this magical disney kingdom that you're anymore you're in the real world of the nba. I got to see it all the time you know. I gave crap to joker last year when he's only getting twenty points. Well now he's averaging twenty dollars averaging triple double. You have to hold jamal. Murray to a higher standard another guy. That's really fun to watch. How fox composite. Oh man. I get a little bit a little bit better. Hit eleven points last night. He's running around. He could play defense. Mike malone love and what he's seeing from fox. Excuse me opportunity. I think you know with michael porter out. That's one less primitive player So he's got an opportunity to blake extended minutes and he's taking advantage. You know. I played on a time in that fourth quarter. I thought his on ball defense against the angela. Russell was overall really good. He runs your team competes. I love his defense. His his on ball defense is really good. He's in what i love about him. And you probably watch this when you're watching the game last night. When he's cutting and moving he does something that no other player on the nuggets. Do which you think. After playing with the joker for several years they know every time he cuts where his. They're not looking in front of him not looking at the rim. They're not looking at the defender joker he's looking back. A joker european player man. I mean these guys. They pass all the time they move the ball around when you least expect it and a lot of times if you're not looking at ball's gonna hit you in your head. My coach used to say it. If they're not looking in they're open you hit him in the head but he he's looking in. His eyes are constantly on the joker. I wish more players coming onto the nuggets roster would watch how composite plays with the joker with that i contact constantly looking around for nicole. Yokich that what is it paul. Millsap said everybody's getting free cheeseburgers. That's what they call it so the call yokich is handing out free cheeseburgers. You better make sure you're looking around. He's the best player in the nba. Go i wanna see. I'm i'm actually kind of shocked. I thought we'd get some more nuggets love on this But seventy six percent of the whole again say no. He's not the best player in the nba through seven games. I would say you're wrong. I would say he absolutely is through seven games. And i thought last night was a big step for him all right. We're moving up the ladder a little bit. Twenty eight percent. Say yes thirty minutes after the hour. Let's switch gears. Let's talk some colorado buffaloes coming up. They have a huge test tomorrow. They're outside of the top twenty five if they can pull off the upset against oregon. You better believe they're moving up. We'll talk to mark the voice of the colored buffalo's first. let's get the latest on the local sports flash. It's a party northern colorado's force thirteen. Kfi k a block party wednesdays from four ten pm on this. Just it out of the cbs four down in denver colorado. And you're listening to the whole show. Thirteen ten s k. Just thirty five minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the show where we're trying to catch up with marceca as always either calling games. Or he's doing something in the wilderness man like he is. He's that guy. I'm telling you he. He's the guy that's out. He's hunting pheasants. he's surviving off the land. He's like bear. Grylls man i think marxist survival show so i don't know if we'll be able to reach him today but the buffs have a big test tomorrow so they're coming off the loss to ucla the other night and it's been kind of since they started conference play which we expected the last three games. They're one and two and their last three games they lost to arizona. Eight hundred seventy four. They did turn around. They beat usc than they lose to ucla. Ucla's right now. They're one of the best teams in the conference. There sitting seven two but three zero in the conference so since the buffs started conference play one and two. So that's is where again oregon's going to be the test but after that you have to start putting together some of these conference win because you know they're quite a ways down down the list there as far as the standings go But the other night against ucla. Mckinley right had twelve. You know these are the games. Where right doesn't need to score twenty twenty five points. He doesn't have to do that because this team is balanced and they kind of feed off of each other that way But these are the situations where you need your superstar projected. Nba first rounder to to step up and have some big games so he was one for four from three point. Land the other night five for ten so just kind of a rough shooting night overall for for right so we'll see if they can get it right but they if they can be oregon they probably move back into the top twenty five so that's going to be a huge task oregon's eight and one though i mean. This is a sensational basketball team. They have i mean both teams have Really great players and senior leadership on both sides of it. You know with with what the buffs have mckinley right. Evan baddie dolls walton. I mean they have a good staff. Then you look over at oregon though an eugene maurya is averaging about nineteen points per game. Chris dr eric williams junior. I mean they're just they're seniors alone account for like eighty percent of their scoring. So that's going to be an absolutely huge huge game. I events text line. Get at us at nine. Seven four seven eight thirteen o one if you're new to the show text. Kfi am to nine seven. Four seven eight thirteen o. One go to the first event is line brady. I know i can say about a few other guys in the league. Always talk about the nuggets but this team screwed if joker gets hurt. The offense is a dumpster fire when he isn't on the floor. Sadly i agree with you if joker gets hurt. Covert comes into play and misses. A few games. Like puerto is right now. what what. What do you do Because you look at this roster and who's carrying this team. Can jamal murray i. I know i sound frustrated but it is frustrating. Jamal is just not rising to that. We all raise the level. Our expectations for jamal. Murray after the bubble even though in most of those playoff series he had several games like this twelve points. Oh twenty eight. Thirteen points up thirty seven. He's the greatest player in the world. And then when he's quiet we just don't talk about it. This is why. I'm reading this post from the denver post mike singer. I know you are a denver nuggets. I know you're in on the zoom calls all the time saying that it was an uncharacteristically. Quiet night for jamal. That's not see this is what's wrong with it. I think the reporting isn't being fair when he struggles he is still like this and i stand by it if he can whatever part of his because he because he proved he proves that he has the ability. How many players in the nba. Do you see do this. I can't really think of any where one night a guy can have. thirty six. The next ninety gonna have thirteen then the next night. He's his thirty there. Are there many guys like that in the league. Because most of you're either in or you're out you're either a superstar or you're not and jamal murray is like He's like a two-faced right. Now one half yeah. He's a superstar. The other half was kind of just an average basketball player staying doctor. Dr jekyll and hyde. That's what i was going for. Couldn't think of it but a guy colfax. We figured it out i. I don't know what what's the last year was the. how do you get nicole. Yokich motivated how do you get them not to know that he's the best player will barton said in the post game on nicole yokich. He said i don't know man at this point. What more can i say about him. I tell him before every game to go out there and win. Mvp he could be the best player in the world if he wanted to. It's all up to him. I feel like you just can't be stopped. He's one of those players in the league who can't be stopped his shooting touch his post moves ability to put the ball on the floor. And then pass. There's nothing you can really do to stop him when he's aggressive. It's over so that was the that was the headache. Last year is like how does malone get that into nikola's head. Maybe he did. I don't know that the bubble him did the the thirst for winning change. Joker because now you got that taste for you. Got the western conference finals. You're a perennial playoff team. Now when you made the playoffs in a row is the joker finally getting that taste for it. Go you know what it is going to cause right now. It is going to take triple doubles from the joker to win games. That's the bottom line. I think he's the best player. He's the reason this team's not owen. Seven right now and that's that's a scary thought. Now i do think jamaica michael green. I don't i listen. He's not gonna be better. Germany and jan migrants playing outstanding basketball. Right now just absolutely nuts. But you're michael didn't play the first two games. And then he's starting to work himself back into the mix getting in game shape so i do think that that position. That's gonna come in handy. That's gonna start to help out a little bit. Michael porter jr. yes textra here. Pj coming back. We'll be a nice addition moving forward but offense runs through joker in some way ever possession when he is out they look lost yet. That's why the bench is so important. This is why. I kind of talked about starting barton. And then you have that offense with mp jay on the bench with morris because they do look lost but again it's a liability with puerto right now not playing defense so you of do want him out there with the starting five the starting four. Maybe he won't do as much damage can get that so porter. Probably if i were a gambling man offensively. I'm going to say porter's probably going to be Get to the point where he's averaging more than jamal. Murray points wise. Then that could be a few points more but again defensively he. He looks lost. And i thought there'd be a little bit more of an improved. Their first event is text line. Nine seven four seven eight thirteen one mclean. Nba assist leader. Top twenty and scoring top five and rebounds. My fellow hogan's does joker need to do to get the credit he deserves. I mean your your top five in two major categories and the only reason you don't have twenty four points per game is because you're too busy passing and trying to get your guys involved. How many miss shots. By the way. that's a stat probably is. How many missed wide open looks to the nuggets. Have when joker set them up beautifully. Composites setting people up and can we please kovacs write this letter. Write this down. Can we please beg garissa. Stop going up with one hand. He did it again last night. That was the almost cost the other night. Damn near didcot. Who was that against. Was that against the sun's going up with just one hand. They call them foul. They ended up reviewing saying it wasn't foul. He's going up for the one handed. Jam just go to at least get at least get the ball close to the rim. I don't i'm not. I'm not a fan of that. The years have not been kind to gary harris. Have you talk about a guy. That defensively was one of the best in the league three years ago and he was still eighteen. Points a game so he was like he wasn't an upper echelon player but a really solid piece. He has just not been there. Now it's been two years now and you just haven't seen him at that level. You're right mclean. I mean if he's not number one then who is. Y'all just doesn't have the numbers right now and again. Joker has the numbers in every category. And the only reason he doesn't have twenty twenty eight points per game to put them in the top five is because he's too busy. Look into busy passing again. Michael green talking about about joker what it's like to play with him know he said that guy is just different. He is the way he gets everybody involved. He's absolutely great to watch. I mean he's a great teammate. But even said it. He's like at times probably too unselfish and i think we're seeing less of that to be honest. Because i i. He's definitely taking more looks. He's taken more three pointers driving to the basket. Definitely seeing him. Dr the basketball when he's aggressive love seeing that it's a different style joker we're seeing this year. It really is a couple of texts. East side chris to to Joker is great but he's in denver for just great for betting not nba superstar status is the nba. Starting to to change that though. Are they starting to look at it. Because i'm from central moments ago. And i mean they're they're they're constantly jot down his his stats the constantly. Talking about the will county swamy. Being the best player in the league is different than having the best. Start in the league. If you're talking just these seven games. Then yes that. That's that's what i'm talking. Yes just seven. Is he the best player. We can't base it off of the future. You know this is back to the future. I mean you can only base it on the seven games. Is he the best player in the nba. Right now through what. You've seen sure he could come out tomorrow against dallas and have ten points five rebounds and two assists and then he could come out the next thing. I have a bad game and then suddenly that this thought would fade a little bit but through seven games. there's no one better as far as the stats llc. Swamy says the other scary thing is that he's playing at an mvp caliber and they're three and four. This is why it's terrifying. Because if he rolls an ankle if he gets that real technical apparently hanging on the rim different type of technical different branches of these covert rules. Yeah i i do. I struggle with what this team looks like. That's gonna keep. Mike malone up at night until jamal murray can be more consistent as far as scoring and i'm not asking much thirteen points. Turn that into eighteen cool. That's five more points. I'm happy with that. But i can't have you but i'm not happy with that. I'm content with. I can't have you being mr thirty six points and rippin the media to shreds saying up. What's what's my issue now. No can't have that you got to your bad games. Have to be what you're good games. Were last year. He averaged the average twenty. Last year was a close to twenty. You're good games now or your your bad games. I should say have to be what you're good games. Where last year you know i need. If joker has twenty points like last night he had night are the night before the first game against minnesota head like nineteen. And you're thinking oh it's going not really because of everything else. He does now. Ten points is low scoring for him. But for the most part you know when you really get frustrated with joker. It's when he's not shooting and he's like at nine points or something like that. But i mean until jamal murray is that guy and then michael porter when he gets back to play. Defense has play defense. Those are the things and there's a lot of other issues too when you look at the depth on this team. They used to be the deepest team in the nba a year ago. That's why we thought they would go to the western conference finals because of their depth the too good stars and they adapt. Well they have one good star right now and their depth is extremely shaky we composite can keep doing what he's doing But i i was really worried. They were going to lose this game. That third period was awful. They gave up. How about the second. How about the second period colefax. They gave up forty three points. You're gonna lose most games if you do that. They did bounce back. They only allow twenty in the fourth. I mean they were playing great defense than those on the book in their first and fourth but in between that was terrible If you can get points life you can get production from from green composite. Oh like you did last night great. But monte morris was a no show. Pj dosier i. I like watching him. I think he's got the look of a of a solid player. You know three points so again. The bench isn't great. You know you need another guy that's gonna come in and get you closer to eight and again. Is that going to be michael porter. That can be barton. How are we working that out. Bart might have earned the starting job while this covert thing exists if puertas missing games like that If barton does it again tomorrow night then does he start for the moment and you say hey we just want to get some offense coming off. The bench wouldn't really be a demotion to puerto. it'd be elevating him to the bench. Gotta use that all week colfax. That's the word of the week man but no all. Seriousness wouldn't really be a demotion. it would be like we need. We need production off the bench. We desperately need it. And if we can't get consistent games from composite and morris right now than yeah. We're hoping green turns into a fifteen point guy fourteen point guy but we need more off the bench. The bench is scary. Jamal murray and is now it's now liability folks. It was cute last year. You know it was. He got through it somehow but if joker roles an ankle gets in foul trouble nuggets are in trouble all right ten minutes till top of the hour. We'll take a short break doing. Seal mortgage my friends over seo mortgage find them. My special mortgage dot com. Their family and veteran owned and as you've heard interest rates are at all time lows. So now's the time to get rid of any consumer debt that you have car loans credit cards student loans. That interest is not tax deductible and your house payment is that's my special mortgage dot com ten minutes till top of the hour. Take a quick break. It's all show powered by energy now. I said bodey hume for the unc. Bears would be the big sky conference in. Vp when it's all said and done let's look at that stat the status there as well as their standings in the conference. They've got a big one to my. They gotta stretch of games. They should absolutely win. So they can move up in those standings. We'll be right back. It's a party. Northern colorado is voice. Thirteen ten kfi k tub block party wednesdays from four to ten pm no cone now. Weekdays at four northern colorado's voice off thirteen ten. Kfi k. hi. This is jesse kurtz executive producer and lead anchor the mountain west network and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten. Kfi unc news We saw this morning. Unc's going to allow a limited number of spectators proved for bank of colorado arena. So that will be big from ryan pfeiffer over at unc university of northern colorado. Athletics has been approved to have a limited number of spectators at events starting tomorrow when they take on who the montana state right. So that's a big deal right. Fifty spectators maximum right now allowed inside. Bank of colorado arena will consist of family members of the student athletes and coaches of that contest they will continue to monitor and follow. All local and ncwa guidelines in regards to covid nineteen collaborate with campus local and state officials to determine if further increases in event attendance are permitted with the safety of student athletes. So there you go and that's a start. That's not great. You know whatever it's going to be family but it is a start in that might lead us to the direction we wanna be. Currently the bears are sitting at Fifth place in the big sky conference two in and conference play southern utah. Kind of watch out for this team. They are two zero right now. Seven and one to start the season. I've not not too shabby there. But the bears have some winnable games coming up. They're going up against montana state tomorrow night. That's right here on k of care. Then they played them again on saturday. They play idaho. They're on the road. They take on idaho next week. Two games there so you look at the standings you know montana state hasn't played a conference game yet They're three and three overall. And then idaho hasn't won a game yet so i would be pretty disappointed if the bears don't at least three and one here in this stretch. So they're sitting at five and four so this would be a huge stretch before they have to take on a tough team like eastern washington. Now bodey hume. I said he's going to be the big sky conference. Mvp well he is top five in the conference in three. Major categories points rebounds. How about blocks. He's averaging a block a- game as big deal in college. He's averaging seventeen points per game and seven boards per game he's well behind though eastern washington's tanner groves in rebounds and cameron shelton for northern arizona. So work to do there but a big stretch of games coming up for you and see. I really think the pressure is too. You know gotta go at least three in one and that stretch second hour coming up more denver nuggets talk general manager options. All that more. It's the whole show powered by energy.

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