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Thank you to all those a following us at fantasy focuses to be default on Twitter, latest information on our live stream field Yates Matthew berry and star on you bell. New York was a blast went by in the blink of an eye water show in the blink of a young girls. I sure that works. Yeah, Springsteen there. He goes to find you got it. We talked to Laura about Gordon. I think that is one of the all time. Great rock lyrics ever link of young girls. Blink of young girls. I just think the way that and I'm secret squirrel. You can weigh in on this very quickly. If he's listening, he's not. He's sitting there talking with thirsty college like, hey, are you said I was thirsty, Kyle. Like whatever you're peeking out like, hey, have you got your shoes yet? Bowling. What is this? I just had this define, you know, you said trust. Do you agree with me? Because I think there is such beautiful, amazing imagery, especially when when you think about the entire song glory days about living living in your past and everything that in the blink of a young girls, I the way that time disappears quickly. Yes, there is. I agree with you. There is a huge amount of depth and they single phrasing of that lyric. Yes, I look deep this. Yeah, we did. I was like, I don't know. It just came up, but that's like one of my all time. Favorite lyrics in song ever. I, I'm the one planning a wedding. I think you guys are sappy as writing. Why. Pharmacy news from the national football. Play. The tweet, they're yelling at me because I didn't tweet, please do it. Real quickly. People aren't Twitter looking for something to watch their board. There's nothing else going on. So let me just make sure a tweet about this. Let's talk about Rex Burkhead because Rex Burkhead yesterday was placed on injured reserve for the patriots. He suffered what they called a neck injury on Sunday night against the lions. We don't know, at least I don't know specifically if that was at all related to the concussion he had earlier on this year. Perhaps it's a leap that I should not be making, but we know he's going to miss some time. Now I think it's natural. You look at his at excuse me injuries in terms of the scope of that player's history. You always do. So people often ask, is this related to is this current injury related to one previously? And while we cannot say that for sure, it's also hard to ignore the fact that he missed time with a concussion and then was eased back in head that limited game and then leaves with this neck injury. So soon afterwards. So the decision to place him on I r I mean, Bonn line is we may. Find out more as time goes on, but he's clearly unavailable at least for a while that would mean at least eight weeks for Rex Burkhead. If not the entire season, teams can only bring back to players from I are and the patriots have five draft picks of their eight, I believe in on I r so if the decision. China, they can. The nice thing about that rule change is that you know they used to have to make the decision when they placed is on the I r and the thing about medicine doesn't work that way. You know, you tend to not find out until later on if a guy's doing well enough to potentially be brobeck. So Matthew now that means that two players come under the radar specifically in the New England backfield James white, and Sony Michelle. I think we already felt as though James white was kind of locked into like a high end flex play, given his role in the passing game. He's got double digit scoring in each of the first three games this season. So perhaps us Michelle that we're wondering what is his value become for the rest of the season. So just very quickly I want to stay with James white for for one second in this week, I actually prefer James white to Sony, Michelle. Okay. Is I think the dolphins have a pretty good front, seven. They've been really good against the run so far this year, they're a top seven run defense far early going in the season. And so I think you see a lot of James white on Sunday, so I actually have him ranked higher, but he has that. Very specific passing down role and they'll use him some. But in terms of between the tackles, it's going to be Sony, Michelle and tweeted this out. I think Sony, Michelle is a league winner this year. So you think about what Sony Michelle has done so far this season and it's not much, but I was encouraged by all of his usage against a Troy. And even though the patriots offense didn't really do anything. The fact that they gave so much work to Sony Michelle and his first game back, and we you and I think ends to find you. We all agree better days are ahead for the patriots offense. None of us think that like they're, they're done. So the lead running back in a patriots offense. The the question would patriots running backs. I've always been, hey, who's it going to be? Never about the productivity of it? It's been one of the best rushing teams in the NFL in terms of scoring touchdowns in terms of in terms of fantasy points for running backs. Now we know who's going to be, it's going to be Sony, Michelle. I think he is a league winner the only way so Michelle can be a league winner is this if he adds more. Passing, you know, we've seen through two games so far. He caught one of three targets on Sunday night against the lions he had to drops. And I just don't know if in this is me preaching inexperienced in terms of how much I know Sony, Michelle's game whether or not he will be that much of a passing game factor. I think he can be. It remains to be seen, but he had one. Do you prefer Michelle for the rest of the season out of these two running backs? I do. And honestly, I don't think it's all that close. He's interested. He's played thirty six snap so far this young season, he's got twenty nine carries plus a couple of targets. Right? I mean, so when he's been on the field, they've given him the ball. There's a reason they use the first round draft pick on him. They like to run. I don't have that. Maybe thirsty call can throw a confined the stat here. But I know like over the last three years, I believe the patriots are top three in the NFL in terms of goal to go, rushing attempts in terms of rushing touchdowns. I mean, it is a team when they get enclosed actually runs a lot more than you think. Of course, we all remember. Gap blunts you know, crazy. You're a couple of years ago, so so Sony, Michelle, they're gonna have to use them in a bunch of different ways because they got nobody else. They don't wanna just they don't want to become very predictable. That's the last thing. The patriots of wanna be where it's like, oh, James. Why does it? It's a passing down Sony, Michelle isn they're going to be running up the middle. No, they're gonna have to involve Sony Michelle in the in the passing game as well. Yeah. All go Russia's from twenty fifteen to twenty seventeen is Kyle notes. One hundred and thirty six, which is twenty two more than any other team. Nice. Pull their thirsty, Kyle, Baldwin returned to practice yesterday. Disagree with me on the on the Sony Michelle take. No, I don't think that it's, but I I would say that it's much closer than what you're giving it credit for James white as a fantastic pass catching, you have Sony Michelle in the war room league, I believe, right. Not no. You come in which you have the, which lead you haven't. You haven't been the celebrity couple. Yeah. Maybe celebrity, I will trade for him right now. Okay. What do you want for soda? Michelle, out off line. Let's get back to know. Let's hijacked the podcast really minutes, negotiating a deal really quickly. There's a good tweet right now from at Hawn RL says hi from the hospital. What better way to pass the time of my wife's child labor then with the OSA Cohen. Oh, so that was going to say what better way to pass the kidney stones talking about. I one hundred percent. I agree either grad. Congratulations by the way, our our dear friend prince arepa Pat having her baby today as well. Happy. Happy born day born day I go. So you know, birthday to birthday Brian day. Yeah, to yes to to our dear friend prim anyway. So what was it? That's that's the tweet just that he's passing the time? Yeah, that his wife is in labor and while his wife's in labor, the one thing you want to do is watch our podcast on Twitter. Allow me dry, say allow me to say that the name, Matthew or Matty if it's a girl, always a winner. Very biblical, very classic name winners. Have that name just some day, think about, yeah, debate on a percent. If Vince to find your also very sufficient choices, Doug Baldwin, they're so unique like, oh, you were named after field Yates detriment have, oh, you're named efforts to find your bell. Like if you name the child go, you may Matthew just after the thirty one of the babies that are in the labor delivery, right? Listening, oh, was named after like Matthew mcconaughey, will you named after Matthew Stafford? There's lots of great Matthews, right? Like it'll take you would rather me named after a dime store novel, five cent novel IX to find you was right. That was found in a garage sale. Yeah. We found that out from to find his mom or like, hey, what are we? Let's name our child. Some, you know, mountain range. Let's name. That's a good question for thirsty. Kyle here that he throws up on the screen with if you're like, oh, you know, you name your child Matthew, right? And then you're like, how? How far we have to go under. They over. Right. So how far would you have to go like? Well, you named after Matthew named after Matthew mcconaughey where you named after Matthew Perry, were you named aftermath? He's like, how far would you have to go until you get Matt berry? I'm not capable counting at high. Okay. I'll do set the over under at one thousand seven hundred eighty nine. Under on that pound the over Dopp it. Matthew Bella devote developed delta. Wow. Wow, can even say right now he'll gates is very excited 'cause he's got an NBA fantasy mock draft. I can't wait to be part of that way. Doug Baldwin returned to practice yesterday's to find you on a limited basis. We think this means he has an actual chance to play this week. I don't know that we can go that far after one limited practice day out in Seattle, but it's certainly a step forward because he's been absent. Remember the MC l. injury in week, one superimposed on the opposite neighboring problem all through the preseason. So I think given given this, it's too soon to say and with MC l. little bit little bit tough to expect that you could be full, go wide receiver by this week, but it's possible a long ways to go before we get to Sunday Matthew. But if Doug Baldwin plays and you have been raw string him, you think he's automatically back into your lineup. I think it's hard not to put them in there. I mean, going up against the Zona cardinals like their passing game has been so moribund. That word at passing game has been so Mormon word. Yeah, I am still wondering if the word the day calendar this usually you're just thinking of whatever like this rear. It's just it's been. It's been. It's been a, it's been a bad passing offense in. So Doug Baldwin who fully healthy is a, you know, top nine top ten fantasy wide receiver. I, I, it depends on what do you mean they have a bad passing defense? Yeah. What did I say? You're saying they have a more abundant passing offense in Arizona. It's been no, not an Arizona and Seattle. I'm just saying the whole, the passing offense has been brutal, right? I mean, it's it's Seattle, Seattle. Hey, blocking tight, and we'll Disney go out for a route, you know, hey, Brandon, Marshall, trying to catch something. You know what I mean? Like it oven. Tyler Lockett who's had some bright spots, their infant pretty crazy. It's been. It's been a struggle for the Seattle Seahawks. So my expectation is that Doug Baldwin, an active, Doug Baldwin would get a healthy target share in a pretty good matchup against Arizona. Remember, Patrick Peterson doesn't shadow anymore. He rarely doesn't. He doesn't even go into the slot anyway, even if he did, but Patrick Peterson, sorta stationary, they'll move Baldwin around and given the fact that Chris Carson has has emerged, I think play action will be set up. So yes, obviously it depends on who you have, but I think of Doug Baldwin's active. You're playing them defying you another wide receiver. I think largely I agree separate from having insane wide receiver, death, which every once in a while, see someone saying like bench juju Smith Schuster and Mike Evans, and I'm like, you should trade me one, right? But they could easily have some. They could easily have a guy like, you know, whatever tyreek hill they could have. Possibly juju in like Kenny golladay, and then suddenly you're, I'd say, sit bolt. Right, right. Exactly. So it depends on your your options, but I think he's a, I think he's a borderline top twenty play in his first week back at Sean. Jeffrey did not only just practice yesterday. He practiced in full for the eels he did that seems like a quick turnaround for him. Well, the big holdup was this clearing for context, so they have these metrics. Remember same with Carson Wentz. Right. And so they have these. Benchmarks, if you will, that allow them to determine when they're going to clear player for contact that happened in Ashland's case, and he'd been working limited practice. I think the reports you kept hearing Doug Peterson saying, look, he looks good. You know, he's he's making progress at, and then he was listed as questionable for last week's game. And I was like, how could he be questionable if he has not yet been cleared for context? So I think you know, you had a little hit there that wasn't going to happen. Now. That step is taking place. He practiced in full yesterday. I would expect if the week continues in the same manner that you will then have Sean Jeffrey available this weekend. Same question. Then Matthew was at at Sean, Jeffrey plays this weekend. Is he right back into your lineup again? Like I understand the caveats Ryan quite, but same idea is like, yes, if you've been if he would normally be a starter for you, then? Yes. The fact that Carson Wentz is back at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles gives me gives me excitement, the fact that they don't have a lot not particularly. Tired of the Tennessee titans defense. They've played well recently, but I don't. I don't feel like, you know, it's, it's not a defensive, particularly scares me, especially when it comes down Sean, Jeffrey because he's touched on potential is so high given his size. Again, I would all rank Baldwin. If both guys are active, I will have Baldwin over Jeffrey. And I think Jeffrey first week Beck's probably more wide receiver, three than the wide receiver to that he was drafted at. But yes, to the extent that you're in a three wide receiver league, you're in a twelve team league. You've been, you've been banged up at wide receiver. Yeah. I mean, I don't think the eagles put him out there given everything he's been through. You know, they've been pretty cautious. So farming, you know, I don't think they put him out there unless they feel one hundred percent competent him. Would you agree with that's defined you? Yes. I mean, it's a rotator cuff repair. You're not taking chances. So I actually feel like I'd be more confident in Alcyone. Jeffrey versus Doug. Baldwin, really interesting. Yeah. Tell me why because Doug wells zoo two separate injuries and they're both knees, both knees alshon Jeffery those though. In full already. Mursal duck balden being limited and like the eagles offense has been better than the like they've been leading the world on fire, but it's a better passing offense in composite than it is in Seattle. My only counter to that, and I think those are all fair points. My only counter to that would be there's so many more weapons in Philadelphia. You've got, you've got urge. You've got Dallas Carter who just sort of emerged last week, you know, you have a strong run game. I think they're probably up big in this game here versus Arizona, which has nothing and that Seattle, Seattle, I'm sorry, I keep hanging on. Seattle has nothing in the passing game really, and it that while I, I hear you on the knee injuries there with Baldwin. I can't imagine Seattle's going to risk him out there if he can't go without, you know, concern about doing any friends is a hard call with Baldwin because he's so tough. He's missed so little time, and he was determined to manage that left knee injury, regardless of whether it was going to be present throughout the season. But the MC l. went, it's. Lately different. I think there's more stricter criteria for him to come back heart last one. Here's to find you as Marcus mariota who is now set to start in week four or sounds like that elbows progressing nicely. Well, I think it's that Blaine gabbert is not. I mean, he left last week's game with a concussion Mike rebel knowledge after the game that mariota was still limited. Remember he didn't start for a reason. So the elbow was still problematic enough that he was not going to be named the starter. He only came in in the situation that Gabar got knocked out and it sounds like there's at least some strong concern that Gabar won't be available because it is Austin Davis resigned. Awesome Davis. And so they're already looking if Mary was the starter, Austin Davis is next, and I think they're just going to have to game plan around a perhaps less than a hundred percent. Marcus mariota, you know, doesn't really do a whole lot for me. You know, we haven't had a ton of confidence in Corey Davis over the past couple of weeks as it were too difficult, Philadelphia defense to face. It is interesting to note. The Mario is going to be back in the lab at a at a healthier strength for that Tennessee offense has largely been stay away and not that this guy has been prominently involved. Put an interesting name pops up in the news. Last night is retard Mathews has essentially requested his release or his departure from the titans unhappy about his playing time. And it sounds like he feels as though the team believes he's more injured than he is or something along those lines. Bottom line this he wants out, it's a bad situation that others that much that much is clear there. The couple of things that are clear, it is a bad situation, neither the the team nor Rashard Matthews Brickley happy with the other, and retard Matthews needs to be nowhere near your fantasy team at the moment, right? Tennessee should trade Rashard Matthews for avion bell. We go. Let's. It's pretty hard for a wide receivers. Tennessee has no running backs. This makes total sense on every level could be hard to trace someone who was absent from everything preseason because of an injury and then had surgery right before the season started. Remember, we didn't know what was going on with regard Matthews disclosed injury. We'd we'd hear about him doing some routes, bright, and then it came out the had the surgery for the meniscus issue. So I, I wonder what exactly is going on there, but it sounds like there's a disconnect that maybe has been a while in in building and ultimately one guy got frustrated and has now said no more. He's doing north of six million dollars for the rest of the season. Matthew. I think there's a better chance of me getting traded for sharp Matthews getting traded right now time now for gay preview, Thursday night's game between the Vikings and the Rams it's in Los Angeles. So an early start out there for those who have a commute game kicks off at five, twenty locally, Kirk cousins. Starts, of course, for the Minnesota Vikings and just a little note here I tried to find your Kirk in the more room. I was gonna say, starts for the Minnesota Vikings and our phone. Our, he starts for day to day. War room league team. We, we have had a rough, go of it going. Owen three despite scoring one hundred fifty something points in week two. And then we lost Jimmy Garoppolo this week. I'd have to say, I have to say, just because you know, you guys know, I love to give you a hard time. She's hundred percent telling the truth to find has a great team in the war room. Like you did a great job drafting and you've had unbelievably brutal luck. I just want to know that to find you a lot of times you hear this and you're just like, I'm just telling to finally has a great team in the in that league. Well, thank you a great, but yet Owen three team. Now I pick up her cousins and of course I, oh, great look who is facing this week, so we'll talk about it, but I'm actually feeling really good, nice trade. I gave up Devon punches and who I think his role is picking up, but I have a pretty good wide receiver selections, and we'll is one of my receivers who I drafted a number two, but he's been putting up a lot of points for me. So I'm going to hopefully mix and match, and Kirk cousins will path. I thought it was very fair trade in considering I play field in the war room league, I was happy that you traded him Devin funchess who's on a by this week. So you didn't help field by giving him somebody who could. He could start against me. For for his bench quarterback here. And I think I do think Kirk cousins will do well tonight. Obviously, first off, I think, look, you know, there was a big big wake-up call, obviously from their loss to the bills. I think they were sort of looking forward to this game, but now now it's sort of there's sort of wide awake and you have to be excited about a going against Rams defense that is not going to have Marcus Peters or keep deleting. I'm not sure that I'm excited, but I'm more excited to playing Marcus Peters and to keep to leave was place on injured reserve. Yes. The matchup certainly looks better today than it did a week ago yesterday actually agree. Yes, it's a much more favorable matchup with two top Cornerbacks down leaving Nickell Robey Coleman and also same shields as their top Cornerbacks. They are in the secondary in Los Angeles. You and I both have Kirk cousins. They borderline starting quarterback and near top ten play this week. It gets more interesting. I think with Dow than cook, he missed last Sunday's game. It's divine. You me being the uninformed mind, just thought, oh, yeah, typical. Like they're playing a walkover opponent and they play next Thursday night. Save him up having at closer to one hundred percent for the Rams. Now I missed on the first part because it wasn't a walkover opponent they got steamrolled by the bills. Yeah, I think I think the whole Vikings team missed because I think they were all looking ahead by possible that at least size up the forecast of Dalvand cokes return time. It's entirely possible like dalvin cook last week said he was going to play. Yeah, obviously, this is why you don't completely listen to players. You look at all of the information, but he obviously felt healthy enough that he had a chance to go out there and play last week even though all he did was rehab work. Yes. I believe the team was looking at the whole picture and saying, okay, we got four days till the next game. I do think there's a good chance that he plays tonight. You know, he didn't practice on Monday backed back, limited practice, Tuesday and Wednesday, but you expect light practices in a week where you have a game on Thursday. No-one practices Hardin shortly. Right? I mean, that's that's just the thing, right? They usually it's like a lot of walk through and they just kind of go through game plan. Than they do physical activity more of that for to spend on recovery. I think the fact that he didn't have to recover from game, it's been able to sort of continue to progress. I think likely that he plays gametime announcement. Here's the issue because everybody wants to know, is he going to be a hundred percent healthy? And can I trust him? And we always say with, especially with hamstring injuries, you don't know till he's out there going full bore going one hundred percent and then afterwards goes, yeah, I was good. I had no issues, and here's a new playing on Thursday night. Is it obviously if you are making the decision on Delvin cook, you've got plenty of options leftover for the rest of the weekend. Here's my rule of thumb on these Thursday night players who are maybe expected to play and we find out they are going to play within the ninety minute inactive window. Absent me hearing something on the previous which we always believe it's worth watching these Thursday pre game shows because you might glean something, hey, dalvin cook is inactive, but Mike Zimmer in his pre-game interview with whoever's on the broadcast suggested to us that we've got him active. Really not gonna play him that much tonight. We wanna make sure that we keep the big picture in mind. Latavius Murray will stay busy. Okay. Well, then you might change your decision on Alvin cook, but if we don't get anything along those lines and I understand very few coaches are going to be that transparent. Then you to me, you have to play Davin cook because he is one he's healthy. He's an Rb one. That's what he boils down to and against the Rams defense that for as brilliant as they are numerically over the past couple of years breath, US ruler, Charlotte against the run. Yeah, that's. And that's exactly right. Although I will say that if dalvin cook is for some reason ruled an active tonight. I don't know that I have a ton of confidence in latavius Murray offense of line is really beat up for Minnesota. They've really struggled so far this year to me, the confidence in Daven cook comes from volume incomes from his pass, catching ability that I believe they will try to get him out in space. Sure. And be smart there. So latavius Murray would if Darwin cook does not play tonight, tavis Murray would be somewhere in the. Twenty to twenty five range from me like a a flex play. Sure. No, I it'd be a little bit concerning there, but yes, I think if Donald cooks active, I think he gotta start them. You have Davin cook on our were room league team, right? So you play. I hope he does not play, but I'm just I'm telling America because this is how it works that if he does play, he will go off because he is against me in the war room leak that he will harm in. He'll have like three touchdowns in his. That's what happens on bigs. Adam feeling obviously the Bank to fund digs and Adam. You turnovers reverse jinx yourself, right? There Stefan day's top fifteen wide receivers each and every week, although Stefan digs have a massive game against the Buffalo Bills. He is at ten plus targets in consecutive games. This Rams defense is a lotta laude league low fifty eight wide receiver points this season. However, as we said, yeah, that's what Marcus Peters keep delete are playing. That also means that they've keep in mind. They've also played amongst other team. He's the Arizona Cardinals. Like, I'm not. I'm not. The Rams are loaded. They are freaking good. They are unwilling to enter. It's a very good defense, coach defense, Wade Phillips Lynn. One of the one of the best coordinators in the NFL but merely remarking that, yeah, numbers against the cardinal should be expected to be better than when you play the bucket nears or teams of that cow, I don't think it's fair to use a lot of the and there's a lot of great stats about how good the Rams defense has, but that especially this this season, but to your point, you need to take into account competition and the fact that they had Peter's end into leave active six touchdown receptions in his last six games for Stefan digs don't get cute. You're starting stuff on digs a top five wide receiver. This week is cow Rudolph. I'm sorry, tight end this week is cow route one hundred percent. One of five tight ends this season with eight plus points in every game. So Rudolph, we expect to be busy in the red zone. Perhaps this defect practice more shootout than we expected it to me. And you think about like sort of what Jared cook did to these same Rams it is now, again, you don't need to necessarily attack. With your tight end because you don't have to avoid Peterson until he because they're obviously not playing this game. That said it is been a defense that so far this year has been a little bit of a tight end funnel, but that's an area that you can exploit. And then when you think about Kyle Rudolph who has at least five passes or scored a touchdown in fifteen of his past seventeen games, including the playoffs. Here is one of just three one of five tight ends in the NFL with eight or more fantasy points in all three weeks Zach, ertz Jordan Reed, Eric Ibran, and Jared cook of all people are the other four. I think Kyle Rudolph is a great top-five play tonight. And I think he's an interesting DFS stack as well. Let's get to the Rams because this is an interesting one on Monday. I mentioned the possibility of Jared Goff needed to be a weekly starter, and now I've got him a fifteen in my rankings, but this biking's defense is very good. Despite showed this past Sunday against the bills, do you have confidence is geared, Jared Goff is top ten play this week. Matthew, not at the top. Top ten, but I'm at twelve. No, I'm a top twelve play. I'm a borderline QB one here at home. I always like having the home team in a Thursday night game, you know? And so the Vikings who we saw could be a little bit could be exploited. Certainly, last week they're a bit banged up on defense as well. And you think about Jared Goff was multiple passing touchdowns in two or three games of season seven of his last eight regular season games overall since week, three of last season. He's the ninth best quarterback in fantasy, and I just want to think about the Vikings defense and how good it is. That's what that's what Brandin cooks brings this team like, you know, Xavier Rhodes may shut somebody down, but you've got, you've got Cooper Cup, my little Cooper Cup. You've got Robert woods there girly out of the backfield. They've just they have so many weapons in so many different ways to attack you that I think ultimately, Jared Goff puts up top twelve numbers tonight. So you sort of made the case for the wide receivers and that description of Jared Goff. Here's how you and I have them ranked in terms of order. You have Robert woods first Brandin cooks, second Cooper Cup, third, but they're all within five spots. So it's not as if you feel dramatically different about them. I've got cooks, highest woods second, and then Cup third to thirteen slot difference for me. I I, I've woods at nineteen cooks at twenty one. Sure. And it's it's just a little bit that I'm expecting roads on cooks more. But I mean it's a coin flip, and then I have Cooper Cup of twenty four to your point. I had let me get. We're never make a board better. This. You know. So interesting. When field said, should we get weird. I was pretty sure the next sentence was not going to be able to make a Ford bet because there's so many different ways we could go with you. You ask me if you wanna get weird. Yeah, we can do a board, but I mean, I don't feel strongly about it. Like again, we just talked about like. More fun because they're sure miss players going to be wide receiver forty, seven or not over the next week. It's like, no, no, no, no. I've got Brandin cooks at seventeen. You've got Robert was at nineteen. I believe cooked with the highest scoring Rams receiver tonight you think Robert woods will be probably be my little Cooper Cup is what we give me the field. He's already trying. Yeah. The important part here is that we don't. Let's define you bet. So I. Exactly. Right. Exactly. Sure. I say Robert woods has what's to to cooks person. Rob aim. You don't let me bet because I'm actually my ranks. I agree with you, but you know went, okay. I'm good. Cooper Cup. I don't you all three get wide receiver cause I don't want us. We don't. We don't. We don't. We don't plan a reindeer games because she only takes the show always takes right one games. Exactly. Take the hall take Todd Gurley. If you give me a fifteen point. Israeli on right. You bet. Hi, you're crossing over to the dark side. Gates is say, Robert woods has more fantasy points tonight than Brandon. Cook. I say Broncos there's more fantasy points, rubber woods tonight, put on board, put it on the board. Did you just take Brandin cooks day you have it that way. Okay. The line tonight for this game, I believe is five and a half points in the ramp. That'd be six and a half points. Let me get to the bottom of that right now. Pigskin pick him. It is in fact six and a half points points by the way. I lied Marianne degree with field. To find somebody writing. That's what you get for knowledge meaner game. We hang on for a second. Hang up for a second. Somehow. You not knowing your own ranks as my fault. What I try to be like you Matthew. I've tried to be more like you every day. You know what? Not the, not the, not the worst idea, especially when we look at your pigskin, pick them record. Define it currently in last place, not cool, not cool, Keith, as we enter week four not cookie is in I, we're very, we're all tied up. They're pretty close, but not kooky is first at twenty three. I am second tied for second with secret squirrel there at twenty two field. Then at twenty one and then thirsty Collins, bump. I'll take the Vikings. June this game, they're six and a half point. Dog ain't they'll cover. I'm taking the Vikings as well. I think they cover as well to find Divina same for the same reason. Daniel, I am taking the Rams this week off. Daniel is the lone dissenter ramen right back. When it comes to tailgating your in a league of your own. So you got to pick a bun that plays at the same level, ballpark funds, otherwise, known as America's favorite funds, always deliver the goods, find ballpark funds near you at ballpark buns dot com. Extender the ZipRecruiter smarter span of the week. I wanna shut out Steph. What's going on. Haven't heard from you? I thought we had a good time on our date. Lease call me back. That a possible response. Did you go to the sky? What's going on? Not not me. I talk to. I just like the idea that I mean I've known Bagna. Bagna for. Did you write this copy? Oh, I did not this copy. Apparently he went on a date with girl named Steph. Yeah. So let's be clear. Be he was referring to, but let's be, I don't know that it was not you that he was referring trying to make some sort of joke there, but I will say that somebody who is known to for over twelve years. I literally have not not only have I never called you Steph. I've never heard anyone call you Steph. They do, but Paris karston. But not like I've never heard a guy call her that. Let me put it that way. I've never heard. I've never heard a. I mean. Caller, hot, gentlemen, callers that the gentleman caller, gentleman, collar. I've never heard. I've never heard any of the men that attempt to squire lovely defying use the word staff in their Cording attempts. How's that? That sounds pretty good? Yes. Okay. Moving along. It's time to get to our rankings conversations and we begin with Russell Wilson him. I have at nine. You have thirteen Matthew. So I have inside my top ten against the Arizona Cardinals who we've talked about them a couple of times on this podcast already multiple touching. Multiple touchdown passes in thirteen of his past fourteen games, and we saw some signs of life last week from Seattle running game, which I think ultimately benefits Russell Wilson going forward. You feel though eased deserve to be outside the top ten. Is it a match up thing is because our other quality option to your, what is it makes you feel confident or less confident in Russell Wilson, seven carries for twenty one yards this year. That's one of the things that you argue about with Russell Wilson. Well, the the rushing always gives them a high floor does twenty one yards, right? Three games, twenty one rushing yards and the cardinals while they're defensive. Certainly struggled this year. They have created the sixth most pressure they can get after the quarterback, and we think about the struggles of the offense of line that Arizona has had. I'm sorry that Seattle keep doing that. We think about the struggles that the Seattle offense of line has had makes me nervous here. We don't know if he's gonna have Doug Baldwin here. And I think in we're gonna get to this a little bit when you see sort of how I've ranked, Chris Carson this week, my expectation is on the road. This game is an Zona where Russell Wilson struggle is certainly over his career. He is better. I think about five points better per game at home than he is on the road. So on the road in individual game against Amazon, a- Mike speculations that you see them ride, Chris Carson in a big way. I don't think you have enough volume. The Russell Wilson. He comes in QB thirteen for me. So it's not like I'm way down on him. But yes, I have outside my top ten today. Part of the reason we had this Russell Wilson conversations. We have our ranks flipped for Ben Rothlisberger. I've got him at thirteen. You got him at nine. It's the beginning of twenty seventeen. Though Louis make my case cuisine, hone, it's completing a legal fifty, seven point, five percent a against Baltimore, and don't you feel like every time the Steelers and the ravens. Slug it out and win the game by the person who either has the football last or can get the twenty points. I it feels like maybe this far too anecdotal evidence of me to lean upon and Ben Rothlisberger has always sort of just grinded out his games against the Baltimore Ravens. I'll have to go look to figure it out from previous seasons, but that's part of the reason why I think this could be a game that they win twenty sixteen I have. I have been as a top ten fantasy play this week. I haven't nine obviously. So first of his last three home starts against the ravens, right? He's completing over sixty percent of his passes. He's got one thousand one hundred twenty five passing yards and three last three home starts against Baltimore. Eleven touchdowns in those three games to interceptions he's averaging twenty seven point eight fantasy points per game over his last three home games against the Baltimore Ravens. And then you sort of think about how this game plays out. I have Joe flacco ranked fairly high this week. Yeah, I have fifteen play, right? So we think about how bad is Steelers defenses. And so what does that mean. Ben, it's going to have to throw. I don't know. The Steelers are going to have an answer for Antonio, Brown, inducement, Schuster and Vance McDonald the human wrecking ball. So honestly, I think not only just about he's he's had success matchup in the past. He's had, obviously we know about the home road splits. This game isn't Pittsburgh, but also because I think Baltimore moves the ball affectively against this poor Steelers defense, I think just in terms of pace of play and passing attempts Ben's going to have a big day here. I will do this. We have them reverse. I say Ben Rothlisberger has more fantasy points than Russell Wilson in week four. I say Russell. Wilson has more fantasy points Ben Rothlisberger in week four put hord, put it on the board and more. I just I just wanted to. Start Amnon. Start doing my onboard best. Back rank you on. We do that and you do by yourself, you're different voice like like, I've, it's defined you can you could. I said, we think an awesome just like just like they're not like you. I don't talk to myself in different voices. I actually had people reach out, say that they board vessels based. I'm going to media on social social media because thirsty causes puts he'll be, he'll do board what's with you? T look well, and I had a board bet at the life show. That's true. That's right. That's true. Look at Vereker taking pity on you. Just got a mess. I really video team. That's what's Stephanie as well, Luna and the video team will also do do boy. Video team. There you go. I'm just warning America, Luna, the video team, Thursday. Cow, I'm just saying, listen, I've known to find since for over twelve years. She's literally one of my best friends in the world do not bet with this woman. I'm just telling you that right now, do not bet with this woman. Stop. Just stop it. Mattie, let's talk about running back ranks instead curse. Carson is inside Matthews top fifteen. I've met him outside the top twenty. I'll make the case I less week. He touched the ball thirty two times on the ground. Thirty, two, rushing attempts. He got one hundred and do yards. That's the second fewest rushing yards by a player with at least thirty. Two carries a game since the beginning of the two thousand twelve season. I'm no mathematician, but that's like three, something very fishing start from from Chris Carson and this era Zona front actually isn't terrible. Like they have had some really unique personnel transitions at linebacker. But. They've been pretty productive of front. You feel differently though, book. Let me ask you this before you give your answer this ma'am. Do you care that Chris? Carson was limited in practice yesterday with him nutri here's whenever I've asked. I injury question like that. My my response is always the same. Let me talk this Divina so STA fine. You. Smartest person. I know to find your bell. Should I be? I think you're at least a little concerned that he's on the injury report after carrying the ball thirty two times last week. So we had a week where he was gassed and then used enough, and then they went the other way and used them a lot. And now he's on the injury report with a hip injury luck. I if you ask me it's good that it was limited and it wasn't that he was not practicing. So the way the Seahawks tend to do things makes me feel like he's gonna play, but it would make me wonder fees at less than one hundred percent. How concerned I would be. It's one of the things that will continue to monitor and I reserve the right to change my ranks, but at the moment I don't. Yes, I do. Okay. The the story that will continue to track, but those thirty two carries by the way quick. Trivia fact the most by Seattle Seahawk running backs and Sean Alexsandr in two thousand six to now, you know why. You know, why is this usually like five different running bags in Seattle. I mean. I mean. Aim like that? I was just going to say, I mean, all those years with Lynch cardinals. Third, most rushing yards after contact. They've given them a league high five, rushing touchdowns this year as you heard me talk about with Russell Wilson. Mike speculation is volume here. Maybe it's not going to be the most efficient day, right? Your point. Like, you know, one hundred yard game last week took him thirty. Two carries to get there, but considering that I don't think AirAsia is going to score that much, Josh Rosen. I start here. I think they struggle offense. You know, we, we wish for the best for Josh Rosen and to Seattle defense isn't the Seattle defense anymore. But certainly there's not. There's not a lot that we've seen out of Arizona ofensive play calling or scheme that gives you a lot of confidence. The Josh Rosen is going to be able to light it up on Sunday. So you expect the the Seahawks to be up or at least close in this game for much of it cardinals have been run on one hundred six times season that's fourteen more than any other with the cardinals, but that that's the thing is like last week. It was a little bit tighter against the bears, and we saw much more competitive efforts in terms of total number rushes. It was thirty one like I think volume is the way that Chris Carson win. So and that is my stand. We'll say, we'll find out. So I at fourteen twenty two. One of us really hates him, but Kyle, how IBM Watson, what does that feel? What is Watson feel about the boom bust potential for him? IBM Watson, we're talking kerryon Johnson. We're gonna go to maximum moving on. Moving on now transition that carry-on Johnson at twenty three point, nine percent chance to boom this week. That would mean at least eighteen and a half fantasy points. They've his bus potential at seven percent, which would mean under three and a half points. Here's running back twenty five last week. Does he finished in the top thirty at the position this week? If I could let me just divulge a little bit more, but what Gyles referring to with booms and Boston the Watson model, the lots of model develops, basically scoring range outcome, right? Like it's suggests that here's the range of points that Gary on Johnson could could score. Let me just make them round and easy Matthews language because there's a wide range of out wide range of outcomes. Let's say the scoring range for carry on Johnson's between five and fifteen points. Booming would be the percentage that he can score in the top fifteen. Percent of his high end, right? So five, ten, five to fifteen boom percentage is him scoring in the, you know, whatever eighty five percent of fifteen is and hire the bus percentage is taking whatever fifteen percent above five points is and lower. Basically it's like reaching his apex or hitting his rot, hitting hitting apex or hitting rock bottom. That's sort of referring to with Watson and carry on Johnson. But Matthew, you and I have a little bit less optimistic outlook about Johnson. We both got him outside our top thirty. Yeah, we do. He is nothing personal. It's nothing personal towards kerryon Johnson to Daniel or to either their families, but my concern about kerryon Johnson, no, everyone's all excited after last week, but he makes my hate list because of the perception that you know all of a sudden, wow, it's carry on Johnson time after last week. I still have concerns about his scoring potential even last week in a game in which he was running really well gear. Blunt still got four of the five red zone carries last week. He played five snaps as legare. The Riddick played twenty. This is not an easy match. The Dow's Cobos have a good front, seven. They're allowing the fourth yards per carry so far this year they're allowing the second fewest yards per carry. Before I contact there have been three hundred sixty total plays in Dallas games this season. Fifth, lowest in the NFL like it is going to be a slow pace of play game. And so what you're banking on with carry on Johnson here is volume, right? I mean, that's what he got last week. 'cause I think you can easily see like they're still gonna be I I don't think Riddick or blunt going away. And at least today it hasn't seem like he's who wanted to use when they get close. So you're hoping for him to break off a big long play here, and he's going to have less opportunity to do that because of the committee. And because there's going to be less snaps because it's going to be such a slow pace of play here. So kerryon Johnson and maybe I'm going to be a week late on this one. He's talented player, but you're going to be a week that sort of the mindset here isn't like, how is it that farfetched for me or anybody to feel a little bit weary of the possibility of a player who just broke a seventy game streak without a one hundred. Yard rusher to do it in consecutive weeks, especially when by the way he still was tied for the team leader rush, do not lead the team in Russia's. Garrett blunt is very much still a factor, but my hope is that by not the end of the season, but in the next couple of weeks carry on Johnson separates himself in this backfield. One more name of note here in ties into another player's devante Freeman and his health status, which leases Tevin Coleman's to what do we know about devante Freeman, even though it's early on in the practice week. Well, he didn't practice on Wednesday, but Dan Quinn had said he was expected to participate in the walk through portion. And that ended up happening Quinn also saying that he was trending up in terms of his status towards this weekend. But when until he's like doing something right other than just walking through we're, this is probably going to be another one of these things where let's say comes back that he does little to nothing on Thursday, and then you're gonna see what he does Friday. It's he's gonna make a strong case to be ready. For Sunday. But again, the falcons, very good about giving you information on Friday related to player status unless they truly feel like it's a game time decision. So pay attention to what Dan Quinn says. It is Friday meeting with reporters. You have a good idea, aren't Matthews. We have Tevin Coleman ranked as if devante Freeman is going to play. Yes, I am a twenty-seven. Let's say Freeman sits based of what you saw last week to that make you encouraged about Devin Coleman is like a top fifteen play deters or somewhere in between? No, I would if devante Freeman route Coleman would definitely be a top fifteen play for me. He's been, you know, I get it that obviously, last week was not particularly great, but as we talk about volume being so key, he still got over eighty percent of the running back carries there. That was, I don't wanna say it was a weird game, but obviously, Mike speculation is against Cincinnati. You're not gonna see the kind of fireworks that you saw last week and so. To me. Kevin Coleman going against the Bengals team that just gave a hundred eighty four rushing yards to Christian McCaffrey last week. I mean, you can run on Cincinnati. I mean, I think that's what the panther show with beat up offense of line. And Chris McCaffrey who's a smaller running back was through the tackles and just crushing them up the middle. So yes, I would have a lot of confidence in Coleman and or devante Freeman, depending on who's active in this game, going against a Bengals defensive as a lot of touched on seven of nine red zone possessions season that the six leased officiant, red zone defense in the NFL. So yeah, it can be had. Let me ask you a question from a season long perspective. Would you rather have Sony Michelle, who we talked about earlier in the show or Tevin Coleman? Michelle, Sony, Michelle. Are you asking? Are you? Are you suggesting a name game? Think I am. Har- helped me. Save me. I've been eaten by a bear might go get me a parrot and a hook that would be a mighty fine, moody. Hell, no pales-. What that means. Rivers is a talented lad. Batty. I have a friend who's brothers pirates, David. I think I might be too high. That's a great one that was Aaron war go. He Senate into fantasy focus podcast at g mail dot com. Aaron job, Aaron, a lot from national talk like a pirate day. Fantasy focus podcast at g mail dot com is where people can send in name game drops that they want fantasy focus podcast, achy dot com. And I was actually told, I said it wrong, Keith is correct. His name is pronounced Aaron wire, go. Pretty good job. Good job. All right. Let's do it cranked up. Who's who's doing the names and this name game for Sony mish. You know what? I'll bring him out there. Okay. Has Tony Michelle or Lamar rela season the rest of the season. So Michelle, Lamar Miller. Ooh, I go Lamar Miller, early. Good one. Sonal Michelle. So in a Michelle or Alex Collins, sorta Michelle. That one, I think I go, Alex Collins that was close though SUNA Michelle or Kenyan Drake. So Michelle Kenyan Drake. Split for every single one of the good. Good. Okay. How about Sony Michelle or Adrian Peterson sorting, Michelle, Sean, Michelle. How about Sony Michelle, say, you know that Sony, Michelle or marshawn Lynch. I'm playing. I'm just inserting myself into the game. 'cause it's fine. I, this was Daniels thing. I'm Daniel. So Michelle or Derrick, Henry Michelle. Michelle those. How about soon Michelle or during Howard Jordan, Howard, Stern, Howard, Sony, Michelle. All right. Last one Sonal Michelle or Joe mixon. Joe makes to'mix there any others that stand out to you guys think that somewhere in that range soda, Michelle or lady on bell trade lady on bell. Maybe I'm bell come on. I mean, as of now, knowing the answer t like it or Michelle from me, you crazy how you are crazy is coming has we just don't know anything on late. We don't know when you don't know what teams playing for. Wow. If I knew. Matter lady on frigging bell v plays for ten games. Wow, I know. But what hell? The mighty play? Three. What about place for six? I'm just telling you I'd rather have the possibility of him playing ten. But I'd wanna trade in this league. If you had Michelle Knight Libya. We gotta find a league. I'll trade you Sony for on. I have a library. You didn't have a library. My point is like, look, I know you're, yeah, no, your point. We all get your point. All right. They're not. They're not a good point since. Bell makes me super nervous. He doesn't make you nervous at this point. Of course, you know. On bell. That's why you're like super cavalier about it. Trek. Be that way. Of course. Gates care. Life is good when your field Yates. All right. Life is good if you have now what tell me something? I don't know. All right. Well, life is also good. If you have the all new Lexus ES Fs sport is it's here. Lexus is taken everything they've ever mastered and put it in the ES, daring design, imaginative, -nology, dynamic performance because crafting every detail to surpass expectations means nothing. If it doesn't lead to the experience of something greater. Are they talking about Tony, Michelle, or they talking about the all new Lexus ES sport. I think they're talking about the all new Lexus ES Fs, sport years of research and exhaustive testing. One result is a robust, three hundred horsepower three point, five liter direct injection v six engine further amplifying. It's breathtaking performance on all new eight speed, automatic transmission delivers intuitive responsiveness and seamless acceleration. There's a lot of big words in this one. I'm curious as to why you gave this. I was. I was wondering that as well, when I actually read this define you, let me ask this question. Daring design, imaginative technology, dynamic performance. Does that make you think field or Matthew be honest, daring design come on. Well, that dynamic performance also say imaginative technology. Well, it depends. Man. Yeah, give him. I'll give him sort of imagining crazy. Surp- done amick, formative. If you could give to me your all you will wide range outcomes Weibring about this. Yep, I'm with you wide range of outcomes. Well, here's something else that the all new Lexus ES sport has that has lain tracing assist. What does it monitors visible lane, markings and preceding vehicles to help keep you centered in the lane. Pre collision system with pedestrian and bicyclist detection should detect a potential frontal collision. It can automatically help break the vehicle to stop intelligent high beam, offer added elimination to help you keep focused on the road every curve, every innovation, every feeling a product of mastery experience. Amazing at your Lexus dealer. And I'd like to remind you that elite picks his brought to you by Lexus. Belong to our wide receiver rankings and give you our league pick in week four, which is Jarvis Landry tough fifteen wide receiver across the board for us math even has them inside his top. Ten talked about him earlier on actually the live show. I mentioned, like, what are the things that I learned so far this season Jarvis Landry not merely a slot wide receiver, not merely eight yards in cloud of dust wide receiver. This guy has been a beast for Cleveland. He's being targeted on thirty two point, two percent of his routes, and he's much more vertical threat than people thought he was going to be after four years of Miami. It's matchup with the raiders as well. Oakland ranking bottom ten defense in the NFL against the slot in terms of completions and touchdowns. Since the beginning of last year they've given up a league high, four different touched onto the slot. So far this season, I'm excited about the Baker Mayfield era. I'm looking forward to it as well, not gonna over think Jarvis Landry too much will fuller. There's a lot of a lot over. Think here all either Matthys wider Seaver, fifteen year rankings. Got him at twenty three. He's been awesome to the first three games of the season, and he was awesome last year when Dion Watson was the quarterback. At what point we turn the page and say like, no, I get. He will never score that many touchdowns in every single week. But when do we overcome the volume concerns? Have we already, I would hope so. I mean, double digit targets last week is well. I feel like were where we are now with juju Smith Schuster young and everyone's like Antonio balanced grade. And yeah. Do you know he's in like an hour like sorta like they got to top ten wide receivers in Pittsburgh. I think we should be there now with will fuller, and we will get there eventually in terms of the idea of Hopkins and fuller. I'm not saying we'll floors a top ten guy, but I think he's easily top twenty guy. I don't think any of this is a fluke. He was performing at such a high level and people were like regression regressionist coming. He can still regress a decent amount. Right? And and and still be an elite guy to different games. Willfuller is played. He's got twenty targets. He's not a guy that's like had like. You know, three catches for a hundred yards and a touchdown, which is what we saw some last year, like twenty targets in two games. Twenty targets in two games. And that's what the Shawn Watson who as we said from the I test hasn't looked fully in rhythm just yet certainly like him against an Indianapolis team. That is a lot of league-high seventy different deep completions. Since the start of last year you can throw deep on indie. That's my expectation that happens on Sunday. Willful comes in fifteen for me and week four getting so many questions about Larry FitzGerald. Two catches for nine yards last week. How can you possibly trust starting this guy? Not because of anything he's done himself. I don't know the due totally trust. You know, I I haven't ranked twenty four this week just because I think it against Seattle. There's an opportunity for him. We're gonna have a new quarterbacks starting this week in Zona. So look, I think that they know they have to get the ball to to people David Johnson that happened a little bit last week and Larry FitzGerald. So if there's anybody who's going to catch the passes, at least from. The the safe passes in the passes across the middle. I think it's going to be Larry FitzGerald and I. So to me, he's not that you know where where did we have them in the preseason? I can't even remember fifteen top fifteen. He's out. He's fallen out of that. But he's like mid twenties for me right now. So he's like a flex play depending on what your choices are. I've got them lower than that. I've got him and I had him at twenty nine that felt stick to me Matthew. I can't even imagine starting Larry FitzGerald this week, so much about the matchup, Seattle's along with the legion of boom, at least not my opinion separate from Earl Thomas, but the volume's not there. The big play upside is there and the quarterback plays a question Mark with Josh Rosen, making his very first start of the NFL career. If you're Josh Rosen and you're the bomb. Sure. Reifer the ball, you know. Right on out to the bench, even given that the the, sorry, go ahead. What are you gonna say. Even save is just going to say, if you're looking for someone to trust and I think about, okay, who's he working with in practice all week? What's he prize? Larry FitzGerald is that guy for him, and I have to believe that the this is perhaps the best week for Larry FitzGerald. So far doesn't mean it's great and obviously that's reflected in how we've all moved him down. But I do think if I'm a young quarterback, that's the guy I'm working with the most during the week, try and get them all to home now for a crappy promo. New York Times bestselling author, Matthew berry with another self-serving self-indulgent all about me promo. We're getting to that time where you start thinking about, hey, I need to get. I need to get some more clothes, maybe like a sweatshirt. Now, maybe like a long sleeve team. I'm in on this. Yeah, which can get at fantasy life dot com. And for those of you that are fans of the six? Oh, we have a whole host six Ohno section on fantasy life dot com. We've got some spicy tomato shirts, secret squirrel shirts, don't gate the analyst gate the game like that that we got that shirt. There's all sorts of stuff you go to fantasy dot com. We, we've got tumblers. We've got socks. We've got a payroll for women's to find you got hats and trophies. It's a bunch of great stuff there. So check it out at fantasy life dot com. You can. If if you go to fantasy dot, I'm just click the all button and it'll take you to a section that has the zone or you can just search for six on fantasy dot com. By the way, the promo code m b ten gets you ten percent off in the month of September. So socks and trophies and sweatshirts and t shirts, and any any particular peril that you see there just click on it and you can choose it in t shirt, long sleeved t. or sweatshirt. And it's it's really high quality stuff. It's it's super comfy like a good sleep in great gift. So anyway, check it out and support your sport little team over here at fantasy life dot com. Good stuff. There dot com. Great place at checkout. We did have a poll that went up a child's name. Matthew. How many Matthews do you guess for his namesake before you get to Matthew berry the over under was one, seven, eight, nine, and a half. Over, got the votes, fifty, seven percent. You said over nearly two thousand Matthews before you get to Matthew berry for two three percent said under great show today you guys are killing me. I'm sorry, Matthew child voice. Today on the show we are back tomorrow. They will preview podcast all fifteen games. Fourteen more games to preview one game. Of course, two hundred by should say. In the meantime, follows defying a be eighty seven on Instagram was to underscore ESPN. He's Matthew berry team are everywhere except for the fantasy life that he's just at Matthew berry. He's got a TV show on ESPN plus it's called the fantasy show. My name is field gates me there on social media. We'll talk to you guys on Friday peace out. Six. In case you. Matthew berry TM. You guys go ahead. Give me green for being on sportscenter for forty, five seconds better than me because I don't think. Better than me because I don't think. Your your terrible at Pash tag imprompt. Feel. You'll gate. Berry. Secrets. The fans. Ben. You're about to create the next goal hug signing and Madden NFL nineteen because with more control on and off the gridiron you'll define your team's outcome because when the lights come on, it's the decisions you made before this nap. That determines what happens between the whistles and what happens between the whistles this how franchises are built. And when you're on the biggest stage, it's about the moment and doing whatever it takes to hoist that trophy in Madden nineteen. You make the plays that when you games.

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