Why Do Salmon Leap?


Did you see that on that thing that just jumped out of the water? Oh, there's another one. Look there Simon ya'll. They're showing off maybe or maybe they're shaking off sealife. I'm guessing, you know, something about these salmon that I don't know. I know that scientists noticed that young guy salmon jump of the water and skimming servers were there tails and average of nine times a day. And it's clear they're not just leaping over obstacles. Researchers had a hunch to Semin. We're trying to get rid of sea lice since it's known that fish with sea lice jump out of the water fourteen times more often than fish that our sealife free ninety what is see Laos is a parasite about the size of a pea that feeds on mucus, blood and skin make sense. Why salmon wanna get rid of them does jumping actually do the trick? Those what scientists wanted to find out. The salmon festival lies and divided them into two groups they put one into an ocean pin where they could leap out of the water and another into opinion with knitting covering the water surface after three days the salmon that couldn't jump out of the water at twenty eight percent more see lies than the ones that could sell. They figured out something that works. It works eventually. But it takes them an average of fifty six jumps to dislodge one ceelo's not that that's the stats it really should work on their technique. This moment of science comes from Indiana University. There are thousands more moments of science on our website at a moment of science dot org. Where you can view videos and sign up for podcasts. I'm Yale Cassandra dime dog less.

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