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Welcoming Solicitation ESPN AFC on the day. The Champions League was packed with a bang on dance. Amish on by Craig Burley and STEVIE NICKEL GAB. Markazi will be with us in a moment as well later on in. The show should be impeached by two goals to one once again ailing. Harland stealing the show but we start in Madrid at. Let's see taking on the defending champions Liverpool and it'd be simione decide that win by one goal to nil Sowell's strike in the fourth minute proving to be the difference between the two sides in the first leg live without a single shot on go throughout this entire match. All the build up to this game was the fact. That athletically aren't the team they used to be. There are teaming transition. Meanwhile Liverpool unbeaten in Lalita and in the Premier League. Sorry how does this happen because we have to play the Games you know? It's not about your plan at the teams are but what's hunt previously. That just tries to give people an indicator of what we think's GonNa Happen but the truth is probably the worst performance Liverpool of Hod for maybe twelve months came wrong line and probably the best performance athletic for twelve months so good that they looked like the oldest Laczi the fighter in Liverpool never go short. One goal tells you that this team did defend did defend for the lives. That was one chance when Sala short moisture headed from just off the line but that was their goalie. Kip GOALKEEPER NO SHAPES TO MAKE. They defended well on the break. I've never seen Liverpool Luke so vulnerable especially during their rate. Athletics left Liverpool's Alexander. Round old doesn't doesn't pick up good positions defensively and doesn't know when to go and challenge. That means that the Mon- nexium Gomez finds himself a no-man's-land everything came down not save and and actually we have fifteen minutes ago. It's onto you and say you know what I'll take a one defeat today because quite frankly and coup Gulf and should have been more so van Dyke make a mistake in the falstaff at least with the head of it put the Murata and luckily for him it was Murata and he hesitated and fluff fluff these lines. But wasn't that was not a disaster if you one of your worst performances by standards this is a surprise and thank Athletic Lever Pillow and I think this is how far the two teams of sorta drifted opposite directions in the last couple of years or last eighteen months as if they do not live a pull out and it's still a big F. It would be a shock. I think it would be a shot. No a couple of years ago when it was not rugged ugly horrible play against Letty site. It wouldn't have been because nobody wanted to play them for the factor changed. They're struggling and Lolita liberal been on the Front for an almost every game as a little bit of a surprise what happened. I mean yeah probably cut believe. He's luck when these bed last night thinking. I'm going to be the busiest season the nothing to do bill plea on the stand that this this happens. Right and to deliver for one of these anomalies. When when when you're sitting on the say with these with these coaches at the same the disabled who take off they taking anybody off the one person that covered the south and any sort of glory and that includes Van Date because the foster the goal comes from his pure attempt to clean a bowl. So when you turn up and every single one of the players as below average You you try and figure out one. We know arms because we we've been in the middle of it professionally and and you know it's common and you don't know when it's coming where it came to be about being a normally but they did lose the Napoli as well in the group stages where once again they looked very much a shadow of the side they normally are in the premier league. What are still this season. It was still it. Still within this context of Liverpool looking so amazing envisages scenario where we're not talking about Liverpool in the next round I can say yes say individuals scenario which loop wouldn't have zero shots on target and that's why it's an only because you don't want it. It's common the only thing you know as there's going to be performances where you just know. Oughta and too. Many of the team are not going to be. You just don't know when it's common you just hope and pray that either one you get away with her or two when you do lose you lose. Lee either tonight. One nil going home and you still. You still fevers lesbian in this tie. Guy Marzorati as I said with us as well cab. What do you make of it? Well it looks like the boy said it's as if I play the turn back the clock to to become the team that you know they were two three years ago albeit without the leadership of of people like codeine human is on the break Gabby midfield but they played the script very very well. I was really impressed. We will wealth and talk about how Liverpool's fullbacks switch to play. They had a lot of trouble doing it. It looked as if if always knew it was coming and always had a guy there. I think you know the descript of sitting back and defending deep unclogging spaces against Liverpool. That's a pretty obvious. One many teams have tried it. I think it worked for in part because they were home in part because they have better players than I think some people give them credit for in part because Liverpool had an off-day and largely because they scored straight away and I think that that changed the game that changed. Liverpool's approach a lot. But the boys are right. You have to TVs at the beginning. You have to go and play the game one of the truth of football and tell you what doesn't slip. That could easily have been two nil as well. Let's go Mr Trick. I think that Mr Trump one goal couple of shots on target Liverpool as averages of been for a long long time and one. Now trae I really do. I still say it when you think unfilled as it was last year for the Buffalo game which was incredible and then you thank athletic team although the trying to change going to give up ground getting pummeled by Liverpool pressure after pressure after pressure. I don't think we're going for one. Moment see Aleppo aid but this Kozulin slack and the final thought as we saw tonight. Gop I take your point but I somebody made the point before the teams are very comfortable when they're being pummeled. Some teams don't mind not having the ball and I think that's the reality of Legal Madrid equally. The screws can get ratcheted up on Liverpool as well. You know knowing that we need to score we need to prolong this game and Athletico also have obviously a world class keeper one of the very best of the world who've been going and stand on his head and shutdown opponents singlehandedly when he's on his day so all those things together to me. It's it's going to be. It's going to be very uncomfortable. A for Liverpool as to why he didn't push on and score a second goal. I think it would have been ideal for them. Obviously if it had happened but the reality is this team has scored more than one goal very often over the last two or three months. It just not something that they're very comfortable doing or very good at doing. And this is not the oldest lexical. Today was the last thing they produced. You know we're talking about who whole Liverpool produced the wasp performance from nowhere and this team today pleased the best performance from nowhere as well right the best is that. GonNa Happen twice and now. They're saying they're happy to give up. Possession know as much as the team from a couple years ago. They were Sally happy with the world and ugly. I. We don't care if you knock fifty crosses into the box because we're going to head away we're going to fight and scrub. This is slightly different looking at the site. And I think the reason to kept a clean sheet tonight was not because the rugged defensive unit because Liverpool were pretty awful in the final how misguided with the celebrations at the end from Athleti so semi off in Michigan. It's like they just won the tie over. Two legs book took place in the quarter-finals. I understand significance of this win but is only a half time if you like is it matters that motivate Liverpool any more is a problem. Then you could get on the complain. All of the right word is just no. It's just another little bit more on the top of the fact that they want to win anyway and it's not a surprise when semi only I mean my goodness I mean we were laughing. Our He's put spent the most part of the second half standard during those two Dakota. Yeah I'm surprised. He saw the game which is fair. Does yeah assume it's not going to be the only thing it will do. Stop some of the players stop throwing spot remember so some will remember not from a neutral point of view right great result. Yeah Lacey Full Sutton leg dead. That is now obsolete again. We have a game in our Hans quickly. Who's going for Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool gap? Yeah headsets Liverpool Of course it's going to be a fascinating atmosphere once again and filled in just a reminder if you have a missile show and it's a busy few weeks in the footballing world you can go over to the website and download our daily podcast. You can also do that as well via apple podcasts. We were promised goes weren't we between Bruce U. P. S. sheep for a while they were none in fact to the sixty nine for a minute but then again just exploded into life Holland on his Champions League debut for Borussia Dortmund would make it one. She quickly equalised licenses would find name. Earning Harland would school the winner and this kid is on fire at the moment when I say the winner it was Josh. A rocket from outside the box to give rooster eight to one lead going into the second like eleven goals in seven games since joining and doorman over the summer. It seems the place to start. Isn't it when you've got the likes mbappe and Neymar on the Pitch Harlan? Who Everyone's talking about it yesterday whenever the document whether they're playing in the Bundesliga Champions League the first thing almost every snow is is Holland plan. Right and here's a guy. A teenager is doing at the elite level as doing it for deliveries previous call is doing for best club a by a huge club in Germany which is under appreciably perform in the knockout stages against one of the biggest spenders in European football in the last decade and he just doesn't seem phased I mean. There are parts of his game that he knows himself and he said I need to on something is foster archer. These is just needs to slow down a little bit. But in general for some of his age he has been immense the first when it went and he scored it. We like everything is just falling because the ball spun around failing schools. That second one was world-class. Yeah he had a lot to do to defend in front of him and and the piece that you hit the ball with with with very little bike left you know the Bowl Pasta goalkeeper before they move. Because you want you thinking he's going to have to go a little further to get on and as you're thinking that the ball's new back of the net. That's a talent. That's that's good given and this guy has got talent another thing. I love to things on the way. This guy is a plays he plays. It could guy who just wants to school goals. He's smiling all over that he's running around and running around and had I'm looking at. I'm looking at him bobby. We know what we know. What Name Zola? I'm looking at bobby and bobby stopped. Do what name I started doing doing all these little flakes and checks and run the legs and I do like that. That's not what made you create whom you agree Guy Hollands during rain though Holland island just sticks. It DOES NOT ENJOY THE GAME. And you stick on a bucket. Normally from defenders point of view. You're playing against the right. That's striker is a penalty box drake. And what isn't going to pick the ball up four yards and crush which I don't have to worry too much about that are is not came to play an unintended closing them down. But he's not very sharp and the box this. That's boy I say. Boy that's boy does both sides of the game plus the five normally apply against a player. Has Maybe quick or you play against a player. Who's maybe not as mobile as physical. He he's GonNa he's GonNa all the physicality of the old fashioned number nine but he's got the speed of Australia. Her plays off the guy and we saw that and the the one that you went through on goal in the second half. He's just from an lipped for all the well in the world that the goalkeeper was going to get at least a yacht the two in front of him and he still managed to get through in an almost tapped goalkeeper until two given a penalty. Kick away on the men's performance from a young man. Who as by the way only GONNA get better? Who Strong's this Guy Gooby? I'm GonNa see that you may not remember it. Used to be a guy called now and who came on the scene as in one thousand nine hundred and it was a big skinny gangly guy and when you have these bones right say about twelve months eighteen months later. I remember them a nearly broke for. This is just going hunting the island. He's only going to get quick stronger and faster and it's scary to think. How big strong guy? Ob Gab is why we love it and that's why we love watching this sport because when you someone like this come from nowhere but I have so much expectation around him and then he lives up to it. It's always one about. I mean you corrected yourself there when you said nowhere with all due respect if you go back twelve months Holland was was eighteen years old. But you know there were other. Juniors year olds that we were talking about. He was not one of them. You know he just arrived at Salzburg was coming off the bench picking spots. There's no question that all the big clubs have known who he is for very long time and he's been plugged into all the networks but but it did seem that he'd somehow slightly gone off the radar and certainly the general public didn't know he was and now they know. The beast is risen. It's absolutely terrifying. What he does and I think the one thing I am sure Borussia Dortmund Sports Science People Holland himself and his dad will all be looking at. This is going to be his physical development as he continues. What kind of of a of a player is going to be. I mean you want him to get stronger but you want him to maintain his pace. Sometimes it can be a bit of zero sum game. How do you manage that when you've got you've got such a phenomenal athlete? Above all else let. Let's recap Britiah Dortmund. Here you know with the result might be an another night minis team at one point in the game two one thousand nine hundred seventeen years old and cloudy arena. Some rain came to provide the assistance of coasties bench for seventeen years old against Patterson and the NOCCO stages when the game still in the balance is incredibly satisfying for cloak to do an incredibly satisfying for manager of your club to have the stomach to these kids in particularly young Young Reno to come off the bench seventeen and is fazon chose performance again You know I wouldn't say I think call the wrong world but fails is the ability really and you don't WanNa be he's going to. He's going to go for over one hundred million not about but boy could he be the match winner in Paris and we've got. We ended up too much time. I want to talk about G. How would you sum up their performance today? Disappoint looked a little disjointed shape. It was basically can embark peo- name produce something you know that that can only walk so many times to go through the whole tournament unity. You need to be together as a team. And they don't look together as a team bought you know what as good as Borussia whereas great a one as there's only one goal. Let's be frank the goal. The goal was a giveaway right. Let's be Frank Kubota giveaway. Because they had it got through academia and he'll be three defenders. You should never go in there. And they paid the penalty but normally we say right great result. Ps G not too by the way. Go Go back to Paris. But we know how the last couple of years. Yes we know the buckling of this team and we know we know dormant. I've gone through initiatives defensively but concrete. Cianci's on I think makes for a great game. Nova ratty either gap. Both of them will be suspended for that game after bookings today making a strange noise that when Craig was talking it was oh no I just think these loss based on his performance today is really really big one. In fact I know hold on was or Sancho where the main event with some Bobby Neymar. But that midfield battle I saw between emory Sean. Who really was really was exceptional and variety. I thought was a wonderful side dish to to the main course right then. He's fruit gap. Well I'M GONNA go with Barry Mann there. Do I expect a big performance? I expect to shut people up. Don't WanNa hear about the last three years and how they should have gone through and they were unlucky and the referee and Blah Blah Blah. Enough of that. I'm going to say Pakistan's your man proved me wrong. Pse really a one. No win at home against Russia. Don't mean person through on tonight's performance of changed. Now I'm going I'm GonNa say with Holland's and not for me Sanjay. I'm going to go for a short Dortmund. Yeah it's to be one of the second in front so just reminder. We always stay late to answer your questions feel free to tweet. Us AT ESPN APP. See you can catch extra time over on our youtube. Cham- Champions League continues tomorrow. Spurs taking on Livestock Spurs. Go into the tie as the underdog sixty five according to the puck bounce the quarter finals of bad news today for Josie Marino already struggling with injury saw now for it looks like the rest of the season with a fractured arm. Live legitimate favorites for Ukraine. Yeah I think so. I mean it was a little bit slow after the break for them but certainly picked up a little taught them and we can see the sun is a great game very open but I keep bringing same thing. It's autumn and particularly. There's no focal point out front with no hold up and walk off of probably going to be Lucas. More up there as that. Too often of seen sprawls under the impression it's just the ball and they've given possession to Tim's but quite easily hence development was quite open. Now you did not delight Jake and my opinion with the players. They've caught that's that's going to be big trouble. Fulham even taught him home so I'm struggling to see over. The two games host Tottenham said in its current format goes through Spurs. Of course not the only side in these tie with players missing life sick with significant members scored not in. Yeah no question about it Starting for me the biggest one of all Diet Open. Ikano one of the best centrebacks in the world. In my opinion he suspended for the for the first leg also other alternatives tobacco. Turn to like like like Willie Benjamin out for a long time Tyler Adams of course also out in in midfield so Nago Zeman himself is is pretty stretched at least for this for this first leg. And that's GonNa make for an interesting encounter what sort of encountering expects instead. I think this is going to be. Listen Lake. She gets out in the good position in abundance Lita. They probably should've beaten by on recently but they're not getting the results. The need cash for Tottenham as bad as you think have been are getting resolved and ended the day. That's what it's all a boat you know you can play as well as you want and still were always bothers you want one. That's exactly what taught moving doing saying I'm going to go seek because if team will Vanna Listen? I think I think if you switch team Avella taught them said that would make them for me favored. Guess what he's putting Lacey so I'll go over the two games gap. He got very close. I think over the two games. I'm going to lead. Lean Leipzig just simply because Leipzig also have the individuals of Verner? But also possibly Danny almo- if they find the right role for him to go and break down a low block craig. I'm just leaning towards Leipzig over the two legs just reminded plenty of content over on our ESPN AFC YouTube channel. You can check it out and law. You'll their shots take a look at best the week. Tomorrow Sees Atalanta sakonnet Valencia. We've got thirty seconds left guys. Tell us about this game or you should watch this game. Because it's it's a real contrast in style between lattices Valencia. That's had an up and down season after he took over from my selen-selena but they do have some tremendous individuals up against not that I'm decide who score goals tons of the one of the highest scoring teams in Europe. Some real special talents. Papa Gomez Yosef illegit. It's always fun. To Watch Atlanta. You will be entertained. Didn't mention the lose. Lots of goals. Steve Eight come on. We're trying to be nice. Ryan SORTA got Valencia fans. That's Alana goal so that's voice. Thank you very much. Hopefully more Champions League drama tomorrow until then goodbye. Walgreens delays addition of extra time Stevie says Speedy Gonzales and other speakers in las line. Yep same place phone apart. I'm going to be going home different way. Tonight in the dark was way way invoice. God we've waited more than two months for the Champions League. Knockout stages widely games kickoff. The same time question but kind of the way that they've always done it and it's always been now I know in the group stages This year they spread because they've always done. It doesn't make it the right thing to do that well. They spread them out in in in the group stages because they are teams from from Eastern Europe and for Greece. And so it's it's less of an issue with them to have them kickoff in the earlier time slot in other words a seven o'clock central European time but the simple fact of the matter is the vast majority of viewers are the ones and broadcasters who pay a lot of money for them are in central Europe. And if you're in central Europe a seven o'clock kick-off is simply not good for you because people are coming back from work because you can't have The build up to it. And because you don't have the same gap between there and the next game and bad for ratings and for business but with four hours of Primetime Salka not sell batts than just the two hours so if you had that seven to eleven slots then surely you could still make the same amount of money. Not Really No. Because it's not seven to eleven. If nobody's watching at seven o'clock people Shane. They're not there because they're coming back from work. I mean what kind of logic is that and I mean honestly like you had your games in Madrid and an endorsement today right. Both those games one of those games would have to kick off at seven o'clock. People have jobs in those countries. They have commitments. They have to eat dinner. You don't you what you start your your pre game buildup at half past. Six people aren't home to watch that and so it's much more of an event if the game kicks off as has been at nine o'clock in central Europe but obviously it's seven o'clock kick-off would be even worse if you happen to be in England or the British isles where which is actually I think has the highest or spends the most on champions ATV rights. Because you know six o'clock literally nobody's there to watch it except for the unemployed and old people and kids you and I was thinking about it exactly if not made much of an argument. What good were you you away for who you argue. We've just been slapped by God. That's it but it's way imagine over here the NFL playoffs being on at the same time. It doesn't make any sense. He's playing on Sunday and Saturday work on weekends. It seems very strange. The Pinnacle matches our sport play. Time doesn't make any sense weekends. Gobs told you crashes to questions but for both of the filter oil field just doesn't make any sense at least twice while Euro which is because the way because nobody will watch. That's why you're saying well the cowboys home. What does that mean people? See Me Myself. Typical of them. I must admit watching games at once as an ideal of course there is no no this is frustrating and who have the most disappointing performance live. Ps G love appeal. Absolutely absolutely I mean it is shock the British document actually beat. Pse It's not shock surprises. Maybe not show to short-lived let you be liveable settling. The Monitor's well deserved newbery was taking money off on the right decision when he's clearly the spot was a tank while. I'm pretty certain don't hold us. I'M GONNA guess to come off before he gets sent off it already. A yellow the smash some in the bucket had unintentionally but still in the back of the head and the referee. How giving them another yellow complain too much I think now it was precaution than Anna. Gav Is Liverpool really that good or is the premier league this season in Europe. Livable struggle a lot. Also the also the reigning European champion so struggle. There obviously relatively soon three questions I just. Did you ask the Question Joe? I stand on Your Own Book Dan Since Twenty Eighteen Liverpool. I've lost to Madrid Barcelona Napoli Wolves Manchester City. And if you WANNA be a real patent about it Aston Villa in the League Cup but of course that was Liverpool's kids that's at six losses since two thousand eighteen since November twenty eighteen. If I'm not mistaken that's just absurd. Yes there are very very very good team. And it's as simple as that. You should a phrase that quick question definitely should have said all the current European champions from two thousand nine and the two thousand eighteen runners-up really bought Europe. How you could I call it the questions you know question and went all the poed and I'm not here to table reads you get you get robotic. That's all I'm just a couple could jump off the roof it. Espn would you do it? That's all he'll such a company man that saints. Hey there's been some incidents just needs to come. I Agree I WANNA did Paul Selena miss out on signing Holland from me. Twenty million euros in the January Transfer Window Gab. Okay courteous it's twenty million euros in theory. It's not really twenty million euros because there was a lot of commission paid on top of that anywhere between depending who you talk to. Probably Between Fifteen and twenty five million. I've been told just today. Actually that it was eighteen million. So that's thirty eight million a little bit more money than that. On top of that you had to agree to to to the contract and to his terms which. I'm over by applause on top of that Holland and his dad made it very clear that they wanted. They didn't want to go to a massive club straightaway they wanted with no disrespect to Dortmund. He didn't want to make the leap to a Barcelo Manchester United. They wanted to go to a club where he could continue growing and developing and he felt that Borussia Dortmund were that club partly for the track record with with young players. They got some wrong to over the years. But also because the pressure I think involved in playing for For Borussia Dortmund with Eddie kind of disrespect. Is it the same as the pressure involved in playing for Barcelona around Madrid or united or or buying Munich? It's simply not you. Did you play this this? This is much. My city differently when Roy Keane funny sees. Yep Yep but it's a smart decision. Gop said his club with track record playing playing bring Lawson Jaden Sancho g arena now seventeen. It's just it's just a smart move around. Go somewhere you're going to get. You're going to get game time by the way if you appraise has had we done less than two months after move. Yeah I wonder. I wonder how a lot a lot that isn't in Craig Morris. Tv Won't be we will. Of course be looking back at Spurs against Leipzig plus other game between Atalanta and Valencia. You're going to ask you know I'm just going to read the question so I do. Make up the questions on the pavement.

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