On the Trail of... Bob Marley. Plus old skool pubs, old skool drugs and an old school. (S4, Ep9)


and. This is desert. Today we're in Sunny Peckham on the trail of one of the pioneers of reggae Yeah we've got old school pups, old school drugs and an old school. Walkers Tokens entices plus what stays. South London wine. What I've heard it all now said nothing that's place do. When it caught welcome groups of more than six Well, you say. Listen on my simple friend. Yep We've got tactics on how to party in Babylon later in the show, we'll to service on duty south and on Dallas Radio and you'll listening to the desert podcast sponsored by go out London the APP. But does it all. GOING, out in London department. It does reservations. These days does everything you need hand democ table service venues, Carl's. preorder home dining. It turns a Sambi. Sandwich into a banquet. Is the only product you'll ever need. finished. To carried away. Okay. So why don't slip into something? We'll come to crack open the code one and take learning to the minimum. Do the first pop quiz I guess yes we as as we mentioned are in Peckham clear. On the Ryan, going to the Ri-. Yes. We're going to pub-. The. Used to have a Buco it didn't it. Did table tennis and it's very good and that's unpack and raw i. think that's sufficient. PS here the. Guns. We'll find out. Right. Let's get drunk I. Mean get it work. Welcome back. Where are we? We've any we at the. Yeah you gave it away. He said we're going to the Ri- but you, Action and riding the upright DDS. Anyway. It was too easy that one was, but you can still have your first point where and blood hell week deserved. Yes, we have. We've had to wait with They didn't have I. Three options. And the APP didn't work but apart from that. We're in a lovely garden sun is shining. Bear in front of us. Yeah multi. Right. What the hell of I been up to? Yes. What the hell have you been to? About a holiday in. London. Benny. In, London he told me that law no, no, no no. Not Not not. Wrong. We made me my that with you. yeah I wanted to say with this is to check out the pedestrian is. Meanwhile I went to W.. W One. And it was a lovely the olex Gershon. The city is this is a great city. Yes. In August September where we are now in the middle of pandemic. It's it's quite empty. You can along and you know. See anyone a lot of I, forty five minutes. Mind you. We will into the brandon estate in war with. Where we chanced upon an estate up court the Canterbury arms, which identing I'd ever come across before. and. A way outside was a grizzly old guy sitting that asset to A. Should we stop for half and he said Hey stop for? Welcome. And let me stop took for the harp whether. Awesome. System Love, the drinking one way system and then onto Soho which is expected is much better with less traffic. But even better off five o'clock when some Rosa closed completely and people come out rolling astroturf onto the street and all the chance to tables. And then we went to the coach and horses beside Clo-. You know again, you know 'cause wandering is perfect table. Going around. Yeah. Wonderful back now in fuller's direct management better or for worse. Does mean as op-ed those. Little Bit if he wants. Yeah. But now it's Not. Great. Pandemic. Pandemic. Love it. And then we walked home again Via, the river at one by the river we dropped into the other from council check out its last days. We were going to have one in that, but I'm afraid it's already. Into you. Know, the other concert shopping and. I. think that is officially closing on the twenty. Fifth September. Inside. Peter and all the little. Beach Bar Center. So finished dead. Yeah very sad and so we win win for one in ten cuts more throat one in the next heads in Campbell and finished up with the name. Donald Triple cheeseburger. Codes due to missing number being called while giggling. Proper holiday. My advice would be eight triple cheeseburger hot. Yeah. Yeah. Wasn't much of a trade in. You could say that was my key takeaway from the day Oh. Oh. So, yeah there's a wonderful holiday and then you could sad holiday and Brixton. went to the Brixton old school pub. Cool. Nice pop popcorn put together by goose which took in a lot of the PUPS. Back in the day that were great. We just checking to see this location. That's nice. Yeah. Relatives Yeah. So involved. Lots of Hansen. On my hands I've never been descriptions instant with the Scotch chilly and my right testicle. Think about and. So we start off first of all at the effort whole tavern. Lovely. It was We were told it's full inside limp off. Empty. But Type it in the garden whether fourteen person limit. But they seem to be fifteen people coming going the guns if you get into the toilet to wait until someone car. But that was lovely and then we went onto the dock star, which is I may have mentioned before was reverted to basically boys pub-. Pu- The decks have gone tables on the floor. This is not done anything to do with the pandemic. No, just. Another step in evolution of bookstop. Yeah. The W nine Baugh was closed goose very sad about that. I think he had some Shenanigans on. Back in the day but he pushed on to the Marquis of long which. CENA full. Not Far, from David Bowie your house. Very handsome. Victorian. Backstreet lovely fixtures and fittings the rich or extensive skunk outside and some old boys swearing at the does on TV. It was really quite. and. Go into a bit of Baldwin advertently photographed gazes. Second. Fight the pope. I did about you. But whenever someone takes a photo of me, I'm like, how do you want me? What's my motivation? The. Tell me breezy in. Yes. Exactly as some direction, but this oversee felt very differently. anyway, I let him live and we pushed on to the Queen's head. She may remember a massive music back in the day. The fact white family famously formed there and called it home and all sorts going on in the upstairs room where parrot would you cocaine? But when we arrived, it was evacuated quiz not. Believe it and. We raped guess the outback and shoutout TIMBUKTU and nineteen seventy four random points. And then it was through the estates to the hero of Switzerland. Soon, you may remember to be a tower. Block? But Alas and indeed a lack. Closed at ten PM. This is the problem with the new normal no fucker updates to websites. No. Not that the hero hit Switzerland how's IT website? If you WANNA find out when there you have to send them and telegram. anyway pushed on to the junction junction. This too was just about to close at ten thirty. So you know thinking. Way order two points each and settled. onto the terrorists to enjoy the traffic. And perhaps not unrelated to this. It was favorite probably not. Yeah well, that sounds wonderful. I went on a mini cool myself out to a depth with Mrs started off with Busta Busta Mantis. Has Jamaican fusion fusion food. What makes it fusion chips? Actually, that's not true. That's harsh is is. It's very It's. Very nice food and villages room. Lovely. But it's next around mountain and you are sitting out on the roundabout now that's you know Knicks Knicks the roundabout Oh. Yeah. Okay. Inside faith. On Creek side. I think having a pump on the sort of quite industrial bit means you can you can have you drinking outside music can be worked out. And Yeah. It's a people. Looks it kind of. Shutting Down, how many beers they're offering? Many as we found today yes. Yes. But not little faith they had. Six, absolute bangers. Trinamul them. Not. All of them but but the majority perhaps. And football is back life. Suppressing. Being. Good Fun. you've been to some life game i. mean there are many available to us but you may find. Read I have you came down to To watch him. To see the friendly match against. The cry. Is it in crave foods cray cray food slash. Bonner's. And, Yeah. It was great to ICS Sealer Games. Again and also see some of those faces. Somewhere where it's just test. It's spear into debt by this. Isn't it? Yeah. That very dirty Burg was Ziegler ingredient salt fat. normally the keep it gets a bit of. Defense from the it was the other way round. VCD given us. Greens I think we were out have much practice. Apologize to him and said I'm sorry. This because he was, he was on yourself the buggers which was ironic 'cause he's big boned himself. Yeah. He was. He was suggesting that we might be interested in Vegan, burgers? Yes. Because we're hungry. Hamlet. hipster cons something like that. Yeah. Yeah he mediating. I stopped beforehand for one in era. Yes which had never been to I've always been meaning to go to since Kerr Church wrote that piece on desert about air. Yes. So linked to on the coast. It's It was a while ago now and it was a great. Good he's made me made me want to visit because you. You may remember she. wrote about seeing a pig driving a car. I mean this is an odd place. And she mentioned the running horses pub where I went for Pine and. Although it sounds like that one I think it was another pub that she did have an issue with some running. Local travelers turned up at the pub. With in on their horses and rode them into the pub. And when The. Issue with them. They said well, it says pet's welcome. pint outside the running horses by the street and watched opponent trap overtake. Police car. Well perfect perfect. and. Found another local game Peckham Town F C who just landed the London trophy indeed With is thought to be the first men's team to win a senior trophy under the management of a woman. Mary. So, congratulations to them and her. I thought time for their I league match of the season record attendance of about seventy. And they've got a famous tiny stems there the holds about. Eight people. The record what is seventeen seventeen? Pandemic indeed in these post Kovic Times now limited to one person at the time. As Little Q.. but it's a lovely day out on the south circular three quit infrequent for ten pair. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Be taking advantage of them over the next. Yeah. Weeks that was great and funding on the football front. I went down to see touch that women play another hundred seventy five souls champion Hill on Sunday to watch an eight goal thriller. Eight nil. Win. that. Often and the great thing about women's team is that afterwards, they will go out for a pint. Do they. The human. Just, like me except fitter than better foot will. Put up a quick mention four to places that. We both went to didn't we in Ramsgate? On the. Air Yeah apparently. Yeah. Very little memory I remember the boating pond. The voting point was great. Now I'm the boating pond on the West. The team behind the Ravens in the skies have opened the ravens gay on see. A pop up a majestic voting. Yeah. Lovely. Gloss in your hand on the palm trees and some Silky from speakers it could be on base. and we enjoyed a fulsome range of gats ails washed down with Margarita, slush aces lot you do. and. You've heard. Pub Garden. Pub Beach. Beach always coming back to me now. Zehr. Off We went to another face on the west side on West road actually the Bedford which was a rough house. It used to be the new landlord described as the place where drug dealers went to die. Anyway the kneeland imported five tons of Sahara and sand tipped into the garden. now, you can lounge out in the garden deckchairs with the fate of and we did shoes off even and we did. Quite sensational feeding couple of. Gems Dan the in Ramsgate. Right. Onto. Posts. Coast yes. Yes. Actually did some did some writing on deserter? About Peter Perez, not everybody knows who Pete About he was in the band Kuti only once lived in south London and Forest Hill mostly and one of the singles another girl another planet has been on virtually every indy combination. You may not know the only ones, but you know that song you'll never. Sing it. Well if it wasn't for the copyright issues. But yes, he was a bit of a south London legend he Didn't live in south London with his wife and his girlfriend and his valet. You can get away with it. Yes whilst he was putting together the band, the only ones and he was he financed the band basically through dealing as she. he he smokes an incredible amount and it's even hit the team used to smoke. Molly Yes. Good until two one source. Who will be visiting late who who's footsteps will be pulling later in date. And? Yes he even had a snort off with Keith Richards. Keith Richards wanted to produce the band and had a couple of meetings about it, and then they didn't really get much further than competitive cocaine sniffing. But yeah. He had a very interesting life and his the biography about him is really trillion well written by Nina Antonio. and we a piece on the site at the moment with a couple of videos from his mean it's amazing. He survived. Because he, he the only ones had like three albums as of. Late, seventies maybe the and then disappeared a split up and he disappeared for ten years down drugs home popped up again disappeared again. And Struggling heroin and crack addiction but then popped up about three years ago did a CETERA album with his sons behind him and yeah. Somehow has survived I think the suffers now with COPD. Is As does his? Wife because. They've been smoking and chasing the Dragon. on this kind of tin. Tin Foil nobody. warned you about tin foil. Keeps making. Toxic. Tenfold There's not the heroin all the crack. And so. Next we're going on the trial. Yeah subject for this episode. We're going to. A spot in Peckham. It's now the Damilola Taylor Center. where he played a seminal Gig to some school children. Bob of cool was a history and influential figure in reggae. He really brought reggae to the to the world. Imported into the mainstream chance the. Incredible crossman pop songs as well as ring a and covered lots of different genres even folk. And but he's he's trips to London were quite significant in this Korea definitely yeah. He was already a huge stall but he in in his own country but he came here. and that. Kicked kicked his career on the. and south London Hannah Poulton definitely yeah. Let's. Just go. Right. Here we at the. Taylor Center in Peckham, formerly Pekka. Amana. pick them out of school when Bob Marley was invited here to play a Gig in classroom with his mate Johnny Nash. who was was probably more famous England at the time due to. His single I can see clearly now. he was already a big star in Jamaica. By nineteen two, but he was trying to broaden his audience coming to England. And it wasn't going very well. Was it the he was struggling to get radio play sterling to get gigs and he made some Geezer in Soho Club who? Disagree come and do a little GIG GIG for his The schoolchildren he talked. And so he came here Johnny Nationally they played an acoustic to acoustic sets for the kids. And then afterwards, Played football in that yard there in that yard with with with all the boys and. Looks like they're going to build on that yard now it got. Some. Building fencing around it But yeah. We Watch documentary recently didn't we about that time in? In Peckham. With some of the children talk about their experience. But quite amazing to see the pictures of Johnny National. Folk, money sitting there in front of the school kids that gets us. Yeah. Amazing. It's quite good Taco. It's on the I play. Now should you fantasy catching it and? Some of his experiences. In England informed his next album catcher fire, which was a kind of A. Another kind of breakthrough for him is slight change of style and not not for the traditional reggae fans and he was a pioneer in. Rick. Ails. And he returned to tour with their album in seventy three and play two weeks in Peckham. wrote. Plays all over the country, but he played it Mr B's. A forty-three Peckham High Street also known as Mr B's bouncing. Ball. At in Hawaii. And yeah. He also played on the old grey whistle test when he was over that time and that was that was quite important again, boy into a new audience. And it very unusual to have a reggae artist on a on a rock show was Russia. Wasn't here. And then his his. Audience was even further broadened when Eric Clapton covered I, shot the sheriff, which was a massive hit on both sides of the. Atlantia. Slightly ironic given that he was a racist taunt. Maybe it wasn't then. May grew into maybe yeah. Yeah although. You know powwows but he he supported that speech A. And later gave one of his own which was. Worse. SPEC Jockeys. Lovely. Lovely. Yeah. So yeah I think you're coming to England was a big step in his career wasn't in it it moved him on a bit. Hit, brought into a much wider audience, and by the time he came for his next trip is to sold out and his audience is kind of fifty, fifty of black and white. And he he kind of brought. reggae from Jamaica to the world. and. Considered London and Britain as his second home in many ways didn't he i? Think he recognized it. had. A big influence on him and although when he was here about accounts, he missed the Sun Sea Beach. Punctured CETERA. Lots of about he loved yes he could still get ganger. Yes. Thanks Don. Let. He could still play football when they will probably his music football and we'd where he's yes, he's loves. Are we going to mention here that he used to play Bulla in Battersea. Park we candy. Yes. He he used to live in Chelsea for TI. He ended up there after an a session assassination attempt on him in make. And Yeah, he he just loved he would have a football everywhere. They went. He Yeah. They take it on, take a ball on tour course and he would say you know if you want to get to know me, you have to play football against me in the waiters rock. Was it Peter Tashi said that wherever they went on tour that stop off the town? No playing in five or something, and he said that book would just go and buy those footballs. I know. Yes, yes and he used to buy kit to take home to trench town. For the kids they're young play with play with Eddy Grant Battersea power. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Next up the news news. News. So the News put-in-bay news I mind done my pumpkin guess but there is one you wanted to add, right? Yes. There is an i. only know this because of Emma who? is at every pomp and burry opening MS, dump Ms Dump. Thank you Emma appointee the Silver Fox to us. This is in the Bar Bexley, where which is become my microprobe central in i. mean there's so many Michael there possibly because it's the least London like Barra. Yes. It does candidates the epicenter of my republic explosion. On the kind of feels like Kent. Difficult time to be opening Microsoft fill and in that location as well it's on. PDA Avenue in kind of Bexley and we know it because it's round the corner from where my parents used to And if it had opened when they were like I would have visited much more often. Say Fair. Okay in other news I thought mentioned the perimeter. Project, by Quinton Lake whose Zim Spent five years walking round the edge of Britain. Not. Six thousand six, hundred miles. Any finished it yesterday. he finished Erkki Day. It's been a great twitter feed really enjoyed it. filled is wonderful observations and photos will be I'm sure great book. I would have gone to macy mistake but preparing for this. fucking. I think the most impressive thing of the whole trip is getting the time off from his wife and children. Young Charles Wow maybe maybe too I think definitely won. I mean, what would you say if you said you were for five years? Don't come back then. If I said to Mrs Raider boy by. Five years. She'd say bring me back a cream egg. in more walking news Andrew Morris Walking. Slightly more modest hundred and sixty four miles in memory of his father Ralph. Yes. The X. Hamlet. Plan. To raise funds for the Kale Foundation in the community along the way. you can search. Ralph. Morris pilgrimage. On read all about the trip. Lincoln on that was well, yes. Indeed. Good Luck to Andrew tells us he will be raising gloss in memory of his father every night. And lunchtime. Roy. Andrew also would like to be remembered. Plus Chateau to. Do. What what what? Y- yeah. Are they called urban one urban one they they receive grapes grown all over London lie in back gardens and scrublands etcetera. And turn them into. Wow that's brilliant and you can sign up and take yours along this Saturday, the nineteenth of September. I wonder what it tastes like. I mean people say it's Tastes okay. But I'm going to give troy. Yeah. It's going to be a massive slander isn't it? it's always tricky. Isn't it with? Making it from scratch. The runs move my friend Ali thought Humor Rodney story tries hand at winemaking any report vineyard emigrated to Australia. And them off the first harvest, he sent away a sample of wine to the lab to be analyst. And it came back with a note that said your horse has a bladder infection. After that. The stock market. what else we go Oh we'll go to Kiev hang of it. Couple that. Thanks to the Brixton had to bring this to our attention. As an article on Bloomberg actually is a group of Finnish research is believed they've discovered. What people have spent? Sentry Searching For a cure for hangovers. Apparently. A- dose of twelve hundred milligrams of the amino acid l system. was found to reduce alcohol related nausea and headache while a dose of just six hundred milligrams. Helps Alleviate, associated, stress, and anxiety. this is coating to researchers at the University of Helsinki Invasive, eastern Finland. Around Dump Blind Study. Lots of volunteers consuming alcohol. As. Well as Reducing or even eliminating entirely else esteem also helped reduce the need of drinking the next day. thereby cutting the risk of alcohol addiction the need to drink the next day when you have a terrible hangover. Do Ya the dog of course. Yeah. Anything that kills. Well I'll until this finding yes, exactly. Apparently Binge drinking is very film Finland and That's why. The center of this sin this test miss. Experiment. How a little bit further down the article, it says the researches received funding from the company which sells the L. Sistine supplements. Twist still was. So that's probably what other bowls in and. You can have dose of L. Sixteen or you can basically do I do and have a dose of double-leg banking and chips the lovely nap. Back in the game. I did enjoy in the articles. The study ran into some difficulties. Some participants weren't able to consume all the alcoholic quiet. excluded. Some had such high tolerance levels that they experienced. No hangover symptoms. And some was sidelined because they insisted on topping the dose by heading for the bar. Good. I'm. Right even though we've been talking about almost nonstop for the anti cost, we're GONNA do title. We're GONNA do towns yes. I. businesses to pump recently. You'd be surprised to hear and I was talking to. Aligned likely friend of mine who she she it's not a rough public Chichi runs and I won't say which one these But. They do have more than Fisher of Ankara and a young policeman came into pop recently and decided to be a real. stickler wanting to see license and he wanted to search the premises and was so thing. and doing this inspection. He found a baseball bat was just above the bar. And he said to. This is suck. Deadly weapon. Can you out. For. This. And she said, well, if you look closely is a bowl next to it. It's not a deadly weapon. Children Living, upstairs. This is this is what we do. You're going to have to get up earlier in the morning to catch me out my lap and he said to a little boy nearby am. Yes and activists isn't it and she said, yes, ma'am. Yeah. Smack him on the wrist. Yeah. She managed to get out of it somehow but. She wasn't pleased that. They need the police around the law. To have a poking around for. That baseball back election. LESS THAN IDEAL Next we're. On the trail. Backpack on trial back on the trail with going. Wilkinson more of Molly's footsteps. We're going to go to Crystal Palace Park where he played his launched UK cake. and. His last London Gig. At the Crystal Palace Garden Policy, which was a huge event in between seventy and eighty. Young the old rusty up. The rusty that. Yeah. So we'll. See. At Crystal, palace? Park. Where both molly. Lost on the GIG in nineteen eighty? Very beautiful is to today isn't it is really lovely. Isn't it the stages still he'll though it's in some states of disrepair yeah crystal. Palace. Bowl I. Think it was cooled. Filled with. Surrounded by water. and then you can sit up on a hillside. Watching the gigs scene of many great gigs in the seventies eighties. That's right. Yeah. the Crystal Palace Garden Party Pink Floyd the faces Beach Boys Lou Reed. oxy Music Elvis Costello and that alleged account Eric Clapton. Enough him. So. Yeah. By the time Bob had returned to live in London. He he was he was a pretty big stall at in Nineteen, seventy seven he brought out the exodus album with a string of hits and Time magazine called it the greatest. The Twentieth Century LIKE WAITING IN VAIN AND Jamming JEMAINE JAM in Yeah. Doughnut. Susan. Yeah if he did four to bridge with with punk which was going going off at the time, didn't he? And PUNKY REGGAE party was one of the tricks on the album. He named checks bands. Yeah not do. that. Maybe that's where he got the idea for jamming. You. Not Going to get this information anywhere else. Information. And unfortunately prior to this Gig in one, thousand, nine, hundred. Injured a toe playing football in perished in the someone. Foot. and it revealed because it wouldn't he'll reveals. What turned out to be skin cancer. and he had some alternative therapy I'm afraid do. Yes which of course didn't work would urge you if you're unfortunate enough to to get cancer to see proper doctor and see. Certificates. Yeah and he wouldn't have toan `putative, which might have A. Let. Him Live Longer So it ruins football. Yes. Fair enough. Yes Sir but by one thousand, nine, hundred, one of the one of the biggest stars in the world. And he played here in Crystal Palace Park right here not stage. Yeah. Supported by the average white band. And Joe Jackson. Yeah, yeah. So as we can see in front of the stage is A. So potent, really an algae covered potent. Yeah, and there was a lot of week going down the GIG and it was a warm day in. June, and people just piled into the potent. Getting. Even more stoned and some some get. killed a duck. And through a Joe Jackson. And he stormed off you wouldn't come back on these very upset about he loves ducks. Ducks. Like bobby smoking as well. He he was a big campaign to stop smoking being banned in bars judge. Smoking facts can thanks man, yeah Yeah, Fox ducks. Yeah. Yeah, and so the boy was played a fantastic set by all accounts legendary Gig, and then after she came back on his own with his acoustic and then played redemption song. which that point was unreleased came to that year. very special. Moment for For everybody, who was there none of whom can remember it? You living down the road there's an one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine, hundred. have been living in that didn't know anything about him Of course, I would have only been five or six. Expected to. Be. Sure. Yeah and yes, and as a result of he's he's cancer Bob Molly died. At. The. Young. Age. Of Thirty six. UNBELIEVABLE ISN'T IT And he carried on for some time still doesn't away but. The compilation album legend so zillions. Around the world what does the Post. A poster on everyone's wall seemed to be at one point. On the seventies and eighties. Those like to smoke up yeah yeah. and. Yeah. Amazing. He came from a country that was exploited only Britain and he came here with A. Lot of positive vibes and to the author. Babylon. Babylon and help help change it in some way. Definitely, the influences palpable wasn't there not just punk post punk as well and yeah. The police. Not. Not. Yeah Yes that's Bob. I'll be making an investigation into rest. Of any. The religion or way of life espoused by Bob. And apart from the stuff about gold. Religion. Bits I think that might be something in it I very what's that the sanctity of cannabis Yes. The tree of life which bears twelve men are fruits and unitive fruit every month and the leaves tree with the heating of the nation's. Revelations twenty two to be good mate. And an I am now going to hear myself with the help of this blue. Peter? LUPITA. When I wrote earlier. Called sebate. Don't see you can't see. Down over your eyes. Oh Yeah. That's better. Well. Look would you look at the colors? That's amazing. You love this. I'll sure what are you going to? You Know Pasta Duchy on the left hand side. I'd love to great. But I'm I'm prevented from doing so but what I can only call Kovic common sense I don't understand that this. Sharing of splits during a pandemic would be foolhardy in extreme I'm sure you agree. Really the end of this debate could contain literally almost a dozen microscopic viruses that want sucks deep down in your lungs could do untold and lasting damage to the delicate lining of your, what the actual fucker they. They dinosaurs. Dinosaurs been. You have especially for me Thank you. YOU'RE A BOMB DASA Okay time for bum. Bum Dasa. My first offering. Is Douglas Adams, oh? Yeah of. CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE Yeah Yeah he famously said I love deadlines are like the bushing sound they make as they fly by. Yeah. He said he liked ideas and hatred writing Benza he had a great idea for a book once a starship title. WROUGHT, great idea. took it to the publishers. They loved it. They gave him a tasty advance. Years went by still hadn't finished it years and years. To nearly seven years after he got the. Is Five weeks to guy before the final final final deadline and he rang up a mate Terry Jones. Fame is it can you write this book for me a copy? Any dates did they Jerry Jones record already? Yeah. Tremendous procrastination good. One. Oh I've got a couple of nominations sweet one from a guy from fessel the twitter feed of anonymous. Confessions? He wrote during lockdown. I bought a pack of twelve adult nappies. And when drunk regularly pair on comedy wet myself in various locations around my house hugely liberating. Like. Him. To be considered. and. John Shea tweeted about playboy tennis star. vitas. Colitis do you remember him a little bit before my time but? I thought it might be a good submission John tweeted just being reminded one of my all time favorite sports quotes. Playboy tennis visco lighters, glass of champagne in hand after a rare victory over Jimmy Connors in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty. He says. Let. That be a lesson to your nobody beats vitas Carolina seventeen times in a row. Those three. Well, you know, I, I think this is the funniest. I think as far as bummed dosing is concerned I think the man with the adult nappy is good. Will play anonymous. You're a boom DASA. What's is it the scene? Social Media. Yes well, you may well make noises like that because the first one is a very sexy one. This is Love Sexy. This is from Tips Stevenson who? has written about men way men right about women all. This is She did a whole threat there's loads of them. Kicked off with this. He charged into the room. Testicles Bouncing Gaily. Enough. I source scar and wondered if he'd have a sick. You opened his plump lips. Promise but annoying words came out something about own match. The temp had his two top buttons open. Detino how much kissed her eating at me flirtatiously. Almost, more fun if he doesn't talk to what allowing myself fantasy after all I was running fortune five hundred, he was just a blank page for me to write my desires. He set opposite on the tube daily. This was an invitation. When he picked up his copy of shortlist, she would start a conversation he was shot she could tell by how he crossed his legs to shield his pocket potatoes. He liked to finger to turn a page filthy little shy smut. Loads that threatened is absolutely, but just to prove it men. Don't worry about women in. His an example from ogled awesome posts. CASSANDRA, woke up to the rays of the sun streaming through the slats of her blinds cascading over her naked chest. She stretched a breasts footing lifting with her arms. As she greeted the some she rolled out a bed put on a shirt a nipples permanently showing through the thin fabric. She breasted boob early to the stairs and Titi downwards. Tremendous. What was the first threat again, I'm going to see now that was tipped Stevenson's woman writes about men like men right? Bent Women. Yeah. one of the thing that amuse me where we put a a cool out on twitter to ask if anybody could. Figure out which south London legend connects the stones the WHO's squeeze? The Dole's blink one, eight, two, baby shambles and T rex. Coast Pizza Parrot but MR folds e tweeted. Is it Con Custodian of the Bride's Hill Tavern. then. tweeted Keith Moon famously remains bond posthumously. Do some kind of a carry on the carnal nature in the Gulf Room Oman combing talk about it if you ask him. Dental. Okay. I saw A couple things on the social media. Benjamin Myers came up with a neat way to circa invent the rule against Moore six people meeting up. We alluded yes. That's what we need. He said he tweeted I'm organizing an illegal rave on the Moors come dressed in Tweeden and carrying guns they can't fucking touch us. Best, artisans lunch. and. The other thing that you must have seen it was the dental at. ODDS joining in coaxing us back to work. these ads on the tube the first of which read and I think it bears reading in full for the full horror. The first which read. Hearing an alarm putting on a tie. Carrying a handbag receptionists caffeine filled air taking lift seeing your second family water cooler conversations, proper bands, the buses, jokes, plastic plants, office gossip those wade carpets face to face meetings not having to make lunch seeing BCC accidentally replying all hearing buzzwords leaving early for a cheeky afternoon in the sun. Wind. You fucking. Absolutely fucking. Car cracked. First of all. I'm not sure which is worse out of receptionists or hearing buzz words. But someone else pointed out. I think it's just so telling. The end of list of things we supposedly love miss going to work they had to add leaving early. Before we will. Talk shows. And they admitted to put. For a beer. Exactly yeah nothing about sleeping in the toilets. No. I'm I'm never sanitizing delegate nights. and. Finally Oven Welsh the author. Had some advice on twitter about Sunday's. He wrote Sunday's a tough bastard. They think they're they where they race reset you into wage slavery. Is it fuck? So you have to treat someday rough show who's boss and hammer the Boston relentlessly, the recovery must be a Monday or Tuesday that time. attack. Wise words very wise where very. Well played. On Sundays. Well I suspect that we have time for this time out. Yes. I'm just wondering Vince voice about Sunday's to Wednesday's to. You mean. Exactly. Let's get paralytic in a responsible sort of way. was hoping you were going to say I. Mean it's the end of the working day. Yes. It's the end of all working day if you can go to that. Thank you very much for listening and thanks to Pope Molly for being such a do absolutely. Thanks to go out London the going out in town. And we'll leave you with this. for we know we may have said this before. Hard work never killed anyone. But why take the chumps A quick. Kutu because we know where we're going we do going because we're so we're in Crystal Palace Pong. You Ain't got to consider the options around here and there's one that will favorite, which is a taproom which you say. We very fond of. Local crew. Named after. Tree. The Barry's. Enough? Well since this industry would have to do the revered as well or just one pint. If you go. The Douglas. Attack really important affiliated. With. Gipsy Hill Brew. Thank. God. Look for the sitting out. The traffic with a punt.

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