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Saddam cap with a year at seven ten. Espn and we are getting so close so close. so close elsie so close. We're like we're demand sign. andre drummond. Close that is very close. And according to reports that's closer than you think we'll get to that in a little bit as well. It's an excellent tease by you. By the way thank you very much. I'm nothing but a tease her. Yes i see that speaking of tease. I normally wouldn't start talking about the. Aarp on our sport show moves on me but the aarp is awarding. George clooney an award to because he's turning sixty years old to combat ageism. Now let me tell you something. Okay now there's a lot of ways to combat ageism and by the way ages of i don't believe is just a young person an old person's thing i think it could be a young person's thing to absolutely but if we're going to choose someone to i guess hold up as the standard bearer of we shouldn't be ages as people grow older. We should it be using. Maybe one of the best looking men in the universe in george clooney is that is that wrong for me to say best looking men with i believe and lease a net worth of half a billion dollars because of the tequila company that he sowed in addition to all the movies that he's done in directed produced so not only george. Does he already start off with a good gene pool in terms of the looks to your point but if the looks where to start to slip he has money to make sure that it doesn't slip too far right. He's got i staff job. It is to make sure he stays georgia lucious and you're right. I don't think he's necessarily the role model for you know. Aarp you can fight it to look at george he did it right the hell first of all. Are you alleging that. George clooney using performance enhancers. I'm saying if i was worth over half a billion dollars i dam would be. That's what i'm saying like. I don't know definitively. If he's got a nip and tuck. But i do know if i had access to that kind of money with that kind of career. I would not be opposed to nip anna talk omnipotent tuck now i don't have money you don't need to nip it. Doug what. He's talking about guys so much hair dye my hair mccray like color building right now. But i don't consider that nip tuck nip and tuck something done to the body per se. Oh well that case no. I'm still flies. hell then. that's what i'm saying. Now look you know. But i just feel like he was not the standard bearer like that was my no. It reminds me of that commercial. Jennifer aniston when she's talking about which makeup to use and i'm like girls stop. I'm not doing this with you. My god i'm so confused. Is this the best makeup stop. Yeah i mean kaplan yes. Aarp award going to george clooney as to fight ageism. Nah as people grow older. Because he's turning sixty i you know i don't think he l z and i agree he shouldn't be the standard bearer all this very few sixty year olds. Look like george clooney you can you can. It's what you're saying because he's so handsome he's so good looking he doesn't look sixty yes it's like. He's growing grey hair. Just atanas right going. Great here's is. He was thirty exactly. He's like going look at me. I'm saying i'm just like you shut up. You got you like us at all. What did a few months ago. That i thought was like the coolest thing. I'm sure you guys know about this. But he took fourteen of his best friends and he gave each one of them. A million dollars in cash did not see that. Oh my god dude. imagine this. Imagine you're one of clooney's best friends you've made it to the top fourteen. He says all right fellas come on. We're all going to go to a warehouse. What are we doing george. Just follow me. Everybody shows up. He opens up the door. And there's fourteen pallets of cash million dollars on each one. He goes guide. They're all yours. Wow each one. they're there for you. That's great friend right there man. It really depends because the accounting. Like matt damon brad pitt and all those guys so jail. That's right okay. All right same question as and these were people that were impacted like their lives are like oh my god. I just hit the jackpot. 'cause clooney's my man all right so let me ask you this. Let's just put you in position. How many millions are you giving away like if he had fourteen. How many are you giving away. Caplan like if you had to go old school. You know scott kaplan when he was in kicker in high school and two pit and all that stuff and fighting his way through the nfl before becoming dog shows. How many guys are you drawing. The line question i would say i'm probably under ten under ten would be my number if i got clooney's money and i can give a million dollars to my friends. I if i really really like thought hard on be like you know what these ten guys critical important parts of my life they could really use. Ed go ten. Elsie how much money do i have. You have clooney money or looney money. You have clooney money. He gave away fourteen million dollars a million dollars. A piece fry gives his closest friends from the past. How are you drawing the line at. I'm praying giving away one hundred million dollars that many. Now you've got that any friends like legit saying because number. I'm saying number. You gotta cap it at a million per person. Happy million per person. Oh all right then let me see here. Got a couple of schoolteachers counselor or go back as we speak my phone. I mean when. I think about the people that got me here and i'm not trying to do like a hallmark card. Anything like that. I you damn right. I start with my teachers off my teacher. Don't forget lauren. I either on the list. That's why i need one hundred million really. Come on come on. George nomi we were together for you. You really don't think. I would give my colleagues money but the whole point is it's gotta be someone you grew up with. It can't be us so one two three four. Wait wait laura what what did you don't take my money. Held up for this argument. Clooney gave it to his childhood. I would say they're probably like seven people people. Yeah there were day. One actually took seven. Yeah i didn't really think about it. But i'm really impact people my one buddy who's been a cop for twenty years my one buddy who's been a pilot for spirit airlines airlines aiming you know money no that's right. He might be charge for everything duties. I'm i'm just glad he's getting up and down safely and keeping all those people safe you know so i got those kinds of guys got high school pals but certainly that's a that's an amazing gesture by clooney and as for as for you know using him as a poster boy for aarp. Hey good lookin' successful sixty fit live and good. Nobody can be that or very few people can be that. I will say that. I won't go and stay. Very few can be that because i mean happened of my family because you know black. Don't crack right. Well there's they wrote it around. You know i can i ask you about. George is out there award. Oh for real for real. She just she just suggested maybe she shouldn't wear heels is often show laura. How many people you drawing the line got to be day ones less than five less than five. Okay yeah it's not even about the money is you gotta be. I have been real. Yeah yeah. I get into less than five greg. Do you have a number counting it. I i think around seven is right for me. The num- that's the teens allot. Fourteen is a lot of friends right. Yeah when i'm going to assume his case in order to make it like to make it today. Oh yeah yeah yeah. You need support from a lot of support man. You need one hundred million dollars initially. Yeah yeah very generous. By the way you. What is your number george. Clooney gave away one million dollars apiece to his fourteenth fourteen closest friends his day ones. So how many day ones would you have to give a million dollars to viewer in clooney shoes. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn eight seven seven seven. Three seven seven six. Let's switch over what's going on speaking of numbers we've got a time line on. Anthony davis and lebron james. You guys ready doing high. So according to chris haines of yahoo sports. Anthony davis two and a half to three weeks. Okay so two and a half to three more weeks which would put us. Let's just say three for argument's sake. One two three. That would put us the middle of april. Which would give him a whole month before the season's over now lebron. According to shop sharana is saying that he believes end of april may be at worst the first week of may so. We're looking at the brand probably a week or two after. Anthony davis i'll start with you. L z Now what does that mean for you then means. We need to get ready for the play tournament. Oh that's what that means to me. Yeah yeah that means. We need to accept that. We're likely not going to finish in the top six at least as we currently construct that we don't know what the by market is going to bring still but as of today this does not look like eighteen. That can hold on to its playoff positioning based upon the moves the other teams have made and what we don't have available to us so i'm thinking play in based upon that time line you know. The time line is interesting because the the the report on lebron that is not going to be until early. May ish right. You would have probably about seven or eight games between may second and may sixteenth. Which is the end of the regular season. Let me just say something Look if lebron comes back for one game if lebron comes back for zero games it doesn't matter. All that matters is that lebron gets his body one hundred percent right even if and it certainly is a high likelihood it seems right now based on what we're seeing that he got to come back and be one hundred percent because even without anthony davis is what i was thinking about watching the game last night. Even without anthony. Davis with lebron. These guys were all still winners without a ad and now without lebron. These guys can't buy a win right now. So it's it's all about getting lebron one hundred yet. Look i agree wholeheartedly. I think that whatever it takes. Now i think it even if lebron comes back in that first week of may you're talking about still about ten days before the playoffs start. Which look i feel fine. If that's the case. I feel like that's probably a handful of games or so five. Six games gives lebron a chance to kind of get back into the flow. I just honestly the anthony davis thing is better is the thing that's most concerning to me. A month is actually what i think. He needs to be a d. again. Because you can monitor that injury you don't have to play them on back to back and at least it gives you l z to your point earlier. I think they may be in that scenario but if ad can at least come back with bit by the middle of april maybe they can get to that six or stay in that six spot. Right now because. Here's the deal if you're in that seven to ten range right now in the nba. You're in the plane scenario to elle's point which means if you're the higher seed in the scenario you can lose once it's double elimination for you but the lower seed in the plane scenario. It's one and done. If you lose your out and that higher seed will move on so. It is a dangerous area for that. So the lakers. At the moment okay are three and a half games above the dallas mavericks. That's not a lot of cushion because the mavericks have improved. Now the question of course becomes have improved enough that they can surpass the lakers right so they've improved and i'm pretty sure that the nuggets are going to catch passes and portland's going to catch us in passes so we're going to be six at best so i'm looking at going all right. The dallas mavericks have improved the san antonio spurs four game losing streak. I haven't been observing to see how they're plane. Not well but i i would assume if you're in a four-game would-be not well liked the lakers. Very such i could observe observational. But can they get it together enough to overtake intake. Sixty six spot. Yeah thought i gotta do to play well enough to take over six. And they're only with playing not well. They're still only three games behind the six spot. So when i look at the potential opponents that we have to handle to avoid being that seven seed i don't see how we keep both dallas and the spurs at bay based upon howard county constructed again if we ended up with drumming Who can clean up a lot of things internally as well as you know limit second chance opportunities for opponents with his rebounding and things that nature then we may be able to hold onto that succeed and the worst case scenario can be avoided. But i'm not banking on any of that. I'm just making my comments solely on what we have right now. We're facing ahead of us. Think that the lakers are gonna have a hard time winning games here. So what tells these point. You know could san antonio could dallas catch up well catching up would mean that those guys would have to play a little bit better but the lakers are playing so poorly. And if they don't start putting a wind together here or there anybody's going to catch up it's the lakers are gonna fall down to them and beyond them. Yeah this portion of the show is presented by alignment health plan changing health. Care one person at a time george. Clooney gave a million dollars to his fourteen. Closest friends is day ones. How many ones do you have. Eight seven seven seven pm. Eight seven seven seven seven three seven seven six also with ad coming back in two to three weeks. According to christine's of yahoo sports and lebron looking like late april early may according to sharia of the athletic. How does that make you feel what worries you eight. Seven seven seven ten. Espn eight seven. Seven seven nine three seven seven six. We've got an update on aldridge drum coming up in just a moment so stick around for that. This portion of the show is presented by allied health. Plan changing health care one person at a time and our money manager school of the day is coming up on the other side time to find out today's money man to school of the day. So we're gonna have greg today. Decide whether shooting a three pointer mid range shot or a dunk. Give me that deep dame logo three all right. Let's see what we got there. You go you heard at syracuse man. Syracuse is making their way into this sweet sixteen. Got a shot at number two. Houston so there you go be listening. During the five o'clock hour for the q. to call a syracuse. Aren brought to you by harris resort. So cal. are you game for getaway. Then plan your brain to funner at harris so cal dot com all right so they have it coming up at five. Thirty two sean jackson. The newest member of your los angeles rams long beach poly stand up. He's going to join us at five thirty. So make sure you tune in for that all right. So let's get to the phones here before we get to the latest on andre drummond and lamarcus aldridge because the lakers are kind of on both those guys and we have some audio on that from christine's last night on tnt. Let's go to the phones. Because i asked earlier. We're we're talking about george clooney getting the aarp award for anti ageism which we might but what was cool was scott brought up a story about how clooney gave a million dollars to each of his closest friends day once so there were fourteen people so the question was. How many day ones would you give the money to. If you had george clooney's type of money. Let's go to tony in santa clarita. Tony what's up. How many friends actually none. But you know franklin avenue north of hollywood boulevard. Yep there's an elementary school. They're called franklin avenue. Elementary school were clooney went to elementary school. In the seventy s. I went there with them. You know obama was includes class for a few years. 'cause obama lived in la a few first few years of elementary school. And they they were in the class together with with clooney so have given obama money but also charlie sheen was in his class. So i don't. I don't think he gave charlie sheen any money. Pretty sure charlie. She broke obama. Need our own a money. What kind of school is this. It's a public school. Franklin avenue elementary school. Look it up. It's right at the bottom of the hill right. it's it's near. Franklin hillhurst commonwealth area like the east end of franklin avenue. Yeah that's pretty good though you know. Think about that. If what you're saying is completely accurate. Okay have to do the homework on it. But if those guys went to school with him including decided to give away this money and then those guys were included in it but he didn't really qualify it with. Hey if they don't need it. I'm not gonna give it. I'm starting to maybe think about making a few adjustments to my list right now. I'm thinking about some people that i've got that maybe don't need it but maybe i just want to give it. Maybe they'll give it to somebody see. I'm not going to get know folks pockets. I don't know what obama got going on. I think he's right. Yeah that that's cool. I driven so when we first moved to la and thank you for the call. We thought about living in that general area and we actually went. We visited the visited the schools that was actually one of the schools revisited because my daughter eventually was going to be an elementary school. So i do. I am familiar with the walt disney's first home is actually right down the street from there to remain tie it all into what we do here because while disney company you know this This clooney though has made other very very wealthy guys feel uncomfortable around their friends now because their friends are all looking at him. Like yo man you hear about what clooney did like yeah. I didn't. it's like they're looking at him. Like you should do that. Because i mean you top fourteen buddy you know tell you some homes if your friends are saying that they ain't joe fran there you go carson whittier. Curtis how many. I told more seven. But had i had at one eight now and the and the and the adage equa of you the current at least double the current one. I've been made to her for twenty years. So i i why don't you ask. Why don't you ask her that first before you speak before. He's curtis price price. Say he's soprano. Let her decide. If these prices are not a lot of people might have heard that and they would. They would have gone like this. They were a lot of people would have heard that in. Gone your ex-wife really and then if you just digest it for a minute you go. Yeah you know what if i gave her the million bucks maybe she would like never bother me again. I really really could. for instance. okay. Cool i'm saying there's opposite perspectives. That's going to eighth person who's laura but No damn what could have been. Okay thank you. I came around the corner from hell. No no let's go to hopper hopper in sherman oaks hopper. How many i'm on l. side a little bit. I you know with the thing I could name all hundred on the list right now. Like you know jump but there's gotta be a hundred people big ass family shouldn't say that on the radio. I know that sorry but big family. Lots of friends growing up. And there's gonna be one hundred people that could use if i've got plenty money if i got a half billion dollars i want everybody share. Oh my god this is now turning into clinton with you enough. Clooney didn't do enough fourteen by the way we be. Is we got looney. Yeah we got. We got a poll up right now. How many one friends would you give a million dollars to if you had george clooney money and the options are zero. Two three four two seven eight to eleven or twelve or more right now. Zero three at sixty percent right now. I mean blowing away. The competition at zero might be. I won't say. I think the the zeros probably the anchor of everything. Yeah let's go to jason down jason. So i love you guys up but Mr l. d. granderson Did it so damn admirable way. You went straight for teachers and counselors and colleagues. So when all said and done for me. When i'm in the ground i hope i'm. They said it was half the man that you were my friend and i'm going fifteen zero this. Has you know what good team man. Because i'm gonna throw in the previous callers out My circle might be small. Now if you're saying go today ones. I'm going all the way back because you know what man. If i'm gonna eat truant around me eat discern. I have nephews godson. I have needed that i. I'm the kind of blow take care of. You're going to take care of blood. But i'm just talking about people who like your chosen family. Basically i have honorary nieces and nephews. When i'm not really the deal but my name is steal. My name is my name my raynor. They're they're not. they're not paying for college at all. So donohoe you wanna have some more kids. I'll pay college. let's go. Oh jason for need him to win that money go. Let's get into the powerball this weekend or something i. Let's speaking of powerball feels like right. Now that's what some of the contenders are looking for looking for a little a little lottery. Pick right a little little extra boosts right little infusion. Let's say and that's what the market is right. Now with andre drummond in lamarcus aldridge christine's are pow former colleague garrity. Spn now with yahoo. Sports was on tnt last night and laura that sound. Let's hear what he had to say on tnt about andre drummond and lamarcus aldridge. These two guys right here on likely. Change the landscape of the lead the panel. What team they pick now. The market author sources have informed me that he will take meeting up via teleconference with the miami heat. Los angeles lakers los angeles clippers and the brooklyn nets knows four teams that he is thinking about an. I've heard that miami. He of course are the front runner team. But he's going to give these teams a chance to show their pitch and then going from there. Another guy andre drummond. Who got out by. The cleveland cavaliers. I was told he's going to have five students so he has five things. Pick those teams he's gonna talk to during. This process is going to be new york knicks. Los angeles lakers los angeles clippers boston celtics and the charlotte hornets. Now andre drummond he. Either go west with the lakers. Where he's been linked to four while and helped short spot. We also heard about the brooklyn nets over there with k. d. so he has options and wherever these players they're going to possibly change the landscape of the standings and you know so we'll see from there they can very well be that these two editions wherever they choose will be bigger than any other any other trade that took place today. So i'll lousy like ultra list are contenders all four of them. You would consider somewhat some version of a contender. I mean drummers. Louis got the knicks the horn. They lost lamelo ball when the hell they going. Like what is up with drummond's list his about lifestyle in what he's interested in in terms of lifestyle. It's clearly isn't being driven by chance of winning championship now being driven by cash availability. I don't know that there's there's a space. I don't know if that's the main driver for him or not but clearly you know he's like new york. You know really cosmopolitan obviously charlotte in those gathered of cool vibe going onto. So maybe he's thinking along those nights. How do i want to spend the next few months before then decide how. I'm going to spend a few years in this league cap. I want to get your thoughts on the other side before we play the game we got overrated underrated properly taught properly rated coming up next. So greg i will take the baton from you and then give it right back. Because i want to get caps thoughts on that because that list for andre drummond just seems to me. Eight seven seven seventeen ten. Espn if you want to continue talking about how many number ones. How many day one do you have that. You'd give money to george. Clooney gave a million dollars a piece to fourteen day once. How many do you have. So we'll get to overrated underrated properly rated and cap starts on drums list next. Appreciate your chris and we're going to get back to caps thoughts on the drum situation in just a little bit tight. Don't move my thoughts on the drug situation right around the corner. Don't move every everyone's waiting for all right jordan. Start with you on this one. We can start with birthdays. James caan leonard. Nimoy and marcus. Allen overrated underrated properly rated james carne Who's going i me georgia. Wow got your phone. That's tough go. Nothing i didn't hear you said okay just accused you of fast. So i didn't cassette zone out on your maybe god. That's tough dude. I would probably lean towards. James caan overrated. He's been in so many great films godfather for heaven's sake but you know i mean he was sunny. You know so so. It wasn't michael. Wow robert ory. You wasn't like chakra kobe. Exactly he was really good in that program movie. Though is the head coach of that. Wanna be florida state Division one football program. God you know what. I'm gonna say probably rated marcus allen. I'll start there marcus. Allen is great. Everyone knows he's great knowing that i'm gonna say nimoy is underrated big. I'm gonna go con over anymore. Underrated because nimoy man like he was literally doing star trek movies including the newer versions with chris pine in that crew until almost he passed away and was still really good like really really good in those movies. So i'm gonna go underrated on nimoy because that character has transcended many many decades Okay i'm gonna go with james caan underrated okay. I think james caan just the number of films that he's been in classic movies. But i don't know that i ever think of him as being the number one of them is like a number three receiver number three pitcher. I'm not sure why. But i'm going under rated leonard nimoy spock overrated overrated ears. You know that's what it was all about years. That's all you got over rated the ears and then properly rated marcus. Great career insane career. And and i'll say properly rated right. I'm going to go with marcus. Allen is properly rated. i'm going to go with james. Caan is underrated. And i'm gonna go of nemo leonard nimoy as overrated fair enough. What's next greg off. No tears me up inside because this is really tough. I hate making overrated. But it feels like the actor is only known for a role that he created like fifty nine thousand years ago so it feels like that's respect but it's also like you do nothing else right all right the next one we're gonna start off with you. L z and this one. I'm doing this. Because laura really wants me to do this. One chrissy teigen said that. She had sex with john legend in the dnc bathroom. So lv worst story on tmz. She had sex with john legend in dnc bathroom so democratic national convention. Yeah just once to maybe. They got him multiple times. That i don't know. But he's doing. The dirty and public overrated underrated properly rated so underrated you next. I'm going to say that's underrated. You know what i'm saying. Like i would imagine. Well you know what i'm gonna say properly rated. Because i don't know i can't say it's overrated. I don't know if it's underrated. But i'm assuming that john legend and chrissy teigen had like this vip bathroom. They could've had right like they're not they're not they're not in the public bathroom at the dnc. So i'm gonna go properly rated going overrated going over rated on this one sex in a public place very exciting. I understand the turn on. Ben there done it but now well you know l z. Because it depends on what you're going to have to do right after you know. There's a lot to this you know and you know. I'm over analyzer. But i'm telling you right now. Getting busted public sex bad deal. Ben their over really yep with. Where were you at home. We have a new show. True story man. I i listen i was. Oh god this is so bad. i can't can. I say this is what in a bathroom with this girl. And then people were critiquing where it was in a restaurant. It doesn't matter. You know the deal man anyway. The manager busting. Hey what's going on here. You see what's going on. Here's a get out kicked down. Walk ashamed through the restaurants. Shame at that point like like an adult adult like was a real adult. Now yeah not like twenty seven that long ago if you want to know now shamed oh. I don't know l z. I was like walking through going. Oh my god. Do you think people know what you're leaving there like that guy just got kicked out. They have no idea laura. Do you think people in the restaurant. That any idea why he was getting kicked up handle but if they did they were clapping. Stand up the girls in line. Were like oh. That's why the door was. Yeah that's why. Okay there you go. That's overrated underrated properly rated. Now we got your great bathroom story now. You know. I would imagine that your take on andre drummond. Listen lakers the clippers the knicks the charlotte hornets. And who am i missing. There was another one in there anyway. Oh the boston celtics. What do you make of. Andre drummond lists as we teased it. Got to be good now now. This story my god. I know. I can't believe i just admitted that that is a horrible thing to admit. We're glad you did. I didn't realize it was in two thousand eight and denver when she did it with john legend during the there. Look at you athere. I heard no. But i didn't wanna miss obama's speech so i didn't go and investigate but i did hear no is like oh i wonder what that is but i didn't want to go investigate. That's crazy. I know and sometimes when you're in a public bathroom like that especially like a convention center then you gotta use the handicap but it wasn't convention center was being held in the stadium. The football stadium. Oh well yeah even still so a public bathroom like that. You go into the handicapped stall and you're like oh. This is horrible. I mean i shouldn't be doing this. And now i'm in the handicapped stall and somebody's gonna come in and need this and then i'm going to be in here doing. That's the worst that happened to be at a at a. That's only having to be once at an airport where i used the handicapped stall because i was the only person in the bathroom and then all of a sudden plane let out and there was a bunch of people coming in and the guy waiting outside was in a wheelchair. I felt so bad. Look at you. don't do it anymore. Because of that. That instance many years ago. I still do it. If i'm being honest but i don't feel good about it now on the other hand i will not. I promise you swear to god on my life will not park in a handicapped spot. Even if i'm sitting in the court of course no no of course not but that stall differ eight seven seven seven ten years. I will push back your charlotte your drum thing and do another break in by extra cheese. But i want this. Do you use the handicapped stall in the bathroom. Be honest no eight. Seven seven seven ten at eight seven seven three seven seven six. We'll get that plus a big day in the nfl and there is a particular brand. That's getting bad marketing. We'll talk about all that coming up in. Just a sec. Stick around we back into half minutes. Yeah yep sadat capital friday for you so we were just gonna get andre drummond or caps. Andre drummond take and i gave our thoughts here earlier but was just on. Tv and said the celtics met with andre drummond today cap and boston would like to add them to fill their hole in the middle. Boston has a real shot at him. Quote and quote are ager words naski. Here's the thing. See most of us believe that everybody wants to come to la. Then everybody wants to wear a laker uniform or a dodger uniform. Most of us think that everybody if they were free to do. So would i jump at the opportunity to play alongside lebron. And that's the way at least i think most of us think but maybe not everybody who plays actually thinks like that and so whether it's the knicks with their money or charlotte because michael jordan's gonna get on the phone and talk to the guy or boston because whatever whatever they can offer. I just don't think that everybody thinks the way. I think they think so. Let me jump in here real quick because my understanding okay and i'm not reporting and this is probably been said by someone else anyway but my understanding is andre. Drummond would like to go somewhere where he can showcase his ability. Okay that way he can get that big contract that he looks for. He's looking for the following season now. Boston traded away. Daniel thais okay. They have some availability at the center. Spot now look the lakers. Due to i don't think you know markelle soul is a fifteen minute player. Basically at this point. So i do think that if that is what drives him okay and it's not money because it was money it'd be the knicks because they have cap space and no one else does. I don't understand the charlotte hornets situation. Unless he wants to be part of a young rising team but maybe he does. Maybe he doesn't but the boston and la thing the lakers at least and the celtics thing is about the ability to play and showcase himself. I personally believe if you're a big man. And you have the ability to play with. Lebron james who generally will get you easy buckets. Just ask dwight howard and javale mcgee. Go ask chris. Birdman andersen the list tristan thompson. The list goes on and on and on. I would choose the lakers. But the celtics have eight more glaring hole. I believe at that position than even the lakers do. So i could see him being swayed there. Despite the fact that lebron and a big man is a great fit. I wouldn't touch the celtics after what they did short. Now that's just me. I know kemba walker signed. There's a free agent you know. Good for you blah blah blah. But generally speaking. I would not touch a danny teen. Because in my opinion i understand his business but that man was in the midst of a family crisis yet the death of his sister yep he played through a a debilitating hip injury. He laid it all on the line. You can all he got from. You was a video a year later. Yeah a trivial eight and you trade his ass to cleveland. Lebron didn't even want him. So so when. I saw when i think about andre drummond and what he says. He wants to showcase his talent. You gotta have some love from the franchise to really showcase your person. You're being who you are as a man and you can go to boston and be an asset or even. Come to lakers and be a person. It's up to dog. It's up to you what you want. So would you just said before. This game tipped off. That drummond will make his decision in the next twenty four hours. So we'll know we'll know by monday. We'll be back on the air and they'll be an andre. Drummond press conference making a bold prediction. Here's the bold prediction here. If you're ready drummed knicks really now. I still think he comes to the lakers. I will save my as of yesterday. Okay now. I haven't talked to anybody today. My intel as of yesterday says lakers l z. i believe he's going to sign the lakers. For the reason you said which is an opportunity to play with the bron- as a big man as athletic as he is is basically guaranteed twenty. Ten twenty fifteen every night. If you're a starter right or i mean i don't know about twenty ten twenty fifteen because i mean it's still got to eat but i still think that you get yourself. You know but the way that the way that drummer fourteen and ten. That's possible for sure the the way that drum plays though a lot of his points not gonna come off a place anyway. Either exile reno man. Yeah yeah yeah yeah and pick and roll and right right so it's not like it's going to take away from ad now crews and they see a dip you know did change that blonde hair because remember coups coups has been eating a little bit himself attacking the offensive glass darting in when the shot goes up and looking to clean up a little. He's been doing that himself. Obviously drum is going to be better at that so coups may news some touches but abc's not we got people on the phone that want to tell us if they have ever used or if they use the handicapped stall in the restroom in a public restroom beyond eight seven seven seven ten espn oscar in long beach. By the way to sean jackson at five thirty long beach poly stand up. He's going to join us at five. Thirty but oscar long beach. What's up yes. I'm sorry delivering a guises oscar. Cigar guy is doing and so good buddy. Love your show. Listen i i mean honest yes i use the handicap bathroom all the time. You know how. There's things that you know the wrong. All of us do things that are wrong. That's one of them. It's like they get into another movie. Want to pay for one. I consider the same thing. But it's just more roomier knowing the bathroom. I mean are you talking number one and number two number two number two. That's what it's all about writing. I do both number one number two change clothes and their young hold on a urinal for what you need to go in there for one more. I'm still stalled for like wind. Sorry guys i appreciate. I never did it again after being after feeling so much. Shame this was fifteen years ago. I wanna say almost and i felt so much shame in an airport that day i was like i can't do it. Because just the karma. Like i felt terrible john in ventura john. What are you doing driving all night. You guys so. I'm always always in handicap spa and the reason why is the toilets higher and you feel more comfortable on that. I like sitting on the toilet. My knees here's It's personal preference better for you. Though you know terms of the process if your knees are above the ways process. That's why they got the squatty potty. That's right yeah. He didn't want the advice. Good advice elsie gastroenterology. Type stuff right there really. You know i'm a pooper eulogised. Where do you want me to say. I can tell you though. I've changed in those bathrooms to like if you have to change your clothes like in an airport that yes it is. It is easy to do it there. I i can't imagine using it because it is so unusual for me to have my penis out in such a large expense like that. Because i'm used to tight quarters right. No or the stall right sort of all of a sudden. Just be in the acre of land in public like that weird to be. Let me sneak in kelly. And elsa what's up. Hello yes. I use it all the time and i felt that after watching an episode of curb your enthusiasm way he got it and i stopped every sensitive. See you got on a tv show with you. Have to be real life. I was larry david bombo. You'll hear from you. I once told a buddy of mine this same thing. I was like yeah man. I know it's not cool. But i like. I'll use the handicapped stolen in a public bathroom and he goes. You know what man because this guy was in the military is like you know what's going to happen some vets gonna roll in there one day and he's to really need that bathroom and you're going to be the guy that's able bodied in my god. Okay man i'm sorry right. I'm sorry it's just. I needed the space you know. Come on man give me a break. I don't need to be shamed over everything. Do you really need the space. Though i feel like i do. I think you're being greedy. I guess and it's fine if he greedy greedy own it. We're we're all being selfish. Those of us that are able bodied. Who used the stall. Sorry guys all right. So andre jones will make a decision twenty four hours. The celtics man. That being the thorn in the lakers side. What do the lakers do. How do they give it. What does it look like if drummond doesn't come back because we've got a time line at lebron we'll get that to you in just a few moments plus what you need to know. We're back in three minutes.

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