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It's sort of like getting of Canal Alvarez Sergei Kovalev one of the biggest fights year talk a older we'll look back for a minute what we saw Josh Taylor Against Regis program that with Kevin and with a little later on Ryan Garcia one of the most popular young housekeeping note if you like this podcast very easy can support it head over to apple podcasts post a comment Elliot's in senior writer over at Yahoo Sports joined by my broadcast colleague but I hope you know that the only reason I'm doing this podcast because the Great Kevin is easier but some subtraction here trying to get a little lets talk boxing we got greatness in our presence for Kovalyov Against Canal Light heavyweight championship of the world that Saturday live on his Asian fight with regis a against Josh Taylor I thought it lived up to expectations just your takeaways from from that fight I love the fight I thought both guys fought tremendously Two of the judges in fact the one judge who had at one fifteen thirteen he gave the twelfth rules they would have gone to a fourth judge who had had Taylor went in the fight but I just thought that that Taylor went up and down a lot he went to the body came up to the head he threw those hooks I mean what are you looking for and what did you say I seen amazing bodywork by Program Zealand a really really good body shots I think tweeted he's he's all the action and control the pressure from program is not that great didn't fight his fight it was a damn he would come back with more punches that you could see cleanly and he was just a better more effective really really damn good boxing exhibition by by both fighters but especially Taylor search point down the line Taylor of course now we hope goes off and fights a hundred forty me like that do you see that some one of those two guys because of styles having an edge one way or the Hooker Ramirez fight because it started off their blasting away right but I would love to have seen a power pressure fighters so it's a second half fight Taylor has all the goods is the streets of course Taylor I guess promoted by cyclone but I have a feeling that he's GonNa wind his way in there Ramirez is going to go through Taylor might decide to do the same but middle to late next year I mean that fight work with other people I think that's a fight that they can make and I think the fighters themselves are going in because if you would have said two years ago the Jose Ramirez would be fighting the elite guys long way from the Olympics he was kind of protected fighters you came out but this kid really one of the best of all time but I think you know Freddie didn't have enough time to devote rouses in there and I think that's made a huge difference and we see that in his game yeah and let me ask have to do on some kind of linear type platform I don't know that top Eddie of work together in the past certainly Ramirez soccer great example of that I I'm them I do undisputed against former undisputed we know how tough it's been for top rank to get fights that way just because I think you have to somehow work together to make the big fight and if Taylor would be great in Las Vegas has a design show right put it in Las Vegas and how having a lot of good British fighters you're GONNA get a lot of people come in Ramirez's people travel to really be a big thing for boxing that would be good so that would be but if he's ever going to have aerospace fighters Crawford it's not going to be in the next couple of fights and so you're you big fight for us but I think Las Vegas Ramirez so far back I don't think and one thing for program to see if he decides to continue relationship with three sort of lower level flight safely with hooker like give him one bounceback by he says he's GonNa stay at UH promoter likes working with zone I think we're GONNA see a hooker program Alex but no I think I think that's the type of fight Hooker Hooker Program makes have you afterwards he says man I lost it's all right you know he he didn't he didn't say I got robbed has and I follow him on twitter you know he's just he's a he's a family man zoe program you're just throwing compliments out there modern day now you're like Bernie bothersome I think when you when you look at program I mean I think he's GonNa get bigger than rather than smaller Miss Erns and he'd be he became a legend that is I I like of a fight Hooker in program why don't you think I mean Mo- hookers got the reach of light heavyweight basically but you gotta learn don't you fight but I think that you know I'm just speculating what it would look like and I think Mo- Hooker here in Las Vegas Canal Alvarez jumping up a couple of classes take on Sergei Kovalyov a bodywork that would be the big factor there but also this I'm more interested I love this fight in I criticize Lillo a lot he finds it guy that is still a good fighter is Kovalov the best that he gather himself and come back and win and he showed a lot of heart and now he takes this fight in his early part of his career you know he used that Jab a lot you know he fell in love I think with his right he's GonNa have to box against Canelo I think he's going to have to try to keep Kamilo at the end of his job fight can those a superstar most of the it goes into Danny Jacobs everybody was picking him Nello. Alvarez is a very strong favorite to win this fight but I think that while I do a guy who has knocked out power Kelly's Chin is legendarily strong but we don't know how so we can go I love the fight I think in more credit to him but I want to touch on that great that's a great point because cove live is hello one forty pro debut was at one thirty nine and a half and he's moving up to a big point I think personally Cova live the way he wins the decision I know it sounds in half that's why he's such cruising behind the jab starting to stay in the middle of the ring and box Leonard and I think you've had a similar conversation about his experience with Donny Lalonde and Vita than him but that I punched on him where he goes off Faulk it's GonNa be a long night he said okay that's out of the way science to shine now but he said he had a dream in his last few fights you went twenty four rounds like Lofton the last twelve he stood there and took took and that's the way to and that's the reason this fight shouldn't be a five to one I agree with Kevin owner I think Buddy mcgirt was a great addition this part of his career Oh wait wait wait wait wait wait Jin trainers late in their career because they already got knocked out that invincibility whoa you're not so lighter punchers can't change train and all okay no because power is not their problem thanks to their to their same trainer forever was fine because you weren't a huge hitter loyalty. I told them that I was in a beat Mr Boston College in chess and I woke you're like the referee search you want to get your take on this as well but let's start with the judging selections Adalaide Byrd Alarm went off when I saw Dontrelle on that as that third lear round frigate off gin he scored it for low Alvarez his talking today about the rubber match happening right now as opposed to sitting here talking about Sergei Brainer and he and he had a brain fart and he didn't he didn't get a correct I can Nilo Laura a lot of people thought Arizona's Laura B. B. Canal and can look at that I had to say you Never WanNa think the referee or the judges are going to be have a bearing on Agassi Welfare for Seguida Quick Quick Question Save Cannella with very favorable scorecard in that first Goliath can fight so what can they do about it if they've picked up these judges are you comfortable and then and then and then we're GonNa get and the worst we just toss me is in Boston it's different it's like well we gotTa Complain Fire and find a you've covered boxing for a very long time what kind of influence Aga- says I can't for people who don't know the way it works in Nevada is they put out a list of judges that they're going to pick they so I think that they could say hey look we are not comfortable with Dontrelle because although Alvarez and you put up a fuss they have enough people that they can take from them that he he made a mistake I think you have to give your fighter the best chance to win chicken crowd is cheering for Carmelo and Kevin let's be clear we're recording this on Thursday afternoon I'd still go nuts at the way in or something I don't know I'd still throw a hissy fit I attention to it and I think that's made everybody stay on their PS and QS and I think that Bob Bennett would have suspended her like he did I do not think he would have done that but I think the fact agree with that but I was at seven five it's Kohl's fight close ron you might have thought differently than Dontrelle Natalie didn't miss out one that the one of the rounds adults Sergio referee I think one of the reasons he was chosen is that he doesn't have a deep history with Canelo talk to me about the importance of WHO's refereeing your signature fights he doesn't have experience in the magnitude magnitude of this type of fight he's done Bob you would you want him to do well I just don't underst- I don't understand why he chose I S. in the business yeah signature moment in that wilder fury fight fire a lot of referees been more does well I just don't understand why he got the opportunity but just like Trillo this is wave at of course it's dark it shouldn't be there should be the best referee in the talk about as he did not want twenty weeks referee in this fight because of the way Tony weeks you go to the well a second time and I think that might have been one of the issues that he didn't talk about here the fact it was a fight at the hard rock who was he fighting in the bantamweight title all and I think Russell's a good referee when he has two guys that'll box and stay away and they're not closed that distance where he neutralizes Kovalov power and then he works the body a and all that and that would be my concern if I don't have a tremendous amount of concern I think that would be my concern let me ask US Kevin I think one of the concerns Kovolev side has at the referee and that fight did a good job letting it go obviously it worked out for co coming back to knock him out I think hitter does but if one's trap getting teed off will Russell would much rather have that fight stop one punch too early and see Sergei I wrote this in my column I wrote on Pat Day we bear a responsibility to this because the in that fight and at the end of the ninth round Max Interpreting Teddy Atlas bear hugging him and saying come on S. often to say that that guy quit is a disservice to the fighter and then you have to be willing to stop the fights so russell probably will stop that fight if that happens her to stop those fights because we have to do something to prevent those tragedies from occurring eh where he's at mentally in a situation like that I don't even know Sergio here's the thing about quit I but I would use it with waters when he fought Vasily Lohman Janko Nicholas waters the fight there's there's times there's plenty of times where fighters have quit they don't WanNa continue there's but a person like Max Kellerman Person Chris Mannix especially Chris Mannix shouldn't be able tired you could say that I've never get off the street he didn't get off the stool had enough I don't even think that was better than saying he quit but I don't even think that was knocked him out in the amateurs in addition to all the stuff you talked about he knew he was knocked out in the amateurs don know he would have started throwing punches and try he was overwhelmed he was compromised I I had better be of six to three I had deserve get depleted and you're fighting your ass off and you're getting hit by this monster and round after Sergio let me finish with this the conventional wisdom of camello against Coppola Colas hits the body a couple of times he was knocked out by Andre Ward with questionable body yes I think Kovolev is vulnerable to the bodies we've already seen that he's vulnerable and hurt to the body to play anymore Cannella is one of the best body punches in the business and if Kovolev is gonna they said no they have not sparty for that's going to be a key that was going to be key to sporran he probably wasn't as as a smaller disadvantage do you see it how do you see the body attack as being kind of the deciding factor as a lot of people sort of believe I think buddy mcgirt might make a little bit of difference Aaron and work and change some things in his strategy is going to be a big difference that's why pick Canelo Alvarez by decision in the fight I would rainer I think he has confidence he talked to us the other day Sergio about the fact that you said I've never technically changing his game and so I think that will make a difference because even if it's audie work will be the difference I I say one fifteen thirteen for canal what is that Dontrelle with the Internet now and all the squad we're GonNa talk about the broadcast pot I think if he wins this fight yes I think if he doesn't win this fight borderline watch this to me hall of good fighters out there right now I mean how about this hypothetical not to get too off track Ortiz again it's not going to really resonate with me do I have time to go down the hall so I'll just say this and what he did to boxing because if you look all his biggest fights Lennox Lewis evanger holyfield but if he goes out there and he fights Tyson fury again any five Anthony Josh Rogin then you say hey you know what he's all of famer but if he didn't fight Luiz Ortiz and he retired tomorrow he said aberrations like where it's like you were just so larger than life and did so much the last few of them they're all right fellas always appreciate it Kevin you and I will be back here on that one amateurs Sergio he did all right so of raggedy old sweats you love how comfortable they are to lounging but how often you wear them out of the House all day everyday pants closed the gap between stylish pair and comfortable where they have reinvented beats out door style the perfect pair for guys on the go I spent a lot of time around my Paul or somewhere inbetween they fit perfectly the design details like the elastic waistband with because choose from I had trouble choosing my favorite these the all day every day for a reason perfect taped at checkout always with free shipping and free returns don't sleep in this rare patient with Ryan Garcia I rank are one hundred thirty five pound lightweight big moment label shrines some guys don't like Devon Haney gets a little he gets mad about this fight to me is fascinating because even if there was no back story it's a good fight do knows a guy down the perception was that Ryan Garcia was ducking do no like three weeks because every thought Ryan was doug I know everybody they had this that would be the next guy fought you know so it wouldn't matter you know in the cup in upcoming months of course and what was the how crazy was that for all kind of play out on social media to hear a lot of people were saying a lot of things about me had so much negativity on on the Internet you know when you're not doing something wrong we shouldn't be scared to stand up for what's right and a little bit I'm not gonna lie but also trusted like maybe if we sat down and you know we finally talked about the issues from Oscar May Eric Gomez when the people golden boy that assured you that you were they know what you want to hear it so I don't hear that I just WanNa see maybe yeah you're gonNA give it back it up with some chain so you feel like you're in a good place now with I seen a shift that like my whole career was all about fixing things that needed to be fixed on the type of light focusing attention what's going on it looks bad look so it needed to be fit so as you want to fight but so many people thought maybe you didn't WanNa fight it I just you know come into this fight the Soviet if knocking them out cold in one or two rounds like I feel or he you know with war with him but it was still either way I'm okay was that the ED drama the twitted the game reported by every person on twitter way in day they could find if they wanted to crazy man like fight crazy that's wild that's definitely a documentary walks in really but do you get I've talked about before but you get the sense that like teased type of level do you get that sense yeah do in the amateurs the focus on me like Oh shit like this kid he just beat Evan haning you know just be some shit fuck you guys talking about man I social media and the public I can't take what people are saying good about me or bad just keep moving forward I'm twenty one years old I have a long time in my life to get better take that with you there they would I mean who would it right like you could reach I'm already and it was before my first time on a TV I I was gonNA fight on TV and it goes viral on his page goes to facebook in Pibor town send me it was just like what the heck is going on I just took advantage of it I anybody else and then ah did knocked out the guy in thirty seconds and they put myself on sportscenter so it just kept going and going I it's just it's just certain things that you gotta find what what your followers Oh yeah and I'm like I'm not that cutthroat it'd be more like a I like to explain walkman x like you have to go shit some nastiness it's not what I do at this this ship can twitter high and any IB became number one in the nation you know definitely right there he went he for some reason humid pro so we weren't gonNA fight it anymore so I cleaned out that division do I can knock out these guys quick and I did now do you I wanna start like he was building his social media before all by me it because when I remember when I was in the I was doing my first pro fight either and asked my friend how do you do that then some people would say oh he bided this mb stare and then when I tried that I blew up crazy and I know everybody shocked Dan Yeah I really looked at like other things and I was like all right how did I learn from their 'cause I'm not I like how he did that like let me use let me do this I'm not a very prideful person win something from someone like it's just more inspiration like Kobe Bryant must've it works every time even now guys are still Kobe like they're like they'd look at Kobe the mid range turnaround

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