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Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne


It's been fifty years since black Sabbath released ironman but it's guitar. riffs are still some the hardest and darkest in rock history black Sabbath often given credit for creating heavy metal. None of its members had the success. Oh longevity of their original frontman Ozzy Osbourne in in the eighties. Ozzy successfully turned his prince of darkness alter ego until a decades long career with help from his manager and wife Sharon Osbourne Ozzy's released eleven eleven solo albums with seven of them going multi-platinum the also created ozzfest. A toy metal festival that became a Mecca for metal fans everywhere myself including and of course they had their pop culture. Crossover moment with the reality. Show the Osbournes on MTV is in recruit. I met when Rick just moved to La Okay and the two became fast friends. Their friendship eventually turned into rick producing the last black Sabbath record the reunion from twenty thirteen Ozzy's mostly kept kept a low profile since then but seventy one. He's back to making music. He has a new album called ordinary. Man It's first solo album in a decade Rick Housing. Sharon sat on the bus at a lot of talk about the record in how a gift from his father turned in ordinary boy from Birmingham England into the Prince of darkness in this is broken. Record liner notes for the Digital Age. I'm Justin Mitchell. Here's Ozzy and Sharon Osborne. In conversation with Rick Rubin they start things off talking about the track is he did with Post Malone and Travis Scott take take what you want did you hit the track quasi did with post mom gotta hear that Travis Scott helped launch a big leaguge when Andrew Coyne. Why did he suddenly Austin? He's great. Oh he's doing great we stand each just him onstage. Ben Nothing just incredible. Uh Tell Me Tell me Your first memories of any performance anytime. You was the first time you remember being on stage in a band called the trough exit because the singer was it was sick. I never get to Gig Birmingham fire station in three three minute drunk. Are you thinking I was going to be shocked so nervous on that. That was the first thing I ever did. We cover songs or oh yeah. Don't blues a hunch stones Van Only on was Back into the guy has changed our knowledge paying much anymore and we used to go to we have when we sabbath. We mess around with different Paul Blues. Bam Bam We wrote Shang Black Sabbath and then want all the batting and that was it Dan. And how did the band coming together. Well always all jammed by Makola Rabri. We gator inevitably gave them down near. You know gigs. I pay I I I so I WANNA go to war and surely around that Sean Geezer. I'm bill either by Coma Theology A.. And that'd been busted for smoking dope. And that's a break-up could he. We thought the code should go to the same school as Tony. We didn't get on school high school and One thing when we Originally only add a saxophone player Butler Butler gets all locked. The 'cause he was on the fleetwood Mac that were around but the original fleetwood Mattis the blues. Nothing short well. Now what I ended up only should go and see that I may say John Miles Blues Breakers and there was a club booming cold club now but we used to go in only different band. You know hold on shelf so candidate. Ours are hundred American bounding from for example. How many how many people would be a club like that? Then a agreed to seven hundred thousand most the venue over club. A few clubs in Birmingham. We should go with advent full of equipment just in case about never mind we. We'd go Allah be standing by for ten years after JETRO troll on the button amazing then replied Regis Hotel Antonio for the Geoghegan all remember thinking all know. He's gone so now crews. Tony was some house for I mean still is when there's nobody on the fives the won't be the King of the riffs. Oh great and then it was just a fish. Kinda we'll play with JETHRO TULL or no the rock and roll the Rolling Stones Rock and roll circus. Yes China do I need a couple of take him along and he came back and he said if we get our stuff together we can do Kyun House split Jet Jetro to come back to us on a lot with a big Jim Noah but Chinese one of these guys. He I being told what to do. You'll do you'll fuck you a punch. Offset him do it. You know heisman so told me after where hatch and charges the up tonight. But he's he was Basil everything was blue. We get in the van. Replay the Star Club Hamburg for residency. But we had nothing to lose. It was exercising. Did people like the band right away. What we we you see the stock? He was a good training ground. Because you do forty five minutes on and I don't know about you go it different every back and forth shall we do one set. We Blew Sung and bill jumps over the ones at Tony would do you chose over in our fuck around doing all this stuff and climbing ladders Piji Mafia and generally about but it was good good experience better than being in Birmingham on employed Nobel. I shall we talk about live from hand to mouth and it was fun any band I've ever been in the early eastside southbound and being the most everybody's in the same boat for dumping the R R remember Jim Simpson original original manager center on the Y.. Down to the ferry today ferry we just have a recording studio radio region. Sound from record them songs you got set up because why two days look six hours So just like the live set that we it could even so are coming back from Europe for Christmas unknown. Come over the back then. Trump a guy pole album slave which like the big thing a when we saw that I shall mislead the cow. Why is this arrived just Mayo was so cool and then they all come out? We heard the because when we recorded. It never affects the Thunder Wade voice effects on other. It was just amazing and then I'm in a club on on my first advance. Which one hundred and five pounds out of AMADOR's guy comes between the Good News Charlie? Also what size is your album inches of British choice. Seventeen wing warned email joking and it reminded there for eighteen months. We've gone down. Which Shaw boy with show me at paramount starting more? I'm like Oh you don't you know when you're doing so oh you like it. Yeah but when somebody goes fucking that's an that's all you need. Yeah but when somebody comes your albums chart and everything's going well my i. It was just. It doesn't make sense. It's like you don't believe it. He don't believe you ask. You can't accept it. You know so why. Well well how comply me things started look up and Sharon fog. Wanted somebody else work for him Garas and he was just everything was opened up but we got ripped off royally by my badly limited first time you do show where people really liked him. Yeah for somebody like like we talked to jump Pill Radio Show I we had written record. There are more written his sons point on Pita Sarda Hardy album go resupply underground clubs onto grand them which was on this rally underground but he would could. Yeah 'cause word of Mouth House yes cellblocks hours in I. We should fuck to really fuck doing this. We People's Bank owning and back in reading the news on top of the publishers battery. But we all did he. Oh eventually owner it was just the first chump Choi Shabbily seller than drugs the alcohol the wives the divorce out of trump NGO found ripken's we charge them out of the ourselves tells me fucking clue and the bow started to get heavy. I started to drink more bill surgery. More omitted being Bill Antonian Antonia Ingredient. We just got ugly not didn't get over it got no fault with Believe what we're doing the first and then we. We got rolling taken to the cleaners and we just thought. Let's suppose Fard male Shannon's voted Komo news yet again and all also we don't you should be able to get fucked up or off at that point. I just said I'm done already bad at that time. Anyway we who we ended up making music to pie lawyer's fees. Yeah I'm all set to many what we need. Someone looks father's Tacoma and say I need to to try yourself though key issue together right so much challenge. What we what was wrong? BECAUSE OUR EGOS run into show in under the influence of Drugs and alcohol. Oh I always went to own I challenge. I've got an apartment in West Nile. Laporta a hotel I saw fucking. That's fling anymore I go. How old were you at that time? Our mackanty I've done that's being Sharon comes. We're ensuring she goes she goes if you get yourself to good we WANNA manage. You thought no one in your mind saying then I met Randy and then he knew nothing. How'd you meet Randy a glycol? Dinosaurs roamed from slaughter. I'm GonNa Punch out. Danis from was more original choice for the bucket. Sharon government additioning able people. I'd never auditioned anybody my life going on. I don't like she's not a woman dynasty. Got Me all these guitar US going out to lunch on. I'm in my apartment or I'm going to bring these one kid run. You got right all. I'm three sheets through in Palmer at home. And he comes from usually all who must have wide one hundred five pound wet. A woman got to be joking. He's just he's GonNa come down to the moisture of stir organ hearing I. Oh God studio. I'm thinking I'm a loosening. Teach kid comes images lit lamp Boulou more knowledge. How many I knew right away I mean just it? was someone else evening. The auto she wouldn't a gay. Manning was unbelievable and then he came to March marks and it stayed with me for one we wrote could watch. I wrote incredible attendee. was He's like these. It wasn't aging party wasn't apart he was a crew musician in the respect he wrote music music and it was the opening bounds lessons on Fadia chopping But excuse me then. We got success in the bucket Agreed but but you know it's for some reason of being out of shower now. Forty years seems to Charlie. No rhythm seemed longer longer than we are. Yeah it just. It's such a defy its defining band but we do. But when you're in we need yes you you love the isolation you love success just 'cause you didn't yeah you don't no you don't understand what's IT GONNA forget about working with you in that studio this duties every children's singer go after nine times. You Go Ozzy Z.. Just give me one more I can. How can it be fun in that fucking books? Yeah Yeah Fun. Yeah we made a good album is great and I love it right number one. That was I I. It's not a number one in both solo and be seven credible. In America Vase. He was number one in countries. Yeah Wow Oh i. I mean so called Thursday morning inclinations about that and you the first time I remember the first time we talked about making the black Sabbath no one thousand nine hundred ninety two. It was a very long time ago and that place in sunset. Yes you're in your yes I remember. We sat in that room and all the members were there and we talked about doing it. Then you spoken before that that separately. Yes yes yes and I remember. I don't know if you remember this but for me. This was a big deal in my life. You came to my house one night before before that house. It's my first house in L. A.. You came late one night after the Rainbow yes and we listened to black Sabbath music until the sun came up and you performed a whole black Sabbath performance in my living room and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life because I never got to see Black Sabbath. 'cause you are going listen you gotta might be the appropriate if you add to get back on but at least now if you ever get back with the boys please let me produced album. You'd pop but different price at son I'm always doing but you Kinda Un all the extra tracks you go on. That one sucks and we'll have I mean and then all I was really wants to funding was fun is from work that and it's funny that we talked about it the like fifteen or twenty years before and finally came to fruition. I just told you underneath demo and do what a since you know something link. I'm a believer in this. The amount of people in this planning and then a one lifetime you'll only a certain amount and things are meant to happen the whites when absolutely believe. Speak to me to me when I was major. Another woman. Yes let's see Sharon go she always attract and it's amazing the way things turn out at the end of the Minton be meant meant to be and you guys are in incredible together. Well nobody else could put up. Oh He's just incredible. Look down that road and the things that has happened just compeletely. There's some terms seventy wounds just might another album amazing so the albums really good. It's amazing when it just comes together like that. It's a month had done so great. We'll be back with more from Sharon and Ozzy after the break. Here's is Ian Rick Listening to straight to hell the first single off Ozzy's new album You're all yeah the the screen now make you deaf engaged. Make us I will watch you bleed. You're being it uh-huh that's great. Your your voice is ever eternal. It's like it's unbelievable. How much you sound like you all the time and how good? It's amazing so exciting to hear ordinary man outings on this on this year It was fun. The Race Ed's travel man. The scene gene seen smiles. Josh Freeman The only Yeah mm-hmm mm-hmm inside Aw List Yeah Yeah UH how did that song come about crime. No I when we wrote. It's so good it's really good. You know shopping scientist an recently. Most of the best of ever done came out of nowhere breath. Amazing he for weeks and weeks. You think you know some some I remember you telling me stories about the way Sabbath would right right. Were you just jam. And our Jesuit do. We're just jam. Rift Show nationalincome together stick of Oakland. It was it was a good education because a lot of kids have never heard I've done. I should jam you know a lot of fun. You know. Absolute isn't fun to music's the best thing in the world I don't know fifty. It was so lucky we get to do this. All remain believable Ordina where it came from you just line complaining. That's amazing I hear also here like some of the beetle influence riding in the string parts so cool and it's you sat and you sound the same. which is what's so incredible like you sound so remarkably like you every time and strong and fresh and all all of the there's so much energy in your voice? It's unbelievable ought to do it. I mean there's nobody else in my family has ever been involved in music in any way of Come from far with siblings two Dard but now he's any musical Jack Ma Son goes to a study says collect the Beatles. I don't see what you go on about. Okay Hi these imagine is going to bed today in black and white and why can't open call. That's what it was like. Yeah he goes. Ah I said we in England were just nine hundred sixty whatever early on the war ended fifteen years take that long span comes out which swamped the last thing we have that much in Germany dominate. That we look fucking huge. Do you remember the first time you heard them. Yeah exactly I've got a trans am transistor radio band. It was progress to get over this. I'm walking on Posey Minister Searching Searching Roy leaning on his lady on the lump ocean bogging only pub songs won't be on radio you suddenly. She loves you comes on. I stopped and it was. I was awakened it was like Holy Shit Paul McCartney to marriage fantastic for me which I loved them. Obsolete ops my word you buy a wall in my bedroom was covered the ancient with the nine one and anytime anything they put out you at ball you get immediate I I work delivering food. Call more of this. I'm Barbero record fucking amazing which people go You know for some people now. The Beatles for me were area other than the Beatles. Were there other who the other things that really just let you up musically the king of kings. You really got my own Manfred Mann. Yeah aw towns. Who led Zeppelin? Yeah I mean when we when we offer showed them I. WHO's Aplin I was? It was unbelievable already abandoned or not yes but would Cuba has breast behind them. I mean when donahue that first Zeppelin album one and two. Yeah I just put after that. Oklahoma will be doing. Our own thing is to go drink every your bottom of law good guy. I never got every drunk right when the show when he's an ass. Oh yeah it was juice. I've been around do- drunk you never nestle. Oh fuck not to me I never. I'd never saw bad but I've never seen you unpleasant to be around Hyde memorial to I mean it. It was just a job another job the more fuck up your tone up to a Gig and it's going to be a good which I remember. There was a story. Where one of have you tried to kill the other? which which was it? Oh thought one he tried to you. Yeah Okay how how serious was it. Don't ask have he had a blackout as blackout. And and it was really really serious but I knew something was happening because he'd I've been out of it for like a week so it was a week of like experimenting with Pills and alcohol and he was just. It's like on a roll and you could feel it building. You knew something was going to happen and it happened but then many was good. I had to go into treatment six months. He was good again. But you know you you know to go Great Britain. You get when you get it if you if any of you don't get it you don't get it yeah. I don't to be honest with you. Ohio Ohio problem woke me that alcohol now along with it on my knowledge a if I was okay we'd all be still drinking a UH south fallow of fading crap with our you know just about what must have been six submit Rahab through our view rehabs fifteen on Dan. I just felt great. I'm just about seven years now. Amazing congratulations I son. He's while I may sixties eighteen years. How he so bad in nineteen believes it really is a about him? I'll never forget what he said. We are such in one day. SCHLONGS OREGON OUT CHECKBOOK fucker. You always complain about. You've never wanted anti-fur damn thing. What about our dead? That was a good fucking on our Jack arms are undeniable always there but not there. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's alcohol and drugs. You think physically there but you're not there now on the fucking road you know. We'll be back with more from Ozzy Osbourne after after the break. We're back with more from Ozzy Osbourne any of the metal bands that you liked really lucan any any bands that came in the wake behind. That would go. Aw that lasts a block shower tour. It was pretty. We'd been fighting. Each other fights in the world analogy going down so well I'd I'd go fucking random that it was caught we need you to break loved. AC DC all icy a decent all great for me for me to the Beatles. ACDC like blood. Scott was crossing great. Great great brand or a bar. Yeah Highway to hell the rhythm section. The way those guys is play. I mean found the Black Sabbath in nineteen seventy one of the things in Sydney Australia. Wow great did you know that first time you saw him he would like you knew it was special. Oh anguish to be honest with sash on the short but die when slave. Yeah the the knife fucking Mondays ago. I didn't do all these duties or bill on the neck and always fucking he pride meat and potatoes. So that's what I like about throwing no one to touch on this young for that groove and you can bang your head all day and not get fed up. It's true I mean dame work their ass to that you said about their rhythm. Section action was brilliant. View just never heard any. It's so the river it was always so danceable young. The even in his nose grows and says yourself why don't we try and do a folk and danceable Clara because missile riff money. It could fucking coffee wanting to do that. Saboteur foxing. Show what we would do be sending sound remotely remotely commercial. We throw his fucking which the grid changes and the that wasn't my culture Jaylen. Winning Chiro would've on keyboards always fuck this million billions to travel to get on a GMC mobile home which WHO's looking back. We had such a fucking love. It was five was lockup fucking ghetto paper moving take it of comfy new every movie altogether. Yes go bill. Excuse me for asking these. What's the deal will be moon? It was well a coffee. Wakes me hope the excuse me healthy the milk but saliva masonic and the babe with your back to sleep. He had it all worked out so you and you wrote on the bus with bill and he was your your travel partner. Yeah Yeah and and then would geezer and Tony team up. That would be flying. Everywhere be prevented bus. I will close. I wonder when the actual end crime that got him to farm. Wow You surprised when they fired you now to to be perfectly truthful to lost it. Yeah I mean our school board. Do you have to fly around the world to do nothing. Think I should say off one point regarding well acquainted this one did. Oh we should do on awesome. Said one day something. We've got a problem if the bones that we won't influence no influence. You know we real why I always in any better better than them that were any we knew we we needed rescuing. But we didn't trust anybody all you WANNA do do any more with them always board. The concerts always bored with the recording. Oh It'd be poor board. I wasn't into our Jonah. I don't know but the the problem is way to go. Yeah you a knife from way you come from spin been oppy apply everywhere hotel. Yes An. You'd almost thinking we've jumped. I'm done. I'm never going to do it again. And when Charon Cameron should you want an Ma anybody WANNA moves boom fucking behold. How many again amazing raising and then could for? When I was doing my solo thing is we are hard to but China goes opening for me? Maybe they take automate joking. Why and every chum competitiveness stoplight black sabbath music? I you think you've black Sabbath leg heroes. Yeah I didn't I didn't think that Sabbath on Aiko go paranoid mound warping and then it took on its own thing. Yeah it got bigger than wheaties. Yes yeah kind of confessed. I'm and the the myth of black several. Yes but we didn't really engage a great great lyricist amazing. The Anna Great Bass player all for fantastic. Nobody torture them each bond building buildings. I was a great dramatic. Tony's he's always going to be the greatest no one to touch him. I'm not sure this time. I still don't understand how he plays guitar. He's gotten fingertips sleeping. I don't talk Chimichanga. You know when you when you when you met him had already lost his fingers. It was schooled was e C. When anything couldn't even what's more sixteen? Sabrina and the doctor said forget playing each apply again. How Shrewd Brom not only applied implied? Again he fucker become one of the fucking stairs a man who when dog knows Contra wanting what am I gonNA do anything to do with you. That's what he's that's yeah you can. I'm going right what to do. Yeah he's always been very calm he is. You don't panic. He was the bond really. We knew we were all the band but he was the most irreplaceable Wanna are hard to say heart. Say I feel like it's the the for together as well. It's like you could bring your place any of them but you don't know that you could you always think oh. Why plan instrument often the? It's not who's best. It's the combination together that makes it's like it's like if you're cooking something recipe. Garlic is better. It's it's the recipe. Yes they start you you but you know you always think because you called in. The current plan is when people say to me. Why did you always sing on the side of this? I don't fuck it now. Just the boat crews Tony. He's one of the few people could walk into this room. No no our fucking fucking Phil or intimidate you wow he intimidates the fuck army. Wow and he knows you. Wow but when on album that we made last. I didn't get the feeling that there was any other. You know. Got The imprint known these but he had his friend with him I I oh I don't know what the deal was. Renamed white boy. That guy with him remember on work at home I I don't know engineer. Maybe produce engine. 'cause he wanted he he wants a pill every hall. Yeah and that's what flattened show I it. The first album to four track machine bound sober truck amid sixteen track thirty and so on on that first off apparent sometimes on a four track donating. We Wanna I build drums. Were in mono face around you start applying bison remain in the robbery but you WANNA probably. He's a great pile of quite lyricist. Just you know. I suppose if I would say that. The Chemistry and the recipe was a good recipe. Absolutely I am the tone of your voice next to the next to the guitar. Talk next to Tony's guitar that combination housing that just happened. It's a miracle I remember flying four which was originally going to be cold snow blind but the wreck studies to struggle Show now you get fucking gladly gladly story. I don't know how we used to do. Each of tried writing that formula the band walk luck. No it's it's unique to that particular group of people and it when as soon as you guys came here and started playing. It's so UN remarkable. It's it's like remarkable how much it always sounds like black sabbath when you guys like. You can't not sound like you could play a cover someone else and and it would still just sound like a black Sabbath Song and original. Yeah Yeah but the thing about the album under review is bill was wasn't playing we way to still during the fucking album now because it's funny because he almost was remembered when we first with him he was excited and then he sort of the way I I mean from the riptide he takes so much time over. Everything and Tony said to me one bills trouble trouble. You still thinks everybody's which I'll get. I mean Shange fucking better than bill or any of them. I'm lucky trouble wife. Throw on moist. I guess. 'CAUSE fuckers man coming give you all his bullshit drive around Indian fucking flash schober money you can sue them and he takes you fucking lifetime to win. Yeah Lawyers Win. Yeah you just you start off you fucked. And that's what they go shannon follow it was renamed. It's like I love my wife. No I've done some stupid things. He's been with much Are Sometimes you go. She must love my yeah Must be look at your mate. Yes he whoa. You Got Stung for a long time. But then again I said to billboard one day on the phone a lot while now I says you know what in and why for far Romans concerned it was a blessing than ever got all that cash up front with what. Oh Gosh I'd done a good job nearly killing myself. I knew bill. Yes I yeah you're right we wouldn't be sitting there and that's yeah if Florida all the millions no upfront. We would have been fucking dead. It's all money. The kids from Falko. One day I'll give them a million dollars count and don't know what to do. Have you ever gone back to where you were once. I go the fuck. Take all the time anytime anytime I happened to tap back in or see an old picture or something. I tried to remember what that was like. It's like a different life. Life announced drug doug then from there hold married to children it always done got a house. Cau- holidays better cat drink when I wanted to get adult window. Sure thought that will. Yeah Yeah and then also on now I mean. Life's life's amazing journey. You never know what's GonNa come up. You know this this last year to go to the bathroom fellow face. The virtually crippled sleek spur. The probably. I'll snap my spine but then again fallen stairs four narrow windows of fucking needs something stupid. Look for Biz informed on and you fight in the middle of the night. That's typical sod's law but yeah I'll tell you what one show anyone said to me. What was the best gift you ever had? I'm thinking Shambo mill work tongs ink on any fucking hit me. Had My father not bought me a microphone. I would wow. My father bought me a pay. I yes Wayne's debt for Bouma Nash Company Gigs. Yes remarkable. I mean I never never replied him. Could always fucking go out on the king of the will of booking tenure any postal So what I do. I will give my siblings bitter money but it does seem like it's it's meant to be like I'm a fake mile. How much poodle done when to a combined come showing at noise fucking long can remember i? I never never fucking He was still book and fucked up enter. must've he must have been really really it regardless of that he must have been really proud of your system. You had to be before a flight from the leftovers shortwhile month show our Elect I'm WSB System Dennis switched switched Left Block Salads the finished so he always backed you he was a good dad. It sounds like it. Good simple man. Yeah Hey only wish sort of a wish. Sometimes I'll go to okay. I wish he was here for me to chat. locum tolling to you now. I love traveling at William S and somebody wants situation are never good on me my father but he's only go and say let me tell you something whether you want Nice. Oh bad to to him to eat now up the road. You're going to kick AH forever. Yeah just say what you say. How's your relationship with Jack? Now it's great. It's he's got three go got married and divorced and I love him obsolete I love my kids are all takeoff mater. All fucking sponging of a what is he he likes your boy gets older. Boys always a cool. Yeah send you to a fucking lunatic. I'm not joking Jacko's Columbus go fuck going to shoot Iran. Just but Jack. He's a great father is great. He's really bad which wasn't some fucking hands on me was getting me back to bed. It's been great senior senior. Rick say man a pleasure always. I hope. See again soon and listen to music. Thanks shown shown and Ozzy Osbourne for stopping by Shangri la to catch up with Rick Ozzy's new album. Ordinary man is out now. Also be sure to check out OZZY DOT COM to keep up with the osbournes sports. You can hear some music. Visiting Broken Record podcasts dot com where we have a playlist available for you to listen to while you're there sign up for behind the scenes newsletter. Broken record is produced with help from Jason Gabrielle. Mierlo bell and Leah Rose Pushing Industries. A theme is expected beats unjust enrichment. Thanks for listening.

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