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TSA Employees Quitting Amid Govt. Shutdown


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Go anchor dot FM slash start to join me in the diverse community of podcasters already using anchor. That's anchor dot FM slash start. And I cannot wait to hear your podcast. Welcome to tonight's episode of the room. So Morzine is experienced before. We get started want to go ahead, and you have a shot this episode's sponsors. From south publishing podcasting impassive income development. I offer ongoing self development courses at champion pundit academy as well as what else one private consultations to take you from zero the hero in no time. Learn more champions pundit, academy dot com. That's champion pundit academy dot com. You wanna know what you need more of in your life? All takes. Yeah. Nobody ever said that. But if you've got to go ahead and spend money on the one nonfiction book. It's gotta be the ultimate clash of wisdom. Awesomeness? And then obviously the politics a little bit of comedy. Why? Now a little bit of a memoir, why not something that's going to make you say, hey, I actually enjoyed reading this. I laughed. I learned something in the process checkout. My book, it's an Amazon bestseller. You may have heard of it. It's stay away from the libertarians it talks about all the things you think you might know about libertarians. Plus a lot of things that I bet dollars doughnuts. You don't know about you can get on Amazon and Barnes and noble online. So go on right now, you can get in prince or e book or kindle, or whatever you call it. Just go out and get it on Amazon and Barnes and noble online today. It's stay away from the libertarians by. Renzo w Martinez affects been me. So here's a little bit of a personal history for a good couple months. Maybe like free four months hide tried oppress this memory. So that way I'll have to think about it often when I think of my long and rather random job history. But I was a armed security guard for reston town center in rushing Virginia. I was a mall cop, and I. Good money for part time work having to just literally stand around outside all day, look, tough and direct people to Victoria's Secret. Ben and Jerry's and Starbucks. But I if you'd a lot of tickets, if you're from the northern Virginia area beltway are and you know, about town center, you understand that we were the only mall in this area, the actually charges people for parking, and that did not make me very popular person. Hey, everyone. Welcome to some Martinez experience. I'm your host is always tubby Martinez. Go ahead and do me a favor. Follow me on Twitter today at Remm. So for VA that's four spelled out. F- O R V A R M S O F O R V A on Twitter. You can follow me on Instagram as well. You more stuff there? She's rhames. So the number four and then VA Sarim so the number four and back back to why was saying so. Yeah. That that job was basically I stood around. I looked tough. I gave people parking tickets, and I directed them to Starbucks in Victoria, secret, believer, Victoria, secret was the most. I think we got more thefts and theft reports from Victoria secret than any other location on rest in town center. It was a pretty unrewarding job. No one really likes you as a mall a needed the money. It was easy. I got to work part time doing that out. Regretted? Good learning experience. Good good humbling experience, but you know, many people when you when you think of mall cops you think that's probably like the bottom. You know, ball cops are the butt of most jokes. I mean, I've heard every Paul blurt jokey could imagine. But the thing is like even mall cops have people that we kinda shit on to make fun of. Yes, I am talking about let's say, you might hate mall cops. But on ball cop has never fondled you in areas, you did not give them explicit permission to go out, and touch as of now, we are hitting day eighteen of the federal government shutdown, and yeah, you'd think by some reports that were entering Mad Max issue toy. Via and others. It's like, you know, nothing nothing has happened. I can tell you this. I don't watch cable news. I have not really gone online to learn about this much unless I'm prepping for episode of the show and then each time, I go and Google shutdown news. It's like, you know, it's the funniest stories of popped up. If you listen to Monday's episode. I went ahead and talked about that absolutely ridiculous. Just completely fabricated article by BuzzFeed, we went ahead and broke down the false reports of deaths at national parks. They're basically saying all these people were dying national parks because of the shutdown. Then all we had to do is read the article and even the reporter admitted that none of that was true. But you know, most people just look at the headlines, so you can go ahead and check out that up. So that was that will probably lead us into today because we're covering the same thing. This is this is probably funnier than faking deaths Atta Yosemite national park and yellow. Stone and other places like all the rock canyons out. And there's out a jury seriously, just Google Ayers Rock canyon death. You're probably on the fines at least a Zev every month. It's it's terrible. But it's funny when you really think about it people just don't pay attention to where they step, and they go on places where it's pretty obvious. You probably should not be standing say. We're reading an article from the Huffington Post post TSA union warns of massive security risk as some officers quit amid shutdown. Because they're someone we feel bad for its TSA agents. We'll go ahead, and I'll just I'll just read the the gist of the article now linked to it in the show notes. Let's get started at first Transportation Security Administration. Screeners were just calling out sick from work. Now, some are quitting altogether. Their union says in a statement released Tuesday, the American federation of government employees, which represents the workers warned that safety. Take a big hit in transit hubs as the federal government shutdown drags into week three leaving staff without pay. Now. Just so, you know, federal government employees during shutdown. They so yes, they are working without pay. But they will get paid. They will get back pay for that. So yes, it sucks now by if they show up to work, they will still get that cumulated pay for the days that they? Were not getting paid immediately. So all the money that they should be getting for the work that they did put in will eventually come. There's something you never hear about on the news. Every day. I'm getting calls from my from my members about their extreme financial hardships and need for paycheck said hydric Thomas, the organizations TSA council, president some of them have already quit and many are considering quitting the federal workforce because of the shutdown. The loss of officers while were already shorthanded will create a massive security risk for American travelers since we don't get enough trainees the pipeline or the ability of process new hires. Don't you think it's funny that no one complains about this shutdown when Obama shut down the government? Our remember anything really terrible happen. Excepts everyone saying that the Republicans were about to launch a nuclear holocaust. But you know, apparently, this is just something that happens. When a Republican is president the government shuts down. Let's continue on the fact that no one wants to be they have a lack of trainees who wants to work for the. I don't know anyone that wants to work from TSA. I don't feel that did work for the left the TSA. I've never met anyone that wants to go work at the say, let's continue last week. The af GE launched a lawsuit against the federal government for forcing federal employees to show up to work. Uncompensated calling the demands in humane they're going to get compensated. Eventually it's just not happening now, but they're going to get compensated if they didn't get compensated for that then. Yeah. That would probably be inhumane, but that's not happening. Let's continue around that sign. The union stated TSA agents were starting to skip work the situation. Now appearing to be escalating. In addition to raising security issues fewer staffers on duty will increase wait times with longer lines at airports. You mean it's going to be longer than already is like my God. That's that. Okay. That is pretty terrifying. It is completely unacceptable that the women men who risk their lives. Safeguarding our airports. What's? Okay. Let's read that again is completely unacceptable that the women and men who risk their lives. Safeguarding our airports. Okay. Let's say fun fact if I were to run through a TSA security point airport would the TSA agent. Chase me don't think too hard. No because CSA has no law enforcement capability Dale have guns. They'll have tasers. They can't chase. You can't tackle you. They can't do anything. It's full on security theater. What happens is the TSA will call airport security. You know, those little police cars outside they'll call air marshals US marshals they'll get literally someone with an actual badge and the gun to go out and take care of you. But to say that the TSA is risking their lives. Have we ever heard of TSA agent dying in the line of duty last? I checked to the thin blue line flags don't really extend out to TSA if. They do. I'd like to make the argument that that more mall cops have died and risk their lives than say just just putting that out there. That is. That's that's ridiculous. That is that is just oh my gosh. I it's hard to read past that. I'm sorry. It's just a little distracting, but it is completely unacceptable that the women men who risk their safeguarding. Our airports are still required to report for work without knowing when they'll be paid again. Okay. That that part because we all know in the government's opening backup. I I understand that. But there's gotta be provision out there. I'll know that there are, but like this, you know, that part ideal understands because it's not like they're getting type of insight as to win it happens. They know as much as we do. Say officers already had the least amount of rights of any federal officer yet because they're just a step. I'm sorry. They're stuck below mall. Cops there mall cops that are called federal employees. But whatever some of the lowest pay in highest attrition rates in the government because no one wants to work there because it sucks stupid that doesn't do anything among the lowest morale of any federal agency. I believe that because if mall cops dishing on you like we used to then you've got a problem anyway working for weeks on end without being compensated while already being short staffed only makes their situation worse. He said and that part I do get. I my heart goes out to them continuing the federal government spiraled into a partial shutdown last month over congresses in the Bill to pass a spending Bill including president Donald Trump's demand for border wall funding, he seeking more than five billion. But Democrats yet budge and no end to the impasse in sight. I think it was Mark Levin. He did a breakdown. Federal budget five billion falls into and this this should who. Are if your numbers guy. It makes up point. I'm sorry zero point zero zero one percent of federal budget. Dad is chump change five billion dollars chump change compared to what the federal government spends things on. And you know, some people are wondering how should Trump deal with this issue because it's are becoming pretty pretty more parent as people start to really think of ways these the TSA, which is just full on security theater. No one really loves them as a way to score political points two things. I wanna point you two are the Boston police strike and then Ronald Reagan, dealing the air traffic controllers, but will try and break it down one by one for some of the don't know Calvin Coolidge is probably my favorite president all American history. And I'm reading an article from US history dot com. Go ahead and link this article in the show notes, but long story short there were series of strikes that were going on because of unions. And according to the article by the fall of nineteen nineteen series of strikes, hit the United States as unions attempted to gain higher wages to adjust for wartime inflation that was a big issue because of World War One. And it was our first major foreign war where I mean, we were just that was also a few years after the Federal Reserve came out. So we're just printing inflating money, and it's affecting people at home because of the draft austerity. It was a bad time. The article continues collective bargaining had long been viewed by with suspicion by many Americans who suspicions were heightened by the worker. Evolution Russian efforts to spread communism throughout the western world. In Boston, the largely Irish American police force had it's wages lag badly during the war efforts were made organized in order gain. Not only higher pay shorter hours and better working conditions. Police Commissioner Edwin you Curtis refused to sanction a police union and suspended the leaders from the workforce. I'm sorry. From the police force in August, nineteen nineteen on September ninth. More than eleven hundred officers went out on strike, which removed three fourths of of the city's which removed three fourths of the force from the city streets. Rabble-rousing Bostonians took advantage of the lack of authority and rioted on the following day. Mayor Andrew j Peter some and local militia units which managed to restore order at this juncture governor Calvin Coolidge elected the previous November decided to enter the picture after having passed up in the Nishel opportunity to resolve the matter Coolidge, some in the entire Massachusetts national guard a show of force that rapidly caused the strike to collapse in earned the governor the reputation of strict enforcer of law and order. Skip a paragraph here, and we're just remember all posts article in the in the show notes continuing Coolidge defended the decision not. Oh, actually, no, I ne- read that the striking the striking. Policemen were not allowed to recover their jobs, which wins overwhelmingly to returning servicemen coming back from the war. The new officers were granted higher pay in additional holidays and gain the additional benefit of free informs Coolidge defended the decision not to rehire. The strikers remarked to Sanyal the head of the American federation of labor proclaiming there is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody anywhere anytime and this prompted Coolidge cool just reputation to rise eventually became Harding's vice president than he succeeded Harding when he died and that he won his first reelections its own right in the in the roaring twenties. So that's what Coolidge and in a in Coolidge, the the. Biography by historian Amdi sleighs, one reason why those police officers also striked was because they refused patrol black neighborhoods, which gives cool. It's also the reputation of one of the first major civil rights president's post reconstruction, so postive awar-, obviously. That's what he did with them. Think about that. There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody anywhere anytime. That should bother you, especially if you're one of those people that think that everyone in government is moral and righteous because obviously they wouldn't just do this for money with. They know they're they're doing it for they're they're doing it for like, you know. Grands grands reasons of success and civility and society and democracy. They're not doing it. Because they want more things though, let's continue and this article I'm reading from politico. Reagan fires eleven thousand. So it's kind of funny when you look at the numbers Calvin Coolidge fired eleven hundred police officers Reagan fires eleven thousand striking air traffic controllers on August fifth nineteen Eighty-one as a short article go ahead and jump through this real fast in one thousand nine hundred one president Ronald Reagan fired more than eleven thousand air traffic controllers who had ignored his orders to return to work sweeping mass firing federal employees showed commercial air travel. But I mean, the sweeping mass firing of federal employees slowed commercial air travel, but it did not cripple the system as. Acres had forecast two days. Earlier nearly thirteen thousand controllers walked out after contract talks with the Federal Aviation ministration clapsed as a result some seven thousand flights across the country were canceled on that day at the peak of the summer travel season. Reagan skipping a paragraph. Reagan branded the strike a legal. He threatens a fire any controller who failed to return to work within forty eight hours federal judges levied fines of one million day against the union in nineteen fifty five. Congress had made such strikes punishable by fines or one year in jail law. The US supreme court upheld in nineteen seventy-one to the chagrin of the strikers the F as contingency plans. Worked some three thousand supervisors joined in two thousand nine striking controllers and nine hundred military controllers manning, but commercial airports hours. In carrying out his threat. Reagan also imposed a lifetime ban on rehiring. The strikers in October nineteen Eighty-one the FAA authority decertified, Pat co that was the union historic historian. Joseph a McCarthy and conclude that the nineteen Eighty-one strike in defeat of Pat co was quote, one of the most important events and quote in the late twentieth century labor movement, Donald J Devine the director of the office of personal management time said quote, when the president said, no American business leaders were given a lesson in managerial leadership that they could not and did not ignore many, private sector executives have told me that they were able to cut fat from their organization and adopt more competitive work practices because what the government didn't those days. I would not be surprised if these unseen effects of this. Sector shakeout under the inspiration of the president were as profound influencing the recovery that occurred as the formal economic and fiscal programs continued to cause American discussions to grow. So right, there, you have to examples of presidents that actually, you know, took a hard stance that were deemed by the media insanely popular. But it had to be done. Nothing else could have happened when you're working for the public. I'm sorry. But things are a little bit different. You're not a private sector employees. You don't get to argue as much you don't get in the Goshi this much. And when you're looking at something that has that drastic effects? Eve gotta you gotta play ball. And you God you the hardship. And I do believe though that in situations like this there should be some emergency fund. If anything I look at TSA, and I'm thinking, why out these government agencies have anything that could at least protect their employees from at most maybe a ninety day shutdown. I think it's I think more blame needs to be put on them because they're working borrowed time borrowed money. And at some point we need to really address this. I'm hoping that is something has dressed from this. Now, bigger bigger discussion. I mean, the fact that the TSA is holding American flyers hostage. Why is that not bothering anybody? Like that. That bothers the hell out of me. I mean, it's not like they've ever not caught a tear stowaway. They haven't. In fact, I'm pretty sure that TSA let's people get through with a guns drugs and other mentionable illegal things on the pretty regular basis. So let's go ahead. And really think about this. Why not abolish? The TSA found a pretty good case for it. I know what you're thinking ram. So you're Scott site quedo or heritage or something. No, my silly, progressive friend. Let me help you this articles coming from a place that I do not necessarily care for. But it was a good article. This comes from vox, and I will go ahead include this in the show notes as well by Dylan Matthys of vox, the case for Bala Shing TSA, and is a pretty old article two way before the shutdown. So I wonder if his opinions of change, but nonetheless, good article may twenty six twenty fourteen. So he he talks about the frisking invasive body scans, racial, profiling and other indignities that we've had to deal with for when the time this at the time this was written thirteen years, and he continues it's worth remembering that, the inconvenience and injustice of TSA's activities exist for literally no reason if the agency's privacy violations knowing carry on regulations were merely the price we paid for Dusing. The incidence the incidence of terrorist attacks that'd be one thing. But as expert Bruce Schneier likes to know, there's no evidence of TSA has ever prevented a terrorist attack. And there some research suggesting it could serve to increase non airborne terrorist attacks airline security is so far as we can tell totally useless, and there's coming from vox. I don't necessarily think he has a libertarian constitutionalist stance against the TSA, but that's a good. He's providing good enough reasons right there, we continue a literature review by George Mason's, Cynthia Lum and rectors, Leslie Kennedy. Allison Shirley show. The studies testing the effectiveness of airport security specifically of metal detectors and security screenings found on average that the measures in question prevented about six point three hijackings over the years examined if that were all they found that'd be a pretty solid case for the TSA. This is one of my favorite parts. But the attacks warrant simply prevented they were barely displaced while there were six point three fewer hijackings. There were six point eight more miscellaneous bombings armed attacks hostage taking events, which which included death or wounded individuals. As opposed to non casualty incidents in both the short and long run. Oh that is things a little bit. Don't you think making hijackings harder? In other words, didn't reduce attacks. But encouraged would be hijackers to attack through other Maine's additional research done after the review has merrily concluded the screenings are infect a wash. And you can go ahead and read that entire article your cell phone clued in the show notes. Oh, man. This is like. And I'm glad to get a different perspective on this. Because I mean, definitely strengthens my opposition to the validity of the TSA by. I mean, just just the examples he provided it would've have been perfect. If he could have provided that a clip from SpongeBob where they're talking about moving the town from the giant worm that's gonna come eat it and Patrick is. Like what if we just take the city here push shoot over there? And by the time, the warm eventually does eventually plow through where the city would have been the town folks of bikini bottom got together. And they went ahead and actually literally moved the city. Man. This is this is ridiculous and two points to conclude the show. If you're TSA employees, if you're any type, public, sector employees. I'm sorry. Even when government shutdown you have to go to work, you have to go to work. That's that's actually part of your contract as a federal employee. State employs local employs you have to do. What's best for the public? Good. The public defense the common good for the public as a public sector employees. So that's that's a message to that crowd. Secondly, I'm hoping that a lesson. We learn is that we don't want to be in the situation later emergency funds. Need to be set up contingencies needs to be planned. I do feel bad for TSA workers and other federal contractors and workers who are going without pay him by contractors. You probably might think of mental image of a Raytheon or Halliburton employees. But the thing is like when they're talking about the contractors that aren't getting money. It's people that are like janitors people that are actual Labor's people that actually do need their paycheck, and I do. That is wrong for them. Not to get paid for the work. That's happening because you know, the people at the bottom usually get screwed and what's to say, they don't come up with something. That says oh sorry. We were not pay back for that. But, you know, thanks for coming in the work. We we are nation of adults running this adult government. I think is it too hard to just ask for contingency plan. So that way when this happens because it will always happen democrat, Republican, whatever this will happen, again, the future don't think this is the first government shutdown history didn't start eighteen days ago. And don't think there's going to be the last government shutdown. We to each other. It'd be responsible. But we also it to our posterity to come up with better options for how we take care of situations and each other. I do feel bad for TSA agents that are having to go through this. They don't deserve that. No one deserves that everyone needs to get paid on time. Every time all the time. But we still find something to laugh about for those of you that aren't following culture on Twitter. That's C U L T t t your e culture with three TS on Twitter. It's probably the only pages actually keep me on that side. What they did was they they're like the now this of the maga- movement to say, and it got a little bit of teams vibe to I'm doing a little bit contributing to them. I I like I like their their game. And what they did was they posted a clip from a song that comedian Owen Benjamin when ahead and wrote and sang, and I think it's beautiful, and I can't sell it. Simply just you know comedic or if it's sadly, sadly true. Oh, there's word for that satirical. I'm just gonna go ahead, and the, you know, finish the show that and take care, folks. We'll talk to you later. Who will? Sean. Lasco build the wall. Cou tears down the monuments will change say still. Feel free kid. You're off admits they can hurt us any. On. To raid. Blocked by kids hormones can watch some drums. Will sell uranium to. More to a Ryan. Shot. Fence dome care about old delights that suicides in less day are trans. Shutdown. Yellowstone are calling on tactic. Sean. More soy's for all boys. So they have low T, and they cannot sign.

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