The Great Gildersleeve 50-05-24 (368) Bronco the Real Estate Salesman


The Crap Foods company makers of craft quality. Foods Presents Herald. Peres the Great Gildersleeve. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the kraft foods. Company makers of the One and only Miracle Whip Salad dressing. Here's a salad dressing. That's. There are likely different from any other dressing. You've ever tasted not too sharp, not too bland miracle. Whip. Has Peppy goodness that million say is justice exactly right? Enjoy. Miracle Whip tomorrow, even the simplest salad. We'll bring you compliments when it's made with Miracle Whip. Well. Let's see what's doing the Great Gildersleeve out. Late last night, Marjorie and Bronco came home from their honeymoon again. Complete the little family circle. Well I'm glad they're home and hope. They liked the little apartment upstairs. They ought to give you sure fifty nine phone. Yeah, but I cramps selmer style. You're totally right, yeah! Upstairs like used to I think it's got a Murray and a turtle with Claustrophobia. Come on. Let's go work in the art. I, Thought I'd wait around on Mars, Rian Bronco came down. I didn't get a chance to talk too much last night. Know what did. All! I can say Mogae Darling. Darling. Darling Darling. Working before they will marry. You. Stopped after the honeymoon. To be on a honeymoon for years. I hope so. Are we get along? Let's see now. He might burn the rubbish Verdy Boy Look at a pretty big alright. How to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. Oh, go ahead, my. Little, Boy Scout. Leroy you're rubbing two matches together well. Little Brother Junior Milton Berle. Pretty Damn GonNA smoke a lot. Keep going. Down a smokescreen. Blowing right across the street bridge house. In the bedroom windows open. Wonderful exact he will be. Talking all rubber tire on the fire, no! We can't help if the breeze blows smoke over their Mother Nature at work. Maybe. This wasn't a good idea. Leroy Doing it on purpose. He doesn't like you and you don't like him Leroy. It isn't that we don't like each other. We just don't get along. Surprise me. He comes over here and tries to start something. Becomes. No Leroy will stand ground. It's hours go to save. What are you up to now? Mr Bullard Good Morning Nice morning, isn't it? I? Don't know I can't say smoke. Smoke. A little smoke isn't it. Haven't you any consideration for other people? Oh, yes, I considering. That we didn't burn the rubber tire. Well having for that Gildersleeve, how in lottery of life denied Roy you neighbor well, let's see I came here. Here. I might ask you the very same thing. You just waited until the wind was right to burn rubber. Guys you dead. You keep on it as we. Know. Whether you did it on purpose or not, it was a stupid thing to do. Careful, who whom? You call stupid. I'm a public official. I'm the water commission killing us. If you with me, I'll by the water department and cut off your water. That did it leroy burn the tire? Won't you have breakfast with a donkey? Thanks, Marjorie Leroy have I can eat again. Leave something for Marjorie and Bronco. Leroy's like me. He can always eat pass the toast marge darling. Here, Darling. She, out there still. Mr Gildersleeve all the noise out in the backyard. Urkel just exchanging pleasantries will neighbor. Well what do you love birds going to do today? Why have a million things to do? UNPACK shampoo my hair so on some buttons RONCO. I'm going to work right after breakfast as past the Jam March Darling of course, dear. Brother. You going over to your father's little bookstore. START RIGHT IN BRONCO. No, Sir I'm not depending on my father. We have passed the Bacon again. Mr Gildersleeve it it. Thanks remember what I've always said. My boy I can find a place for you in our water department. Oh! Thanks Mr Geller Sleep, but I'm not sponging off you. Will you pass the eggs again, please? Well, what do you plan to do, Bronco? Anything in particular is telling you dialing. What is your plan donning? Bronco. Idaho potato potatoes. As good money for. okay. Got Big plans Mr Gildersleeve because I have the most wonderful wife in the world to support. Having marge honey. Hung. ME, wonder wonky. But how you wonderful people are gonNA live. Mr Gildersleeve I have a briefcase. And there's a real estate license. He's going to sell realestate real estate. Well. I admire your spunk Bronco but not wanting to depend on me. Oh your father. Is What I've got plenty of spunk and drive and ability and ability. But Bronco. Don't you think real estate is a little crowded Mr Gildersleeve the way I see the whole world is waiting to be sold. There's always room at the top. What are you GonNa? Sell off! Don't snipe a young man starting his career. That's all right Mr Gildersleeve nothing can stop me I'm starting to ring doorbells right after breakfast. More Bacon March there isn't anymore darling. Dialing Goodbye. Codex chilly out. A boy doesn't need a coat. He's a ball of fire. Oh Good Morning Mr Bullard I'm Bronco Thompson was to give her sleep centers. I know you've seen nervous. Lad Well. You're my first customer. I am Mr. Bullard I'm in the real estate business can list your house for sale or young man. This house is not per se. Oh! I thought I'd ask you I, I'm starting at the bottom you know. Well today Mr Buller. Try some of the other neighbors. Good idea, Ole Thomsen. Yes, sir, I just had a thought as Gildersleeve by any chance listed his house. Say Oh! No Sir I live there. Well I don't mind you. I mean. Thompson I'll give you a listing of mine if you promise to get a listing on Gildersleeve house there. Well. He answer very good. Come into my study young man. Well, let's get the water department ruling. Betsy I'm a little late this morning. Mr Eaton. Lower, you wearing a buddy poppy messy. Everybody ought to wear one this week. Now, let's get started with. How I didn't newlywed misty galaxy know fine fine. Let's get down to work. The honeymoon's over. I'm happy naturally. Let's get on the ball so happy. They're happy, especially pleased. This isn't the happiness our this is Ruggeri. Did you check water report. Well somebody has to be a fishing around here I will say to work on. My desk piled as high as it used to be. Who? I can the big power in the ad into three pounds. Happy I've got a lot of work to do it. Please close the door I. Don't want to be disturbed. Just a little time. Let's see got work from left to right. What is it now? Showing me state, Betsy. I don't WANNA salesman in my hair. Be in your hair quite a while now. Bronco else. Hi Mr Tillerson so I see well business rock. Oh great, just Dandy and I wanNA talk to you about something. To be a newlywed Mr Townsend. What Oh fine all right? Mr Killer Sleep. So happy. Mr Gildersleeve I'm so happy you're happy. Se You please close that door from the other side. A of secretary now Bronco. You wanted my advice about something. No, sir. I WANNA list. Your House for sale. My House. I have a listing blank here. Mr Gildersleeve, and if you'll just fill in a few details and sign on the dotted line. Bronco I don't want to sell my house and put the top back on your phone well, I've learned an important thing about the real estate business already. You can't sell real estate without listings. That's logical, the probably true, but why don't we start with somebody outside the family? I have I listed Mr Bullard House this morning Mr Bullard. Gave you a listing on his. Yes, sir. He said he liked to help a young man. Get started that board to show me up before my own son-in-law. Let me see is listening Bronco. Larry is in black and white. Is House isn't worth that much. Mocked up the price. He knows it won't sell. Wasn't it nice and Mr Bullard to give me the listing? Well, Bronco. He's no nicer than I am. Where's that dotted line? Hello Pete. For you I thought I'd drop it and have lunch with you on. TV I ever asked you for a free lunch. We're good friends in can. Eat a lot of free learns. Goodness. Let me see your May. I recommend that cold ceramic sandwich well. I don't know why I think I like this roast beef. If you're hungry, Mr Gildersleeve I take Salami why. In having beats. Me A, Ham Sandwich. Don't take this an army, no ham AP. Maybe. It's a little chilly. Don't you have something hot I can hate this around me. I'll take it cold. I hear. My jury brought her new husband back home last night. Yeah, they've settled down to married life. broncos going into the real estate business I now. Here's your Salami Misty. Banks. Pb Don't tell me Bronco. Drumming up business in here. We did want me to list the pharmacy for sale. That's Bronco Alright fast worker and I told him I'd have to talk it over with message baby. PB You didn't have to do that. Why didn't you just tell him? No talking over with Mrs, PVs carrying him no. I see well, I don't want to sell my house either, but I gave them a listing on it. You Yeah just to encourage the boy. Course I, put the price up kind of high. You'll never sell it. Has. A listing for me might help them. Get Out of business and. Mr Lamb Braga. All over for you. I've sold your house. Man Can. Yes. Sir, here's a cashier's check to the down. Payment would browse will. You can't sell my house. Right out from under me Kenny PD. J.. We'll return to the Great Gildersleeve very shortly. Many, famous cook will tell you that. She made her reputation by the simple trick of serving wonderful salad. Yes and you can do it to very easily in fact if you'll remember to do these three things when you make that Salad I, make that salad in advance, so it can be thoroughly chilled second this year. Your Salad Greens are drained dry and really Chris and third, and most important of all the very particular about the dressing you use or real. Salad Success Serve Miracle Whip Miracle, whip is the salad dressing. Millions prefer actually it's the most popular salad dressing ever created, and once you tasted you, Ovalles. Miracle Whip has a delightfully flavor, a delicate vested goodness. Most folks agree has just exactly right. Miracle Whip, you know as a different kind of salad dressing. It's made from a secret craft recipe. Give you the very best qualities of fashioned boiled dressing and Fine Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip is blended with a special craft beater to give you a super smooth texture. Surprise, your family tomorrow with an extra good salad, and to be really sure they're like it remember to use plenty of America's favorite salad, dressing the one and only miracle whip. well, let's get back to the Great Gildersleeve. Encourages new son in law and the real estate business. The great man listed here's House for saying. He didn't think it would move at such a fancy price, but was he ever surprise? I listed in good faith. Margie but I had no idea he shot isn't Bronco a wonderful salesman? Salesman. He won't even tell me who bought the place by wants to remain anonymous. Besides what you care you're getting price with. The House is worth and think of the big commission broncos making. Glad for that but. What is it Leroy? Do I get from my treehouse out of this deal. Well, that wasn't included in the deal. Right beside. We may have to live in it. For the Money Bronco Getting and we can get in even larger house. Yeah, how Private Bachelor my Pets Turtle Leroy! This is a serious matter and I back out of the deal, if it was anybody else Bronco Yeah and get sued. I. Guess The buyer could take action. Why we start looking at houses I don't know, but let's not rush this thing. No, when we do, let kitchen. It's all automatic. Yes All thing automatic the kitchen. We got birdie. Don't move I. Don't nobody I don't even know who bronco sold the House to. Bronco fails. You don't even know. The natural blonde hair. Because back from his. Factor the natural failed. Yes birdie. I'm a natural born sap. This! I get out of it. I don't know my boy right now. I'm going around in circles. No to figure out how to keep the one we've got. We don't WanNA sell, please. That's our home now. I guess it'd be pretty tough living in another house. Would probably get in when you forgot the key. To push holes in the springs. Leroy, there's only one hole. It's in the service Porch Gosh I might have to go to school where the teachers wouldn't take pity on. Horse Bridge do now? That's highly probably. Doesn't like a new house. He may keep coming back like a cat a homing turtle. Most to make the trip. WORRY ABOUT WE'RE GONNA move I hope. Just find out who bought the place. Maybe you'll need Eliah rock. Judge. Leroy. The judge doesn't know anything about realistic. He was standing in. Drugs Drugstore this morning talking to Mr Bullard about real estate. Mr Bullard sure. I was sitting by the newsstand, reading the comic books and I heard judge. Hooker say real estate. Hooker is blurred attorney. By George I'm going over to hookers. Matter smell them off. My boy and there's an old casting when you smell a mouse head for the mouse hole. got a sneaking punch the judge something about this dealing I'm sure he does. Unfunded I'll get the truth out of him by to beat the old goat with his own asa fitted a bag. Areas going into his house. Is. You'll rascal sees me get into the house. or You come here. Look at them rotten. One more grab and I've got. Michael Not by the hair of your Tinny Chin Chin Go. I WanNa talk to you. Galley I'm very busy and it's time for my Kayla. Water your key lack water can wait. I want you to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth. I. Listed my house for sale with Bronco. Only as a gesture to encourage, the boy and somebody pulled a sneaky trick on me and bought you know anything about judge at the leading question. Judge were you. Were you not talking to Rumson Bullard in front of Drugstore this morning? Me See PV's drugstore answer, yes, or no judge well. I bought a package Soda mince and gave me a glass of water. You'll never out on this. Board Oh he's fine. Here judge a cashier's check a deposit on my house now. WHO purchased this check? I can't tell you don't have guy. The name is not. Have you ever seen this check before? Goodness look worse. You're supposed to be an old friend of mine you WANNA. See Me Lose my house. You WanNa. See it so right after him under my little family, Nokia less. I drew my attorney. I know but I'm Rumson Borg's attorney to he pays me. So it is bullet, who's buying my i? Didn't say that yellow. It isn't ethical for an attorney to talk about his clients affair, but it is bored. I didn't say Watson I didn't say it wasn't what you didn't say it wasn't. Wasn't, wasn't it? It was I mean it wasn't. Now. Trapped. In Coronado goat. MR bullied. Remember to have that Doorbell Change I. don't care for it was this? I, forgot to mention Gildersleeve. I bought your house. How can you them such thing? I've been waiting for an opportunity to remove you from the neighborhood guild as? You and you're burning tires. How happy I'm going to be when you're God, but where will I go about Canada? You wouldn't take advantage of an old neighbor, an old friend, an old neighbor. No, an old friend know. You gildersleeve year. Excuse me I'd like to come in and look over the house. Well I can't stop you Bullard at Your House. I'll true true. Let's see room. Is this skilled name I? You know the rooms you've been in this house before. I know I like to hear you. Tell me about it. Please all neighbor have mercy on me I've been an awful pick. I understand this is national pickle week. Tell me about the rooms guilty you. Man. Thank you. Gildersleeve well. This is the living room and. was that. Nothing, miasma! I assume there are other rooms in the past we we have a kitchen well. What a pleasant surprise! From, the fumes which are constantly drifting across the street. I thought you did all your cooking over the incinerator. That I presume, is the dining room? Yes, that's dining room. You eat in there. Yes, standing up! Quite large. When you're in it, I doubt it would seem lodge when you're in Have Heart give me a chance. Call off the nothing. Doing I've waited years for this on the day you move. I'm going to sit across the street on my Verandah. Cheer each passing piece of furniture. It will be a day of song and festivity isolate. Corner with funding. Right bullied I'm licked. How did you address quite simple? Really Yeah, and used Young Thompson to talk you into listing your house for sale by giving him a listing on mine. When he came back with your listing, I gave him a cashier's check immediately. Is that how you did it. Yes, indeed, your experience to the contrary Gildersleeve. It requires brains to get along in this world well by George Bullard. I've got to happen to you. You're clamor. Quite true. I have so often said Gildersleeve. The day would come when I would have the last laugh. This is the day. I. Yeah. Bronco, oh. Mr Having been looking all over for you. VICIOUS YOUNG MEN! What is it my? I know you're. Fine. Aren't you lucky? My Heart To Sign, the listening Mr and I have a cashier's check for the department. Here it is the cashier's check. You gave me for Mr Gildersleeve he's using it as a deposit to buy your house. Own. Crap as you said Bullard. This is the Dave for the last lap. This leave will be right back. Now if you're planning a party luncheon, here's a beauty of an idea for you. Get some big red tomatoes. The Guy and you're just beginning to see in the market cut them in quarters, and arranged them pedal fashion on a bed of lettuce, then right in the center, put a generous amount of chicken salad, but not just any chicken salad I. Mean Your own extra delicious kind. Kind you make with Miracle Whip Salad dressing. Miracle whips lively. Teasing flavor is just the thing to add a delightfully distinctive goodness to that salad. Try it and see if you and your desk guests don't agree with the millions who prefer Miracle Whip. Not just a minute. We've got him where we want him. Bronco, but Mr Giller slain. All Children, we just bought Mr Bullets House. No, you'll happen. We'll call on both. The whole thing, but what about my commission I own two houses. Bullard if you want to keep your house, you pay commissions on both houses. Both houses I only pay commission on want. It's a deal. You. Pay Bronco the Commission on yours and I'll pay the commission online. You can take mine up and Bacon and eggs. To. Event Thirty Joe Mr Bullard the back door. Leroy put the tire back on the fire. Builder Sleeve is played by Harold Perry. The show was written by Paul West John. Elliott and Andy White with music by Jack. Meka included in the cast. Waller Lee, Mary Lee Robb million Randolph. Gloria Holiday Victorinox Gale Gordon, earl, loss and Nikola grain. This is stuart saying a night for the kraft food company makers of the famous line of craft quality food product. Listening next Wednesday, and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. which suits you a taste mustard? That's mild, delicately, spiced or sharp, snappy mustard with zing and everybody. Either way you like craft, prepared mustard bar. There are two kinds salad, mustard, tangy, but smooth and craft, prepared mustard with snappy horseradish abbott hair, both on Ham, for different tastes, different uses, either worked magic in bringing out hidden flavor for when you add little mustard, you add a lot of tank. Yet craft repaired muster. Now all joined the excitement of break the bank on NBC.

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